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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 18, 2019 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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who is the whistle-blower, we have to know. is the whistle-blower a spy and who is the ig that did this? >> right now at 5:00, a brewing impeachment showdown, president trump plays defense on the campaign trail. our washington insider is following reaction from capitol hill. when i say union, you say power. union. >> power. >> union. >> power. >> and on the picket line once again, today marks day ten of a santa clara county worker strike. a live look report on the demands the employees of making of the county this morning. and history-making day in space. these are pictures where the first all fee miami space walk wi female space walk will happen today. history being made to you. good morning. i like that. >> it's been a long time since
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we've been walking out in space and never all the ladies together. >> i know. ♪ all the ladies but not single. ♪ all the ladies >> ooh. >> thanks so much for joining us this morning. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia, and vianey arana is in for kari hall this morning, and at least we're not seeing the drizzle. >> it's not drizzly out for most of the bay area but it's cool, though. look at santa rosa 46, napa 44, down through santa cruz 48 degrees. in through san jose still the 40s and if you're going to be headed now anywhere today, you're probably going to notice we'll have a little bit of that cloud cover, still going to be breezy around the coastline and concord i want to show this to you. this is typically one of our hotter spots. by 12:00 we'll be at 68 and get this, only expected to hit the low to mid-70s but enjoy it because we have a warmup that may be approaching sooner than you think. let's head things over to mike. >> all right vianey, the richmond-san rafael bridge where marcus showed there was a crew
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on the right shoulder, as you drove over in that lane, everything's cleared in the last couple minutes. i saw them clear into the parking lot area without delay. no delays across the richmond to san rafael bridge. no problem for the bay bridge toll plaza. a few more folks waiting for cash lanes, why we changed from green to yellow, just the fastrak you're great. marking where the wood was, we are not getting confirmation all lanes are clear but 880 past broadway seems fine. the rest of the bay at speed. a little slowing for 84 as you approach ruby hill, no problem there. marcus, back to you. >> thanks, mike. just in to our newsroom, both directions of highway 29 north of calistoga are open again, after a brush fire last night in lake county. the fire burned about 15 acres near middleton south of clearlake, also triggered some evacuations in that area but we learned those evacuations have now been lifted. now to capitol hill this morning, president trump is back in washington after a campaign
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rallyov overnight in territory. the reaction to his acting chief of staff is anything but after he admitted exactly what the president denied about ukraine. "today in the bay's" tracie potts is tracking developments from washington this morning. tracie? >> marcus, good morning. you keep hearing this term quid pro quo, in other words did president trump lean on ukraine to do something politically advantageous for him in order to get the aid, the money from the united states? he says no, but now his acting chief of staff seems to have outlined just that and that was the developing story as the president headed to texas last night. >> the whistle-blower got it all wrong. >> reporter: president trump campaigning in dallas last night. >> the bidens got rich while america got robbed. >> reporter: slamming his chief democratic opponent, joe biden, and biden's son's ties to china. >> it's called a payoff, folks. >> reporter: at the rally, energy secretary rick perry, who
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just announced he's leaving by the end of the year. back in washington, mr. trump's acting chief of staff reportedly stunned the white house legal team when he admitted that investigating democrats was part of the reason president trump withheld aid from ukraine. >> i have news for everybody. get over it. there's going to be political influence in foreign policy. >> reporter: later mick mulvaney tried to explain but capitol hill democrats aren't buying it. >> mick mulvaney was either lying then or lying now. i think he's lying now. >> reporter: mulvaney's comments came after what the white house considered a big win. >> today the united states and turkey have agreed to a cease-fire in syria. >> reporter: criticized even by republicans. >> further the cease-fire does not change the fact that america has abandoned an ally. >> reporter: that ally, kurds, who were fighting isis terrorists. and the kurds will have to leave their home territory, their homeland under this cease-fire
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deal. meantime the turkish government, they get exactly what they were looking for, that buffer zone at the syrian border. marcus? >> all right, tracie potts in washington, thank you. san francisco leaders are reportedly trying to shoot down a national rifle association lawsuit recently filed against the city of san francisco. the nra sued in response to a resolution that called the nra a terror organization. the resolution also sought to ban business with anyone doing business with the nra. the mayor's office eventually ordered agencies to ignore the resolution. at that point the nra had argued free speech violations. according to "the examiner" the city's attorney's office yesterday filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit. an undocumented immigrant accused of murdering a woman inside her south san jose home is expected in court for a plea hearing. prosecutors say that carlos caranza killed bambi larson after breaking into her home in march. you might remember that case
