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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 20, 2019 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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good sundayrning. it is october 20th. here is a live look outside. looks beautiful. it looks bright, but that's maybe just the cameras, as you look at the golden gate bridge, some mist underneath there. just looks really beautiful. thanks for joining us. i'm kira klapper. vianey arana, still a little ll by loong at her.but you can't >> o thanks. >> has a look at our microclimate forecast, and you say we have a little bit of a warmup today. >> we will, but you can't tell by listening to me. right now in san francisco, look how beautiful the sky line looks. that is the cloud cover, we're seeing some areas of fog through
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san jose, 55 degrees. so even though we've got a little of that patchy morning fog, by the afternoon we're expecting much sunnier and warmer conditions. current temperatures right now in napa it's cold, 43 degrees. 43 degrees in san jose and look at your daytime highs. i want to show you these out of the gate. if you're headed out the door any time soon, your temperatures will be running warmer into the interior valleys and this is setting up for a warming trend that's already under way, a high pressure system is expected to dry us out but it's also going to kick up some northeasterly winds. what's going to happen is that dries us out. the elevated fire danger kicks in, so i'll have more details coming up in about 15 minutes. >> we'll stay tuned for that. rest up until then, thanks. he is being called a hero coach, after he disarmed a teenage we are a shotgun at a portland high school but it's what he did next that's catching so much attention. the former 49ers coach is being praised for his quick thinking
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and compassion when a student brought a gun on campus and for the first time, we hear from the coach himself. "today in the bay's" thom jensen with this report on teens in crisis. >> angel diaz went to school with a shotgun loaded with shells they say he intended to hurt himself, not others. and was suffering from a mental health crisis. security guard and coach lowe came face to face with the student in a classroom. >> i saw the look in his face, looked at the gun, and realized it was a real gun and my instincts just took over. >> lowe hulgged him, told him h was there for him and everything would be okay. >> i was there for him and this is a life worth living. >> reporter: like so many students, diaz may have felt alone and socially isolated from his peers. the head of a bay area nonprofit tells nbc bay area lowe may have broken through that feeling in
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the caring way he confronted the teen and gently disarmed him. >> what he needed was an embrace, love, being seen and visible, and hopefully being accepted for whatever it was that was going on for him. >> reporter: diaz was sentenced to 36 months on probation and ordered to undergo mental health treatment. the organization beyond differences teaches kids beginning in middle school how to recognize students who are in danger of becoming socially isolated and how to make them feel included. >> what we try to do is to prevent students from getting to the point where they feel so desperate and socially isolated that they feel they have to either have suicide thoughts or commit suicide. >> thom jensen, "nbc bay area news." it was a busy night for police and fire skrus in:c s in costa county. three separate crash scenes sent ten people to the hospital. a head-on collision after 8:30 last night on sellers road in brentwood. one person was critically
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injured and flown by helicopter to the hospital. a second crash happened about 90 minutes later down the road as police were clearing the first accident scene. two drivers hit head on and one of the cars hit a brentwood police cruiser. eight people, including a young boy, suffered injuries. and then 30 minutes later, a third crash a few miles down the road, a car hit a power pole at edens plains road and chestnut street igniting a small brush fire. crews were able to quickly extinguish that. no word on the extent of that driver's injuries. and we're learning new information after a man was shot and killed near san jose state's campus. it happened around 2:00 yesterday morning along south tenth street in downtown san jose. witnesses now tell us a fight broke out at a big party. >> i just heard gunshots and i just ran. >> seen a lot of people pushing and people started punching each other. i didn't see who it was. i know there was shots so i had to get out of there. >> the man what was shot and
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killed was not a student at the university. this by the way marks san jose's 30th homicide this year. president trump will not be holding next jeer's g7 summit at his miami golf resort after all. the announcement came over twitter, the president writing that trump national doral miami is no longer being considered as the host site. the administration is now considering other options, including camp david. the tweet was sharply worded blaming the "hostile and crazy media" and democrats for the change. he also said he would have made sure he did not profit from the summit being held there. critics have pointed out the idea was a blatant conflict of interest, no matter what. turning now to decision 2020, democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders is back on the campaign trail. the 78-year-old senator from vermont held a massive rally in new york yesterday. it was his first big campaign event since suffering a heart attack earlier this month.
