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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 16, 2019 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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this morning long after the flames are out at an east bay oil storage facility. we're live with who's impacted now. plus. >> my son did nothing wrong, i did nothing wrong. we have an erratic crazy president. >> he did it in plain sight, he's given us the evidence and tried to cover it up. >> this president has betrayed american values. >> president trump, health car and climate change. coming up, how elizabeth warren handled being the target as she leads the polls. earthquakesocking the bay area as we mark the 30th anniversary of the loma prieta earthquake this week. we're looking at the difference between earthquake's magnitude and its intensity this morning. today in the bay continues right now. a very good morning to you, thanks for joining us we've been on the air since 4:00 a.m. to bring you breaking news of the aftermath of the huge fire. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington.
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this morning john swett unified school district and four campuses are closed this morning. we want to first get a check of the forecast for you this morning. definitely a fall start. fall start, cool temperatures. as we look at this, when that refinery fire first broke out, it was visible on satellite imagery, that's a look at the arrow pointing towards that. now as we wake up this morning, air quality is improving, we are seeing clouds still around the area but we have to watch out for that with light winds picking up from the northwest at about 7 miles per hour in the area of crockett. and we are going to see some improvement today in the air quality as well as our temperatures coming down a few degrees. we'll talk about some rain moving in, and mike seeing a lighting change in palo alto? >> that's right because up until a few minutes ago, this section was well lit by crews, they have
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cleared, still a couple lights, that's moving north as far as the clearing goes up. so you may see a little more slowing for the next few minutes headed down to the dunbarton bridge on 101. there's a crash out of the livermore pleasant area, but no problems. i-80, i don't want to steal your thunder but folks that is open for the commute. back to you. investigators plan to be out at the site all day today to learn what sparked the inferno at the facility in crockett. >> the fire was huge and burned for seven hours. the fire and smoke created numerous problems and raised concerns about health and the traffic affected in that area.
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amazing. the video showing the moment one full tank exploded into that huge fireball. a total of two storage tanks blew up, sending huge plumes of smoke skyward for hours, forcing i-80 to close in both directions. all lanes are open the this morning. it also triggered a shelter in place for crockett and surrounding communities. the air quality by last night rebounded enough to allow authorities to lift the shelter in place. b and firefighters tweeted out schools will be open but that's not the case. all schools will be closed. today in the bay's thom jensen live in crockett. how's the air quality this morning? >> reporter: i can tell you it's improved in in the last hour and a half or so as the winds picked up. there's still a smell of burning
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oil, smoke in the air. stronger earlier. we saw firefighters down by these tankers earlier spraying water and foam and we saw some of the foam as the winds picked up blow puffs of the foam up the hillside. but calmer than it was yesterday. we've seen investigators on the scene with flashlights going around the edge of the tank, possibly beginning that early investigation into what caused this or maybe making sure that everything is sealed up properly. we hope to get new information as the day wears on. it began with two explosions at about 1:30 yesterday afternoon, the blast sent the top of one of the tanks hurling into the air and people said the ground shook violently. then the inferno that caused such a smoke cloud that the interstate was closed throughout the afternoon until about 10:00 last night. a shelter in place was ordered
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for crockett and rodeo and people were told to turn off the air conditioning systems to keep the smoke out of their homes. so finally announcing the shelter in place and fire restrictions were lifted last night. >> all of the shelter in place warnings have been lifted for both the freeway, interstate 80, and the communities of crockett, rodeo, and the northern part of hercules. >> with an all clear we ask residents impacted to please open your doors and windows to air out buildings and homes. you can resume normal activities at this time. >> reporter: now there is no indication that there was any environmental damage to any of the coolschools. but out of an abundance of caution and also to give them time enough to alert parents, the school district made the call early yesterday evening to close all schools in john swett unified school district.
