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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  October 17, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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right now. good evening, thanks for joining us. i'm janelle wang. >> and i'm raj mathias. mayor sam la car doe wants san jose to take energy into its own hands. he introduced a plan to create its own utility. this is a heavy lift. what do you have? >> reporter: you're right, raj. and mayor liccardo admits it's going to take time. he'sing ask those who live here if they're willing to go along with the plan. after a week of power-related anxiety for tens of thousands of people in san jose -- >> what happened last week was a disaster. >> reporter: -- mayor sam liccardo wants his city to go
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independent mostly, taking over power distribution from pg&e and setting up its own microgrids to power the population. >> how we can ensure distribution of local generation and storage of energy. >> reporter: liccardo admits it would be an expensive undertaeking, one that would first have to pass public opinion. >> i think it's a great idea. >> reporter: would you be willing to pay more in taxes? >> yeah. >> reporter: it's not without precedence. nearby santa clara has had its own utility for more than 120 years. >> last week's power outage was really related to the distribution lines. so, we own, maintain, and operate our own distribution. so, we were not affected by what pg&e was doing. >> reporter: something san jose would like to say in the future. mayor liccardo says he will
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present the plan next wednesday but pg&e says south bay facilities are not for sale. scott budman, nbc bay area news. in ma ryme county, a close call here, this brush fire burned up to the edge of the highway 37 this afternoon. this is near lakeville and seres point. the chp did block all lanes of 37 and diverted traffic to 121. that fire is out and 37 has reopened. 5:04 p.m. 30 years ago today the loma prieta earthquake shook the bay area. people who lived through it remember exactly where they were. it was 15 seconds they'll never forget.
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you can remember this video, once the shaking stopped, the devastation was unbelievable. so many to mourn as well. the earthquake killed 63 people, nearly 4,000 people hurt. damage costs approached $10 billion. one of the hardest areas, the marina district in san francisco, residents there paused to remember the earthquake. san francisco mayor was there marking the moment the quake struck about an hour ago. chrissy smith joins us. the quake was 30 years ago but it's a day people there will never forget. >> reporter: that's right. and this commemoration at the marina green just wrapped up. it was bigger than usual. that's because it has been 30 years. the people we have spoke with today who were here that day, they can't believe it's been that long because they remember all the details, the shaking, the devastation, and how the city pulled together.
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mayor london breed rang the bell at 5:04, the moment the earthquake slammed the bay area. >> we honor the men and women of the san francisco police and fire department. >> reporter: she spoke at the marina green near gail's home. >> this was an electric clock on my old oven. >> reporter: she holds on to the clock that stopped 30 years ago when she prepared to watch the world series. >> you think oh, my god, what's happening? >> reporter: when the shaking stopped, they checked their home and neighbors. the area was devastated. but they knew of heroic efforts to put out fires and the time that followed, neighbors came together. >> neighbors realized how scared we were and that we didn't even know how to turn off our gas. >> reporter: she kept a scrapbook of photos. >> the group went down to the fire department, said would you
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please train civilians and she chose basic things we could do in the next earthquake. >> all of a sudden there's red lights in front of us. >> reporter: rachel delay attended the ceremony today. she had just pass thermodyamed bridge not knowing part of the bridge collapsed. since that time we're told more than 30,000 people have been trained in san francisco and emergency managers say it's important to keep reminding people of the lessons learned after loma prieta because as the years go by more people move into the city who weren't here at the time. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> so much focus in the bay area, but the epicenter was near santa cruz. tonight a moment of silence in santa cruz at 5:04 p.m.ment it changed that city radically.
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downtown's historic pacific garden mall was levelled and across the county about 4,000 people could not stay in their homes on this night and subsequent nights. power was out for days and much of the area had no water. rebuilding santa cruz continues all these years later. there's also concern for inmates. today mayor breed said all inmates will be moved out of san francisco's jail within two years because it's not earthquake safe. mayor breed called it an inhumane facility. the new building with house court, the d.a.'s office, and rehab programs. inmates will move by 2021. just a couple years from now. where they'll go hasn't been determined yet. the inmates could be moved out of the county to neighboring jails. san francisco mayor breed joins students for the great california shake out earthquake drill earlier today.
