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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  October 19, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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now. good evening every thanks for joining us. police say the incident happened back in may at a portland high school. surveillance video just now coming out. you can see the football coach grab the teenager, take the loaded shotgun away, and then hug him. for some this surveilla brings back difficult memories for survivors of mass shootings. nbc bay area's tom jensen is live in mill valley right now. you just talked to an expert on incidents just like this one. >> i did. she talked about just coming from a symposium and people talking about thateo involving former san francisco 49ers coach keenan lowe who is now a coach at park roads high school in portland where that video is from. i talked to her. she has students here through her program called beyond differences that helps train middle schoolers throughout the
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community here on how to identify kids who are in isolation and who need help. it is one of the precursors to so many of these instances. she told me that thank goodness former san francisco 49ers assistant keenan lowe was there to show compassion that young man needed before anyone was hurt. it was obvious in the way the teenager returned keenan lowe's hug that he needed to connect with someone. >> what he needed was an embrace, love, being seen, and accepted. whatever it was that was going on for him. >> reporter: officials said grenados diaz was in a mental health crisis before loading one shell in the shotgun and heading into the high school back in may. beyond differences tries to create cultures of belonging in schools by making sure everyone feels included and accepted. in fact, some of the students that you saw being evacuated from park roads high school that
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day may have gone through the program. they've been in portland middle schools for four years, been in bay area schools for ten years and now spreading across the country trying to find these kids who are going into isolation before it is too late. they say the best time is the beginning of adolescent in middle school. live in mill valley, thom jensen, nbc bay area news. >> eye opening stuff. thank you very much. police are trying to get to the bottom of an overnight homicide near san jose state that happened about 2:00 this morning on south 10th street. officers say the victim who was not a student was shot. died at a hospital. this is the city's 30th homicide this year. a suspect is in custody in a string of arsons at pleasantville elementary school. jason allen is accused of setting eight fires over two days. it is believed the crimes happened this week. several school buildings and a fence were damaged. surveillance video and other evidence led to the arrest.
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people in oakland came together today to mark 28 years since the catastrophic 1991 fire storm. this year's anniversary comes as we enter another stretch of elevated fire danger. nbc bay area's going live to oakland right now. you spoke with survivors about being prepared especially in light of the recent pg&e power shut offs. >> that's right. you know, we talked with people who gathered here today and of course they talked about the fire. they remember the details and the loss. they also talked about the community preparedness that came in the aftermath and some said with the recent power shut offs they now have more to consider. in oakland, people came together to remember the catastrophic and deadly fire of 1991. carolyn burgess recalls trying to get home from out of town. >> the operator said i think all of oakland is on fire. >> reporter: her home in the hills burned. she rebuilt. 28 years later many neighbors
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are new. >> some of whom don't even know about trimming trees or keeping the brush back from the house. you know, all of that basic stuff that i was not aware of 28 years ago. >> she is now well prepared for disasters but her planning was tested this month when pg&e proactively shut off power to help prevent wildfires. >> what i gained from this power outage was how, what an island i was. >> this councilmember didn't think the shut-off was well planned but the utility said it would improve communication. >> i would not say it was a success. fortunately there wasn't actual fires. >> what happened led the way for some of the community programs. >> lieutenant dan robinson rushed into work that day in 1991 and says even now crews are always adapting. >> we have these weather advance, red flag days. what they've started doing
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recently in the last year or two is try to preplan the so-called mutual aid responses or strike teams. >> burgess says though she believes she is prepared this month she realized there may be more to do. >> i think i'm pretty prepared but it was a good education to see that we have a good more to learn. we have to learn a lot more. it is going to be changing. >> firefighters today also brought with them their vehicles that have four wheel drive capability and can do mobile fire attacks. in the ceremony today, a moment of silence. reporting live in oakland, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> christie, thank you very much. pg&e says it is monitoring the potential for increased fire danger later this week or next week i should say. so far they have not ordered any power shut-offs as we had last week but that might change. you are talking maybe mid week
