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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 16, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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started. the impact on schools in that area today. another earthquake has people on edge, the earthquake in holster. plus. >> we have an erratic crazy president. >> that's why dude got to go. >> i want to give a reality check to elizabeth. >> i will outwork, out organize, and out last anyone. >> democratic debate, find out who's grabbing the headlines this morning. "today in the bay" continues right now. a good morning to you and thanks for joining us i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. mike is going to get us through the morning with the commute in just a bit. but first let's start with meteorologist kari hall. not much wind around. >> not much wind. that's what we've been watching because of the refinery fire that happened yesterday and it's
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blowing some of the smoke and air quality across parts of the bay area, we are seeing improvements. so as the winds pick up we are seeing mostly a light westerly wind moving across the bay and across the parts of the delta at 5 mile per hour. so a light wind carrying the smoke to the east near antioch, where temperatures reach 70s. oakland reaches 66 degrees. more cloud coverage and slightly cooler temperatures. you have a traffic alert, mike? >> i do. it's not for i-80 that was closed yesterday during the fire. that opened last night, it's been fine this morning. the traffic alert for highway 4, notice the green sensors, that's great. but not good ifyou're coming out of pittsburgh. now three lanes are blocked as crews have arrived. there's bailey.
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we'll see more traffic through pleasant hill and walnut creek. but we should see the lanes clear up in the next few minutes. we'll track that, the rest of the bay except the san mateo bridge is clear. investigators plan to be on site today to learn what sparked this massive blaze yesterday at the nustar storage facility in crockett. >> the fire was huge. we brought it to you as breaking news for most of the time. the fire and smoke created so many problems and raised concerns about health and, of course, traffic. >> look atat that video showing the moment one fuel tank exploded into a huge fireball. a total of 2 storage tanks blew up, sending huge flplumes of sme skyward for hours. the emergency forced the closure of nearby interstate 80 in both
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directions. all lanes are open again this morning. . the smoke also triggered a shelter in place for crockett and surrounding communities p. by late last night the air quality rebounded enough to allow authorities to lift the shelter in place, and at one point firefighters tweeted out schools in the area would be open today. but that is not the case. john swett school district leaders tell nbc bay area all schools will remain closed. thom jensen live in crockett this morning. i'm curious, how's the air quality out there right now? >> reporter: i canell you this morning -- good morning -- it is a lot better than when we arrived on the scene. it's cleared up with the winds blowing from west towards the east, blowing a lot of that smoke, a lot of the residual smell out of here. as we look down on the scene where the two tanks were, you can see that firefighters are still spraying foam on the area that burned. also around those remaining tanks to make sure that
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everything is safe this morning. we have a better look for investigators once the sun comes up. the big news, john swett unified school district is closed, all the campuses. this all began at about 1:30 yesterday afternoon here at the nustar energy storage facility, there was ethanol in those tanks. the blasts sent the top of one of the tanks hurling in the air and people said the ground shook violently, almost like an earthquake. then the inferno that caused a massive smoke cloud that the interstate was closed through the afternoon and evening commuting hours, for seven hours total, until it opened at 10:00 a last night. a shelter in place was ordered. and people were told to turn off their air conditioning systems to make sure they keep the smoke outside their homes. the fire chief and fire department announcing the shelter in places and travel restrictions lifted late last night.
