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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  October 20, 2019 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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breaking news tonight, a deadly accident after a training exercise in georgia. the vehicle they were in has been in similar accidents before. not coming home. the 1 have,000 u.s. troops the president said he would bring home from northern syria, now redeploying to iraq, as the president reverses course on another front, now not holding a global summit at his florida resort. quick-moving florida destroys an entire city block. the hero who went door to door. >> get out of the house. there's a fire. get out. >> to save his neighbors' lives. first images of fel actress
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felicity huffman in prison as more parents in the college admission scandal are expected to change their plea to guilty tomorrow. now i have a family to protect. >> their plan to step away from their royal duties. >> announcer: this is "nbc nightly news" with kate snow. we begin tonight with two developing stories, impacting america's armed forces. a week ago the president decided to withdraw all u.s. troops from northern syria, saying midweek we don't have to fight these endless wars and, quote, we're bringing them back home. today the secretary of defense said those troops are not returning to the u.s. but instead heading to iraq to combat the same combatants they were fighting in syria, isis. a fatal accident in the u.s. on a military base.
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>> reporter: training at ft. stewart when their bradley fighting vehicle rolled over into a body of water just before 3:00 this morning. three soldiers were pronounced dead on the scene. three others were treated with nonlife threatening injuries, members of the first armored brigade combat team, part of the third infantry division known by the nickname dog-faced soldiers. their commander general writing in a statement, today is a heartbreak dag for the 3rd infantry division. we are all devastated aof a training accident this morning. ft. stewart is where the army sends soldiers to train, eequip and deploy. the vehicle involved in the incident looks like a tank but the bradley is actually a battlefield personnel carrier, surrounded with light armor, designed to keep soldiers safe while carrying them into combat. bradleys can weigh over 25 ton. the accident, another reminder of the dangers of military training. last month a ft. hood soldier
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was killed while conducting routine maintenance on a bradley fighting vehicle. earlier this year, a 22-year-old army combat engineer was killed in training when the bradley he was riding in rolled over at ft. irwin, california. >> courtney, more than one base is investigating the accident? >> that's right, kate. tonight we know that the investigators are coming from teams at both ft. stewart and from nearby ft. rucker, the combat readiness center. we may hear the identities of the soldiers killed as early as monday. kate? >> courtney, thank you. now to northern syria. new word from the pentagon that american troops leaving there are not returning to the u.s. as the president has said but redeploying in the btle against isis. our chief foreign correspondent richard engel is still in northern syria with the latest. >> tonight, kurdish forces say they pulled back from a flash point city along turkey's border, a key condition from the
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u.s.-brokered cease fire. president trump has been praising his cease fire with turkey for allowing u.s. troops to come home out of danger, out of endless wars. >> it's time to bring them home. >> but briefing reporters on a flight to afghanistan today, defense secretary mark esper says that nearly all u.s. troops in syria are not coming home but going to iraq. >> the current game plan is for those sources to reposition into western iraq and then two missions. one is to help defend iraq and two is to perform a counterisis mission as we sort through the next steps. >> that's not what the secretary of state was saying day tay. >> we've completed a significant part of our mission and he wants our folks to come home and we're working on that. >> reporter: what is clear is what turkey wants. under the deal it cut with the white house, turkey is to take control of roughly a 20 by 250-mile area in syria, which it
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fugees.o fill with mostly arab although the exact size of the so-called safe zone is disputed. it's also where the kurds of syria live, and they fear they'll be expeled for good. hundreds of thousands are already on the move. the cease fire is supposed to end on tuesday when the white house hopes it will become a permanent peace deal. but turkey has already sent reinforcements to its border and kurdish commanders here tell us they expect a new assault. kate? >> richard engel in northern r reversal from president trump on the home front, announcing on twitter the upcoming g7 summit will no longer be held at his florida resort. the 180 came amid criticism from not just democrats but republicans as well. hans nichols has more. >> reporter: reversing course on hosting foreign leaders at the g7 summit at the trump doral
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golf resort. i thought i was doing something very good for our country. we will begin a search for another site. at this year's summit in the south of france, trump seemed intent on showing off his resort in south florida. >> at doral we have a series of magnificent builngs. we call them bungalows. they each hold from 50 to 70, very luxurious rooms. >> and chief of staff mick mulvaney to announce and defend the location last week. >> the president has very much made it clear since he got here that he doesn't profit from being here. >> reporter: outcry from both sides of the aisle, forcing a rare course correction from both sides of the office. >> he was surprised at the level of pushback. end of the day he considers himself to be in the hospitality business. >> mulvaney trying to clarify his thursday comments that the president tied military aid for ukraine with investigating vice president joe biden and his son,