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it's going to get kind of bad. >> that's right. right now high pressure will begin to build starting with the warmup as erlas tomorrow. but it is heading into wednesday night where the concern really kicks in. here's what we know as of now for next week. dry, offshore northeasterly winds. wednesday night gusts 10 to 25 miles per hour but right now with the highest gusts according to the models 2:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. upwards of 40 miles per hour which means fire warnings are likely. this is worthy of mention if you're heading out to southern california or you have family in southern california. there is a red flag warning for the ventura hills, the mountains and the l.a. mountains through tomorrow. the reason is they have relatively low humidity tonight and also the gusty conditions. mean while bringing it back to the hometown, san francisco a little drizzle. the fog certainly rolling in. i'll talk about what is expected tonight and into sunday coming up. >> thank you. an incredible close call in
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antioch overnight for a man trapped in a car as the car was sinking. look at this. antioch police department thank you for the pictures. officers were dispatched to the marina after a report of a car that rolled down the boat ramp into the water. ther was a man inside. police trying to get him out. the guy is trapped. while trying to keep the car from rolling further officers cut a hole in the top of the car, pulled the victim on to the dock. he was taken to the hospital and is expected to be okay. job well done. san francisco's interim district attorney was sworn into office just a couple weeks before voters go to the polls to cast ballots in this race. the swearing in ceremony was somewhat controversial. some say the mayor unfairly tipped the scales in favor of her preferred candidate. we'll go live to san francisco's hall of justice for more on that. sergio quintana. >> reporter: the former district attorney is not running for re-election so there is no
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incumbent in this race and that means it is a wide open race. susie loftus is one of four candidates. during her swearing in ceremony this morning the mayor said she is looking forward to working in partnership with her choice for district attorney on dealing with several law enforcement issues in the city. but the appointment of loftus to the office isn't sitting well with the three other candidates also vying for the position. all three have voiced concerns that loftus now has an advantage and the american civil liberties union has described the move as a tilting of the scales by the mayor. loftus was asked several times if this move by the mayor is giving her a leg up in the race. she replied by saying it certainly made voters pay more attention to the race. the mayor listed several issues she is hoping to work with her choice for district attorney. >> when we look at the open air drug use, we look at the challenges with people struggling with mental illness, when we look at how we have real issues in this city, we need a
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partner that we can work with in the district attorney's office to help address those issues. >> the former district attorney resigned on thursday and is eying a run for district attorney in los angeles. it ends eight years as one of the country's most progressive big city district attorneys. the race to replace him includes three other candidates. interim district attorney susie loftus takes the reins of the district attorney's office here in san francisco just 17 days before election day which is november 5th. reporting live in san francisco, nbc news. thank you very much. turning to decision 2020 democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders is back. the 78-year-old senator from vermont held a massive rally in new york today. it was his first big campaign event since he suffered a heart attack earlier this month. >> i am more than ready to
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assume the office of president of the united states. >> people say 20,000 people were there. sanders was joined by congresswoman alexandria ocasio cortez his latest influential endorsement. today is sanders' only scheduled appearance before he returns to iowa late next week. california has a reputation for being a cash cow when it comes to politics and according to "the l.a. times" president trump raised far more money in the golden state than anyone else. here is the breakdown. over the last three months president trump pulled in nearly $10.8 million from california donors. senator kamala harris came in second and pulled in $2.8 million. bernie sanders, pete buttigieg were close behind with $2.4 million and $2.3 million respectively. no friday night lights for a school in the north bay in novato forced to play its home coming game against san rafael this afternoon. the group called the coalition
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to save san marin, claiming the lights are too bright and the game too noisy. this week a judge agreed at least temporarily ordering the school not to turn on the lights while the case continues. parents say it is a disappointment the school could not have the big game on friday night. >> i think playing a day game is okay. it is unfortunate we had the lights and followed all the procedures and three folks from coalition of san marin filed an injunction three days before home coming and we weren't able to have our thousands of kids enjoy their evening. >> as for the lights the final ruling is going to be made on november 14th which is two weeks after the season ends. in san francisco a small but maybe significant change could soon be coming to muni's bus fleet. one bus is currently the guinea pig for sliding doors. sliding doors instead of doors that open inward. there are the sliders. the new doors create more space for passengers, eliminate the need for passengers to shuffle and reshuffle every time the doors open inward. but if the test case goes well the entire fleet is going to
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have those sliding doors. still ahead chaos in chile. protests erupting overnight and turning violent. what is driving the protests, coming up. tropical storm nestor makes landfall bringing with it rain and wind to florida. the new threat that is quite a concern. don't forget your coat if you're heading out for a nice late dinner in the city. it is getting breezy. a high of 65 in san francisco. it may be cool and cloudy but i'm tracking big changes in the form of a warmup and elevated fire danger coming up.