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>> all of the shelter in place warnings have been lifted for an the communities of crockett,, rod rodeo, and the northern part of hercules. >> with an all clear, we ask that residents impacted to please open your doors and windows to air out buildings and home. you can resume normal activities at this time. >> reporter: now there is no indication that there was any damage to any schools at this time. but out of caution john swett school district has closed all schools today. , affecting about 1,400 students. back live on the scene, investigators will be getting here later on this morning to start looking into a cause. meanwhile, firefighters just continue to pump foam and water on the area that burned to make
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sure that it doesn't spark up. as you know there was one time early last night it did spark up one more time. we're live in crockett, thom jensen, "today in the bay." >> a shout out to all of those who helped get the fire under control and continue to keep it under control. there is more coverage of the fire on our home page, including video from skyranger. you can head over to it's our top story. >> 6:06. happening today in washington d.c. president trump hosts the italian president today at the white house. it comes as the impeachment inquiry continues on capitol hill. our scott mcgrew is following that in his checks and balances segment. it's coming up at 6:45. in the meantime, in ohio last night, a dozen democratic hopefuls honed in on president trump as they went head-to-head in the latest presidential debate. tracie potts has the highlights. >> reporter: democrats, a record
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12 on one stage, all targeting president trump. >> we have an erratic, crazy president who knows not a thing about foreign policy. >> this president has betrayed american values. >> he's led us down this dangerous path. >> i saw it in 22016 election. they also attacked each other, their favorite target, elizabeth warren. >> i think senator warren is more focussed on being punitive. >> warren now surging in the polls pushed to explain medicare for all, who pays for that. >> i think we owe it to the american people to tell them where we're going to send the invoice. >> i will not sign a bill into law that does not lower costs for middle class families. >> reporter: bernie sanders back two weeks after a heart attack. >> we're moving on. >> i'm healthy, i'm feeling great, but i want to respond to that question. >> reporter: admits taxes will go up. >> substantially less than what they were paying for premiums
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and out of of pocket expenses. >> reporter: they debated syria. >> donald trump has the blood of the kurds on his hand. >> reporter: gun violence. >> police violence is also gun violence we need to attack that. >> reporter: and taxing the wealthy. >> i would undo every republican tax cut for rich people and major corporations. >> reporter: the next debate is november 20th in georgia. and interestingly, president trump didn't tweet about the democrats during the debate. tracie potts nbc news washington. 6:08 for you right now. if you haven't felt the shaking going on in the bay area over the past 30 or so hours you're with me probably in the minority because there are two hot spots and a lot of neighborhoods have felt the rattling. the newest, a 4.7 struck yesterday afternoon outside of hollister following the 4.5 monday night near pleasant hill. yesterday's shake sent one shop
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owner running from her liquor store, worried about the bottles falling from the shelves which she said did not happen. another video posted by owners of a nearby restaurant you can hear when the quake starts. the shaking left a lot of people rattled. >> i felt my house move. it kind of was like an ocean, we had little waves going on then i heard my kids start screaming because they did not think it was the coolest thing in the world. >> no reports of damage in hollister but the quake was felt across the south bay and santa cruz county. meanwhile, here's a seismograph of last night's 3.4 after shock near pleasant hill which rattled residents a little after 7:00 p.m. this is the strongest after monday's shaker. to a story from our investigative unit. hundreds of buildings pose a
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threat to students and facty if and when the next big quake hits. that's according to a statewide review looking at safety on college campuses. we spent months digging into the reports and uncovered classrooms, libraries and a nuclear lab that received poor seismic ratings. >> how big a risk are some of these buildings? >> it's a great question. the safety standards are really high. they're worried about these extreme, rare gigantic earthquakes. think of 1960 happening again. this isn't loma prieta, this isn't even north ridge. so people are being good about doing something while we have time. it's like, don't panic, but don't delay. >> tonight at 6:00 we find out what's being done to fix the problem. we'll also show you some of the new technology used to find critical weaknesses in buildings that were once thought safe.
