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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  October 19, 2019 11:00pm-11:29pm PDT

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hey. hey. you must be steven's phone. now you can take control of your home wifi and get a notification the instant someone new joins your network... only with xfinity xfi. download the xfi app today. . right now at 11:00 he's being called a hero coach after disarming a student at a portland school. what he did next caught a lot of attention. good evening. i'm terry mcsweeney. heroic and compassionas, that's what a former 49ers coach is being called. quick thinking when a student brought a gun on catchous.
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here's the report are reaction from the coach. >> we talked with the bay area nonprofit that teaches how to identify isolated kids. the kid got just what he needed in this situation. he went to school with a shotgun hidden under a bag loaded with one shell they say intended to hurt himself, not others, and was suffering from a menta health crisis. kren an lowe came face-to-face with him in a classroom. >> i saw the look in his eyes and i realized it was a real gun and i hugged him i was there for a reason and this is a life worth looifg. >> he may have felt alone and socially isolated from his
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pierce. the head of add bay area nonprofit say lowe may broke through. >> what he needed was an embrace, love, being seen, being visible. being accepted. >> he was snepsedded to 36 months on probation in order to go to mental health treatment. tooech kids beginning in middle school how to recognize students in danger of becoming socially isolated and thousand make them feel included. >> we try prevent students from getting to be to a point they have to suicide thoughts or commit suicide. >> there's now presence in thousands of schools. back to you. >> all right, tom. we are learning new details
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about the shooting overnight near san jose state university. happened about 23k this morning along south 10th street. a large party, a fight broke out. one man was shot but he was not a student at the university. >> i just hird begun shots and ran. >> people started pushing and punching one another. i didn't know that there was a shot. >> the deadly shooting marks the city's 30th homicide this year. new at 11:00 pruch will not be holding next year's g7 summit at his miami golf course. the president wrote that national do you recall miami is no longer being considered as the host site. is other options will being considered can including catch david. he blames the hostile and crazy media ya for the change. he would make sure he would not profit from events held there.
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the last week has been tumultuous for brump but many re-election supporters are quoting new numbers. the president has managed to collect a sizeable haul from california donors. sergio coon tanna, in san francisco be some details some will find surprising. >> these figures are interesting because they're from people who have contributed $200 or less, so-called small amount donors and campaigns say they're a really good gauge about how much grass roots support a candidate has. between july and september, president donald trump made several high proifl tours through the state. they show how much money he's be able to collect and inn what's usually a reliably republican state. according to figures, president trump clearly outpaced the top
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five deming kik contenders pulling in $150 poip 78 milln. kamala harris won with 2.8 million. president trump is benefitting from being the only viable republican in the race. when you add up the money collected by all the democrat ek contenders during the same time frame it's a little bit of a different story. kaelians gave more than $16 million to democratic kmejers outpacing the president by more than $6 million. one of the democratic front runners got a much needed restart and add key endorsement. >> i call him theo bernie. >> she joined senator person yoi sanders eight days after he suffered a heart attack. >> to put it bluntly -- i am ! >> disunity flared up. >> she's a favorite of the russians. >> hillary clinton during a
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podcast sboouf alluded to this. the member of congress from hawaii and combat veteran shot back. >> much as she'd love me to run as an independent or third party candidate, i'm not doing that. >> bay area news. >> a close call for a sinking car. take a look at the pictures. the car rolled down a boat ramp and into the water. man travr inside. this was close. officers were forced to cut a hole in top of the peek, pull the vick under the dock. he was taken to the hospital. expected to be ok. >> a 2.8 earthquake hit around 8:00 until cupertino this morning what a week. this follows a 4.5 that hit pleasant hill on sunday and a 4.7 in hollis sfer on tuesday.
