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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  October 16, 2019 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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a fuel facility up in flames. a fire and blast in contra costa county finally over. now the search is on to find out what went wrong. od mning and thanks for joining us for midda newscast, i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm scott mcgrew. right nownvestigators are on the site of the new star fuel storage facility in crockett. that fire burned for close to seven hours. two fnl storage tanks blew up sendi sending huge plumes of smoke upward for hours. it closed 880 in both directions. >> it triggered a shelter in
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place for crockett and the surrounding community. late last night the air quality has rebounded enough to allow that shelter in place to be lifted all schools in the john sweat unified school district were closed. we're awaiting a news conference to start any minute now. so we could get an update on the investigation so far. we know that just one firefighter was injured. this is a live look at the site now. first we want to turn to nbc bay area's thom jensen live in crockett with an update on the latest. thom? >> reporter: good morning. being this close to the site, you get your first look at how big these tanks are, these storage tanks. the two that burns are on the other side of this group that we're standing in front of right now, the two that had about 3,000 gallons of an ethanol mix and this morning we got a good look from a perch above the damaged area at the two tanks that exploded into flames and burned for seven hours.
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it looks like they completely collapsed under the heat. cal osha inspectors are on-site right now and not allowing operation until all safety checks have been performed. in the meantime firefighters from contra costa county have been continually covering the entire area where the unburned ethanol was drained with a thick blanket of foam. >> they're keeping that foam blanket on those two secondary containment structures to ensure that oxygen does not get to that ethanol in them to prevent any possibility of a rekindle of the fires. >> reporter: in fact, firefighters have used so much of the safety foam that the contra costa fire protection has had to place an emergency order for more of that foam. back live now, by the way, talking about inspectors being on the scene now, our investigative unit looked into the safety record at the facility here in crockett and
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here anyway they found no previous violations in recent years. live in crockett, thom jensen, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. >> to interesting to follow. we continue to wait for the news conference expected sometime this morning. during our midday newscast. and there is much more coverage on the fire on our home page. including dramatic video from nbc bay area sky ranger. just head to as our top story and we'll also stream that news conference live as soon as we get it. meanwhile, an early morning wake-up for people around hollister, where a 3.4 after shock hit a little after 6:00 a.m. the earthquake was centered at the same location as yesterday's 4.7 earthquake. the security video shows a shop owner running from her store fearing the bottles would fall on her. that didn't happen. so far, in fact, no reports of damage from either earthquake. hollister not the only hot spot.
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here is a seismograph from last night near pleasant hill which happened 24 hours after a 4.5 in the same spot. >> been very active lately. now to our forecast. starting to feel like fall finally in the bay area. a live look outside of san francisco and san jose. see some clouds covering out there but otherwise pretty pleasant, kari. >> it looks good out there. as we take a live look outside in dublin, if you are heading out for lunch, it is cool and i ma need a jacket. dublin will be at 65 degrees. only making it up into the low 70s for today. and we're going to see some nice and mild weather for the afternoon. but i'll be tracking rain. i'll have more on that and the forecast and we'll talk about what is ahead as we see some rain possibly moving in by tonight. more on that coming up in just a few minutes. >> we'll check back with you, than thanks so much.
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in half an hour a bay area mother will find out if she'll go to jail after an effort to get him into college. we are live from dublin where a hollywood mom is behind bars there serving her time. kris? >> reporter: you know by now that actress felicity huffman is ye for her role in the college cheating scandal and serving her first full day here at the federal prison in dublin. she is supposed to have 14-day stint here for paying to fake her daughter's s.a.t. scores. now when she leaves here, she'll be on probation for a year and to do 250 hours of community service and pay a $30,000 fine. she is the first parent in the college cheating scandal to be incarcerated. a bay area mother marjorie klapper with a jewelry business from menlo park is due to be sentencing at 11:30 our time and prosecutors are asking for four
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months in prison and a year of probation and $20,000 in fines and restitution. she admitted to paying $15,000 to have her son a.c.t. scores inflated and it is unclear whether her son knew about the cheating. only one parent have avoided jail time peter sant oreo sentenced to probation and 250 hours of community service and fined $9,500 pleaded guilty early on admitting he paid a college admission consultant to bribe test proctors to correct his daughter's a.c.t. answers. other parents have been sentenced to prin time. felicity huffman is the first to report, she asked the judge in boston whether she could serve her time here in california so she could be closer to her family. we expect that perhaps marjorie klapper might ask the judge the same thing because she is from menlo park. in dublin, kris sanchez, nbc bay area news. >> thanks. live to that news conference that is going on, hoping to
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learn more about the investigation into that big storage facility fire in the east bay. let's listen in. >> that system has been compromised because of the fire and so they're venting those individual tanks to relieve pressure and eliminate any risk whatsoever of any fire associated with those tanks. another thing we talked about is the secondary containment ponds formed by the berms around the two tanks that burned and those are filled with material now. it is our belief that that material is mostly water at this point. those are the ones we've been talking about and you saw from up the hill with the foam blankets on them. we believe that is mostly water now. the team is in there mak a determination of what the makeup of that material is. we believe there is no any risk but out of an abundance of caution we're keeping the foam blankets on both containment