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hunter. >> i have news for everybody. get over it. there will be political influence in foreign policy. >> insisting that the aid was only held up to force ukraine to tackle corruption and force european countries to also contribute. and that there was no quid pro quo. >> you were asked by jonathan carl. you described a quid pro quo and said that happens all the time. >> reporters will use their language all the time. my language never said quid pro quo. >> hans is with us. more key figures are testifying in the impeachment inquiry. >> congress wants to hear from several officials, including u.s. ambassador to ukraine. and adam schiff for being more than two dozen people are lucky to be alive after a fast-moving fire in eastern pennsylvania destroyed nearly an entire block of homes. everyone managed to get out,
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thanks in part to the quick thinking of their neighbors. kathy park has the latest. >> reporter: overnight, a scramble to get out alive. >> get out of the house. get mom out. get out of the house. there's a fire. get out. >> reporter: flames began shooting out from several row homes in allentown, pennsylvania. neighbors knocking on doors, waking people up. >> at a time like that, you just jump into action. >> reporter: as the fire spread fast and furious. >> complete your search and exit. you have heavy fire on you above the roof. >> reporter: one person capture this had orange glow from the inferno. some residents said they heard a loud boom around 3:00 a.m. this morning. it was unclear if it was related to a gas explosion. >> i look out my window and see the houses engulfed in flames. >> there were no reports of orders when the guys arrived. we don't know for sure. >> reporter: crews were still
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putting out the fire as the sun came up. >> taken up pretty much the whole block. >> reporter: tonight at least two dozen people have been displaced from their homes. >> i started crying and said i've got to get in there. i need my purse. my phone and everything is in there. >> reporter: but everyone escaped with their lives. kathy park, nbc news. in new orleans today, controlled demolition at that hard rock hotel killing three people. the plan today was to topple the two unsteady cranes to the ground. here is morgan chesky. >> reporter: tonight in new orleans, a moment of calm before controlled chaos. cheers coming as two cranes tumbled into what's left of the hard roek hotel, one crane falling as planned, the other causes a brand new problem, hanging over the top of the building. >> take another crane, hook to it and cut it in pieces until you get it down.
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>> reporter: the demolition meticulously planned for days. authorities shutting down a busy downtown for blocks at city evacuated hundreds just in case. today's explosion came barely a week -- >> oh, my god. >> -- after this unplanned collapse, killing three people and injuring nearly 30 others. the building's fall now part of a lawsuit, alleging delays, design changes in shortcuts contributed to an unstable construction site. >> reporter: at the scene with one damaged crane looming over the city, bodies of two victims remain inside the wreckage. morgan chesky, nbc news. a big announcement from prince harry and meghan markle,
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they plan to step away from their royal duties and focus on their family. >> reporter: an after eruption of headlines about the intense scrutiny of their personal lives, meghan markle and prince harry announced they're taking much-needed family time in midnovember. in the just-released british documentary, "harry & meghan:an african journey," harry opening up about meghan facing the same pressures as his mother. >> my mother taught me a certain set of values i will always try to up dhold but i will always protect my family and now i have a family to protect. >> reporter: filmmakers followed the couple on their first public tour of africa, and uncovered the emotional toll it's taking. >> i don't think it will come as a surprise to anybody that they do feel like they need a break. >> reporter: but royal watchers warn that time away, about six weeks split between the u.s. and uk may come off as out of touch.
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>> for a member of the royal family to say i'm struggling, i can't cope, there's a lot of people out there in the uk and the u.s. as well who say hold on. you live in a palace. >> reporter: as a result of the documentary, the couple is receiving widespread sympathy. >> it's a very real thing to be going through behind the scenes. >> reporter: after meghan's sincere remarks about the hardships of being a new mother and harsh spotlight of royal lif life. >> thank you for asking. not many have asked if i'm okay. >> and prince harry addressed a rumored rift. >> we're on certain paths at the moment but i know he will always be there for me and i will always be there for him. >> steve patterson, nbc news, london. still ahead for us, the latest in the college admission scandal, actress felicity huffman photographed in prison
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now available in our new uplight model. you have fast-acting power over pain, so the whole world looks different. the unbeatable strength and speed of advil liqui-gels. what pain? we're back now with a first look at actress felicity huffman's life in prison. punishment for her part in the college admissions scandal. tomorrow, three other parents are expected to change their pleas in the case. tim brock has more. >> reporter: it's not a role actress felicity huffman