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both areas have seen several after shocks. the interim district attorney in n francisco sworn into office today but some think it was too early. weeks before the election, three other candidates wanting to be the new d.a. they say loftis has a new advantage. when asked able to she said it was certainly making voters pay more attention to the race. >> look. i took muni to my public school and i raise my family here. the fact that they believe i'm the most qualified person to lead this office is a tremendous honor. i'm serving as the interim district attorney. that's what i'm here to do. >> the american civil liberties union describes it as a tilting of the sales. 28 years after a deadly fire swept through the open hills, firefighters and neighbors gathers at the emergency
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preparedness exhibit in oakland. they took time to reflect on what's been learned since the disaster. the city says it's working for ways to better inspect people's properties for brush. no friday night lights in san marin. they played during the day. a group called the coalition to save san marin argued the lights are too bright, the crowds too noisy. this week a judge agreed temporarily, ordering the school not to turn on the lights as the case discontinues. asked for a final ruling to be made on november 14th which is about two weeks after the season ends. amped the world and back to the bay. a sailor returned home today to a hero's welcome. andle reveals sailed into sauce
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lito after he became the first person to sail around the americas andant art ka in season season. his wife gave him a welcome home kiss. he traveled 39,000 miles, nearly the entire time aboard boat eating cliff bars and food from cans. >> i understand i have a very long honey-do list adding up for about 24 months, so i'm looking forward to attacking that. >> that's a long lilgs. this was his second attempt at what he calls the figure 8 voyage. his poet was so battered in the first time he had to tirn back. his heart stopped after get egg struck by lightning right there. it was quick thinking by bystanders who saved his life. tomorrow, a touching rescue with
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rescuers. >> beautiful view over san francisco. right now. we even had some drizzle. i'll talk about the warmup we're looking for. that's coming up.
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speaker of the house nancy pelosi is leading a surprised delegation to the middle east this weekend. bipart san group is in jordan where they just met with king abdullah ii. the topic is keeping crisis in syria. last week president trump ordered trumps out of syria ahead of turk's invasion.
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speaking of which, the visit comes as there are conflicting reportbout t cease fire on the turkey-syria border. a senior u.s. official and to top touredish commander are saying that the cease fire is not holding and allege that turkey is using the cease fire to advance around the city. but others say there have bandage no major violations. good news about surviving in the face of nature's ultimate fury. remember this? oh, my goodness ch got struck by lightning. down he goes. several people rush over to help. the quick thinking bystanders saved his life. here's the powerful reunion. >> oh. is that in it. >> this is the spot where he lay dead. >> wow. that's crazy. >> for more than five minutes. two weeks ago he was out with his dog, the 2-year-old.
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>> i started walking and once i hit the parking lot, that's all i rib. suddenly he was struck by lightning. his dogs ran and his heart stopped. these people saw it and could help. >> all of a sut this bam! super loud thunder. >> i look back and see him laying on the ground. >> i remember telling my luz get 9/11. >> they were the last people left in the porking lot of the an malhospital next door. they performed cpr and called 911. >> he's been hit by lightning and we're just like afraid he's not going to make it. >> about five minutes later they got a pulse. >> his eyes were back open kind of moving back and forth. >> alex's heart started again.
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>> this was this awe about it. >> seems surreal, like i was watching a movie. >> you did good. >> thank you. >> his two black eyes are the last visible signs of the life threatening shock. he wanted to say thank you to those who saved him. >> the guy who bruised up my ribs. i don't remember anything. >> they held a party for the emts. >> my first thoughts were rl my dogs ok? >> but knowing his luck hasn't run out. >> they put out a hand to help you. >> a remarkable survegs-berkeley alum. got a big honor. kevin choou received the
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philanthropy award. the cal grad a.ear in the world of esports. he founded the video game company kabam. in 2017 get this, he gave u.s. berkeley $25 million. we'll talk about him. the highest anyone under 40 years has ever given. mcing the big gala. he askedable esports. >> it's filling up arenas and drawing viewer shis with a hundred million people tuning in to watch the big tournaments. so it's a global sport. >> you're talking sports? randall, t raj, the guy you should talk to. >> are you a big esports fans? >> you know, football, basketball, but i don't know
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about all the sports, no. >> i'm with you. >> i'll stick to what i know. >> which you know. >> all right. you know we have seen the skies clear quite nicely. we have that flog roll in. francisco, chilly. look at the view. currently the temperatures are in the 50s and 60s throughout, but we do hit a high of 65 in san francisco. 56 degrees right now. wind speeds about 7 miles an hour. remember we talked about that front that swept in. that's what brought that cloud cover and even some drizzle to the coast of san francisco. we saw some rhame through the sa noah coup area. much better conditions. clearer identity there. that is cloudy, which is only going to pave the way for what we're expecting for tomorrow. overnight temperatures in san jose, by 2:00, 3:00, wo we'll stay in the 50s but notice how
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we'll be clearer tomorrow. tomorrow will be the suppy day. 75 degrees, liver moore, 4 for san jose. climb into the upper 60s because we're going to see a big change in the warming trend. we're going to try out as high pressure begins to build. let's talk about the weather setup. start to notice that build in that on monday as we fast forward headed into wednesday and entertaining night, this is where we're going to look out for the concern of fire day. the reason for that is is as the high pressure continues to build, entertaining between 2:00 and soc, the models are slowing its to be one of the gustiest times overnight. one thing you'll note is 2 increase in temperatures. look at that.
