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tv   Today  NBC  October 18, 2019 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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we will be back with you 7:25, but we want to take this live look history in the making that first all women space walk out to space. >> way to go. good morning, bombshell admission, the white house chief of staff in a stunning moment before the cameras acknowledging a quid pro quo that aid to ukraine was partly held up over politics. >> get over it. there's going to be political influence in foreign policy. >> the white house scrambling this morning to clarify but for democrats, the damage done. o much much worse. from very >> what this means for the investigation straight ahead. still firing, the ceasefire announced yesterday collapses overnight, new fighting and bloodshed reported in syria. >> sometimes you have et them fight like two kids in a
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lot, you have to let them fight and then you pull them apart. >> the president saying his deal for turkey is great for civilization. we're live with the very latest. chaos in mexico, the son of notorious drug kingpin el chapo captured leading to this dramatic shootout, an entire town terrorized but this morning he's free again. what went wrong just ahead. those stories, plus one giant leap for woman kind. we'll meet the nasa astronauts behind the all female space walk. and one on one with michael jordan. >> why are you more outspoken now? >> when i was playing, i had tunnel vision was my craft. >> this morning, the hall of famer's message to today's stars. and a star is down, lady gaga and a fan tumble off stage
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mid concert. she's laughing it off. today, friday, october 18th, 2019. fr nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hi, everybody, good morning, and welcome to "today" on a friday morning. it's good to have you with us o and a lot has happened overnight. our top story, we've got breaking news just hours after the president hailed that ceasefire in syria, there are reports this morning of new violence and fighting in the region we're going to head there in a moment first, that startling twist in the impeachment investigation. the president's own chief of staff saying there was a quid pro quo with ukraine we're going to break it all down we'll start with nbc's kristen welker, she's at the white house this morning. the white house is in damage control mode after the acting chief of staff mick mulvaney contradicted the president's claim that there was no quid pro quo with ukraine and tried to
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reverse those comments hours later as president trump takes aim at the allegations swirling around him in a raucous rally overnight. president trump in dallas overnight, lashing out at democrats over impeachment >> now they continue the outrageous impeachment witch hunt with nothing >> reporter: still, the president's impeachment defense may have been undercut by a stunning admission from his acting chief of staff. >> get over it there's going to be political influence in foreign policy. >> reporter: in a combative briefing thursday, mick mulvaney acknowledging president trump told him one of the reasons he was holding up military aid to ukraine was that he wanted ukraine to assist with a justice department investigation into the 2016 election. seizing on an unfounded allegation that a democratic party computer server was in ukraine. >> the look back to what happened in 2016 certainly was part of the thing that he was worried about in corruption with that nation, and that is absolutely appropriate
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>> let's be clear, what you described is a quid pro quo, it is funding will not flow unless the investigation into the democratic server happened as well >> we do that all the time with foreign policy >> reporter: contradicting the president who has denied any quid pro quo in his july phone call with the leader of ukraine. >> there was no quid pro quo. >> facing a backlash from some of the president's allies with one calling his briefing an unmitigated disaster, mulvaney tried to walk back his comments thursday night despite the fact that they were on camera saying there was absolutely no quid pro quo between ukrainian military aid and any investigation into the 2016 election. the president standing by mulvaney. >> i have not heard anything about that i have a lot of confidence >> reporter: house intelligence committee chairman adam schiff who's leading the impeachment inquiry reacting. >> things have just gone from very very bad to much much
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worse. >> reporter: all this as another figure in the controversy u.s. ambassador to the european union gordon sondland faced a grilling on capitol hill. >> why was it important to show up for you today. >> it's always important to show up when congress calls. >> are you hear to salvage your reputation. >> i don't have a reputation to salvage. >> reporter: sondland telling behind closed doors, president trump outsourced to rudy giuliani, in his opening remarks, sondland testifying we were disappointed by the president's direction that we involve mr. giuliani now, also this morning, energy secretary rick perry announcing he intends to resign effective later this year. it's a move that has been anticipated for weeks. perry is among the trump officials embroiled in the ukraine controversy and he is facing a deadline for today to comply with the subpoena from house democrats for documents. savannah. >> the president's former defense secretary james mattis speaking out last night at a dinner what did he have to say. >> reporter: former defense
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secretary james mattis was speaking at the al smith dinner in new york, that's where it is typical for the speakers to poke fun at themselves and others, and his remarks come after the president called mattis the most overrated general. mattis clapped back. >> i'm honored to be considered that by donald trump because he also called meryl streep an overrated actress. so i guess i'm the meryl streep of generals. some of you were kind during the reception, and asked me, you know, if this bothered me to have been rated this way based on what donald trump said. of course not. i'd earned my spurs on the battlefield, martin, as you pointed out, and donald trump earned his spurs in a letter from a doctor. >> a little bit of a zinger by the defense secretary. so far no response or reaction from the white house. >> he resigned over this very issue we're dealing with in syria. >> indeed.
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>> thank you very much overnight, fighting in syria continued despite that u.s. brokered ceasefire just announced yesterday. today senior international correspondent keir simmons joins us from that region. he's got the latest on all of it keir, good morning. >> reporter: savannah, good morning, this is the 13-point peace plan handed out by vice president pence here in ankara already there is argument over the language turkey says while it is silencing its guns it is not a ceasefire because the kurds it is fighting are not a legitimate group. meanwhile on the ground in syria, both sides accusing each other of continuing the fighting smoke rising over the syrian town this morning, a day of diplomacy, so far failing to silence the guns a battle that began after a phone call to president trump far harder to end.
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vice president pence arrived in ankara needing a peace deal and after a handshake with president erdogan, he handed turkey almost everything it had been fighting for. >> today the united states and turkey have agreed to a ceasefire in syria >> reporter: during five hours of talks, they agreed a five-day pause in the conflict, but america says turkish forces will get to stay in syria and if the agreement holds, u.s. sanctions will be lifted many calling it a victory for turkey, the president claiming everyone wins. >> it's a great dafor the united states. it's a great day for turkey. the kurds were great great day for the kurds. it's a great day for civilization. >> reporter: tens of thousands of kurdish civilians have fled with fears growing of ethnic cleansing. the president now defending turkey. >> they had terrorists, they had a lot of people in there that they couldn't have they have suffered a lot of loss of lives also and they had to have it cleaned out.
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sometimes you have to let them fight. like two kids in a lot, you got to let them fight, and then you pull them apart. >> reporter: the agreement claimed kurdish forces, america's allies against isis will be disarmed of heavy weapons, even some republicans branding it deeply dishonorable. >> the decision to abandon the kurds violates one of our most sacred duties, it strikes at american honor what we have done to the kurds will stand as a bloodstain in the annals of american history. >> reporter: there are doubts, the u.s. has little leverage with the kurds who have turned to russian and syrian government forces syria's president assad saying syria will respond to any turkish aggression with all legitimate means, meanwhile america now firmly on turkey's side, president erdogan tweeting to president trump, many more lives will be saved when we defeat terrorism savannah >> keir, thank you so much,
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we're joined by peter alexander as well as nbc news analyst, admiral james stavridis, author of a new book "sailing true north," admiral, quickly, are you surprised that the ceasefire seems to have not taken hold at all. we still see violence overnight. >> i'm entirely unsurprised. one way to look at this is president erdogan and president trump buried the hatchet, right in the back of the kurds this is approaching ethnic cleansing, 300,000 kurds being pushed out of this buffer zone, 70,000 of them children. news flash, winter is coming this is a humanitarian crisis first and foremost, and then secondly, isis is a winner here. they will re surge iran is a winner here. vladimir putin and russia are pulling those puppet strings this is a bad day for american diplomacy.
