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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 17, 2019 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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meltdown. was it president trump or speaker nancy peli became unhinged during a meeting over turkey's attack on the kurds? a live report from capitol hill just moments away. plus -- >> that's an attempted attack on the streets of san francisco caught on camera. coming up the search for the suspect, and it is the story you will only see here on nbc bay area. "today in the bay" continues right now. good morning to you. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm kris sanchez. we want to get right to the weather. it is a little difre ts morning. we have a little bit of mist. light rain coming through the bay area that will have you at times turning on the wi windshield wipers. we're going from the upper 50s to some mid-60s today. it'll be cooler this afternoon once all of this clears out.
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minor injuries in lane 15. it's over here off the camera and right near the koens. a big rig is involved. 5:01 now and breaking news out of maryland where u.s. representative elijah cummings has died. he was serving his fifth term in the house he was, as you may know, a key figure in the impeachment probe. he and the president had major differences earlier this year over issues tied to his district in baltimore. cummings was 68 years old. just last week he had a medical procedure and the statement issued by his staff only says that cummings' death was tied to longstanding health challenges. the congressman was 68 years old. on capitol hill, a lot of
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fallout after a meeting between president trump and leading democrats goes south. they were supposed to talk about the situation in syria. instead house speaker nancy pelosi and senator chuck schumer ended up storming out. "today in the bay's" tracie potts is live this morning. what happened here? >> reporter: marcus, it depends on who you ask. who insulted whom? the president said nancy pelosi had a meltdown. he's tweeting about it. and democrats are saying it was the president because he was miffed because republicans in large numbered voted to condemn his pullout in syria that led to or preceded the invasion. he says he did not green light that but seemed upset about it. bottom line there was a back and forth with him and nancy pelosi. you can check out her twitter feed. the picture of her pointing to the president before she walked out.
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again, some very different stories from people in the room on what really happened. >> it was a meltdown, sad to say. >> it was insulting, particularly to the speaker. she kept her cool completely. >> it's concerning to me of her behavior and actions. it's unbecoming. >> reporter: now vice president pence is on the ground in turkey as we speak. trying to convince president erdogan to back off the invasion of syria and agree to a ceasefire. he has said he's not interested in a ceasefire from that invasion near their border. >> so all of this is going on but the impeachment inquiry still is going on, moving forward. can you talk to us about what's expected to happen with that? >> reporter: it is, right. sure. so today is that testimony from
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the ambassador of the european union, gordon sondland, involved in text messages about putting pressure on ukraine about investigating joe biden and his son hunter. a white house meeting where sondland reportedly asked ukrainian officials about the company, the gas company where hunter biden was working. he has reportedly said rudy giuliani, the president's personal attorney, was to be consulted on all contact with the president and top leaders in ukraine. these are areas lawmakers want to dig into to find out who was running the show and dictating policy. was it the state department, the white house, or the president's white house attorney. that testimony is happening today. >> tracey, we'll look forward to your reports. thank you for another great one. 5:04 this morning. no word of what may have sparked
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tuesday's inferno at the fuel storage facility in crockett. atf, state and local agents, did serve a search warrant. we still don't know what agents were looking for. no one was injured in the explosion. 5:05 and only on nbc bay area an attempted assault caught on camera leaving people in one neighborhood on edge. you can see the man on the sidewalk start to run for his life after a car suddenly stops and one man jumped out with a baseball bat. two of the men had maxs on. another man said he escaped the same group moments earlier. >> a very real possibility that i was going to be killed.