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we caught that this morning, that means middle school school, john swett high school, rodeo elmen induste elmen tri and willow high school. investigators will take advantage of the daylight in the next couple hours when it comes to see what caused the fire here at the nustar energy facility in crockett. we're live in crockett, thom jensen today in the bay. thank you so much. there's more coverage on the fire on our home page, including video from skyranger. head to it's our top story. in washington d.c., president trump hosts the italian president at the white house. it come comes as the impeachment inquiry continues on capitol hill. scott mcgrew is following that, his checks and balance segment is coming up for us later at 5:45. in ohio last night, a dozen
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democratic hopefuls honed in on president trump as they went head-to-head in the latest presidential debate. tracie potts has the highlights. >> reporter: democrats, a record 12 on one stage, all targeting president trump. >> we have an erratic, crazy president, who knows not adamn thing about foreign policy. >> this president has betrayed american values. >> i saw this play in 2016's election. >> he has committed crimes in plane sight. >> reporter: they also attacked each other, their favorite target elizabeth warren. >> i think that senator warren is more focussed on being punitive. >> reporter: warren now surging in the polls, pushed to explain medicare for all, who pays for that? >> i think we owe it to the american people to tell them where we're going to send the invoice. >> i will not sign a bill into law that does not lower costs for middle class families.
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>> reporter: bernie sanders back two weeks after a heart attack. >> i'm healthy, feeling great but i would like to respond to that question. >> reporter: admits taxes will go up. >> substantially less than what they were paying for premiums and out of pocket expenses. >> reporter: debated syria. >> donald trump has the blood of kurds on his hands. >> police violence is also gun violence. >> reporter: and taxing the wealthy. tom steyer, new to the stage -- >> i would undo every republican tax cut for rich people and major corporations. >> reporter: interestingly, present trump didn't tweet about the democrats during the debate. tracie potts nbc news washington. 5:08 right now. if you haven't felt the shaking going on in the bay area over the past 30 hours or so, you're probably in the minority. that's because there are two seismic hot spots and a lot of neighborhoods have been rattled.
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the latest quake, a 4.7 struck yesterday afternoon, it follows the 4 monday night near pleasant hill. yesterday's quake sent one shop owner running from her liquor store, she was worried about bottles from the shelves which didn't happen. in another video you can hear when the quake starts. the shaking left people rattled. >> i felt my house move and it was like an ocean, we had waves going on. then i heard my kids start screaming because they did not think it was the coolest thing in the world. >> reporter: no reports of damage but the quake was felt across large parts of the south bay and santa cruz county. experts are certain this struck along the san andreas fault. here's the seismograph of last night's 3.4. this has been the strongest
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aftershock from monday night's shaks shaker. hundreds of university buildings pose a threat if and when the next quake hits. >> that's according to a statewide review looking at safety on college campuses. our unit spent months digging into these reports and uncovered classrooms, libraries and even a nuclear lab all received poor seismic ratings. >> how big a risk are some of these buildings? >> it's a great question. the safety standards are high. they're worried about these extreme, rare gigantic earthquakes, 1906 happening again. this isn't loma prieta, this isn't even north ridge. so people are being good about doing something while we have time. it's like don't panic, but don't delay. >> tonight at 6:00 we find out what's being done to fix the problem. we'll also show you some of the
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new technology used to find critical weaknesses in buildings that were one thought to be safe. as we come up on 5:11, as we've been sharing our stories about loma prieta. kimmy said that she was in san francisco, a friend and her were driving. she thought something was wrong with the car until things were breaking off of buildings and they realized they were having an earthquake. and they realized they were stung in the city. share your stories with me o facebook and twitter. coming up at about 5:25 we'll talk about the difference between magnitude and intense fip as we get out the door this morning, a live look outside in fremont, clouds and cool temperatures in the 50s. we'll see clouds throughout the day with low 60s at noon. we'll have a slighter cooler day thank gs to the cloud cover and an approaching storm system that could bring us spotty rain later tonight.