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sparked a fierce immigration debate. i.c.e. reported that agents tried to deport caranza nine times before but they requested were not honored by santa clara and los angeles counties. this is day ten of the santa clara county worker's strike and negotiations are still at a standstill after the county says that it put its final offer on the table. "today in the bay's" roz plater is at valley medical center with what happens next. good morning, roz. >> reporter: good morning. we do expect those striking workers to be back out on the picket lines a little bit later this morning, not clear of the location just yet but this valley medical center was their target yesterday where we are hearing that it caused some disruptions in elective procedures because so many people were out on the picket lines. they were out there we're told as late as 8:30 or so last night. thursday began with one of the largest number of striking workers walking the picket lines we've seen yet in this strike. it included hospital workers here at valley medical center, as well as nurses who are not
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part of the sei local 521 but would not cross the picket lines in solidarity. on tuesday, the county announced it was making its last best final offer which included a 3% raise now and over the next four years, but the striking workers contend this is not just about wages. they claim they're understaffed. >> we're short 1500 workers and the county has no plan to keep it and fix it and we're asking giving them a way to fix it, all they want to say is it's about the money. >> reporter: we're told by some of the nurses on the line yesterday they're in a separate union but their contract also runs out on monday so there could be trouble brewing there and then in a late update last night from the union, we're told that this is not a tentative agreement in terms of what the county is offering, but their 12,000 workers have a right to vote on it and could start voting on that offer as early as tuesday. live in san jose, i'm roz plater, "nbc bay area news." >> it has been a tough time in the county of santa clara.
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thank you very much, roz. today the debate over the closure of san francisco's juvenile hall takes center stage. reports supporters plan to rally outside the building on bryant street this morning, and it comes after supervisors hillary roanin and shaman walton mandated the closure by the end of 2021. 5:08. more than 30 employees at a san francisco-based escooter company are reportedly expected to lose their jobs. the company called skip ceo expects the layoffs to occur sometime before the end of the year. the ceo placed some of the reason on the layoffs losing out during san francisco's escooter permit process. the city granted four companies operational permits but skip was, well, skipped. if early indications are correct the bay area could be in for a dry winter but the caveat, long-term weather patterns are hard to predict. our weather people tell us that all the time. scientists at noaa put out their
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winter outlook and it's possible that drought conditions could start to reemerge in parts of the state but that could change if storms line up right when it matters in the middle of the rainy season. as we head into the weekend, we want to take a peek outside, pulling back the curtains over the golden gate bridge this morning. temperatures will be changing, and so will the surf. >> if you're headed to the beach this weekend or today, vianey, they need to be mindful of that. >> that's right. we started seeing the winds kick up last night and that high surf advisory is in effect through tonight as well. the reason for this is because we're seeing the really tall waves, the largest hazard is always going to be the rip currents and the sneaker waves, so let's get right to some of the things that you should be looking out for. we're talking about waves from 14, 20 feet in the surf zone. don't ever turn your back to the water and the large swells happen about every 16 seconds so to give you an idea, swimming out on the water that's how quickly one can sneak up on you.
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you have to take precaution if you get caught in a current don't try to swim against it. swim parallel to the sand, if you could look out. we are expecting a much calmer saturday so once that cold front passes through tonight, things are going to get a little bit calm ear long the coastline for tomorrow. microclimate highs today remain cool and comfortable. 65 for san francisco, 69 for oakland and 70s remain through some of the south bay temperatures like san jose area, 70 degrees, morgan hill 72 and in through the interior valleys concord 74 degrees. we will be seeing a couple high clouds roll through and of course some early morning fog. i'll get more detail into that coming up in just a bit. for now let's go ahead and get a check of the roads with mike. >> all right, vianey over here as we have one issue. i'm calling an alert for oakland. chp has yet to issue that. president reason i'm doing that, look at the top of your screen from coliseum camera up to high street where we see the backup starting to build. there is a crash that just occurred farther north around 23rd, but all lanes are reported