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>> he says he took off running and called 911. again, he did escape unharmed, but police are investigating and trying to track down those suspects. two troubling new reports paint a bleak picture of bay area housing. what one south bay city is trying to do about it. this is something a lot of us talk about almost every day. >> reporter: and we will be talking more about it because we're hiring a lot more people, creating more jobs. they are paying lower jobs. new construction behind me here but not nearly enough of that new housing is affordable. a new report out from the san francisco board of supervisors budget analyst office says that city will need 9,300 more affordable housing units, that's three times what's already in
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their pipeline. then there is this, new numbers saying that rent is so high in both san francisco and the south bay it would take more than a teacher's pay to cover the rent. a teacher says she still lives with roommates and works a second job just to make ends meet. >> i will take that time between 3:30 p.m. and about 8:00 p.m. and get in my car and i will open the door dash app and see where places are busy so that i can make a bit of money before i go home for the evening. >> reporter: and she is not alone. the unified school district is trying to keep its teachers in that district. as for san francisco, they are requiring new developers set aside a certain number of units for moderate or below market
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housing. i'm roz plater for "today in the bay." 5:07 right now. we continue our team coverage. that quake struck in 1989 and the impact was immediate. >> thousands of structures collapsed. a san francisco man came close to losing his life there as well. >> "today in the bay" reports he believes he was saved by a spur of the moment change in his routine. >> reporter: mark had just dropped by an insurance client in west oakland. the quickest way back to his home in oakland hills was the 880 cypress structure. >> it ran right down this way. >> reporter: but for some reason on that tuesday evening of october 17, 1989 -- >> it was a nice, sunny day. i'll drive the back roads to
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oakland that i hadn't done in a while and take my time getting me. >> reporter: mark had driven just one block from the double decker freeway he normally would have been on. >> i never realized earthquakes were so loud. it was a roar like a train coming down the tracks. i didn't think anything would be crumbling behind me but it was. 42 people died. many more were injured. >> i called my parents and told them, i said, i was just on that freeway and it scared the heck out of me. >> reporter: 15 seconds of terror. not his last encounter can disaster. >> then my house burned down in the oakland hills fire in 1991. >> reporter: a memory he'll never forget. laura garcia, "today in the bay." we continue to reflect on what happened 30 years ago today as we wake up and head out the
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door this morning. misting and drizzling and milder temperatures as we go throughout the rest of the day. highs reaching into the upper 60s and lower 70s. mike, you spotted something on our dublin camera. >> i did. chp got a report westbound 580 heading to the dublin grade and interchange, saw flashing lights. lanes are clear but there is slowing that remains after that traffic break as they slowed it. the south bay and peninsula are crash. thanks, mike. coming up, the most rat infested cities in america. a brand-new list out this
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morning showing you san francisco so that you know it's on the list. we'll show you where on the list up next. mark zuckerberg, the head of facebook, promises a major address today which we understand will be unfiltered. we'll preview it for you coming up. and today a look back at the loma prieta earthquake. hearing stories about where they were 30 years ago today. one man says he was inside his home when he felt a powerful jolt. >> and the walls liked like they were caving in back and forth. i was concerned about my father who was sitting in the family room. i checked on him and he was totally confused. tv just keeps getting better.
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right now at 5:14, a live look outside in walnut creek, starting out soggy. some mist and clouds rolling by. we're going to have a really nice afternoon reaching into the 70s. coming up in less than five minutes. and still looking at dublin 580. right above the clock, flashing
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lights are on the shoulder. on vasco itself a car fire may effect folks out of that portion. a very happy thursday to you. there may be a breakthrough in brexit. we've been talking about that. i'll talk more in a second. netflix should do fairly well on the markets today after that company said it made more money than experts predicted and added half a million new subscribers and poo-poo'd the idea of streaming wars that it would have trouble. it's been competing against amazon and youtube for years. juncker says they've reached a new deal for brexit. a deal with a new prime minister boris johnson. we've been here before.