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upper 80s in the area. big change. about 10 the 12 degrees in some areas. san francisco will be climbing into the 70s. remember, watching out for that elevated fire danger. it's going to get hotter. >> i like it cool, i like it hot, i like it all. >> there you go. >> a look at sports? >> the astros are headed to the world series. get this. the smallest guy on the field comes up with the biggest hit of the game. stick around. sports is next!
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. with one swing of the bat, the houston astros are headed back to the world series. >> has just sent the astros to the world series. >> wow.
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jose tooufl with a two-run walkoff. they win that series 4-2. they're headed to the world series in the second time three years. the washington nationals. tuesday in houston. at the tank, the harks trying to sweep the home stand taking on the sabers. watch closely. the puck goes off the skate of marcus soerpson and into the net, so that ties the score at 3-3. but the sabers would light the lamp with just you would eight minutes to go and it ends up 4-3. bears down 14 early but they would rally in the third quarter. devon mobster hooks up for a 33-yard touchdown. the bears take a three-point lead. they were celebrating in memorial stadium but it wouldn't lost. they beat cal 21-17.
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taking on san diego state. check out this grab. he catches its with his helmet. ara david tyree. you remember the great cache but it wasn't enough. the spartans fall. your final, 27-17. that's a look at sports. some of news right after the break. tv just keeps getting better. how you watch it does too. this is xfinity x1. featuring the emmy award-winning voice remote. streaming services without changing passwords and input. live sports - with real-time stats and scores. access to the most 4k content. and your movies and shows to go. the best tv experience is the best tv value. xfinity x1. simple. easy. awesome. xfinity. the future of awesome.
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. orange is putting half moon bay as you see. today the 46th annual push din effectively, thousands turned out to see the winner, 2,175 pounds, it weighed. wow. could i have some seeds. the growers from napa knows how to do it.
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he won more than $sa,000 for that thing. the festival is through tomorrow. get down there and check it out. there's a sad situation. two horses dumped in a trailer at a home teppo are up for adoption. police found two dehydrated horses in a home depot in windsor, up the road. the mares are healthy and ready to be taken home. scarlett et is the brown one. mira had the white face. we saw her early. the program said neither can ever be a lieding horse. >> this participate -- >> they'll be fun to have armed. they're looking for a loving home. it's not that far, folks. right up over. if you're interested, let them know. >> i hope somebody adopts them and takes care of them. >> it should be easy. we had the peacocks. >> yeah.
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>> we got them home. let's get the horses home. y50. >> saturday night live coming up right now. have a great night. we trust usaa more than any other company out there. they give us excellent customer service, every time. our 18 year old was in an accident. usaa took care of her car rental, and getting her car towed. all i had to take care of was making sure that my daughter was ok. if i met another veteran, and they were with another insurance company, i would tell them, you need to join usaa
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because they have better rates, and better service. we're the gomez family... we're the rivera family... we're the kirby family, and we are usaa members for life. get your auto insurance quote today. [ laughter ] >> [ clears throat ] [ cheers and applause ] >> get me rudy giuliani on tho


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