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blocked right now. chp is on scene and awaiting a tow truck. all lanes blocked shutting down traffic quickly, 580 westbound past the area and over toward 980 is your best bet right now if you can make that choice. the backup continues to build quickly over the last five minutes, we've seen this happening. no word on injuries but there may be someone who is stuck in a vehicle, that will take some time to clear and again, the tow truck and a larger tow truck necessary because one of the veek vehicles is pretty big. northbound 880, everything else toward the bay bridge is looking pretty smooth. you have options again for west 580 getting up toward the maze and the rest of the bay is clear. guys, back to you. >> thanks, mike. 5:11 for you right now. fast-moving flames rip through southern california. next on "today in the bay," the public sites being put on high alert right now. and ahead at 5:25, a mega drug bust at sea, how u.s. coast guard thwarted the smuggler's
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>> you didn't expect a big problem for the nimitz. everything else is what we expect for a lighter friday morning but north 880 reports of all lanes blocked north of 23 by a crash started with one car, a number of cars, fire crews as well. we're awaiting for the tow truck. we'll have the update coming up. and good morning. very happy friday to you. stocks could face some pressure this morning after china said its growth slowed to 6%. 6% is a bonkers good number. we could only hope for that, but it's smaller by china's standards. remember, china has a lot of room to grow. i'll get to facebook there in a minute. amazon take a lot is number, $1700, that is a lot of money for a single share of stock. wall street has taken notice. charles schwab starts selling fractions of stock. could you buy half a share of amazon or some similarly priced company, a way for younger people to get involved in the stock market. it's an unusual idea but it's not unheard of. you can buy a fraction of a
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bitcoin for instance or a fraction of a business. so in the case of amazon, if you bought half a share, that would be $897. maybe a fourth of a share would be a better idea. oftentimes when companies see their share price get this high they split the stock but amazon has not done that. mark zuckerberg published an op-ed in the "wall street journal" following up on a speech he made yesterday at georgetown university. in that speech he declared facebook would stand for free speech. it was a long talk, you could almost see him working through the complexities of the issue as he spoke. a couple takeaways on this. one, it would appear if facebook's going to allow people to say pretty much whatever they want online, they're mostly giving up on china. china's very strict about who can say what, just look at the nba. second, facebook is to some degree washing illustratts hand accusations, allows users to post disinformation or politicians to post straight up false advertisements to
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facebook. lastly, not everything is going to be a free-for-all. facebook has in the past deleted posts that make dangerous claims, for instance recent posts that claimed bleach can cure autism. let me be clear, bleach cannot cure autism. it will kill you. zuckerberg brought up dr. king in his speech. king's daughter posted this to twitter writing "i'd like to help facebook better understand the challenges that martin luther king faced from disinformation campaigns launched by politicians. these campaigns created an atmosphere for his assassination." so a lot of issues going on with facebook. facebook saying we're going to take the side of say what you want, but man, there are a lot of issues in say what you want. >>nd didn't they say the opposite just not too long ago, like we're going to take bad speech down. >> right. they are looking for how to solve this, and clearly they haven't, but we're used to facebook going back and forth on this. >> yes. >> we are.
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okay, thank you, scott. happening now, you might see this on facebook today, two women astronauts are taking their girl power to outer space and into the history books all at once. never has this happened before. this is mission control as the pair begin to take part in the first all women space walk today. there was a delay earlier this year, you might remember it was supposed to happen and there was some sort of problem. a live look at mission control, the problem they had before they had to delay it was because they didn't have enough properly sized space suits. sometimes ladies we tend to be a little bit smaller. astronaut christina koch and jessica mir will travel outside the international space station to replace some faulty equipment. my girls are like, they haven't done it before? you know what i mean? >> like wow, there's still a first for something? >> i thought we already did
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everything. that's good that you think that. trending this morning, 84-year-old vietnam war nurse veteran may give you a run for your money in the fitness department. >> here she is, challenging a tsa agent in phoenix to do ten pushups. you can see the nurse maggie desanti still fits pretty well in the nurse uniform during the vietnam era. she needed a little help up but she was doing the pushups, this happened earlier this week when the group of veterans were actually taking the honor flight to the nation's capital, tsa agent looks pretty gassed right there but look at maggie. she could probably drop and do 20 more. >> she's not even doing the ones on her knees, the ones i do. she's in a full pushup. >> 84 years old. >> i complain when i have to take my shoes off. i got to bend down and get my shoes. maggie, 84. wow. >> maggie, go. girl power all around.