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>> and vice president pence went over there and got the ceasefire and it was hailed as oh, we got this deal, the president literally said it's a great day for civilization >> it is a terrible day for civilization and to the book i just finished, character, you know, leadership is influencing others. it's a big door. it swings on that small hinge of character and where we have failed here is in loyalty as mitt romney said, in upholding our values and also in walking away from these kurdish allies. >> let me turn to you peter, you have your finger on the pulse in washington this is the rare occasion where we have seen bipartisan rebuke of the president not just the usual suspects in the republican quarters but allies of the president stand up and say this is wrong. are they going to be satisfied by what happened in ankara yesterday, this ceasefire deal that does not appear to be holding right now anyway. >> some will give him the benefit of the doubt and say this is a start. to be clear, the republicans are furious about the way this has played out, a lot of them. lindsey graham, who just yesterday said i will hold you
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accountable mr. president for what's taking place there. the president as announced by mike pence is going to withdraw sanctions on turkey if the ceasefire holds, the republicans with graham leading the way, want stiff sanctions, even imposed on erdogan, the president of turkey himself. president trump said a couple of days ago that this was a strategically brilliant situation but it just doesn't make sense to anybody, including republicans because if it was so brilliant, why did you need to rush over to turkey. >> let's say they could put it together today and get a ceasefire and get things stable on the ground, hasn't turkey already gotten all the things it wanted out of this. >> absolutely. the big winner here is president erdogan and we ought to point out, this was a very small investment of u.s. troops. this was only 2,000 to 3,000 troops when i commanded the mission in afghanistan, 150,000 troops, iraq, 185,000 troops
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here we had 2,000 special forces maintaining some semblance of order, working with our kurdish allies this was a small investment of huge leverage. we walked away from it that's why we are where we are >> let me turn to you peter before i let you go. there's another issue, the president announcing that next year's g7 summit with all the world leaders is hosted in the u.s. this year, and the president announced it will be hosted at one of his properties. >> you're exactly right. this happens once every 7 years that the u.s. gets to host this critical gathering the white house announcing yesterday he is effectively awarding it to his personal property there was outrage immediately. certainly a lot of it by democrats right now because the constitution says that a president cannot receive gifts or payment from a foreign government there are going to be a lot of governments paying to stay at his property here's how the white house, mick mulvaney described it yesterday. >> it's almost like they built this facility to host this type of event >> why has no other g7 been held there before. >> because they didn't look at it. >> mick mulvaney was saying it's not about that it's trump's
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property it's perfect for the situation. >> he acknowledged donald trump came up with the idea, one thing as a backdrop. they say the president won't personally profit, the bottom line is this property has seen its sales decline dramatically since the president took office. >> this is in june, i'm from miami, june in miami may not be the best climate to bring world leaders together so they can all sweat together walking around miami, not a good move. >> admiral, i did not expect a weather report from you. good to have your expertise. peter, thank you as always. a scene of utter chaos in mexico, heavily armed family members of el chapo, and the military in mexico miguel almaguer has more >> while juaquin el chapo may be serving a life sentence, at least one of his sons living in the capital may be responsible for yesterday's killing spree
7:15 am
that lasted hours. a torrent of gunfire sending dozens of people running for their lives. witnesses say masked men with high powered weapons unleashed a barrage of bullets at soldiers, with innocent people caught in the crossfire. according to officials, 30 national guard and army personnel were patrolling an area of sinaloa's capital city when the group came under fire, a house where the gunman engaged the troops in a firefight. inside, authorities say they apprehended four men, among them, 28-year-old ovidio guzman lopez, a leader of the powerful sinaloa cartel and the son of notorious drug lord, juaquin el chapo guzman the soldiers retreated after being outnumbered by guzman
7:16 am
allies as other groups took control of major streets, blocking entrances with burning vehicles, known in the area as los chapitos they sought to take control of the cartel after their father was captured. el chapo guzman was one of the most feared and ruthless drug lords in the world, responsible for brutal murders and controlling much of the illegal drug trade across the u.s. for three decades. a $12.6 billion empire after multiple manhunts, he was arrested in 2014 then that brazen escape from a maximum security prison in mexico surveillance cameras capturing him disappearing near a shower in his cell. guzman making his getaway through a tunnel after he was recaptured, he was extradited to the u.s. in 2017 sentenced to life in prison at a super max security facility in colorado
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now the citizens on edge after a day of violence and uncertainty over the fate of the drug lord's son. with so much bloodshed, mexican authorities are still trying to identify all of the victims and all of the suspects, like el chapo guzman's children are feared all across the country while mexican officials there are trying to restore peace in the streets. >> miguel, thank you. let's get our first check of the weather, mr. al roker is at his post good morning. >> good morning, guys, thanks for getting your first national weather from us, and we are watching the tropics, right now, this is potential tropical cyclone 16 would become nester if it becomes a storm, moving northeast at 14 miles per hour we have tropical storm warnings from new orleans, i should say from louisiana to crystal river florida all along the gulf, so we're going to be watching this closely. the system starts it trek, makes landfall around saturday morning around 7:00 a.m. potentially, along the panhandle and continues through georgia, exits cape hatteras sometime early
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sunday morning, and then moves out to sea here's what we're looking at, the big danger we're worried act, storm surge, anywhere from 2 to 5 feet of storm surge from apalachicola to clearwater we're looking at a lot of rain if there is a silver lining, there's rainfall deficits from 17 inches below average to 10 inches below average and even 5. the good news is as the heavy rain comes in, it may actually ease their drought conditions. we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds chit, chit. jif peanut butter. it's that jif-ing good, you'd dress up like a squirrel for it. snack on something else jif'ing good, peanut butter-packed jif power ups creamy clusters.
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another cool afternoon is in store. if you're hanging around the coastline, we are monitoring a high surf advisory, now looming in effect for tonight. the largest hazards the rip current and possible sneaker waves. we're looking at tall waves that started building in since last night. be careful out there. our current temperatures are in the 50s but we'll climb into the 70s for inland areas with morning fog for saturday, and clear skies expected for sunday. and that's your latest weather, guys. >> craig has a rare and exclusive interview with michael jordan hey, craig. >> hey, what's up, guys. you know, it's been 16 years since jordan walked away from the game we talked about all that he has been up to since then. he's become a grandfather. he's made a bunch of money on a team and building his brand. we talked about all of that and also some of the controversy
7:20 am
that he's faced over the years for not speaking out more. and whether college athletes should be paid we'll have all of that coming up. >> looking forward to that conversation craig, thank you so much. and we're going to talk to the astronauts making history this morning, the first ever all female space walk. first, this is "today" on nbc. ♪
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fungal infections are common, or if you've had tb, hepatitis b or c, or are prone to infections. don't let another morning go by without asking your doctor about xeljanz xr. ♪ good morning. 7:26. i'm kris sanchez. a little later this morning we may get some clarity on the extreme measures taken by pg&e in last week's controlled power outages. millions of homes and businesses had their power cut in more than 30 counties. pg&e called it a preventative action to decrease fire danger. today california's public utilities commission is holding an emergency meeting in san francisco. members want to ask pg&e about the mistakes they made, the lessons they learned and what maybe can be done differently next time to smooth out the process, should it happen again. we're looking at our forecast with vianey arana. looks like fall. >> it does. look at what a beautiful start in walnut creek, nice sunrise
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there and yesterday morning that cold front passed through, our temperatures are still cool today and bay along the coast and 65 degrees. expected high in san francisco 69 in oakland, 70 degrees for san jose. 74 concord and we're close to monitoring the high surf advisory, the waves really starting to grow since last night. right now about 10, 12 feet but they could get higher. the largest hazards are rip currents and sneaker waves. keep that in mind, throughout the coastline over the next seven days, our sunniest day is expected to be on sunday. northbound 880 slow coming off the northbound 17 out of campbell, there say crash blocking one lane, possibly two, tying up things. the rest of san jose and silicon valley looks great. on the peninsula southbound 101 out of san francisco one lane blocked, consider 280. the bay bridge metering lights turned on just at 7:00, so we
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still have fastrak lanes. more local news coming up in half an hour. hope you have a good morning.