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>> stop, drop, and cover. >> on this anniversary, the mayor and city officials were at rosa parks elementary school. they practiced what to do when the earth shakes. mayor breed explained the steps to ensuring bildsings are more safe. so, what happens when the next big one strikes? there's a new app. the first of its kind in the nation just released today. and it could give you a heads up of up to 20 seconds. we're going to tell you about it at 6:30. our other headlines tonight, a planned tribute to maya angelou in san francisco is delayed. the civil rights activist spent her early years in the city. she went to washington high school and worked as awe streetcar con duductor. ali wolf joins us in san
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francisco. >> reporter: raj, the city wants to put that tribute to maya angelou in front of the main library abehind me. we spoke to the artist. she was selected to create this art piece only to be rejected. now she's frustrating saying her time was wasted and says the expectations were not clear. lava thomas spent months planning and designing this 9 foot bronze monument. it's shaped like a book featuring a portrait of maya angelou and a quote. >> if someone has courage, nothing can dim the light that shines within. >> reporter: last night erect a piece of art at the city's main library paying tribute to the author, poet, and civil rights activist. a panel selected thomas. >> this is another view. >> reporter: she was honored. >> there aren't have many public monuments created by women, let alone monuments to women.
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>> reporter: but the feeling didn't last long. the arts commission rejected her piece because it's not a traditional sculpture. >> it was my understanding that we had full reign to interpret what a monument could be, a contemporary monument. >> reporter: thomas calls the rejection unbelievable. >> it's ridiculous to waste my time when i'm not given explicit instructions. >> reporter: supervisor katherine stephanie sponsored the ordinance. the legislation called for a significant figurative representation. and the only fairway to move forward is to give all the artists a chance to meet the legislative intent by issuing new rsp with clear criteria. so, the city will be starting over accepting new proposals from artists. lava thomas tells us she will not be resubmitting hers.
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>> ali, thank you. robin williams has been watching over a stretch of market street for more than a year but that's about to change. this mural prominently featuring his ice blue eyes will be gone. the building is being torn down. still to come new details on a south bay stand off involving a ups truck, what new video is revealing about the moment before officers one fir also not prepared for this emergency. we investigate the fire at that fuel storage facility in contra costa county. mostly clear in san jose right now but i'll have details on when clouder could return. that forecast coming up in about eight minutes. >> i was in candlestick park in san francisco preparing to announce game three of the world series. we had opened up the telecast
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and we all knew what took place at that point, the loma prieta earthquake and how it shook that ball park. that's a night that nobody who was in candlestick in san francisco will ever forget.
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it was tense drama that played out on valentine's day and on live tv. a ups driver carjacked in san
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jose and that led to high speed chase and police shooting and killing. today the santa clara district attorney released police video of that chase from start to finish. the d.a. made this video public that calls the shooting justified. deputies say the ups driver saved the day when he deliberately drove over a spike strip. when the truck stopped, the stand off became more tense. >> the next thing in my head is where are the suspects. now i'm concerned they're going to open up this back door and start shooting at us. >> he eventually ran from the truck toward a build being the shotgun in his hand. a san jose police officer shot and killed him. it is not just a clean up, but it's an investigation. federal, state, and local officials remain on scene trying to determine what led to tuesday's fire and explosion there in contra costa county. things look much different today
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at the nustar energy facility. much of the foam used to put out that fire has been pumped out. nustar says it's still assessing damage. cal oeshia is ordering tanks and pipes. >> to determine what happened and could it happen again and ensure before the shutdown order is lifted that nustar energy can operate safely. also happening now, the ocke fire department is staying on top of the hotspots around the plant. remember this runs right along interstate 80. that plant remains sunday shut down this evening. jackso jaxon van derbeken has been looking into the nustar tank farm and learned that staff members fled after the fire erupted without turning on the
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automated fire suppression system. here's what else jaxson found out about that incident. >> reporter: nbc bay area investigative unit broke the story that authorities served a search warrant on the facility yesterday. we still don't know how the fire first started, but now we've learned what happened in the critical moments just after two tanks erupted in flames. >> clearly there was a problem here. i've been through enough industrial accidents to know. >> reporter: county supervisor john joy says nustar wasn't prepared. >> apparently the nustar personnel that were on scene couldn't immediately identify what kind of product was in the particular tank. >> reporter: he says that knowledge is critical. >> the facility should know pretty immediately what is in that tank. and that of course helps the firefighter in fighting that as quickly and safely as possible. >> reporter: joya says first responders couldn't get in right
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away because the front gate was locked. the five people working at the tank farm had left without turning on theout mated fire suppression system. contra costa fire officials confirmed that frighters did face those challenges but did not want to go into detail in light of the pending investigation. the investigative unit has found documents showing a troubled history with this facility both before and after nustar acquired them in 2004. paid a total of 2 1/2 million dollar in fines and penalties for bypassing equipment that captures ozone chemicals. documents indicate managers lied about meeting air quality rules all between 2003 and 2006. nustar told us today that after-acquired, it discovered operational infractions which had been established under the previous own shership.
