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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  October 16, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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explosion like that. and the house shoo and the windows rattled. so it was really loud. >> reporter: carolyn and orville are still rattled by the explosion and fire that happened down the street from their home yesterday afternoon. the couple had to evacuate when two tanks at the innnearby ener facility broke into flames and broke. >> i thought, oh, hell, we've had it now. >> my dad is. he's had threetrokesnd's on oxygen. and it was just a terrible, scarey night. >> reporter: tonight fire crews still have foam over the explosion site. they want to make sure nothing can reignite before they begin removing it, but they are wasting no time trying to get to the bottom of what went wrong. >> we served a search warrant for nustar. >> reporter: the investigators are working with the atf, the
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sheriffs department and the d a's office to interview witnesses and examine documents and digital data like surveillance video. >> they are working as one team. >> we shouldn't be subjected to this. we do not -- clearly, we do not want industrial facilities having accidents like this. >> reporter: and we are back here live. again, firefighters now tell us that they have begun removing some of that foam. they are putting that foam into those red containers you see behind us. this is going to be a very long process. they have got a lot of material to work with. they also tell me that the folks here at nustar are fully cooperating with the investigation, adding that a search warrant in a case of this magnitude is not uncommon. reporting live, jodi hernandez. >> thanks for that update. now, that black smoke
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billowed from the nustar fire for hours. it's gone. but the question is what hazardous particles were in that smoke and how hazardous was it? firefighters also sprayed a blanket of foam all day to help contain the fire. they're wrapping it up and putting it into the red containers jodi showed us behind us. but there are pollution concerns. and melissa joins us. do you have any information about the environmental concerns and the cleanup plan? >> reporter: let me start off with this. as you can tell, the winds are whipping hard right now. so whatever is coming from that storage facility, we are getting a big whiff of it, and it smells like chemicals. and the residue, the leftover of this vegetation fire. right now, air quality officials say those who live in the surrounding areas, they can open up their windows and turn on acs.
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they will continue to monitor and test the air this week to make sure it is still safe to breathe. >> i don't see any more smoke. i hope it's okay now. >> reporter: he and his family swapped their mobile room for a hotel room last night. >> to be safe with my family. >> reporter: yesterday afternoon, valdez and his family watched as the dark smoke from the burning energy facility prompted chp to shut down entire sections of interstate 80 knowing that his son suffers from asthma. >> kind of light-headed. >> reporter: he got everyone in the car and headed as far away as possible. >> i was worried in case of another explosion. you know? >> reporter: it was a good call. air quality tests taken last night showed there were high level of harmful particles in
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the air, similar to things found in wild fire smoke. the tanks that burned held 126,000 gallons of ethanol. if you mix in asphalt, oxygen and water, this is what you get. >> it can produce carbon products, carbon, or carbon monoxide which is a toxic chemical. >> reporter: the county says thanks to last night's winds, air quality tests from this morning show that the air is safe enough to breathe. >> we don't expect any long-term impacts. >> reporter: and back out here live, we're seeing that wind that is carrying up all that fire fighting from up in the air. we're also being told that tonight chance of rain is a good thing for air quality. officials say it will clear out the harmful particles from the air. it is not a good thing for the waterways and the ground, which it will eventually soak up those particles. we're also told the coast guard is making sure none of that runoff gets into that bay.
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>> thanks, melissa. now another vantage point from sky ranger. you can see the collapsed storage tanked after that fire burned for so many hours yesterday afternoon and into the evening. again, they will be holding an update on the investigation in about 30 minutes at 5:30. we will stream it live on our website, and a fu wrap-up at 6:00. the mysterious death of that tech ceo centers around her family and friends. she was in the bay area last week for business and was found dead in san jose. today the coroner's office officially confirmed the identity of her body. she disappeared on october 7th. the medical examiner continues to say the cause of death is pending. there are a lot of questions as to how her bodas fou last
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rday in a parked rental car, how that body got there and what happened. this happened in south san jose. her family andriends say sjpd didn't do enough to find her. sjpd says it conducted a thorough search. >> the response is just unacceptable. i mean, they can -- you know, obviously, they're in a mode where they want to cover themselves, right, and say that they did everything appropriate. >> coming up at 6:00, new information about her death the police have not yet made public. the latest in the college admissions scandal involves a mom on the pensula. she has been sentenced to three weeks in prison. she pleaded guilty in may to fraud and conspiracy after paying a prak tor to boost her son's test scores. it comes one day after felicity huffman reported to business to serve her sentence.
