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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  October 18, 2019 12:37am-1:37am PDT

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♪ ♪ >> announcer: from 30 rockefeller plaza in new york, it's "late night with seth meyers. tonight -- gwen stefani star of nbc's "perfect harmony", actor bradley whitford creator of "bless the harts", writer emily spivey, featuring the 8g band with fred armisen ♪ [ cheers and applause ladies and gentlemen, seth meyers. >> seth: good evening. i'm seth meyers. this is "late night. how is everybody doing tonight [ cheers and applause that is wonderful to hear. in that case, let's get to the news house speaker nancy pelosi announced this evening that democrats will open a formal impeachment inquiry against president trump.
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and i've had my doubts in the past but i think this time she's serious. [ laughter ] president trump spoke before the u.n. general assembly today. and i got to say, "dude, what's going on with your face? [ laughter ] you're starting to look like the "nailed it!" cake version of yourself [ laughter ] [ applause ] that's right president trump spoke before the u.n. general assembly today. and to prove he's not a robot, he read a captcha. >> lgbtq [ laughter and applause >> seth: president trump this morning denied reports that he withheld military aid from ukraine in order to pressure of the country to investigate former vice president joe biden and his family he denied it and that's how you know he did it [ light laughter ] not because he always lies because that story is too weird and confusing to just deny [ laughter ] if someone told you, "hey, people are saying you withheld military aid from ukraine to
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force an investigation into joe biden. you wouldn't say, "no, i didn't." [ laughter ] you'd say, "wait, what?" [ laughter ] second lady karen pence joined twitter over the weekend while first lady melania trump joined bumble [ laughter ] a -- [ cheers and applause a police officer in michigan has been fired after officials found a framed kkk application and multiple confederate flags in his home, which he claims are memorabilia from the tv show "the dukes of hazzard. [ laughter ] right, because who can forget the third duke brother, david? [ laughter and applause new york - [ cheers and applause new york mayor bill de blasio yesterday voiced support for a new regulation that would permanently ban people from riding the subway if they're caught exposing themselves or masturbating said perverts, "honestly, at this point the subway is so unreliable i would rather - [ laughter ]
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i would rather just masturbate at home. [ cheers and applause you have made it prohibitively hard to masturbate." a walrus attacked and sank a russian navy landing boat in the arctic last week [ light laughter ] so it's official walruses are doing more to combat russia than we are. [ laughter and applause and finally, a painting of actor channing tatum's scrotum recently sold ebay for nearly $7,000 [ light laughter ] said the painter, "what? that was a painting of my nana." [ light laughter ] maybe a little overconfident with our closer. [ laughter ] ladies and gentlemen, we have a great show for you tonight [ cheers and applause she is an grammy award-winning musician and coach on nbc's "the voice." gwen stefani is back, everybody. [ cheers and applause he is the star of "perfect harmony" premiering
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this thursday right here on nbc. bradley whitford is here [ cheers and applause and she is the creator and executive producer of fox's very funny new animated series "bless the harts." emily spivey joins us tonight. [ cheers and applause so you're here on a good night today -- very exciting, you guys, today is national voter registration day to update your voter registration or register for the first time with a nonpartisan organization head count text "voter" to 40649 it takes less than two minutes just text "voter" to 40649 and make your voice heard. so, moving on. i was scrolling through reddit earlier today. and i saw this really interesting post about migrating tree frogs and - wait, i'm sorry. i could be wrong here. but i think i smell smoke. and that could only mean one thing. it's time for "ya burnt. [ cheers and applause ♪
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>> seth: welcome to the burn zone, everybody. we've got a lot of topics to sizzle through, but not a lot of time over here is the burner. let's turn on the gas and load her up woo! joanie loves chachi! [ laughter ] first up, vaping vaping, congrats you took something cool and dangerous like smoking and made it lame and potentially more dangerous. [ laughter and applause vaping was supposed to be the safe option. finding out vaping can kill you is like finding out seatbelts give you syphilis. [ laughter ] but on the plus side, sucking on an e-cig is still the best way i know of to make it look like you're giving oral sex to r2-d2. [ laughter ] side burn, robot genitals. >> side burn >> seth: vaping, puff, puff, pass ya burnt rental cars, your locations are too creepy nothing like picking up a ford taurus in an abandoned parking lot to make me feel like i'm in the first two minutes of an episode of "svu." [ laughter ] i'm always shocked when i open truck and there isn't a dead body in there.
