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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 16, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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joining us we've been on air since 4:00 a.m. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. we'll g back to that breaking news but first we want to get to your forecast. >> winds are calm and we're watching the area near the refinery fire. we're seeing now some moderate air quality, we should see improvement today and our wind at 6 in my opinimiles per hour e bit more breezy through parts of the bay and the delta. we'll monitor the air quality as well. temperatures cool as you get ready to head out the door. i'll have more on what to expect coming up. mike you're tracking a crash in richmond? >> that's right. it's not on the bridge. the crews here, typical of overnight work, looking at an easy drive coming onto the span. the folks headed away from the bridge may pass the crash at bay
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view. it sounds like lanes are open but we'll double check when chp gets on scene. here's crockett, rodeo, i know you're going to talk about the fire that had it closed for hours yesterday. no closures today. let's get back to the breaking news, the aftermath of the inferno yesterday. investigators plan to be on site all day to learn what sparked the fire which burned close to seven hours. >> two storage tanks blew up sending huge plumes of tanks skyward for hours. it closed 80 in both directions for hours, all lanes are reopened this morning. but it strictered a shelter in place yesterday. but now the authorities have lifted the shelter in place.
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and at one point firefighters tweeted out schools would be open today. >> this morning nbc bay area is confirming all schools in the john sweat juunified school district will be closed. >> what's the latest, thom? >> reporter: i can tell you when we first arrived on the scene this morning, the heavy smell of burning oil was still in the air. it has cleared out as the winds have picked up a little bit, getting a little bit better here as you were just talking about the air quality. as we look down on the tankers right now, the firefighters have shutdown their hoses, they were dousing the tanks and had spotlights on them. looked like they were making sure there was still plenty of water here to make sure things didn't spark back up. talking about john swett high school closing, affecting 1400
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students, the middle school, high school, elementary are all closed today. at the height of the fire yesterday afternoon, it was quite a scene out here. two explosions at new star energy at about 1:30 sent one of the tank's tops hurling in the air. and then the inferno that caused such a massive smoke cloud that the interstate was closed until about 10:00 last night. a shelter in place was ordered for crockett, rodeo and parts of hercules. people were told to turn on their air conditioning to keep the smokes out of their homes. making sure everything is safe at the schools and out of timing because the situation was so bad until late last night, john swett unified school district
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has closed all schools for today. live in crockett, thon jenson for today in the bay. thousands of people were diverted to other freeways and it caused a domino effect. >> melissa tells us about the traffic nightmare for some drivers through 680. >> reporter: where are you going? >> vallejo. >> reporter: is it the worst you've been in? >> this is the worst. >> reporter: drivers stuck for hours in their cars vented their frustration to us. >> he says he hates the bay area traffic. >> reporter: who can blame them? the fire in crockett forced chp to shut down all lanes of interstate 80 from hercules to valle vallejo. >> cars everywhere, you see people parked on the side of the streets, yeah, it's been horrible. >> reporter: the shutdown forced
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thousands of evening commuters who work in san francisco or cities in the east bay to find another way home. >> i'm going to try to wait it out for a little bit long e to see if they open the freeways back up, otherwise i'll have to go 680. >> reporter: how long have you been in traffic? drivers we spoke to were on their way north. the traffic mess also spilled into neighborhood streets. martinez police tweeted, please be mindful while driving through our community on your commute home, we want you to get to your destination safely. melissa colorado nbc bay area news. the traffic mess caused by i-80 and vallejo being shutdown in both directions for several hours. it translated to a lot of gridlock for thousands of people trying to make it home. the stretch from highway 4 to 780 completely empty into the
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night. people stuck in traffic saw bad behavior from those frustrated with the behavior. >> a lot of people were getting out of cars and getting mad because of people cutting off other people, being stupid on the road. reckless driving. >> older lady and her daughter spun out on the freeway so i stopped to help them get clear. >> reporter: how come no one wanted to stop? >> it's the frustration of the backup on 80 itself. >> it reopened about 9:30 last night after being closed for six hours. >> more coverage of the fire on our home page, including video from skyranger. head to new details this morning on the labor dispute going on with santa clara county labor twoo workers. the county says it's laying out the last, best and final offer.