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several times before. the previous prime minister teresa may had her parliament turn them down so we'll see. mark zuckerberg was on capitol hill meeting in private with lawmakers, ahead of some testimony to come later. word from insiders is it will be pretty unfiltered. the list that has other high-tech on it. amazon and google and apple. microsoft and coca-cola round out the top five. facebook has dropped off the top ten. back to you. >> 5:16 now and we go on a ride in a driverless lyft today with
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vicky nguyen as she takes a spin around las vegas. >> reporter: they are in front monitoring, making sure we're safe but no hands on the wheel, no feet on the pedal. >> she has guts, wouldn't you say? coming up on the "today" show find out where lyft is already offering that driverless service. so have you ever wondered where all the rats are? >> i try not to think about it. >> a new study says san francisco ranks number five on the rattiest cities in america. a survey by best control company orkin based on emergency rodent calls during a year's time. chicago takes the top spot followed by l.a., new york city and washington, d.c. the usual suspects, i guess. we chose not to show you the rats in this particular story out of consideration so you can thank us later. >> kari, did you have something to do with that?
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i know how much you hate rats? >> you always think of new york city because you see the videos of the rats carrying away pizza and they're humongous. >> chicago the number one spot. we should have played michael jackson underneath. >> we'll do that next time. >> you dirty rat. let's get out the door this morning. hopefully you don't encounter any rats. a look outside as a lot of people are heading to work and some of the roads may be wet. a few swipes of the windshield wipers. we're looking all clear. martinez will be in the mid-50s as you head out the door. as we get mostly sunny skies today it is going to be pleasant. we have a cold front sweeping through. we had this yesterday but it was because of the clouds. today low 70s with sunshine and our winds at about 15 to 20
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miles an hour. we'll see some low 60s staying cool in half moon bay today. palo alto reaching 70 degrees and in san francisco some mid-60s in san francisco there with some mid-70s in napa. as we go through the rest of the forecast we'll see the sk moving in. a heads-up there may be heavier showers moving through tahoe but for us we are going to see some light rain as this low moves to the east. we'll see another one that will make it breezy. our skies clear over the next several hours and then our high temperatures inland and we are looking forward to warmer weather. we're in the mid-80s and san francisco will go from the mid-60s today to the low 70s on monday. and, mike, you are tracking the
5:20 am
car fire affecting contra costa county? >> i did spin the camera around just in time to see a set of flashing lights heading over here eastbound out of dublin and over to vasco road. here is the tri-valley into castro valley. here vasco feeds down to 580 into discovery bay and around camino real, reports of a car fire. we'll bring you the update. it does sound like vasco is still open but, again, the car fire and the hillside fire we are concerned about and all areas. things should be easier to control with the mist in the air.
5:21 am
back to you. former nbc host megyn kelly blasting the network she recently left. the number one thing that needs to happen now is they need to release any and all matt lauer accusers from their confidentiality agreements. >> what she wlebelieves the netk needs to do. watching "today in the bay."
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today marks 30 years since the loma prieta earthquake, and there are still questions for many people about how quickly it turned into a widespread disaster. >> it only took about 30 seconds for many parts of the bay area to feel that impact. kari hall is breaking down the timetable. i will take you through the time line of the shaking as loma prieta ruptured on october 17, 1989, at 5:04 p.m. in the santa cruz mountains the violent shaking caused landslides and liquefied soft soil. down to gilroy. within 17 seconds the intense shaking made it to san francisco and oakland collapsing buildings and interstates. gas lines ruptured sparking major fires and within 29
5:25 am
seconds the seismic waves shook napa spreading northward to santa rosa and the whole bay area felt the rupture of the san andreas fault all within 32 seconds. seismologists estimate that the rupture traveled about 7,000 miles per hour traveling faster in hard work and slower in water. think about that, a rupture travels faster than the speed of sound. my colleague forecast er asked what pressing questions you still have about loma prieta. she went to a seismologist to get answers. hear what she found out tomorrow. >> thanks, kari. 5:25 right now. for the first time since she left the network former nbc news host megyn kelly is speaking out on camera. >> kelly appeared on fox news to discuss "catch and kill a former staffer claimed matt
5:26 am
lauer raped her inside a russian hotel room during the 2014 olympic games. kelly is calling on nbc news to hire an outside investigator to look at when the network learned of any allegations against lauer. >> because here what ronan is saying they covered up for one to protect another. they have put out statements she is a conspiracist theorist and has an ax to grind. if that's true and there's nothing to hide get an outside investigator. >> lauer has denied the former staffer's claims that he raped her saying they had a relationship but it was a consensual affair. kelly left nbc news in january following comments on her tv show many characterized as racist. coming up, the latest on two breaking news stories including word of a brexit deal.