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i know you have been following what a lot of people felt in loma prieta 30 years ago tomorrow. >> yeah, some of the stories we've seen on social media include kimi, who said she was in san francisco when loma prieta hit and her and her friend were driving and they thought something was wrong with their car until things started breaking off of buildings then they realized they were having an earthquake. and she realized she was stuck in the city. so if you have a story like this, you remember where you were or what happened. you can also share it. at kari hall weather on twitter, facebook and instagram. we are going to have an update in a few minutes and talabout the difference between magnitude and intensity. let me show you the forecast for dublin. stepping out within the next few minutes we have temperatures in the upper 40s. so you need a nice warm jacket. once again we can probably leave
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the sunglasses at home because there will be only a few peeks of sunshine today with high temperatures in the mid 70s. as we head to mike, you're continuing with the traffic alert? >> i am, we had a dramatic shift in the last few seconds, west beyond highway 4, it's now one lane closed. the traffic alert continues at willow pass road, this blocks just your slow lane now. traffic has built up. we're going to see more traffic flow, you see concord, all marked on the map. that's an effort to get to 680 south, which is at speed and a nice drive toward the toll plaza. look at the other issue across the san mateo bridge, everything looks great, west 92 to the toll plaza, but it looks like the disabled vehicle has been helped off the roadway. right now, a story you might see trending today. >> jennifer anniston joins the
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21st century and her first post is delighting social media users everywhere. if you've flown from san francisco to new york you may think you've been on an all day flight. we're going to show you an all day flight when "today in the bay" continues. announcer: time magazine reports: "the new american
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addiction. how juul hooked kids and ignited a publicealth crisis." other news outlets report- juul took $12.8 billion from big tobacco. markets e-cigarettes with kid friendly flavors and uses nicotine to addict them. 5 million kids use e-cigarettes. juul is "following big tobacco's playbook." and now, juul is pushing prop c to overturn e-cigarette protections. vote no on juul. no on big tobacco. no on prop c. little bit of shaking, especially in the south bay. we just had another aftershock
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just to the south of hollister on the same fault line we've seen some shakers within the past the several hours. we'll continue to track this. let us know if you felt it. and an update on the weather coming up in a few minutes. that's too far i believe to have an affect on the bart system. san mateo bridge after the disabled vehicle cleared from this section here, we had a lot of slowing, starting to move better but the timing shows a longer drive across the san may tay owe bridge than the dun barton bridge. consider your path. good morning and happy wednesday to you, there are growing concerns the deal between the u.s. and china may not stick. we've not actually seen text of the deal. netflix reports profits today. that is the last time that netflix will talk about profits before it gets hit with all kinds of competition, the streaming channels from
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companies like disney. amazon is making a big change, i don't think that's the right price -- yes, it is. it's now going to allow prime customers to order low cost items, say a $2 toothbrush and get it delivered next day for free just like any other package. used to be you had to bundle low cost items together before ty would ship for free. twitter is clarifying rules to say even world leaders may face consequences if they post violent or threatening messages, warning those messages would not be retweetable nor would people be able to comment on them. this comes, of course, as democratic candidate for president kamala harris is pushing twitter to push trump off twitter. twitter lets world leaders post messages the rest of us would never get away with because they're world leaders and what they say is, in twitter's important, important. the number of houses
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available for sale has fallen a lot. mostly because of low mortgage rates. the lower the rate, the lower the payment, the more people can afford to buy a house. nationwide the housing inventory, the number of houses available to buy is at a two year low. on friday qantas is set to conduct an experiment where it flies from new york city to sydney, australia. a 20 hour flight. if they move forward, this will be the longest regularly scheduled flight in the world. 20 hours is not quite one day but because of the time of day it leaves new york friday and the rotation of the earth and when it arrives, it's sunday by the time you get there. >> where would you go? >> new york to sydney. it's possible you can do it with -- if you have enough pilots and there's plenty of
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gas. it's just is it doable? >> it's about nine movies. >> i think i would be the guy running up and down the aisles demanding they land anywhere. >> sir, sit down. >> exactly. >> put a life vest on, sir. >> have some peanuts. 6:19. now to the one about the a-list actress that blew up instagram. have you seen this for jennifer anniston's first post on the social media site of instagram, thought she'd take a selfie with former friends costars. her post was so popular her page temporarily crashed. poor jen. this morning she has more than 7 million followers. keep in mind jennifer anniston joined instagram yesterday. we took our own. we're probably not going to break anything. >> we'll break instagram, too. they should start their own social network.
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with the popularity of friends. >> friendville. >> just call it friends. >> there's an app for that, i'm sure. >> follow us on instagram you'll see our version of it. >> we were sending out on social media the fact we had a 3.4. >> down by hollister. i wonder if they felt it in parts of the south bay. didn't feel anything here but let us know what's going on. as we start this morning, here's a live look outside in san francisco, look at the clouds, a spooky looking shot here as we see fog rolling by. temperatures there have been in the low 50s. we're right now 54 degrees but look how cool it is now in santa rosa, 38 degrees. 42 in napa. and seeing a lot of 40s here across parts of the bay and some of the inland areas. so definitely a heavier jacket needed as you step out the door. the seven day forecast is up at the bottom of the screen as we look at temperatures hour by hour, at noon, liver moore 68.
