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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 18, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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at telemundo 48 responde to assist our viewers throughout the community. during that time wlp mo than $3.9 million back to our viewers' pockets. let's start with our recent totals. leslie in san jose was seeing red ink in a dispute over newspaper delivery. our "nbc bay area responds" team helped her get back $122.71. at "telemundo 48 responde," guadalupe and norma in hayward ran into a dispute with a jeweler. consumer investigator arlen fernandez and her team helped them get back $2,851.31. we'd love to try and help you, too. call us any time, 888-996-tips for the nbc tip line or 844-408-4848 for telemundo. have a great weekend. >> the whistle-blower got it all wrong. >> i have news for everybody. get over it. there's going to be political influence in foreign policy. >> president trump rails against
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impeachment efforts as the white house walks back a stunning admission, aid from ukraine withheld for political reasons. a live report from capitol hill just moments away. plus -- >> when i say union you say power. union! >> power! >> union! >> power! >> it is day ten of the santa clara county workers strike but there is a deal on the table. coming up in a live report, what's next. plus the weekend is just around the corner and if you're headed to the beach, beware. high surf warning is in effect right now. when the waters will be safe. "today in the bay" continues for you right now. good morning on this friday. thanks for sing yr morning here with us. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia. we want to get to vianey arana, because we are talking the weekend and we are talking about the surf danger. >> we saw the waves start to build last night and right now that high surf advisory is in place through tonight. the good news it looks like the waves get much tamer just in time for saturday. right now current temperatures
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43 degrees in napa. 51 degrees in san jose. 49 in oakland. those are your temperatures out the door. look at your temperatures for the afternoon, you won't need a heavy coat. it will be cool and comfortable >> sprvianey oakland the bay an green all over which is what we expect 6:02 on a friday. unexpectedly slow for oakland but we have recovery from 23rd all the way back to about 98th, this is recovery from the earlier crash which did clear a few minutes ago at 23rd and the approach to the bay bridge. back to you. >> thanks, mike. just in to our newsroom, both directions of highway 29 north of calistoga open again after a brush fire last night in lake county, that fire burned about 15 acres near mid middleton south of clear lake. we also learned the evacuations have been lifted. now to capitol hill, this morning president trump is back in washington after a campaign rally overnight in friendly territory, but the reaction of
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his acting chief of staff is anything but after he admitted exactly what the president denied about ukraine. "today in the bay's" tracie potts is tracking developments from washington this morning. tracie? >> marcus, good morning. good morning, everyone. that conflict, that contradiction between what the president said and what his chief of staff said was the developing story as he headed down to texas last night. >> the whistle-blower got it all wrong. >> reporter: president trump campaigning in dallas last night. >> the bidens got rich while america got robbed. >> reporter: slamming his chief democratic opponent, joe biden, and biden's son's ties to china. >> it's called a payoff, folks. >> reporter: at the rally, energy secretary rick perry, who just announced he's leaving by the end of the year. back in washington, mr. trump's acting chief of staff reportedly stunned the white house legal team when he admitted that investigating democrats was part of the reason president trump
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thheldid from ukraine. >> i have news for everybody. get over it. there's going to be political influence in foreign policy. >> reporter: later mick mulvaney tried to explain but capitol hill democrats aren't buying it. >> mick mulvaney was either lying then or lying now. i think he's lying now. >> reporter: mulvaney's comments came after what the white house considered a big win. >> today the united states and turkey have agreed to a cease-fire in syria. >> reporter: criticized even by republicans. >> further the cease-fire does not change the fact that america has abandoned an ally. >> reporter: that ally, kurds, who were fighting isis terrorists. this morning president erdogan of turkey says his force also stay in the region until they're sure that the kurds have left that area. back to you. >> all right, tracie potts in washington, thank you. now to a follow-up for you in just a few hours an undocumented immigrant accused of killing a woman inside her south san jose home is expected in court for a plea hearing.