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at the white house a dispute or meltdown ended with democrats walking out. amid escalating violence in northern syria, president trump defended his effort to pull out troops telling reporters the kurds are, quote, no angels. the house condemned the president's actions in syria. more than 100 republicans joined democrats in voting against him. that rattled him and that's why he insulted her during an afternoon meeting at the white house, calling her a third rate politician. >> the president had a meltdown, sad to say. >> it was insulting, particularly to the speaker. she kept her cool completely. >> when there is a time of crisis, leadership stays, whether they like what is said or not and actually work to solve the problem. >> after the meeting, president trump tweeted this photo which he and pelosi are clearly exchanging words, captioned nervous nancy's unhinged
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meltdown. three earthquakes in the past 24 hours and plenty of aftershocks. all this comes just before the 30th anniversary of the quake which is tomorrow. now, the state will release new technology to alert people of an earthquake before it happens. tomorrow the california office of emergency service will launch the first ever state-wide early warning system. that system will be an app that alerts california before the quake happens. it uses motion sensors in the ground to detect the movement of the quake so people can drop, cover and hold. >> tomorrow is the 30th anniversary of the loma prieta quake, a day that changed the bay area. 63 people died in the 6.9 magnitude quake. damage in the billions of dollars, much of it in san francisco, oakland and santa cruz. a family-run book shop owes their survival and rebirth to
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their community. >> the name on this business on pacific avenue says it all. >> we would link it to t community itself. we are part of the community. >> the family has owned the book shop since 1973. in 1989, the earthquake severely damaged the brick building. it was still standing but too dangerous to occupy. the book shop would need to be demolished. >> the idea was we lost our business, we lost our income, we maybe lost our home, what do we do? >> city officials gave them two days to remove what he could from his beloved business. >> we went on the radio, the public radio here and sort of said, you know, we have two days. we're asking for volunteers. but honestly, the city is making us sign a paper that says that if you are to die or get trapped in the rubble with earthquakes happening, we will not come to rescue you. >> 400 lined up to sign waivers, put on hard hats and help saved
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the book shop. >> we were saved by those people. for two days they pulled everything out of the store, put it in boxes, dusted it off, put it together. >> more than 50 years later, book shop santa cruz is still in business. the daughter now runs the score. >> the other part of this that he's not saying is he's an eternal optimist and there were a lot of people that told him that it couldn't be done, that he couldn't save the store, he couldn't rebuild it. and because of who he is and his optimism that they could get it done and the community would come together, that is the reason why it's happened. >> now, an encore presentation of our documentary series 30 years later airs this saturday at 4:00 p.m. you can also watch the entire episode online at during this week we have been looking into the science behind earthquakes. among the many questions, why does san francisco shake so hard 30 years ago, even whoa the
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epicenter was 30 miles away. we have some answers. it is a fascinating question and answer here. >> it certainly is. and we all know how devastating that damage was. and of course it turned deadly. we're going to talk about why that shaking was so much worse in san francisco here in just a second. but i want to remind all of us, we live in one of the most seismically active zones in the world called the ring of fire. if you just moved here, there is chance of an earthquake each and every day. let's look at the initial shake map. you can see over santa cruz we had severe to violent shaking through the mountains. but notice in san francisco those initial seismic reports on the shake map only coming in at moderate. and we know it was a lot worse there. so let's take you on over to the weather wall. we'll get a look at why it was so much worse and it is all about what's called liquefaction. the largest danger surrounds the
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bay. what is lick kquefaction? it can cripple the foundation. there is four things that go into it. first one, intense shaking. second thing sendment and mud deposi deposits. the third is when the earthquake shakes. the water is released from mud and the ground actually starts to liquify. if you do not remember anything about this except for this, the number one danger still remains from the marina district down, also right here over oakland. so we got to stay prepared. we'll take a look at the hayward fault tomorrow and we'll have your weather in about six minutes. >> thank you. up next here at 5:00, the bay area housing crisis has hit educators hard. we know that. the strategy one school district in the south bay has come up with that could make it easier for teachers to live. could bart help you get through tsa faster?
