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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  October 16, 2019 11:00pm-11:32pm PDT

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the news at 11:00 starts right now. it has been years in the making and tomorrow the first ever statewide earthquake early warning system will be rolled out. >> that new system comes on the 30th anniversary of the loma earthquake and it is especially timely given the earthquakes we've seen in the bay area this week. sergio quintana is at the usgs offices in menlo park. give us an kd of hat system is designed to do and really not >> reporter: well it will not predict earthquakes, but depending on how far you are from the epicenter of the quake
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it can give you some pretty valuable seconds to get to safety. >> earthquake. drop cover, hold on. shaking expected. >> reporter: this is what the app, that will be released tomorrow will look and sound like in the event of a quake. familiarize users with the my shake app. >> this is best described as a rapid detection system and rapid dissemination of earthquake information. >> reporter: the way this early detection system should work was illustrated in real time earlier this summer during a news conference following a series of quakes in southern california. >> oh oh 5.7. okay. so we have an earthquake that's already begun. >> reporter: dr. lucy jones was at cal-tech describing tremors from the ridgecrest quake when instruments detected an aftershock. >> early warning sys waiting to roll out the network of seismic detectors like this one that was recently installed in the bay area. more centers means better chances at detecting and sending out reliable warnings. in earthquake country every second counts. >> if you can stay safe go to a
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safer place, that definitely helps. >> even ten seconds, it's enough time to get ready, like get out from the house or rollout of this early warning earthquake system this earthquake early warning system will be tomorrow morning at uc berkeley. reporting live in menlo park i'm sergie quintana nbc bay area news. >> thank you, certainlyio. if you're going to be in san francisco tomorrow you should have a heads-up. the city will test its alert system. that will happen between 5:15 you're in that alert zone your cell phone could get a text message as part of that drill. our quake coverage is just beginning. in just 12 minutes our own terry mcsweeney reflects back on what's changed in the bay area since the devastating loma prieta earthquake when he was there at candlestick. and tomorrow there will be plenty of events to mark the anniversary. our "today in the bay" team will have complete coverage beginning for you at 4:30 in the morning. the cause of this explosion and fire is still unknown, but nbc bay area was the first to report that atf agents served a
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search warrant at the nustar facility in crockett. the feds want know was this fire accidental? we've also learned agents spent facility. nbc bay area's cheryl hurd is in crockett now with the very latest. cheryl?well con fire crews are now gone. they turned things over to nustar. it will be a long time before we know what caused this explosion and fire but right now authorities are working to try and find out. it is unclear what agents were looking for while serving a search warrant at the nustar tell nbc bay area that investigators lacked confidence in the facility's records and recordkeeping procedures. as the investigation begins the work for firefighters has ended. >> we are confident that at this point there's no longer any threat of any kind of ignition fire related to what occurred yesterday afternoon. >> reporter: still the situation
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at the facility needs to be monitored. >> we're turning it over to nustar. they have their own fire suppression capabilities left of the tanks with foam to prevent flare-ups. >> we've been vapor. >> reporter: a big concern following tuesday's explosion and fire that sent flames and smoke into the air. [ siren ] forcing people to shelter in place. highway 80 shut down for hours. >> it was racing up the back side of the hill and it eventually reached the crest. so we were in danger. >> reporter: michael kellogg lives just over the hill from the fire. he's just glad the fire is out. >> it could have been a lot worse than it was. >> reporter: now, there has been some speculation that the recent earthquakes caused the explosion and fire. all that is under investigation. reporting live in crockett i'm cheryl hurd nbc bay area news. >> cheryl thank you. was it a political dispute or a meltdown at the white house? a meeting over the future of the kurds in
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a lot of conjecture here. the meeting came amid escalating violence in northern syria. president trump defended his decision to pull u.s. troops from that country. the house of representatives passed a resolution condemning the president's actions in syria. they passed that today. more than 100 republicans joined democrats in voting against the president. house speaker nancy pelosi says the vote rattled mr. trump. >> on the part of the president it was a meltdown. sad to say. >> it was insulting. particularly to the speaker. she kept her cool completely. >> when there is a time of crisis leaders should say whether they like what is said or not and actually work to solve a problem. >> after the meeting president trump tweeted this photo in which he and speaker pelosi are clearly exchanging words. he captioned the photo "nervous nancy's unhinged meltdown." the latest in the college admissions scandal involves a sentenced to three weeks in prison.