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prosecutors say that carlos caranza killed bambi larson after breaking into her home in march. you might remember that case sparked a fierce immigration debate. i.c.e. reported that agents tried to deport carranza nine times before but they requested were not honored by santa clara and los angeles counties. san francisco leaders are now reportedly trying to shoot down a national rifle association lawsuit recently filed against the city. the nra sued in response to a resolution that called the nra a terror organization. the resolution also sought to ban business with anyone doing business with the nra. the mayor's office eventually ordered agencies to ignore the resolution. at that point the nra had argued free speech violations, taking legal action. according to "the examiner" the city's attorney's office yesterday filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit. in santa clara county, this is day ten of county workers strike and negotiations are still at a standstill after the county said that it put its final and last offer on the
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table. "today in the bay's" roz plater is at valley medical center with what happens next and what we should expect to see as peopl who are in santa clara county. [ no audio ] all right, we are not hearing's roz's microphone right now. it is a rolling strike and thus, there are different groups of county workers who are headed to the picket lines. we'll check in with roz again at 6:00. 6:06. happening today, the debate over the closure of san francisco's juvenile hall takes center stage. this is not the video of that. that's the protest from county workers there in santa clara. we want to talk about the supporters there, the rally outside of the building on bryant street, for juvenile hall, comes months after supervisors introduced legislation that would mandate the closure of the juvenile hall
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by the end of 2021. more than 30 employees at a san francisco-based escooter company are reportedly expected to lose their jobs. the company called skip ceo expects the layoffs to occur sometime before the end of the year. the ceo placed some of the reason for the layoffs losing out during san francisco's escooter permit process. the city granted four companies operational permits but skip was skipped. if early indications are correct, the bay area may be in for a dry winter. first, the long-term weather patterns are hard to predict. scientists at noaa put out their winter outlook and it's possible that drought conditions could start to reemerge in parts of the state but that could change if storms line up right when it matters in the middle of the rainy season. as we head into the weekend, there is a difference between the weather and climate. we are looking outside from our camera at san francisco and the
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golden gate bridge bridge. temperatures will be changing, and so will the surf. vianey arana, you're saying these could be dangerous conditions at the beaches. >> yes, especially through tonight. that surf advisory is in effect, and the reason for it is because we're seeing some tall waves that started building overnight. a look at satellite radar, because of a system and overall our high surf advisory is for the entire coastline. the largest hazards as always are the rip currents and the sneaker waves. i want to show you and talk about some of the things we're monitoring. the waves, 14 to 20 feet especially for the surf zone. don't ever turn your back to the water and the high risk will remain through tonight with a calmer saturday expected especially through the afternoon, but large swells are expected every 16 seconds so that really gives you an idea of the changing weather pattern. now, the good news is things will get a lot better for the weekend and on sunday, we are expecting an overall sunny day, so just be careful if you're headed out to the coast. mike? >> vianey, great news if you're headed to the coast at the bay
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bridge toll plaza. you're going over the coastline and over the water, with no delay. cash you do have to pause to pay and do that keeps the bridge in shape. a smooth drive shaping up nicely with just a little slowing off of that 880 overcrossing, and that's the slower drive that's registering right there on your sensors. everything else looks great approaching the bay bridge. the earlier crash north 880 look how quickly we're recovering. recovery for the nimitz, it is possible at 6:09 in the morning because of the lighter friday commute. 580 westbound your alternate maintained speed limits through the area and that's great, no problems there. all the way from here in livermore up toward the bay bridge. the south bay moving nicely, same thing for the peninsula. we'll give you a live look fremont 880 picking up the volume a bit. no major problems. back to you. >> thank you very much. 5:09 for you. coming up next on "today in the bay," silicon valley's paypal has a new way for you to borrow money. we'll tell you about the details, coming up. plus a new way to buy stock that might let people with less money get a piece of the action.
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and we head out tospace, how is this for a live look as history is being made in the skies as we speak. why this space walk is giant leap for women. you're watching "today in the bay."
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good morning. it is 6:12. your morning commute is going to
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involve maybe the heater in some parts. in antioch we're in the 50s. 58 degrees by 9:00 a.m. another cool, comfortable afternoon. we'll get a little bit of increase in cloud cover and as we head into the weekend, we're tracking a couple of changes. if you live in the north bay you may get showers later tonight. i'll go into more details coming up. >> over here this car hit the brakes a little quickly following a little too closely. we're looking at the build for the san mateo bridge. it will get more crowded on the roadways. i saw another fender bender clear from the same shot. be careful, folks. we'll show you the rest of the commute coming up. good morning. very happy friday to you. stocks could face some pressure this morning after china said its growth slowed to 6%. 6% is a bonkers good number. we could only hope for that, but it's smaller by china's standards. remember, china has a lot of room to grow. i'll get to facebook there in a minute. amazon take a look at this number, $1700, that is a lot of money for a single share of stock.