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a tense week in chile after a violent protest broke out and the president has declared a state of emergency down there. the students led the protest which started on monday triggered by a 4% increase in subway fares. the demonstrations started peaceful then turned into clashes with police, vandalism. the closure of the entire subway system. police say more than 150 people have been injured. and most of the injured are police officers. more than 300 people have been arrested. it is a messy, wet weekend across part of the southeast as what was once tropical storm nestor makes it across florida and up the east coast. before it was downgraded nestor spawned at least three tornadoes and the storm could still pack a punch. nbc's chris pollone has more. >> reporter: nestor made landfall saturday as a post tropical cyclone near the florida gulf coast town of apalachicola. the storm is still packing heavy
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rain and strong wind gusts leaving at least 16,000 people without power across the state. the storm is being blamed for at least three tornadoes. one struck polk county eas of tampa ripping part of the roof off a middle school. >> the tornado according to the news should be right in that area. >> did you copy that? >> 23 copy. holding position. >> reporter: in pinellas county near st. petersburg nestor damaged several homes and businesses friday night. storm surge caused flooding and washed away parts of coastal roadways. officials say there have been no reports of injuries. >> sounded like a freight train. i had no idea the damage that was going on around us was this extensive until we opened up the door. >> reporter: if there is good news it's that nestor spared part of the florida panhandle which was devastated by hurricane michael aear ago. and is delivering much needed rain to parts of the southeast suffering from drought conditions. chris pollone, nbc news. even thoughtor is categorized as a tropical storm it could still bring in more than 2 inches of rain to parts
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of the south, georgia and north and south carolina could also see tornadoes developing there. we should say that you have a touch of some kind of cold or something. >> i think i have a cold. to those who tweeted and said, hey you're a little congested are you okay? i'm fine. drinking some tea. bear with me through this weather forecast. >> you're doing great. >> we have changes ahead. you'll want to know. it's a mix of a little drizzle right now. fog in san francisco. look how beautiful. i like it. it's a view from the camera shot there. then we have this view over the city of san francisco. i want to turn your atoengs the little rain drops. very light drizzle. remember we had that cold spurt sweeping off to the north and tracking east now but that brought on this cloud cover. this is if you look further inland in san jose 67 degrees
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right now. winds about 8 miles per hour. it'll get a little breeze err along the coast as the cold front continues to move through right behind it with breezy winds tonight. pack your coats so you don't end up like me with the stuffy nose. so as i zoom in this a little closer you can see we didn't get a lot of rain but a couple hundredths of an inch up to santa rosa. the majority of the cloud cover. however heading into tomorrow night it is going to start warming up a bit by a few degrees compared to where we were at today but still stay below the 80s. san jose 74 degrees. livermore 75. concord 78. oakland 72. san francisco, 70s. we do have your weather set up for the next couple days and this is where you're going to want to kind of pay attention because if you live anywhere near hillside or mountain areas we're tracking elevated fire danger with high pressure beginning to build and what is going to happen is things are going to turn hot and dry. here is what we know so far.
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we have the dry offshore northeasterly wind. wednesday night. gusts 10 to 25 miles per hour. the peak period between 2:00 or 10:00 a.m. where gusts could get upwards of 40 to 45 plus. it is worth mentioning right now in southern california, if you have family down there they are under flood warnings for the ventura and l.a. mountains. reach out and make sure everybody is okay. over the next week expect this in terms of winds. 30 to 40-mile-per-hour heading into thursday morning and then the next seven days inland temperatures will climb by as much as 10, 15 degrees in some areas. no it is not a mistake. those are upper 80s right in the middle of fall. as we head in toward the san francisco seven-day forecast, tomorrow we hit the high 60s. we start climbing into the 70s, heading into wednesday and thursday. that is where we'll be monitoring the elevated fire danger. >> all right. way to go.
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coming up an honor flight for bay area world war ii vets. tell you about this 96-year-old man and the memorial that pays tribute to him and his former unit.