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it said it improved procedures, improved training, and changed management. but the company didn't answer questions about how workers handled the fire tuesday. just a few minutes ago nustar emailed us acknowledging some of the initial confusion about which tanks were on fire. they say they cleared it up quickly. nustar says its workers didn't turn on the fire suppression system because the intense flames blocked those workers from reaching it. new hope tonight for teacher who typically priced out of silicon valley housing market. facebook kicked in $25 million today to build affordable housing for educators. this is a rendering of what the building might look like. it'll have between 90 and 120 units for teachers and other public service workers. it'll be built on grant avenue in palo alto within a couple of years.
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if you have 41 million bucks, we have the home for you. a tech legend is selling his lavish home on the peninsula, the estate is selling it. nearly two acre property belonged to billion air paul allen, cofounder of microsoft who died last year. the sprawling modern home has 7 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms. is that a 7/8. of course there's a guest house. it's a great place for entertaining with large pool and two outdoor fireplaces. i'm reading this like we're all in contention of buying this house. >> it's eye candy. we like to look at it. >> there's also a home theater and gym. of course there is for 41 million bucks. if you're interested, give your local real estate agent a call. >> i'm thinking only 7 bedrooms? that's it? >> it seems so big. they have the gym though and the theater and the pool house. >> i want 20 for that.
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the fire danger is not over. feels like that's gone but it's not true. >> yeah, we could see increased fire danger once we hit next thursday's forecast and next friday. we're going to continue to monitor that in our extended forecast. want to take you outside right now to the live sky camera network and you'll be able to see a beautiful sunset across the bay. and this is fiat had in the $40 million range. absolutely free. come to your tv and check it out. just a nice way to kind of end the evening looking at the -- that's from oakland looking towards san francisco. we have 63 degrees right now. temperatures drop into the 50s with the nice cl ocean breeze under mostly clear skies. this is a look at mount deyab low and we have lots of blue sky right now. right now down to 66. you have 50s moving in once you hit 11:00, midnight, and into early tomorrow morning. i don't see any big changes in the forecast for tomorrow, so we start off with nice, cool,
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crisp, refreshing air. temperatures will be in the 40s to 50s. a little bit of cloud cover trying to make it in for the late morning, then by the afternoon partly cloudy sky. and we're looking at your average temperature. so, it'll feel like fall outside. might need a light jacket by the first part of the day. 71 clear lake, over to concord, 74, morgan hill, 72, san jose, 70. 62 in half moon bay and 62 in san francisco. the only problem with this forecast is the pollen. we've seen a small spike recently. you might have felt sick. it could also be your allergies. trees and weeds in the moderate. pine and ragweed the predominant allergens. we'll let you know how long that sticks around in 25 minutes. >> see you soon. thank you so much jeff. up next the mission from the white house, the reason a top democrat leading the impeachment inquiry say things have gone
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from very bad to much worse.