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the plan that could push you ahead in the security line. announcer: time magazine reports: "the new american
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addiction. how juul hooked kids and ignited a public health crisis." other news outlets report- juul took $12.8 billion from big tobacco. markets e-cigarettes with kid friendly flavors and uses nicotine to addict them. 5 million kids use e-cigarettes. juul is "following big tobacco's playbook." and now, juul is pushing prop c to overturn e-cigarette protections. vote no on juul. no on big tobacco. no on prop c. new video shows us how strong the ground shook. this is footage from a mini mart. a person behind the counter actually runs outside when the shaking began. from pleasant hill to hollister.
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we haven't seen earthquakes of this size in the region this close to each other in decades. >> on average, we have earthquakes three months apart or tee years. in this case we had three hours. >> now, despite the close timing of the earthquakes, the usgs says it doesn't necessarily mean they are connected. it just shows how many active faurlts we have here in the bay area. >> it is no surprise bay area teachers are struggling to find a place to live in town. but you may be shocked at just how bad the problem is. a new statistic found a new teacher would need more than their entire salary to pay the average rent. how is everyone getting by? scott joins us at one south bay school district with a look at how they're trying to help. scott? >> reporter: yeah. at silicon valley, teachers deal with the bay area housing
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crisis. we did find one district that is considering a move into the real estate industry so that students have a better chance at keeping their teachers. >> talk to me about -- >> reporter: how stuff is it for teachers to make ends meet in silicone valley? >> it is a huge concern. we lose about 200 teachers every year. >> that's in the san jose unified district alone. a big reason why, teachers here have to pay, according to civ zillow, more than their entire starting salary to afford rent. the rent in san francisco is also more than the whole starting teacher paycheck. >> i'm not surprised, to be honest. >> reporter: she has been teaching for 13 years, still has roommates and still works an extra job to make rent. >> i will take that time between 3:30 p.m. and about 8:00 p.m. and i will get in my car and i will open the door dash app and see where places are busy so
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that i can make a bit of money before i go home for the evening. >> reporter: so now the district itself is trying to raise money to help house its teachers. >> we already own the land and see if it's possible to build employee housing where employees could actually live in the housing at a lower rate. >> it will take away a lot of anxiety that i feel around making those ends meet. >> reporter: the district admits those housing plans are at least a couple of years out. meanwhile, renata is trying to save money for a better car to get to school. live in san jose, scott budman. >> thank you. bart riders could soon get special treatment at sfo. it is all part of a plan to get more people to take public transportation. riders use their card to take bart to the airport. put the card on a scanner that
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verified that you took bart. that will give you access to ts a's priority security line. that's a big perk. the plan is still in its early stages. i would do that right now. that's really good. >> very convenient. okay. let's go outside. maybe keep our umbrella handy. what is this? >> some cozy weather. >> it's just a little bit of a chance. i'd love to see a whole lot more, but we can't be picky at this point. it has been so quiet so far this month when it comes to rain fall. let's bring in our forecast. yes, that is rain fall off to the north. touching down here in eureka. for us the cloud cover has been the biggest change. but as i just mentioned, we have been so dry here in october. the first month of our rain fall season, we haven't picked up anything. quarter to half inch rain fall deficit. what are our chances tonight? 8:00 could get a spotty shower.