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>> i am more than ready to assume the office of president of the united states. >> sanders was joined at the rally by congresswoman al and via owe casio cortez, his latest influential endorsement. yesterday's event is sanders only scheduleed aexperience before he returns to iowa later this week. in california, the state has a reputation for being a cash cow when it comes to politics and according to the "l.a. times," president trump raised far more funds in the golden state than any other candidate. here is the breakdown over the last three months, he pulled in nearly $10.8 million from california donors. california senator kamala harris came in second, far below that with $2.8 million. bernie sanders and pete buttigieg were close behind with $2.4 million and $2.3 million respectively. now to an incredibly close
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call for a driver in a sinking car. early yesterday morning this car rolled down a boat ramp in antioch and into the water. look at that. a man was trapped inside. he was able to hold his head above the water. officers were forced to cut a hole in the top of his car to pull him out and onto the dock. he was taken to the hospital. he is expected to be okay. a jolt rattled people near cupertino yesterday morning. it was a 2.8 quake, it hit just after 10:00 a.m. there were no reports of any damage nor injuries. this quake follows a 4.5 quake that hit pleasant hill on monday and a 4.7 earthquake in hollister on tuesday. both areas have seen several aftershocks since. the interim district attorney for san francisco is officially sworn in to office and some people think it happened too soon. mayor london breed yesterday swore in suzy loftus weeks before the november 5th
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election. there are three other candidates running for district attorney in november. they say loftus now has the advantage. here is what loftus told us when asked if this move by mayor breed is giving her a leg up in this race. >> look, i am raising my family here. the fact the mayor of the city i grew up in and raising my family believes i'm the most qualified person to lead this office is a tremendous honor, and i'm serving as the interim district attorney, that's what i'm here to do. >> the american civil liberties union has described the move as a "tilting of the scales." a follow-up to a story we brought you yesterday morning. no friday night lights for a school in the north bay. san marin high school in novato was forced to play its homecoming game against san rafael yesterday afternoon, all because of a four-year-long battle over the lights on the field. a group called the coalition to save san marin has been fighting
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night games, arguing the lights are too bright and the games too noisy. this week, a judge agreed at least temporarily, ordering the schools not to turn on the lights while this case continues. parents say it's a disappointment the school could not have the big game on a friday night. >> i think playing a day game is okay. it's unfortunate we had the lights and followed the procedures and an injunction was filed three days before the homecoming and we rent' able to have thousands of kids enjoy their evening. >> as for the lights the final ruling will be made november 14th, about two weeks after the football season ends. it is 7:09. we have much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up, live to washington for a preview of "meet the press" with chuck todd, and he sailed around the world and now he's back home. why this man says his wife will keep him plenty busy during the winter. ♪
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all right, welcome back. we are joined in studio with our nbc bay area political analyst larry gerston. >> good morning. >> thanks for being here. it's time for our weekly chat with chuck todd, nbc news platical director and moderator of "meet the press." we always love seeing you chuck, hey. >> happy sunday. >> what a blur each week seems to be, between the alcs, i was switching back and forth. we already have the fourth debate in the 2020 democratic race this week. can't believe it. could you give us a recap, what do you think we learned? >> i think we learned one big thing, that if you're trying to figure out who the front-runner s the candidates running for president told you on debate night, they told you it's elizabeth warren that's ahead, not joe biden anymore. that was to me the biggest takeaway. even joe biden seemed to treat elizabeth warren as the candidate to catch or the candidate to beat in that front. and while it's not surprising that they piled on warren a bit, it's surprising how much they ignored biden almost as if they
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decided well, if he's going to falter, it will happen on its own. no need to get in the way of that. that in itself says something about the state of this race, that the field itself sort of doesn't worry about biden anymore, almost solely focused on her, elizabeth warren. >> the more they piled on warren the more it was evident she's the one to watch. >> um-hum. definitely. >> chuck, as you know, president trump did an about-face using his miami resort to host next year's g7 summit. why now? why now, after all the other arrangements that have benefited the trump organization? >> i think the why now is a question that republicans asked on thursday, which is if you're going to do this, why announce it now? i think that was the reason why he pulled back, because and i think that was the reason why so many republicans didn't want to defend it. adam kinsinger, an illinois republican i can't defend your syria decision and ukraine actions.