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ponds to mitigate any risk of any further ignition in those. at this point we think that work that i just outlined will take probably three to four hours. our fire suppression crews are remaining on scene. again, out of an abundance of caution in the unlikely event that any kind of ignition is triggered from the work. we think that will probably take anywhere from three to four hours and i don't expect to have an update until that work is complete. probably mid or late afternoon at best at this point. but again i'll use twitter to let you know when our next update is. i had a couple of answers to questions that you are asked in the 8:00 hour, one, there was some questions about the amount
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of foam that was used because i -- i mentioned that we had to order additional foam. our best estimate at this point and this is an estimate is that we've used 15,000 gallons of fire fighting foam in the course of yesterday afternoon and into last night. and of course we're still using it to maintain those foam blankets. just to give you have an idea and you can do the math, 15,000 gallons is used to add somewhere around 3% solution to the vast majority of that is water. do the math but rough numbers multiply by 100 and get an idea of how much foam has been applied in the last 24 hours. a little bit more than -- about 24 hours to the fire. you asked me about tank capacity. and i've confirmed that. there was a question about the percentage of the tank -- the fill amount in those tanks.
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the 1% number is, in fact, correct. wh fir began those two fire tanks were filled to 1% of the capacity. 1% of the capacity is approximel 3,000 barrels. those 42 gallons in a barrel of oil. and so that m that 3,000 barrels in each tank comes up to about 126,000 gallons of ethanol that was in each tank. so our estimate last night of 0,0 gallons wasn't that far off. it looks like it is closer to 252,000 but certainly ith ba ofhat we were talking about last night. a couple of other questions tha i continue to work on for you and one is the -- the regulatory agencies that oversee the operations here. from a government perspective, i don't have an answer to that
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question yet but i'll continue to work on it and when we do next update later this afternoon i hope to have an answer to that. and i have a contact for you to refer to new star which i'll give you when we wrap up. before we do that i would like to ask randy sawyer to make a statement about some of the things you asked me earlier this morning and then we will take ur questions. >> thank you, steve. my name is randy sawyer. what -- i was talking throughout and we measured last night, we had material specialist who spun into it and took estimations last night and they found no bending in the area and also measured for particulates and that is our biggest concern from the fire. the smoke which h a lot of particulates and so they did find some unhealthy levels of particulates throughout the night especially when it is backed up and again see higher
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concentration of particulates in the air. when we called an all clear last night we basically worked with contract fire protection district to determine if it would flare back up and also looked at the air quality and everything seems in the healthy range but particulates at that time so we were able to determine it was safe to -- for people to no longer shelter in place. other chemicals that could be in the smoke or in the -- from the byproduct of fire. ethanol produced carbon dioxide and water. in this case it wasn't burning completely, what we call incomplete combustion and could produce carbon and a carbon monoxide which is a toxic chemical. carbon dioxide and water. and it could produce some
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hydrocarbon but the concentration we weren't concerned about the biproduct from the smoke and weren't able to get measured in the smoke itself and it was up in the air so we weren't ae to measure the concentration of what was in the smoke. the long-term health impact from this -- with the smoke itself would -- is the biggest concern is the short-term acute exposure for it in this case. there are long-term health impacts from smoke. that is when you are in it for long periods of time in a concentration enough to get into your lungs and into your bloodstream. with the short exposure we're not expecting any kind of long-term impacts from the smoke from this fire. and i'll be glad to take your questions you might have.
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>> [ inaudible question ]. >> we worked with the coast guard last night and fish and wildlife and the response team, they were having people off the bay to make sure that what was released into the bay they could contain it or mitigate it and they were there in case something like that did happen and to be able to mitigate it if it does happen. >> [ inaudible question ]. >> well, that is what they're working on right now. my understanding is the plan -- they brought in large tanks that we might actually be -- be able to see behind me. the large red tanks over in the distance. the square device. my understanding is they're looking on the plan now to pipe that runoff into the tanks. what we've got in those containments ponds where the tanks were is some mixture of
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water, foam and ethanol. we're assessing what the actual makeup of the contents of those ponds is right now. we believe that it is largely water at this point. we put a lot of water and of course foam is mostly water as well on to those ponds and we continue to do it to maintain that foam blanket right now. so we think it is mostly water. we're assessing that right now and the plan, unless it changes, it to drain those tanks into the containers behind me here. >> [ inaudible question ]. >> that is part of the work that we expect will happen in the next three to four hours. >> we'll continue to monitor the news conference going on. that is contra costa fire updating us on the condition. it sounds like crews are going to remain at the scene of the ethanol storage that exploded yesterday. they're trying to get a content level of what is left in the tanks and out of an abundance of
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caution keeping floem blankets on and crews on the scene to make sure everything is safe. we'll continue to stream that live with information on our website at >> that is right. meanwhile. change is coming at sfo. still ahead on nbc bay area news, what you need to know as you prepare to catch your next flight at the airport. and a new push to protect some of california most iconic trees. the move being made to make sure joshua trees don't become en dangered.