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it includes a 3% raise over five years, and additional increases for certain workers. the union tweeted out its response saying the offer is by no means a tentative agreement. no word on when the 12,000 union members will vote on the proposal. but a deal canno -- if it cannot be reached, it's likely the stalemate will go into mediation. starting next year, private cars will be banned on a two mile stretch. union service will also expand and more protected bike lanes will be added. construction on the $600 million project expected to start in january between market street
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and fifth and eighth street. new details this morning. butte county will receive an eight figure settlement to cover road repair costs from the dam crisis in 2017. emergency spillway could not handle the load. some 200,000 people evacuated. the state's water resources agency now agreed to pay $12 million to the county. it will cover costs for road repairs, including damage from truck traffic while repairs were made months after the crisis. a new push to save some of california's most iconic trees. a group is petitioning for the west joshua tree to be protected under the endangered species act. they blame climate change and habitat destruction. the organization hopes the trees will be given threatened status, meaning it is likely to become
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endangered if nothing is done. coming up next, new google phones, we'll check the pixel 4 lineup, including how the new phones are set to be able to track hand gestures. plus, tivo taking on roku, how you can access tivo's new streaming service for free. tv just keeps getting better.
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wall street set to open lower today as they monitor brexit developments. the differences over the terms of the uk's departure from the european union had narrowed significantly. the last meeting is scheduled wednesday before the approaching deadline on october 31st. china's foreign ministry said wednesday it plans to take counter measures against the u.s. in response to a bill the u.s. house of representatives passed to support the hong kong protesters. earning season continues with reports from netflix and ibm after the bell today. google unveiled the pixel 4 lineup. for the first time all four major u.s. wireless carriers will offer the smart phones. google also unveiled its first
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set of wireless ear beds, set to go on sale in the united states next spring for $179. and tivo plus is now live. the ads launched today and for free but only for owners of tivo devices. the company said there will be thousands of movies and tv shows available. back to you. >> i don't have that much time to watch that much tv: you don't, actually. thanks, kate. coming up for you here on today in the bay. let's check wednesday's forecast. feeling like fall out there. >> if you're going to hang out and watch tv for a little bit longer, we'll talk about our forecast. here's a live look outside. our temperatures go from the low 50s to the low 60s this morning. talk about more clouds and rain in our forecast coming up next. >> we're looking over here, palo
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aalto right behind where it says coming up, that's where there's some crews still out there. not a big deal but we're still monitoring that. we'll show you what else is going on in the bay. ♪
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halloween is awesome. [trick or treat]
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yes, yes, yes, yes. [screaming in fear] yay. [laughter] yes! thank you. 4:46 right now. taking a live look out in dublin where you can see cars on the road getting started for the day. how is your day?
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going to be great starting it with us. you know what, it's beginning to look a lot like christmas, or at least it will soon at the white house. they are now choosing this year's official christmas tree, this year's tree comes from the state of pennsylvania. it's 22 feet tall, 12 feet wide and will be placed in the blue room to be decorated by the first lady. it will be cut down and transported to d.c. in november. >> i'm going to name one of the rooms in my house, the green room. and i'll be the first lady of that room. >> you will. you're already the first lady of the house. >> i was thinking it seems early to be cutting down the tree, but november, i don't know. by christmas sometimes it's like -- >> it's so big. >> a lot of decorations for the blue room. >> i need a team to do that. let's start out this
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morning, christmas such a distant memory. let's talk about loma prieta because we've been going through this week sharing our memories and talking about what happened 30 years ago tomorrow. and david shared his story saying he was living in had santa clara at the time went home on the freeway just to learn that it had collapsed. they were so spooked they didn't go to work for three days. we're all sharing our stories. i appreciate everyone talking about what happened in the past. so we can learn for the future. now we are going to have more of those stories coming up this morning. let's get out the door with a live look outside in san francisco. low clouds, and it's also a chilly start, looking at our forecast, expect it to be in the low 50s, clouds throughout the morning and much of the day as we'll see changes ahead. our high temperatures cooling off, only mid 70s in liver more,
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san jose reaching 72. 72 in morgan hill. a high of 73 in napa. with san francisco reaching 64 degrees. here's what's going on. we have a cold front moving in. also seeing some clouds surging in out ahead of that. so we'll see mostly cloudy skies throughout much of the morning and the afternoon and a chance of rain by later tonight. as we time it out going hour by hour we go into the afternoon with a few peaks of sunshine. we'll see some spotty light rain moving into the north bay by 9:00 to 10:00 tonight and looks like most of it falls apart but a chance we will see spotty showers moving through, mostly trace amounts. then as we go into the weekend we are going to see our temperatures starting to warm up. inland some low 70s reaching into the upper 70s by sunday into the middle of next week we'll see some 80s returning. so we're going from fall to winter -- rather from fall to