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it is friday, it's 7:30. it's the 18th of october, 2019 we have a spectacular energetic crowd outside. we've got some hats on, some coats on, we're going to head out in a little bit. >> from the big nor'easter yesterday, too it's a great morning out there. the stunning admission from the white house, acting chief of staff mick mulvaney acknowledging yesterday the president did hold up aid to ukraine in part for political reasons. >> get over it there's going to be political influence in foreign policy.
7:31 am
>> he said aid was with held partly because of a desire to pressure officials there later mulvaney walked back his commenting saying absolutely no quid pro quo a subway rider in argentina is recovering after a bizarre accident that was caught on camera it started when another passenger leaning against the wall passes out. he falls forward, pushing a woman on to the tracks and a train is approaching commuters frantically waved their arms and bag who alerted the train operator who is able to stop just a few feet from the unconscious woman. passengers lift the woman on to the platform and stay with her until paramedics arrive. now to the biggest name in basketball, still, craig traveled to north carolina yesterday to go one on one with the one and only, michael jordan craig, good morning. i guess this was like a lifetime experience for you
7:32 am
>> oh, yeah, it was. my teenage self geeked out for a couple of days here's the thing, mj is widely regarded as the best player to play any sport, retires in 2013, since then he has become majority owner of a team, and built this global brand that helped place his net worth over a billion dollars, and has become a pretty amazing philanthropist in a lot of ways. we talked about all of those things and we talked about the controversy he faced when he played, controversy that he never used his platform to speak out on social issues and whether college athletes should be paid. >> who's game is it, it's michael jordan's game. >> michael jordan reinvented basketball. >> michael jordan at his best. >> his unparalleled grace, athleticism, cementing him as
7:33 am
the greatest, a hall of famer with a lasting legacy he has only added to off the court. >> mr. jordan. >> we joined jordan to get a look at the first of two medical clinics he has fully funded in charlotte, north carolina, to help provide access to underserved communities in the area its opening bringing the sports great to tears. >> as you can see it's a very emotional thing for me >> the michael jordan family medical clinic, what do you think? >> i'm very proud of it. i mean, the michael jordan aspect of things is okay, it is what it is, i think what drives me is i know this clinic is needed in the community and it's going to provide a certain rvice. >> giving back and also using his voice for change a reverse from his days on the court. you have a reputation for being apolitical, not wading into a lot of the waters of social issues over the last few years, though, i have noticed you have spoken out on unarmed black people being shot, the causes and
7:34 am
effects of poverty, you have talked about health care disparities. what changed why are you more outspoken now than you used to be? >> you know, when i was playing, my vision and my tunnel vision was my craft i was a professional basketball player and i tried to do that the best i could. now i have more time to understand things around me, understand causes, understand, you know, issues and you know, problems, and commit, you know, my voice, my financial support to. >> looking back on your playing days, do you wish perhaps you had been more vocal about certain things. >> i never look back and change things for whatever reason. >> he has stayed close to the sport. jordan is now the majority owner of the charlotte hornets what do you think about professional sports players now who use their platforms for activism >> i think it's great. if they understand the causes, obviously if they feel their voice matters, great
7:35 am
you know, and i support that. >> but speaking out has recently created controversy in the nba lebron james facing criticism for weighing in on the feud between the league and china over the protests in hong kong jordan declining to comment on the topic, citing pending litigation first starting in 2012 over the improper use of his name in the country. the legend also weighing in on college athletes being paid to play, a bill just signed into law in california with other states following suit. >> do you think they should be paid >> i think they should be paid some portion of money so that their basic needs are taken care of there's some complexity there that i think the ncaa should find out are they entitled to compensation, yes, what is that number, i don't think anyone knows. >> as you pointed out a few minutes ago, it was pretty remarkable to sit down with someone, especially around our age, we grew up watching mike. i can also tell you that a lot
7:36 am
of stuff off camera that he wouldn't say on camera was probably the coolest stories and things like that so we can't get into that. >> are you going to write in your diary about that. >> journal entry number one. >> i already have. i already have >> so we know he owns the hornet, what else is he up to these days, how is he spending his time >> so here's the thing, he's 56. michael jordan, two months ago, he becomes a grandfather so his grandson was there yesterday. in fact, we're going to meet him on monday, so he's spending a lot of time doing that and he's also got this documentary that's coming out next year. there's been some talk about this ten-part documentary that he sat down for and lindsay, my wife saw the first 24 minutes, this trailer that was put out. she's already said it's the most remarkable sports documentary she's ever seen. everyone who played on the bulls the last year, the last championship year, they all
7:37 am
participated, jerry seinfeld, barack obama, bill clinton, all these people who grew up watching michael jordan. you would think this was something he was excited about yesterday he told me he didn't want to do it, and he's been a reluctant participant since the beginning. and alhe phinthropy, he has given away millions of dollars over the year, why he's doing that, and by the way, he launched a tequila brand as well savannah guthrie. >> you got my attention. >> and i'm pleased to report, it's fantastic tequila, and i may have brought some back for you. >> talk about burying the lead, now we're getting to it. what, craig, what, what. >> really quick, i want to point out where we are, perhaps you recognize the backdrop here, we're in spartanburg, south carolina, some people call it south carolina, other people refer to it as god's country we're here because it's a stone's throw from charlotte i wanted to make sure folks weren't confused. >> and your alma mater. >> and that.
