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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 17, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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♪ ♪ sometimes, humans are boring. long-lasting,rawhide free gnawbones are not. new from milk-bone. and good thursday morning to you, october 17th. let's take a look outside. here we are, a foggy start to the morning in san francisco. no fog inside the studio as we begin this morning. thanks for starting your morning with us. >> maybe a little bit of fog. >> okay, let me clear it up a little bit. >> mine is right here. >> on your radar, kari? >> able to detect a lot of things with storm ranger. we do have a little bit of drizzle across the bay area starting out with low clouds. a live look at san jose and upper 50s. this all clears out, all that
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fog gets out of here. our south bay high temperatures head into the lower 70s. it will feel nice, too. mike, you're seeing the mist on the camera lens. >> the san mateo bridge we can see on the lens as well as a sheen on the roadways so there may be enough to make some on and off ramps slick. that could be a factor in some of the spots. no major problems as we look at the freeways. an animal was hit and that is part of the story for the rainy week this month. a smooth drive to the bay bridge. thank you very much, mike. 4:31. breaking news out of europe where there appears to be a brexit deal between the uk and european union.
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approval votes by both the eu and uk parliament and there's already talk about uk leaders rejecting it. shortly after the deal was announced boris johnson said in a tweet, urging parliament to approve the deal when it meets on saturday. there are 14 days left until britain is supposed to leave the eu. u.s. representative elijah cummings has died. he was serving his fifth term in the house becoming the chair of the house oversight committee in january. you may remember he and president trump had major differences earlier this year over issues tried tied to his district in baltimore. he had a medical procedure and the statement issued by staff only saying his death is due to a long-standing health
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challenge. he was 68 years old. today marks 30 years since the 1989 loma prieta earthquake and is a day that changed the bay area forever. the quake killed 69 people and leveled buildings and freeways. thousands of people were injured. it's remembered as world series quake because it struck just before game three between the a's and giants. many of you maybe saw it on tv. we'll continue our coverage looking back on that fateful day that includes live reports from san francisco. the first ever statewide system is rolling out. >> nbc bay area is at the usgs offices in menlo park with more. earthquake, drop, cover, hold on. shaking expected. >> reporter: this is what the app will sound like and look
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like. this video put together by uc berkeley is intended to familiarize users with the my shake app. >> this is best described as a rapid detection system and dissemination of earthquake information. >> a news conference following a series of quakes. >> 5.7. >> okay, so we have an earthquake that's already begun. >> reporter: lucy jones was describing tremors when instruments detected an aftershock. >> early warning system is saying 5.7 with 27 seconds until it gets here. >> they've been expanding detectors like this one recently installed in the bay area. every second counts. >> stay safe. go to a safer place.
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>> even ten seconds is enoh time to get ready, get out from the house or to prepare. and the 30th anniversary of loma prieta serves as a great reminder to be prepared when the big one hits. >> that includes having essential items on hand or where you can find them. three days of food and water. sturdy shoes and candles along with waterproof matches and a flashlight as well. we posted a link everyone should consider when it comes to being prepared. now to the south bay and a follow yum for you. the mysterious death of a ceo from utah now centers around how her family believes police handled the crisis. she was in the area for business and was found dead in her rental car last weekend in san jose just a few days after family members last heard from her.