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you're throwing this out there now. i don't know if it's illegal or not but why now? why are you doing this? this was a case where i think clearly somebody got to the president and said, you know, you're going to get humiliated on this because yong will decon will deny funds. you might as well flip before congress forces you to pull the g7 from your resort, down the road. >> he actually listened, which is something we haven't seen a lot. >> well, you know. >> yes. also, last week a stream of national security department of state employees appeared before the democrat controlled congressional committees about the ukraine matter. republicans claim that the closed meetings have denied them the right to cross-examine the witnesses. what do you think? have they been cut out of impeachment or is this much ado about nothing? >> my understanding it's much ado about nothing. i don't know, it's my understanding that everybody has had equal opportunity to
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question democratic lawyers, republican lawyers, democratic lawmak lawmakers, republican lawmakers, doing the alternating, not on camera. this is a case of people trying to work the press, say something, hope it gets carried and hope that something that's said happens to be what's happening. look, the fact is, everything that seems to have come out from this testimony and what we've seen publicly has not been good for this president, and i think the thing that should concern them the most is how many administration officials seem to be more concerned about their own preservation, i.e., participating and responding to these congressional subpoenas than they are about protecting the president. >> remains to be seen. all right, chuck, as always, thanks so much for joining us. we do hope you stay tuned and join chuck for this morning's "meet the press" in about 45 minutes. he'll have an exclusive interview with house representative justin amash and interviews with mayor pete buttigieg and brett mrk.
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tune in to "meet the press" at 8:00 after this newscast. about 15 minutes before "meet the press" we'll see larry for our weekly political segment, look at the latest developments in the trump impeachment inquiry. larry, we'll see you soon. fr> turning to other news in san cisco, a small but significant change could soon be coming to muni's bus fleet. one bus is currently the guinea pig for sliding doors instead of doors that open inward. they create more space for passengers and eliminate the need for passengers to shuffle and reshuffle every time the doors open inward. if it works out well the entire fleet will soon have sliding doors. around the world and back in the bay, a sailor returned hem to a hero's welcome. randall reed became the first person to sail around antarctica and the americas solo in one season. he was welcomed by admirers and
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his wife who gave him a welcome home kiss. he traveled 39,000 miles, nearly the entire time alone on his boat eating classify bars and mostly food from cams. >> looking forward to spending the winter home with my wife. i understand i have a long honey do list adding up for about 24 months, so i'm looking forward to attacking that. >> yes, you gave her all that time to fill out the list. this is reeves' second attempt at what he calls the figure eight voyage. during his first attempt his boat was so battered in storms he had to turn back. he's looking forward to staying home for a while, hopefully long enough to finish the honey do list. let's check in with vianey arana with a look at our sunday forecast. a little warmer than yesterday, a little sunnier. >> it will be. some areas are dealing with fog. i want to show you two perspectives. yesterday we had some fog that started building in san francisco, but this is the view right now, the cotton candy
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skies have really been shelling out the past two days and the sunrise over the city, it looks beautiful. meanwhile, we've got a fogged over san jose. this is a live look right now, somewhere behind there, you could barely make out the roads here. we have fog that managed to creep inland. 55 degrees right now as we head into the afternoon, a little bit more of a warmup. let's get your temperatures out the door. napa 43 degrees. a little chilly in santa rosa, also in the 40s and down through the south bay we're talking mid-50s. here is a look at satellite radar, we had the cold front that dipped down yesterday. that has tracked down east but we did get to see a couple hundredths of an inch of rain in terms of the sonoma county area. we saw some drizzle along the coastline as well from that system. of course plenty of cloud cover. it was wet, it was fogged over, all last night, and today we're going to get a much better chance of seeing that sunshine peek through. let's talk about our daytime highs, because we're going to
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start to warm up, the beginning of our warming trend. it's going to be the cooler day compared to what we have for the week ahead. so 72 degrees for oakland. 74 in san jose. concord 78. in through san francisco 69 degrees and your weather setup into monday things are turning hot and dry as that high pressure begins to build in, but the weather will really monitor is wednesday night into thursday morning. beget the dry northeasterly winds and here's what we know so far according to some of the models the way they're lining up, the dry offshore northeasterly wind is expected to pick up in the evening with gusts 10, 25 miles per hour but the peak time that we're concerned about is thursday, 2:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m., 40 p s plus-mile-per-hour gusts possible and we see the winds diminish by thursday into friday, but fire warnings will be likely. again, we're still kind of a stretch far out so we'll get a
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better idea headed into monday night and tuesday. here is a look at your stretch, remember i said it was going to be the last day in the 70s? this is why. as the high pressure builds, our temperatures go up by as much as ten degrees starting tomorrow, and then we really climb into those upper 80s by tuesday and wednesday. wednesday into thursday, we'll likely see red flag warnings, wind advisories, fire danger hazards we're going to be warning you ahead of time about. 71 degrees in san francisco, headed into tomorrow, and then we keep those 70s in the forecast, look at san francisco, headed into thursday, we're talking upper 70s. 78 degrees, so for those who have been wanting to wash their car, i would confidently say this is a good week to do so. i'll send it back to you, kira. i'm one of them, by the way. >> exactly. go take care of yourself, vianey, thanks for that. we have so much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up, as we've been covering all week, it's been 30 years since the loma prieta earthquake struck the bay area. one woman's entire life changed because of where she was when
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the quake hit. we take you to santa cruz, next.
