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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  October 18, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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rm sure the next and call centers to handle a higher volume. >> r >> reporter: today, pg & e sent the letter to one of its biggest critics, the governor. the ceo brought up an idea that maybe it should be regulators or cal fire who has the authority to announce the next power shutoff. that's the latest here in san francisco. i'm melissa colorado, nbc bay area news. >> we heard about the website issues. they shed more light on where it kept crashing. they were unprepared. they didn't expect so many people would access their site. normally, the website gets 7,000 user requests an hour. during the shutoff, it went up to more than 1.7 million user requests each hour. they have budgeted billions of dollars to pay for wildfire victims. there's a catch. the deadline is next monday.
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attorneys for victims say most people eligibleurne in their fo. they are due by 5:00 p.m. monday. some victims think they will get little money. attorneys say that they are wrong. the pool set aside for victims could be between 8 to $14 billion. some victims say they are just now hearing about these claim forms. we have exclusive new information about the fiery explosion at the new star energy facility. three days after the fire, a report has been released saying investigators have not found any unusual activity at the time the fire started. we have learned that one contractor was trapped by the fire but was able to escape. about 6,000 barrels of ethanol went up in flames. investigators have not been able to access the fire scene because workers are still draining the leftover ethanol and water. a police raid on a house is drawing cheers tonight from neighbors who say they have been living in fear. you are looking at photos from
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the morning raid. neighbors describe it as a house of horrors. there's been a pipe bomb and harassing behavior. we have what we are learning about this raid. >> reporter: police say this house has been on their radar for some time. they have responded out to the house numerous times over the last year as neighbors have reported suspicious activity. this morning, together with the fbi, they conducted a surprise raid. >> it's scary sometimes. i get nervous coming up my street. >> reporter: this man says his once quiet neighborhood has felt anything but safe over the past year. they say this house has becomeo. >> drugs, bomb threats, molotov cocktails. >> reporter: the bomb squad had
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to detonate a pipe bomb found on the property. that got neighbors fired up. >> i've had it with this house. >> reporter: police say neighbors found two molotov cocktails in a duffel bag across the street. >> if they were ignited, they could have caused significant damage. >> reporter: police and the fbi zeroed in on the house. neighbors woke up to flash bang grenades as they broke down front door. >> i looked around the corner and i see the cops going in, guns blazing, ready to go. >> we recovered a small amount of >> reporter: neighbors, most too scared to appear on camera, say they cheered as the raid took place. >> everybody was happy this morning, all of us, neighbors are right there watching. everybody was telling the police, thank you. finally. >> reporter: the investigation is ongoing. neighbors are hopeful they will
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soon have a sense of safety and peace on the street they call home. >> this put a spotlight on them. >> reporter: the police say the four people arrested face charges of drug possession, being under the influence of drugs and one had an outstanding warrant. this investigation is ongoing and they are urging neighbors to be patient. >> thank you. a gruesome discovery. this is near china camp state park. sky ranger was overhead. a body found this morning on the side of the road. investigators say the death appears to be suspicious. the sheriff's department has not released any other ima he was arrested for 16-year-old girl. now we are learning he worked as an bruno. this is the 22-year-old man. police arrested him yesterday for sexual assault that took
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place earlier this month. officers say he worked at an after-school program. police don't believe any students were victimized. the teenager accuser attended a different school. a police sergeant crashed into a power pole knocking out power today. it happened this morning. police say the sergeant was driving a marked patrol car when he lost control and hit a street sign, then that pole. the sergeant was not hurt. police have not said what caused the crash. crews hope to have power resf restored by 7:00 tonight. you will always find a parking spot. but soon that might be changing. they are about to lose 600 parking spaces, one by one, three lots will be closing. see the lots right here. they will be removed to make way for some much needed housing. the decision isn't sitting well with some commuters. here is robert handa. >> reporter: big changes are
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rolling into the bart station. the gateway and millbrae station approved by the city features 400 apartments, including 100 affordable uses as well as retail and office space. it was fought by neighborhood groups who don't like the fact about 600 parking spaces will be lost with a lot more traffic coming in. >> too many people, too many cars, too -- this place will be a zoo. we have planes, trains, baub automobiles. >> reporter: some will be inaccessible during the construction. the 2,100 space parking garage will remain open. bart and city officials have said transit-oriented development is the way to plan for the future. some bart users wliel nhile not with losing parking spaces say affordable housing is important. >> you mentioned housing. that would be a tremendous benefit. >> do you need affordable
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housing? >> it's something we need. >> will you feel that way if you can't find a parking space? >> frustration. advance planning is the key. come early. we know the timing about when the parking lot will be filling up. >> reporter: that's what bart and city officials are advocating along with using buses and carpooling and bicycles. the neighborhood group is having a community meeting tomorrow night to weigh their options. robert handa, nbc bay area news. there is tension overseas in spain. daytime chants and flag waving gave way to riots and street fires in barcelona. the clashes are over whether the catalonia region should be independent of spain. today, activists called a
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general strike. the white house is in cleanup mode after the president's acting chief of staff appeared to undercut president trump's account of his phone call with ukraine, now the center of an impeachment inquiry. in a shocking admission yesterday, mulvaney confirmed the administration did delay aid to ukraine partly because the president wanted help with a justice department investigation into democrats in the 2016 election. president trump was asked about it today. he quickly changed the subject. >> i think he clarified it. i do have to say this. we, yesterday, had a tremendous day in texas. >> mulvaney co-signed the confession to extortion that president trump has made. >> a republican congressman commented today. he said today that mulvaney's words can't be undone. it's not an etch-a-sketch. no friday night lights. the neighborhood fight that
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forced one north bay high school to reschedule tonight's homecoming game. a berkeley public library book returned after 74 years. beautiful weather today. a change for the weekend. we are looking at cloud cover and drizzle. i will slow you when this rolls in and when the fire danger increases again.
