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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 18, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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and good friday morning to you. october 18th. take a live look out in san francisco, beautiful way to start out our friday. the weekend is next door. >> we're knocking. >> good morning to you all. thanks for starting your morning with us. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm kris sanchez in for dp laura garcia. we have vianey arana in for kari hall. a cool start. >> very cool start. yesterday we had a little bit of rain cut through. we're not expecting rain for the coastline tonight but we could see some light showers up to the north bay and our current temperatures remain cool. 52 degrees right now, not necessarily cold. if you look at the numbers in
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napa, about 42 degrees. look at your temperature trend for the next couple of hours, we'll get a mix of sun and clouds, a little cloudy around the coastline and breezy. what i'm monitor something a high surf advisory. i'll have a closer look at that and how that may affect you if you're headed out to the beach. i'll send things over to mike. >> rain for those of you listening, cold. the rest of the bay is moving nicely, a smooth drive and no problems in the tri-valley we have one crash, got my eyes on this, been there for a while, east 84, it's getting away from the 680, and over toward pleasanton sunol road. runs parallel to 680. no major issues. the rest of the bay there's contra costa county a great drive headed to bay bridge with no delay across either of any of the spans. back to you. >> thank you, mike. happening today, pg&e executives are set to face questions from state commission regarding the controversial power shutoff last week. >> "today in the bay's" pete suratos joins us live with the
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details. good morning, pete. >> reporter: good morning to you, guys. this california public utilities commission calling for this emergency meeting to take place in san francisco, a little bit later today and really they want to make sure that this power shutoff's process runs a bit smoother in the future. i want to read this letter from pg&e's ceo, withilliam johnson admitting communications could have been better with the more than 700,000 customers affected by the power shutoffs ranging from issues with the pg&e website crashing, there were a lot of complaints around that and better communication with different government agencies. he says he understands it was a burden to have these shutoffs in place but that the shutoffs needed to be done in order to prevent risks of catastrophic wildfires. pg&e reported wind gusts of 77 miles per hour in sonoma county and 75 miles per hour in contra costa county during these shutoffs w more than 100
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incidents of damage or hazards within the affected areas. the cpuc, this commission still wants executives to publicly address any mistakes or operational issues at today's meeting to make sure more importantly these issues don't pop up again. of note in that pg&e letter, the ceo does say the shutoffs aren't a long-term solution and shouldn't become status quo for customers. we'll see if that holds true, but that commission meeting set to take place in san francisco at 1:00 p.m. reporting live, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> we know a lot of folks are listening to hear what happens in that meeting, so we'll be watching. thank you, pete. new everynight, police say a driver deliberately tried to hit several people near lake merritt amphitheater in oakland, near 12th street and lake merritt boulevard around 9:40 last night. according to "the east bay times" a vehicle drove off the street nearly hitting a cyclist and pedestrian. no word yet on injuries. could be cord police are releasing sketches of these four
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men, take a look, tied to an unsolved deadly shooting from four years ago. it happened on september 12th, 2015, when a 20-year-old man died at the pine meadows apartment complex near monument and oak grove. police are releasing the sketches in the wake of new evidence and asking to you contact the department if these guys seem familiar. fire at the new star energy facility in crockett, our investigative unit employees fled after the fire erupted without turning on the automated fire suppression system. federal officials are investigating. cal osha order the the compa to preserve all pipes and tanks involved. new star energy says they have no cause yet for the fiery blast. 4:34 and a follow-up for you, a palo alto police sergeant accused in an excessive force lawsuit has reportedly retired according to "the mercury news."