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>> not yet, at least [ light laughter ] >> seth: and why does the car i picked up at the miami airport have kansas plates i want to look like a local, not some yahoo seeing the beach for the first time [ laughter ] and rental car places, for the last time, no, i don't want to pay extra for the gps unit i have a phone we all have phones [ laughter ] we also don't need a calculator, a compass, or a stack of porno magazines. [ laughter ] rental cars, sorry if this hurts. but you can kiss my avis because ya burnt [ applause ] jeremy renner's music. wow, we are truly in the middle of the jeremy-rennerssance [ laughter ] this is just like the real renaissance if instead of painting the sistine chapel, michelangelo started a creed cover band [ laughter ] hey, jeremy, great idea starting a band i mean, just look how well it looked for russell crowe, johnny depp, and bruce willis. [ laughter ] as we all know, every successful rock 'n' roll career starts at age 48 [ light laughter ] and also, jeremy, congrats on becoming the new face of jeep. that is huge
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hats off, my friend. and when i say "hats off," i'm referring to this fedora [ laughter ] jeremy renner, you're a great actor, but stay in your lane because ya burnt primary debates, why are we already doing this the election isn't until 2020. you're like a white girl who celebrates her birthday year >> the year of kayla [ laughter ] >> seth: most of these people aren't going to be president i haven't seen this many losers together since "la la land" thought it won best picture. [ audience ohs ] [ cheers and applause face it, face it nobody cares what any of you have to say until you go against trump. and the only question i want to hear cory booker answer is how'd you get rosario dawson, dude [ laughter ] primary debates, time on get off the stage. because ya burnt cauliflower, it's got to hurt to be the worst vegetable i mean, that's like being -- [ laughter ] the most anonymous member of maroon 5 [ laughter ] also, cauliflower, your name is misleading if you have flower in your name, you should smell nice and not like, say, a basket of farts [ laughter ]
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also, why you so white you look like broccoli that celebrates its birthday year double burn, kayla [ laughter ] >> 19's not even a big birthday. [ laughter ] >> seth: cauliflower, like the terrible pizza crust made out of you, ya burnt. "dancing with the stars," why the hell would you cast sean spicer? if i wanted to see sean spicer awkwardly dancing around, i'd just ask him a direct question [ laughter ] also, sean spicer -- [ cheers and applause let's be clear sean spicer is not a star. tom cruise is a star sean spicer is somebody you would pay 200 bucks to show up to your weird kid's birthday party. [ laughter ] >> why does that kid wear a bow tie? >> seth: also, sean, you tweeted that people who voted for you would be standing with god as if god is paying attention to "dancing with the stars. [ light laughter ] of course, if he is, that would explain global warming [ laughter ] >> get off the couch, jesus. the world is on fire [ laughter ] >> seth: "dancing with the stars," cha-cha on out of here, ya burnt
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wedding announcements. the perfect combo of my two favorite dying institutions, marriage and newspapers. no one ever wants to read these unless the bride and groom have last names that sound funny together >> congatulations to the whole stanky-wang clan [ laughter ] >> seth: and no offense, people who post wedding announcements your stories are boring. the story of how you met your spouse is never interesting unless you're, you know, woody allen. [ audience ohs ] [ laughter ] pretty interesting story [ laughter ] if you haven't heard it, google it it's pretty interesting. [ laughter ] wedding announcements, go into the chapel and you're going to get burnt. [ siren what's that noise? oh, right. that sound means things are really cooking up, which means it's time for our speed round. the blaze: fall fashion edition. turtle necks are you a sweater or an uncircumcised penis that made a wish to be a real boy? [ light laughter ] ya blazed. plaid. you can't sell "plaid" without "laid.
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and you can't get laid wearing plaid. [ laughter ] ya blazed. camouflage oh, we can see you we're just ignoring you. [ laughter ] ya blazed. cardigans. well, it's faster than telling people you're a virgin [ laughter ] ya blazed. wind breakers. if i really wanted to break wind, i'd eat a bunch of cauliflower. ya blazed. [ laughter ] corduroys. why you so loud? you make more noise than white girls at a lizzo concert ya blazed. [ laughter ] elbow patches. hey, professor, if you're so smart, why didn't you wait for them to finish sewing your [ bleep ] sleeves before you put the jacket on? [ laughter ] ya blazed. [ buzzer ] oh [ cheers and applause that buzzer means we've run out of time. this has been "ya burnt. we'll be right back -- with gwen stefani. [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ (vo) the big dogs. the old dogs. the deaf, blind,
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♪ [ cheers and applause >> seth: welcome back, everybody. give it up for the 8g band, right over there [ cheers and applause also tonight, so happy to have him with us. give it up for fred armisen over on the drums [ cheers and applause and, fred, it's actually been a wonderful week not only were you here, but i got to see you out in los angeles this past weekend. we were at the emmys together. and i love catching up with you because -- and i hope you know i'm not just blowing smoke here. you're the most fascinating man i know >> fred: aw, thank you >> seth: you're welcome. you're a renaissance man you're a comedian. you're a musician.