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tense moments in the south bay. hundreds of students from three schools went into lockdown. someone reported a suspicious package. police put schools into lockdown. just before noon, the bomb squad found the device was not a threat. shortly after, police lifted the lockdown. delays on bart this morning. a man attacking a passenger with a box cutter. it happened just before 10:00 a.m. at the montgomery station in san francisco. the man cut the hand of a woman on board. the armed man disobeyed commands. they tased him. when that didn't work, officers used a wrap restraint to take him into custody. a north bay high school was forced to reschedule its homecoming game tonight. this is a big deal. this is all about lights.
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the coalition to save san marin is fighting to keep the lights off. they say the events are too bright, noisy and will alter the character novato. a juj rudge ruled there will be lights at games. the assistant principal says everyone is disappointed. >> they are trying to stay focused on what they have to do this weekend. they are in good spirits. they are disappointed, but they did have the experience of the night game saturday. they are rallying forward. >> that's ga good at the tudtit. a final ruling will be made on november 14th. after 70 years in bunen ant. they will close more than 20 the store is set to close a week from this sunday. nearly 100 sears stores will
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close by the end of january. if you have been with us throughout the week, we have been looking back at the earthquake and what comes next and how we can be better prepared. a lot has changed. >> as soon as the earth shook, the recovery began. they are still recovering near the epicenter. >> you can see the houses off the foundation. >> reporter: carol doesn't need images to remind her what happened. >> look at my community. it's devastated. >> reporter: to this day, it's all still imprinted on her brain. >> interestingly, i was in this room, this very room. i was with three other red cross volunteers. >> reporter: she was executive director of the red cross in >>. >> reporter: like everyone else
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in this city, she shook for 15 a seconds in october. unlike most, when the earthquake stopped, she had to work. there were people who needed help. >> it's like trial by fire. when it happened, we had a staff of five. it wasn't a very big operation. >> reporter: volunteers poured in. she used them to set up shelters for those who needed them. she says she was so focused on her job, she admits she didn't understand the scope of the disaster until a single phone call. >> our national public relations people saying, the president of the united states, president bush, is going to come to santa cruz. orke from the red eet with cross. i remember walking here esiden >> reporter: she had been working four days straight with little sleep and no shower rushed back to her damaged home to prepare. >> i was in my closet with a flashlight. there was no power.
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trying to find two shoes that matched and something i could wear for the president. i am right here. >> reporter: she remembered media and politicians that descended on santa cruz that day. but the president wanted to hear from someone on the front line. >> at one point i got push eed behind. he took my hand and held it and put his arm around me. i appreciated his kindness. i felt like he genuinely cared. >> reporter: she says one lasting impact of the experience is that it bonded her to the red cross and to santa cruz. she ended up spending her entire 35-year career working for the uz.r >> amazing. how about this? better late tha it's really, really late. berkeley library employees are having a good chuckle tonight. one of their books was returned seven decades overdue. jean was cleaning out her study whether th when they found this book.