5:27 am
congressman cummings has passed away. we will have more on the maryland congressman's life and legacy next. plus -- >> earthquake, drop, cover, hold on. shaking expected. >> today the first ever statewide earthquake early warning system will be rolled out on this 30th anniversary of the loma prieta earthquake. how it all works coming up in a live report. and taking b.a.r.t. to sfo could help you fly. it's a big idea that could take off soon. and looking live at the bay bridge toll plaza, mike and kari are up next with weather and traffic.
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(woman) what should we watch tomorrow? (avo) ask your doctor about emgality. and imagine more migraine-free days. and a good morning to you. 5:30. take a live look outside at the golden gate bridge there. a foggy start to the morning. and a good morning to you. thanks for starting your morning here with us. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia. a look at the first weather because it is a little bit different this morning. >> we have some light mist coming through, cloudy skies as we take a live look outside in oakland as you get ready to head out the door. it may be damp. you may run faster if it's misting and temperatures will be in the mid-50s but this all does clear out within the next couple of hours and we'll have a really nice day ahead. now you have two vegetation fires affecting the commute.
5:31 am
>> i think this is a huge commute and moves down to 580. first vegetation fire because of a car fire. we're at about 35 to 40 minutes south to 580. a smooth drive. breaking news this morning, a brexit deal in hand between the uk and the european union. approval votes by both the eu and uk parliament and there's already talk about uk leaders rejecting it. the uk prime minister boris johnson said, quote, takes back control. he's urging parliament to approve it when it meets saturday.
5:32 am
there are 14 days left until britain is supposed to leave the eu october 31st. and more breaking news this morning out of maryland where u.s. representative elijah cummings has died. he was serving his fifth term in the house becoming the chair of the house oversight committee back in january and as you may know he was a key figure in the president trump impeachment probe. he and the president had major differences over issues tied to his district in baltimore. last week he had a medical procedure. they say his death was tied to long-standing challenges. he was 68 years old. and today marks 30 years since the loma prieta earthquake. the 6.9 quake killed more than 60 people. thousands were injured. to some the world series quake
5:33 am
because it struck just before game three between the a's and the giants. now the timing could not be better for the state always preparing for the next big one. a new system rolling out today that will alert you on your phone. a lot of people have been waiting for this anxiously. pete suratos with how it works and how we can get it. >> reporter: the 30th anniversary you mentioned and considering the smaller earthquakes that we saw earlier this week around the bay area. >> earthquake, drop, cover, hold on. shaking expected. >> reporter: that's a sample of this early earthquake warning system that will be proep vided statewide which can be downloaded through the my shake app later today. i want to point out it won't predict the earthquake but could
5:34 am
provide people with time to get to safety. seismologists throughout the state including some that were recently installed here in the bay area. the more senses, the better chance of warnings. >> this is best described as a rapid detection system of earthquake information. >> reporter: users will be a big part of this early warning system. in fact, when they report word that a shake took place in the bay area, that data can be used by researchers. officials will talk about earthquake predness. pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> thank you, pete. the 30th anniversary of loma prieta serves as a great reminder to everyone to be prepared for the next big one because it's not if, it's when.
5:35 am
that includes having essential items on hand like a first aid kit, three days of food and water, waterproof matches and a flashlight. you can find a link to the full li list. >> and now to the south bay for a follow-up. a mysterious death of a tech ceo from utah centers around her family believing police didn't handle it as well as they hoped. she was found dead in her rental car last weekend in san jose. a few days after family members last heard from her. they believe police did not do enough to locate her more quickly. >> nobody knows at what time my daughter may have passed. she was in the car with the windows closed.