12:52 am
you're a writer. and one thing that people don't know about you that we've been talking about this week is that you are an art connoisseur >> fred: yes, i love all art >> seth: and you're okay with the term connoisseur that doesn't offend you? >> fred: i like it >> seth: okay, great [ light laughter ] and backstage you were saying that you have what you would describe as an art historian's knowledge about every painting ever painted >> fred: every painting. >> seth: and in that - [ laughter ] when i heard that -- everything up until that point i signed on off on but i was like, "man, every painting." so this is a true thing. you know everything about every painting >> fred: yes >> seth: at an art historian's level? >> fred: more. yes. >> seth: okay. [ laughter ] let's test it once again in our segment, "fred armisen, art aficionado." ♪ [ cheers and applause >> seth: all right, so there you go this is -- fred, this is vincent van gogh's 1885 masterpiece, "the potato eaters." fred, tell us about this classic painting >> fred: he had a lot of help with this one. this was painted by his parents. [ laughter ] so he assigned them -- he sort of gave them an assignment
12:53 am
he's like, "you guys are my parents. you know, i'm this famous artist and, for once, let's have you do something. why don't you depict our family?" [ light laughter ] and they were like, "we're not really painters. he's like, "i think you can do it." so he gave them some coffee grounds. [ laughter ] and at the breakfast table, he just had them do it. and they came up with this now the problem is, how do you move a painting from a table on to a wall? onto to canvas fascinating. so they used gravity for this. there's a sort of -- [ laughter ] there's a method in which -- >> seth: to move -- wait, they what sorry? >> fred: so they painted it -- they painted on -- >> seth: they painted it on the table? >> fred: on the table. so they only - >> seth: so they didn't paint it on a canvas. >> fred: no -- they're -- what did they know? [ laughter ] so he's like, "okay. you guys are rookies let's get to this. so what they - >> seth: so did he basically walk back into the kitchen and go, "no! did he realize right away? >> fred: he had this relationship with them where he was very gentle with them. >> seth: okay. [ laughter ] >> fred: so he had that reaction where he's like -- [ gasping and then he was like, "okay.
12:54 am
[ laughter ] what we're going to do is sort of just" -- you know, he just slowed it all down he's like, "what we're going to do is we're going to try to move this onto a canvas." and they did it with gravity it's amazing with magnets, there's a weight and kind of have it, like, stay on the table and then move the entire table onto the wall. [ laughter ] >> seth: so, wait. so you're basically -- i'm sorry. you make this sound scientific they just hung the table on the wall >> fred: they hung the table on the wall - >> seth: wait, with magnets? >> fred: if that's the term you want to use. this -- look, as an art historian -- [ laughter ] there is like -- there's some technical words that we use for hanging things up on the wall. [ laughter ] >> seth: what is an example of one of those technical words that you just used >> fred: there's like a wall metal which means -- like, where you would use nail we use like wall - [ laughter ] >> seth: also, i'm not an art historian. but the first thing -- >> fred: right, i'm forgiving you for it >> seth: the first thing you said was, you know, "he was very famous." >> fred: yeah. >> seth: but i think, famously, van gogh wasn't famous till after his death. [ laughter ] >> fred: that's what his publicist -- his publicist at the time was like, "we need to make this thing" - [ laughter ] they were like - [ applause ] you know, you're penniless but, no, that wasn't -- not the
12:55 am
case >> seth: got you and what -- i'm sorry. and again, i want you to know i am apologizing for my ignorance in even asking what were his parents' names >> fred: maria and mariao. [ laughter ] >> seth: sorry so not mario >> fred: no, no. mariao >> seth: give it up for fred armisen, everybody. [ cheers and applause mariao van gogh. >> fred: yes >> seth: mariao van gogh >> fred: yes [ laughter ] >> seth: our first guest tonight is a grammy-winning musician and coach on "the voice. new episodes air mondays and tuesdays at 8 :00p.m. on nbc let's take a look. [ cheers and applause >> i was just saying what i want next is a little princess girl that sings - >> that just sings an angel >> beautiful that will be my little girl. [ cheers and applause that's what i wanted i just said that >> no joke >> you got to be -- are you kidding me >> she just said that. >> she did say that. i heard it >> are you guys kidding me i was just saying that to john wasn't i, john >> seth: please welcome back to
12:56 am
the show, gwen stefani, everybody. [ cheers and applause ♪ >> seth: welcome back. >> hi! >> seth: you look amazing as always >> aw, thank you >> seth: this a very busy time for you. >> this -- yes >> seth: you've got "the voice." you've got a residency in las vegas. and you were in singapore recently preforming. >> just yesterday, or something. >> seth: really? >> a few days ago. >> seth: oh, my god. >> yeah, so. >> seth: it's probably -- i think it's still tomorrow there with the time difference >> it is so weird. because it's like 17 hours from l.a. in a tube like - >> seth: yeah. >> what am i doing in the air this long? but it was a really good show. >> seth: have you done shows there before have you - >> i did that -- actual festival it was, like, 45,000 people. >> seth: oh, my god. >> it was a sea of people. it's just incredible because you're traveling to a different culture. >> seth: yes >> and they're singing your songs. and you're just -- and it had been, like, i think a seven or 10-year gap.