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marjorie clapper owns a m and conspiracy. n's test scores. her three-week prison sentence comes the day after actress felicity huffman reported to the federal prison in dublin to serve her sentence. it's a story you'll see only on nbc bay area. two attempted assaults in san francisco. take a look. it has this neighborhood on edge. one of those assaults caught on surveillance camera. a group of men, you can see that suv pulling out. they jump out and chase down a victim with a baseball bat. this is happening in noe valley. nbc bay area's jean elle spoke with one of the victims and joins us now in the city. jean. >> reporter: well the victim we talked to says that suv pulled up alongside him here on 26th on monday night as he was walking anand then the car pulled to the corner blocking his path. that's when four men got out and started chasing him and one man had a baseball bat. a walk home turns into what the man on the sidewalk calls a run for his life. >> help!
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help! >> reporter: you can hear him yelling for help after four men, some in away. >> probably the scariest thing i've ever seen. >> reporter: matt borg says the same group tried to assault him minutes earlier just a few blocks away as he walked down 26th street. >> and three men exited the car, including one man in a halloween mask white spooky kind of jack skelington cream looking mask. and an aluminum bat over his head chasing after me. >> reporter: borg says he took off running, calling 911. >> i thought there's a very real possibility that i was going to be killed. you know one bat swing with a baseball bat. >> reporter: borg says the men drove off but circled back as he was talking to a amed. >> all of a sudden i just heard a very loud kind of high-pitched scream. >> reporter: patti cole and her family heard that scream and looked outside but didn't see the emergency. >> i don't normally feel unsafe
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walking around. but you know of course i probably will now. >> reporter: neighbors and borg are feeling uneasy. >> all i know was that there was definite intent to injure. >> reporter: this maybe the only time i've heard of ear buds coming in handy during a crime. borg says he hit the lock button on his phone several times as he was running away. it activated an s.o.s. alert automatically calling 911. he was able to talk to a dispatcher through his air pods as he was running to safety and tell them exactly what was going on. police responded. they're investigating both incidents. reporting live in san francisco, jean elle nbc bay area news. >> that is pretty remarkable. he used the oakland catholic diocese, saying it was aware of the crimes and did nothing to help them. it's one of the first cases brought forward using a new state law. now, the women say that they were sexually abused by father vincent breen, who worked at holy spirit parish in fremont from the '50s to the early '80s.
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back then police found brees had assaulted at least eight girls. attorneys say the number is closer to 100. the new state law gives survivors of childhood sexual assault a new three-year window to bring a civil lawsuit agast of the crime. >> to everybody who has supported this bill so that we the victims have an opportunity to not only be survivors but victors. >> the law also extends the statute of limitations to file civil lawsuits allowingvicts until the age of 26 to bring those civil lawsuits. it now extends that until t the mysterious death of that tech ceo now centers around her police department. erin valenti was in the bay area for business and was found last weekend in san jose. she was visiting here from utah. today the santa clara county coroner's office officially confirmed the identity of valenti's body. she disappeared on october 7th and was found in the back of a rental carl in san jose.
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her family and friends say sjpd didn't do enough to find her. sjpd says it did conduct a thorough search. yep, that is a train. an amazing rescue caught on a dash cam. a train barreling toward a car stuck on the tracks. coming up the last-second saveow it led to big changes in the way we build. i'm chief we'll let you know about our in the forecast next week. you're going to want to know about. in about eight minutes.
