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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  October 16, 2019 5:30pm-5:59pm PDT

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on back. >> got to keep the sprinklers on. >> thanks for joining us here at 5:00. as a reminder, lester holt is next for "nightly news." breaking news tonight, president trump's dramatic new message on the chaos in syria. the president saying it has nothing to do with the u.s. and saying the kurds, the u.s. allies under attack are quote not angels the president also welcoming russia's presence in syria and just revealed the president's letter to turkey's leader warning quote, don't be a tough guy. don't be a fool. we're inside syria tonight. also breaking, the tense showdown at the white house. president trump and nancy pelosi face-to-face for the first timem next the powerful nor'easter on the move forecasts are rapidly intensifying to a bomb cyclone causing travel nightmares, heavy rain, millions under wind advisory tonight's alcs game postponed.
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the amazing rescue caught on dashcam. the train barrelling down, the trooper running to a car on the tracks the driver inside unconscious. the last-second save. the nbc news exclusive, the iconic world war ii photo and what was just revealed, a 74-year-old case of mistaken identity. >> announcer: this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt good evening president trump is shrugging off the chaos and bloodshed left in the wake of the american withdrawal from syria washing his hands of the situation and leaving russians to fill the void the president is taking a parting swipe at kurdish allies tr they are not angels as his threatening note to turkey's president is revealed. richard engel reports from inside syria. >> reporter: tonight, turkey is
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demanding u.s. allies, the kurds lay down their weapons or it won't stop its invasion of northern syria where turkey is raining bombs and artillery on kurdish towns but president trump says that's the business of russia and syria whose forces have been invited in by the kurds as u.s. troops are ordered out and he's suggesting the kurds who fought shoulder to shoulder with american forces against isis are letting isis prisoners go free to create a backlash against the u.s. >> people let some go, they opened a couple doors to make us look as bad as possible. officials tell us that is not happening. tonight, we're also seeing aer o the turkish president the day turkey launched its invasion writing let's work out a good deal you don't want to be responsible for slaughtering thousands of people and i don't want to be responsible for destroying the turkish economy and i will don't be a tough guy, don't be a
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fool, but the war continued and now elite u.s. special forces are watching the turkish invasion all from close by but ordered not to intervene. >> our soldiers are not in harm's way as they shouldn't be as two countries fight over land that has nothing to do with us, and the kurds are much safer right now, but the kurds know how to fight and as i said, they're not angels. >> reporter: the kurds are not safer, they are running for their lives. kurdish commanders said president trump is treating their lives like a joke. the president's ally senator lindsey graham blasting the move. >> president trump, if you're listening to this interview, if you remove all of our forces from syria, you're throwing the kurds over isis will come back on your watch and iran will take over. >> lindsey graham would like to stay in the middle east for the next 1,000 years with thousands of soldiers and fighting other people's wars. i want out of the middle east.
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>> richard joins us from syria this is pence and pompeo's trip to see the president, what does that mean for what you're seeing there on the ground? >> reporter: so, a top kurdish official just told me that he hopes this visit will lead to an immediate cease-fire and tha the kurds are willing and ready to negotiate, but already turkish has achieved many of its objectives effectively destroying kurdish self-rule here. >> richard engel, thank you. a meeting between president trump and top democrats at the white house blew up. democrats say the president lashed out after they fridaysed to withdraw troops from syria. hallie jackson with details. >> reporter: walking out irate and insulted. >> we witnessed on the part of the president was a meltdown. >> he said that there are communists involved and you guys might like that.
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when he started calling speaker lo >> i said i wish you were a politician, mr. president. >> reporter: house speaker nancy pelosi abruptly leaving that meeting on turkey and syria. >> did the impeachment inquiry come up? >> it did not come up. >> reporter: republicans frustrated. >> when there is a time of crisis, leaders should stay whether they like what is said or not. >> reporter: the president hours earlier going after the most powerful woman in congress. >> she's created a phony witch hunt, another one. first one failed they are all failing. >> reporter: even with an international crisis in syria, the impeachment investigation remains the backdrop to the back and forth between the white house and house democrats as pelosi annoul no s hold a vote to formally open an the e.u. ambassador is a national security risk because he's unprepared for his job according to the "new york times" using his personal cell
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for business and inviting foreign officials to the white house whenever they like that controversial call in july between president trump and the ukrainian leader is the subject of an internal review by white house staffers, according to a senior administration official looking into why that rough transcript was classified into a more secret system. >> i would say that there is growing evidence that all of the planning that went into that phone call was premise on a quid pro quo. >> reporter: the president denies that accusing democrats of trying to impeach him to heo. >> i just know our country is looking into the corruption of the 2016 election. there was a lot of corruption, maybe it goes up to president obama. i happen to think it does. >> reporter: and the insults
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continue even into tonight with the president tweeting a white house photo of today's meeting with the caption nervous nancy's unhinged meltdown. his press secretary is accusing democratic leadership of storming out and getting in front of the cameras to whine while everyone else stayed to work lester >> alley jackson at the white house, thanks. after last night's democratic presidential debate joe biden turned up the heat against his top rival senator elizabeth warren we get more of that from nbc's peter alexander. >> reporter: tonight the 2020 democrats embracing a strategy trying to blunt elizabeth warren's momentum. joe biden zeroing in. >> the question i think senator warren is going to have to face, she's going to have to tell the truth or the question we raised about whether or not she's going to be candidate and honest with the american people. >> reporter: that swipe at warren the front runner picking up where democrats left off last night demanding details how she'd pay for her medicare for all plan.