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wall street has taken notice. san francisco based charles schwab starts selling fractions of stock. you could buy a half a share of amazon or some similarly priced company, a way for younger people to get involved in the stock market. it's an unusual idea but it's not unheard of. you can buy a fraction of bitcoin for instance or a fraction of a business. so in the case of amazon, if you bought half a share, that would be $897. maybe a fourth of a share would be a better idea. oftentimes when companies see their share price get this high they split the stock but amazon has not done that. mark zuckerberg published an op-ed in the "wall street journal" following up on a speech he made yesterday at georgetown university. in that speech he declared facebook would stand for free speech. it was a long talk, you could almost see him working through the complexities of the issue as he spoke. a couple takeaways on this. one, it would appear if
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facebook's going to allow people to say pretty much whatever they want online, they're mostly giving up on china. china's very strict about who can say what, just look at the nba. second, facebook is to some degree washing its hands of the accusations, allows users to post disinformation or politicians to post straight up false advertisements to facebook. lastly, not everything is going to be a free-for-all. facebook has in the past deleted posts that make dangerous claims, for instance recent posts that claimed bleach can cure autism. let me be clear, bleach cannot cure autism. it will kill you. zuckerberg brought up dr. king in his speech. king's daughter posted this to twitter writing "i'd like to help facebook better understand the challenges that martin luther king faced from discrimination campaigns launched by politicians. these campaigns created an atmosphere for his assassination." there's a lot more to talk about with this. i don't think facebook still found its way.
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i don't think any of us have found their way as to what is okay to say, what's not okay, and what responsibility facebook has to police that. >> right. difficult task. >> thank you. >> thanks, scott. 6:16 for you right now. san jose-based paypal is launching a venmo branded credit card next year. customer also pay bills directly on the venmo app and opt to share payment history on their social feed. paypal joins a list of tech names that started offering credit cards to engage customers. most notably apple partnered with goldman sachs to launch the apple card. this is something that has us super excited this moing. two women astronauts are taking their girl power to outer space and into the history books all at once. this is a live look now, the pair right now taking part in the first all women space walk today, after a delay earlier
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this year. you might remember that that delay was in part because napa didn't have enough appropriately sized space suits. astronauts christina koch and jessica mir will stratravel out the international space station to replace faulty equipment. the signal is breaking out, usually in tvland that freaks us out. this is in space. >> our view from space is not that great. >> it's not perfect. >> the connector jiggle it, that's what works. >> doing it for themselves. >> makes me so proud and excited. i think about my niece and seeing your daughter, they were like we haven't done that before? now we have. i'm excited to see what the future holds for all of our girls. 6:17 right now and yes, we're seeing the clear conditions over the san francisco golden gate bridge. look at how beautiful that is. i like the fog. i think it's a pretty trace of the bay and i like it when it's clear. current teach you ares get
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chillier through the south bay, and north bay as well. 43 degrees in napa. 51 degrees in san jose. 56 in san francisco. our satellite radar right now shows activity to our north. we had the cold front that dropped yesterday and made our conditions a little windy. we have another front that's dropping in tonight. this was a little weaker, not expected to bring that rain that we saw yesterday morning. however, if you live in far northern ukiah, maybe through napa, you might get the chance of seeing light rain, not necessarily measure amounts tonight and high clouds rolling in through tomorrow. let's take a tour of what your temperatures will look like today. 70s for san jose. 70 degrees east san jose. 72, check out your east bay temperatures, 69 degrees for oakland and through danville, 74. up through pittsburg 73 and along the peninsula, upper 60s at redwood city. 68 degrees. if you're in san francisco it will be breezy. we have a high surf advisory for
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the entire coastline that will remain in effect through tonight. dangerous surf, up to the north bay 72 degrees in santa rosa and your weather center for the next seven days is interesting. our suniest day this weekend will be sunday but the temperatures start to climb. as we head toward monday and tuesday we have high pressure bringing a shift in the winds. the risk for elevated fire danger. as we head in toward san francisco by monday, temperature also soar into the 70s and we'll watch the system as it builds into next week. mike, how are the roads? >> looking good, not congested, even though you're dealing with that as well. traffic is moving slower. a disabled vehicle and couple people tapping their brakes. the volume of traffic is forcing the traffic to slow down a bit. folks who aren't paying attention are getting caught with sudden braking. look ahead and help prepare. it has been smooth for the last 15 minutes. the bay bridge toll plaza smoother. the slowing off to the mini toll plaza to the top of the screen, one issue, the slow build there.