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we got a train coming! we got a train coming! >> okay. this is truly amazing. it's a close call. a utah highway patrol trooper rushes to save a man inside a car. you see it there. it was stuck on the train tracks. in the distance you can see the train heading their way. the officer scrambles through the brush and a fence, opens the driver's door where he finds an unconscious man, pulls him to safety, and then right there you see him running up the hill. he grabs the man. couple seconds later the train smashes into the car. authorities say the driver did suffer some sort of a medical
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issue. he is expected to be okay. talking about tsa priority. part of a plan to get more people to take public transportation. here's how it would work. riders would use their card to take bart to the airport bhp they arrive they would put their card on a scanner that would verify they took bart. that would give them access to tsa's priority security lane. don't get too excited, though. still just in the early stages of planning. a housing crunch. in the south bay and san francisco the typical rent is more than a new teacher's entire monthly salary. renata sanchez is one of those teachers just trying find creative ways to make ends meet. she teaches in san jose. now, in addition to having multiple roommates, sanchez joined the gig economy. >> i will take that time between 3:30 p.m. and about 8:00 p.m. and i will get in my car and i will open the door dash app and busy so of money. >> that is a long day for her. the san jose unified school
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district says it loses about 200 teachers each year mostly because of the high cost of living. the district is now raising money to try to help house its teachers. it's not just teachers. many people are living paycheck to paycheck in every industry. another new report says san francisco is falling farther behind in affordable housing. the report was commissioned by a city supervisor. it found that the city continues to build for highly paid workers but isn't creating enough homes for people who work lower-paying jobs. the common complaint throughout san francisco. the city manlts though it's doing what it can including requiring all new housing developments to include a certain number of below market units. well as we've been telling you, the tomorrow's the anniversary of to its core and led to major changes in the way we build bridges and buildings. >> many of us can remember exactly where we were the evening of october 17th of 1989. that 6.9 loma prieta earthquake struck during the world series between the giants and the a's. a magical bay area moment
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quickly turned tragic. nbc bay area's terry mcsweeney was actually at candlestick park that night and joins us now. it's been a longe it just happened yesterday, terry. >> it seems very much like yesterday. you can never forget something like that. we are safer. and you don't have to be an engineer to appreciate that. all you have to do is look around san francisco and the newer, safer structures. they're everywhere. maybe the most prominent change as a result of the loma prieta earthquake is the new eastern span of the bay bridge. it owes much of its existence to the bridge it replaced that partially collapsed 30 years ago tomorrow. san francisco's embarcadero, a wide bike-friendly ble freeway which was torn down after being damaged. its deswhere most of the fatalities occurred. three killed in santa cruz 20 buildings destroyed but quake could not destroy the book store. city officials gave owner neil cunity to grab his books from the condemned building. he put out a call to the community. 400 people responded to save the book shop.
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>> we really literally were saved by those people. for two days they pulled everything out of the store, put it in boxes dusted it off, put it together. >> oakland a's take -- >> reporter: at candlestick that day in '89 no major issues for the much criticized stick. it held together. some say a combination of good planning and good luck. the giants now play in beautiful oracle park featuring the latest in seismic technology. and of course there have been major changes to the building codes tostic when the earthquake struck loma prieta in 1989. all these 30 years later what is it you remember most about that day and when that happened? >> sitting there in the upper deck toward the top of the upper deck and it started shaking. i wasn't sure it was an earthquake at first. then it was no doubt about it. i look over at the press box and the plexiglas is -- i thought it was going to come shooting out onto the fans below. it did not. i got up walked about five steps, and it was over. the whole thing lasted 15 seconds. we thought it was over and
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nothing too bad happened and we were all wrong. >> i was a teenager at the time watching steev. you were at the game. you were reporting on the game as well. and we've changed a lot in our reporting on how to be safe in the bay area as well. >> we've been getting a lot more classes, a lot more communication. and we've been listening to the experts because you know it's add happened before, 1906 but 1989 much more updated and another one coming we don't know when. you've got to listen you've got to be ready. >> thank you, terry. thanks for your perspective as well. an encore presentation of our emmy award-winning documentary series "bay area revelations: 30 years later, loma prieta," airs this saturday at 4:00 p.m. if you can't watch it live dvr it it's worth the time. also an online episode is available nonstop 24/7 at >> and we've been hearing it from jeff over and over again. you keep saying if there's an earthquake don't run outside, drop cover, hold. people errantly think the safest thing to do is to run. and as we both know that's where people get injured the most and
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sometimes that's where you see the most fatalities. >> you've definitely got to seek shelter. and as terry was mentioning at the stadium, the ballpark, rather, the shaking didn't seem that bad. and that goes to really prove the point about wlik faction and how in san francisco and oakland the ground is not as inherently un unstable because there's a lot of mud deposits around the bay and thatook it up know, it that creates one of the largest earthquake dangers around the bay and really amplifies the shaking. let's move to the earth picture in the satellite weather picture we have rainfall to the north, looks impressi by the time it gets here. it's already beginning to break up. let's unfold the layers for you. we'll take a look at 11:30 at night. maybe a hit and miss shower santa rosa novato right at point reyes. 2:00 in the morning could see a little more orthd. right near the coast. also the peninsula. but once again very light and hit and miss by 6:30 in the morning maybe a few drops down
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toward san jose. otherwise, as we push through thursday's forecast we'll get rid of the cloud cover. the sun will come back out and temperatures will warm up a few degrees. let's get you ready for that thursday forecast after a slight chance of some overnight showers i think we'll start out at 50 for the south bay. 52 in the tri-valley 3575. a light jacket might serve you pretty good tomorrow morning. 50 in the east bay. 49. as we move into the afternoon, wednesday's forecast -- it's been kind of a long week for us. you can see73 in morgan hill. over to san jose 71 and milpitas at 72. right here through the east bay 73 in walnut creek. pittsburgh in 75. and oakland 79. peninsula 67 here in san mateo. san francisco i have 60s from the embarcadero down through the ingleside. and the north bay 75 here in napa 72 in santa rosa. you about i want you to notice temperature the winds are going to be kicking up out of the northwest at 16.