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concord 68. only low 70s through the rest of the day. we'll have clouds and cooler temperatures compared to yesterday. 6:00, dinner time, san jose at 66 degrees and 59 in san francisco. coming down into the mid 50s tonight as this system approach gs. we'll see a very narrow ribbon of rain moving through but we'll see the clouds moving in ahead of that. we'll see peeks of sunshine today as we go into the rest of the afternoon. and then the green shows what the radar could look like. shows spotty showers and most of it will be light and not everyone will see the rain but it could make the roads wet between tonight and early in the morning. by 5:00 all the rain is moving out. and our model shows only trace amounts of rain in the rain totals. we're going to go back to some nice and mild weather watching
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another system close by for saturday. reaching the 70s inland. and then heating up. in san francisco in the mid 60s today and a chance of rain early tomorrow morning. you're watching a couple spots. the first is the san mateo bridge moving more slowly. we saw two disabled vehicles, both are cleared. we see brake tapping because thes so volume continues to build. a couple crashes in hayward. and a light built toward the dunn barton bridge, that's the typical pattern, not looking bad. south bay builds, 101 may be a stall by the airport. careful heading past that critical junction right now as the traffic builds. over here technically a traffic alert. i'm calling it a crash. only one lane is blocked. west highway 4 and speeds are improving out of pittsburgh and antioch towards bailey where
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things loosen up. the bay bridge toll plaza, of course, has your metering lights on. back to you. 6:22 right now. >> that breaking news we've been telling you about, another earthquake hits the south bay without the past 10 minutes or so, just south of hollister. more details as we look back on the anniversary of the loma prieta quake this week.
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morning a 3.had earthquake just south of hollister happened about 10 minutes ago. you'll recall this is the same area as yesterday afternoon's quake. it was a 4.7. that was felt in the south bay, gilroy, morgan hill area. let us know we're on instagram, facebook and twitter this morning, if you felt it. >> you know all of those quakes happening as tomorrow is the official 30-year mark since the devastating loma prieta earthquake. intense waves from that quake destroyed buildings, collapsed bridges and killed dozens. >> what day to remember. as quake experts are quick to point out there is a difference between magnitude and intensity. here's kari with an explanation. >> when an earthquake strikes we often want to know the magnit e magnitude, which is a measure of the energy release at the source of the earthquake on the seismograph. but that doesn't tell you how the shaking will affect the
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structures. the mercalli intensity scale is a measure of the strength of the shaking at a certain location. it goes from one, which is not easily felt, to a 13, which is total devastation. the loma prieta earthquake was a 6.9 magnitude and a 9 on the intensity scale. at a nine, damage is considerable even in well designed framed structures and buildings are shifted off foundations. some buildings and structures collapse, which is what we witness with the sections of the freeway and the bay bridge. numerous structures were shaken and destroyed, causing an estimated $10 billion in damage. tomorrow i'll go through a time line of the shaking traveling across the bay area and show how fast seismic waves move. >> thank you, kari. still ahead, continuing coverage of the breaking news nor than 12 hours after it all
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started. the frustration across the bay area from the fire at the storage facility. two bay area parents set to learn their fate in the college admission scandal. who they are and the punishment they could face.
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right now at 6:30, fire and frustration. the question investigators are asking after a massive explosion
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at an east bay fuel storage facility. schools in that area are impacted today. final offer. that's the new word from santa clara county to workers on strike. car decision, the future of market street. "today in the bay" continues right now. we start this morning with breaking news to tell you about. a 3.4 quake south of hollister, this is in the same area as that 4.7 earthquake yesterday. of course, we are monitoring the situation. we haven't heard of any altercations or anything like that in that area. if you felt it let us know. we have the news room monitoring the situation, checking on things. of course, we'll bring you the latest on this as soon as we find out anything. we want to thank you for starting your morning here with us on "today in the bay." i'm marcus washington. >> i'm laura garcia. certainly very busy morning. we went on air early this morning at 4:00 a.m. just to bring you all the latest news.