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the metering lights not on at the bay bridge toll plaza yet. no major problems but a crash 580 at 24, sounds like it's off of lanes but near the mini maze. the crash 883 0 at 23rd complete recovery, and 20 minutes for vasco, slowing at the tail end of the one lane toward 580, no problems out of brentwood or discovery bay. its rest of the bay showing green sensors. back to you. >> we like the green sensors. thank you, mike. still ahead on "today in the bay" the latest bay area school district teachers demanding a new contract. at 6:35, which schools will be impacted. another wildfire burning in california, this one on the coast. containment levels for you coming up next. you're watching "today in the bay." announcer: time magazine reports: "the new american
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addiction. how juul hooked kids and ignited a public health crisis." other news outlets report- juul took $12.8 billion from big tobacco. markets e-cigarettes with kid friendly flavors and uses nicotine to addict them. 5 million kids use e-cigarettes. juul is "following big tobacco's playbook." and now, juul is pushing prop c to overturn e-cigarette protections. vote no on juul. no on big tobacco. no on prop c.
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firefighters are making some progress on a wildfire burning near a popular campground north of santa barbara. yesterday it was briefly closed as it briefly closed the freeway in both directions of highway 101. the fire is burning near el captain, the campground is now closed. as of last night the fire was 20% contained and had burned about 450 acres. new overnight, parts of southern california experienced shaking straight out of compton, a 3.7 earthquake struck a little after midnight centered in compton in south central los angeles. so far there are no reports of any damage. all week long we've been looking back at the loma prieta
6:24 am
earthquake after 30 years, many of you have lingering questions. >> we took them to an expert. vianey arana talked with a seismologist. >> if you live in california, the threat of earthquakes is very real. we wanted to give you the chance to ask a seismologist and here are the questions our viewers asked via social media. our most popular question, is there such thing as earthquake weather? >> we looked at the weather patterns and when the earthquakes occur, we looked around the world and we didn't see anything. so there is no such thing as earthquake weather. >> reporter: she says many times people remember how the weather was during major events, such as earthquakes, and that connection is what makes it part of your story. remember that although earthquakes cannot be predicted, we can always be prepared. you can find emergency information on our website, >> thanks, vianey. nbc bay area digital correspondent abbey fernandez took a bike trip to the epicenter of the loma prieta earthquake in the santa cruz mountains. tonight at 5:00 tune in to see what she found 30 years later.
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watch the clip on our digital appsset yo dvr. kay atting gun violence is erupting in the capital mexican city of sina loa. >> we want to warn you, you may consider some of the next video disturbing. [ gunfire ] this is new video of gunfire in a drug cartel and the gun battle with security forces. it sent people as could you imagine running for their lives, ducking for cover. the day y the chaos followed the arr of the son of el chapo. shortly after the capture was made, police released him citing safety concerns. el chapo's sons are said to control a major turf once covered by the notorious kingpin. a seizure by the u.s. coast guard goes a long way thwarting
6:26 am
smuggler's plans to get cocaine into the country. 7,000 pounds was off-loaded in san diego yesterday, what you see on the screen worth an estimated $92 million. it was seized off the coast of mexico and central and south america. coming uex on "today in the bay," happening today, pg&e's ceo in the hot seat facing tough questions from regulators over last week's massive power shutoff. coming up, what the ceo is expected to say, i a live report, just moments away. what workers are aused of not doing moments after the explosion and fire at a contra costa county oil facility. what our investigative unit is uncovering, next.
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good friday morning. thanks for joining us. i'm snch smpkris sanchez in for garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. vianey arana is in for kari with a look at the forecast. >> good morning, it's friday and this is how we're starting our morning with clear skies in san jose. notice we're not seeing any rain this morning. that's because that cold front that swept through yesterday has made its exit but we have another similar front, weaker moving in through tonight. it's not going to get as windy inland. we're chilly now in the 40s and
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today through the interior valleys, areas like concord a expected to climb into the mid-70s. another cool afternoon with a good mix of sun and clouds and a warmup on the way. let's head things over to mike. >> looking toward a light friday commute as you'd expect. green all over the roadways. warm springs line for b.a.r.t. ten-minute delays traveling out of the warm springs station, some sort of equipment issue. wre we'll track that. upper east shore one crash san pablo dam road slows you down a bit. one lane is blocked. even the bay bridge toll plaza has no metering lights. a little slowing off the 808 overcrossing. back to you >> thank you, mike. pg&e executives are set to face questions from state commission today regarding the controversial power shutoffs last week. >> tded it's pete suratos joins us live with what we expect to hear and a lot of folks are wondering what the ceo is going to say.
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>> reporter: good morning to you. it's going to be california's public utility commission calling for the emergency meter later today in san francisco. they want to make sure the power shutoff process in the future runs a bit smoother. here is a letter from pg&e's ceo, sent to the commission in the lead-up to today's meeting that will take place in san francisco. i want to read this letter from pg&e's ceo, william johnson admitting communications could have been better with the more than 700,000 customers affected by the power shutoffs ranging from issues with the pg&e website crashing and better communication with government agencies. he says he understands it was a burden for customers but said the shutoffs needed to be done in order to prevent risk of wild fires throughout more than california. pg&e reported wind gusts of 77 miles per hour in sonoma county and 75 miles per hour in contra costa county during these shutoffs with more than 100 incidents of damage or hazards within the affected areas.