7:38 am
>> thank you, craig. that was cute. we have a lot more to look >> there you go. >> thank you, craig. that was cute. we have a lot more to look forward to next week remember that incredible story on the ancient egyptian coffins that were just discovered. we promised to follow up, we'll deliver. molly hunter is going to go to egypt for an up close look. >> that's a good assignment. and facebook doubling down, why mark zuckerberg says the social media giant will not sensor political speech right after this [vacuum] ♪ ♪
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today, a speech by facebook founder mark zuckerberg that has that ceo under fire. >> faced with growing calls to do more to control political speech and misinformation, zuckerberg defended his company's controversial hands off approach nbc's jo ling kent has the story. >> mark zuckerberg spent a lot of time putting together an unfiltered speech about freedom of expression, after three years
7:43 am
of scandal over facebook's role in the spread of misinformation and hate speech, he went on offense and defense and that has both republicans and democrats firing back. mark zuckerberg doubling down on facebook's controversial decision not to fact check facebook ads from political candidates >> people should be able to see for themselves what politicians are saying >> reporter: at a carefully orchestrated event at georgetown university, zuckerberg used teleprompters to give a 35 minute speech on freedom of expression revealing for the first time how close he came to banning political ads entirely >> i've considered whether we should stop allowing them all together from a business perspective, the controversy certainly is not worth the very small part of our business that they make up. >> reporter: last month, president trump's campaign stirring up controversy for using the platform to share misinformation on hunter biden in ukraine through a campaign
7:44 am
ad now, the biden campaign striking back on zuckerberg's speech saying his choice to cloak facebook's policy and a feigned concern for free expression demonstrates how unprepared his company is for this uniqueafter luther king jr. for freedom of expression, twitter lit u moment in our history. after zuckerberg invoked martin luther king jr. for freedom of expression, twitter lit up with this critique from the civil rights leaders daughter bernice king i'd like to help facebook better understand the challenges mlk faced from disinformation campaigns launched by politicians. these campaigns created an words atmosphere for his assassination. the war of words comes as republicans rail against facebook for allegedly censoring conservative views zuckerberg saying this on fox news. >> kamala harris has said she thinks that twitter should shut down president trump's account do you think that's a ridiculous idea >> in a democracy, i don't think that we want private companies censoring politicians in the
7:45 am
news. >> reporter: at the end of his remarks, zuckerberg tried to crack a joke saying it would be hard to be biassed against both sides and that got a few laughs at georgetown but all this comes before he testifies before the house finance committee in washington next week, and he's going to be facing serious questions on privacy, security, and how facebook and instagram are using our personal data. guys >> all right jo in los angeles, thank you let us get a check of the weather. >> it's friday, al. >> so funny, mark zuckerberg anyway, let's show you what we've got. we've got the winter outlook in temperatures, warmer than average for most of the country. nobody below average for the winter, the way it's looking right now, and as far as precipitation is concerned, it looks wetter than average for the plains all the way to the mid atlantic, dryer than average through the gulf coast and out into california. i hope your friday morning is off to a great start. here is a look at your microclimate highs for today. 70 in the south bay, and
7:46 am
interior valleys topping out in the mid-70s. 65 degrees in san francisco, 62 for half moon bay. the waves a high surf advisory for the entire coastline through tonight, hazards expected to be the rip currents and sneaker waves. never turn your back to a wave. the winds are expected to pick up later today. that's your latest weather, savannah >> you were talking about train snacks. >> the snacks they give you on the train. >> celebrating. >> the little nuts. >> we're all a little nuts. >> just in case people heard that that's what that was, train snacks al, thank you. >> you bet. up next, the first all female spacewalk we're going to hear from those nasa astronauts right after this i wonder if they have snacks like pronamel repair. this toothpaste takes it to the next level. it takes minerals and it drives it deep into the tooth's surface so that we can actively help repair weakened enamel.
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i am proud of you, my man. making simple, smart cash back choices... with quicksilver from capital one. you're earning unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. like on that new laptop. quicksilver keeps things simple, gary. and smart, like you! and i like that. i guess i am pretty smart. don't let that go to your head, gary. what's in your wallet? noticeable. it'll be we are back with a view from we are back with a view from space where history is being made this morning. this is actually a live shot right there. >> wow and there they are, the first all female spacewalk team. they are venturing out of the space station for a repair job you may recall this was planned and cancelled earlier this year because nasa didn't have the right sized space suit apparently they have been sewing right.
7:50 am
this is so exciting. >> it is, you know, they finally got a medium up in space, literally. they needed another medium up in space. they did that. the spacewalk is underway, as we're watching, the two women conducting the spacewalk, the first all female spacewalk ever. we have been seeing female women in space for decades, the former chief astronaut is a woman, and a woman who may have conducted spacewalks with men before they have conducted them with men before, and now the first all female spacewalk at 17,000 miles per hour orbiting 248 miles above the earth, jessica meir and christina koch say today is almost like any other day. the space station needs a repair, and they're the ones to do it. period >> jessica and i had held to the exact same training standards, we're treated the same in terms of assignments or various missions on board. >> they also admit this mission is special. >> we called others space sisters because we were together, really joined at the hip going through all the
7:51 am
classes together. >> jessica meir first told us about her childhood dream three years ago at the nasa training pool in houston. >> since i was 5 years old, yeah. >> you have dreamed of being an astronaut since you were 5. >> yes, that's when i started saying it, so it literally is a dream come true. that's what makes it so difficult to believe sometimes. >> both women personify today's master koch has a master's degree in electrical engineering today's mission, replacing a power controller that failed over the weekend the first all female space walk set for last march was cancelled when nasa didn't have enough medium space suits on the station. it does now, and it's just unveiled its next generation of space suit >> we need a space suit that can go from the 1% to the 99% in size. >> important since nasa wants a woman to be among the astronauts who return to the moon by 2024
7:52 am
in your dream world, do you think about what kind of a mission you would love >> yeah, i think i would like to go back to the moon. i think that would be, you know, a great first step to getting to mars eventually as well. >> today, a first step. >> we could have never imagined that our childhood dream would come true and the two of us would be here together. >> i love this story, and i've got girls, maybe that's why. christina koch's helmet has red stripes. jessica meir's has no stripes. that's how you tell them apart for koch, this is her fourth space walk this year, and by the way, she's on track to set a record for the longest amount of time in space for a woman. 328 days, if she makes it. by the way, the longest single space flight by a nasa astronaut, that was scott kelly, 340 days. >> i can't believe it's happening right now, right above us there they are >> so cool. >> 248 miles up there. >> thank you so much >> you bet and we are back in a moment with the duet that kelly clarkson describes as a dream
7:53 am
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7:56 am
right now - at kohl's. 000 is it is 7:55. temperatures in the 50s. here is how your afternoon will be shaping out today. another day in the 60s for oakland. mid-60s for san francisco and 62 degrees for half moon bay. breezy along the coastline to the south bay, and interior valleys only topping out into the mid-70s. it will be a comfortable afternoon. mostly clear conditions and not windy through the superior valleys but a cold front off to the north could bring the probability of light rain to the far north bay. another thing we're monitoring is the high surf advisory in effect through tonight. tall waves along the coastline. never turn yrkaco a wave. remember to look out for rip currents, sneaker waves. enjoy the waves from a safe distance. if you record that, send that to nbc bay area.
7:57 am
fog through tomorrow morning, by sunday it will be our clearest day, warming up already into the upper 70s, but look at the warmup expected as we head into next week. mike? >> vianey, no waves, just rips under the san mateo bridge. on the bridge itself there was a fire and i think that might be what's left of the earlier car fire or smoking vehicle, west aslow across friday lighter overall. the south bay northbound 880 off of north 17, just starting to recover, a crash still one lane blocked at stephen's creek boulevard. the northbound direction of 880 and the rest of the bay, there's the toll plaza. back to you. happening now, pg&e executives are getting ready to face tough questions in an emergency hearing in san francisco. regulators want to know about the actions the utility took, the mistakes they made during last week's massive controlled power outages. in our twitter feed a link to the full back story. history in the making in outer space, maybe it's
7:58 am
herstory, first ever all women's spacewalk is going on at the international space station. the video is nasa's live feed.
