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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  October 18, 2019 11:00pm-11:34pm PDT

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just one of several issues during last week's power outage that impacted some of the bay area's most vulnerable. >> there needs to be some sort of plan. >> president and ceo bill
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johnson said pg and e had to pull a plug to avoid a wildfire. >> we can try to ilprove service. we have a lot of other things going on, for example, we have some things in bankruptcy and we're still trying to resolve claims. >> for tubs fire survivor will abrams -- >> brings back merls of them running to and from the flame. >> flames johnson says pg and e will try to prevent for the next ten years. >> i might start some of the shutoffs later. >> now, the question did coming up, will pg and e give any recent to customers impacted by the outablgs as the negotiate has demanded. the ceo said he's seriously considering it but "i'll not giving any hint as to which way it's going."
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nbc bay area news. >> thank you. at jack london square, fire at a condo complex had flames shooting out of the porto bellow condos. people attending a nearby gala saw the flames and called the fire department. >> new details tonight on the dramatic explosion at the new star facility in crockett a few nights ago. it tirnld out to be especially dangerous for one worker. we obtained a report that revealed one worker was trapped by flames but after about 20 minutes, the worker safely escaped. there was no unusual activity at the site of the taks when they caught fire. so far they haven't been able to access the scene because they need to drain the left-over ethanol and water.
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they're expecting to inspect the scene next week. >> let's talk about the weather and how comy it's been. don't get too settled in. there is the possibility of fire danger in the next few days. jeff, you say there's an increase in fire danger? >> i do. i know that's the last thing anyone of us want to here about. but we got share this information with you. this area of high pressure building into next week so i think we're ok nor this weekend. next week we're starting to see the circulation around this area of high pressure drive these winds off shore and bring some winds. the focus of the potential wind next week again, an early alert, would be 11:30 p.m. on wednesday, starting to build in the central alley of california. then winds up to 20 and 30 miles
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an hour in napa and some of the higher elevations. entertaining, 15 to 40 mile prour guests with fire warnings likely. we'l have the full weekend forecast coming up in 15 minutes. >> the decline is coming and a lot of people would miss out. recent wildfire elvis have to file their claims by monday at 5:00 in order to get money in & e. most people haven't turned in the claim form. pg and e has put aside money for the victims. some sail they're just now hearing about the forms. people who have douing ling expenses for the wine country fires, three of the biggest insurers will not be extending payments. >> at well known hassle but would you pay to get through it?
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a popular route from 101. during the rush hour it's a traffic headache. leaders are considering measures to make it better. >> during the mork and evening commute, university avenue here can be bumper to bumper, so there is a proposal for east palo alto to with university avenue what san francisco is trying to do with local bard street. nearly every night on university avenue there's a parade of taillights. the idea to induce a toll is expected to thin out traffic congestion here. during east palo alto's meeting last week, the lombard street effort was mentioned.
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>> that is tourist driven traffic and -- >> right. >> so it would seem to me that we would have muff more strength bmd our pleas since it's not seasonal. >> the negotiate vetoed the plan saying it would create social equity issues. similar concerns from people who often use university avenue. >> most of the people armed here, they're not rich. i think that would adversely harm them. >> i think the government trying to make money. that's how, you know. >> at least one resident likes the idea of a toll road. >> i'm down for it. that traffic is terrible. >> they'll reexamine the proposal in december. >> the power has still not been restored to a neighborhood in san jose after a police sergeant
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crashed into the power pole. the crash happened early this morning on west alma near montae rajoy. the sergeant lost control of a patrol car, drove across several lanes and hit a street sign and pole. the sergeant was not hurt. police have not yet said what caused the crash. >> a homecoming game in the daylight. it's what sap morin high students are stuck with to deep friday night lights off. in nevada, it's neighbors versus students. really, tradition, too, sheshl. >> the students leer were all set for homecoming. instead, that game will take place tomorrow afternoon. a court battle continues as this stamd remains in the dark. >> norm heard tt noise last friday when san morin high held
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its first-ever football game under new stadium lights. >> i'm not a youngster, i like to go to bed atted:ha sometimes. it's yelling and screaming and i'm not going to go to bed. >> on a night when a homecoming game was supposed to be played on the field, there was football practice instead. tensions are building. >> i can't tell you how many meetings we've had, tried to work some regulations out. we'd offer something and basically they just no, they didn't want the lights. >> they voted unanimously to turn on the lights for the first time after filing a revised environmental impact report. they thought they had the judge's blessing to move forward with night games. last week they played under new stadium lights. now the homecoming game is in the dark.