6:32 am
the cpuc, this commission still wants executives to publicly address any mistakes or operational issues at today's meeting to make sure those issues don't pop up again. of note in that pg&e letter, the ceo does say the shutoffs aren't a long-term solution and shouldn't become status quo for customers. but that commission meeting set to take place in san francisco later today at 1:00 p.m. reporting live, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> thank you, pete. 6:32. new overnight, police say a driver deliberately tried to hit several people near lake merritt amphitheater in oakland, near 12th street and lake merritt boulevard around 9:40 last night. according to "the east bay times," a vehicle drove off the street nearly hitting a cyclist and several pedestrians. no word on whether or not anyone was injured. concord police are releasing these four sketches of men they say are tied to an unsolved deadly shooting from four years ago. it happened on september 12th,
6:33 am
2015, when a 20-year-old man died at the pine meadows apartment complex near monument and oak grove. police are releasing the sketches in the wake of new evidence and asking to you contact the department if these guys look familiar to you. we have exclusive new details following the explosion and fire at the new star energy facility in crockett. our investigative unit learned new star employees fled after the fire erupted without turning on the automated fire suppression system. federal officials are investigating tuesday's fire. cal osha ordered the company to preserve all pipes and tanks involved for investigators. new star energy says they have no cause yet for the fiery blast. new for you this morning san francisco voters disapprove of the last-minute district attorney appointment according to an all new public policy poll. it shows that 40% of voters disagree with mayor london breed's decision to name candidate suzy loftis to
6:34 am
interim district attorney. this comes just a few weeks before the november election. loftis will not be sworn in until after district attorney george gascon officially steps down later today. he's expected to explore a run for office in los angeles. a follow-up now to a palo alto sergeant who is accused of an excessive use of force. also sued in a lawsuit he has retired. sergeant wayne benitez the man arrested is suing the city of palo alto and the san francisco. alvarez accuses the sergeant of slamming his head into his car window at his own home. here is alvarez's attorney. >> the fact sergeant benitez was able to retire from the agency and draw a pension, before
6:35 am
anything was done by the agency shows that the agency is at fault. >> the city of palo alto is not confirming the sergeant retired, only confirming that he is no longer with the department. a judge has since dismissed the charges that originally got alvarez arrested the ceo of juul is shutting down its sale of the fruity versions of its ecigarette cartridges. manage yo, fruit and cucumber will not be sold in the u.s. due to a pending fda review. the ceo says the company must focus on earning the trust of society it serves, their words, and work toward combating underaged vaping. happening today, berkeley teachers will rally outside of the city school before classes begin. organizers say that the rallies will end at 9:00 a.m. thn isurrently negotiating with the district on a new contract. 6:35 and the sharks give back. volunteers from the team's foundation will help finish building an all new playground
6:36 am
at windmill springs school, expected to take more than six hours to wrap up the transformation of the site to the kid friendly spot. the ribbon cutting ceremony will be held later this afternoon. it will be the fifth playground built by the sharks foundation. >> i like to see them make it all teal. by the way. >> no mistaking. they need to put more fins out there, too. >> thank you, uncle sharky. >> look out here, thank friday for this, a lighter build of course but this is an odd pattern. sometimes we see this, issue with folks coming off and feeding off 880 overcrossing at the mini toll plaza but the hov lanes are almost never a problem especially when everything else is open. i'm not sure what's going on but there are no incidents reported at the span. we did see some flashing lights, still have some there so there may have been an earlier issue. looks like it's now clearing at the toll plaza. as we look at the approach to the toll plaza we have a slower drive on the incline away from that span but getting over
6:37 am
toward the maze, no major issues, a smooth drive for the rest of the bay. it's friday, so we have that lighter commute and good news even on b.a.r.t., we had a short delay there at warm springs but the equipment problem sounds like it's been resolved. >> that is good news. good news the weekend is also here and we're going to feel like fall. >> a little bit. finally, pumpkin patches are open. mike already -- >> spoiler alert. >> spoiler alert, enjoy the pumpkin patch and the 70s because mike is right, as you know the weather is constantly changing and the saturday forecast will start out a little foggy along the coast, also a little bit of a high cloud activity happening in through saturday. look at the temperatures, 73 degrees for inland areas. we'll remain cool and comfortable by the way, 68 degrees and for the most 64. as we head into sunday a lot more sunshine and temperatures will start to bump up in to closer to the 80s for inland
6:38 am
areas. 79 degrees. look at the bay, 75 and for the coast 67 degrees. another thing to keep in mind for tomorrow, after talking about the high surf advisory things get better into saturday. the good news is by saturday things are expected to get a lot calmer. if you're headed to carmel, the valley temperatures 71 for today. 73 by saturday. your suniest day is expected to be on sunday and maybe headed out to yosemite, also a fantastic weekend for that.nieso be on sunday and maybe headed out to yosemite, also a fantastic weekend for that. tomorrow temperatures cool into the 50s and it gets cold into the mountain areas dipping down into the 30s overnight at times and of course the low 40s as we wake up in the morning. pack accordingly. i'll send it back to you. >> thanks, vianey. coming up next on "today in the bay," remembering the loma prieta earthquake. our traffic guru mike inouye takes a look back at how the devastating quake marked the end of two san francisco freeways, and how that's changed the city forever.