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today," coming up, mixed messages, the president's chief of staff acknowledges he did hold up military aid to ukraine for partly political reasons. >> get over it there's going to be political influence in foreign policy. >> chief of staff mick mulvaney walking back his comments as the president hits out at democrats. >> now they continue the outrageous impeachment witch hunt with nothing. >> we're live with the latest. plus, final frontier fears, why some residents of alaska are fighting back against a billion dollar mine project. >> they say they have done the signs, they say they can do it
8:01 am
safely. >> what if they're wrong this isn't worth them being wrong. >> harry smith will take us there. and showing their true colors, cyndi lauper and kelly clarkson team up for a dream ♪ true come true duet ♪ true colors true colors >> "today," friday october 18th, 2019 >> from indianapolis, happy friday >> girls trip from minnesota. >> it's carter's first birthday. >> here from oklahoma. >> to my dad in kansas city. >> we love you >> good morning, everybody welcome back to "today." that is a happy crowd. that's a happy little corner of the world right there on rockefeller plaza, we're so happy to share it with you. >> why is it so big today, it's not a holiday. >> because it's an october to remember holiday.
8:02 am
>> it certainly is, and our october to remember is far from over we have two great interviews next week, including music icon, carly simon, she's going to open up about her legendary career and her friendship with jackie kennedy. plus, al, he's going to sit down with comedy legend, eddie murphy, a candid conversation about his return to hollywood, to stand up and to snl. >> that is going to be a good one. looking forward to it. let's get right to your news at 8:00, the president's troubles at home and abroad are escalating this morning. we're going to have the latest from turkey where a brand new cease fire is already showing some cracks. first let's go to nbc white house correspondent kristen welker on the president and his chief of staff and that stunning admission about the ukraine scandal. >> reporter: that's right, the acting chief of staff mick mulvaney stunned and angered some of the president's allies when he contradicted the president's central claims that there was no quid pro quo on ukraine. during a combative briefing thursday, mulvaney made that remarkable admission acknowledging that president
8:03 am
trump told him one of the reasons he was holding up military aid to ukraine was he wanted ukraine to assist with a justice department investigation into the 2016 election listen >> let's be clear, what you just described is a quid pro quo, it is funding will not flow unless the investigation into the democratic server happened as well >> we do that all the time with foreign policy >> reporter: then amid a backlash, mulvaney tried to walk back his comments an hour later, saying they were being misconstrued, adding quote there was absolutely no quid pro quo between ukrainian military aid and the 2016 election. president trump said late thursday he still has confidence in mulvaney. now also this morning, energy secretary rick perry announcing he intends to resign effective later this year. it's a move that has been anticipated for weeks. savannah >> kristen welker at the white house, thank you. now to turkey where the ceasefire announced by vice president mike pence, failed to stop the fighting, it goes on
8:04 am
this morning national correspondent keir simmons is in the turkish capital where the ceasefire was brokered good morning >> reporter: turkey's president erdogan insisting there is not ongoing fighting inside syria despite signs of continuing clashes there. nbc news team looking across the border reports seeing smoke and hearing gunfire. less than 24 hours after vice president pence announced his ceasefire there, there are many questions, president erdogan saying he wants to settle around 2 million syrian refugees inside the safe zone. the kurds saying they do not plan to remove themselves from key towns and president assad of damascus warning turkey that syria will respond appropriately to any turkish aggression. america now firmly on turkey's side president erdogan saying the two sides agreed to stay in constant contact and to implement this
8:05 am
deal. >> keir simmons in the region, thank you. e-cigarette maker juul announced yesterday it will suspend sales of popular fruit flavored products in the united states think already started pulling those from retail stores last year ing pressure from state and federal regulators over the youth vaping epidemic. they will continue to sell mint, tobacco flavors online and in stores. the overnight scare for lady gaga she was in the arms of a fan, dancing during her vegas show when the pair tumbled off stage. take a look. we saw it right there. gaga falls on her back the fan landed right on top of her. thankfully neither appear to be hurt she finished the concert, even invited that fan back on stage to show there were no hard
8:06 am
feelings, and later she had some fun with it. look at this, she's in an ice bath a little instant recovery. >> that was like an ouch. >> i think a hot bath would be a good follow up to that. we've got the news covered now we're ready for a little morning boost. there was a wedding recently in benton, tennessee, where the flower girls may have gotten more attention than the bride. that's because the bride, lyndsey raby chose her four grandmothers to do the honors. they walked down the aisle, spread petals. the bride said it was a blessing that they could all be part of it and by the way, all the grandmas are besties, they say they keep in touch on facebook. >> i hope she starts a trend that is very cute. lots ahead this morning, including big casting news about the next batman movie. >> harry smith, he'll take us to a place in alaska that's as controversial as it is
8:07 am
beautiful. >> you can drink right you out of the lake. it tastes good >> the discovery that's led to a decades long fight and divided an entire community. coming up after this where banking moves at the speed of right now. you can open a new savings account in about 5 minutes and earn five times the national average. from here or here in our cafés. plus, there are no fees or minimums on savings or checking accounts. welcome to banking's new frontier. this is banking reimagined. what's in your wallet? aleve it. with aleve pm. pain happens.
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and stains with sale prices starting at $23.09, october 18-21. only at your sherwin-williams store. (amber jagger) if we don't give students from an underserved background the technology that they need in school, they're not going to be competitive in the workforce that's waiting for them. since verizon innovative learning, students have hardware, connectivity, and quality curriculum. the jobs of tomorrow will involve technology. now students are truly hopeful for what they may achieve. and we're back now with our series, mr. smith goes to, and this morning, harry is taking us to a pristine but problematic spot in alaska where a high stakes battle is underway. harry, good morning. >> right pop quiz. >> okay. we're ready.
8:13 am
>> it's really hard, i think, for a lot of americans to understand just how big alaska is if you took texas and montana and california, stuck it into alaska, there would still be room leftover. >> wow. >> let me take you here to this part of alaska, right in here, here's anchorage, get the dizzies, anchorage is right in here but if you go south and west, right, you go south and west down here about 200 miles away, there's this amazing pristine area, this lake right here, it's the size of lake erie. >> wow >> you've never even heard of it and what they want to do right there, that's what's got people talking. to many of us, alaska is other worldly. it's vast and stunning landscapes, it's wildlife, it's flat out jaw dropping grandeur rivers so clear, the salmon run
8:14 am
unimpeded by the millions. >> baby salmon, they'll come back into the same spot where they were hatched. >> here, there are bodies of water the size of lake erie, with water clean enough to drink. and into this wilderness may come a mine. a giant open pit mine. more than a mile wide and thousands of feet deep how big a play is it >> the entire deposit that we have looked at is one of the largest there is in the world. >> this is going to be the pit. >> gold, copper, says pebble group ceo tom collier, if granted, their lease will last 20 years. >> what do you think is in there? what is your group think is in that ground, and what will it be worth to you over that 20 year span >> over the 20 year span, billions, i don't have the exact number at my fingertips. >> but like lots of billions. >> lots of billions. >> it's a very valuable project. >> not 20 miles away from the mine site is the village of
8:15 am
iliamna. >> this is where my mom grew up in this house. >> how about that. >> 19 children >> lisa rimer's family has lived around here for generations, true natives. >> it's not like how my dad did it when he was growing up, he would snow shoe, dog sled, trap with actual traps, skin it, sell the fur, it's not like that anymore. >> no. modern life requires more. prices at the local grocery are grotesquely high. >> $13.49 for a half gallon. >> half gallon >> and jobs out here, 200 miles from anchorage are few so the rymer family, including their 72-year-old mother all pitch in, their corporation houses and feeds the scientists and researchers who work at the mine site. >> they're not waiting for government to hand us free things or free money they said you could make up to a
8:16 am
hundred thousand dollars a year. >> as native groups go, their pro mine stance is not popular. >> you know, people say, well, those folks up in iliamna, they kind of sold out they're in bed with those mining folks. >> and we hear that all the time we made a decision on our own to do business, so our village doesn't die. >> we climb aboard a sea plane to see what mine opponents say is at risk a widespread and unsullied water shed that provides the spawning grounds for one of the last great salmon runs in the world >> seeing all the fish down there. >> man, oh, man. when you first heard about the mine, what did you think >> great, this is going to be economic opportunities >> you thought it was a good idea. >> i thought it was a good idea. i knew nothing about mining. >> keep pressure on, a nice bend in the rock. >> brian craft owns and operates two fishing lodges here. he fears an accident at the mine could destroy the salmon run
8:17 am
down river in bristol bay, a billion and a half dollar industry. >> asking for examples where it was done right, and when you look at mining around the world, some of the poorest mining are made where there's water. >> water mixed with the residue from mining makes for a highly toxic waste. it needs to be safely and permanently stored a breach or a failure of what would be billions of gallons of poison is what worries folks >> i'm about as emotionally invested in this as you can get. >> craft's opposition runs deep. he recalls a day years ago when a local village elder took him by the arm and squeezed hard. >> he grabs me for a second, and he goes, brian, take care of the water. it's who i am. it's in my soul. and i just -- wow. that was about as heavy a moment as it gets. >> it's really a false choice when people say you've got to choose between environmental protection and natural resource development.
