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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  October 18, 2019 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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several schools in the south bay under lockdown right now. police investigating a suspicious device at a nearby park. good morning, i'm marc. >> and i'm kris sanchez. laura garcia is off. and let's get to roz plater near the park on morrison and clark. this is not the kind of thing that parents like to hear. there are a lot of schools there, roz. >> reporter: no, i could tell you pts a grandparents are worried about what is happening. i'll step out of the way so you could see. an active scene and police from santa clara and santa clara county and the bomb squad on scene and paramedics and
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firefighters standing by. just before 8:00 police were called out because of a suspicious device in bowers park, close to three different schools, bowers elementary and cabrillo middle school and cabrillo montessori. all three schools are sheltering in place. the santa clara county bomb squad arrived about 45 minutes ago and began assembling the robot to get closer to see what is going on with the suspicious devices. parents are getting text messages from the schools to bring them up to date on what is going on but some parptss and some grandparents are gathering here because they are very nervous about how the kids are faring inside. but at this point in time, they said -- one mother said she's going to have to trust the teachers now ho handle it all and keep the kids calm and safe. i'm roz plater, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, roz. and if year not on the air,
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follow us on our social platforms and the white house is trying to walk back that admission of quid pro quo from one of the top officials. >> they may be trying to undo the bath mick mulvaney did. scott mcgrew captured the whole thing on vid. >> and some tv channels carried it live. mick mulvaney is chief of staff and the white house withheld money approved by congress until ukraine agreed to investigate certain issues that would help president trump. and at a press conference on thursday, mulvaney said, yeah, that's what happened. and the personal politics were involved and get over it he said. it is the same quid pro quo the white house had been denying for days. >> the look back to what happened in 2016 certainly was part of the thing that he was kwor -- was worried about in corruption with that nation. >> now mulvaney was talking
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about a request that ukraine investigate if had any role in the hacking of the democrats back in 2016. this is a theory that has been debunked goes against what our fbi and cia and dni said. they said it was russia. mulvaney said the money was withheld until ukraine investigated the bidens. what difference does this make? the first is an active investigation even if it is a nonsensical theory. mulvaney said it is not unusual to pressure companies to participate in active investigations but to investigate the biden was part of the deal because the white house released a transcript of the call, a memorandum quoting the president as saying, we have a favor to ask, though, while talking about weapons. marcus. >> thanks, scott. happening today, pg&e executives set to face questions over the controversial power shutoffs we experienced last
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week. the cpuc called an emergency meeting to ask executives what was learned from last week outages and what could be done to make sure the process is smoother in the future. the ceo released a letter acknowledgeing there needs to be better communication with customers after the website was not working for many customers during the outage. today's meeting is at 1:00. we'll have more coming up this afternoon. turning now to our weekend forecast. as we look live at the bay bridge from our camera in emeryville. right now just a little bit of a haze in the distance. so we want to clear that up for you. find out what your weekend is going to look like. it feels like fall for now. >> right. so it is cool now and we are going to see another system drop in and that is really off to the north and that is what could bring the possibility of a couple of showers. but look at how beautiful walnut creek looks now. the clouds overhead. last night we certainly saw the winds pick up around the coastline.