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the white house chief of staff astonishes everyone by saying yeah, there was quid pro quo. let's take you out to the big board in new york city, dow industrials down mildly. china said its growth is not what we expected. otherwise not a whole lot of effect on the markets this morning. you're watching "today in the bay." tv just keeps getting better.
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it's 6:41. get excited, it's friday. our temperatures right now as you head out the door in san jose 49 degrees, but look at by 10:00 a.m. we'll be in the 50s,
6:42 am
a mix of sun and maybe a little bit of cloud activity. a mostly clear afternoon, talking mid-70s. i'll have a look at what you can expect for saturday and of course sunday coming up. we're talking big nimitz, with big improvements. the early morning crash has things tied up but now northbound is not a problem and you travel past the coliseum and toward high street. we'll show you what is going on, more delay for the east shore freeway. things are moving so fast in washington, i cannot get to everything there is you need to know. good morning. rick perry stepping down over ukraine. cease-fire in syria broke down. president trump at a rally last night. more testimony in the impeachment hearing but i want to get to is an astonishing message from the retired admiral in charge of the capture killing of osama bin laden. his name is william mcraven, the former commander of the united
6:43 am
states special operations command, commanding amongst other things s.e.a.l. team 6. mcraven published an op-ed in the "new york times" titled our republic is under attack from the president. in it the retired admiral writes "we are not the most powerful nation in the world because of our aircraft carriers, our economy, or our seat at the united nations security council. we are the most powerful nation in the world because we try to be the good guys. if our promises are meaningless, how will our allies ever trust us? if we can't have faith in our nation's principles, why would the men and women of this nation join the military? and if they don't join, who will protect us?" he goes on, "if we are not the champions of good and right, who will follow us and if nobody follows us, where will the world end up?" it is an extraordinary statement for a retired military leader to speak up like this. now, you may see clips today of recently retired secretary of
6:44 am
defense james mattis making fun of president trump in a roast. he said some really startling things about trump's deferment from vietnam, but i don't want mattis being silly to distract you from mcraven, who is being dead serious. look on youtube for mattis, the "today" show may run it as well. find mcraven's serious warning in the "new york times." majority leader mcconnell started to plan for real impeachment and republican mitt romney is calling for senate hearing on the debacle in syria. >> are we so weak and so inept diplomatically that turkey forced the hand of the united states of america, turkey? >> and chief of staff mick mulvaney startled everyone saying there was quid pro quo in the ukraine arms deal saying the white house did withhold money over a request ukraine investigate a debunked theory it had something to do with the hacking of the dnc server.
6:45 am
"deal with it" he said. here's mulvaney. >> the look back to what happened in 2016 certainly was part oe thing that he was worried about in corruption with that nation and that is absolutely appropriate. >> reporter: withholding the funding? >> yes. >> mulvaney has since tried to wat back. i said there are too many things to get to. i should add the trump white house awarded the contract to host the next g7 summit worth millions of dollars to trump's golf course at doral. we are trying to cover everything in washington. it will be a busy day today. follow me @scottmcgrew. >> we'll do that, scott, thank you. lady gaga demands a spotlight and probably won't want to share that with any of her fans. >> not on stage anyway. watch what happened during a show last night in las vegas. she invites one of her fans on the stage, he picks her up and that's what happens, folks. misstepping, tumbling off the stage with the singer.