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mike you're checking out the tri-valley. >> that's right. everything else is looking great. over here we are looking at the crash, west 84 just before 680. the crash is clear of lanes but the distraction, they may be slowing traffic a bit. so we'll track that. pretty typical schedule for the tri-valley. folks just starting to gather for the lanes approaching the toll plaza. back to you. are you ready for the next recession? a new survey finds a staggering number of americans are not. what you need to do to be prepared. if you fly from san francisco to new york you might think you're on an all-day flight. that's not an all day flight. jennifer anniston signing up on instagram, breaking down the social media app. her first post next.
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right now at 5:15 let's look outside over the south bay and see how our temperatures shape up for the morning in santa clara. it will be a cool start, more clouds moving in we'll be at 50 degrees and stay there through about 10:00, a slow warm up as we won't have much in the way of warm temperatures today and the next few days. we'll talk about the changes ahead in less than five minutes.
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the bay bridge toll plaza starting to build right now. the reason for them to turn on lights. and your approach, see how things are rolling. good morning, very happy wednesday to you. there is growing concern that the deal that president trump announced between the u.s. and china may not stick. most importantly we haven't seen a text of the deal. netflix reports profits today. this will be the last time it talks about profits before it's hit with competition, streaming channels. amazon is making a change. it's going to allow its prime customers to order low cost items, say a $2 toothbrush and get it delivered next day for free. it used to be you had to bundle low cost items together before amazon would ship for free. this is bad news for any store
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you might stop in for a quick item, why do that when you can get it from amazon. twitter is clarifying its rules to say even world leaders may face some consequences if they post violent or threatening messages. this comes as democratic candidate for president, kamala harris is pushing twitter to sanction donald trump for some of his past posts and to kick him off the service. there's no question some of his past posts have violated terms of service. twitter lets world leaders post what the rest of us wouldn't get away with because they're world leaders and what they say is important in twitter's opinion. the number of houses for sale has fallen mostly because of low interest rates. the number of houses available to buy is at a two-year low.
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on friday, quantu airline is set to conduct an expert when it flies from new york city to sidney, australia. it has never been done before. there will only be a few passengers and several scientists and doctors on board to measure the pilot's alertness and effects of long flights to passengers. now 20 hours is not quite one day, but because of the time of day it leaves on friday and when it arrives and the rotation of the earth it actually arrives on sunday. can you imagine? >> my goodness, that's a long time to be on a plane. >> imagine being in coach. >> no. >> leg room. >> i don't need that, i'm good. >> thanks, scott. 5:18 right now. a new survey out saying that 40% of americans not prepared if a
5:19 am
recession hits in six to 12 months. saying also that rate includes more than 40 million people who say they're not at all prepared. despite recession fairs, one third say they're not doing anything to prepare. for those who are preparing, some are spending less, saving more for emergencies or paying down credit card debt. now to the one about the a-list actress who blew up instagram. for her first post on the site, she thought she'd take a selfie with her "friends" stars. it was so popular her page crashed. she has 7.1 million followers, keep in mind jennifer anniston joined instagram yesterday. >> let's reinact that, we'll get this group of friends here.