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all this past week, we've been looking back at the loma prieta earthquake and looking forward to what comes next. a lot has changed in 30 years, including one woman's life. she was at the red cross near the epicenter when the quake hit and she's been there ever since. here is "today in the bay's" garvin thomas. >> i mean, you can see the houses off the foundation. >> reporter: carol evans does not need images printed on a page to remind her what happened 30 years ago. >> look at my community, it's so devastated. >> reporter: to this day, it is all still imprinted on her brain. >> so interestingly, i was in this room, this very room, and i was with three other red cross volunteers. >> reporter: evans was executive director of the santa cruz red cross in 1989. >> people, move away, please.
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>> reporter: like everyone else in this city, she shook for 15 agonizing seconds that day in october, unlike most, though, when the earthquake stopped, she had to work. there were people who needed help. >> it's kind of like trial by fire. when the earthquake happened, we had a staff of five. it wasn't a big operation. >> reporter: volunteers poured in, though, and evans used them to set up shelters for those who needed them. she says she was so focused on her job, evans admits she didn't understand the scope of the disaster until a single phone call. >> our national public relations people saying the president of the united states, president bush, is going to come to santa cruz and he just wants to meet with relief workers from red cross. i do remember exactly walking here with the president. >> reporter: evans, who had been working four days straight, with little sleep, and no shower, rushed back to her damaged home to prepare. >> i was in my closet with
7:25 am
flashlight because there was no power, trying to find two ses that matched and something i could wear for the president. and i am right here. >> reporter: evans remembers a crush of media and politicians that descended on santa cruz that day, but the president wanted to hear from someone on the front line. >> and at one point i got pushed behind but he took my hand and held it and put his arm around me. i really appreciated his kindness, and i felt like he genuinely cared. >> reporter: carol said one lasting impact of the experience it bonded her to the red cross and santa cruz. she spent her entire 35-year career working for the red cross and still lives in santa cruz. garvin thomas, "nbc bay area news." >> what a woman. it is 7:25. we have much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up, new information on a deadly shooting in san jose. what they tell us what they saw near downtown before shots rang
7:26 am
out. as the race for the white house heats up you might be surprised how much money president trump has raised here in california. we break down the numbers for you next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ the holidays begin here at the disneyland resort.
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good morning, it is sunday. i'm kira klapper. i'm all out of order, i think we both barely slept last night. >> yes, that's true. a little coffee pick me up this morning. >> definitely. it will be a good day to get out? >> it will. look at this view, are you ready for it? golden gate bridge. a mix of fog but just enough clearing we can see the bridge. this is in san jose, the fog over the camera, a lot of cloud cover and the current temperature is 55 degrees.
