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tv   NBC Bay Area News  NBC  October 20, 2019 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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husband with no guards escorting her. she now has a less glamorous identity. many people we talked with tonight felt she should serve more than just 13 days in a low security prison. >> i think it's a rather short sentence. >> i think it's a very light sentence, and it doesn't set a very good example to the rest of society. >> jennifer meyers served 14 months in federal prison on dug charges and advises people's sentence. >> it will take her time to get over this experience. >> her 13-day sentence comes after she shelled out $15, to have her daughter's sat answers correctly, part of a sprawling scandal nicknamed varsity blues.
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so far ten parents have been sentenced, nine to jail time and according to the u.s. attorney's office, now another three are changing their pleas from not guilty to guilty and are expected in court on monday. but former "full house" actress, lori loughlin did not have a change of heart and pleaded not guilty to paying half a million dollars to singer to get her daughter in college and is due back in court in mid january. huffman already paid a $30,000 fine, and when she is released from this facility next sunday, she will have to do 250 hours of community service and a year of supervised release. marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. investigators look into the dramatic explosion and fire at
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the nustar site. there was no unusual activity at the site when tanks got fire. one employee was trapped by the flames for 20 minutes before escaping. might be the last thing cal students might expect living in the dorm, flooding. that's what happened last night, and this is video of the aftermath. if you look at the roof across the courtyard, you can see the spray of the hydrant shooting high into the air, and the accidents flooded dorms and it gushes for two hours before crews could shut it off. >> they had to keep the doors open so it could drain out, but it was scary because i thought -- it looked like the
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damage was awful and i thought a lot of the dorms would be completely ruined and the walls. >> tonight the area is still muddy and there's a dilemma of how to fix water-damaged rooms, and 20 students are displaced. bart riders beware, expecting delays of 15 to 20 minutes every sunday for the rest of the year as workers are upgrading the electrical system. a controversial billboard in san francisco south of market street is drawing attention to one of the long-shot challengers for mayor. the cartoon depiction is being sexist and racist and the candidate that posted it is not backing down. >> reporter: i talked with her and she said she has no problem with the city's first
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african-american mayor is depicted in the mayor. it may not seem that controversy until you take a look, and the mayoral candidate is one of six people challenging london breed, as she seeks her first full term. she has her bare feet up on the desk counting money as she is saying to help homeless people. the billboard makes it seem like she's directly responsible for that. >> i think the question for you as a news reporter -- >> that's my question to you. that billboard makes it look as if the mayor is directly responsible for that. >> the mayor is responsible for the entire city. >> a member of the mayor's staff
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made this statement. the leader of the city's chapter of the naacp has denounced the billboard. >> we talked to voters about the poster and you will hear from them. there's a news conference tomorrow morning with the city's asian-american political leaders to denounce that poster as well. reporting live in san francisco, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. a busy night last knighted for fire crews in contra costa county. first a head on collision around 8:30 on sellers road in brentwood, one person was crited and flown by a helicopter to the hospital, and just down the road as police
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were clearing the scene, two drivers hit head on, and eight people including a young boy were injured. turning to the ongoing impeachment inquiry in washington, a top diplomat to ukraine is scheduled to testify on tuesday, and william taylor said, quoted, i think it's crazy to withhold security assistance for help because of political campaign. he is the latest in a string of current and former trump administration employees to talk to lawmakers behind closed doors. the white house refused to cooperate with the inquiry. the pentagon says the 1,000 troops president trump plans to pull out of syria are not coming home to the u.s., and instead they will be redeployed overseas in the fight against isis. >> tonight kurdsish forces say
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they pulled back from a flash point city along turkey's border, a key condition of the u.s. brokered cease-fire. president trump has been praising his cease-fire with turkey for allowing u.s. troops to come home out of danger, out of endless wars. >> it's tim to bring them home. >> nearly all u.s. troops in syria are not coming home but going to iraq. >> the current game plan is for those forces to reposition into western iraq and then there are two missions, one is to help defend iraq and two is to perform a counter isis misses as we sort through the next steps. >> that's not what the secretary of state was saying today? >> the president wants our folks to come home. we're beginning to work on that.
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>> what is clear is what turkey wants. it plans to fill this area with mostly arab refugees and the size of the safe zone is disputed, and it's where the kurds live and they feel they will be expelled for good, and hundreds of thousands are already on the move. the cease-fire is supposed to end on tuesday when the white house hopes it will become a permanent peace deal but turkey already sent reinforcements to its boardser. richard engel, nbc news, northern syria. dogs and hats were left homeless after a hurricane tore through the bahamas, and we checked back in with a bay area man who rescued them.
