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tv   Early Today  NBC  October 17, 2019 4:00am-4:28am PDT

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♪ she's created a phoney witchhunt, another one they're all failing. >> what we witness would on the part of the president was a meltdown >> he said there are communists involved and you might like that when he started calling speaker pelosi was a third grade politician >> when i said i wish you were a politician, mr. president trump. >> the democrats walk out on a white house meeting, claiming the president had a meltdown ats
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s pivotal testimony by as vice president pence gets involved in talks. on one hand a possible break in the uaw strike. on the other, chicago teachers are hitting the picket lines an iconic world war ii photo and what was just revealed a case of mistaken identity. "early today" starts right now >> good morning. i'm philip mena. >> in just hours congress will grill a central figure in the inquiry. the ambassador to the european union, gordon sondland is expected to appear today he played >> nbc's tracie potts with the very latest from d.c
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>> reporter: first nancy pelosi following her. and depending on who you ask there was a meltdown bottom line they were there to try to talk about and find a way forward in syria after the turkish invasion and the u.s. pullout but there were traded insults and as you said democrats ended up walking out here's how both sides describe that meeting >> he just couldn't handle it. 2-1 republicans voted to oppose what he was doing in syria he engaged in melt she's create hunt, aanother one first one failed they're all failing. >> reporter: the president later tweeted a photo of that meeting showing nancy pelosi standing at the table facing him saying that nervous nancy's -- this was her
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unhinged meltdown as he put it he said it was very sad. but the bottom line here this meeting fell apart and there's still no consensus on what to do about syria. >> and meanwhile, ambassador, to the european union, gordon sondland is expected to appear today. >> he was part of the text messages that suggested that the trump -- the state department and the president's attorney were putting pressure on ukrain to investigate the bidens. he's expected to testify about that he's expected to testify that he was told by the president to say there was no quid pro quo here >> all right he was in, then he was out, now he's back in on the hot seat in front of congress today. all right, tracie potts. thank you so much. new york is ramping up its fight against president trump. governor cuomo signed a measure
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for people to re -- it's widely seen as a direct shot at mr. trump. several of his fomer associates are in prison for facing potential legal troubles in new york democrats and republicans may not be able to agree on anything, except syria the chaos in the middle east is not winning can any votes in the congress of 354-60, house republicans joined democrats with 129 republicans turning against the president. vice president mike pence y of o are expected to meet with the president of turkey to broker a ceasefire. good morning >> reporter: good morning. an intense battle continues at the turkey/syria boarder. you can see the boarder as well as the kurdishing city.
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you can see smoke rising in the distance we've heard heavy clashes all morning, mortar fire, turkish artillery rounds reports of turkish air strike as well all of this a sign that president erdogan is not stopping his push intoe arrives try and broker a ceasefire those efforts seemingly undermined by president trump himself who said yesterday that evhi >> our soldiar harm's way, as they shouldn't be as countries fight over land that has nothing to do with us and the kurds are much safer right now but the kurds know how to fight and as i said they're not angels they're not angels >> reporter: president trump's critics including members of his own party are saying that he's making the biggest mistake of his presidency
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meanwhile, president putin making a diplomatic push of his own, inviting turkish president erdogan to visit moscow within days >> thank you so much breaking news this morning after a month of negotiations, general motors is nearing to end a month-long strike and get employees back to work this now goes before representatives around thea pro several more days. >> more than 25,000 teachers and staff members will be abandoneding their classroom setting for the peckt liep this morning. they failed to reach a deal with the 3rd largest school district. they're at odds over issues like teacher salaries and classroom sizes. over a quarter million will be kept out of classrooms and buildings will remain open so students have a safe place to go
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and the father wins $450,000 in a defamation lawsuit. he sued a conspiracy theorist who said he died about his son's death. he was one of the victims at a the sandy hook school shooting in now town, connecticut claimee countied copies of hisa professf minnesota stands by his book and said he would appeal in the race for 2020 senator elizabeth warren is emerging as a frontrunner and taking the punches to prove it. former vice president joe biden picked up attacks on his rival during the presidential debate >> reporter: the 2020 democrats embracing a new strategy, trying to blunt elizabeth warren's
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momentum joe biden zeroing in >> question that i think senator warren is go having to to face, she's going to have to tell the truth or the question will be raise about whether or not she's going to be candid and honest with the american people >> reporter: with many democ demanding details on how she pays for her medicare for all plan >> the difference between a plan and a pipe dream is something you can actually get done. >> i think there ought to be a straight forward answerer on that >> reporter: warren forced to defend her ambitiouses plans >> for me it's about knowing what's broken, hownd yes, i'm willing to get out there and fight for it >> reporter: and bernie sanders back on the campaign trail after the heart attack, thanks his supporters and rivals. >> i'm so happy to be back here with you this evening.