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>> i would take the .1 million. >> yeah. look, heading outside this morning probably need a jacket. >> it's cool. it's been cool the past few mornings. huddle up with those friends and try to keep warm. here's emeryville. we're going to see more cloud cover today than we've seen the past couple days. you may have to crank up the here heater in the car as you go out for your morning commute. in antioch, at 50 degrees and then seeing it warm up the rest of the day. we'll see the sun peaking from behind the clouds with our south bay temperatures in the upper 70s to low 80s. as the clouds move in, it's going to keep it cooler in a few spots. we also see this cold front dipping in from the pacific northwest and will bring in a chance of spotty showers, going throughout the day, looking at
5:21 am
partly to mostly cloudy skies. this is what the radar could look like at 10:00 tonight, especially in parts of the north bay, not everyone is going to see the rain but we could start with wet roads tomorrow morning as the system drops a few hundredths of an inch of rain. we'll see spotty early morning showers, clearing out the rest of the day, highs inland in the 70s. we have more 70s in the forecast but it warms up next week, going back to summer to start the new work week. mid 80s inland with san francisco going from the mid 60s to the lower 70s. you're tracking a problem on the san mateo bridge. >> yes. a potential problem for your drive. eastbound light. here the arrow points to the service area where there's a disabled vehicle there blocking only the service lane. that's what's going on across the bay. as a crew arrives to help tow
5:22 am
that away, we may have to have the one lane blocked for a couple minutes. no major problem there is. it's 5:22 in just a second here, watch the clock change and a smooth drive the crash still over there. 680 not a problem for the transition. 242, that transition, a distraction by a crash there. we have the metering lights on on the tollway. we are looking back at 30 years since loma prieta earthquake. >> as anyone who lived through it will tell you it left parts of the bay area in sham blesham. we have a look at why the shaking had such a widespread impact. you're watching "today in the bay."
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5:25 right now. tomorrow officially marks 30 years since the loma prieta earthquake devastated the bay area. the quake had a 6.9 magnitude and its intense waves destroyed buildings, collapsed bridges and killed dozens. >> and has experts quick to point out there is a difference between the magnitude and intensity. today keri is breaking it down for us. >> when an earthquake strikes we want to know the magnitude which is a measure of the energy released at the source of the
5:26 am
earthquake on the size me graph. that doesn't tell you how the sha shaking will affect the structures. the mercalli measure scale is a measure of the intensity of the shaking. it goes from a 1 to 13. the loma prieta earthquake was a 6.9 magnitude and a 9 on the intensity scale. at a 9, damage is considerable, even in well designed framed structures and buildings are shifted off foundations. some buildings and structures collapse. which is what we witnessed with the sections of the freeway and the bay bridge. numerous structures were shaken and destroyed, causing an estimated $10 billion in damage. tomorrow i'll go through a time line of the shaking traveling across the bay area and show how fast seismic waves move. we look forward to that. 5:26 right now. coming up next, top stories
5:27 am
we're following for you. >> including another bay area parent charged in the college admission scandal heads to court today to learn her fate. the possible jail time she's facing. the schools that will be closed today following the massive fire at an oil facility in crockett. taking a live look outside right now. look at the backup at the bay bridge toll plaza, mike is going to have a look at the commute coming up in a bit. carrie also has a look at the forecast for us on this beautiful start of the day, fall day, nice and cool outside. it is 5:27 right now. you're watching "today in the bay."
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braeking right now at 5:30, fallout r aire in an oil tanker facility in contra costa county. schools closed in morning. in the meantime, the fire is out, i-80 back open after being closed for hours yesterday. a good morning to you, thanks for joining us i'm laura garcia. we've been on air since 4:00 this morning just to cover this breaking news and give you the latest updates. >> i'm marcus washington. right now we want to get to keri hall. talk to us about the air quality. >> we are seeing some improvement, it's moderate as we see a level of particulate matter in the 50 range. we're seeing it right at about
5:31 am
51 to 52, blowing off towards the west as we are seeing the winds shifting in from the west it's blowing towards the east, i should say, with the wind speeds at about 7 miles per hour. so fairly light winds as we start out. as you get ready to head out the door, you're seeing temperatures in the low 50s and heading to the low 60s later today. we'll talk about this and what's ahead for the weekend. mike you're getting a look at the baydge. no surprise we have this backup as you approach the toll plaza, but towards treasure island i got word about a minute ago about a big rig that may be involved in a crash, so i'll check, and watch the speed patterns. right now looking at the backup at the toll plaza but none across the span. contra costa county moving pleasantly. we have one disabled vehicle on the san mateo bridge, there may be more to report for the span