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tonight president trump's chief of staff is trying to walk back his bombshell admission today that the separation withheld military aid from ukraine in exchange for an investigation. mick mulvaney now insists reporters misconstrued his reports today. they say he admitted aid was held up because president trump wanted the country to investigate. >> we do that all the time with foreign policy. get over it. there's going to be political influence in foreign policy. >> mulvaney insisted investigating the bidens was not part of the request contradicting with president trump had already admitted. also today president trump's ambassador othe european union testified putting president trump and rudy giuliani at the center of the controversy.
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>> then there's this, president trump praised the five-day cease fire. it will temporarily halt the bloodshed that began after the president started pulling out of the u.s. some are calling this the second betrayal of the kurds. it's a victory for turkey which called the agreement exactly what it happened. mitt romney took to the senate floor today to call this a blood stain on american history. up next at 3:06, warning you before the earthquake strikes. the app you want to download before the next wig bun. >> you can see the scoreboard just do this. >> we know the story about the 1989 world series between the giants and a's, but did you know his story, the worker who showed up for his first day on the job when the earthquake struck? there are those who will say that you're:
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too fat. too skinny. too hard. too soft. too old. too much. too unexpected. too limited. and to them we say too bad. because at kaiser permanente, we believe that everyone deserves the right to thrive.
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right now at 6:30 when the next big ones strikes, californians who download a free app will get a warning on their phones to duck and cover. the app is called my shake, and governor newsom wants you to download it now. >> those extra seconds of warning could save lives and prevent injuries. but how reliable and accurate is the app? melissa colorado joins us with more details. >> you guys have downloaded it. i have downloaded it.
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more than half a million californians have downloaded it. si seismologists say had this early detection system been in place 30 years ago, people in downtown san francisco would have got the warning of at least 15 seconds to drop, cover, and hold on. >> earthquake, drop, cover, hold on. >> that is the alert coming from your phone that california governor gavin newsom says will save lives when the next big one strikes. >> we are making a big leap forward in terms of focusing on prevention. >> reporter: the my shake app is the most expansive early warning system in the country. here's how it works, hundreds of sensors positioned across the state will detect underground movement from an earthquake. those sensors send data to computers who's job it is to figure out how strong the quake will be. that triggers the app to send out alert to people who will
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feel the most powerful shaking. >> this could be as much as 20 seconds of early warning. that's not an insignificant amount of time. >> reporter: the heads up will depend on how close you are to the earthquake's epicenter. the farther away you are, the more advanced notice you'll get. the app will deliver notifications for earthquakes stronger than 4.5. she remembers the confusion and fear she felt. >> we didn't know what was happening. there weren't cell phones. >> reporter: today one of the best tools is just one swipe away. >> in the moment you didn't know what to do. >> reporter: and here's one key thing to remember, users need to allow the app to access your location at all times. that allows the app to give you the best and most accurate warning. that's the latest in emoriville. i'm melissa colorado. >> how do you get the my shake app? just go to the the store and download it. you're looking at screen grabs
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from android and apple. all you have to do is type in my shake in the search bar. it will have a green icon and also include the words uc berkeley seismology. >> all week we've felt several earthquakes. it's been a time teaching moment for a lot of us. >> jeff raniere takes a look at the shaking and the answers. is there a season for earthquakes? is it more this time of year? >> believe it or not we still do often get that question so we're going to take a look at that as well. let's set it up with monday what happened. we had a 4.5 earthquake. it lasted 15 to 20 seconds from the report. this happened real close to the concord green valley fault. then the next day on tuesday we had a 4.7 right near hollister on a creeping section of the san andreas fault. even though this happened in close proximity of time and distance, they are not related to each other. it is more of a coincidence. let's get a closer look at the
6:33 pm
bay area and the activity that woke a lot of people up and gave them a stronger jolt than they have felt in decades in this location right here in pleasant hill. we had at least 30 after shocks. the largest was a 3.4 at 7:11 on tuesday. no activity today. and even though this was close to the concord green valley fault, the usgs is researching what could be a new fault going through the pleasant hill area. no new activity today. we will continue to monitor that. what about the question of earthquake weather/earthquake seasons? we do see people ask the about this often. you might be thinking why would anybody think that. do earthquakes happen when it's hot? or when there's a drought or a along with wild fires? the answer absolutely positively is no. no earthquake weather, no earthquake seasons at all. we've just got to remember to drop, cover, and hold and be
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prepared. we'll be back with the weather forecast in 20 minutes. >> debunking those myths. the first responders had a different meaning 30 years ago. today oakland held a ceremony at cypress freeway memorial park where victims were remembered. >> malice aforethougny of the c to do extra cations do, emergency rescue work. it was nice to have all that support and all of that help. >> this is picture and video of the freeway collapsing. over at candlestick park across the bay it was game three of the world series between the a's and clients and people will never forget that moment. >> we were all watching the game. that excitement turned into fear and shock.