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>> how many games they going to play in a year. three, four days? >> if you want to live near a high school, they shouldn't dislike lights. >> michael jolly with the san morin coalition says that his community needs to heal. judge will continue hearing this case next month. >> sounds frustrating all the way around. it's being called a homicide, the official police status on a body found this morningear the china camp state park. le deputies found the body on the side of a road. the victim is somewhere between 20 and 30, a hispanicman. anybody who have surveillanc cameras, the police are asking for help. >> neighbors say a house on wayne street has been a problem for the past year.
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bark in august, the bomb squad had to detonate a pipe bond. police found two molotov cocktails in a duffel back across the street. early this morning police and the fbi raided the home and detained eight people inside. >> a lot of us want to know and we can't because we can't feel a house a drug house here. >> a small amount of methamphetamine. subjects were arrested for various crimes. >> police say this is an ongoing investigation and neighbors should stay village lenlts. >> here come the drones. we're going to give you a look. >> and what samsung says is a problem with one of their phones that could put you and your bank account at ridge. >> let you know when it rolls in, when it rolls out. come up in about eight minutes.
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. president trump responding after his own acting chief of staff appeared to undercut the president's account of his call with ukraine's leader. mick mulvaney yesterday confirming the trump administration delayed military aid to u krab partly because the president wanted help with a justice department investigation. when asked about it mulvaney today said mr. trump quickly changed the subject. >> do you want to clarify what mr. mulvaney clarified yesterday? >> i think he clarified it. >> he said it was an unmitigated disaster. >> i earned my spurs on the battle fooelt. donald trump earned his spurs from a letter from a doctor. >> mattis made light of president trump while at a
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charity roast last week. the general had quit the administration previously. >> home delivery soaring to new heights with the first commercial drones dropping off orders right next to our doorstep. >> it's a sneak peek who the future. >> stays around 23 feet. >> a first for commercial aviation. >> it will go back up and fly to the customer. >> that's so cool. >> wing, the only approved drone delivery service in the country. from what they call the nest, 10 body drones flying 60 miles an hour, hovering over homes. >> is there any way it's the way of the future? >> we don't think so.
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>> they deliver products from walgreen's and gifts. >> the faa says they expect it to grow. >> new operate ost are with developing a safety culture just like you'd see at any airline. >> amazon has a pending application andups is delivering on a medical campus. after the first order, mission accomplished. wing and shoppers, hoping the sky's the limit. katy beck, nbc news, crispsburg, virginia. >> the future is here. 250 miles above the earth. incredible story today. the first all-female team of astronauts carried out a seven-hour space walk. christina cook and crest ka mehr
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replaced a fail power system on the space station. when cook gets back to earth she'll have set a record for the longers single space flight by a woman. her total time in space, 328 days. >> impressive. samsung cell phone may not be as safe as united states think it is. they say their galaxy x so and note 10 have a major security flew. the fingerprint sensors can be bipasted. sampson says remove the case, delead the finger printer and register a new one. they plan to issue an update. there's a price to pay. 600 parking spots will be eliminated at the mill bray bart station.
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in its place, 400 office spaces, spopg and restaurants. >> it's going to be too much. 400 units and retail shopping. it's too much. >> a bart and city officials disagree and says it will encourage commuters to use bikes, buses and carpool. >> you can see snow on the ground on squaw valley. thanks to the low temperatures, snow making has started. crews started making it overnight. >> there. got work to do! >> in the upper and lower parts of the valley. >> maybe it's time lapse. >> we're going to heat up? we've got to wait until november until we get better kmapss of rainfall coming your way. there will be a taste of faufl as we hit this weekend. we'll start out with that first.