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her mother had checked it out in 1945 and forgot to return it. >> the daughter who is now retired, used berkeley public library as a teenager. this is something that she felt it was her duty and responsibility to ensure that we got our materials back, even if it took 70 years. >> check your study, check your garage, return those books. by the way, there's never a threat of a huge fine since they no longer charge for overdue books. no word why mom forgot to return the book. we will give it to you. she could have been distracted, 1945, world war ii, it was a little busy. we will give her the mulligan. >> it's in good condition. >> that's what i was about to say. i would like to check that book out. >> me too. >> history. we made it to friday. >> i know. weather forecast really going to cooperate with us, at least for
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part of the weekend. we will explain. let's take you into the microclimate forecast. a word of warning if you are headed to the beaches over the next couple of hours. we have extremely dangerous waves, anywhere from 10 to 14 feet. best advice is to stay out of the water. we have rip currents and sneaker waves. caution with a high surf advisory until 11:00 p.m. this evening. now the weather change that's coming our way this weekend. what i'm seeing right now is a system, it's not very strong, the bulk will stay in washington and oregon. with the cold front getting close on saturday, we do have clouds increasing and the chance of spotty drizzle. tomorrow morning, we will see cloud cover beginning to move in. we will have sunshine as well. overall, i don't think it's going to be a terribly bad morning. might help you to sleep in a little bit longer as you your w. 49 for the south bay. chilly upper 40s in the north
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bay, san francisco 51, the east bay 49. the futurecast will pinpoint the cloud cover and changes. 8:00 in the morning, here is the cloud cover. notice by the afternoon when a lot of you want that sunshine to come on in, we will see cloud cover stick around at 2:00 with possibly drizzle near san francisco. by saturday evening, we will start to clear on out. that's going to set us up with a nice sunday forecast. tomorrow, going to feel like fall outside, even though we don't have big rain coming in, it will be really, really overcast. 73 in mn n san jose. cooler 60s closer to the water. the peninsula feeling chilly. you might need a jacket into the early only 60. 72 in ukiah.
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low 70s to napa. the ocean breeze, it will keep you at 67 for mill valley. looking for something to do with that cloud cover? feeling like fall outside. maybe it's a pumpkin patch. this is one of the popular spots. it has a corn maze. it's one of the top ten in the world. it's been rated by a magazine. we will leave that out. maybe the corn maze, pick up a pumpkin. that could be a good spot for you. news you don't want, but i gotta give it to you. increased fire danger next week, especially by thursday and friday. dry winds of 10 to 25 miles per hour in san francisco. inland valleys will be back in the upper 80s. maybe wind gusts up to 35 miles an hour on thursday. thursday, friday, the highest fire danger moving in. no rain on the next seven days. still looks like first or second pattern ovember is when we
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cho focus on that chance next week. i gotta do it. >> we will focus on the pumpkin patches tomorrow. thanks for the suggestion. up next, if you want to see the epicenter of the earthquake, be prepared to hike there. abby fernandez made the journey.
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what's going on? i'm the host of our social media show. in today's episode, get a special look at an adventure i went on recently. take a look. have you ever wondered what the
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ear earthquake epicenter looks like now? i bike and hiked and did the whole thing for you while reporting the journey. what were you doing when it happened? >> i was at a corner on pleasure point picking up a friend of mine. >> subscribe to our challengenn. the good news is you survived. >> i did. my gosh, i was riding a cruiser. it was not -- i died. >> good exercise. >> we grew up we know everything or so we thought about the 1989 quake. you stroll in and take us to the epicenter. we have never seen it. >> a lot of people our digital special project producer challenged me. she pitched me going with our photographer. he was like, abby won't do it.
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is that a challenge? it's a great video. >> i want to see more. you mentioned the youtube video. >> it will drop next week. watch the entire journey there. subscribe to our youtube channel. get an alert as soon as it's posted. >> how long did it take you to get to the epicenter? >> three hours. going there and coming back. >> round trip. >> it was a short trip. i stopped every five minutes. >> we will watch it. still to come, women making history in space. we will show you the video. tv just keeps getting better. how you watch it does too. this is xfinity x1.
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tonight at 6:00, how far will they go to keep vandals away? the controversial tactic that may or may not be used to stop taggers from marking up a bridge in the south bay. that and more coming up on our 6:00 newscast. a small step for mankind but a giant leap for women. two astronauts made the first all female space walk owalk oute international space station. today, 250 miles above earth,
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two american astronauts made history. they replaced a faulty battery unit outside the space station that failed to activate earlier this month. >> they are rock stars. that's cool. before we go, talk about the friday forecast. a lot of homecoming games. >> dry weather. saturday we get cloud cover increasing. that will be the change. sunday, it's sunny. look at next week, i put the wind forecast on here. not that bad monday, tuesday or wednesday. we will likely see maybe a red flag fire warning by next thursday, possibly into friday. we will keep certainly a close eye on that. we will go from 73 on saturday to upper 80s next week's forecast. >> we are almost in novemb us hy news. >> we will be back at 6:00. see you then.
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breaking news tonight, millions bracing for impact tropical storm nestor gaining strength speeding toward the gulf coast and fears of life threatening storm surge. heavy rain lashing the coast. fears of life-threatening storm surge. when and where will it hit? al roker with the track. explosive messages boeing pilots raisin concerns about the 737 max years before two fatal crashes. why did the company wait months to reveal them did it mislead the faa? the white house in damage control, president trump defending his top aide that admit q and walked back. what the president is saying tonight. the gun arsenal. seized from the suspected leader o


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