5:36 am
had that gone out as a missing person and not a welfare check, had they found her tuesday, who knows, maybe she would be still with the living today. >> san jose police issuing a response saying officers did conduct thorough searches and took valenti's disappearance seriously. new details in the 2016 death of a bulldozer operator who died fighting a wildfire in big sur. a judge yesterday found the owner of the bulldozer guilty of violating labor laws. the owner was a contractor with cal fire who did not possess the workers compensation insurance required by law. he will be sentenced and may get jail time. 5:36. the latest follow-up in the college admissions cheating scandal centers around a peninsula mother. a judge sentencing her to three weeks in jail. she owns a menlo park jewelry store. she pleaded guilty to fraud and
5:37 am
conspiracy admitting she paid a procter to boost her son's test scores. prosecutors asking for a four-month sentence. it's believed she may end up serving in the same jail where actress felicity huffman is locked up doing a two-week sentence tied to the same scandal. a new twist in the wine country soire hours before last week's massive power outage. it is report add key executive tied to that event no longer works for the utility. that executive was among about a dozen pg&e leaders who wined and dined top customers at a winery in sonoma county monday and tuesday, one day before the controlled outages knocked out power to folks in 34 counties. a b.a.r.t. rider headed out of town could soon get special perks at sfo. it's part of a plan to get more people to take b.a.r.t. to the
5:38 am
airport. when they arrive at the airport they would then put their card on a scanner verifying they took b.a.r.t. the plan is still in its early stages. mike, we are listening. >> we would love vip from tsa. >> alphabet soup this morning. >> let me sort it out by showing you pictures. that's how i deal. no entry about metering lights but clearly there if there aren't metering lights, there was an earlier crash in lane 15, way over on the left side of the approach. you may be down one lane. the rest of the bay shows an easy drive. the two fires we are hearing about, one is south of camino
5:39 am
real. both counties are helping and it sounds like everything is under control and contained to one acre. the rest are moving at speed. >> good news. the weekend is upon us. >> it is my friday. >> you are off tomorrow? >> there will be no weather tomorrow. >> right. we are going to have a nice one. our inland temperatures will reach the low 70s. early in the day but we should get some clearing during the aften and all clear and sunny on sunday with the highs warmer reaching the upper 70s in the valleys. the bay up to about 75 degrees and expect some upper 60s along the coast. on saturday nice weather with a mix of sun and clouds.
5:40 am
we have the danville fall fest happening on saturday downtown starting at 10:00 a.m. we'll go from 61 to the low 70s for the middle of the day. if you plan on going hiking, it will be cool. pack extra layers. if you're keeping it closer to home, nice, comfortable, highs up to 68 degrees on saturday. all clear and sunny on sunday with a high of 70. we'll talk about today's temperature trend in the south bay coming up in three minutes. looking forward to it, kari. up next, scott mcgrew is watching washington including the latest twist in the impeachment probe. a lot of people testifying president trump didn't want to testify. we'll take a look at that. plus, we are continuing our coverage of the 30th anniversary of the loma prieta earthquake.