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the cause of death has not been determined but her family and friends believe san jose police did not do enough to locate her body more quickly. >> nobody knows at this point what time my daughter may have passed. my daughter was in the car, windows closed, all points bulletin gone out tuesday morning and not as a welfare check but a missing person, if they would have found her tuesday, who knows, maybe she would still be with living today. >> san jose police issuing a response saying officers did conduct thorough searches and took her disappearance seriously. new details in the 2016 death of a bulldozer operator who died while fighting a wildfire in big sur. he died when his bulldozer overturned and toppled down an embankment. the owner was a contractor with cal fire who did not possess the
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workers compensation required by law. he could get jail time. >> the latest follow-up in the college admissions cheating scandal centers around a peninsula mother. a judge sentencing her to three weeks in jail. marjorie clapper pleaded guilty to fraud and conspiracy admitting she paid a procter to boost her son's scores. it's believed clapper may end up serving the same jail where felicity huffman is currently locked up tied to the same scandal. a new twist in pg&e's soire hours before last week's massive power outage. the executive tied to the event no longer works at that utility. that executive was among about a dozen who wined and dined top customers monday and tuesday. on wednesday the controlled
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outages took effect in parts of 34 counties. a prison agency is being accused of throwing a pricey retirement party for a longtime manager. the prison industry authority shelled out $12,000 in public money. two dozen employees took time out of two work days for the event and took place at a state prison warehouse. coming up here on "today in the bay," what do you wear when you're headed to the edge of the atmosphere? well, a look at the new line of suits literally out of this world. >> and if you think the rise of uber is a remarkable story, apparently you're not the only one. the hollywood makeover coming for another slice. you're watching "today in the bay." come try my really big chicken sandwich combo with
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two breaded chicken patties plus fries and a drink for $4.99. three patties for $5.99. or even four for just $6.99. four patties? well, tickle my elbow! no thank you. try my really big chicken sandwich combos. starting at $4.99. good morning. i'm frank holland. here are today's top business headlines. wall street is set to open on news a draft brexit deal. this is a crucial two-day summit in brussels today. prior to the reports futures have been trading flat to lower. on today's watch list back here in the u.s. jobless claims and housing starts data before the opening bell. china releases its gdp report later on tonight. under armour and virgin ga lack
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continue unveiled space substitutes for the first to wear on their flights out to the edge of space. it will include national flags. the suits will provide cushioning at the elbows, knees and feet for some extra safety in the zero gravity conditions and the fabric is designed to contain body temperature. commercial flights for those anticipated to start next year at $250,000 per ticket. speaking of the bay, the creators of wall street drama are turning to silicon valley with uber for showtime. it will be based on reporter mike isaac's book. the rise of the transportation and tech company including travis kalanick when major shareholders demanded he step down.
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it is one of the highest rated series. i like the behind the scenes of nbc bay area, though. >> but who will play me? that's good. frank should play me. >> could i try out for the role? >> you've got it. >> we're thinking alike. >> a lot of driving shots to tahoe. i don't know how much action. >> thank you, frank. coming up on "today in the bay," kari hall has your thursday forecast, wet out there. >> starting out soggy for some. people head out the door and ready for work. it'll be in the upper 50s and starting to clear out the rest of the day. what's ahead up next. i had a clear shot of fremont. now i don't. it's blurry. scott mcgrew told me the same thing so it must be out there.
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we'll talk about what else is out there. you're watching "today in the bay." tv just keeps getting better.
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how you watch it does too. this is xfinity x1. featuring the emmy award-winning voice remote. streaming services without changing passwords and input. live sports - with real-time stats and scores. access to the most 4k content. and your movies and shows to go. the best tv experience is the best tv value. xfinity x1. simple. easy. awesome. xfinity. the future of awesome. good morning to you. looking live at the san ma at this owe bridge. we're seeing what kari was talking about, mike and scott as he headed in. we're calling it fog, though, not rain. back at it again, an oakland man just returned from his second trip to the bahamas where
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he's trying to save pets. we told you about douglas before. so far he's rescued more than 30 animals he found trapped in the rubble there and does it with a drone. he says it spots the animals. he didn't come back to oakland empty-handed. he adopted the first dog he found on the island. >> a good heart. >> and a good drone. >> i don't think we could fly a drone this morning. >> not right now but later on today. we're seeing some showers moving through parts of the bay area. you can see the wet conditions as you drive across the golden gate bridge. enough to have you turning on the wipers. it clears out. we're starting out with mild temperatures. even a few low 60s so it does feel warmer than we've seen the past several mornings and as the
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skies clear in intantioch, temperatures will be cooler as the testimony moves through. it will bring in high temperatures, low 70s today in the south bay. we'll see mid-70s. pittsburg reaching 75. there is a cold front and we're feeling the breezy winds. temperatures today reaching the mid-60s in the mission district and the north bay in the low to mid-70s this afternoon. so here is a look at the system moving in. there will be the chance we could see some of that light rain and it's going to move off to the east. there will be another one for the weekend to keep it cool and also another chance of some rain moving in especially for the
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north bay and then after that we're going to start to heat up as high pressure builds. we are going to go back to summer for a few days but looking at our hour by hour outlook, skies clear by early afternoon. we're also going to have some clear skies throughout the day tomorrow, just a few clouds here and there. the next system comes in we can see there will be some rain further to the north. other than that we are looking at some nice weather for the bay area. check out these high temperatures reaching into the mid-70s now through saturday and then that warm-up begins. we'll be in the upper 70s to even some mid-80s by next tuesday. and then for san francisco 60 throughout much of the forecast. some low 70s early next week. mike, you have an assortment of topics. >> a little potpourri going on.