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overall, though, as this moves to the south, it will start to break up. by 11:30 at night, maybe a passing shower getting close to the coastline. as we head through 2:00 in the morning, some spotty showers potentially for the peninsula. once we hit 7:00 in the morning, a lingering chance for san jose. after that, we clear out with sunshine building back into the forecast. so our hopes of any big rain not with us, really not picking up anything in san jose. your better bet is eureka. i think it is the temperature that you are noticing outside. it will feel, you know, like fall as we start off tomorrow morning. low to mid-50s with primarily clod cover in that hit and miss early shower chance. down to 49 in the south bay and san francisco at 52. as we move through tomorrow, i think you will love this forecast. temperatures not too hot, not too chilly. we're doing it just right here
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at 73. notice it will be breezy. winds out of the northwest at 19. if you have allergies, the pollen will get kicked out a bit. 74 in concord. 69 in oakland. over to the peninsula, 67 in san matteo. what about napa? 75. my extended forecast has us clearing out once we hit friday. saturday and sunday, warming back up as we hit next monday, tuesday and wednesday. low 70s in san francisco. that warm-up will be a lot more noticeable. 85 next monday, going up to 86 next wednesday. so numbers about 10 degrees above average once we move into next week. long range forecast models show maybe in the beginning of november we could start to see our fortunes change with something to talk about when it comes to rain fall.
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you know what i mean. >> we have to get that halloween forecast up soon. >> okay, thanks. up next, what a company is doing with your data. a new exhibit in san francisco hopes to tell you exactly that.
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singled out. new information shows muslim students with bullied more in classrooms across the state. and even more startling, students say teachers are among the bullies. the krun coil on american islamic relations released their report today that found 40% of muslim students had been bullied. they have been called terrorists or felt like they weren't being included in school activities. >> so, i mean, we just want to
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have children have their religious head gear. >> muslim girls are bullied more often than boys. a new pop-up in san francisco that expoeses the goo and bad of the technology we use. it is called the glass room. it shows how technology shapes the world around us and looks at what big companies do with our data. one exhibit called the data detox bar lets you ask personalized questions about your own data and privacy. >> part of what we want to do is educate more people about exactly how their information is being interactive online so they could make better decisions. >> a lot of our personal stuff is out there. it's open for the next three weeks. and here is the best part, it's free. >> check that out. >> well, it's been a tradition for years on treasure island. now it is saying good-bye
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temporarily, we hope. we'll explain next. ♪ hey. hey. you must be steven's phone. now you can take control of your home wifi and get a notification the instant someone new joins your network... only with xfinity xfi. download the xfi app today.
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tonight at 6:00, concerns over a pg&e power poll. worried it could start another fire. that story and more tonight at
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6:00. >> and finally, treasure fest is over, sort of. the monthly celebration of food, music and shopping is relocating next year. organizers say treasure island is simply growing and changing and there is not enough open space. so several new locations are being considered. maybe treasure fest will come to you on the peninsula or east bay. the last two festivals on the island will be on the last weekend of october, so a couple weeks away, and the last weekend of november. >> look at those treasures. >> even if it moves around, the name still works, right? >> exactly. let's talk about our forecast. >> numbers dropping 10 degrees today. 74 for tomorrow. just a very slight chance of a spotty shower. dry weather, really nice weekend. 75 on saturday. 79 sunday. warms up next week.
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we have mid and upper 80s coming on back. >> got to keep the sprinklers on. >> thanks for joining us here at 5:00. as a reminder, lester holt is next for "nightly news." breaking news tonight, president trump's dramatic new message on the chaos in syria. the president saying it has nothing to do with the u.s. and saying the kurds, the u.s. allies under attack are quote not angels the president also welcoming russia's presence in syria and just revealed the president's letter to turkey's leader warning quote, don't be a tough guy. don't be a fool. we're inside syria tonight. also breaking, the tense showdown at the white house. president trump and nancy pelosi face-to-face for the first time since the impeachment inquiry launched tempers flaring, speakers saying the president had a meltdown and what happened inside that room next the we


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