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right now country temperatures in san jose. 62 at oakland. 67 in san francisco. let's take a look at satellite radar and clouds building with a cold front that will sweep in and could kick up the offshore winds and a high surf advisory in effect now through 9:00 p.m. tonight. we're talking about hazards like rip currents, sneaker waves along the coastline. so pretty tall waves buildn i since last night. so never turn your back to a wave. now heading into saturday and sunday, we do have a bit of a temperature change and also tracking high pressure expected to build which means our winds could kick up and tracking elevated fire danger. i'll have more details in a bit. follow up now, the pice sergeant highlighted in this video accused of excessive force, reportedly retired from the force, according to the mercury news. the man he is arresting is suing the city of palo alto and the
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palo alto police department. gustavo alvarez accused the sergeant wayne benitez of slamming his head into his car window at his oho here is alvarez's attorney. >> benitez was able to retire from the agency and draw a pension before anything was actually done by the agency, that shows that the agency is at fault. >> the city of palo alto is not confirming that the sergeant retired only that he is no longer with the department. a judge dismissed the charges that sparked this whole confrontation. we have exclusive new details following that explosive fire at the nu star energy facility in crockett. our investigative unit learns nu star employees fled without turning on the automatic fire suppression admission. cal osha ordered the company to preserve all pipes and tanks involved as critical evidence
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for investigators. nu star said they have no cause yet for the fiery blast. new at 11:00, a north bay high school is forced to reschedule home coming game tonight because of complaints over the lights. >> nbc bay area pete suratos joining us live. and this has to be a big deal for the students, especially the seniors. >> reporter: that is right. at least for now there is not any friday night lights for football games here at san marin also in novato. some neighbors unhappy with the lights and we'll get into the details in a moment. but there is back and forth on this issue for quite sometime but we know that a judge ruled on wednesday this week that the high school cannot turn on lights for football games at least until a final ruling is made in november. now the coalition to save san marin is a group kind of leading this charge against the lights on the football field around the neighborhood. claiming in a petition that the number of events taking place at night with these lights at san
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marin high will alter the character of northwest novato. i want to point out last week the school turned on the lights for the first time in four years for a football game. the vice principal said he had a big crowd. and the decision according to the judge was a big premature when it cams to turning on the lights. and since this is home coming week, there is disappointment about the ruling. but in speaking to the vice principal he said the students are keeping spirits high. >> students are resilient. kids are resilient and i was at thei practice yesterday and it is all business. it is all about the game and san rafael and homecoming and trying to stay focused on what they have to do this weekend. but they're in good spirits. they're disappointed but they did have the experience of the night game on saturday and rallying forward. >> reporter: now all is not lost for the san marin high students with the game being moved to
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tomorrow afternoon at 2:00 p.m. instead of taking place under the lights tonight. and the homecoming dance is moved to tomorrow night as well. as we take you back out here live to those lights, those are off now but that is at issue here. they will not be on for tonight's game but when -- when a final ruling on the lights will take place on november 14th. live in novato, pete suratos, nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much, pete. just in, johnson & johnson is recalling some of the baby powder products after trace amounts of asbestos was discovered. the voluntary recall is limited to one lot of the johnson baby powder produced and shipped in the united states in 2018. it is about 33,000 bottles. the asbestos was found in samples from a single bottle purchased from an online retailer. reuters published a report last december alleging the company knew for decades that the cancer-causing asbestos would be found and could be found in the
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talc. johnson & johnson said the talc products are safe and decades of study shown them to be asbestos-free and they do not cause cancer. coming up, history being maid in space. the incredible acewalk taking place at the international space station decades in the making. and coming up next on "california live," malou and ross take an up close and personal look at the county of marin. >> today on a special edition of "california live," we'll take you over the golden gate to beautiful marin county. >> we'll show you some great places to eat, stay and play. it's all happening on "california live."