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>> reporter: the sanders' campaign hoping for a boost with the endorsement of rising star, alexandria ocasio-cortez prime minister justin trudeau's reelection campaign is getting a major boost from president obama. obama endorsed trudeau on social media, tweeting in part i was proud to work with him as president. the world needs his progressive leadership now the he responded by saying thanks my friend we're working hard to keep our progress going this weeks after the trudeau campaign wasked with a blackface photo scandal. and long island got a direct hit from the storms drenching residents of bay shore >> the weather is crazy, just came out of nowhere. >> pretty nasty. on a scale of 1 to 7, riltsit'sa
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solid 7. >> and a large structure collapsed leaving behind a pile of debris and in pennsylvania three can killed and eight injured after a drive lost control of a van and crashed off the side of the highway. good monning >> the dangerous winds are shifting north of boston we had a 70 mile-per-hour wind gust at logan airport. that's pretty serious wind and that's moving nothing tohour other than that a lot of heavy rain northwards up to northern new england. we still couice mas pike southward it's just going to be a wind event for the rest of the day. but then during the day the winds will pick back up and we still have wind advisories and high wind warnings for new york
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highs in the 40s areas of western new york and some of the warmer air enjoying this denver. weekend forecast coming up and we could have a tropical storm making land fall in the south. mother nature was none too kind to major league baseball. game four of the championship series was rained out by the bomb cyclone bill was talking about. things are looking a little better so game four is going to get underway tonight with first pitch expected at 8:08 eastern bronx bombers needed the bomb cyclone because not looking too good for them. and investigators trying to
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the man in the center of a bizarre story in the netherlands. authorities found seven people living in the hidden room of a farm house here with more >> reporter: police are investigating how seven peoples adult can kids live in what they say was isolation in a small lockable room in this farm house. set off the roud and shroud by a line of trees. all seven now safe but police say they don't know why the family was there adding they may have been cut out from the outside world for the last nine years. according to police a young man ventured out reporting he was worried about the living condilgzs ohis family. and he said that man wandered in looking confused >> he ordered five beers and in a split second he was gone >> reporter: he says something felt off
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♪ despacito ♪ thought this song was gone, huh? it's" took the number one spot for the most watched video globally the second most viewed video is "uptown funk" and katy perry's "roar. >> my family has contributed a few hundred thousand to those. ellen tried to spice up
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charli charlize theiren's love life >> oh, you dated him >> sorry >> you're dead >> but here's the back story ellen asked if she's likic to date lenny kravitz right in front of nicole kidman but didn't realize they had dated. so you see she handled iaying l great guy and she'd recommend him to any single friend look right now with lisa bonet and lenny kravitz's ex, they all hang >> he's a very popular dude. chances are you should probably ask before you make a public comment like that. >> a very small circle in the "star wars" universe,
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mark hamill and adam driver are rivals a director's 9-year-old dog named javlo went missing adam dp and offered interesting rewards. >> we will put you in the movie. we'll give you chocolate, christen you we'll do anything as a way of saying thank you >> the video was viewed over 800,000 times. happy to report he because spotted and now reunite would his owner and will be starring in the next "star wars" movie. >> that's using the force. actress jennifer aniston is apologizing to all of us for breaking instagram the "friends" star joined instagram tuesday and within an hour the page crashed. so she is now also brokeen the guinness world record's title for the record to reach a
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today as we are here this morning, millions will be rocking the colorer purple in honor of spirit day. it day was started in 2010 by a high school student and is the most visible antibullying campaign in the world. wearing the color is a means of showing support for the lgbtq plus community and this year the organization, glad has partnered with the u.n. create a purple the world video which advocates to an end to lgbtq bullying.
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the marines is revisiting the list of heros and one of the most iconic images of world war ii this photo of the u.s. flag being raised over uwajimaya was misidentified. here's pete williams >> reporter: it's one of the endurings of world war ii as they stormed th leat cantured by a fl boost and one of the surviving marines, private first class posed for the sculptorer and took part in bomb drives after the war. but it turns out he was not one of the six in the iconic photo the man thought to be him was actually corporal keller the mistake was discan covered by amateur historians who spent years figuring out who actually
4:27 am
raised the flag. >> this is someone's grandfather. this is it going to be omeone' great grandfather and it's important we get hist rae correct. >> reporter: he was at uwajimaya. he brought up the big flag raised in the photo >> this is harold can kellerer kind of a square jaw >> reporter: among the tel evidence, distinctiveb creases on his helmet, his shirt collar outside his jacket and the way he carried ammunition. >> it gives you an amazing -- i get emotional here it gives you an amazing feeling that i just can't describe to look up and think whoa, that's my dad >> reporter: three years ago the historians discoved the man second from the left in the photo was also misidentified the muarene core says every marine who set foot on uwajimaya will always be part of its cherished history.
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♪ ♪ sometimes, humans are boring. long-lasting,rawhide free gnawbones are not. new from milk-bone. and good thursday morning to you, october 17th. let's take a look outside. here we are, a foggy start to the morning in san francisco. no fog inside the studio as we begin this morning. thanks for starting your morning with us. >> maybe a little bit of fog. >> okay, let me clear it up a little bit. >> mine is right here. >> on your radar, kari? >> able to detect a lot of things with storm ranger. we do have a little bit of drizzle across the bay area starting out with low clouds. a live look at san jose and upper 50s. this all clears out, all that fog gets out of .
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