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summer within a span of a few days. so still thinking about christmas, mike. you're hearing about a possible traffic break. >> that's right. looking here where the rest of the commute is. a smooth drive as we look at the big shot of the bay, a possibility for slowing getting off the richmond center bridge. the issue here, eastbound 580, there may be a traffic break on the approach to the area because there is a disabled vehicle, a big rig it sounds like, that has to be helped off the roadway. no major slowing, light traffic right now. we'll follow that and i'll let you know. that should be cleared in the next couple minutes. looking at rodeo, crockett, that whole area closed for i-80, it reopened last night but you might have gone to sleep before it happened. that's good news because the people using the venicia bridge
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flooded it with traffic. we have a spider here guys, so back to you. >> thank you, mike. 4:50 right now. as carey mentioned all week long we're looking back at the loma prieta happened 30 years ago tomorrow. and seismologists predict there's a seven and ten chance another earthquake could strike in the bay area within the next couple decades. >> the one concern is the hayward fall. sharon takes us to fremont where the fault is constantly shaping the landscape. >> the number one question, is this real? yes, this fault or crack in the foundation is real. it's unique in that it's constantly creeping. >> i am slowly moving to the north. >> while our camera position is creeping to the south at 5 millimeters a year over time you get cracks in the concrete and
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compressions like this one. >> an area that gets trapped in the fault. >> reporter: unfortunately the fault is more than a curiosity. >> imagine the people that live in these areas. >> it runs up the east bay. the last major quake was in 1868. the fault produces an event every 140 years, which means we are overdue for more than a decade. seismologists predict there's a 33% chance it will produce a 6.7 or greater between now and 2043. dr. angela catina is worried about what will happen to the flat parts of the east bay where the soil is unstable. >> it would be like walking along jell-o or quick sand. >> reporter: which brings us back to the crack that runs underneath old city hall. it was discovered in 1972 but
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the city decided not to fix it, instead to leave it as a reminder of the threat underneath our feet. >> we have to live around it, so we should be more aware of it and be prepared for an event when it will occur. >> what a visual reminder there. 4:53 for you right now this morning, coming up on today in the bay, nbc bay area responds. >> lots of people are asking questions about whether the price of gas is going up because of the fire. nbc bay area responds next. first, happening now, turkey's offensive against kurdish fires in northern syria continues. new explosions on the syrian side of the border, sending thick clouds of smoke in the air. the offensive has caused tens of thousands to flee their home and russia is moving to improve their role as a power broker
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after president trump ordered the withdraw of forces in syria. we'll be right back after the break with more news. ♪ ♪ (squirrel noises) ♪ ♪
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welcome back, everyone. 4:56 right now. as we reported the pipelines in and out of nustar facility are shutdown. that's good for safety. >> but bad news for gas prices. we have been fielding those questions. >> good morning, several viewers voiced concern on social media about potential price hikes. let's look at some of them, gerald saying yep gas going up again. monica taking bets that gas prices will go up. and roy, here come them gas prices. for an expert opinion we turned to gas buddy.
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patrick tracks the complex economics of gasoline and the market that drives prices. he boils it down and here's what he tweeted last night. he does not see a supply disruption as a result of the fire. so that means he is not expecting any impact on gas prices as a result. that's really good news for bay area drivers because triple-a says one gallon of the cheap stuff has shot up to $4.28. triple-a tracks that number daily. if we see movement we willett you know about it. back to you. thanks, chris. 4:57 right now. coming up next on today in the bay, fire fallout. we're life with the lingering impacts of the fire at last night's storage facility. and air quality is gradually improving as we start out with cool temperatures, here's a live
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look outside in palo alto, more clouds today and then a chance of rain by tonight. i'll have more of that in the forecast coming up next. the fire had big impact yesterday but transit is fine today. we're looking at the build as we show you the rest of the bay, there's the san mateo bridge and i'll show you what's going on on a bridge just to the north. the van gogh.
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to harrison, the wine collection. to craig, this rock. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything to preserve and protect them. with love, california. right now at 5:00, breaking news. some schools remained closed
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this morning long after the flames are out at an east bay oil storage facility. we're live with who's impacted now. plus. >> my son did nothing wrong, i did nothing wrong. we have an erratic crazy president. >> he did it in plain sight, he's given us the evidence and tried to cover it up. >> this president has betrayed american values. >> president trump, health car and climate change. coming up, how elizabeth warren handled being the target as she leads the polls. earthquakesocking the bay area as we mark the 30th anniversary of the loma prieta earthquake this week. we're looking at the difference between earthquake's magnitude and its intensity this morning. today in the bay continues right now. a very good morning to you, thanks for joining us we've been on the air since 4:00 a.m. to bring you breaking news of the aftermath of the huge fire.


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