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in developing news, fighting continues in northeast syria near the border town at the
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center of the fight between turkey and kurdish forces despite the u.s. brokered sooes fi -- cease-fire that went into effect overnight. keir simmons reports from ankara. >> reporter: spoke over the town this morning, a day of diplomacy failing to silence the guns. mike pence needed a peace deal and after a handshake with erdogan he handed turkey almost everything it had been fighting for. >> today the united states and turkey have agreed to a cease-fire in syria. >> reporter: during five hours of talk they agreed a five-day pause in the conflict but america said turkish forces will get to stay in syria and if the agreement holds, u.s. sanctions will be lifted. many calling it a victory for turkey. the president claiming everyone wins. >> it is a great day for the united states. it's a great day for turkey. the kurds were great. great day for the kurds. it is really a great day for
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civilization. a great day for civilization. >> reporter: the agreement claims kurdish forces and america's ally on isis will be harmed and some have branded it deeply dishonorable. >> the decision to abandon the kurds violates one of our most sacred duties, it strikes at american honor. what we have done to the kurds will stand as a blood stain in the annuals of american history. >> reporter: and already there is out. the u.s. has little leverage left with the kurds who have turned to russian and syrian forces. and assad said they will respond to any aggression by turkey by all appropriate means. meanwhile america now firmly on turkey side the president erdogan tweeting to president trump, many more lives will be saved when we defeat terrorism. keir simmons, nbc news, turkey. in hong kong, protests
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continue despite a ban on the protesters from police. thousands of people wearing mask defying the ban. that was imposed two weeks ago. and on sunday, tens of thousands are expected to turn out for protests organized for the group back in june brought 1 million to 2 million people to the streets. meanwhile, the backlash continues to reverberate for the nba for that single tweet from the team executive in support of the protests. yesterday nbc commissioner adam silver said that china's government had asked him to fire daryl morey over the tweet, something he refused to do. but today china's foreign ministry firing back saying the china government made no such request. this back and forth of accusations does matter for the nba which will face substantial losses to its business in the china market. [ bell ]
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right now that is the opening bell of the new york stock exchange. the dow down 182 points. it is down 200 points earlier. netflix leading tech shares lower. well mark hurd is the co-ceo of oracle and hewlett-packard has died. he stepped away last month for unspecified health reasons. he was well thought of at oracle but had a checkered past at hp leaving during a scandal that grew wide enough it launched a federal investigation. he left the company after accusations of sexual harassment. hurd was 62. employees at the scooter companies are expected to lose jobs. the company is called skip. the examiner reports that the skip ceo expects the le layoffs to occur before the end of the year. the ceo said this is happening because they lost out on san francisco's bid for those permits. the city granted four companies
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operational permits but skip was skipped. history was made in space today. the first all-woman spacewalk team is outside the orbiting space station for a repair. the first all-woman space walk was cancelled this year because nasa didn't have the right size space suit for the two women. nasa did manage to get a properly-fitting suit up in space and tom costello reports on the women and their life-long pursuit of space. >> reporter: orbiting 248 miles above the earth, jessica meir and christina koch say today is almost like any other day. the space station needs a repair and they're the ones to do it, period. >> jessica and i are held to the exact same training standards and treated the same for assignment and missions on board. >> reporter: but they also admit this mission is special. >> we called ourselves space sisters because we were together joined at the hip going through all of the classes together. >> reporter: jessica meir first
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told us about her childhood dream three years ago at the nasa training pool in houston. >> since i was 5 years old. >> you dreamed of being an astronaut since you were five. >> yes. literally it is a dream come true. >> and both women personified today's nasa. meir has a ph.d in marine biology and koch in electrical engineering. today's six-hour mission replace a power controller on the outside of the space station that failed over the weekend. the first all-female spacewalk was canceled when nasa didn't have enough medium space suits on the station and does now and just released the next generation space suit. >> we need a space suit that could go from 1% to 99% inside. >> reporter: because the women should be an astronaut to return to the moon by 2024. >> in your dream world, do you think what kind of mission you
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would love? >> yeah. in a dream world. i think i'd like to go back to the moon. i think that would be a great first step to getting to mars as well. >> reporter: today a first step. >> we could have never imagined that our childhood dream would come true -- and the two of us would be toer. >> that picture is awesome to see they are embracing the excitement of it all and not just taking it for granted. >> absolutely. well, look, outside we're not taking for granted the weather we're having. >> a little bit of haze because we have off. and we need more women in stem. you heard her, she had a dream since she was 5. start them out there and get them young and into science and math and engineering. the whole nine. our beautiful sky. and it isdegree right now. wind speeds are calm. overall, though, we are giving a little bit of cloud cover because the system just off to the north and in san francisco,