6:46 am
they crashed hard to the floor. there was nobody else there to catch them. but gaga a real performer took off her jacket and kept the show going. >> ay-yi-yi. >> way to go, gaga. >> was that guy still dancing? >> how did it go, man? >> "you guys see me on youtube"? >> he's not going to be invited to be a backup dancer. >> they make it look easier than it is. they were flipping her and all this stuff. >> not that guy, though. >> exactly. >> impromptu, not a good idea. >> give your fan a hug. temperatures for today are going to be great, another one of the days where you could get a nice light sweater. it will be cold, it will be hot, it will be just right, just like the three little bears and the beds, that's what i remember when i was little. 51 degrees in san jose. it's very clear which is making for a very impressive sunrise right now. over san jose nice view over the
6:47 am
golden gate bridge as well. 54 degrees. those wind speeds at about 8 miles per hour. and here is a look at satellite radar. keep in mind that we were breezy and windy inland yesterday because of the cold front, hence the morning rain and another cold front, this one is very weak, but it could be just enough to where far northern ukiah, sonoma could see some drizzle, no measurable amounts of rain. microclimate highs for today, around the coastline, might get more cloud activity. bay and inland overall mostly clear skies. 69 degrees and oakland 70 degrees in san jose. 74 in through concord, morgan hill. 72 and this is the one that we're monitoring because we started seeing waves building in as early as last night, so they've been building pretty high, too. high surf advisory in place tonight, the largest hazards are the rip currents and the sneaker waves so all across the coastline as we head into tomorrow, the waves are expected to get calmer but i'm sure that
6:48 am
will get impressive video but do it within reasonable distance and be safe. never turn your back to a wave. by tomorrow the morning fog again, high clouds rolling through. 73 degrees in through sunday, that's when we start to see our temperatures on the rise and then it really gets hot into tuesday and wednesday, 88 degrees. this is where we're going to be monitoring the shift in the wind, northeasterly winds 10, 20 miles per hour and yes that means elevated fire danger, but we're still kind of far out so we'll keep a close eye on that. 67 degrees for san francisco. sunny and beautiful. 70s by monday, and then it gets a little bit hotter as the high pressure builds in by next week. mike? >> vianey, friday commute so we expect a light drive and the bay bridge we're just starting to see the fastrak lanes build. we have slowing up the incline but the metering lights are not on yet. the hov lanes recovering from whatever was tying up one of the lanes and causing a backup. we have slowing off the 880 overcrossing that does indicate a good flow of traffic feeding
6:49 am
in through oakland and a smooth drive. the upper east shore freeway, the crash did look like it cleared at san pablo dam road, and that may release more traffic but nothing big through the area. contra costa county, highway 4 mild slowing, pittsburg, bay point into concord and smooth drive for the rest of the bay. vasco we're looking at just 20 minutes from brentwood down toward 580 and a smooth drive out of the altamont, and then the peninsula and the south bay, all at speed friday, things kick in later and folks wait until midday and the afternoon for e shenanig shenanigans. today we're wrapping up our coverage as we take a final look back at the 30th anniversary of the loma prieta earthquake. >> ed look up to this week's 30th anniversary we've been talking about the destruction of major parts of bay area infrastructure, but the bay bridge and the cypress structure were not the only freeways impacted. mike inouye has been watching this. a lot of people forget about the central freeway, including you. >> including me. i forgot about it.
6:50 am
we started talking about this anniversary coming up, all the stories focusing on the cypress and the bay bridge closing. we lost the freeways for a period of time, completely for some stretches like the cypress. but the central freeway used to take us from the bay bridge skyway for those unfamiliar and we used to cut over up and over toward the golden gate bridge. we're looking at this video of the embarcadero freeway, take you off the bay bridge and fly you past the ferry building toward the water's edge and eventually toward chinatown area. it's a forgotten visual. here is a different angle, the tower is the bay bridge. the one in front of it is the ferry building clock tower and could you not see that from city streets because of the double decker freeway. it's a totally different both of those multideck freeways, central and embarcadero were closed after the collapse of 880, after the bay bridge clams of the
6:51 am
collapse of the upper deck, both were torn down and these two freeways were torn down but never replaced. through traffic in san francisco we mapped it out for you, getting off the bay bridge, as you look over here, you get off the bridge and you hit the streets now, but the purple route you see that used to curb toward the embarcadero, we saw the video there and you see it easy over toward the piers and pier 39 but now you have to take the city streets, very know them as van ness and lombard. map says highway 101 off of octavia. that is tying you up crossing the city instead of the two express freeways we have city streets and all of the signals. >> clearly it feels different for people who have always been in san francisco. >> people still remember the freeway like it was yesterday except for me i guess. ironic. look at the difference. the traffic is slower but you get city views like the change, we'll show you video instead of having the double decker in front of it, look at this
6:52 am