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let's check the forecast right now with kari. >> we were checking out the smoke near the refinery fire yesterday. we are seeing improving air quality, moderate air quality right now as you get ready to head out the door, we've seen the winds from the west at about 6 miles per hour, blowing across the bay and into the antioch area where the air quality is a little bit worse there. starting out with upper 40s in oakland, concord. 38 right now in santa rosa, bundle up, a chilly start to the day that warms up into the low 70s this afternoon. as more clouds move in we'll track some rain. i'll have more on that in a few minutes. mike you're seeing a long stretch of slowing? >> yes. it's highway 4, but the reason was it originated with a crash blocking all but one lane. now we're down to one lane blocked.
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it's still technically an alert. one lane blocked but the backup continues through pittsburg to bay point. no major problems. but at the richmond center bridge, a crash reported in the area. san mateo bridge still slow but recovering from an earlier crash. back to you. >> thank you, mike. we want to get back to more breaking news we have this morning that's the aftermath of yesterday's inferno at the nustar storage facility in crockett. investigators plan to be at the site all day today, to learn what sparked the fire. >> two storage tanks blew up sending huge plumes of smoke skyward for hours causing the close of lanes on interstate 80, which are reopened again. and causing a shelter in place
6:34 am
throughout the day. at one point firefighters tweeted schools in the area would be open today. but this morning nbc bay area confirming that all schools in the john swett school district are closed this morning. >> thom jensen is live in crockett this morning at a sight overlooking the facility. he has the latest on the facility there and the schools being closed. >> reporter: good morning. the air quality i can tell you has improved quite a bit. the winds have died down so we're not smelling any of that. as we look on the areas where the tanks burn, you can see the firefighters are hitting that entire area that burned with foam this morning. you can see the outline of one of the tanks off to the right there. it looks like completely broke down, melted or just collapsed under the force of the explosion and the fire from yesterday. on john swett unified, the
6:35 am
school district did announce this morning they are, in fact, closed. clearing up some of that confusion. that means that carquin ez middle school, john swett high school, rodeo hills elementary school and rodeo high school are all closed. two explosions here yesterday at the nustar energy storage facility at about 1:30 in those tanks that were holding some ethanol. one of the tanks, in fact, blew the top completely off and people said the ground shook violently here. then the inferno that caused a massive smoke cloud that the interstate had to be closed throughout the evening hours for about 7 hours total. the shelter in place was also ordered and people were told to turn off their air conditioning to keep the smoke out of their homes. for people just getting up, i-80 is back up, as i look off to the
6:36 am
west here. i can see that the interstate, people are driving, it's open again, and we've got firefighters on the scene, investigators should be arriving with daylight to take a closer look at what may have started this fire. live in dock kcrockett, thom je "today in the bay." >> thanks for the latest. 6:36 for you right now. a big day in the college cheating scandal for a bay area mother. she'll find out if she'll avoid jail time or head to the same jail where felicity huffman is waking up this morning. kris sanchez has been following this story. explain to us what's been going on for those who haven't been following this. >> reporter: i'll tell you whapwhat happened, what we know right now is that felicity huffman had her first bawakeup call at the pris here in dublin, she's now going to serve a 14 day jail sentence which she reported for yesterday. she's the first parent in the
6:37 am
college cheating scandal to be incarcerated and she's to spend 14 days in jail, and a year on probation, pay a $30,000 fine, complete 250 hours of community service as well. bay area mother margery clapper is also due for sentencing this afternoon in a boston courtroom, prosecutors are asking for four months in prison, a year of probation, and a $20,000 fine and restitution. clapper admitted to paying $15,000 to have her son's a.c.t. scores inflated. it's unclear whether her son knew about the cheating. only one parent avoided jail time so far. he was sentenced to a year of probation, 250 hours of community service and fined 9,5 $9,5 $9,500. he pleaded guilty early admitting he paid a consultant to bribe test proctors to correct his daughter's a.c.t.