5:32 am
of west 92 but the slowing is not a big deal right now. back to you. thanks, mike. getting back to the breaking news for you this morning and the aftermath of yesterday's massive inferno at the nustar oil refinery. >> two storage tanks blew up sending huge plumes of smoke skyward for hours. the emergency forced the closure of 80 in both directions, all lanes are open again this morning but the smoke triggered a shelter in place for crockett and surrounding communities. by late last night, the air quality rebounded enough to allow authorities to lift the shelter in place. and last night firefighters tweeted schools would be open today. >> but this morning nbc bay area is confirming all schools in the john swett district are closed today. thom jensen is live for us today. what's the latest this morning,
5:33 am
thom? >> reporter: good morning. and thanks for clearing that up. there was some confusion about the school closures earlier. they are all closed now. we do know back on the scene here we can see a ladder truck down here this morning. earlier they were blasting the tanks in that area with foam and water. some of that foam blowing back up the hill here this morning as the winds that kari was talking about are blowing from the west to the east towards our backs here. out of an abundance of caution the school districts, john swett unified did decide to close all schools. they wanted enough time to make sure they had time to alert all parents and make sure the schools are environmentally safe for the parents. the closure affects about 1,400 students. at the height of the fire
5:34 am
yesterday afternoon it was quite a scene out here, two explosions here at nustar energy at about 1:30 sent the top of one of the tanks hurling in the air and people on the ground said the ground shook violently. then the inferno that caused a massive smoke cloud that caused the interstate to close from the afternoon into the evening, until about 10:00 last night, closed for about seven hours. a shelter in place ordered. people were told to turn off their air conditioning systems to make sure they kept the smoke out of their homes. and again to make sure that everything is safe on this scene, fire crews have been going around the tanks with flashlights. they have spotlights on them right now and dousing them with water and foam earlier today. we hope to get a better look as the sun comes up. once again, john swett unified schools, all of them are closed
5:35 am
today. we're live in crockett, thom jensen, "today in the bay." >> there is much more coverage of the fire on our home page including video from skyranger. just head over to, it is our top story. a big day in the college chng scandal for a bay area mother. she'll find out if she'll avoid jail time or head to the same jail where felicity huffman is waking up this morning. kris sanchez joins us live from dublin with the latest. >> 5:00 was the first wake up call for felicity huffman here at the federal jail in dub lynn. she started her 14 day stint in prison yesterday here and is the first parent in the college cheating scandal incarcerate preponderance of the evidened.
5:36 am
she's to spend 14 days in jail. also today bay area mother margery clapper is due for sentencing this afternoon. the government is asking for a punishment at the low end of the sentencing guideline plus a year of probation, a $20,000 fine and also restitution. clapper admitted to paying $15,000 to have her son's a.c.t. scores inflated. it's unclear whether her son knew about the cheating. only one parent has avoided jail time so far, who was sentence today a year of probation, 250 hours of community service and fined $9,500. he pleaded guilty early. now other parents have been sentenced to prison time, but up to this point felicity huffman is the only one behind bars. in dublin, kris sanchez. in other news, new details
5:37 am
on the bitter labor dispute going on with santa clara workers. now the county says it's laying out its, quote, last, best and final contract offer. the proposal includes the same wage offer, a 3% raise over five years plus additional salary increases for certain workers. following news of that, the union tweeted out its response saying the offer is by no means a tentative agreement. no word on when the 12,000 members will vote on the proposal. if a deal cannot be reached it's likely the stalemate will go into mediation. new this morning, there's a push to save some of california's most iconic trees. a conservationist group is pushing for the joshua tree to be protected under the endan
5:38 am
endangered species act. the organization hopes the joshua trees will be given threatened status meaning it will likely become endangered if nothing is done. something you might want to do, you might want to avoid the san mateo bridge westbound. i saw brakes start to tap. brake lights here, a disabled vehicle, i believe a flat tire being repaired in the service area here off to the left. and off to the right a second vehicle there. we have two vehicles on the highway. now as we look at the map we don't see a lot of slowing on the sensors, but more traffic flow. the dunn barton bridge clear. south bay, peninsula all look great. the only other issue is the bay bridge where we heard about the crash. as we look live, we see the traffic flows smoothly into the tunnel. that's good. >> that's great.