12:57 am
so it was really magical yeah >> seth: and someone came up on stage -- and i guess this is something that has happened to you before he asked that -- he asked to you sign his arm >> well, people are really -- people like tattoos. they're really care-free about it now >> seth: yeah. >> i noticed that. post malone did the thing. >> seth: yeah. >> yeah. >> seth: you know what i looked at him. and i noticed that, too. >> yeah, do you notice that? [ laughter ] >> seth: i did >> i thought it was good though. always tired that was a good idea >> seth: yeah. >> i was -- this girl -- i think -- yeah. >> seth: oh, it was a girl i'm sorry. >> i don't -- actually i don't know because i -- it was -- she was way down in the audience and she had a sign and it said, "please sign my arm so i can get a tattoo tonight. and i was like, "okay. i would like - >> seth: so the idea is you would sign the arm and then they would go straight to a tattoo artist and have them basically just do their signature in ink >> yeah. yeah so i was like -- in singapore, it was like, it's strict because it's so many people. it's a festival. and i was like, "get up here on stage. and also security is like -- and they let her, like, come, like, a little bit on stage,
12:58 am
just enough that i could reach her arm and sign it. and she did it she -- >> seth: we have a -- we have a clip and i would like to point out, this would be the way i'd feel, too. that actually puts more pressure on your signature than anything else because now -- >> oh, my gosh i was like sweaty. >> seth: let's take a look >> it was not good >> if it turns out bad, promise you won't get it don't get it you're so sweaty [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause love you >> seth: that's fantastic! >> i can't believe you have the clip of that [ cheers and applause >> seth: we got the clip >> that's crazy. >> seth: do you have -- i will say, i compliment your penmanship it was a - >> thank you >> seth: seemed like you have very nice signature. >> thank you i always -- i mean, this is not the first time that i've done that and i'm always like, "is your mom going to get mad at you if i do this? you know and, you know, basically, i say, "if it's not good, promise me you're not going to go get it. >> seth: right "the voice" -- are you -- we've talked about this before a couple years ago you were here. are you competitive? i know there's been talks about -- i think we said last
12:59 am
time that on particularly on competitive nights, between and you blake, he sleeps on the couch. is that still happening? >> this season, we are -- i'm going to win >> seth: okay, got you so, i -- [ cheers and applause i feel like -- >> seth: yeah. >> generally -- generally, i'm not a competitive person but when it comes to this show, i feel like it really does bring it out of me i mean, these are -- i basically have lived all of these contestants' dreams. so i have their dreams in the palm of my hand as far as, like, trying to help them. you know what i mean so it's just an amazing role to play and my team this season is ridiculous and they're not only just super talented but they just -- i love them they're very lovable so i'm having a lot of fun i really do want to win. i really want to win >> seth: you also had a bit of fun with blake you posted on instagram this photo with teenagers is that accurate i mean - >> oh, man >> seth: yeah. >> i wish i would have known him then >> seth: you did you wrote you wish - >> he's so cute!
1:00 am
>> seth: that you would have known him then [ laughter ] and you guys are definitely -- you were obviously, even today you have different styles, you and blake. but i would imagine it was even more severe back then, the way you looked and the way he looked >> i think so. >> seth: yeah. >> and i always think about that and i never, never thought that i would get the opportunity to be with someone that has a mullet or had a mullet >> seth: yeah. [ laughter ] >> seth: even ever -- yeah, ever had. >> yeah. can you believe it he actually had that hair cut. that's - [ laughter ] he thought that was great. >> seth: i love blake. and i think he's great i can believe it [ laughter ] >> oh, okay. >> seth: i was not like, "oh, blake had a mullet?" [ laughter ] is it weird for you -- obviously, you know, you came up in a different generation of music, watching "the voice" now and realizing, "oh, this is not just a show like that for them to get their shot" but social media and how much quicker we see artists do their work. because they can get it to everybody at once. is it crazy when you compare how long it took for you to get your break? >> i say it all the time i would never make it on "the
1:01 am
voice. i mean, it is crazy what they do and the opportunities that they have is insane you know but, yeah, we had nothing. we were just in the garage literally for nine years making music we purposely knew was never going to get on the radio. and that was the -- the alternative to the alternative, like - and then just one day, wrote a song called "just a girl" that i thought nobody would ever hear and then it got on radio >> seth: and was that -- [ cheers and applause i mean, yeah incredible song. i remember the first time i saw it you know, and again -- >> you do? >> seth: well, it's a different era as well. because of course you were watching music videos. >> i know. >> seth: see, that's how you saw songs. which i feel like that doesn't happen in the same way anymore >> i feel like did i that video for "just a girl." and, at the time, you've got to remember, like i had nobody helping me i had my make-up box and my suitcase and nothing else. and i remember going from that video shoot to the plane and didn't come home for two and a half years and went around the world.
1:02 am
and -- >> seth: wow >> it was just -- it was the craziest, like, "mom, i'm going on tour. i lived at home. >> seth: yeah. >> like, i lived in my parent' house. [ laughter ] i was 26 >> seth: you -- and now it must be strange because, you know, you have a catalogue of music now that -- you know, as you mentioned, like, you guys started as the alternative to the alternative and then went more mainstream. and now i feel like you have the kind of songs that you can hear almost anywhere. do you ever walk into restaurants and hear your music? is that -- is it just a surreal thing? >> i do. it's so crazy. even just this morning, every time i walked back to the hotel after doing something. my song -- i think they put my song on to walk in [ laughter ] i'm like, "okay. this is cool." and then i'm like -- and then i would drive out. and there's these, like, autograph hounder guys - >> seth: yeah. >> that are in new york. and they'll cycle along and like, "gwen, i've been waiting nine days." and literally had my music on the bike and playing weird b-sides. thinking that if he played a b-side, i'd be like, "roll the window down.
