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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  October 17, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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>> start providing additional information, it causes confusion. that's why it's a very, very simple message. >> reporter: the closer you are to the earthquake's epicenter the less of a heads-up you're going to get. >> this is not a perfect system. we are now leaning into this technology. so i don't want to overpromise. >> reporter: this loma prieta earthquake survivor says any extra second of warning can make all the difference. beuse you did youknow, in the moment you didn't quite know what to do. >> reporter: and seismologists say the recent 4.5 earthquake that rattled pleasant hill served as a great test for the myshake app. they said the system actually picked it up and sent out an alert to all the cell phones in that region. that's the latest in emeryville, melissa colorado, nbc bay area news. >> okay, melissa, thank you. how do you get the myshake app? go to the app store and download it. you're looking at screen grabs from android and apple. all you have to do is type in "myshake" in the search bar. the correct app will be a light green icon and also include the
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words, "uc berkeley seismology." so many of us can remember exactly what we were doing on that vennin inevening. scenes like these burned into our memory. 880 collapsed. marina district on fire. see everyday people doing some' r heroic things. the quake struck at 5:04 p.m.. the shaking lasted for 15 seconds. to many people it seemed much longer. >> oh, my god. ♪ >> school gymnasium, a local bar, a classroom, once the shaking stopped the reality set in. our neighbors and friends needed help. 63 people in all were killed. nearly 4,000 people were injured. and there was about $10 billion in damage.
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now, we focused so much of our attention here in the bay area on that night but the epicenter was down near santa cruz. right now, city leaders are holding, about to hold, a moment of silence. 5:04 p.m. two minutes from now. this is a live look in santa cruz. historic pacific garden mall was leveled. rebuilding santa cruz continues all these years later. now, with all the new technology, there's still some old-fashioned guidance when it comes to an earthquake. drop, cover, and hold on. that's what people around the world did today in the great california shakeout drill. >> earthquake. >> stop, drop, and cover. >> san francisco mayor london breed joining students at rosa parks elementary school. they practiced what to do when the earth shakes. >> they're going to be ambassadors for making sure others are prepared just in case there's an earthquake. so, we've come a long way. i mean, in terms of, you know, the work, the infrastructure. >> it's up to all of us to be ambassadors. today at the green right in the
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ma marina district firefighters and neighbors gathering to mark the moment the quake hit. a whole new generation of san franciscans have not experienced an earthquake. this is a good opportunity for all of us to teach people how to be ready. all this week we're also looking into the science behind earthquakes. loma prieta earthquake happened on the san andreas fault. there's another fault line in the bay area that also poses a huge risk. chief meteorologist jeff ra n y the nieri takes a look at the hayward fault. >> i want to take a look at the history of this. set the scene. the hayward fault just in case you didn't know runs from fremo fremont, oakland, berkeley, right up into richmond. if there was a strong quake, we could see violent shaking for over 2 million people in contra costa and alameda counties. how long has it been since the last strong quake? 151 years ago. now, the number-one question we always get asked is, has there ever been a break of 151 years?
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let's take a look at that data and wa you're going to be able to see here is, well, in the past, 1134, to 1317, 180-year break and 1317 to 1475, 158-year break and right now we're running at 151 years since the last strong quake. the average is 150. so we are definitely due for another strong earthquake. you know, any time here from now into the future. so let's push this back into the ground. we'll head on over to the weather wall. and we'll take a look at some data here. this is a simulation. lots of research on the hayward fault. if we were to see a 7.2 earthquake on the hayward fault, near richmond, it could actually ignite activity on the rogers creek fault with violent shaking from santa rosa back into san jose. again, this is to just show you how much power this fault line can bring. another eye-opening look here at the danger we live on.