5:39 am
creeping up on the weekend. >> not yet but we're halfway there. >> closer than we were yesterday. >> yes, we're making plans already. it's going to be a nice weekend. cool temperatures reaching into the low 70s inland, upper 60s by the bay and the coast at 65 degrees. it will be slightly warmer on sunday, reaching close to 80 degrees inland. 75 for the bay. and highs along the coast will stay in the upper 60s. now this weekend in half moon bay we have the great pumpkin festival happening as well as the parade. there may be mist and drizzle, especially early in the day. but should be clearing. temperatures reaching the low 60s from friday as well as saturday. if you're planning to head to the sierra this weekend we're seeing highs only up to about 49 degrees saturday in lake tahoe and more sunshine, 59 degrees on sunday. napa valley, sunshine. and russian river valley will be watching out for a chance of
5:40 am
early morning spoy showers. and our high temperatures reaching up to 70 degrees. by sunday it's all clearing out and we'll see a high of 75 degrees. if you're going to l.a. this weekend, expect it to be comfortable with highs up to 74, 75 degrees for much of the weekend and a touch warmer on sunday. let me know what's going on and where you're headed i'm at kari hall weather. we'll talk about our temperature trend for today in about three minutes. 5:40 right now. next our coverage of the loma prieta earthquake anniversary continues. this morning we're examining the fault in hayward and why it worries a lot of geologists.
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right now at 5:43 as we look outside in walnut creek, grab a jacket, a cool start in the 50s. we will see more clouds today so you probably don't need the sunglasses. we'll see the sun peeking out from the clouds every now and then, and temperatures in the 60s at noon. we'll see some rain moving in tonight. i'll talk about that in less than five minutes. looking at the bay bridge with the backup. we expect that to form about now, right on schedule. more traffic out of richmond, the east shore freeway is open through crockett, hercules and rodeo, closed yesterday for the
5:44 am
fire. we'll talk about that impact and the rest of your commute. president trump has sent our vice president to turkey to try to undo some of the damage done by america's withdrawal from syria. but the president of turkey this morning said he won't meet with vice president pence. he told a reporter from britain's sky news, his government would welcome pence's visit but each member of the delegation would be met by their turkish counterpart adding when trump comes i will talk to him. the turks are attacking our allies, the kurds in syria, they fought with us against isis and now they are under attack. it's what diplomats and u.s. military officers said would happen if president trump ordered the withdrawal of u.s. troops. now the white house is trying to undo some of the repercussions
5:45 am
of the decision to leave. >> we'll be leaving as quickly as possible to travel to the region. the united states of america not going to tolerate turkey's invasion of syria any further. >> not going to tolerate is pretty firm language. not much room for misunderstanding, don't attack the kurds except the turks got a different message from president trump, not just the phone call, but they're reading his tweets, kurds and turkey have been fighting for years, turkey considers the kurds are the worst terrorists of all. let them fight. other news shows the economic, if it holds, the president will win the next election.