1:03 am
[ laughter ] okay get in the car come on, let's go. >> seth: well, i will tell you that i ask every hotel i stay at to play my theme song when i walk in. and no one will do it. >> aw. >> seth: so you should be flattered. >> i am -- i'm honored and i love it. it never gets old. and any time anyone listens to my music, it just brings me so much joy thank you. so much. [ cheers and applause >> seth: and, yeah, absolutely you were saying backstage, your oldest kids are 13 and 11. is that right? >> and then i have the little one that's five. >> seth: five. >> mm-hmm. >> seth: do they have any relationship with your music yet? how do they feel when they hear it >> i mean, they don't really care - >> seth: yeah. >> about me as far as, like, any of that stuff goes i feel like unless they have, you know, "mom, can you -- do you have ellen degeneres' text can you text 'cause i really want to play 'fortnite' with ninja. [ laughter ] i'm, like, "i'm not going to text ellen so you can play 'fortnite'." you know, like - >> seth: yeah. >> they try to use me sometimes. >> seth: gotcha. so it seems like they're playing it wrong they should walk in and be like, "oh, my god. that b-side was awesome.
1:04 am
hey, mom." [ laughter ] totally independent of me just jamming out to your deep tracks. you mentioned vegas, or i mentioned vegas. this residency is amazing. you have multiple -- this isn't even all the costume changes right? are there -- >> that's -- well, that's all my costume changes. >> seth: okay, got you >> yes >> seth: so you have five different looks. >> god, thank god i don't have more than five >> seth: yeah. but, i want to say, it just must be -- again, to have this body of work and to be able to share with it fans like this, it must just be amazing. >> it is amazing i think that doing the show is something i could have never dreamed up i think that, you know, no doubt played at the same theater one of the first times we played in, you know, the big show we played in vegas. and now i'm playing there at the zappos theater it used to be called the aladdin. it's just -- it's really crazy how time has just flown by and i think that this show is really my life boiled down to a show on stage. and so it's just really, really, nostalgic. everybody comes out from around the world,which is so different from doing a tour. you know what i mean >> seth: sure. >> 'cause it's like it's weird mixture of people that are drunk
1:05 am
in vegas [ laughter ] like - >> seth: yeah. singg, i love talking toan people in the audience 'cause it's such -- so many weirdos. [ laughter ] it's so -- it's just -- it's really fun >> seth: well, that's great. congrats on that >> and i'm going to be there for two years now. so - >> seth: that's amazing. >> the final shows are announced. and it's going to be -- it's going to be one of those bittersweet, like, oh, my gosh you know, it's going to be over. and i did it so - >> seth: well -- >> i hope you guys can come. >> seth: congratulations on that [ cheers and applause best of luck on "the voice." >> thank you thank you. >> seth: i think this is your year >> yes [ chee and applause i. "the voice" airs mondays and tuesdays on nbc. we'll be right back with bradley whitford [ cheers and applause ♪ lost, in a vast desert completely devoid of basset hounds. [ back in baby's arms by patsy cline ] then, it appeared a beacon of hope. ♪ i'm back in baby's arms more glorious than a billion sunsets.
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♪ [ cheers and applause >> seth: our next guest is an emmy-winning actor you know from such shows as "the west wing," "transparent" and "the handmaid's tale. he can be seen next in the upcoming series "perfect harmony," which premieres this
1:10 am
thursday on nbc. let's take look. >> is this hell? i guess i had that coming. >> that was quite a bender you were on, art >> it's arthur how do you know my name? >> we looked through your wallet after we wrestled your pants off. >> you peed so much. >> now you put up quite a fight. luckily, i'm huge. [ light laughter ] >> i shouldn't be here i'm going to get my pants and go >> seth: please welcome to the show bradley whitford, everyone. [ cheers and applause ♪ >> seth: welcome to the show >> it's good to be here. i love your show >> seth: we ran into each other backstage at the emmys >> yes >> seth: and it felt very hollywood. 'cause we both were -- kind of thought you were going to be here this week but we definitely didn't know what day >> neither of us were absolutely sure - >> seth: yeah. >> when it was going to happen
1:11 am
yeah, yeah, yeah >> seth: it was a little bit like, "i think i'm going to see you. >> i think i'll see you soon i think you asked me what day. i said, "i have no idea. >> seth: yeah. [ light laughter ] did you go to any of the parties? >> i went to a couple. i nt to a -- i don't like the parties. >> seth: yeah. >> it's loud people are hammered. >> seth: yep >> it's -- there's a lot of bitter losing people there >> seth: yes [ light laughter ] >> you know? >> seth: the night before the parties are better 'cause there's so many less losers >> there's such potential. >> seth: yeah. everybody -- everybody is thinking, "and tomorrow, i'll have my emmy." >> yes, yes. and then their hopes are dashed. and they're hammered >> seth: yeah. >> yeah. >> seth: you -- but congratulations. you had won an emmy the week before >> at the creative emmys >> seth: the creative emmys. >> yes [ cheers and applause thank you. >> seth: a well deserved -- a well deserved emmy for your work on "handmaid's tale. but you were very sweet. because in your speech, you shouted out an actor who had not even been nominated in the category >> yes andrew scott from -- >> seth: "fleabag. >> from "fleabag" who plays the hot priest [ cheers ] >> seth: the hot priest. [ cheers and applause >> and i think him not getting nominated casts a pall over