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sergeant wayne benitez the man arrested is suing the city of palo alto and the san francisco. alvarez accuses the sergeant of slamle his head into his car win cooutside his home. here is alvarez's attorney. >> the fact sergeant benitez was able to retire and draw a pension before anything was done by the agency shows that the agency is at fault. >> the city of palo alto is not confirming the sergeant retired, only that he is no longer with the department. a judge has since dismissed the charges that originally got alvarez arrested. coming up on "today in the bay," bay area ecigarette company juul is making a big step suspending all fruity flavored products. a look at the most recent deaths associated with vaping and the increased number of people who are getting sick. plus ford is forming partnerships to increase its charging stations across the
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company. and a live look at the bay bridge, nice and light this morning. it's friday morning, perhaps you have a little extra long weekend. we'll check in with mike for your commute and we'll talk to vianey about your weather forecast coming up. the van gogh.
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gdp data out of china. the world's second largest economy grew 6% from a year ago, china's weakest pace of expansion in nearly three decades. the data offset otherwise positive market moves after the uk and european union struck a brexit deal thursday. lawmakers still need to approve the deal when they vote in a special session of parliament saturday. on tap in the u.s., american express and coke coloo report their earnings before the opening bell. juul is immediately suspending all fruity flavored ecigarette sales in the u.s., while the trump administration is readying a ban on flavored ecigarett ecigarettesed aamid a teen vaping epidemic. the centers for disease control say at least 33 people died from a vapele related lung disease. nearly 1500 more are sick. juul will continue selling its mint, menthol and tobacco flavors. ford is teaming up with avolkswagen and to provide its future electric car customers with nearly 12,000
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charging stations across north america. buye of for electric cars get two years of free access to the twork of more than 35,000 charged plugs. voegz waggens will set up the fast charging station sites and ford will work with amazon for installation of home charging setups. marcus and kris, back over to you. >> sounds like a plan. thanks, frank. coming up here on "today in the bay," vianey arana is ac that weekend forecast. >> it's going to be another cool evening, but we've got another cold front sweeping through, which could mean a chance of showers for the north bay. i'll talk about what you can expect tonight in the north bay, and also your weekend forecast coming up. >> sounds like winds of change. the chp has given a note about maybe stronger winds across the san mateo bridge, but so far the drive is a breeze. we'll show you what's going on a little farther out for your commute. come try my really big chicken sandwich combo with
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>> what? is this real? >> that's what i do, when i win, i just put it over my head. >> holding it like a baby. >> okay he has the mouth taped. who just holds an alligator over their head that could just snap your arm off. >> that say tremendous tail. >> i know. and in the water more powerful. >> maybe it's the chlorine, his eyes, stings my eyes. >> vianey, you sound like you're a little under the weather, you need some vicks? >> i was good all night, if you know, you know. >> i know. >> because, because. [ speaking in foreign language ] tea, the whole night. so forgive my stuffy nose. i will do my best not to snivel too much. right now san jose 52 degrees. the wind calm and it's beautiful outside, in terms much the skies we're pretty clear. let's look at the temperatures throughout the entire bay area.
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it's chilly through santa cruz, 48 degrees. 46 in san martin. as kris said, woke up to sheen on the roadways, a little bit of rain. it was kind of nice. we had a cold front that passed through and also made for some windy conditions, some breezy conditions especially around the coastline. look at satellite radar. we have a second front expected to drop down tonight which could mean the chance of seeing some more rain but mainly for the far north bay. not everybody is going to get rain from this. another thing we're noticing the waves are starting to kick up so there is a high surf advisory that will remain in effect through tonight. the largest hazards are always going to be the rip currents and the sneaker waves along the coastline so be careful if you are going to the beach, maybe not the best time to get in the water although i do know that surfers definitely love to see that high surf, just be careful out there. microclimate highs today in the 60s for san francisco, 65, oakland 69. san jose 70 degrees, so no big