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>> she could do a space walk, too. >> during the next commercial break? >> go for it, you guys. >> there is the space walk there, history will be made today, two women walking in space. kris, you were just saying your daughters said we haven't done that before. >> my daughters are like what's the big deal. >> think about t they're latching stuff on in space, you guys. in space. >> we take it for granted, totally. >> it's crazy. i'm so excited for these women, i can't wait to see it all. >> all female space walk happening right now. >> space. >> let's look at our atmosphere closer to the earth. >> i like the way you twisted that. the study of weather is pretty much the study of the atmosphere, that was good, kris. san jose 48 degrees. the wind speeds 5 miles per hour. beautiful views, not cloudy along the interior valleys of san francisco right now. it's also pretty clear, 56 degrees. wind speeds are also calm, as
5:21 am
know we have that cold front that swept in yesterday, brought some light drizzle along some of the areas, including san jose, and right now, satellite radar we've got another cold front that's expected to drop down, that might mean some showers mainly for the far north bay areas. another thing that we're monitoring are the waves. we're talking about a high surf advisory that will remain in effect through tonight, and your microclimate highs will be very comfortable in the 70s once again for san jose. san francisco 65. look at concord 74 and for the next seven days, inland areas by tomorrow we'll wake up to high clouds, morning fog. our clearest day of the weekend will be on sunday and notice the big warmup as we head in towards next week. that's because we've got a building high pressure system that's going to warm us back up and also going to kick up the winds which will be a concern in terms of that fire danger. let's send things over to mike. >> vianey, the traffic alert i called for oakland. i'm in the wrong section of the map. the reason we have zoomed in to the map is because we were
5:22 am
looking over there, the cal trans camera. the report was all lanes were blocked for the nimitz but the backup wasn't building as quickly as they thought. the cal trans camera showed us there are two lanes that are open right now, northbound 880 at 23rd. chp is very busy taking care of this crash, but we have two lanes open, that's good news. westbound 580 is also an option. everything else outside of that northbound push through oakland is looking clearer because it's friday. back to you. >> all right, thank you very much, mike. 5:22 for you right now. all week long we have been looking 30 years back at the loma prieta quake, whether here or there, in the bay area or saw the story unfold on tv, most of us remember that moment in history. still ahead, the answers to the questions that you've been sending us all week. you're watching "today in the bay." announcer: time magazine reports: "the new american
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firefighters are making some progress on wildfire burning near a popular campground north of santa barbara. yesterday it closed briefly in both directions of highway 101. the fire is burning near el captain, the campground is closed and as of last night, the fire was 20% contained. it has burned about 450 acres. 5:25 and all week long we've been looking back at the loma prieta earthquake, still after 30 years we know many of you still have some lingering questions. >> we took them to an expert,
5:26 am
here is "today in the bay's" vianey arana. >> if you live in california, the threat of earthquakes is very real. we wanted to give you the chance to ask a seismologist and here are the questions viewers asked. our most popular question, is there such thing as earthquake weather? >> we looked at the weather patterns and when the earthquakes occur, we looked around the world and we didn't see anything. so there is no such thing as earthquake weather. >> reporter: she says many times people remember how the weather was during major events, such as earthquakes, and that connection is what makes it part of your story. remember that although earthquakes cannot be predicted, we can always be prepared. you can find emergency information on our website, >> thanks, vianey. nbc bay area digital correspondent abbie fernandez took a bike trip to the epicenter of the loma prieta earthquake in the santa cruz mountains. tonight at 5:00 tune in to see
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what she found 30 years later. watch the clip on our digital apps or set your dvr. a seizure by the u.s. coast guard goes a long way in thwarting smugglers plans to get cocaine into the country. crews off-loaded nearly 7,000 pounds of the powder in san diego yesterday, an amount worth an estimated $92 million. pg&e is in the hot seat amid growing outrage. next on "today in the bay," a live report on the emergency meeting happening today about last week's power shutoffs across the bay area. and bay area ecigarette company juul is making big steps suspending all fruity flavored products.
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5:30 and it is friday. happy friday to you folks. as we look out through our window over san francisco, you can see it's a clear start to this morning. none of the drizzle that we saw yesterday morning. it's good to have you with us. i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. right now we want to get a look at the forecast for you today. meteorologist vianey arana is in for kari, a beautiful shot behind you. >> isn't that nice? you saw the city, looks beautiful and this is what a nice view of the golden gate bridge looks like without any fog to worry about. the current temperatures are cool, and for your morning commute you can expect to see some cloud cover sort of increasing through the morning, but we're not really going to get much warmer compared to where we were at yesterday. it's going to be another cool afternoon, by 9:00 a.m. at about
5:31 am
58 degrees. notice the mix of sun and clouds with the icons, expect breezy conditions again and the other could be a chance or two of seeing light showers up through just the far north bay but as we head into the weekend, we have a big change- headed into the work week. i'll get more into detail coming up shortly. things over to mike. >> i'm table to catch glimpses from our cal trans camera, not long enough for it to be on tv. most of the bay, contra costa county and the approach in toward the bay bridge which is your typical push pattern is just fine. 5:31 on a friday. we don't expect this, a big jam so solid from high street to 23rd where crews are blocking your right lanes but you have your left two lanes but that's less than half the freeway capacity. it is a problem west 580 is your option as you come up through oakland right now. much better than the drive on the nimitz but you can get through on the nimitz, just allow yourself say 20 minutes to get through that with patience. the rest of the bay we're eager
5:32 am