1:12 am
every -- every winner. >> seth: yeah. >> yes it makes it meaningless. >> seth: i think it's very strange. especially a week later, "fleabag" rightfully so, in my opinion, getting all of the emmys at once. >> yes >> seth: and you want to say to the voters, "how did you miss hot priest?" >> yeah. i don't know how you missed the hot priest >> seth: yeah. i feel like he was -- he held the whole thing together >> everybody is obsessed with this guy >> seth: everybody is obsessed with the hot - [ cheers ] >> everybody no matter where you are, wants -- you know, on the spectrums, you want to give this guy, for some reason, a brisk workout in cupid's gymnasium [ laughter ] >> seth: yeah. >> you know what i mean? >> seth: and then you -- as i mentioned, you won on "handmaid's tale." your wife, amy is also on "handmaid's tale." >> yes yes. she plays mrs. mackenzie >> seth: yes >> it would make no sense for commander lawrence and mrs. mackenzie to get together >> seth: right, so you're safe >> yeah, yeah, yeah. >> seth: you don't have to worry about having to, like, play the husband and wife on the show >> yeah, yeah. no i can't imagine how that would happen [ light laughter ] >> seth: does it lighten it up a little 'cause i imagine, you know, obviously it's some pretty dark
1:13 am
subject matter >> i'll tell you, it's a really interesting set. because it -- we shoot in canada these are genetically, stereotypically the sweetest human beings on the planet [ cheers ] they are so kind and it's a really wonderful crew and then the material is so brutal so you'll -- [ light laughter ] you'll hear the -- like, the a.d. will say, "okay, i don't want to rush you but i think we should get the nooses on the girls. [ laughter and applause or - it's very bizarre. "oh, no. i'm sorry, you need to spread -- spread your legs we can't see the --" you know [ laughter ] it's like, "oh, my god." >> seth: yeah, well it's good. it cuts it a little bit. >> it cuts it. it's a very loose set. >> seth: the new show is not without some dark elements but its certainly more uplifting than - [ light laughter ] than "the handmaid's tale. >> yeah, it's a lot more uplifting. and the women actually talk back on that show >> seth: that's very nice. >> so -- >> seth: yeah, there's some -- there's some added -- some sass
1:14 am
that you don't see in gilead >> yes, yes. you don't see that sass in gilead >> seth: do you -- how did this come about how did this show come about >> this -- i had been dying to do a comedy. jason winer who -- >> seth: i went to college with. an old college buddy of mine, jason winer. >> oh, really? oh, wow. well, he is wonderful. he directed "modern family" pilot. i love "modern family. i really wanted to meet with him. and lesley wake webster, her grandfather went through a very difficult time at the end of his life, was a big choir director and end up in this church in kentucky and it's got a real kind of "parks and rec" feel with this added musical element. it's a lot of fun. >> seth: and - >> and i play a broken man >> seth: you play a broken man >> yeah, that's my wheelhouse. >> seth: will we see you sing? is that going to happen? >> you will. >> seth: okay. >> you will. [ laughter ] you will at some point >> seth: it was just an anniversary as mentioned on the emmys when you - >> yes >> seth: and jimmy smits, 20 years-- >> 20 years. >> seth: on sunday of "west wing." that's crazy >> i don't know if you've felt this yet but it is very strange there's no segway in show business
1:15 am
like, you're a young guy starting out and then you're wilford brimley. >> seth: yeah. [ light laughter ] well, i have a weird thing, which is my entire career has been in this building. so i have the same i.d. from 2001 [ laughter ] >> listen, i actually -- when i got out of the garage here, they said, "yes, it's the same floor as 'snl.' and the security guy was like, "yeah, seth -- seth -- he can't leave the hallway. >> seth: yeah. [ laughter ] right. i'm like -- i'm in this giant building i've literally been on the same hallway. [ laughter ] >> i know. >> seth: it was like i went to college in my backyard >> it's like a career treadmill. >> seth: yeah, exactly do you -- do people ever ask you because of your association with "the west wing," would you ever consider a life in politics? >> yes i get asked that a lot my standard answer is, "i have no desire or capacity to act that much. [ laughter ] >> seth: you have a perfect amount of acting now [ cheers and applause >> yeah, this is fine. >> seth: congrats on the new show >> thank you >> seth: congrats on the emmy. >> thank you >> seth: thank you so much for being here
1:16 am
bradley whitford, everybody. [ cheers and applause "perfect harmony" premieres this thursday night at 8:30 we'll be right back with emily spivey [ cheers and applause ♪ [upbeat music] no matter how much you clean, does your house still smell stuffy? that's because your home is filled with soft surfaces that trap odors and release them back into the room. so, try febreze fabric refresher febreze finds odors trapped in fabrics (bubbles popping) and cleans them away as it dries. use febreze every time you tidy up to keep your whole house smelling fresh air clean. fabric refresher even works for clothes you want to wear another day. make febreze part of your clean routine for whole home freshness. ♪la la la la la. burrito. raw kitfo fried shiso. pork chop. soda pop. soursop. hot pot. scallop. kebab. (inhale) brussels sprout. sauerkraut. fresh-caught trout. alfalfa sprout. we are america's kitchen. doordash. every flavor welcome.