6:38 am
answers others have been sentenced to jail but have not had to report yet. only felicity huffman is behind bars. 6:37 right now. we have new detail osthe labor dispute going on with santa clara county labor workers. two weeks ago they launched the rolling strike. and now the county said it's rolling out its quote, last, best and final offer. it includes a 3% raise over five years. following news of the offer, the union tweeted out its response saying the offer is by no means a tentative agreement. there's no word on when the members will vote on a proposal but if a deal can't be reached it's likely the stalemate will go to mediation. the city just revealed a plan to make the busiest streetcar free.
6:39 am
starting next year, private cars will be banned along a 2 mile stretch of market. muni service will also expand and more protected bike lanes will be added. construction on the $600 million project will make way for the -- all of this -- it's actually expected to start in january. the first face is expected to focus on market street between 5th and 8th streets. >> that's going to be something to get used to. >> that's not a lot of traffic on market street going through the middle of san francisco between fifth and eighth. we'll get special maps made for that one. looking at a smooth drive towards the peninsula. the south bay building smaller scattered crashes. no major incidents. disabled vehicles cleared from the san mateo bridge, a slow drive from the slow plaza
6:40 am
towards the high-rise but the lanes are clear, so are the service lanes. over here we have the crash west highway 4 approaching willow pass road. one lane blocked. we're not going to call it a traffic alert because only one remains blocked. the problem with the backup sticking around. this is the bay bridge. look how beautiful the sky is, focus on that, folks. look at the sky. focussing on the positive. >> which means we're focussing on the weekend. >> it's going to be a nice weekend but we'll see more clouds moving in on saturday but keep the fall-like weather as we occat saturday's forecast, low 70s inland and mid 60s for the coast. warmer, more sunshine on sunday as we make it close to 80 degrees for the inland valleys by the end of the weekend. half moon bay we have the pumpkin festival and the parade happening, watching out for some light rain during especially the early hours, high temperatures reaching the low 60s. should see clearing as we go
6:41 am
through the day and sunday is looking nicer with a high of 63. lake tahoe is looking good with upper 40s on saturday, it's going to be chilly throughout the weekend. pack extra layers. up to 56 for the high on sunday. and russian river valley watching out for a chance of rain as we go into the first part of the day on saturday, reaching the upper 60s. we're all clear on sunday with a high of 75 degrees. if you're going to l.a. you're going to enjoy nice weather there with 70s starting to warm up slightly there as well. let me know what you have in your weekend plans. we'll talk about today coming up in three minutes. thanks, kari. next for you here at 6:41, did you feel it? another quake hits the south bay this morning. this one a 3.4 aftershock strikes the south -- just south of hollister this morning. let us know if you felt it.
6:42 am
all this as we remember the 30th anniversary of the loma prieta earthquake this week. all new this morning why hayward's fault in particular is worrying a lot of geologists. there was an unexpected snub from turkey this morning. shocking but they are walking it back as fast as they can. i'll bring you up to speed. the big board, dow down mildly 15 points, just above the 27,000 level. you're watching "today in the bay." ♪
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6:44 in the morning and breaking news we're following this morning. a 3.4 earthquake just south of hollister. happened about 20, 30 minutes ago. this is the same area that hit with a 4.7 earthquake just yesterday. people in the south bay felt that jolt. we're wondering if people did. no reports of damage so far. >> our news room monitoring the situation. let us know if you felt it. we are monitoring it, we will keep you posted through the morning here on "today in the bay." and developing news in turkey this morning, just an hour ago the president of turkey said, he would not meet with vice president pence. in that hour since we last reported that to you, the turkish president's press secretary says the president of turkey misspoke and will meet. earlier this morning, turkish
6:46 am
president erdogan told a reporter his government would welcome pence's visit but each member of the delegation would be met with his turkish counterpart. it was a clear snub to america. adding when trump comes i'll talk to him. turkey is walking that back. pence is trying to stop turkish attacks on our allies the kurds. >> we'll be leaving as quickly as possible to travel into the region to pursue a cease-fire and negotiated settlement. the united states of america not going to tolerate turkey's invasion of syria any further. >> not going to tolerate is firm language. not a lot of room for misunderstanding, don't attack the kurds. except the turks are reading the president's tweets, kurds and turkey have been fighting for many years turkey considers the kurdish forces the worst