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changes in the temperatures once again, a cool comfortable afternoon. your weather setup for the next couple of days, breezyith a chance of rain mainly mainly for the north bay through saturday morning some high clouds and the morning fog around the coastline and then by next week, i'm talking late next week it will start turning dry and hot as high pressure returns and the winds are going to kick up and we'll be monitoring once again for fire danger concern. monday, tuesday and wednesday we'll get the upper 80s and the winds expected to kick up by thursday. any time we have wind and dry conditions, the elevated fire danger kicks in. so again, as we head in toward saturday and sunday we'll get that morning fog, 67 degrees. by sunday probably the clearest day. not a lot of cloud cover expected sunday, a little cloud cover expected through tomorrow. mike, how are the roads? >> trying to recover from seeing the 80s on the forecast, my gosh. the roads are looking great, a live look at oakland and wood debris reported, i don't know what kind of wood but this is
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oakland and north 880 around broadway. chp took one sweep through the area, they were not impacted but someone was concerned enough to call about it in your left two lanes. we'll take another sweep and track that. no major problems just north of the coliseum. i see a little slowing that did pop up, someone may have slowed down already from that earlier issue and then maybe it cleared as cars hit the wood, tends to happen with smaller pieces. the rest of the bay shows an easy drive. we're showing you down to the south bay, right there the tri-valley, that's over at pleasanton sunol off of eastbound 84 just off 680 a crash that did guardrail damage earlier today and the department of transportation is there no pu. ale see if they have to close any lanes. none reported there. the bay bridge toll plaza has just a few folks waiting in the cash lanes, traditional as they haven't yet opened all the cash lanes but no major issues right now. that's good. >> thanks, mike. today we wrap up our coverage as we take a final look back at the 30th anniversary of
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the loma prieta earthquake. >> we've been talking about the loss and destruction in parts of our infrastructure but the bay bridge and the cypress structure weren't the only freeways that were impacted. mike inouye has been talking about this, a lot of people forget about the central freeway in san francisco. >> the central freeway is centrally located. this is the freeway that used to cut from highway 101 basically up across the city, and over here we're looking at aerial shots of another one over at the top corner now as we've taken this panning view, the embarcadero freeway. that one made a drive coming off of the bay bridge and curling around, went up to the embarcadero. you see the tower, you see the bay bridge and the tower in the foregrou foreground, that's the ferry building and the double decks in front of it, completely blocked the view, completely forgotten visual in my mind until we started talking about the memories and i realized my gosh, there used to be these two freeways there. it blocked the view of the ferry building and that was an issue. let me show you on the traffic
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maps, this is as folks are getting off the bay bridge, we'll show you that both decks were closed. multideck freeways of course were close there had. we have some other video and maybe that wasn't in the system but we'll talk about it. both of the freeways the central freeway and embarcadero freeway were closed after the collapse of 880. here is the shot. getting off the bay bridge we have the purple route took you toward the embarcadero area. that's gone. you have to hit city streets which takes you along 101 and van ness and over to lombard. that's your solution toward the two freeways that were destroyed, had to be destroyed. they weren't destroyed in the earthquake as we talked about, cypress, the bay bridge, those two major freeways were the ones that were damaged but the other two multideck freeways there was concern over them so we had to close them after the freeway and it was years later that they were destroyed, but now look at this, as a result of that embarcadero freeway taken down we can see this beautiful clock tower and the beautiful view of
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the ferry building. up until the freeway was destroyed, we couldn't see a look at that beautiful architecture and for folks familiar with the ferry building there's the plaza here with the trains running through it, that was completely blocked by this multistory basically looked like a parking structure but it was a roadway. also the central freeway being taken down, we also had opportunities for things like here in hazen valley, this is patricia's green, a park and this is one, two, a bunch of other displays that have been there. we've been talking about those, came over from burning man or coachella and other installat n installations there. >> changed clearly the look of san francisco but also made it a little difficult to get through the city. you can't just go that one route anymore. >> that's right. there are two freeways that were going to help you cut through the city. scott and i were talking about the other day, san francisco is the only major metropolitan city that doesn't have a freeway that allows to you bypass it. it was a huge concern. chinatown used to see a lot of