5:46 am
president trump tweeted looks good to me. other news, the democts say they will not take a full house vote to start an impeachment they're satisfied with what they have now. and rudy giuliani has been subpoenaed and said he won't cooperate claiming the kurnt inquiry is illegitimate, unautopu unconstitutional and baseless. the wall street journal said he's being investigated by the most powerful u.s. attorney in the southern district. he used to be the u.s. attorney for the southern district. we're watching everything in washington, particularly what's happening with the turks this morning and vice president pence. you can follow me on twitter. all week long we're looking back at 30 years since the loma prieta earthquake. seismologists predict there's a seven in ten chance another major earthquake could strike the bay area within the next couple decades. >> one of the areas of concern
5:47 am
is the hayward fault. sharon takes us to afremont whee the fault is shaping the landscape. >> number one question, is this real? yes, this fault or crack in the foundation is real. >> reporter: the hayward fault is unique in that it's constantly creeping. >> i'm slowly moving to the north. >> reporter: while our camera position is creeping to the south at 5 millimeters a year, over time you get cracks in the concrete and compression nols like this one. >> an area that gets trapped between the fault and so it gets moved upward. >> reporter: unfortunately the fault is more than a curiosity. >> imagine the people who live in these areas. >> reporter: it runs up the east bay. the last major earthquake was back in 1868. the fault produces a major event every 140 years, which means we are over due by more than a
5:48 am
decade. seismologists predict there's a 33% chance it will produce a magnitude 6.7 between now and 2043. >> it has cracked. >> dr. angela katina is worried about what will happen to the flat parts of the east bay where the soil is unstable. >> it it would be like walking along jell-o or quick sand that you would see in old movies. . >> reporter: which brings us back to the crack that runs under old city hall. it was discovered in 1972, but the city decided not to fix it instead leave it as a reminder. >> we have to live around it, be more aware of it and prepared for an event when it will occur. if you'd like to look at that, that is in fremont central park, open to the public. >> it's pretty fascinating there. >> this week we've all been talking about where we were when
5:49 am
loma prieta struck 30 years ago. for a lot of people it's hard to believe it's been that long. >> true. >> when something like that happens, it's vivid in your mind and you remind it like yesterday. david said he was living in santa clara at the time and went home on the freeway just to learn that it had collapsed. they were so spooked they didn't go to work for three days. that's part of the quote. you can share what you were doing, what happened and see other people's stories on my page at kari hall weather on facebook and twitter. this morning, the day before the 30 year anniversary, with clouds moving in, and hopefully all quiet conditions today. our temperatures are chilly, in the upper 30s in santa rosa, so a cool start there. we have 50s in san francisco. 44 in palo alto as you get ready to head out the door and 50 in san jose. the seven day forecast is up at the bottom of the screen showing
5:50 am
rain in the forecast for tomorrow. we're going to see this cluster of clouds moving in out ahead of the system dipping in from the north. that will bring in spotty showers for the north bay starting tonight. as we go hour by hour we look at the time line, 4:00 it's dry. then we start to see a chance of showers moving in by 10:00 to 10:30 tonight for parts of the north bay. not everyone will see the rain but we can see showers creating wet roads in half moon bay during the overnight hours. it looks like by 5:00, 6:00, it's all clearing out and the rest of the day tomorrow will be mostly clear. but during that time we're looking at some trace amounts of rain, maybe a few hundredths of an inch as it moves through. and we'll see cool temperatures further to the north on saturday we could see another chance but most of us seeing a mix of sun
5:51 am
and clouds and highs in the low 70s. warming up next week with mid 80s inland. you're seeing a lot of slowing on the san mateo bridge? >> yes. we saw the tow truck arrive at the flat tire repair. assistance and flashing lights and more distraction as the tow truck pulled into the service area i saw it ripple back down towards us, the slow down for the flat section. the other vehicle may have cleared from the other shoulder. i saw some lane shifting as well. that's adding to more drive time. just a bit more. but as we look at the sensors this is looking good with the build off, but not a major problem. again if you want to avoid any of that activity, we've been watching, take the dunbarton bridge to the south there. the south bay, peninsula just waking up to your commute, a great easy drive. trivalley the same here. highway 4, there's a crash on the shoulder, it's a
5:52 am
distraction, not a big problem. in towards the maze, alameda county moves smoothly. there's the backup at the bay bridge toll plaza, the earlier crash is clear and i-80 as we talked about it's open again, crockett, rodeo, and hercules. happening now pro-democracy lawmakers foil a second attempt by hong kong's leader to deliver her policy speech. this morning chaotic scenes, chief executive carrie lam walked out after lawmakers disrupted her the first time. after a delay she walked back in and tried again but was forced to stop as lawmakers began yelling and chanting. hong kong is in grip of a month's long pro-democracy protest. next and new this hour, how much money the makers of fortnite lost during the black hole stunt we've been telling you about. but first, nbc bay area
5:53 am
responds. lots of people are asking questions about whether the price of gas is going up because of the fire. i'm consumer investigator chris kamora, nbc bay area responds next.