5:41 am
straight ahead laura garcia explaining how she narrowly avoided getting injured when the quake struck. a fremont woman explains what she did to escape the shaking on october 17, 1989. >> i did not want to be in the house in case it collapsed. i felt safe in the backyard but it was really rocking and rolling. my kids were in the house and i was afraid for them so i sent my husband back in to get them out. fight for first dances
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good thursday morning. we're coming up on 5:44 and a live look outside in san jose. we see a lot of clouds to start. we will see those clouds every now and then dropping some mist and drizzle. our normal high temperature is 74. we will stay just below that today. we'll talk about what's ahead in the weekend forecast coming up in less than five minutes. both mist and drizzle for the san mateo bridge. what we see for slowing. another day, another white house insider testifying on capitol hill. the u.s. ambassador to the european union, gordon sondland, will speak to the impeachment inquiry, a close ally of president trump, intimately tied to the ukrainian deal. we know that because we've seen
5:45 am
text messages. sondland will testify behind closed doors voluntarily. reports say he has faced criticism from other witnesses as being so unprepared for his job as ambassador he was a national security risk. one big question why was sondland ambassador to the eu involved with ukraine at all which is not a part of the eu? we've seen lots of people testify this week, people president trump did not want to testify. and this is important. what we're seeing here are civil servants, take fiona hill in the middle, for instance. she first served as an intelligence officer under republican george w. bush, served under obama. trump appointed her to the national security council. thomas friedman calls them the country's true defenders writing this latest impeachment inquiry was not set in motion by politics. it was set in motion, he says, by civil servants, whistle-blowers, now supported by the national security council
5:46 am
staffers. and diplomats. there was a president that ended with a walkout. the president tweeting out this picture of nancy pelosi lecturing him. this has happened twice before. this time the democrats again as president trump reportedly called the speaker of the house a third-rate politician. they both called each other unhinged. president trump denied pounding a table the last time before anybody else accused him of pounding a table. overnight word congressman elijah cummings died. a big enough loss the united states will dedicate coverage to that at the top of the hour. i did not want that to go unmentioned here. son of sharecroppers, father of three. we're watching everything that happens. you can follow me at scott mcgrew. thank you, scott. today marks 30 years since the loma prieta earthquake which killed dozens of people, collapsed buildings and roadways
5:47 am
and left many people with unforgettable stories. >> if you were here you knew where you were when the quake hit and one person reflecting "today in the bay's" laura garcia. she was attending st. mary's when a day of studying turned into a near brush with disaster. >> i was at st. mary's college and i was actually studying in the library on campus. it had beautiful windows and i had a desk in front of it, kind of a coveted spot. i had been studying for hours and i had a front come up to me, laura, you've been up here for so long. let's grab something to eat. come with me. i didn't want to leave that spot, i remember, because it looked over the campus and was so beautiful. i did and left all my books there to reserve my spot and my backpack. we stopped at the gas station and that's when the earthquake hit.
5:48 am
to see the gas tank and windows pop from the gas station and we ran away because we were scared they were going to explode and when we went running towards the road, you could just see the ripple effect of the roadway. it was amazing, a sight i will never forget. everyone was so frightened. they had to shut it down because where i had been sitting a chandelier fell and there was glass all over the place. windows had popped. i had to -- i didn't -- i wasn't allowed to go back into the library until many hours later and it was quickly just to get my books, get my backpack and i had to dust off, i remember, the shattered glass that was everywhere and of course that was small compared to what other people went through. that was my recollection of that earthquake that i'll never forget. >> you always wonder that
5:49 am
one-minute decision. that tiny little decision. >> you think about issues. we have more coverage. as we take time to remember october 17th, 1989 and the aftermath. one bay area man says he is still alive because of one critical decision made that day. how the road he chose may have actually saved his life coming up in our next half hour. >> talking about the structure there. it was that world series. because a lot of folks rushed home to see that game early, some are saying the volume of traffic was lighter and that actually helped. >> those little decisions. >> i can't wait to hear that story. we'll take a look at our forecast because it is a little bit different. we have some drizzle. >> we have a cold front coming through this morning and for some spots it dropped some light
5:50 am
rain this morning. we can see that little sheen on the roadway that as the drivers cross the golden gate bridge they're having to deal with slightly slippery conditions. if you're about to step out the door we'll see all of this clearing out for the rest of the day and we'll have upper 60s leading to sunshine and some mid-60s in san francisco for the inland areas only some low 70s today, breezyit sunshine. it's going to be a nice fall afternoon. there will be spotty showers especially if you'll be driving across the region even going over to tahoe where the rain is a little bit heavier and very high elevation snow. we are seeing mostly cloudy skies. now you will probably be comfortable with some light long sleeves and that will be a nice choice for you. we'll need the sunglasses today compared to yesterday with all
5:51 am
the clouds rolling by. and so as this system moves out, another one will move in on saturday into sunday. could bring the north bay a couple spotty showers especially early in the morning and then after that high pressure builds and our temperatures will be going up. we're looking at nice fall weather for the next three days but then we'll return to summer going into early next week. you have it in the forecast especially for the inland areas, mid-80s and we'll see for san francisco, slightly warmer weather there with some low 70s early next week. mike, you have a few more delays. the gathering at the toll plaza happened here, got to fill that in there. looking at damp roadways and the sheen, the word i was looking for, slick roadways. mist and drizzle. be careful.