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traffic coming off the embarcadero and others take to you civic center and that was a big adjustment, huge adjustment. you saw the quality of life, the ferry building and the hayes valley expansion and other green parkways and views and access to the beauty of the city. while it is a pain, i'll be honest, to get through the city, 19th avenue, van ness are crowded, it is a beautiful city to live in partly because of the rebirth after the earthquake. >> moving here, a lot of people say there was a freeway that was right here and you're like -- >> why would anybody put one there? >> i thought that. >> like it's prime real estate, a beautiful view that we should all get to share. >> a lifelong resident of the bay area, i went away for school but this is my home and i completely forgot that was there in the 30 years since or in the 20 years since it was taken down. oh my gosh. >> thanks. >> thank you, mike. >> 4:51. you know what, take a look at
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this here, our emmy award winning document tear series "bay area revelations" we're reairing the special tomorrow at 4:00 p.m. here on nbc bay area. if you're now home, you can actually watch it on our digital app or even set your dvrs, that way you don't miss a moment of it. it was really good. new for you this morning, contra costa county sheriff is asking for your help in a homicide case. a san pablo man 40-year-old william tate was found dead yesterday near the train tracks at giant road and parr boulevard in unincorporated part of the county near north richmond. at first investigators thought tate was hit by a train but turns out that he was shot. this new this morning the central valley woman who just out of jail for driving drunk and killing her little sister while live streaming on instagram is back in jail. investigators say 20-year-old abdulia sanchez led stockson police officers on a chase
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yesterday before she crashed her vehicle. a man was in the car with sanchez during the chase but took off running after the crash and did get away. sanchez was arrested and officers found a gun in her car. the video you're seeing is of that livestream in which her sister died. last year sanchez was sentenced to six years behind bars in her sister's death but got out early last month for good behavior. coming up on "today in the bay," "nbc bay area responds." >> a billing mixup of less than $200 and a $2,000 jewelry dispute. we take consumer cases of all kinds. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura, "nbc bay area responds" and telemundo 48 responde next. first happening now, anti-government protests continue in hong kong today. the city is bracing for a full weekend of demonstrations. thursday kari lam was forced
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out. they are calling for a human chain outside the metro station tonight. 0
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good morning, richmond. taking a live look outside, see some cars on the road. mike will help us get through the commute coming up in a bit. not too bad right there. 4:56 for you right out in. nbc bay area responds to consumer complaints from our viewers in english and spanish. >> consumer investigator chris chmura wants to share a few victories. >> good morning, for more than three years now we worked cleesly with our colleagues at telemundo 48 responde to assist our viewers throughout the community. during that time we helped put
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more than diagnosis $3.9 millio our viewers apockets. leslie in san jose was seeing red ink in a dispute over newspaper delivery. our "nbc bay area responds" team helped her get back $122.71. guadalupe and norma in hayward ran into a dispute with a jeweler. arlen fernandez and her team helped them get back $2,851.31. we'd love to try and help you, too. call us any time, 888-996-tips for the nbc tip line or 844-408-4848 for telemundo. have a great weekend. >> thanks, chris, you, too. coming up on "today in the bay," vianey is in for kari tracking our forecast on this friday. >> it's going to be a good one, another cool afternoon. notice we have a little bit of that cloud cover, and of course
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we've got the breezy conditions along the coastline. i'm tracking the high surf advisory. i'll break down the potential for the weekend forecast of course coming up. and a potential for some slowing as these crews you see the flashing lights at willow, start to move out of the area but right now, traffic moves smoothly between marsh and university where the crews are. it is day ten of the santa clara county worker's strike, back on the picket line this morning. we'll show you what they're demanding and whether or not they might get it. need a nice reward today?
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who is the whistle-blower, we have to know. is the whistle-blower a spy and who is the ig that did this? >> right now at 5:00, a brewing impeachment showdown, president trump plays defense on the campaign trail. our washington insider is following reaction from capitol hill. when i say union, you say power. union. >> power. >> union. >> power. >> and on the picket line once again, today marks day ten of a santa clara county worker strike. a live look report on the demands the employees of making of the county this morning. and history-making day in space. these are pictures where the first all fee miami space walk wi female space walk will happen today. history being made to you.


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