6:35 pm
here's joe. >> you just sort of relive it in yourind. i just remember every detail. >> reporter: for any bay area sports fan, the remains of candlestick park are hallowed ground. >> it had an indelible progression for me. dirt the dirt where home base sat. and memories of the world series first pitch was even thrown.e >> so, i came outside. >> bay bridge did collapse. >> oh, my goodness. >> we all bailed out of there. lights all went out. >> we knew instantly that it was an earthquake. >> reporter: 30 years haven't erased a single detail of that night for operations director george costa. on october 17th, 1989 he was ten months on the job as the giants and the a's squared off for game one of the world series when the stands began to shake at 5:04
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p.m. 31 minutes before first pitch. >> we felt the grab of the earthquake kind of pulling on the field. >> reporter: inside joints oracle park, an exhibit pays homage to that night. >> this is a picture that was taken frozen in time. >> reporter: that's costa with his sleeves rolled up gathering on the field with baseball and emergency officials to figure out what to do. >> when the earthquake happened, we had no power. the p.a. system was not backed up to emergency power, and the scoreboard was not backed up to emergency power. >> reporter: with no way to communicate to the crowd, a police cruiser was tapped for the task. >> he drove that car around and made the announcement that the game was not going to be played. >> you could see that scoreboard just do this. >> reporter: giants grounds keeper stan sprinkles remembers several large cracks in the stadium as expansion joints rolled with the quake. >> it never gave. it rolled with the punches as
6:37 pm
they say. >> it was an eerie call. >> reporter: in the stands al and his son were among the thousands of fans who calmly filed out of the stadium. >> it's a life event that never goes away. >> reporter: three decades later -- >> never goes away. >> reporter: the earthquake inspired change throughout the sports world. afterwards, stadiums required back up generators for lights, scoreboards, and public address systems. >> then you started having emergency preparedness plans. they started doing table top exercises. >> reporter: ten days after the quake, the stadium was repaired and the world series played on, but baseball is probably not the part most will remember. >> all of us were there that night will never forget where we were, what happened. >> reporter: joe rah sa doe, jr., nbc bay area news. >> our emmy awarding winning documentary series "bay area
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revelations" chronicled the day the earthquake hit. we are reairing saturday at 4:00 p.m. one of the most respected and well noknown members of congress has died. elijah cummings was the son of sharecroppers. he fought for civil rights in his ohm town of baltimore, first elected to the house of representatives in 1996. he most recently served as the chairman of the house oversight and reform committee where he was a figure in president trump's impeachment inquiry. he passed away early this morning after undergoing a medical procedure. marcus washington spent a lot of time with congressman cummings. >> the picture you're looking at now was congressman cummings and myself. this was a day after the death of in baltimore. he said i want to get the word
6:39 pm
out to people to stop rioting, stop looting. he remembered the riots of baltimore in 1968 after the beth of dr. martin luther king and he did not want to see that repeat itself in the city of baltimore. he loved his city. he loved the people, and he was so respected. >> personal connection there from marcus. elijah cummings was 68 years old. is. still to come juul making moves, what you won't see on store shelves anymore.