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>> i appreciate elizabeth's work, but again, the difference between a plan and a pipe drain is something that you can actually get done. >> i certainly think there ought to be a straightforward answer on that. that's one thing that has folks frustrated with washington. >> reporter: warren forced to defend her ambitious plans. >> for me this is about knowing what is broken and how to fix it and i'm willing to get out there and fight for it. >> reporter: bernie sanders back on the campaign trail after that heart attack thanking supporters >> i'm so happy to be back here with you this evening. >> reporter: the sanders campaign could get a boost with the expected high profile endorsement of rising democratic star alexandria ocasio-cortez. >> peter alexander, thanks. we're watching an intense storm that's expected to develop into a bomb cyclone. big travel delays are expected
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between the yankees and astros is postponed al roker is tracking it all. al, what are you seeing here tonight? >> a 24 milibar drop and winds 15 to 40 miles an hour will intensify this evening as the system makes the way up the coast with heavy rain, strong winds and travel delays drying out by tomorrow afternoon but damage will be done. rainfall three to five inches. tonight into tomorrow, airport delays from portland to philadelphia on the roads we're talking from boston to buffalo, new york, back to cleveland. a very dangerous situation the next 24 hours. >> does not look good. al, thanks. tonight the city of chicago is on the brink of a massive teacher strike with a midnight deadline looming no deal has been reached on a new contract with the teacher's union the two sides are at odds over issues including teacher salaries and classroom sizes classrooms are cancelled tomorrow for hundreds of
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thousands of students. >> let's turn to our nbc news exclusive. a surprise twist involving one of the most us u.s. history the flag raising during world war ii tonight the marines say a second man long thought to have taken part actually did not. here is nbc's pete williams. >> reporter: it's one of the enduring images of world war ii as u.s. marines storm the island of iwo jima, six raise the american flag on the highest point. that moment captured by an a.p. photographer became a moral boost back home and the inspiration for the u.s. marine corps memorial one of the surviving marines, private first class posed for the marines say he was not one of the six in the photo. the man thought to be him was corporal herald p. keller.
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the mistake was discovered by armature historians. >> it's important to remember this is someone's grandfather and great grandfather and it's important we get history correct. >> reporter: he was at iwo jima and brought up the big flag and revved a smaller one used in an earlier flag raising there. >> this is keller, a square jaw there. >> reporter: among the telltale evidence it was keller, distinctive element and shirt collar outside his jacket and the way he carried ammunition, corporal keller's daughter says it's a big surprise. >> it gives you on amazing -- i get emotional here it gives you an amazing feeling i can't describe to look up and think, whoa, that's my dad. >> reporter: three years ago, the man second from the left in the photo was also misidentified.s says
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every marine who set foot on iwo jima will always be part of the cherished history. >> every one of them a hero, thanks. the parents of the british teen killed in a car cash involving the wife of a u.s. diplomat are speaking out about their meeting with president trump. stephanie gosk has the latest. >> reporter: harry dun's parents weren't expecting an invitation to the white house when the grieving couple got there, another surprise was waiting. >> a bombshell was dropped she was in the building and willing to meet with us. >> reporter: the wife of an american intelligence officer struck their 19-year-old s u.k. according to her attorney, she left the country three weeks later lomamic immunity it would have been the family's first chance to confront her face-to-face but nobody prepared them. >> i offered to bring the person in question in and they weren't ready for it.
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>> reporter: british prime minister boris johnson called on her to return to the uk., which is where harry's parents say that meeting should take place. >> we made it very clear that that needs to be on our terms on u.k. soil when she has faced our justice system. >> reporter: her lawyer says her client was driving on the wrong side of the road and had no time to react when she saw the motorbike approaching. calling the accident a tragic mistake, she wants to apologize but hasn't said if she will return to the u.k. harry's parents implored the president to help them. >> if it was your son, you would be doing the same of us and he grabbed hold of my hand a little bit tighter and said yes, i would be. >> reporter: the british couple says they are still hopeful but left the white house feeling in their words a bit shocked. stephanie gosk, nbc news, new york. tonight, new york city police are facing a crisis, tragically another officer has taken his own life, the tenth this year alone as police departments around the country
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grapple with this issue, one widow is sharing her family's story to help prevent more tragedies. here is nbc's rehema ellis. >> reporter: tonight the nypd is in mourning. late tuesday an off duty officer in queens took his own life marking the department's tenth suicide this year. it's a tragedy april scherzer knows too well. >> my husband max was an amazing human being. >> reporter: max scherzer, a new jersey cop shot himself in6 t present moment. >> reporter: for years, max struggled with the stress of the job turning to alcohol to cope when he asked to talk to a therapist, april says the department took his gun away and sent him home for 30 days. >> he was worried what everyone would think of him. >> reporter: more police officers died by suicide than in the line of duty how do you explain what has happened >> you know, you can't look at
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it and come up with any single solution but now we want to talk openly we want to tell our cops, it's okay to ask for help. >> reporter: the nypd now planning to put peer counselors in every precinct house. >> i don't know if this will help but we have to try something. th reporter: april working with line of duty. >> we hold our police officers to such a high standard, why don't we take better care of them >> reporter: an important question so many are asking tonight? rehema ellis, nbc news, new york. all right. still ahead as we continue here tonight, heart-stopping moments caught on camera as a car stuck on the train tracks. the dramatic rescue with seconds to go. the bizarre mystery of a family allegedly kept in isolation for years in a small room cut off from the world. how they were finally discovered. something everyone in washington can finally cheer about as world series fever grips the capitol. we hope you'll stay with us.