5:54 am
5:55 am
welcome back. 5:55 for you right now.
5:56 am
as we reported the pipelines in and out of nustar facility are shutdown. that's for good safety reasons. >> but is it bad news for gas prices? chris a mora has been fielding those questions. >> good morning, several viewers voice concern on social media about potential price hikes. let's look at some of them. gerald saying, yep, gas going up again. monica taking bets that gas prices will go up. and roy, here come them gas prices. for an expert opinion we turn to gas buddy. patrick tracks the complex economics of gasoline and the market that drives prices. he boils it down. he tweeted last night, he does not see a supply disruption as a result of the fire. so that means he is not expecting any impact on gas prices as a result. that's really good news for bay area drivers because triple a
5:57 am
says one gallon of the cheap stuff has shot up to $4.28. triple-a tracks that number daily. if we see movement we'll let you know about it. back to you. thank you, chris. 5:57 right now. an update on the fire that gutted notre dame cathedral in april. authorities now say reconstruction still in phase one six months later. tuesday officials say the twisted scaffolding will be removed in the coming weeks to allow the restoration work to begin. in april, france's president set a target of five years of restoring the cathedral. new details on how much the fortnite makers lost this week over the black hole. it shut down the game, meaning fans could not play. this morning experts estimate that lost millions of millions
5:58 am
of dollars each day. that's a calculated risk but josh lipton with cnbc has this to stay. >> the decision to shutdown the game cost epic an estimated $7 million a day in lost revenue. but it also sparked a ton of buzz. at a time when there are signs that interest could be ebbing. >> in a recent survey of teenagers found that 37% said they play fortnite. that's down from 53% in the spring. but don't worry there are still plen the i plenty of dedicated fans. thousands spend time watching the live feed of the black hole on youtube, waiting to play again, which they could as of yesterday morning. >> go outside, get fresh air. 5:58, a new survey shows that 40% of americans are not prepared if a recession hits in the next six to 12 months.
5:59 am
>> that includes 40 million people who say they're not prepared at all. nearly one third say they're not doing anything at all to prepare. for those preparing for the next recession, some are spending less money, saving more for emergencies or trying to pay down credit card debt. >> it's beginning to look a lot like christmas, or it will soon look a lot like christmas at the white house. the team chose an official christmas tree. this year it comes from the state of pennsylvania. it's 22 feet tall, 12 feet wide and will be placed in the blue room to be decorated by the first lady. it will be cut down and transported to d.c. next month. at 6:00, fuel facility in flames. >> quite a dynamic scene here between the vegetation fire and industrial fire. >> nightmare day finally over for drivers, residents and firefighters. but this morning there are a lot of questions about how it all
6:00 am
started. the impact on schools in that area today. another earthquake has people on edge, the earthquake in holster. plus. >> we have an erratic crazy president. >> that's why dude got to go. >> i want to give a reality check to elizabeth. >> i will outwork, out organize, and out last anyone. >> democratic debate, find out who's grabbing the headlines this morning. "today in the bay" continues right now. a good morning to you and thanks for joining us i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. mike is going to get us through the morning with the commute in just a bit. but first let's start with meteorologist kari hall. not much wind around. >> not much wind. that's what we've been watching because of the refinery fire that happened yesterday and it's


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