8:18 am
you can in fact do both. >> tom collier insists he's an environmentalist too that's him as a member of the interior department under president clinton. >> that must have been just a day or two into the administration >> collier says the risk of doing irreparable damage is zero, and he says it would be a mistake for america to forfeit the opportunity to mine its own minerals. >> the only outcome here is that we're going to export mining to countries that don't have environmental protection, much less good safety laws to protect labor. >> the village sits at the head of the kvichak river, fed by iliamna lake, 2,700 square miles of some of the cleanest water on earth. >> for christina, ensuring the purity of these waters is personal >> we're the first village down stream, the freshness of this
8:19 am
river is what we fight for this has been the life blood of our people for 10,000 years. >> we took a small boat into the lake >> it's clean enough to drink right out of the lake. >> yes >> i'm going to have some. >> it does taste good. wow. >> people think i'm crazy when i say the water tastes amazing, but it's really good >> an elder up the lake told me, the u.s. didn't buy alaska for the scenery. it was for the resources but christina salmon says nothing is worth the risk to this priceless resource. >> they say they have done the signs, they say they can do it safely they really feel very strongly they can do it safely. >> what if they're wrong, what if they're wrong this isn't worth them being wrong. >> and for those of us who have spent time in the west or lived
8:20 am
in the west, we have seen what poor mining practices can do there's not enough super fund money in the world to clean up some of those messes they say we've got the technology now where we know how to do this, et cetera, et cetera, so you can feel the power of this tug of war, but just for fun, kids, we brought some water back. >> wow >> so. >> is this what we're drinking >> this is right out of iliamna lake >> okay. >> tastes good. >> it's smooth. >> imagine there is still a place in the planet where there's a lake the size of lake erie, a great lake that you have never heard of and the water is still this clean. >> you must have gotten such a kick putting your cup in there, right out of the lake. don't do that in the hudson river. >> i think you make a good point with that. >> you can you just shouldn't. >> you know what, it's a really interesting provocative issue. >> and this has been going on for a long time. they have been talking about this for more than a decade. during the obama epa administration, they said, they
8:21 am
almost put a stake in the heart of the mines, a couple of big mining corporations have already backed out of it there's a new regime, it's now going to be up to the corps of engineers, they'll decide sometime in the next year or so if they're going to say okay. >> so it's not done yet. >> it's so not done yet. >> thank you harry. >> thank you so much >> stick around for pop start. >> me? >> okay. >> one day we should have harry smith do pop start. >> why not. >> i think that would be good. >> i think so. >> he's ready for his close up right now. >> pop culture, be ready let's take a look. let's get the latest update from the national hurricane center on potential tropical cyclone 16 if it becomes a storm, it will be nester 41 miles per hour, 21 is its forward motion, 90% chance of formation, it makes landfall sometime saturday along the pensacola border, i should say the peninsula there, and then we're looking for it to exit
8:22 am
somewhere around cape hatteras early on monday. rainfall amounts basically going to be upwards of 6 inches of rain, from the panhandle of florida all the way into thejuse southeast, and that's going to stretch all the way on up to just about the delmarva peninsula, so we're going to be watching this very closely all weekend into the beginning of next week. that's what's go check out the beautiful view over walden creek right now. it will be a cool afternoon. the daytime highs in the mid 60s for san francisco. a little warmer through oakland, but all in all we're going to remain in the 70s yet again. it is an afternoon where you may need a light sweater, but not a thick jacket. as we go into the weekend we're getting warmer but if you're on the coastline that high surf advisory remains in effect. that hoda >> all right it is pop start time savannah and i are waiting for this story.
8:23 am
>> are you ready >> ready. >> cyndi lauper, the music icon stopped by the kelly clarkson show, where they talked about her career and style, in true kelly fashion, she couldn't hold back, and got lauper to sing true colors and kelly joined in. ♪ i see your true colors and 't be afraid that's why i love you so don't be afraid to let them show ♪ ♪ your true colors. >> i don't want it to stop >> she is amazing. >> so good, right. >> kelly says that moment for her was a dream come true. >> i love her harmony. >> kelly almost did as well as savannah >> let's not ruin it with that >> how can we not show that. >> that's pete green >> captain bono. >> oh, lord, we just had to. >> one more. >> edward norton, he's willie
8:24 am
geist's guest this weekend on the sunday sitdown where norton reveals it's still tough to show up on set for the first day of work, despite being a hollywood heavy weight. >> i never start a new one without feeling like mildly fraudulent the first week of shooting any film, i'm like someone is going to go, wow, it's time to take away his license. >> you still feel that way. >> oh, yes absolutely >> isn't that healthy, though, maybe a little bit, gives you an edge. >> yeah, absolutely. >> i think that's why he's so good it's not lost on him you can catch the entire interview this weekend on sunday "today" with willie geist. >> sheinelle, thank you. straight ahead, pie for dinner, courtesy of one of new york's hottest chefs that's coming up all after your local news
8:25 am
8:26 am
good morning, it is 8:26, i'm marcus washington. the undocumented immigrant accused of murdering a woman in her home is due in court today. he is accused of killing bambi in march after breaking into her home. and san francisco's juul is shutting down the sale of t fruity e-cigarette flavors including mango, fruit, and cucumber. juul will still sell menthol flavors. now a look at your commute. >> we're looking at a nice
8:27 am
friday feel for most of the bay, a lighter flow of traffic. north 17 recovering now from campbell to 880. it cleared in the last 15 minutes. i think 20 minutes but we have seen a slower recovery. the 101 is even better, this is friday for the silicon valley. the dumbarton bridge looking great. oakland holding steady for 580 and 880. back to you. we'll have another local update in 30 minutes.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
hey, everybody welcome back 8:30, beautiful friday morning a we have that frida here on our plaza. we've got that friday feeling. you guys, this is an incredible crowd. we're trying to let everybody get a little bit of air time but i've got our crowd moment. hold on. all right. for our crowd moment, i'm looking for our youngest fan, an
8:31 am
8-month-old named grayson. hi little one, he's 8 monthsmy d >> only a old. >> yes >> oh, my god he's got pink, where are you guys from? >> connecticut >> hi grayson. >> you want to have it >> oh. he wants to have it. you all. thank you for coming to see us. >> thank you >> i love you guys >> i love grayson, he's so cute. >> he has some choppers there. >> cute, can't handle it >> you know we're crazy about babies around here. >> kerry sanders getting as up close and personal as you can get to actual dinosaurs. >> plus a broadway star with a passion for fashion gives us a look at that part of her life. >> and with big football games coming up this weekend, we're going to make pie two ways who doesn't like pie, one savory, one sweet, your house will smell amazing and your
8:32 am
guests will love it. >> on the 3rd hour, we're going behind the labels at big name designer discount stores, and we'll show you how to save money. first let's get a check of the weather. >> this sunday night football weather is brought to you by verizon. the network more people rely on. >> let's check out your weekend, see what it's looking like, and saturday we've got that tropical rain through the southeast, pacific storm coming into the pacific northwest, bringing some snow in the western plains sunday, sunday, coastal rain in the mid atlantic states. we're looking at snow showers through the northern rockies, going to be nice and warm in texas, and we're looking for wet we had a beautiful day so far. and our afternoon is going to be cool once again. temperatures expected to climb into the low to mid 70s through
8:33 am
the afternoon. 70 in san jose, 71 for livermore. 74 through concord. upper 60s and oakland 69. expect the breezy conditions along the coastline and we're under a high surf advisory through tonight and along the coastline. all right. it's friday, we're starting the weekend. we're working our way to the best night of the week because it's sunday night football night in america the eagles fly into the cowboys, they're at at&t stadium, arlington, texas, it's going to be clear and warm, it's going to be 80 degrees. we'll find out, it's all coming up on the best night in america. it's sunday night football night in america hoda >> thank you >> go eagles. >> my goodness, absolutely this is a big one, eagles nation over here.