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[ sirens ] santa clara county workers back on the picket lines today. two weeks ago -- no audio. [ no audio ]
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[ no audio ] >> there is no word on when the 12,000 union member will vote on the proposal but if a deal could not be reached it is likely the stalemate will go into mediation. there is a new push to save california's most iconic trees. the conservation group is petitioning for the west joshua tree to be protected under the california endangers species act. the center for biological diversity blames climate change and hope the trees will be begin threatened status meaning it is likely to become endangered if
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nothing is done. heads up if you are planning to fly out of sfo any time soon. the airport is renumbering the gates. that is starting today. the new system is just like you find it at most airports, terminal a. has gates a-1 and terminal b is b-1 and b-2 and so on. but for some passengers it may take them by surprise. >> read the signs. reading the forecast for us. meteorologist kari hall has a feeling of fall in the area. >> some clouds moving by toward noon. and we're getting some filtered sunshine looking live on santa rosa as we head out for lunch. we still have cool temperatures. now looking live in san francisco as we're seeing not as much sunshine as we've seen recently. and temperatures have been slow to warm up. we're still at 55 degrees. we're heading up to 64 today and our winds coming in from the west at about 9 miles per hour. so a light breeze with still low 60s across much of the bay area.
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and then as we go into the rest of the day, if your going to be heading out on your lunch break in san jose, about 60 degrees and only reaching into the low 60s into the rest of the afternoon. but i do think we'll see some areas making it into the low to mid-70s. gilroy reaching 75 degrees. and up to 76 degrees in concord. danville reaching 75 and hayward looking at a high of 68 degrees. 70 in palo alto. the high in san mateo will reach up to 67 and low 60s in san francisco and still windy. winds from the west at about 20 miles per hour while in the north bay we're going to see highs in the lower 70s today. so we are starting to see these clouds moving in out ahead of the cold front that will start to make its move into the bay area later on this evening. this will bring in a chance of some spotty showers but with each run of the computer model it looks like the rain falls apart but it does look -- it
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does look like we'll see off and on showers in parts of the north bay starting at 9:00 to 9:30 and santa rosa and ukiah to the north. and into tonight around midnight, possibly some of the rain moving into half moon bay. and then maybe some east bay showers. but we may not see much. here in the south bay trace amounts of rain between tonight and early tomorrow morning. dry weather throughout much of theay tomorrow and then on friday it looks nice. sunshine, highs in the mid-70s. we'll be watching another system that could move in on saturday. that will bring us a slight chance of rain and then we warm up. looks like we'll see some mid-80s inland going into early next week while san francisco stays in the mid-60s. laura and scott. >> kerry, thank you. an emotional moment next on nbc bay area news. what caused prince harry to break down in public. and insta-friend. jennifer aniston joins the 21st
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center and her first post is delighting media users everywhere and we'll show it to you. >> first happening now, chipotle paying for employees to get tech or business degrees. the chain attempt to hang on to talent and those at the company at 120 hours and can choose from 15 different degrees at five schools and they need to work at chipotle while in school and remain for six months after they earn those degrees. we'll be back after this break with more. > trending this mornie
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harry becomes openly emotional in public. >> i spoke at the well child awards in london and recalled attending last year with his wife meghan and talked about how the year before they knew she was pregnant but hadn't told anybody. >> i remember -- [ applause ] >> sorry. and i remember squeezing meghan's hand so tight during the awards and both of us were thinking what it would be like to be parents one day. >> the annual well child award
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ceremony honors children with serious illnesses and their families and caregiver. harry is a long-time supporter. now to the a list actress who blew up instagram. for jennifer aniston's first ever post she took a self we why former "friends" co-stars and her post was so popular her page temporarily crashed. this morning she had about 9.2 million followers. >> how did ours do? >> i'll have to check. >> i have 9.2 followers. [ laughter ] >> a little rain? i have my patio covered. >> well we'll possibly see some spotty showers moving through. i'll be watching out for that during the morning hours. and then we'll have another chance on saturday but it looks like mostly in the north bay early in the morning so we'll be tracking that. at least we do have active weather heading our way. >> look at you. it is a lot going on. >> we'll be here for you tomorrow morning 4:30 to 7:00
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