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auditioned for, but the cameras found her, clad in a green jumpsuit, walking the grounds of a low-security prison in dublin, california, her hair tucked underneath white baseball cap, on her way to meet husband and daughter sophia grace. >> i would do anything for you. you are my daughter. >> reporter: has a less glamorous identity. prison inmate 77806-112. >> once she goes into prison, she's a number and a name, just like everybody else. >> reporter: jennifer meyers served 14 months in federal prison on drug charges and advises people sentenced to serve time. >> she's going to be in a state of shock that probably isn't really going to leave until she gets out of prison. it's going to take time to get over this experience. >> reporter: huffman's 13-day sentence coming after she shelled out $15,000 to have her daughter's s.a.t. answers corrected. part of a sprawling scandal
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nicknamed varsity blues that's led to indictments for more than 30 parents, all tied to an alleged fixer, rick singer. so far ten of those parents have been sentenced. nine of them to jail time. now another three are changing their pleas from not guilty to guilty and are expected in court monday. something lori loughlin may want to take note of. the former actress who has pleaded not guilty to funneling half a million dollars to singer to get her daughter into college. loughlin has a trial date in jur january. rob gronkowski and the push for cannabis in the nfl. and a
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with the medical community moving to remove and reduce the misuse of pain medicines. >> second and three. >> three-time super bowl winner rob gronkowski, a big personality, a bigger target during his playing career. he walked away from the game at age 29 earlier this year, a victim, he says, of too much hurt, not enough relief. >> football was bringing me down, and i didn't like it. >> it almost sounded like you were in despair. >> yes. you know something, that was part of the recovery right there, was that press
3:51 pm
conference, because everyone is like -- everyone thinks we're always ready to go. they're not really sure what we're going through, what we're dealing with. >> leaner, happier. >> when you say you are in better shape now than you were a football player? >> yeah, i would say that, 100%, hands down. >> in august he partnered with a company marketing cannabis company marketing cbd, that does not include marijuana's high ingredient thc. calling it opioid abuse. >> do you think this product nfl players should be able to use and still play? >> absolutely. >> still runs afoul of drug policies and most major sports leagues, including the nfl. chief drug officer says they're not ready to make a change. >> we're absolutely eager to go where the science goes, but only on this issue.
3:52 pm
we want to find newer and better ways for treating acute and chronic pain. >> cbd's medical benefits, some skeptics say, may be more hype than help. >> cbd by itself, epilepsy but no single human trial shows it's beneficial in treating pain. >> critics aside, rob gronkowski, mike tyson and others are embracing weed, betting it's also a lucrative business investment. >> this is not a game i played high. >> i want the world to see today it's not a stigma. >> i'm going for cbd part and that's what i'm advocating for. and i just truly believe that all athletes should be able to use it. not just all athletes but anyone out there in the world should be
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able to use it. >> reporter: pills versus pot and buildi ining battle over pan sports. ron mott, miami. quite a moment in the minnesota/rutgers football game yesterday. making his collegiate debut, the snap. after the kick, emotional embrace with his teammates and very long one with his coach. the reason? he is a four-time survivor of a rare form of bone cancer and is now cancer free. minnesota, by the way, won that game 42-7. still ahead, a little girl with some very big dreams. and the world class dancers and the world class dancers bringi ng when you retire will you or will you just be you, without the constraints of a full time job? you can grow your retirement savings with pacific life and create the future that's most meaningful to you. which means you can retire, without retiring from life. having the flexibility to retire on your terms.
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good news tonight about big dreams becoming reality. new york city ballet has been offering workshops that's really about one thing, giving every kid the chance to dance. they're some of the most elite dancers in the world, stars of the new york city ballet, today teaching kids to dance in their own way. >> spin, spin, spin. >> 10-year-old quinn holmes has been waiting months for this day. what's your favorite part of this program? >> you get to dance with real ballerinas. >> yeah. >> my favorite part is that it doesn't matter if you have something or if you're born differently. all you've got to do is just dance. >> quinn was born without the bottom half of her spine and other bones, compromising her internal organs. she can't control the muscles in her legs. >> good girl. >> how much surgeries have you had? >> i've had -- i have so many, i
3:57 pm
can't even count them. >> last spring she had one of the biggest operations of her life. >> after my big surgery i said to my mom i wanted to. again because i couldn't move. i just laid in the bed. >> she worked hard to be here again, each student paired with with a medical student buddy so their parents can just watch and beam. >> they're children first. they're children who have disabilities but they love to dance. >> that was the vision of the ballet's megan gentile and pediatric surgeon. >> that room is a celebration of life. life in its full totality from its most athletic to some individuals who struggle to take a single step. but everything is celebrated in that room. >> on the final day of the
3:58 pm
workshop, the ballet performs some of the same sequences the kids learned, quinn dancing along from the audience. >> look at those ballerinas, what do you think? >> i think maybe some day i could do that. i think to myself, maybe some day i could be a professional ballerina. it doesn't matter if you're different. you can do whatever you choose. >> she has got some big dreams. new york city ballet is hoping to create this program in lots of other cities, too. that is "nbc nightly news" on this sunday night. lester holt will be with you tomorrow night with his interview with facebook ceo mark zuckerberg. you can also see part of that interview
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