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you may be hitting little spots of fog. we'll be clearing this afternoon. temperatures as we head out the door, chilly 40s to the north bay. you'll need a light coat for the first half of the day and then it's going to turn into a california day which is you start out cold and then it gets really hot by the afternoon. daytime highs for the afternoon will be in the mid-70s for the south bay, 74 degrees. we'll get a couple upper 70s and start to build to upper 80s and the elevated fire danger kicks in. more detail in 15 minutes. >> just when we thought we were out of the fire. see you in 15 for that, vianey, thanks. last night was a busy night for police in contra costa county. three separate crash scenes sent ten people to the hospital. a head-on collision after 8:30
7:30 am
last night on sellers road in brentwood. one person was critically injured and flown by helicopter to the hospital. a second crash happened about 90 minutes later down the road as police were clearing the first accident scene. two drivers hit head on and one of the cars hit a brentwood police cruiser. eight people, including a young boy, suffered injuries. and then 20 minutes later, a third crash a few miles down the road, a car hit a power pole at edens plains road and chestnut street igniting a small brush fire. crews were able to quickly extinguish that. no word on the extent of that driver's injuries. this last week has been tumultuous for president trump but many of his re-election supporters are celebrating new fund-raising goals reached here in the golden state. the president has managed to collect a pretty sizeable haul from california donors. "today in the bay's" sergio quintana has the breakdown. >> reporter: between july and september, president donald trump has made several high-profile tours to the golden state, his fund-raising figures are significant for two reasons,
7:31 am
they show how much money he's been able to collect in what's usually a reliable democratic state and they show how much more money he's collected than his democratic rivals. according to figures compiled by the "los angeles times" president trump outpaced the top five democratic contenders pulling in $10.78 million. california senator kamala harris beat out her fellow democratic rivals with $2.84 million but the numbers show president trump is benefitting from being the only viable republican in the race. when you add up the money collected by all the democratic contenders during the same time frame it's a little bit of a different story. californians gave more than $16 million to democratic challengers, outpacing the president by more than $6 million. on the campaign trail this weekend one of the democratic front-runners got a much needed restart and a key progressive endorsement. >> i call him bernie. >> reporter: representative owe casio cortez joined bernie sanders at a rally in new york,
7:32 am
18 days after he suffered a heart attack on the campaign trail. >> to put it bluntly, i am back. >> reporter: some disunity within the party flared up. >> she's a favorite of the russians. >> reporter: hillary clinton during a podcast interview alluded to long shot democratic candidate tulsi gabbert saying she's benefiting from a campaign by russian bots to boost her standing. the member of congress from hawaii and combat veteran shot back. >> much of hillary clinton would love for me to run as an independent or third party candidate i am not entertaining that. >> reporter: sergio quintana, "nbc bay area news." president trump will not be holding next year's g7 summit at his miami golf resort after all. the president writing that trump national doral miami is no longer being considered as the host site. the administration is now considering other options, including camp david. where president obama hosted the then g8 summit. the tweet was sharply worded blaming the "hostile and crazy
7:33 am
media" and democrats for the change. he also said he would have made sure he did not profit from the summit being held at doral. critics have pointed out the idea was a blatant conflict of interest, no matter what. interest, no matter what. speaker of the house. turning now to decision 2020, democratic presidential nancy pelo nancy pelosi is 2020, democratic presidential nancy pelo nancy pelosi i lin king somebody duel la ii and a deepening crisis in syria. last week president trump ordered american troops out of syria ahead of turkey's invasion of the kurdish invasion in northern syria. back here at home, the interim district attorney for san francisco sworn in to office this weekend, but some people think it was too soon ahead of november's election. mayor london breed yesterday swore in suzy loftus weeks before the november 5th election. there are three other candidates
7:34 am
running for district attorney in november. they say loftus now has the advantage. when she was asked if this move by the mayor is giving her a leg up in this race, loftus said it has certainly made voters pay more attention to this race. >> look, i am raising my family here. the fact the mayor of the city i grew up in and raising my family believes i'm the most qualified person to lead this office is a tremendous honor, and i'm serving as the interim district attorney, that's what i'm here to do. >> the american civil liberties union has described the move as a "tilting of the scales." we are learning new information after a man was shot and killed near the san jose state campus. it happened around 2:00 yesterday morning along south tenth street in downtown san jose witnesses now tell us that a fight broke out at a big party. >> i just heard gunshots and ran. >> a lot of people pushing and punching each other. i didn't see who it was.