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day nine of the insanity clara county worker strike. employees were picketing in san jose. you can see them there. the county says it's laying out what it calls the best and final contract offer. there's no additional pay raise from the previous proposal which is 3% raise over five years. no word on when the union members will vote on the latest proposal. if a deal cannot be reached, it's likely the stalemate will
6:42 pm
go to mediation. >> the ceo of juul is shutting down the sale of fruity ecigarette flavors t. flavors, mango, fruit, and cucumber won't be sold in the u.s. due to pending fda review. the ceo says the company must focus on earning the trust of society and work to combat underage vaping. this long week is almost coming to an end with a sunny weekend. you were right. you said there's going to be wind kicking up and aler j jis. >> good. i like to be right. it's bad. it's kind of like spiked up a little bit here with moderate pollen across the bay area. we had a little bit of activity this morning, trace amounts to .03 of an inch but dried out. i'll show you when clouds move back in in a few minutes. >> we're busting myths about who pays for earthquake damage. are you covered with had the next big one hits? i'm chris chmura, nbc bay area
6:43 pm
responds next.
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my name is frank jordan. i was the mayor of san francisco in the '90s. i was the police chief in the '80s and i was the police chi during the 1989 loma prieta earthquake in san francisco. at 5:04 when the earthquake hit i was in candlestick park in uniform and i was just walking on to the field to go over to talk to baseball commissioner faye vcent about some of the security issues we were working on together at that time. and i felt the earthquake as i was walking across the groons t grass on the playing field. >> interesting to hear from him. he's been very helpful for us throughout the week reliving all the memories. at this point 30 years ago, we were just realizing the severity
6:46 pm
of what happened. tonight we're talking about the homeowner's insurance. >> are you covered or will federal aid help you rebuild? no on both counts. chris chmura is here to tell about the myths. >> most homeowner's insurance policies did cover during loma prieta but all that changed after the 1994 northridge earthquake in l.a. damage was in the billions so insurance companies dropped coverage. earthquake coverage is now optional and costs you extra. you might think you're still okay because the federal government will bail you out, right? afraid not. the ceo tells us that is not how it works. >> fema makes it not used to rebuild hope. so, living on hope that the government is going to come in and rebuild homes is false hope and dangerous. >> if you're thinking about
6:47 pm
revising your back up plan, you can shop now for earthquake insurance with the california earthquake authority. it has this tool right here calculated on its website to help you estimate how much you'll pay and what coverage you'll get for your money. we made it easy for you to find it on our website. go to >> thanks chris. update to a story we followed every step of the way. m martinez world war ii vet is about to take off for another big adventure. he's the last surviving member of his unit from world war ii. this morning he took the flight to washington, d.c. he's one of four world war ii vets who will lay a wreath on the tomb of the unknown soldier. after his story aired on nbc bay area a couple months ago, viewers donated thousands of dollars for the 75th anniversary
6:48 pm
of d-day. >> we have very compassionate viewers in the bay area. >> let's talk about the forecast. >> oh, my gosh, a bit chilly in the morning. >> a little cold. >> and a little blustery today too. >> i think we'll amake you happy for the weekend. we've got something to help you sleep one day and the other day you've got to get outside and enjoy it. as we take you into the micro forecast forecast tonight i want to move it right ahead into tomorrow morning. we'll begin here with cool temperatures as janelle talked about. it's been chilly lately. up to 49 degrees in the morning in the south bay, 50 in the peninsula, tri-valley 51, mixture of clouds and sun. right here through the east bay, 50, san francisco 53, also a little bit of that sunshine, and throughout the north bay we'll be at the coldest temperature and 47 degrees. i want to focus ton feature cast for a little bit because it's not just going to be sunny from
6:49 pm
here on out right through the weekend. i want to get you ready for that. 8:00 tomorrow morning we have some of the high clouds i talk about moving throughout the bay area, nothing big. once you hit tomorrow afternoon in san francisco, we're starting to see cloud cover move in. that would stay there throughout the evening. however mostly clear skies for the inland, east bay, and right there throughout the south way. as we push into saturday's forecast that's the next change i want you to be aware of. we see clouds moving back in, spotty drizzle, 8:00 in the morning on saturday. that cloud cover lingers to 1:30 in the afternoon on saturday's forecast. saturday not the sunniest say it looks early on. i think you've got to wait for sunday's forecast to have the much better day to be outside. here's what we're getting at. saturday probably the better day to sleep in. then sunday get out and do everything you've got to get caught up on and have a great weekend. let's focus on those temperatures as we head through friday forecast.