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not only from the san andreas but of course on the hayward fault. we just want you to be prepared and hopefully, you got that message by looking at this. >> yeah, it's a good reminder. okay. thanks, jeff. now, we have more stories about loma prieta coming up in about ten minutes, includes how people who live in the marina district of san francisco came together to save the neighborhood. also check out more content on our website. we built an entire section. check it out at some other headlines on this evening, a close call in marin county. take a look. a brush fire burning up to the edge of highway 37 near lakeville and sears point. happened before 2:00 p.m. a few hours ago. the chp was forced to block all lanes of 37. and then divert traffic to highway 121. the fire is out thankfully. 37 is open again. it was high drama, the carjacking of a u.p.s. truck in san jose last valentine's day. that led to a high-speed chase. and an armed suspect shot while trying to escape. today, the santa clara county
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district attorney released police video of that chase and the deadly confrontation. this is part of a final report stating the shooting was justified. nbc bay area's robert handa joins us from the crime scene which is actually right outside of our nbc bay area studios here in north san jose. robert? >> reporter: that's ri th chase ended here on this stretch of north 1st street. it started across town. we talked to the deputies who were there who told us the chase started when shots were fired at them. the police video both from the air and body cameras capture the drama that happened back on february 14th when mark miraski, accomplice, jnne macy rogers, fled a car stop by sheriff's deputies by carjacking a u.p.s. truck in south san jose. the two deputies were stunned when the woman opened fire with a shotgun hitting their car. >> you know, four shots at you with a shotgun, and to not be, you know, to be missed by, you
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know, that much, imean, had to be the man upstairs. >> shot into his neck. >> reporter: the chase was on with dozens of other officers joining in. >> being that it was 5:00 traffic, you have to take into consideration public safety. also, i mean, when they're shooting at us, you don't want to put others, civilians at harm, so these are all the things that are going through your mind. >> still has a -- pointing it at the bear cat. >> reporter: the deputies credit the carjacked u.p.s. driver for the key decision to deliberately run over a spike strict. blowing out the tires so the truck eventually had to stop. he ran from the truck with the shotgun and police killed him. >> could have been a big game changer had he exited the u.p.s. vehicle unarmed and was only running away. it would have been a much different scenario for the d.a. to conclude that this was a justified shooting. >> reporter: so, today's report effectively closes the case on this bizarre incident. maybe not in the minds of those
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who had to go through it. live in san jose, robert handa, nbc bay area news. >> thank you so much. we're going to move to political news. president trump is in dallas leading a rally. he left washington reeling from a bombshell admission by his chief of staff. mick mulvaney addressed reporters today admitting u.s. military aid to ukraine was held up in part because the trump administration wanted the country to investigate a debunked conspiracy theory about democrats and interference in the 2016 presidential election. >> we do that all the time with foreign policy. get over it. there's going to be political influence in foreign policy. >> mulvaney insists investigating the bidens was not part of that request. contradicting what president trump has already admitted. also today, president trump's ambassador to the european union testified in the impeachment ine inquiry putting the president and lawyer rudy giuliani at the certainty of the ukraine controversy. what led to the explosion and fire at the new star fuel storage facility? still, no answer, but local, state, and federal investigators
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are trying to figure it out. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez is live in crockett where she spoke with one of the investigators. what did they say? >> reporter: cal osha is not only part of the investigation team, they're the agency that will ultimately give new star the all-clear to resume operations. now, you might notice that gold star on the storage tank behind us. c arg cal osha says they got that star because of their good safety record. now they're trying to figure out what went wrong. a much different scene today at new star energy. where it appears the foam used to put out tuesday's massive tank fire has been pumped out. cal osha says it's ordered new star to preserve the pipes and tanks involved. crucial evidence that may hold the answers to what caused the explosion. >> it was really lucky that no one got hurt. it was extremely -- an extremely
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hazardous situation. utdown order will remain if ys place until the company can prove it's safe to restart operations. before this happens they say new star had a great safety record, in fact, the plants has gold-star status for its voluntary protection program. but now cal osha, the atf, contra costa fire and the d.a.'s office have a full-scale investigation under way. >> to determine what happened and couldt happen again and ensure before that -- before that shutdown order is lifted that the -- that newstar energy can operate safely. >> reporter: meanwhile, the crockett fire department is staying on top of hotspots around the plant. firefighters with a small all-volunteer fire department rehe first to respond to tuesday's fire. an experience they'll never forget. >> we're very proud of that k t handled this, chief did a fantastic job managing incident. yeah, it really went well.
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>> reporter: we're back here live. you can see there is still firefighter presence out here at new star. now, i also just got off the phone with the chief of contra costa county's environmental heth he just told me that the test results from those air samples at the bay area air quality management district took out here on tuesday night are in and he hopes to be releasing those soon. reporting live in contra costai area news. >> thank you. up next at 5:00, teachers may finally be able to buy a home in the silicon valley. the $25 million bill for some g affordable homes. well, the sun is out right now, but i'll show you when the clouds return with even a little bit of drizzle. you'll want to see that because it does involve the weekend forecast coming up in about eight minutes. plus, saving san francisco's marina district after the loma prieta earthquake. the quick thinking by bystanders
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that helped save homes. before we go, we asked people to tell us where they were the moment the earthquake hit. here's will clark. former first baseman for the san francisco giants. >> i was in center field after running a wind sprint and i was walking back to the right field line when all hell broke loose at 5:04 p.m. we'll tell you about the alarming discovery found in 95% of baby foods tested. also, as more americans struggle under student loan debt, we'll show you how
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executives' one major lender celebrated their sales success at a hawaiian resort ahead on "nightly news." for years we covereded the local housing crisis and how
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teachers specifically are often priced out of the market. well, today, facebook is stepping up giving 25 million bucks to build affordable housing. here's the deal. facebook is teaming up with santa clara county to fund a housing complex in palo alto. this is a rendering of the complex there. it would be between 90 and 120 units for teachers and other public service workers. this will be built on 1 1/2 acres of county-owned land on grant avenue in palo alto right next to california avenue. >> when the santa clara county approached us about this project they've been trying to get off the ground for two years where they're willing to commit the land to a project and they have buy-in from five local school districts to also help out, it was a no-brainer for us. >> the hope is to build this complex within the next couple years. we're going to go back to our loma prieta coverage, 30 years ago today at 5:04 p.m. the hardest hit area in san francisco was the marina district. massive fires broke out when gas lines exploded.