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60 degrees now. look at the wind speeds, 14 miles per hour. so still breezy. i want to show you satellite radar because you could see the stratus over the bay area outside of your window. the system is weaker than yesterday which means we're not expected to see rain throughout the bay area but could see slight showers, no measurable amount. in the north bay tomorrow tonight and we continue to see high clouds and kicking up winds. again high surf advisory in effect through 9:00 p.m. we're talking about pretty tall waves, right now at about 12 feet that is what our sensors are marking. the largest hazard are the rip currents and the sneaker waves so if you are near the coastline, never turn your back to a wave. i know surfers are excited but bev careful out there. and again look out for a calmer saturday. the system that moves in tonight. once that moves out we'll still keep the cooler temperatures so looking at daytime highs, 70
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degrees in san jose. 69 in oakland. and in through concord 74. 62 degrees in half moon bay. talk about your weather setup. the chance for the race for the north bay and there it is you see it move through. and look at by sunday. so by sunday it is going to be very clear and sunny. probably our clearest day of the weekend. and also going to start to warm up. so the reason is because we have this approaching high pressure system that will settle over the bay area and it is going to turn hot and get even more dry and that high pressure returns which means the winds will shift as well. so we monitor that. toward monday the highs in the inland areas and go up by 10 degrees compared to where we're at today and then we get into the upper 80s by tuesday and wednesday and monitoring the winds heading into next week because as you know, low humidity, strong winds could bring elevated fire danger, especially when it comes to the higher elevation. but beautiful look ahead. >> enjoy the weekend. well, coming up, yesterday marked 30 years since the
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devastating loma prieta earthquake and it probably has people wondering when the next one will hit? we'll talk to a seismologist and ask her some of the most popular questions. but first, happening now, it is day two of the chicago teacher strike. more than 25,000 teachers and support staff walked off the job yesterday. they're demanding higher wages, smaller class sizes, more support staff. we've heard some of those requests out here too. currently some educators earn $30,000 or less while working in the nation's third largest school system. while some progress was made at the bargaining table yesterday, the union and school leaders remain far apart on other issues. school buildings are open to provide students with a safe place to stay and access to meals but staffed with nonunion workers. we're back after the break.
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all week long we've been looking back at the loma prieta quake and after 30 years many still have lingering questions. >> so here is roz. >> if you live in california, the threat of earthquakes is very real. we want to give you the chance to ask a seismologist and here are the questions our viewers asked via social media. the most popular question, is there such thing as earthquake weather. >> when the earthquakes occurred we looked around the world and
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didn't see anything. so there is no such thing as earthquake weather. >> many people remember how the weather was during a major event during earthquakes and that connection makes it part of your story. remember that although earthquakes cannot be predicted, we could always be prepared. you could find emergency information on our website, >> our nbc bay area correspondent abby fernandez took a trip to the epicenter of loma prieta and tonight at 5:00 see what she found there 30 years later. and our documentary series "bay area revelations" will repair tomorrow at 4:00 right here on nbc bay area. and if you are at home, and you want to watch it and can't wait, check it out on the digital app and set the dvr tomorrow at 4:00 p.m. new video to make you smile. the germany first giant panda cubs born in august.
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look at that. and they have opened their eyes for the first time. the berlin zoo released the video showing twins after they opened their eyes and both cubs were growing in the ideal way and it was customary for them to open their eyes between the 40th and 60th day after birth. they are so slow about everything. pandas with twins raise only one of the cubs so the zoo is supporting the mother ming ming and in the rearing process and enlisted experts from the china zoo to help as well. >> you were talking about small, i like baby sloths. have you ever seen a baby sloth. >> no, he don't want to. >> they are hugging somebody to get by. all right. so right now, it is cool and then we have the cloud cover just ahead. we'll wake up to morning fog tomorrow. sunday is the sunniest day of the weekend. upper 70s and enjoy the 70s because by next week it will get hot into the 80s again. >> the fall roller coaster.
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our next newscast is tonight at 5:00. >> have a great weekend. we'll see you back here next week, and you tomorrow. >> bye. for your heart...
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right now on a special edition of "california live." we're up north exploring beautiful marin county in northern california. >> hitting the beaches and taking in the countryside. >> that is absolutely delicious. >> we'll shoou to eat. >> we are stewing it up with seafood. >> yes, malou has conquered paddle boarding. >> and stay overnight. >> let's keep toasting. plus see how oysters are farmed. >> that is the freshest oyster i've ever had in my life. >> and we reveal the carefully guarded secrets of how this imagine --


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