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and then a new sports team could be coming to northern california, and we will tell you when and where after the break. and temperatures to finish the weekend, up in the 60s, and one of the coolest temperatures you will see in the next few days, and then we will look at the warmup when we come back.
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an unsettling situation in some bay area neighbors. these people are accused of stealing amazon packages from porches in milpitas. it's happening near the great mall. security cameras from neighbors captured pictures of the suspects. soccer fans get ready. california is expected to get another major league soccer team. the city of sacramento is setting up for a big announcement tomorrow in front of the big capital building, and nobody is confirming it but it's widely rumored the soccer team
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is moving up to the major leagues and it's throwing a block party downtown, and the festivities start tomorrow at 6:00 in the morning, where the republic is giving out breakfast to fans, and sacramento is planning on building a new stadium in downtown sacramento. >> downtown didn't feel downtown-like, like a big metro city, and like the mls, it will complete that urban feel that people like myself are trying to look for. >> it will be the 26th franchise in soccer. one woman followed all the rules and is still being forced off. the owner of posh bagel is trying to save her business, and two weeks ago the landlord said
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a korean barbecue restaurant is going to move in instead. >> i hope that one day they will have to study about what the community wants and what the community needs and what the customer needs, and without posh bagel, it will be a ghost plaza in the morning. >> that will happen sometime in december. one man on a special mission, helping dogs and cats stranded after hurricane dorian hit the island, and now he and his drone are back home now, and he was more successful this time thanks to tpnew technology. >> after weeks of worry, kathy
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is reunited with her beloved dog, sox, and miraculously the dog survived after the hurricane leveled their home. douglas helped find sox along with 30 other cats and dogs, using his drone equipped with the infrared camera. >> we can have the rescue teams on the ground to find them. >> the hurricane crushed homes and left at least 58 people dead, and more than 1,000 are still missing. douglas, who is from oakland, first used his drone last month to help find pets in the rubble, but he realized he could do more so he returned home to oakland, outfitted his drone with heat-seeking imaging and headed back to marsh harbour. >> it's exciting because it will allow people to rescue animals
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quicker so they don't suffer so much. >> it's a race against time, and many pets were facing starvation. >> they were chewing on particle board trying to survive. >> this dog named duke was one of the first pets he rescued using his drone, and weeks later nobody had adopted duke, so douglas did. >> he was in the center of where the hurricane was and how he survived it was unbelievable. but i love animals, and i figured i could give him a good home here in oakland. >> now a bond bourrne from disaster begins, and now he heads back to the bahamas on monday to rescue more dogs. >> rob mayeda joining now. a gorgeous night as you can see behind us, and we have summer-like temperatures on the way. >> yeah, going back to summer-like levels, probably 80s
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a couple days this week, and valleys might get close to 90, but the cause for why we are warming up is the big concern, the return of gusting offshore winds. right now in san jose, we have numbers in the low 60s, and a high of 74 degrees and probably ten degrees warmer for places south of downtown tomorrow as we begin to see high pressure building in. clear skies, walnut creek, 65 degrees and a high of 79 today and the view from emeriville looking nice, not much wind right now. light winds, 59 degrees. in san francisco, no fog, and might see a few patches of low clouds in the morning and a high of 68. as the skies stay clear overnight the north bay could see some of the cooler marine and higher humidity across the bay as the winds turn in the opposite direction, and temperatures will climb as you see in the 7-day forecast, and
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humidity levels will be on the decline. san jose near 82 degrees, mid-80s from south san jose down into morgan hill, and the tri-valley, you head along 680, and upper 70s from oakland into hayward. 85 in concord. notice the peninsula temperature is coming up as the wind coming in off the ocean is starting to back off, so 70s to near 80-degree temperatures in redwood city. look at san francisco. mid-70s for tomorrow. north bay temperatures in the mid to upper 80s tomorrow as the wind late day starts to turn out of the north. that's going to warm up the air and dry it around santa rosa and we a going to see more of that on wednesday and thursday especially. storms are missing us off to the east, and high pressure building in behind the storms, diving in behind the rockies, and here's another offshore wind pattern, and peaking around wednesday through thursday, and you see over my shoulder the map, the
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areas of reds and purples, wind speeds of 20 to 45 miles per hour, and then on thursday, we will see some of the winds between 6:00 a.m. and 11:30, picking up around the east bay hills. maybe f next weekend could get interesting, you will see a drop in temperatures by sunday and maybe a chance of sierra snow if the low moves this far west, and then stay tuned because that could be another gusty wind event. we know it will be cooler by next weekend but stay tuned on the wind speeds. meantime, midweek, upper 70s to low 80s for san francisco temperatures, and temperature wise feeling like summer, breezy, and not all that windy in the valleys but it's the mountain tops that will see the 45-mile-per-hour winds that could lead to power issues in
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the north bay for wednesday night into thursday. >> here we may go again? >> possibly. >> thank you. a record-breaking flight from new york to sidney, a australia. when we come back, how long was that flight and what could be done during that flight that could influence trips?