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homes and buildings collapsed covering sidewalks. an stepped up to save the th neighborhood. >> for the firstime in 27 years, a world series game will be played in candlestick park. >> i was getting ready to go watch the game because it was the big, you know, san francisco/oakland baseball game. you know, everybody was excited. and it was just -- it was almost serene and then this sound came. >> reporter: dr. steve bradasani has lived and worked in san francisco's marinistrict nearly his whole life. >> i heard this rumbling as if, like, a giant freight train or, you know, a lot of metal was rumbling. you could hear just this deep, angry, rumbling. >> reporter: that angry rumbling caused gas lines to explode and buildings to fall. former police chief frank jordan. >> but it was the liquefaction, land out in the marina that was one of the big problems.
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this is all sand and mud and silt. homes, apartment buildings, were -- they had just moved all the way over and covered the sidewalk and were now right on the street. >> reporter: at the same time, massive fires started because of the crumbling ground, fire hydrants were damaged and firefighters lost water pressure. residents stepped in. >> volunteers grabbed hoses and moved them to two blocks into where the fire was occurring. >> we needed to do that because if we didn't stop the fire, the marina would have burned because there was gas in the sewers and if those things would have caught, you could have said good-bye to, you know, a big section of san francisco. >> amazingly, they all came together. encore presentation of our documentary series "bay area revelations: loma prieta 30 years later" airs this saturday at 4:00 p.m. also watch the episode online at and we've been asking on facebook where were you when the earthquake hit. >> everyone
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at the time. >> yes, with my little sister. >> on the peninsula. >> i jumped under the piano, my teacher jumped over my sister an covered her. everything was shattering. everything was falling. when we got home the chimney had fallen into the second story of our house. >> wow. >> all these bricks inside the -- yeah.
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that was -- and that wasn't even considered, like, major damage. i mean, to see all the other pictures and lives lost, just incredible. >> go ahead. >> i was going to say, we've been looking at t the epicenter as everybody knows is near the santa cruz mountains. so if we have one hit closer to san francisco, it's a whole different ball game. >> yeah, for those of us who were -- for those of us who didn't grow up here, a lot of people new to the area, there's an impact of the earthquake every day that you go into san francisco. we used to have a double-decker freeway. >> i know. >> that went right past the ballpark along the embarcadero into north beach. it's hard to remember, as we were kids, that double-decker freeway was there for all those years. >> every time i go through a tunnel, go over a bridge -- >> you think about it. >> you think what would happen. our weather forecast as we move into that, we are going to see some changes here as we head throughout the next couple of days. let's start you off right now with a look at our satellite/radar picture. we did have a few quick passing showers. very early this morning. i wanted to show you that has cleared on out.