7:35 am
i heard the shots so i had to get out of there. >> the man who was shot and killed was not a student at the university. this marks san jose's 30th homicide this year. at 7:35, still ahead on "today in the bay," political analyst larry gerston rejoins us in just a few minutes. we'll take a look into the latest into the impeachment inquiry of president trump. but first the astros of headed to the world series. the smallest guy on the field comes up with the biggest play of the game. nbc bay area's anthony flores is up next with sports.
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good morning, everyone. with one swing of the bat, the houston astros are headed back to the world series. >> altuve has just sent the astros to the world series! >> wow. jose altuve with a two-run two-out walk-off homer in the bottom of the ninth. the astros beat the yankees 6-4. they win the series 4-2 games.
7:38 am
they're headed to the fall classic for the second time in three years. game one of the world series against the washington nationals is tuesday in houston. at the tank, the sharks trying to sweep the home stand, taking on the sabres. watch closely. the puck goes off the skate of marcus sorenson and into the net. that ties the score at 3-3, but the sabres would light the lamp with just under eight minutes to go, buffalo skates by 4-3. at berkeley, cal at oregon state. the bears down 14-0 and rally in the second half. in the third quarter, devon mobster hooks up for a 33-yard touchdown. the bears up three and they were celebrating in memorial stadium, but it didn't last. oregon state scores the go-ahead touchdown with just under five minutes left in the game. oregon state beats cal 21-17. in san jose, the spartans taking on san diego state. check out this grab by isaiah
7:39 am
hamilton. he catches it with his helmet from david tyree. you remember the great catch in the super bowl but it wasn't enough. the spartans fall. your final, 27-17. kyle shanahan the 49ers head koet coach returns to washington. the 49ers arrived in d.c. on friday, hoping to stay undefeated. shanahan was the offensive coordinator for four seasons in washington under his dad, mike, who was the head coach. it's been six years since they were both fired. he said the best part of washington was, of course, being with his dad. as for the worst part? >> everything else. [ laughter ] i liked a lot of the players, good people. >> kickoff is set for this morning at 10:00. as for the raiders, they're trying to pull off something they haven't done since the early '90s, beat the packers. green bay has won seven in a row against the silver and black.
7:40 am
they're 5-1 onhe season and oh, yeah, they have one of the best quarterbacks in the nfl, aaron rodgers. >> we go out there, it's going to be tough football game. they're a good team and with great coaches so you never underestimate aaron rodgers. the guy can do whatever he wants with the football. he's like a magician back there. it's fun to watch. >> all right, kickoff is set for this morning at 10:00 at lambeau field. that's a look at sports. more news after the break.
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welcome back. last week several current and former government employees testified before three congressional committees looking into the possible impeachment of president trump. nbc bay area political analyst larry gerston rejoins us. seems like this is a little bit redundant to keep talking about this, but actually things have been unraveling in the proceedings and we heard word the impeachment, you know, we hear the word impeachment and
7:43 am
almost every day since president trump assumed office we've been hearing this term, so is there real substance here? are the democrats just looking for an excuse to remove the president? what do you think? >> this is serious business. there's no other way to say it. it's serious business, kira. next to declaring war, impeachment is probably the most say create undertaking by congress. the house of representatives doesn't even think about impeachment unless the president has done something so egregious, so terrible that compels the house to conduct an investigation. even then, even then should the house impeach, it takes two-thirds of the senate to agree to convict and remove a sitting president, and that has never happened, never happened before. >> and so if you can, can you remind us of how we got until this point even considering impeachment? >> july 25th, which is only a few weeks ago, six, seven weeks
7:44 am
ago july 25th president trump spoke to zelenskiy to help ukraine stave off russian threats and included in the conversation was the president's request, a nice way of saying it that zelenskiy uncover alleged crimes by former vice president joe biden and his son. if the president implied that aid was contingent upon ukraine's help, that behavior would constitute the much discussed quid pro quo, which means a little definition here, means giving something to someone in exchange for something from someone. >> and some people might wonder what's wrong with that, what's wrong with the trade? >> in our day-to-day lives, you give me something, i give you something back, nothing. nothing is wrong in that context but in this case, the quid pro quo focused on the president withholding military aid unless he received incriminating information about the bidens, and if that's true, the information could potentially help trump win re-election.