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the quick change that i'm seeming moving through saturday is the cold front just to the north. this thing's going to break up before it gets here. best rain chances, washington, oregon. the only thing we'll get out of this is some clouds and maybe a little bit of drizzle. saturday norpg morning, yacht terribly uncomfortable. 51 on the peninsula. lots ofup 40s and low 70s for the eastbound, san francisco, and north bay. saturday, cloud cover, i don't want you to say wait, where did all this come from? so you're going to be prepared and good to go. 8:00 in the morning on saturday, some overcast building in the north bay. by the afternoon it's continuing to look for and more likely that we would see this cloud cover spread across the bay area with some spotty drizzle near the klein. then this will clear out saturday even setting us up with
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a sunnier sunday in the forecast. with the high cloud cover passing over, temperatures combined it will feel like fall yout. no rainstorm but at least we have nice enjoyable temperatures. 70 in san jose. 71 lows gatos. allergies could be bugging you. watch out for that. a little bit of a breezy wind. 74 in pittsburgh. danville, 73. closer to the bay. 66 in oakland. peninsula, 67 in reldwood city. chilly for a lot of you continuing right here into san francisco. 60 for the marina and 64 in the mission. wipe country, lots of low 70s. notice if you're in mill valley, cooler there but the ocean breeze will be stronger. keeping you down to have 67 begs. in the north bay looking for something to do with the kids,
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maybe teen parents, the adultings, this is a late event. starts early, goes late. the petaluma pumpkin pachl. i said soc p.m. maybe that's the nowhere. upper 60s. perfect out here. they've got one of the largest and best corn maces in the world. it's been rated. check it out. >> something serious as we move into next week and increased fire danger increased continues to look like it monday, thursday and friday. upper 70s for the inland val's upper 80s and we're looking at those winds building in by wednesday night into entertaining morning. 15 to about 35 miles an hour for a lot of low elevations and higher elevations could see 40 to 50-mile-per-hour gusts. wednesday night, entertaining morning, that's how we see it
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right now. we'll continue to refine the forecast headed into next week. >> could be a problem spot. >> yes. >> coming up, stopping the graffiti in the south way. now new ideas to stay away from the green train bridge. >> happening now at johnson-and-johnson recalling its baby powder after trace amounts of as bessos was covered. it's limited to one lot of products shimmed in the united states last year.
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. new details about the boeing
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737 max text messages between two text pilots appear to show that boeing knew about the problems before being involved in two deadly crashes. 247 people died in those crashes. the text messages, the pilots wrote about problems with the plane's anti-stall system. the chief pilot said it was running rampant. >> i'm not going to zion sign off on the aircraft until i would fly it myself or purt my family on it. >> no u.s. airline will be flying the 373 max until january at the earliest. >> city counsel voted against allowing sno ining in and out f to town. they think the restaurant will
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create too much traffic. they say it's pretty much the end of the road for this straujtd at this situation. >> the green train bridge in san jose over 2830 near bird avenue is a favorite of taggers. cal trab said it's tried everything to keep the graffiti off. someone actually put grease around the bridge so taggers couldn't scale it. the bridge remained tag free for a couple of years. caltrans and the city of snoemg have to clean it up yet again. >> i think they need to do whatever they got to do. what does it hurt to try out an idea. >> even if it's grease? >> even if it's grease. >> the grease crosses the line because it could lead to smun fulg, flipping, sliding off that bridge. coming upos.
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stay with us.
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. all right. this is it. tres rehearsal's over. the warriors played their final preseason game.
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>> we want the regular season. warriors tonight and lakers. people fired up. no lebron james or anthony davis for l.a. but the warriors are fine. second quarter, stephan hansen hit the three, then says hello to the young fan right before the buzzer. >> that was sweet. >> fourth quarter, the warriors on the run. their new star. deak low roughly. they call him d-'lo. the raiders are in wisconsin gettingdy for sunday morning's game against the packers. they faes the redskins sunday. baseball playoff in the bronx. the yankees trying to stay alive and they did. they got the jump verlander early rlt they scored all four flunz the first inning. aran hicks with the three run homer. yankees win 4-1 but the astros still lead the series three games to two. game six is tomorrow in houston.
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. justice ruth bader ginsburg in the bay area. plus a toe truck dropped a man's pickup.
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finally, better late than never. a book was just returned. >> oh, no. >> just seven decades. >> 70 years? >> seven is decades overdues. jean durham said she found the book. her mother had checked out "laid of the lake" in 19 ha and forget to return it. no fine. no word on why she forget to return to the book. she could have been diskrakted by the end of world war ii. >> it's in great condition. >> have a great weekend. >> bye-bye. >> we now return to the white house, where president trump is speaking to members of the press. >> jimmy: thank me, thank me you're - [ cheers and applause


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