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your typical warning. keep that in mind. no major problems for that. we continue to track that most recently coming into the south bay. we're looking over here at vasco road. slowing. 20 minutes right now from marsh creek and both directions may have crews doing maintenance overnight. out of antioch just fine coming into the rest of the area. highway 37, the overnight closure continues because they're doing that improvement and raising the roadway into novato so that will be the case. use atherton right now and deer crossing 680 and4 overnight. a couple deer have been hit. it is the season they look for partners. over here that big rig near the bay bridge. we'll track that. back to you. >> thank you, mike. 4:50 now.
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today marks 30 years since the devastating loma prieta earthquake which killed dozens of people collapsed buildings and roadways and left many with unforgettable stories. >> if you were here you know exactly where you were when the quake hit. "today in the bay's" laura garcia was attending st. mary's when a day of studying turned into a near brush with disaster. >> i was at st. mary's college and i was actually studying in the library on campus. it had some beautiful, big windows, and i had a desk in front of it. it was kind of a coveted spot. i had been studying for hours. a friend said, laura, you've been up here so long. let's go grab something to eat. i didn't want to leave that spot, i remember, because it looked over the campus and it was so beautiful. but i did. i left all my books there to reserve my spot and my backpack. i went with my friend and we stopped at the gas station there
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in moraga and that's when it hit. that's when the earthquake hit and to see the gas tanks and windows pop from the gas station and we ran away from the tanks because we were scared they would explode. you could see the ripple effect. it's a sight i will never forget. by the time everything settled down. everyone was so frightened of what had just happened. and i went back to campus, the library, they had to shut it down. where i had been sitting, a chandelier fell and there was glass all over the place. i wasn't allowed to go back in until many hours later. i had to brush off the glass that had shattered everywhere. that was small compared to what
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other people went through. that was my recollection of the earthquake that i will never forget. >> we have much more all morning long as we take a look back remembering october 17, 1989, and the aftermath that followed. >> one bay area man says he's still alive because of one very critical decision he made on that way and how he managed to avoid a freeway collapse. that's coming up. >> a day many of you will never forget. coming up, nbc bay area responds. we're busting some myths about who pays for earthquake damage. are you covered when the next big one hits? nbc bay area responds next. first, happening now, storms sweep through the northeast. heavy winds caused one building on long island to topple. there are a lot of power outages as well. and the wet and windy conditions are moving through new england. we'll be back right after the
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no thank you. try my really big chicken sandwich combos. starting at $4.99. you may think your homeowner's insurance has you covered for the next big earthquake or that federal aid will help you rebuild -- >> especially if you just recently moved here. you would be wrong on both counts. chris chmura is here to bust the myths around earthquake damage. >> reporter: most homeowners insurance policies did cover damage during loma prieta, but all that changed after the 1994 northridge earthquake in l.a. damage was in the billions so it was dropped from policies. earthquake coverage is now optional and costs you extra.
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you might think you're still okay because of the federal government. >> fema makes emergency grants available. it is not to be used to rebuild homes so living on the hope is false hope and dangerous. >> reporter: if you're thinking more seriously about revising your backup plan, shop right now for earthquake insurance with the california earthquake authority. it has this tool on its website to help you estimate what you can pay and what coverage you will get for your money. go to all right. so it is 4:57 right now. a startling new report painting a grim picture of affordable housing.
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coming up how the numbers compare with the housing options for higher paid workers.
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at second base, the oakland a's take -- >> we're having an earthquake. right now at 5:00, 30 years after that. the bay area marks the anniversary of the loma prieta earthquake that shook the region and left major devastation. this morning we're taking a look back. >> plus, the white house
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meltdown. was it president trump or speaker nancy peli became unhinged during a meeting over turkey's attack on the kurds? a live report from capitol hill just moments away. plus -- >> that's an attempted attack on the streets of san francisco caught on camera. coming up the search for the suspect, and it is the story you will only see here on nbc bay area. "today in the bay" continues right now. good morning to you. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm kris sanchez. we want to get right to the weather. it is a little difre ts morning. we have a little bit of mist. light rain coming through the bay area that will have you at times turning on the wi windshield wipers. we're going from the upper 50s to some mid-60s today. it'll be cooler this afternoon once


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