7:45 am
american law clearly states that a president may not benefit from a foreign government's help for an election, which was one of the concerns the mueller report expressed, you may remember, about russian assistance for trump in the 2016 election. in addition, the biden allegation has been examined before up and down, in and out by american authorities and thoroughly dismissed. >> and the president has denied any quid pro quo. >> yes, he has. >> but the investigation has continued, why? >> to begin with, a released account of the conversation, the very conversation between trump and the ukrainian president zelenskiy implied the quid pro quo. a whistle-blower wrote a lengthy complaint about the president and others close to him. several current and former department of state personnel have appeared before the investigation, congressional committees and separately confirmed the whistle-blower's claims. if that's not enough, last
7:46 am
thursday mick mulvaney, the president's chief of staff, describes the quid pro quo as part of trump's foreign policy. he said get over it. that statement eliminated any doubt of the president's intentions. this was a huge acknowledgment and after a few hours later, the white house issued an untrue statement that mulvaney had said otherwise but let me tell youing something, words don't lie when it's said right at you. mulvaney said it was a quid pro quo, get over it and then said i never said it. >> tried to walk it back. why is it this move to impeach president trump over his ukraine behavior gathered steam when the mueller report alleged several misdeeds by trump came and went without anything? >> a great question a lot of people are asking. the mueller report is thorough, 448 pages, focused largely on the behavior by the president and others shortly before and after the 2016 election. it's sad perhaps but few people
7:47 am
could what their heads around the issues which while significant and serious seemed to be yesterday's news. but this investigation stems from a phone call between president trump and ukrainian president zelenskiy just a couple of months ago, in other words, it's live. the misdeeds have occurred in real time and therefore are more digestible for congress and the public and neither likes what they see. >> because mueller was from things a few years ago, this wa just this summer. i always ask you this, humor me, where do we go from here? >> look, it's serious business and it has to go at its own pace. we can expect three committees in the house to conduct more interviews over the next couple of weeks on president trump's behavior, as well as possible crimes by rudy giuliani, who seemingly is getting himself into a lot of trouble, as the president's attorney, as well as others but absent an unexpected development, the house will impeach. it will impeach president trump in the next few weeks and if so, our attention will then next
7:48 am
focus on the senate, where the case will be tried. it's serious. i can't say that enough. i hope people are paying attention because they're talking about really shifting over a president getting rid of him. you better have the goods. >> we'll see if the senate does. thanks, larry, as always. we'll be back in with vianey's final look at the weather. just because wesuper ngry...
7:49 am
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7:51 am
walking his dogs and struck by lightni lightning. it has gone viral, and several people rushed to help him. it was a quick-thinking bystanders who saved his life. nbc's jose diaz-balart has their incredible reunion. >> oh, is that it? >> reporter: this is the spot where alex correas lay dead for more than five minutes. >> that's crazy. >> reporter: two weeks ago outside houston the 27-year-old was out with his dogs when a storm rolled in. >> started walking faster and once i hit the parking lot, that's all that i remember. >> reporter: suddenly he was struck by lightning. alone, alex collapsed. his dogs ran and his heart stopped. by a stroke of good luck, these three passers-by saw him and could help. >> all of a sudden, bam! this super loud thunder. >> i looked back and i see him laying on the ground. >> and i remember telling my husband, get 911.
7:52 am
>> reporter: cor ye hart bill wilson and karina were the last people in the parking lot in the animal hospital next door. bill performed cpr, karina called 911. >> we're doing cpr and the shirt is burnt off, he's obviously hit by lightning and we were just like he's not going to make it. >> reporter: about five minutes later, they got a pulse. >> i looked up and his eyes were back open, kind of moving back and forth. >> reporter: alex's heart started again. >> and there was just this awe about it. >> it still seems surreal. like i was watching a movie or something. >> thank you. >> reporter: after only three days in the hospital, his two black eyes are the last visible signs of the life-threatening shock. now on the mend, he wanted to say thank you to those who saved him. >> the guy who bruised up my ribs. >> we kind of met before, but. >> i don't remember anything. >> reporter: the hospital threw a party for alex, and the team
7:53 am
of emts, firefighters and officers who brought him back to life. >> the first thing i remember is, are my dogs okay? >> reporter: reunited with his dogs and his saviors. >> i appreciate what you all did. >> reporter: knowing his luck hasn't run out. >> this actually made people in the world willing it pout a hand out to help you out. >> that was jose diaz belart for us. what ayn credible thing to meet the people who saved his life. we had google, what are the chances of getting hit by lightning, at least the facts from "national geographic" says one in 3,000. >> in your life time. >> a smaller percent, more likely percentage. >> yes. i have always heard you're more likely to get struck by lightning than win the lotto so now thinking about that number. >> not the odds that i want. >> i love he woke up and said how are my dogs.