to get to the weekend so folks are not at work. back to you. >> thanks, mike. happening today, pg&e executives are set to face questions from a state commission regarding the controversial power shutoffs last week. >> "today in the bay's" pete suratos joins us live with the details about this meeting, and what we hope to hear. pete? >> reporter: yes, good morning to you guys. the california public utilities commission that's calling for this emergency meeting later today in san francisco specifically they want to make sure this power shutoff process runs a bit smoother, if it happens again in the future. first i want to read off a little bit of this letter from pg&e's ceo, sent to the commission in the leadup to this meeting. this letter was put together by pg&e's ceo william johnson admitting that communication could have been better for the more than 700,000 customers affected by the shutoffs ranging from issues with the pg&e website crashing to better communication with government agencies. he says he understands it was a burden for customers, but says
5:33 am
the shutoffs needed to be done in order to prevent risks of what they call possible catastrophic wildfires in the bay area. pg&e also reported wind gusts of up to 77 miles per hour in sonoma county, and 75 miles per hour in contra costa county during these shutoffs. more than 100 incidents of damage or hazards within the affected areas. the cpuc that commission it's meeting with today still want pg&e executives to publicly address any mistakes or issues at today's meeting to make sure that those issues don't pop up again. i do want to point out of note in that pg&e letter, the ceo says the shutoffs should not be a long-term solution and become the status quo but the commission meeting is set to take place at 1:00 p.m. rorng li reporting live, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> thanks, pete, we'll be watching. a driver dleliberately trie to hit people in lake merritt in
5:34 am
oakland around 9:40 last night. the vehicle reportedly drove off the street, nearly hitting a cyclist and pedestrian. no word yet on any injuries. concord police releasing sketches of these four men here on your screen, they say they're tied to an unsolved deadly shooting four years ago. it happened on september 12th, 2015, when a 20-year-old man died at the pine meadows apartment complex near monument and oak grove. police releasing sketches in the wake of new evidence and asking anyone to contact the department if these guys look familiar. we have exclusive new details following that explosion and fire at the new star energy facility in crockett. our investigative unit learned new star employees fled after the fire erupted without turning on the automated fire suppression system. federal agents were still investigating tuesday's fire. cal osha ordered the company to preserve all pipes and tanks involved as crucial evidence for investigators. new star energy says that they
5:35 am
have no cause yet to that fiery blast. 5:34 right now. new this morning, san francisco voters disapprove of a last-minute district attorney appointment, according to an all new public policy poll. it shows that 40% of voters disagree with mayor london breed's decision to name candidate suzy loftis to district attorney. loftis will not be sworn in until george gascon steps down today, expected to run in los angeles. juul is shutting down the sale of its fruity cigarette flavors after recent deaths and severe lung injuries tied to vaping products. manage yo, fruit and cucumber will not be sold in the u.s. due to a pending fda review. the ceo says the company must focus on earning the trust of society and working to combat underaged vaping. happening today, berkeley
5:36 am
teac ao ral outside of the city school before collapses begin. organizers say that the rallies will end at 9:00 a.m. the union is currently negotiating with the district on a new contract. today in the bay, this is the sharks giving back. you notice the teal there on your screen. volunteers from the team's foundation will help finish building an all new playground at windmill springs school, expected to take more than six hours to wrap up the transformation of the site to the kid friendly spot. that doesn't sound like a long time. the ribbon cutting ceremony will be held later this afternoon. it will be the fifth playground built by the sharks foundation. go team teal. we like to see that, mike. >> yeah! we don't like to see this, i took a still shot of this, having trouble with the tal tca trans camera. you see this truck and aow truck is approached on the scene so that's good news. hopefully they can clear that. here are the flares blocking all
5:37 am
but your left two lanes so you have two lanes of 880 as we look at the map. only two lanes though are open and that is the big problem, why the big jam again only a 40% of the freeway is open, as you head up past 23rd, that's got you backed up from before high street basically from the coliseum all the way up. west 580 a great option for you right now. it's easier to drive through the area at this time of day especially at 5:37 on a friday. not a major build at the bay bridge toll plaza and some of these folks are held up by that traffic on the nimitz. everything else is moving smoothly, as we look at the rest of your drive, the south bay and peninsula of course no problem because it is approaching the weekend. >> guess what? it's going to feel like fall. it's going to actually feel like fall. >> and what do you think, we're in fall. >> right? >> who'd have thought? >> i don't want to disappoint but things are going to change next week. let's get to the weekend. saturday's forecast for the coast, bay and inland will be cloudy to start. we'll get some of the morning fog, but look at the
5:38 am
temperatures, hay now 64 degrees for the coast. 68 for the bay and inland areas will remain cool and comfortable at about 73 degrees. the waves are also expected to get much tamer by tomorrow. remember we have that high surf advisory through tonight, and then by tomorrow, we'll start to notice the waves kind of die down a little bit along the coastline. as always be careful. your sunday forecast notice there's not a lot of clouds out there, that's because sunday is probably going to be the s sunniest day. along the coast 67 degrees. 75 for the bay. it will be comfortable inland areas not hitting the 80s yet but remember i talked about that change? now if you're headed out to lake tahoe today or tomorrow, it's going to be chilly to start. a mix of sun and clouds through tonight, and into early tomorrow morning and the temperatures in the 50s, if you've never been at lake tahoe, we usually always have cold nights and cold mornings so pack accordingly. you should get a lovely evening through tonight, a little breezy and as we head into tomorrow
5:39 am
we're expecting a gorgeous day ahead. whether you're staying in the bay or headed up to the mountain we have great weather ahead. back to you. >> thanks, vianey. 30 years later, still ahead on "today in the bay," major changes to san francisco commute following the deadly loma prieta earthquake. the white house chief of staff startles everybody by saying yes, there was quid pro quo. plus a show-stopping moment at last night's lady gaga show, what she did after a fan dropped her during a performance.