5:52 am
delays for vasco road, the fire south is right near the county line so we have two separate reports but they are right around the vasco dump. the hillside fire has been contained. expect about another ten minutes as you get toward the area but look down here now, the slowing we typically see is not there. another delay to 580, the crashes moved to the right shoulder. i've seen a series of flashing lights. >> thanks, mike. happening now powerful storms sweep through the northeast. heavy winds causing one building on long island to topple. and the wet and windy conditions are moving through new england. the big endorsement former president obama is making this morning but it probably won't
5:53 am
affect your vote. we'll tell you who he's backing. but first nbc bay area responds. we're busting some myths about who pays for earthquake damage. are you covered when the next big one hits? i'm chris chmura, nbc bay area responds next. ♪
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all of a sudden jerking, pans were flying, food flying everywhere and i run going to the door frame and all of a sudden people are pushing me underneath, we're going the wrong way. we're going underneath the hotel. it was just chaos. >> that's a woman who was working in berkeley when it struck. on this 30th anniversary of the deadly earthquake. in just a few minutes you'll hear from the man who narrowly missed a freeway collapsing around him in the same area where dozens of people were killed. the split decision he said saved his life. you might think your homeowner's insurance has you covered for the next big earthquake or that you might be able to get by with federal aid to rebuild.
5:57 am
>> chris chmura is here to bust some of those myths around earthquake damage. good morning. most homeowners insurance policies did cover damage here in the bay area during loma prieta. all that changed after the 1994 northridge earthquake in l.a. damage was in the billions. insurance companies dropped quake coverage from homeowner and rental policies. earthquake coverage is now optional and costs you extra. you might think you're okay because the federal government will bail you out. afraid not. that is not how it works. >> fema makes grants available, the most is $32,000 and not to rebuild homes. living on the hope the government will come in and rebuild homes is false hope and dangerous. >> if you're thinking more seriously about revising your backup plan, you can shop right now for earthquake insurance.
5:58 am
this calculator on the website to help you estimate how much you'll pay and what coverage you'll get for your money. we made it easy for you to find it on our website. go to new for you today former president barack obama just made a big announcement or an endorsement in canada and that election. trudeau is in a tough re-election fight ahead of monday's parliamentary elections. you may remember last month the canadian leader made international headlines after old photos surfaced of him at parties wearing brown faced makeup. a massive teacher's strike in the third largest city. more than 25,000 teachers and staff members walked off the job at the chicago public schools. the two sides are fighting over class size, affordable housing
5:59 am
and student safety. we also know that this is a massive strike, classes were canceled. some campuses were kept open to keep kids safe. right now at 6:00, brexit breakthrough. huge news overnight. literally years in the making. what we know so far about the deal and its chances of reaching the finish line. >> 30 years later, looking back and sharing stories from the loma prieta earthquake. in the next ten minutes an all new survivor story. an nbc bay area exclusive, an attempted attack on the streets of san francisco. what the would-be victim tells us he was thinking as those people chased him. "today in the bay" continues
6:00 am
right now. and good morning to you. thanks for starting your morning right here with us. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm kris sanchez. laura garcia is off today. kari, you have some moisture this morning. some mist on the roads. that may have you turning on the windshield wipers and not as cool as we've seen. we've seen some slick spots on the road. all of this clears out. i think the next hour or so and we'll see clearing skies and temperatures heading to the upper 60s. it will be cooler behind this front that's moving through. mike, you have a new crash out of the north bay. potentially slick roadways. we do have a crash, two lanes are blocked t


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