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a bay area world war ii veteran who survived d day is on his way back home tonight. 96-year-old jake larson is the last surviving member of his unit. on thursday he took off on what they call the honor flight to washington, d.c. the organization helps fly veterans to the nation's capitol so they can see the memorials paying tribute to what they did. his plane is due back at sfo at 8:00 tonight. we caught up with him before the trip and he says he is humbled and he is astounded by all of this. this is beyond anything and i
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can't figure out -- that i'm of interest to all these people. they have history books for this. >> he's better than the book. he is history. they even have sent him back to normandy in june after a story here on nbc bay area thousands of dollars were donated to cover the costs for that trip. thanks to all of you very much. joining us now our new sports anchor. anthony flores. pleasure to have you here. way to go. congratulations. >> thank you. so great to be here. i grew up in los angeles. i've worked in the central valley, the midwest, the south and even a little here in the bay area. wife is from mill pita so we are happy to call nbc bay area and the south bay our new home. let's talk a little football. kyle shanahan and the 49ers are in d.c. did you know he used to coach there? what he says was the best and worst part of working for washington.
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stick around. sports is next.
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kyle shanahan is about to take a walk down memory lane. this weekend the 49ers head coach is returning to washington. the 49ers arrived in d.c. on friday. they're hoping to stay undefeated. shanahan was the offensive coordinator for four seasons in washington under his dad mike who was the head coach. it's been six years since they were both fired. he said the best part of washington of course was working with dad. as for the worst part --? >> everything else. [ laughter ] >> i liked a lot of the players. good people. >> well, kick-off is set for tomorrow morning at 10:00. as for the raiders they're trying to pull off something they haven't done since the early '90s, beat the packers. green bay has won seven in a row against the silver and black. the panthers are 5-1 on the season. oh, yeah. they have one of the best
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quarterbacks in the nfl, aaron rodgers. >> when we go out there it is going to be a tough, physical football game. it's going to be tough. they are a good team with great coaches. you never under estimate aaron rodgers. the guy can do whatever he wants with a football. he's like a ma vision back there. fun to watch. he's like a magician. >> kick-off at 10:00 in the morning at lambeau field. breakfast in berkeley. cal and oregon state with kite-off before noon. that is early. the golden bears fell behind 14-0 then rallied. end of the third quarter. hooks up with jordan duncan, a 33-yard touchdown. bears up three. they were celebrating in memorial stadium but it didn't last long. under 5:00 to go. baylor, watch closely. rolls his way in for the winning score. it had to be reviewed but after taking another look the ref said, it's good. touchdown oregon state beats cal, 21-17. hey, did you see this story?
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we ran it first thursday night on nbc bay area news at 6:00. silver creek high school receiver ariel arona caught everyone's attention last week when she became the first female in school history and possibly in california to throw a touchdown pass in a varsity football game. >> it means a lot to me. i have younger girls after the game coming up to me like oh, i want to play football. always talking to me and stuff. it feels really good that i'm inspiring younger girls: orona is the fourth girl in school history to play varsity football at silver creek in san jose. that is a great story. do you know of a sports related story the rest of the bay area needs to hear? let me know. hit me up on twitter or e-mail me. the address is on my twitter profile. a scary seat in norman, oklahoma. watch what happens to the wagon. a little too fast on the turn, it tips on the side. the students go flying off hitting the turf. it happened at the oklahoma-west virginia football game.
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the sooner schooner is a long standing tradition after oklahoma scores a touchdown. no one was seriously hurt. the news will continue right after this ♪ hey. hey. you must be steven's phone. now you can take control of your home wifi and get a notification the instant someone new joins your network... only with xfinity xfi. download the xfi app today.
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where did the time go? >> you're watching an nbc bay area special report. transgender kids. a changing student body. >> you feel like you're a little bit of boy? >> a small bit. >> children as young as 3 convinced their own bodies don't
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reflect who they really are. >> i'm really really happy. >> how young is too young for kids to begin transforming their lives? >> i personally feel it would be malpractice to withhold that kind of treatment. >> the brightest medical minds art odds. >> this idea that if i behave like a girl therefore i am a girl. well, that's not necessarily true. >> the growing debate. and a mother's fear. >> i would rather have a trans daughter than a dead son. >> educators are now seeing an increase in the number of students identifying as transgender. >> every single school. >> but are teachers prepared? >> i think it is something we do need to be taught. >> our two-year investigation exposed a serious lack of training for educators. >> your school district wasn't providing training for teachers. >> that's correct. >> new policies are now in place and top school officials credit our investigation. >> your reporting has shown that


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