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tv   Early Today  NBC  October 18, 2019 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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as if the mulvaney briefing and walk back on quid pro quo, police detain an armed man with a breathing mask and an aerosol can. calling himself the meryl streep of generals and a ceasefire allows kurdish forces to retreat. but how long will they last? [ gun fire >> gun battles erupt as mexico
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says the son of of the infamous el chapo is arrested by police plus the reigning mvp is knocked out. plus have you heard of the beard that's illegal in 15 states i'm frances rivera >> peace in the middle east for now. es for vice president mike pence strike as deal with turkish president erdogan for what's being called a ceasefire >> turkish it will pause to allow for withdrawal for 120 hours. >> and erin, that's only like five days. can this really be called a cea ceasefire? >> reporter: good morning.
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we're about a mile away flim boarder and we've been hearing fire not exactly the sounds you'd expect to hear during a successful ceasefire a ceasefire which was brokered yesterday between the united states and turkey that include a five-day cessation of activities dropping economic sanctions. withdrawing from the so-called turkish safe zone. key players were missing, namethry syrians, the russians and the kurds. and kurdish commanderes saying they will honor the ceasefire for the area you see behind me other areas will have to be discussed.
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president erdogan says i'm heapful this will provide stability in the region. >> right there on the turkey/syria boarder we all know everything is bigger in texas including the insults. president trump during a fiery rally in dallas. >> that crazy nancy. she is crazy and shifty schiff. >> and scary moment outside the rally police arrested an armed manl wearing a mhelmet and a vest that after a pretty muchy day for mick mulvaney and it left the white house legal team reportedly stunned when mulvaney
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ended up admitting on a camcan ruthat one of the reasons, part of the reason aid was with hehed of ukrain was that it was political. they wanted ukrain to investigate a conspiracy thereny volving democrats in the 2016 election in other words it wasn't gist about corruption in ukrain mulvaney tried to clean it up. but not everyone is buying that. here's what he said. >> reporter: you look back at scent 16 was opart of what he was worried about in can corruption we do that all the time with foreign policy i have news for everybody get over it. there's gebei there's going to be political influence in foreign policy. >> reporter: and here on capitol hill some democrats just weren't
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buyingt, saying whatever mulvaney steez walk that bax it's on you. >> and we're playing it again and again. tracie potts for us. thanks frrjs a during a contentious meeting the president called hiss former defense chief world's most over rated general. last night the retired machine general fought back. >> i'm not just an over rated general. i'm the greatest, the world's most overrated so i would tell you too i'm honored to be considered that by donald trump but he also called meryl streep
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an overrated actress so i guess i'm the meryl streep of generals and frankly that sounds pretgy to me. and between me and meryl, at least we've had some victories >> mattis was the key note speaker in new york. chicago public schools will be closed again today as the teacher's strike moves into day two. they rallied and maefrpd bemanying signs and banners. as well as an increase in pay. negotiations are said to be progressing. but both sides said they haveinahave not yet come to an agreement >> after witnessing men float out of the hatch, later this morning that will change
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nasaast raw notes will make history with space walk 21 nasa announced they didn't have enough space suits they're also former girl scouts. they're getting their space badge. trj it is do or die for the yankees. top of the third, astros with 3 run homer and top of the sixth with a three-run sdwrook left field. yanks just couldn't recover. yankees will try to keep the series alive tonight 7:08 eastern time. >> we'll get to that in a minute after these highlights
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the chiefs in thursday night football >> mahomes, throws, juggle and a catch, touchdown >> typical start for the chiefs but then every chief's fufrs nightmare. isrr going called a putellau dislocation. we're exbepecting an injury upde later today. the visiting chiefs held the them to a 70 yards rushing the yankees the astros >> you can tell you're very clear. astros, yankees. >> it's not over yet almost >> it's over. orour potential dropical storm developing in the ghost of
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mexico it still doesn't have a bell organized center. it's going to push rain and water towards the coast. we do have a storm surge warning. and this is mostly beneficial it chance will be later this afternoon and dechinately with me forecast can coming up. >> it's going to be a big one over yankee stadium. a mother from hawaii found a
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gun charges. $1.6 trillion in federal and private student loans now owed by 45 million americans. we confront a top executive in hawaii katy beck has more >> reporter: on the shoreline of maui's beach at the luxurious fair mont hotel, more than 100 of its employees are on a five-day paid trip, 5 billion in student loans to 374,000 borrowers. we confronted ray quinland >> i'd be perfectly happy to talk to you. >> reporter: he says this is an annual sales meeting and while they didn't pay for families to attend
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>> we said it's hawaii, so it you want to stay >> reporter: and many people they have lent to find them in a desperate one. >> how much do you owe >> $304,000 >> that's a mortgage >> i try not to thing about it because i can't breathe. >> they offered a private loan for her magsers with a higher, variable interest rate when the bill came, mcdaniel was hopeful she would work out a plan >> they said so sorry we'll garnish your wages if you don't make those payments. >> reporter: so nine years ago she and her husband filed for bankruptcy bankruptcy erases. >> some but not all student loans.