8:34 am
all right, we're going to ur turn the clock way way back, 65 million years in fact to a time when dinosaurs roamed the earth. >> unlike the movie jurassic park, this is a high-tech mixture of hollywood and broadway magic too, we'll let nbc's kerry sanders explain it all. good morning. >> reporter: how am i doing? am i channelling chris pratt there we go. okay so these are really the most high-tech puppets i have ever seen, and these are the dino stars, in fact, there's a lot of them that allows us to travel to the fictional of isla nublar from the movie "jurassic park," to "jurassic world," now, an arena show. >> most likely she was here
8:35 am
hunting. >> reporter: that writes a new chapter in the financially successful franchises ever the first jurassic movie came out 25 years ago, why are we so fascinated with dinosaurs. >> i don't think dinosaurs have gone out of style in 65 million years. >> this isn't your afternoon visit, here the dinosaurs are a tactile experience at dress rehearsals, invited fans astonished. >> i think, i mean, i kind of went into this not knowing what i was going to see, only that i would see dinosaurs, and i was not disappointed, it was phenomenal. >> reporter: that may be because the same team that worked on "game of thrones" created the set. and the directors who also worked on the london olympic opening ceremonies took two and a half years writing and creating this new jurassic story. all of it with movie producer steven spielberg's approval. is this just the movie put on stage? >> no, couldn't be further away from that. >> ia brd new iginal
8:36 am
ory. it fits neatly between "jurassic world one" and "jurassic world fallen kingdom". >> we're supposedly safe as we near a triceratops. >> reporter: this was all cgi, computer generated. >> we brought it to life. >> reporter: in this new world, there are constant threats okay so that feels real. >> it's pretty terrifying, isn't it >> reporter: it is, but true to form, there are also her and without ng anything away, you'll be surprised who one of those heroes is, and no it's not the menacing t rex. >> what's amazing about this t-rex is the actual t-rex from the movie, they're the same
8:37 am
it's the actual on size >> reporter: all right i feel like i'm in the movie now. full disclosure, feld entertainment, which is producing "jurassic world live" has a licensing agreement with universal studios, which is our company. tickets to the show begin at $20. guys, i think a couple of you might have some little ones that are sort of dino crazy, at least that's what i hear >> oh, my word. >> i wonder if she screamed so much he lost his voice. >> the kids are going to go nuts, it looks so real. >> almost too real. > just ahead, a really sweet back story, how one broadway performer used her other passion to connect with a much larger community. we have that story but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
> we are back with our series create, one woman's desire to spread happiness to fashion. >> and dylan is here with our story. hey, dylan. >> good morning, everyone, marcy harrell is a broadway actress, singer and performer, but she has had a second career she's just as passionate about, host of blueprints refashion. putting and marcy said she always felt like a little bit of an outsider but putting twists on her own clothing made her feel like she stood out for all the right reasons. marcy harrell has a knack for turning ordinary fabric into something extraordinary. >> we were a mixed family, and we were different in a time when it wasn't really cool to be different, and my parents taught us that those differences should be celebrated. and the way i celebrated them was to clothe myself as crazy as possible i was always cutting into my clothes and making this
8:41 am
technicolor armor. >> that armor, the broadway performer said gave hethe confidence to share her love of clothing with her trusted sewing machine, she created tops and frocks, embellishing with stones, leading to a blog to show her creations and to encourage others to imagine. >> i started this sewing blog called "oonaballoona," my alternate sewing personality that had nothing to do with acting, and singing, and my husband said tell people you have this side of your life, and i did and blueprint came into our lives. the response was kind of crazy. >> tens of thousands of viewers have subscribed to watch refashion on blueprint, a digital platform for crafty creators. >> it's meant to be fun, inspire you to own your own closet you get to follow my husband and
8:42 am
i in new york. i take a garment that's in my closet or maybe from a thrift store or completely from scratch and i make it start to finish. >> a process she hopes will inspire people to take a walk on the wild side, of fashion that is >> my ultimate goal is to bathe the world in color, let people know how amazing it feels to walk down the street it changes people's outlook, it adds a little bit of happiness in their day. >> what a cool way to see things that other people might just toss away re-purposed into something special. marcy's lessons are available to subscribers on blueprint, so to see more of her work as well as our pacemakers, visit for a free trial. >> thank you. recipes for a hearty fall feast perfect for cold weather and for watching some football but first, this is "today" on nbc. welcome to the carnival 30 minute tour.
8:43 am
8:44 am
hey, shaq. it's a 30 second tour. no man it's like... now it's 26. welcome aboard. ocean! skyride. mini golf. relax! relax! relax! you take this man to be your husband? i do. married. no time for basketball. pool. carnival. choose fun.