7:54 am
the dogs are okay. >> so sweet. spoken like a true dog mom. >> for real. microclimate weather right now, look at this view. my nose is stuffy but this makes me so happy. even though a lot of folks were kind of sad about all the cloud cover we got yesterday, san francisco even saw some drizzle along the coastline, thanks to a cold front. you're going to get a lot more sunshine today i promise. san francisco look at this, this is the city view, beautiful there as well, not as much fog as yesterday morning. however, this is what it looks like right now in walnut creek, if you're in walnut creek for the dublin area, if you're in san jose, it's a little cloudy and a little foggy. so depending on what window you're looking out of, you're getting some fog. this will clear and we're going to enjoy a much sunnier afternoon. current temperatures as you head out the door, 55 degrees in san jose. 47 in oakland and we have low 40s in the north bay, 43 degrees for napa. 43 degrees in santa rosa. let's get to your daytime highs. satellite radar, i want to show it to you.
7:55 am
we have the cold front that passed by yesterday bringing breezy conditions to the coastlicoas coastline. we also saw a couple hundredths of an inch terms of rain for sonoma, a lot of folks were tweeting me saying they were seeing drizzle along the coast, it was wet and muggy last night and it was very cold and here is a look at what we can expect for today. your bay area skies, the coast, bay and inland areas in the way of cloud cover, once this fog clears out from the inland spots the sunshine will take over and our temperatures will climb into the upper 70s through concord, 78 degrees. san jose 74. oakland 72, and san francisco might even hit the 70-degree mark so it will be aot warmer today, but it's going to get even warmer as we head into next week so let's talk about your weather setup. by monday, things are turning hot and dry. our warming trend is already under way thanks to a ridge of high pressure that's going to stroll in and then it's really going to dominate. once the high pressure rolls in, what happens is, it completely dries us out, and then we get a shift in the winds. we get some northeasterly winds
7:56 am
that begin to kick up, where the concern for elevated fire danger kicks in. here is what we know in terms of what the models are showing us. again, we're still kind of far out in terms of the days so as we inch closer we get a better idea. so far dry offshore winds showing their approach on wednesday night, at least the gusts, we notice breezy conditions as early as tomorrow but it's really thursday 2:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m., 50 to 40 miles per hour. by friday the winds diminish and likely see fire warnings. pg&e sent out a notice about the futurecast for weather. we'll be monitoring that and keeping you updated. another big change, look at the temperatures, kira, we're going to go from 70s this weekend to upper 80s, a little return of the summer this week, by tomorrow we'll be at about 86 degrees in inland areas and it gets hotter into wednesday and thursday, and even san francisco will climb into the 70s >> crazy. vianey, thanks. finally this morning, a remarkable uc berkeley alum got
7:57 am
a big honor last night, this man kevin chu received the asian pacific fund philanthropy leadership award at a gala in san francisco. the cal graduate is a pioneer in the world of esports. he founded the video game company cabam and coowns generation gaming. in 2017 he gave uc berkeley $25 million. it's the highest amount anyone under the age of 40 has ever given. our raj mathai was the emcee for last night's annual gala. what an achievement so big back to your alma mater, at that age. >> i know. >> young age. >> crazy. but we are in the area where there are a lot of young entrepreneurs. i'm excited to see what else we come up with. >> definitely. we want to thank you so much for making us a part of your morning. no 5:00 or 6:00 news tonight, as always it's "sunday night
7:58 am
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8:00 am
limits. his chief of staff mulvaney with ukraine. >> i have news for everybody, get over it. >> stunning many republicans. >> i have no idea he said what he did. >> and denying his own words. >>en i think he clarified his statement to be very clear. >> plus, turkey, syria and the kurds, president trump green light to turkey. >> the kurds are much safer right now. >> leads to a bipartisan condemnation from the house. >> the yeas are 354, and nays


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