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so if you have allergies i've got a little surprise here. pollen trees in the moderate category weeds also in the moderate. pine elm, sage, and ragweed all floating around. be prepared if you have allergies and you should be dp to go. my extended forecast. okay i did it. i called tomorrow wednesday because it's been such a long week. tomorrow's actually thursday. so let's set you right on that. san francisco 60s as we head through the next several days. warming up next week. that is the change i want you to be aware of next week 87. it's going to be returningperatures in october. i don't see any big rain chances moving in till maybe the first or second week ever november. we'll hold on for that. and looks good this weekend. >> and for the record i had to ask earlier today what day it was. gli just total >> i just totally -- >> no kidding, it's been a long week for us. up next netflix facing competition. why the company says it's not too worried. and happening now, treasurefest is over as we know
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it. the monthly celebration of food music, and shopping is relocating next year. organizers tell us treasure island is growing and changing and there's not enough open space. the last festival on treasure island is next month. the new location has not yet been determined. we're back in a moment.
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. singled out. new information shows muslim students are bullied more often in classrooms across the state. even more startling, students say teachers are among the bullies. the council on american islamic relations, or c.a.i.r. released the report today. it found 40% of muslim students had been bullied. students say they've been called terrorists or felt like they weren't being included in school activities. the report also found muslim girls are bullied more often than muslim boys. netflix isn't alone anymore and necessarily doesn't think it's a bad thing. a lot of these streaming services will hit the internet soon. net flix says it's not worried. the company, which is based in
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los gatos, reported its earnings today and said the challenges ahead could actually help netflix. companies like disney apple and here at nbc are all rolling outhe cable cord and embrace many streaming services all of them at the same time. we're back wit
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okay. sluggish start, yes. but now things are looking good for the sharks. tonight we saw some history at the shark tank. >> you know what happens after a
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player scores a hat trick? >> what happens? >> you remember what a hat trick is? it's three goals. >> okay three goals. >> let's take a look. sharks and carolina hurricanes. evander kane he scored a goal in the first period and then never looked back. in fact he scored three goals, which is -- >> a hat trick. >> a hat trick. in the first period alone. >> a hat. >> that's never happened in sharks history. and yes, everyone if you with wearing a hat they toss it on the ice and they donate those hats to charity. sharks beat the hurricanes 5-2. preseason continues for the warriors. in l.a. that's steph curry. he didn't play. but lebron and the other guys did. lebron and anthony davis. it w a won it 126-93. it's still the preseason. we're back in a moment. ♪ hey. hey. you must be steven's phone.
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we are remembering 30 years since the devastating earthquake rocked the bay area. dozens were killed. one man feared he would be one of them. hear his incredible story of survival. >> plus i'll talk about where i was october 17th, hear my personal story tomorrow morning. back at it. again. an oakland man just returned from his second trip to the saving lives in the aftermath of hurricane dorian. now, we first told you about douglas seron a little while ago. he's already saved more than 30 animals that were trapped in the rubble. he does it by using that that drone that's equipped with an infrared camera that can easily spot animals. that's incredible. you can see the animals down below. he didn't come back to oakland empty-handed. he actually adopted the very first dog he ever saved on the island. there's the dog right there.
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and there's theron. >> that's some wonderful work. >> that's a great guy. that's dedicated work. as we head into thursday what are we looking at? >> yes, for thursday -- i said thursday twice and then i said wednesday -- >> see, you knew it in the back of your head. >> okay. slight chance of an overnight shower but we really clear out all the way through thursday. >> thursday. >> enjoy it. >> thursday. [ cheers and applause ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight, join jimmy and his guests -
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