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it is 5:41. it's cool, dipping down into the 40s for san jose, 48 degrees. 55 in san francisco, and chillier up in napa. don't forget that coat as you head out the door t will be a cool afternoon, talking 70s. i'll have a look at your weekend forecast coming up. >> we still have the traffic alert in oakland, zooming in to this big red, bright spot here northbound 880, from just before high street all the way up to 23rd, you are at a crawl, because only two lanes are open. this crash still in the lanes. crews are on scene, flares are out, west 580 is your much easier drive for the bay bridge. things are moving so fast in washington, i cannot get to everything there is you need to know. good morning. rick perry stepping down over ukraine. cease-fire in syria broke down.
5:43 am
president trump at a rally last night. more testimony in the impeachment hearing and a new pew poll shows the majority of americans support the impeachment inquiry. what i really want to get to is an astonishing message from the retired admiral in charge of the capture killing of osama bin laden. willi william pc raven commanding s.e.a.l. team 6. mccraven published an op-ed in the "new york times" titled our republic is under attack from the president. in it he writes "we are not the most powerful nation in the world because of our aircraft carriers, our economy, or our seat at the united nations security council. we are the most powerful nation in the world because we try to be the good guys. if our promises are meaningless, how will our allies ever trust us? if we can't have faith in our nation's principles, why would the men and women of this nation join the military? and if they don't join, who will protect us?" he goes on, "if we are not the champions of good and right, who
5:44 am
will follow us and if nobody follows us, where will the world end up?" it is an extraordinary statement for a retired military leader to speak up like this. now, you may see clips today of recently retired secretary of defense james mattis making fun of president trump in a roast. he said some really startling things about trump's deferment from vietnam, but i don't want mattis being silly to distract you from mccraven who is being dead serious. look on youtube for mattis, the "today" show may run it as well. find mcraven's serious washing in the "new york times." ma north leader mcconnell started to plan for real impeachment and republican mitt romney said this on the senate floor about the debacle in syria. >> are we so weak and so inept diplomatically that turkey forced the hand of the united states of america, turkey? >> and chief of staff mick mulvaney startled everyone saying there was quid pro quo in the ukraine arms deal saying the
5:45 am
white house did withhold money over a request, ukraine investigate a debunked theory it had something to do with the hacking of the dnc server. >> the look back to what happened in 2016 certainly was part of the thing that he was worried about in corruption with that nation and that is absolutely appropriate. yes. >> mulvaney has since tried to walk that back. i said there are too many things to get to. i should add the trump white house awarded the contract to host the next g7 summit worth millions of dollars to trump's golf course at doral. we are trying to cover everything on twitter. i encourage you to go to other news outlets to try to find everything there is. things are happening fast. follow me @scottmcgrew. >> thank you, scott. 5:45. we know lady gaga is a giving person. i don't think she's going to give the spotlight to one of her fans on the stage again after what happened. >> all right. take a look at what happened during her show in las vegas. >> ooh. >> that is lady gaga falling off
5:46 am
the stage with a fan. he drops her and they fall off the stage. fan took a misstep tumbled, they crashed hard all the way tohe floor. there was no mosh pit. gaga got back up and continued the concert. i don't know that i trust a perfect stranger. >> how embarrassing. >> we know she's okay because she's performing after that but it was kind of funny we put it together and all those angles, and it's like boom, boom, boom. >> like an nfl game. >> that's what happens when anyone trips and falls in public. so many cameras out you can get multicameraening ales. >> looks like he slipped. >> kids when they're toddlers, i'm okay. i'm okay. >> i've never fallen off any stage. >> knock on wood. >> to me walking with your sandals and your sandal decides to go rogue and leaves you and goes off on its own, if you know, you know. >> we know. >> all right. >> luckily there's no video. >> no, and you might not be able