beautiful view of the ferry building. we couldn't see that until they tore down the multideck freeway. it was just cement. >> ran right in front of it. >> couldn't see water. >> the place where you rent bikes. you can see the tower and the beautiful architecture and great access toward the market there and another section patricia's green in hayes valley one of the iconic spots that used to be occupied by the central freeway. here is a square tree i think is one of the art installations. beautiful light culp tours, a lot of projects that came over from burning man and the san francisco arts commission let us use these pictures of what many of the previous installations are there, but that's also improved the quality of life i think for the city, so while it is more of a hassle to drive through, there's been a rebirth of let's enjoy the city for what it is. >> it is a beautiful view. our emmy award winning documentary series "bay area revelati revelations" conicaled the day the loma prieta earthquake hit. we are reairing the special at
6:53 am
4:00 here on nbc bay area. if you're home and you want to watch it now, use our digital app to do that or set your dvr and watch at your leisure. anti-government protests continue in hong kong today. the city is bracing for a full weekend of demonstrations. on thursday, hong kong leader kari lam was forced from the legislature for the second day by the opposition leader. protesters are calling for a 25-mile human chain outside the metro stations there tonight. next a quick look at top stories we're covering including pg&e in a hot sweeat amid growi outrage about last week's power shutoffs across the bay area. plus the picket line, today marks day ten of the santa clara county workers strike. the demands employees are making this morning. we'll have much more for you right after the break. you're watching "today in the bay." 6:53.
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well come back. before you head out the door, it is 6:56. here are the top stories on "today in the bay." >> striking santa clara service workers are expected to be on back on the picket lines a short time from now as they enter the tenth day of their rolling strike, that started more than two weeks ago but put on hold for a few days during the power outages. contract talks are at a standstill, though the county says it has given what it calls
6:57 am
its last best offer. workers may vote on it next week. insiders examine the it will be voted down in which case a mediator would likely be called in. happening today, pg&e executives set to face questions over the controversial power shutoffs we experienced last week. the cpuc called an emergency meeting to ask execs about what was learned from last week's preventative outages and what can be doen to make the process smoother in the future. the ceo released a letter acknowledging there needs to be better communication with customers. a sheriff is asking for help in a homicide case. 40-year-old william tate of san pablo was found dead yesterday near the train tracks at giant road and parr boulevard. in unincorporated part of the county near north richmond. at first investigators thought tate was hit by a train but turns out that he was shot. now to a follow-up in just a few hours in an undocumented immigrant accused of murdering a
6:58 am
woman inside her south san jose home is expected in court for a plea hearing. prosecutors say that carlos carranza killed bambi larson after breaking into her home in march. you might remember that case sparked a fierce immigration debate. i.c.e. reported that agents tried to deport carranza nine times before but they requested were not honored by santa clara and los angeles counties. in case you missed it a new in-n-out is more out than in on campbell. tuesday night councilmembers voted down the plan. opponents were concerned about the crunch it would create on traffic in that area. happening now, two tee male astronauts are taking their girl power into outer space and into the history books all at once. you see them there and you see them now. the pair taking part in the first all woman space walk today, after a delay earlier this year. you might remember they were delayed earlier this year because they didn't have enough small space suits to fit. astronauts christina koch and
6:59 am
jessica mir will travel outside the international space station to replace some faulty equipment. >> that's a live look right there, wow. >> cool to see history being made right there and show women can do it all. >> of course we can. >> she could do it all. >> you were raised right, marcus. >> i relearn that every day. >> your weather 75 today for the inland areas. it will remain in the mid-70s. by tomorrow, morning fog. the sunniest day this weekend expected to be sunday and warmup next week. >> you have a crash on the san mateo bridge. >> the live camera shows lots of brake tapping. i saw what i believe is paramedics headed to across too a motorcycle crash. a little buildup at the bay bridge nothing big and palo alto the rest of the bay with friday on the rise. >> all right, beautiful sunrise, too. that is what's happening "today in the bay." we will be back with you 7:25,
7:00 am
but we want to take this live look history in the making that first all women space walk out to space. >> way to go. good morning, bombshell admission, the white house chief of staff in a stunning moment before the cameras acknowledging a quid pro quo that aid to ukraine was partly held up over politics. >> get over it. there's going to be political influence in foreign policy. >> the white house scrambling this morning to clarify but for democrats, the damage done. o much much worse. from very >> what this means for the investigation straight ahead. still firing, the ceasefire announced yesterday collapses overnight, new fighting and bloodshed reported in syria. >> sometimes you have et them fight like two kids in a


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