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>> reporter: in 2014 they split into two companies salliemae bank and navent. both being sued by the city of illinois a failure to offer proper repayment options and faulty can collection practices sall salliemae, says we believe navient, a separate and independent company is responsible for all liabilities. the website boasts helping america pay for college for more than 40 years. back in hawaii quinland defends practices. did you give any thought to the optics othis executives in hawaii -- >> having an annual planning session and recognition of
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accomplishments our sales course has been something done since the company was founded in 1972. i think we arer done >> reporter: but the struggles far from done. she's hired an attorney to argue bankruptcy should have cleared her debt because it was a private loan >> it effects my can children. how am i going to send them to college? >> reporter: nbc news, maui. still ahead a child hood dream for barbie fans. the beer so strong it is illegal in 15 states (vo) align helps to soothe your occasional digestive upsets 24/7 with a strain of bacteria you can't get anywhere else. (woman) you could say align puts the "pro" in probiotic. so where you go, the pro goes. (vo) go with align. the pros in digestive health.
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yes, we do when you don't think about anything -- >> always on it. comedy sec comedy central's "south park" taking jabs at lebron james and his comments on hong kong. protest healthy school lunch option using the same quote james gave a few days ago. when asked about the fight, hee here's what james had to say >> yes, we all do have freedom of speech but at times there are ramifications when you only
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thing about others >> the lakers star wasvilyea criticized for comments and the story just won't die >> it keeps going. just huge controversy. >> and it's intersing to see the difference between the people against what colin kaepernick was trying to do and now having a very different stance. >> politics and sports coming together if you were a barbie girl he's a chance to live in a real barbie world airbnb is offing a stay in a life size version of of the malibu dream house it's in the heart of omalibu california and will open its doors to one fan plus their three guests for just 60 buck as night. it's only a available for a three-night stay from october 27th to the 29th reservations open october 23rd
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>> it's going to get taken and you go is. that's incredible though sam adams are releasing their most expensive and strong beer yet so strong it's illegal in 15 states utopia's beer has 78% alcohol and a whopping $210 per bottle and a keg $33,000. this is the 11th release of utopia and only 77 wooden barrels of the batch were brewed a version of the earlier versions >> one ounce, 20 bucks but with that kind of alcohol content, that is more than a shot >> you hear about expensive wine and liquor i've never heard of beer like this >> cheers to you still ahead bill will tell
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it is time now to check in with willie geist to see what's coming up on "sunday today." >> my guest is actor, edward norton we got together to talk about his career, from earning an oscar nomination for "primal fear" which was the very first movie he ever made, through "american history x", "fight club" and "motherless brooklyn" he's been working on for years as writerx director, produceer, star. you can set that dvr and
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watch us anytime you like. we'll see you sunday morning we will be watching. ed norton one of the most underrated actors we have. >> today we're remembering congressman elijah can cummings. the flag flew at half staff in his honorer. funeral plans will be announced laterer today. now let's listen on the firs congressional floor speech >> so my mission is one that can comes out of a vision created longx long ago it is a mission and a vision to empower people to make people realize that the power is within them that they too can do things that they want to do and there's a point that karen mitchell said
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many years ago that i say sometim sometimes 20 time as day i only have a minute 60 seconds in it i did not choose it wut i know i must use it, give account if ibuse it and eternity is in it. and so i join you as we move forward to uplift not only the nael nation but the world may god bless you all and may god bless america. >> he was 68 years old certainly powerful words >> he was fighting to uphold our democracy to the very end. >> hope you have a great weekend. >> but before you go, coming up
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and good friday morning to you. october 18th. take a live look out in san francisco, beautiful way to start out our friday. the weekend is next door. >> we're knocking. >> good morning to you all. thanks for starting your morning with us. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm kris sanchez in for dp laura garcia. we have vianey arana in for kari hall. a cool start. >> very cool start. yesterday we had a little bit of rain cut through. we're not expecting rain for the coastline tonight but we could see some light showers up to the north bay and our current temperatures remain cool. 52 degrees right now, not necessarily cold. if you look at the numbe


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