5:47 am
to wear sandals unless you go to the beach and it's getting a little too cool for that. >> you don't want to anyway. >> you wouldn't want to but temperatures in the 40s, dipping down, get a little colder and we're not going to see the drizzle along the coastline but the north bay still has a chance of seeing some rain again tonight thanks to another cold front. right now at san jose, it's 48 degrees. clear, beautiful skies. look at this, our icons no clouds in sight for san jose and it's even more pretty or i was going to say beautifuler, but that's not a word. san francisco the golden gate bridge 56 degrees, wind speeds at about 7 miles per hour and here it is, satellite radar so we had that cold front that dipped in yesterday that brought us the rain and also kicked up some winds. satellite radar right now, off to the north we're getting in another system that will drop down and that's going to keep our temperatures cool yet again. once again in the 70s down through san jose, predicted high of 70 degrees, concord 74. oakland 69, san francisco 65, and half moon bay 62.
5:48 am
we are monitoring the high surf advisory, talking about dangerous waves. the largest hazards are going to be the rip currents, the sneaker waves. expected to remain in effect all along the coastline through tonight, and then your weather center for the weekend breezy with a chance for rain mainly for the north bay, going to wake up so morning fog on saturday. sunday will be beautiful and clear, and then looking out ahead towards next week into tuesday, we get building high pressure into tuesday, wednesday and thursday, things are going to turn hot as that high pressure returns and also windy, that's where we're going to be monitoring those conditions for elevated fire danger. enjoy the cool, comfortable 70s because by monday inland areas will be at 86 degrees and even in through san francisco, we're talking 70 degrees by monday. mike, how areian the traffic al most of the bay shows green, light traffic as we expect on this friday at 5:48. northbound 880, i did just look and refresh that cal trans camera and look at the speed
5:49 am
sensors, those combined lead me to believe they cleared all lanes. the camera is moved away from the shot showing the earlier crash at 23rd and is showing what it should show, which is 16. the maps are marked with where the cal trans cameras are located and where they're facing and put it back to its normal facing angle. you're jammed from the coliseum, it should start to improve. count it open until i tell you otherwise. west 580 also an easy drive toward the bay bridge but there's now a build for 24 as you come through lafayette and the caldecott tunnel. the rest of the bay is looking really good. it's friday. >> friday it is. today we wrap up our coverage as we take a final look back at the 30th anniversary of the loma prieta earthquake. >> leading to us this week's 30th anniversary we have been talking about the loss and the destruction to major parts of our infrastructure, but the bay bridge and the cypress structure those were the most noteworthy visually. they weren't the only freeways
5:50 am
that were impacted. mike inouye has been following that part of the story. a lot of people forget about the central freeway. >> i forgot about the central freeway. this was before i was the traffic guy. the central freeway helped us cut through the city toward the golden gate bridge off of 101, and we'll talk about what's replaced that now. here there is the embarcadero freeway. right now it's top of the screen, another angle coming toward us and angling down. you see the tower there also, the building with the tower right in front of where the bay bridge tower is. >> ferry building. >> that's the clock tower, ferry building. you can get oriented in the upper right corner, the ferry building and that big monstrous construction there, that's the old embarcadero freeway blocking all views of that freeway. so during that crash, during the earthquake we had damage and the crumbling of the cypress freeway as well as the bay bridge so they had to also close those multideck freeways in san francisco and that was an issue.