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we are back and we are happy. today, food loves football, and putting a little twist on the traditional game day grub is our pal, angie mar, starting in 2016, she transformed that restaurant, savannah into the hot spot that it is today. everyone can feast on her delicious recipes thanks to her debut cook book, hello, it's called "butcher and beef." angie, how are you >> i'm so well >> savannah loves your restaurant it's a hot spot, been around since the 20s, you said. >> yeah, it was one of new york's first speak easies, an italian restaurant for years and a nightclub. >> this is awesome people think of game day food as hot dogs, you have something different, what do you got from us. >> i'm going to do two pies, short rib pie and apple pie. so i've got some short rib here,
8:46 am
and we've just cut it into 2 inch squares, and then i've salted it and browned it here on all sides. >> so this is all the ingredients. >> just some basics, right. >> olive oil, white wine, beef stock, eggs for an egg wash later, pearl onions, garlic, a little bit of crust, and then i actually like a little bit of n. >> what? >> a little blue cheese in my pie. >> what? >> a little funky, salty so good. >> you take a pot, and what's the first thing you stick in there. >> we're going to brown all of the beef off and pearl onions, so it's even on all sides. i'm going to take some flour. >> to thicken it up. >> yeah, just to thicken the gravy. >> i'm going to throw herbs in here. >> do you want to do the white wine. >> yeah. >> we're going to glaze with white wine and add stock. >> and you don't want to overcook that meat, right, so how do you know. >> it's going to be braising for hours, once i add all of this stuff in, we would just put a lid on this.
8:47 am
>> and on low. >> on low. just low and slow. >> all day. >> until it's nice and fork tender and i have some fingerling potatoes and i like to cut them in some little obliques here, like that, and we would go ahead and add it in here. >> these are not cooked or these are cooked. >> they are cooked i cook the meat, let it rest, cool it down, add the potatoes in, and this is that blue cheese that we were talking about. >> tell us about the blue cheese, what's happening over there. >> it's not overpowering, i'm not a blue cheese person but. >> it's a creamy, a little bit more like brie. >> so you're just putting chunks of that right on there >> yeah. it will go ahead and melt during the baking process it's so good i have a little bit of crust here, and i actually do beef suet in my crust. >> what's that >> ground beef fat it's so delicious. it's not butter and it just provides this like really really
8:48 am
delicious. >> what is this? >> so beef suet, a little bit of salt a little bit of sugar, baking powder and flour. i'm going to put it directly on top. this is a pie with just a top crust. >> so you just cut the sides off. >> i'm going to cut the sides off, and then we're going to crimp the edges. >> uh-huh and you pop that baby in the oven for how long. >> usually about 30 to 40 minutes, just until it's golden brown. everybody's oven is always different. >> could you do this ahead of time, and keep it in the fridge and put it into the oven. >> absolutely. i mean, you know, i actually think meat is the best and pies are the best when we are -- when we rest it, and the flavors just meld it's really really nice. >> so you put that in the oven and this is the final. okay all right. >> so this is the final. >> you want to try it? >> of course are you kidding. are you crazy? >> get that crust in there too >> and that crust with the beef
8:49 am
thing. >> i'm telling you >> have you had beef suet crust before >> no. >> we were wondering why it was so good. >> it's almost like a cross between a pie crust and yorkshire pudding. >> exactly my mom grew up going back and forth between taipei and london. >> what are we making in the sweet department >> i love apple pie. i don't like things that are too too sweet. i like them a little bit more savory, so that's what this pie is i've got some apples here. >> granny smith is what you like. >> always. and i just peel them and then i cut them and i like to cut my apples a little bit thicker because we're going to saute them down in this butter and they're just going to kind of release all of their liquid, so i have some cinnamon, a little bit of salt, and some nutmeg. >> salt, that's interesting. >> you need it to bring out the flavor it's not salt for salt's sake, it's just to bring out the flavor, and obviously a lot of sugar because granny smith is,
8:50 am
as we know, very very tart so i'm just going to go ahead and cook these down, and once they have actually released a lot of their liquids, i'm going to add some flour into it. one of the things i hate is cutting into an apple pie, and having it runny. >> yeah. >> you add this flour right in here. >> okay. that's enough. >> oh. >> okay. and we're just going to let that cook down, and you can see the juices are already starting to thicken. right. so what i also have here is a little bit of brown butter so good, and i never met an herb that i didn't like, so yeah, for me this is sage. >> that's the little kick. >> all these little extra twists, that's awesome >> that we can't quite pinpoint until you tell us. >> devil is in the details. >> you're a sneaky lady. >> but you like that >> yes, i do >> there's a lot going on here >> so i'm just going to brown the sage in the butter, and we're just going to turn it off
8:51 am
and let it steep once it's done, and you know, every time we do pies, we want to cook the filling and let it cool so it doesn't melt the crust, that's this right here, and we're just going to put this. >> right on top. >> right on top. right, because not. i always >> wow all of it, right, because why not. i always say more fat is better. so yeah, this is the pie mix and then it's actually going to thicken up just because of the flour. so this has a bottom crust, an i ke a little bit of more, you know, savory as we were talking about. there's actually a little bit of black pepper in my crust. >> wow >> this is so wild >> i love how happy you guys are about this >> is there beef suet in your pie crust, though. >> what planet are you from? >> a really good one. >> tell me about the pie what do you all think? crazy. >> and this is a -- if the weather calls for it, a little bit of winnimere my mom used to put american cheese on my pies, i like something more savory. that's what that is.
8:52 am
the crust is actually butter and cream cheese >> they're both amazing flavors. i really appreciate you coming. >> angie, thank you so much. we're going to have your recipes on catch the cowboys and eagles on nbc, coverage begins at 7:00 p.m. eastern. we are back in a moment. but first, this is "today" on n. nbc.
8:53 am
8:54 am
we have some time for some birthdays. >> yes, we do. time to bring on the smucker's jars, let's spin them around happy 100th birthday to amal, a world war ii veteran, from north carolina, he says the secret to longevity, a shot of whiskey, every now and then, we salute your service eloise sanford, she's from new
8:55 am
orleans, she was a vunteer tutor for more than 30 years of sturgeon bay married to the love of his life for nearly 50 years. ellen rhodes of aiden, north carolina is celebrating 100 years, the secret to longevity, eating ice cream ralph jerome is 101, a proud dad from linden, new jersey, and last but not least, happy 100th birthday to clarabelle, of oak grove, missouri, the biggest university of missouri fan out there, never misses a game. >> love that angie, so good thank you so much. >> so good >> by the way if you're looking for more stories you love, go to day, the best way to ripen an avocado. and the identical team nurses who teamed up to deliver
8:56 am
identical twins. big time inspiration coming up tomorrow, an inspirational story about a four time olympian who is training for tokyo 2020 all while battling breast cancer, and she is kicking butt. a busy third and fourth hour, friday meals, all coming up. >> and andy cohen, baby. >> a thanksgiving meal. >> so satisfied. >> more pie. good morning, 8:56, i'm marcus washington. a little later we may get more clarity on extreme measures taken by pg&e's power out ans. pg&e called it a preventive action to decrease fire danger. today the public utilities commission is holding an
8:57 am
emergency meeting in san francisco. members want to ask pg&e about the mistakes made as well as what can be done to smooth out the process if it needs to happen again. we're reaching out to puc regulators and executives. we'll have a live report at midday and a link to more backstories now on our home page. >> history being made right now on outer space, or maybe herstory. you're seeing video here of nasa's live feed from our home page, and now when it comes to sports, this may be the first ever touchdown pass thrown by a varsity female in high school.
8:58 am
kpts this is hamish.
8:59 am
he's a bit more brave. ♪ oh. look. ♪ ♪ ♪
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live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza, this is the 3rd hour of "today." >> good morning, everyone, welcome to t 3rd hour of "today." >> he always said tgi friday. >> why don't you say tgif? that's what it used to be on friday night. >> i don't know. >> because he doesn't want to. >> i like to say it's friday. >> like the restaurant. >> i'm making money from them. if we're a little sluggish for this first several minutes, we just finished chowing down on


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