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♪ [ cheers and applause >> seth: our next guest is an emmy award-winning writer who you know from her work on "saturday night live" and the film "wine country." she's the creator of the new animated series, "bless the harts," which premieres sunday night on fox lets take a look >> that storage unit contains a high dollar gold mine. >> oh, good lord what have you done just spill it. >> no can do
1:27 am
the less you know the better wealth changes people. and just like jake nickolstone says - [ printing sounds [ paper rips ] [ laughter ] >> seth: please welcome to the show, one of my favorite people in the world, emily spivey, everyone [ cheers and applause ♪ >> seth: hi, spivey. >> hi! oh, my god this is so exciting. >> seth: this is so exciting it is such a trip to have you back in the building we met in this building. >> we did. >> seth: we started the same year, 2001, on "saturday night live." >> yes, right. right after 9/11 >> seth: you're in the same class. right after 9/11 >> we're in the same class, yeah >> seth: and i feel like people who come together at "snl" are always sort of intensely close but i think the fact that we started days before 9/11 - >> yeah. in that intense time
1:28 am
>> seth: made us even closer yeah >> oh, yeah. >> seth: it was a tricky time to work in comedy >> oh, my god. >> seth: and i was saying about this earlier you're one of my favorite people to be around in terms of when you have to write. because you are a brilliant writer who is very honest about how hard it is and how much you hate it. >> oh, it's horrible >> seth: yeah. [ light laughter ] >> it's a horrible nightmare >> seth: yeah. >> it's like a hard turd [ laughter ] every time you sit down to write something -- >> seth: yeah. >> it's like living a nightmare over and over. [ laughter ] and by the way, i'm so grateful to be doing it i don't mean to sound like - >> seth: yeah. >> you know, like -- >> seth: but every -- 'cause i think -- we were saying there's some writers who -- they're very confident. they walk down the halls you're like, "what do you got tonight? and they're like, "i got a couple of really good ideas. whereas every time i ask you, you'd be like, "y'all i got nothin'. >> i got nothin' i got nothin'! [ laughter ] that's horrible. >> seth: i do want to prove how much -- how little that was true these are some of the franchises you wrote. >> oh, god aww. >> seth: there she is. >> poehler is kaitlin! >> seth: kaitlin personal favorite of mine. there's "bronx beat. >> oh, "bronx beat." >> seth: yeah. >> the world is going to blow up
1:29 am
[ cheers and applause >> seth: the world is going to blow up. "donatella." >> oh, god [ laughter ] look at horatio. >> seth: horatio is elton john >> elton john. >> seth: i can't believe he didn't get to play elton john in that movie they made >> why didn't he >> seth: come on >> i thought the same thing. [ light laughter ] >> seth: and then of course you -- >> oh, my god. "oprah's favorite things." >> seth: yeah. >> the studio blew up. >> seth: the studio blew up. >> yeah. >> seth: and then you wrote a less popular, i think -- >> right >> seth: in the annals of "snl." >> it delighted like four people >> seth: it delighted -- for billy bob thornton, which i think was our fourth or fifth show >> yes >> seth: and it was called "fenced-in area. >> "fenced-in area." >> seth: and there i am. on the same night that i gave blake shelton [ bleep ] for having a mullet. [ laughter ] there i am [ applause ] >> i want you to -- i want you to have this hair in real life >> seth: yes >> i'm -- i'm so attracted to you in this. >> seth: thank you [ laughter ] >> with this look. >> seth: you -- this is a very specific kind of sketch that you wrote. >> yes >> seth: you're from north carolina >> yes >> seth: you are enamored by this world you wrote on "king of the hill." >> yes >> seth: explain real quick the premise behind "fenced-in area," because it is as small an idea - >> it's a whiff of a concept
1:30 am
[ light laughter ] it barely clung to the paper as i writing. but this -- billy bob fenced-in an area in his backyard that was about as big as this little stage-a-roo thing. d then he had big dreams about what he was going to do with it. like, meaning, i might put a pool in there. [ light laughter ] i might buy some rottweilers, put them in there. and then -- so it was ruining his life so then seth was his little brother who showed up to say, "please come inside and stop drinking beer and staring at your fenced-in area. [ laughter ] and he had this beautiful mullet and he was saying, "let's go key jeff turner's four wheeler." >> seth: yeah. and -- [ light laughter ] and this is a true story when billy bob thornton was on this show a couple years ago, i had not seen him -- 16 years i had not seen him and i walked into his dressing room and he went, "fenced-in area." [ laughter ] so it landed with him. >> yes well, i love him oh, my god he's - >> seth: "bless the harts" is similar to this world. yes? >> yes >> seth: and is this inspired by
1:31 am