5:51 am
sorry, take to you a map, i have a quick map to show from the live picture, right now we get off the bay bridge but after that pink line right there is what you see, where we used to drive off the bay bridge circling around and getting back up to the embarcadero freeway, get up to the piers and chinatown, but with the removal of both of the freeways, we're looking at the purple route now. instead of crossing town and zipping through on either of the routes we only have van ness which we love and lombard street. they have all the surface street signals, all the congestion so there's no quick way anymore. >> this has had some lasting impact in san francisco especially if you sit in traffic. >> for van ness and also it's a tough drive across town traffic. eventually the changes led to other quality of life issues. the mayor had tried to do this before but look at this beautiful view of the tower and the ferry building. that was not possible when we had that multideck concrete
5:52 am
structure in front of it. mayor agnes wanted to get rid of that a long time before it had been approved. they took the freeway down and we have this beautiful walk street in front of it and the place where all those transit buss go and you can rent bikes. we have another place where the san francisco arts commission let us use these pictures of hayes valley. you've seen stories, this is the square de tree, i don't know what it's called, the biodome, really cool light up structure. a lot of art installations. the temple made entirely of wood. they bring these art projects to hayes valley, right where they used to have the concrete pilings for the central freeway. >> it's shocking that was possible, a freeway along the waterfront. >> beautiful city of san francisco. those weren't beautiful but a rebirth after the earthquake. >> an opportunity to rethink. >> there you go. >> thank you, mike. >> our emmy award winning series "bay area revelations" chronicled the day the low ma tree pa earthquake hit. we will re'air that special
5:53 am
tomorrow, going to happen at 4:00 p.m. here on nbc bay area, and if you're at home right now and really want to watch it, you can do it on our digital app, but you can also set your dvrs for the airing tomorrow, i you do not want to miss. it is a great documentary there. happening now for you, anti-government protests s continue in hong kong. the city is bracing e ining for weekend of demonstrations. kari lam thursday was forced for a second day away from the legislature. they are calling for a human chain outside of metro stations tonight. coming up next a california woman who just, just got out of jail for driving drunk, and killing her own sister in a deadly crash is arrested again. we'll show you why she's behind bars this morning. plus nbc bay area responds. >> a billing mixup of less than $200 and a $2,000 jewelry dispute. we take consumer cases of all kinds. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura, "nbc bay area responds"
5:54 am
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5:56 for you right you know. new this morning, contra costa county sheriff is asking for your help in a homicide case. 40-year-old william tate of san pablo was found dead yesterday near the train tracks at giant road and parr boulevard.
5:57 am
in unincorporated part of the county near north richmond. at first investigators thought tate was hit by a train but turns out that he was shot. s give police a call if you can help them lead to that shooter. a small plane made an emergency landing in stockton last night. look how it ended up. the crash was a few miles away from the stockton airport. two deputies were training when the plane lost power, prompting them to land in a field. the plane had skidded off into a fence and hit the side of a diesel truck. thankfully no one was injured. new this morning, the central valley woman who just got out of jail for driving drunk and killing her sister all while streaming live on instagram is back in jail. 20-year-old abdulia sanchez tried to outrun stockton police officers yesterday who tried to pull her over for a simple violation. she later crashed. a man also in the car with her took off running, got away. sanchez was arrested. officers also found a gun in the car. she was sentenced to six years
5:58 am
behind bars last year in her sister's death but she got out early last month for good behavior. in case you missed it, a new in-in-out restaurant is more out than in on campbell. tuesday night councilmembers voted down the plan. opponents were concerned about the crunch it would have on traffic. another story we've been following closely for you, the plan for the new amy's fast food restaurant in walnut creek cleared a hurdle this week. the city's design review board gave it to the green light. it's now moving over to the planning commission, and if it gets final approval it would be built on north main and second street at the same location where the in-n-out was once considered. it is friday. if you're headed to the movie "zombieland" is back. >> they're much more afraid of us than we are of them. >> "zombieland" a follow-up on the 2009 hit is out today. also with the movies, angelina
5:59 am
jolie returns as maleficent, mistress of evil. i like the previews for this one. >> he asked me to marry him. >> no. >> i wasn't really asking. >> this is the prequell to the 2014 hit which i didn't see, also stars michelle pfeiffer. jo jo rabbit is also out today, about a dim-witted hitler whose imaginary friend of a 10-year-old boy. got a lot of buzz about it, so maybe a lot of people will see it. >> sounds a little confusing. >> 5:59. nbc bay area responds to connco consumer complaints in spanish and english. >> consumer chris chmura shares victories from our responds and responde team. >> good morning, for more than three years now we worked continuously with our colleagues at telemundo 48 responde to
6:00 am
assist our viewers throughout the community. during that time wlp mo than $3.9 million back to our viewers' pockets. let's start with our recent totals. leslie in san jose was seeing red ink in a dispute over newspaper delivery. our "nbc bay area responds" team helped her get back $122.71. at "telemundo 48 responde," guadalupe and norma in hayward ran into a dispute with a jeweler. consumer investigator arlen fernandez and her team helped them get back $2,851.31. we'd love to try and help you, too. call us any time, 888-996-tips for the nbc tip line or 844-408-4848 for telemundo. have a great weekend. >> the whistle-blower got it all wrong. >> i have news for everybody. get over it. there's going to be political influence in foreign policy. >> president trump


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