6:47 am
terrorists of all. let them fight. u.s. military leaders, diplomats warned president trump if we with drew from syria turkey would attack the kurds and that's what happened. a new poll shows if the economy holds up president trump will win the next election. president trump tweeted that looks good to me. democrats say they won't take a full house vote to start an impeachment process they're satisfied with what they have now. and rudy giuliani has been subpoenaed but he says he won't respect it, he won't cooperate blaming the inquiry is illegitimate, unconstitutional and baseless. the wall street journal said he's also under investigation by the u.s. attorney in the southern district, he used to be the u.s. attorney for the southern district. we're watching everything
6:48 am
happening in washington and turkey. 6:47 right now. all week long we're looking back 30 years since the loma prieta earthquake. seismologists predict there's a seven in ten chance another earthquake could strieb the bay area within the next couple decades. >> one area of concern, the hayward fault. >> the number one question is is this real? yes, this fault or crack in the foundation is real. >> reporter: the hayward fault is unique in that it is constantly creeping. >> i am very, very slowly moving to the north. >> while our camera position is creeping to the south at 5 millimeters a year. over time you get cracks in the concrete and compression nols like this one. >> an area that gets trapped between the two sides of the fault so it gets moved upward. >> unfortunately the fault is more than a curiosity.
6:49 am
>> imagine the people that live in these areas. >> reporter: it runs up the heavily populated parts of the east bay. the last major earthquake on this fault was 1868. the fault produces a major event every 140 years which means we're overdue by more than a decade. there's a 33% chance it will produce a magnitude 6.7 or greater between now and 2043. dr. angelina katina is worried about what will happen to the flat parts of the east bay where the soil is unstable. >> it would be like walking along jell-o or like quick sand that you would see in old movies. >> reporter: which brings us back to the crack that rounds underneath fremont's old city hall. it was discovered in 1972 but the city decided not to fix it, instead leave it as a reminder of the constant threat underneath our feet. >> we have to live around it and
6:50 am
so we should be more aware of it and be prepared for a seismic event when it will occur. >> we're aware and we're ready. we're just hoping not this weekend. >> not any time soon. we need a break. it has been shaking a little bit around parts of the bay area this morning. i don't know if it's because we're more sensitive because we're approaching the anniversary of loma prieta, which is tomorrow. but we just had another small earthquake just south of gilroy. and so that was a 2.6 and so far on the usgs site only about three people felt it around gilroy. let us know if you feel it on social media. we're sharing our stories from loma prieta. david told me that he was living in santa clara at the time it hit and they went home on the freeway just to learn that it had collapsed. and they were so spooked he didn't go back to work for about three days. you can see the rest of david's story and the rest of the stories that we're sharing on my
6:51 am
facebook page at kari hall weather. i'm also posting those videos incase you missed them from the past three mornings we've been covering loma prieta. here's the bay bridge toll plaza. i normally don't take mike's cameras but i love this sunrise. we are going to see more clouds moving in with cool temperatures, upper 30s in santa rosa, 49 in oakland and concord. we're at 50 right now in san jose. as we go throughout the day it's going to be a little bit cooler compared to yesterday because of the clouds, and we're going to every now and then see the sun peeking out, low to mid 70s for the east bay. with oakland reaching 66 degrees. and san francisco expect a high of 64. we'll start out with more changes by tomorrow as the clouds move in we're also going to see a storm system drop in from the north that will bring in a chance of spotty showers. this shows the forecast as we see some rain possibly moving in tonight in parts of the north
6:52 am