where you came from and the people you knew? >> oh, god, yeah yeah it's all about my home town. everything i write secretly takes place in the south, which you know about like, even if its not the south, in my mind it's the south. and it also might be in the '80s the 1980s. [ light laughter ] but yeah in the vein of my southern obsession, "bless the harts" is this billy bob character it's my hometown and it's people i grew up with and it's sort of like a "king of the hill" that takes place in north carolina with female leads, lets say. >> seth: yeah. 'cause you have -- some of the voices of people heard in the clip kristen wiig, maya rudolph, the incredibly talented jillian bell >> mm-hmm. >> seth: ike barinholtz. >> yep >> seth: and it must be so fun to know that you have these people who's voices over the years, you've come to learn so well >> oh, my gosh yeah it's been -- it's a delight writing for them. 'cause it's just like a family it's like our twin language. like, anyone from the groundlings or "snl" or whatever, you do speak the same comedic language it is like -- it feels -- it's like orgasmic writing for that [ light laughter ] yeah, it's just been -- i'm the
1:32 am
luckiest girl in the world >> seth: i wanna - [ cheers and applause this is very strange to use our time together to talk about something that neither of us wrote. >> right >> seth: but our friend colin jost wrote a sketch for justin timberlake that is maybe the hardest i've ever seen you laugh. >> oh, my god. it was amazing >> seth: and the hardest i laughed watching you laugh but the premise of the sketch was he played michael mcdonald, the singer, michael mcdonald - >> yes, from the doobie brothers >> seth: who had opened a restaurant called mcdonald's >> right >> seth: "michael mcdonald's mcdonald's." >> right >> seth: unaware -- the premise was he was unaware that there was a previously existing mcdonald's >> strangely unaware yes. >> seth: yeah. >> i guess he was out of the country or touring or something. >> seth: and so the whole sketch was him explaining the legal troubles he was in >> right but it was premise heavy because not only were there legal troubles, but also the mcdonald's was in a bad part of town >> seth: yes >> so it was like a double premise. >> seth: yeah. >> it was very dense >> seth: it very dense >> yeah. >> seth: it was at dress rehearsal. and again, justin timberlake can make anything work except this
1:33 am
[ laughter ] here's a clip from "michael mcdonald's mcdonald's." >> oh, lord have mercy >> unfortunately my legal problems are only the tip of the iceberg. it turns out you need a lot of permits to open a restaurant permits i do not have. ♪ the sign fell off the roof and it landed on the top of a school bus ♪ [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause >> seth: but this was our going away present for you we wrote down every pitch we had written. >> in that rewrite >> seth: and all the rewrite was, was us singing michael mcdonald lines about a bad mcdonald's >> mm-hmm. yeah >> seth: like, for example - ♪ a mama racoon just gave birt in the ball pit ♪ >> yeah. [ laughter ] yeah this went on for hours also, i was deeply pregnant. i was about two weeks from giving birth >> seth: oh, yeah. that's right >> so the whole time - >> seth: we thought you were going to - >> i was laughing so hard. i was like, "the baby's going to squirt out." [ laughter ]
1:34 am
and i'm just going to keep pitching 'cause i did not want this rewrite sess to end. i think we were there until like 12:30 >> seth: we were there and, again, we realized we wasted all this time the minute the sketch started, it was like, this ain't going to air. [ laughter ] >> but was it -- but the joy it gave us, though. was it really a waste of time? >> seth: oh, it's the best -- let's do the part. ♪ i watched a rat eat a fish fillet and die ♪ [ laughter ] >> the rat ate a fish fillet and died [ laughter ] my other favorite one was -- ♪ the only mcflurry is the flurry of gunfire ♪ it's like why? [ laughter ] why did he build this "mcdonald's mcdonald's." >> seth: why did he built it >> also what are you doing >> seth: what are you doing? so, again, i just want to throw it out to the universe look, justin timberlake is a busy guy we have a thing at our show called, "second chance theater." >> justin, come on back. >> seth: i feel like if we can ever -- if there was ever a reason - >> please, lord. >> seth: to do it, it's "michael mcdonald's mcdonald's." >> from your mouth to god's ears
1:35 am
>> seth: yes [ light laughter ] congratulations on your show >> thank you >> seth: it is absutely a delight to have you here >> aw. >> seth: that's emily spivey, everybody. "bless the harts" premieres sunday night on fox. we'll be right back. oh, my gosh. [ cheers and applause ♪
1:36 am
1:37 am
[ cheers and applause >> seth: my thanks to gwen stefani, bradley whitford emily spivey, everybody. [ cheers and applause fred armisen of course, the 8g band stay tuned for "a little late with lilly singh." we'll see you tomorrow [ cheers and applause ♪ >> lilly: tonight on "a little late with lilly singh", we've got natalie portman. >> thank you so much for having me [ cheers and applause >> lilly: oh, my god, you guys, natalie portman just talked to me [ light laughter ] >> of course i'm talking to you. you have a talk show >> lilly: my god, she's still talking to me. [ laughter ] what do i do what do i do [ light laughter ] >> you could talk back to me >> lilly: she wants me to talk back to her. gh


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