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we picked up .03 in half moon bay. anywhere from santa rosa to san jose, we picked up .01 of an inch. that's the first rainfall for october. certainly, nothing to brag about. but at least good to get on the board with some sort of rainfall totals. i think as we start off tomorrow morning, we're mostly clear here for a lot of the bay area. little bit of cloud cover moving in with that sunshine. 49 for the south bay. over to the tri-valley, you're at 51. going down to the chilliest temperature here in the north bay, 47 degrees. san francisco, 53. and the east bay at 50. i want to spend some time on the futurecast because from here on into the weekend, it won't just be sunny skies. so i can let you know when that cloud cover's going to be moving in and you'll see at 8:00 tomorrow morning, we do have a little bit of that cloud cover that i mentioned. i think as we moved through the afternoon, we get this little disturbance and some cloud cover there through san francisco. and then we're really focusing in on saturday's forecast. i think that's when some widespread cloud cover would
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come back at 8:00 in the morning. maybe some spotty areas of drizzle. and we might at this point, the way it looks, hold on to some cloud cover into saturday afternoon. so, right now, saturday not the sunniest of days but i definitely think we'll get lots of sunshine in here once we hit sunday's forecast. okay. got you ready for that bigger picture. now let's focus in on your friday forecast. down here across the south bay, have you at 72 in morgan hill. really beautiful outside. 70 in san jose. winds are a little bit breezy out of the northwest at 16. 74 in concord. over to hayward, 68. the peninsula, redwood city, 68 degrees as well. san francisco, a chilly 60 in the marina. down here to the mission, 65 and right through marin, napa, sonoma counties, i don't think any complaints about these kind of temperatures. 70 71 clear lake. 73 here in novato. the extended forecast, see in san francisco we stay with 60s as we head through sunday. but i do want to turn your
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attention to next week. we're going to warm back up into the 70s monday, tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. this is early out. we could actually have a drier wind by next thursday up to 77 in san francisco, wind gusts northeast 10 to 20. that could increase our fire danger. now, that also means hot weather inland. we're going into the upper 80s next tuesday, wednesday, and thursday, with potentially that increased fire danger by next thursday. we still need to learn more information on that possible wind, but as we all know with pg&e power shutoffs the last week we're going to be very focused on that. as we learn more, we'll share it you. >> thank you, jeff. up next at 5:00, a two-day burglary spree at memorial stadium on the cal campus. what police say a man was looking for, how they busted him. tomorrow on "california live" it's our special golden gate getaway. >> some of the man cagical plac
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where time has stood still in the bay. it's all happening on "california live." >> tomorrow morning at 11:30 on nbc bay area. juul took $12.8 billion from big tobacco. markets e-cigarettes with kid friendly flavors and uses nicotine to addict them. 5 million kids use e-cigarettes. juul is "following big tobacco's playbook." and now, juul is pushing prop c to overturn e-cigarette protections. vote no on juul. no on big tobacco. no on prop c.
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campus police busted a man accused of stealing copper at memorial stadium. joel jensen was arrested for stealing more than $2,000 worth of copper at cal's memorial stadium. officers found him riding a stolen motorcycle. as the cost of college soars, private student loan lending has become big business. employees from the largest student loan companies are celebrating a record year in le luxury resort in hawaii while customers are struggling to pay off their loans. sally may execs and more than 100 employees are on a five-day paid trip. nbc news went to maui and confronted sallie mae's ceo and says this is an annual sales meeting and the company didn't pay for the families of employees to attend. >> we said, hey, look, maui is pretty nice, but, if you wanted to stay extra days, it's on you. >> coming up tonight on "nbc nightly news" more from sallie
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mae's ceo, how one woman is struggling to pay off her loan that reached $300,000. >> sensitive issue for a lot of people. well-known mural for robin williams will soon disappear. we'll tell you why. plus another memory of the moment the loma prieta quake struck. >> the earthquake hit, i was sitting in a chair on our patio and it threw me over. i stood up and my mom threw my brother at me, told me to watch him. ♪ hey. hey. you must be steven's phone. now you can take control of your home wifi and get a notification the instant
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itreat them all as if, they are hot and energized. stay away from any downed wire, call 911 and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe.
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tonight at 6:00, a delay in plans. the reason it's taking longer than expected for san francisco to find a way to honor the late maya an lieu. that story at 6:00. finally at 5:00 the unmistakable blue eyes of robin williams watching over a stretch of market street in san francisco for more than a year. there it is. the mural will be gone. in just a couple of days from now. the building is being torn down. this is right on market between 6th and 7th streets. it took an artist, a street artist, from argentina six days to paint that mural. it is beautiful. those eyes -- >> hypnotizing. >> so descriptive there. yeah. okay. before we go, one last check of our weather. it's really going to warm up, jeff. >> it definitely is. not what we need right now. okay. great weekend coming our way. saturday a little bit of cloud cover. sunday looks like the best day of the weekend. by next thursday, we're going to
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keep an eye on it, could see fire danger and winds pick up. earlier, but i wanto give everybody a heads-up. >> we don't need that. thanks for letting us know. we're back in a moment after "nightly news" with lester holt. breaking news, the bombshell admission from the white house the major revelation that u.s. aid was withheld to ukraine in part to push ukraine to investigate democrats, the acknowledgement undercutting president trump's own claims that there was no quid pro quo the top ambassador testifying behind closed doors. what he told the impeachment inquiry about the president and rudy giuliani that left him troubled also breaking, the cease-fire in syria. vice president mike pence announcing a deal with turkey to temporarily end the bloodshed. how the u.s. allies who have been under attack are reacting to the news. the new video purported to show danger at the hard rock hotel days before the deadly coll


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