bay. not everyone will see the rain it looks like it falls apart. but will bring in spotty showers here and there beten tonight and early tomorrow morning with the possibility of getting some trace amounts of rain, maybe a few hundredths of an inch in some areas. then we go back to dry weather for friday. but also watching another system to our north on saturday. highs inland in the low 70s and heating up after that we're goig going into the mid 80s. san francisco looking at a lot of 60s throughout the rest of the week. mike you have a crash in san jose? >> yes but it's not near the airport which was what i was worried about. it's another another critical spot north 280 approaching 17 right where folks slow down and make that off ramp. should be all right but we'll follow that as the build pushes north through san jose, a typical pattern. a little later flow pattern,
6:53 am
build shows up there. we have a slow drive across the san mateo bridge. earlier disabled vehicle there but they've been cleared. we have one lane blocked west highway 4, the build starts in antioch. the earlier backup was worse because we had one lane open but we're down to one lane blocked but the backup is there. it's fine you took my bay bridge cam because i'm showing you richmond san rafael bridge. i have an equally beautiful sunrise. >> it does look nice out there. thank you, mic. 6:53, happening now pro-democracy lawmakers undermine a second attempt by hong kong's leader to deliver her annual policy speech. this morning in chaotic scenes, chief executive carrie lam walked out after lawmakers interrupted her the first time. after a delay of a few minutes
6:54 am
she walked back in again but was forced to stop as lawmakers yelled and chanted. hong kong was in the grip of month's long democracy protests. next, another quake just struck about 40 minutes ago. coverage on the latest shaking to wake people up this morning. more breaking coverage on the east bay fuel facility fire. the school closures you need to know about. and at 7:30 on the "today" show, a live interview with simone biles. her last performance is one for the record books. more local news coming up on "today in the bay" in just two minutes.
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6:57 right now. welcome back to "today in the bay" before you head out the door, here are the top stories we're following. breaking news this morning. >> that breaking news is a 3.4 quake in the south bay. this is south of hollister. the same area as yesterday. that's when they experienced the 4.7 earthquake but again this morning a 3.4 earthquake. let us know if you felt that this morning. we want to show you video, this is downtown hollister during yesterday's quake, the 4.7 we were talking about. one store owner shared this video f of her running out of the store fearing those bottles would fall but she tells us they
6:58 am
did not. investigators plan to be on site all day today to learn what sparked a mass i hasieve infern the nustar facility in crockett. the fire burned close to seven hours yesterday. a total of two storage tanks blew up sending smoke skyward for hours. the fire and smoke created numerous problems and raised concerns about health. and, of course, traffic concerns for a lot of drivers. i-80 was closed for many hours but roads are back open and officials say the air quality is safe. >> the shelter in place warnings have been lifted for both the freeway, interstate-80, and the communities of crockett, rodeo, and the northern part of hercules. john swett school district leaders told nbc bay area overnight all schools in that area closed today. a warning if you're planning
6:59 am
to fly out of sfo any time soon. they're renumbering all of their gates. ofs hficiale it makes it easier for passengers to find their way around. for frequent sfo flyers it will probably take some adjusting to locate renumbered gates. i know i'm the usually the one running to the airport. >> laura garcia to gate 22. >> i got one of those recently. if you're headed out this morning to the airport bundle up a little bit. >> we have cool temperatures but it's going to be a nice day. a few more clouds rolling by, inland temperatures in the mid 70s tomorrow is when we may have the airport delays with low clouds moving by. another chance of showers in the forecast as we wake up early tomorrow morning. >> fall temperatures. >> yes. the commute a little slow across the san mateo. >> it is. not a surprise. we had disabled vehicles that added to the slow down, it sticks around because the volume builds.
7:00 am
we have highway 4 we know it's going to be slow but the crash is still at willow pass road. we'll have an update for you at 7:25 and every half hour after that. >> and the midday show at 3:00, you don't want to miss that. have a great morning. for the first time it's elizabeth warren in the cross hairs of the democratic debate the moderates piling on in a clear sign she's now the one to beat. >> i appreciate elizabeth's work, again, the difference between a plan and a pipe dream is something that you can actually get done. >> sometimes i think that senator warren is more focused on being punitive or pitting somet of t count against the other. >> and former vice president joe biden forced to answer for his son's work in ukraine. >> my son did nothing wrong. >> we'll break down the night's highs and lows just ahead.


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