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next, the tense moment on the tracks as a highway patrol officer in utah risked his life to save a driver from a speeding train with literally no time to spare. here is gadi schwartz. >> reporter: from the second a utah highway patrol trooper spotted a car on the tracks, it was a race against time in the distance the train rumbling ahead.r scrambling through find a man unconscious that heart-stopping moment such a close call that if trooper ruben correia could have gotten there a second and a half later, they would have been crushed by the train. >> that's when i realized wow, that was closer than what i would have liked. >> reporter: once saved, the driver comes to and correia still by his side. >> i got the driver out. come on! >> reporter: authorities say the driver had suffered some sort of medical issue, now expected to be okay, correia still in disbelief. >> i'm still trying to process everything that happened
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i'm just very grateful that i was able to get him out and he's alive and back with his family now. >> reporter: the trooper now a hero who cheated death and saved a life with only a second to spare. gadi schwartz, nbc news. we're w bravery. mystery, why was a family allegedly cut off for years from the outside world? announcer: time magazine reports: "the new american
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overturn e-cigarette protections. vote no on juul. no on big tobacco. no on prop c. we're back now with a truly bizarre mystery, seven people said to have been found living a hidden room in a netherlands farmhouse possibly for years until one man said he escaped. we get the story prom -- from molly hunter. >> reporter: we're investigating how seven people, a father and adult kids live in isolation in a small lockable room in this farmhouse set off the road and shrouded from view by a line of trees. all seven people safe but police say they don't know why the family was there, adding they may have been cut off from the outside world for the last nine years. >> it's the talk of the town. >> reporter: according to police, a young man ventured out reporting he was worried about the living conditions of his family
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chris at a nearby pub said that man wondered in looking confused. >> he ordered five beers in and in a split second was gone. >> reporter: he said something felt off. >> i felt i should call the police because he needed help. he asked for help. he said he can't go back any more. >> reporter: at farmhouse, police arrested a 58-year-old man on suspicion of illegal deprivation of liberty his relationship to the others unknown. he'll be in court tomorrow molly hunter, nbc news, london when we come back, world series fever for a town that hasn't been there since fdr was president.
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the smoke from that big fire has cleared, but is the air safe in tonight the two factors that will help people breathe easier. and the chance future showers ahead. when wcogt. >> there it is the washington nationals are nationally league champions. >> reporter: a celebration almost a century in the making, a four-game sweep sending a washington baseball game to the world series since the first
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time since fda was in the stands rocketing to a 7-0 lead in the first inning the usually disappointed fans too delirious to sit down. never supposed to be here. a team struggling for months and lifted by a bullpen and bats that came alive and an unlikely rallying cry, baby shark the walkup song for a newly acquired player. >> here comes para, mr. baby shark himself. >> reporter: some players hear since baseball came back to the capitol 15 years ago. >> it's as good as it gets but not done yet. >> reporter: a manager briefly sidelined weeks ago by chest pain now heart strong. >> these boys have changed my life forevere not done let's keep it going. >> how long you been in that stand for? >> since today. >> reporter: for those of us who waited forever, could a win series win be possible
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>> congrats to the nats, baby shark and all. that's it for us on a wednesday night. i'm lester holt. thanks for watching and have a good night right now at 6:00, the fire is out, but the questions remain. the new details we're learning about that fire in contra costa county, including why atf agents are now on the case. the news at 6:00 starts right now. good evening and thanks for being with us. i'm raj mathai. >> and i'm jessica aguirre. so what are they looking for? that ishe converged on the nustar energy storage farm. you may have watched as the tanks at nustar burned and even exploded right here on air for hours yesterday. atf agents, alcohol, tobacco and firearms served a warrant at the pipeline facility today. the investigation ramping up as
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the cleanup begins. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez is back on the site, as she was all day yesterday. and jodi, a lot of work to be done. contra costa fire is now turning over some of that work to nustar energy. >> reporter: that's right, jessica. there is an awful lot of work to be done. but as you mentioned, the contra costa fire district just announced that they will begin removing their fire crews from the scene and turning over the operation to nustar and full-sc >> oh, it was a terrible, you know, explosion. >> reporter: carolyn and orville sanford
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