6:50 pm
across the south bay, 71 in lr in san jose. contra costa not too hot. 74 in concord. 71 in livermore. hayward, 68 degrees. that breeze tomorrow up to 10-miles-per-hour for the peninsula. so, the pollen will be blowing around. if you have allergies that may cause problems. 61 in redwood city. san francis san francisco chilly in the marina. right here through santa rosa, 72, napa 74 and mill valley 68. extended forecast, san francisco warms up as we head throughout next week. low 70s monday, tuesday, and wednesday. notice by next thursday could be up to 77 degrees. we're looking at what could be dry winds out of the northeast, 10 to 20. that would increase fire danger. i know that's the last thing we need right now. but i want to give you the early heads up. close to 90 next thursday with what could be a dry wind.
6:51 pm
i know what a lot of you want and that's rain fall. here's a look at the extended forecast. we've updated everything on this. want to make sure you see the next possility. best chance for rain is not going to get until the first or second week of november. december could be dryer in the pacific northwest and could mean near to below average rain for us. so, a lot happening here but big time storms not in the at least next two weeks. >> not in the near future. >> up next a high school football player is making history in the bay area. the story of what she did. tv justting better. how you watch it does too. this is xfinity x1. featuring the emmy award-winning voice remote. streaming services without changing passwords and input. live sports - with real-time stats and scores. access to the most 4k content. and your movies and shows to go.
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the best tv experience is the best tv value. xfinity x1. simple. easy. awesome. xfinity. the future of awesome.
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a play made famous in the super bowl has put a bay area football player in the spotlight. this isn't just any football player. >> she is playing varsity football with the guys and why not? she's legit. anthony flores is on campus for us in san jose. >> reporter: hard work and good hands have earned ariel aero-na a spot on the football team. >> she's a big actor to the team. the guys really embrace her and
6:55 pm
glad to play with her. >> i'm comfortable with them because i've known them for a while. >> reporter: ariel started playing flag football in 7th grade and became back up quarterback as a high school sophomore. she's not just playing. she's making history. it happened in the fourth quarter of their victory, the raiders ran a trick play, she gets the pitch, thens tos a 23 yard touchdown pass. >> very unexpected. i didn't think me throwing a touchdown was going to be this big. >> reporter: it's the first touchdown thrown by a female in silver creek history and possibly the entire state. >> i have younger girls coming up to me after the game like i want to play football. it feels good to inspire young girls. >> reporter: if the play looks familiar, it should. it's the philly special used by the philadelphia eagles win over the patriots in super bowl lii.
6:56 pm
>> i didn't realize the play was the eagles. we call it the little mermaid because of ariel. >> she hopes to inspire others to chase their dreams. >> if you have a dream, go for it no matter how crazy it is. it's going to seem impossible. but until you get it done, anything is done. >> reporter: anthony florez, nbc news. >> and she's a lefty. tonight at 11:00, he was there when the earthquake hit. we speak to the photographer who took those memorable photos. >> one more check of the forecast as the weekend approaches. >> let's get it in there. tomorrow 75 partly cloudy, saturday morning fog and cloud cover, spotty drizzle in the morning. some clouds linger into the afternoon. sunday, sunshine, 79. gets hotter next week. >> thanks for joining us.
6:57 pm
have a great evening. >> bye folks. i guess i show.
6:58 pm
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>> wendy williams takes over hollywood. are you going to hear what she is saying now about her very emotional year and she's had enough of the pregnancy rumors, rihanna shouts back as only she had. her mother and father put on trial for the crime, now robert blake's daughter shares her story. >> i think what happened is horrible. you got a pair of levy's and underwear, which one are you walking out of the house with? >> our justin timberlake style takes a crazy turn. countdown to jennifer lawrence's lavish wedding. what she has planned for her


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