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barack obama street, or how about love and compassion way, and there's a street in berkeley getting renamed and you can help rename it. those are a few suggestions. the city is working on a reconfiguration project that will eliminate the one-way street, and the city wants help to rename that part of shaddic. people can write down what the
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new name should be. the rules are nothing disrespectful, mean or vulgar. >> people are making jokes but there are a lot of people who want to pay homage to people who are civil rights leaders or people who have done amazing things for the community, so i am really happy about it. >> the final decision, and it will be an interesting one, will be made early next year. 30 years after the loma quake, new building standards in the area have increased safety, but dozens of buildings around the state don't meet those standards. >> this is video showing what can happen when a structure is subjected to forces from a real other quake, and results from recent tests like this one in the last decade prompted administrators at the cal state system and the uc system to rethink whether they need to fix
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or replace some of the buildings on campus, and we dug through some of the university records and found six buildings on 17 different campuses across the state that could put students and faculty in danger during the next big earthquake, engineers say. you are watching a simulation of the real stresses an actual earthquake puts on buildings, and simulations like these help engineers to see if buildings can withstand a real other quake. civil engineer, david maher was hired by uc berkeley to assess its campus. maher says earthquakes like the earthquake in 1994 helped engineers statewide understand how to construct earthquake safe
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buildings. he says those earthquakes revealed which buildings are not up to the challenge, and that's why this building was demolished in 2013, considered the most unsafe building, and this tower that once held the president's office was now a parking lot. we wanted to know how many of these problematic buildings are still standing in the university system so we teamed up with our fellow investigative teams in l.a. and san diego to conduct seism seismic exercise. at san francisco state, nine different buildings most located on the tiburon campus was most
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problematic, needing to be replaced soon, and another nine buildings were listed as priority two and should be replaced soon. the spokesman for the campus says they know first hand how dangerous a building can be. >> most of them were red tagged a couple years ago and are now not in use, and some will be retrofitted and many of them will probably not, they will be demolished and be replaced. >> are people in danger? they are occupied and are they in danger in the event of an earthquake? >> retrofitting was done on the buildings, and the seismic committee reviewed all of the work and deemed the buildings all inhabitable, but there's
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still more work to be done and will be done once funding is freed up. >> the csu has some, and most of the buildings that did not make the grade are in the uc system. >> it's a big problem and it needs to be addressed. >> 68 of the highest at risk are at berkeley and the other at uc davis. >> you are looking at the buildings that may be problematic pwaeu problematic based on prior knowledge. >> yeah, how big of a risk are some of the buildings? >> it's a really great question. the safety standards are really high, and they are worried about
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these extreme rare gigantic earthquakes. you think of 1906 happening again. this is not even northridge, so people are being good about doing something while we have time, and it's like don't panic but don't delay. >> officials for the state-wide university of california system's president's office refused to answer our questions on camera but did send us a statement that reads in part, quote, university of california believes it's important to proactively upgrade its buildings and the university is seeking to exceed current state requirements and, quote, the university is exploring sources of funding to help including a bond put to the voters in march of 2020 to help pay for all the needed retrofits, a price tag that experts tell me could rise into the billions of dollars. we'll stay on this story. >> if you have a story for our
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investigative unit, you can call 1- 88-996-tips or go online. not one but two clintons in the area today, and the message they delivered to a packed house when we continue.
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right now, not on the campaign trail but a book tour. hilary and chelsea clinton visit the bay area. thanks for joining us, everybody, on this special edition of "nbc bay area news." >> hillary clinton and her daughter chelsea were in the bay area touring with their book, and nbc bay area's christie smith has the story. >> let's welcome these three gutsy women. >> hillary clinton spoke to a sold out crowd in san francisco, joined by her daughter, chelsea clinton. >> we really wanted to spark a
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conversation about gutsy women. >> their tour is forhe book of gutsy women. they highlighted women who made a difference, some lesser known and some emerging. >> we put greta sunburg in the book and when we did it was before she was all that well known. >> these amazing women, and i am so thankful, and we did have to fight really hard for some of them. >> we talked about people wanting to respond in the current political climate. >> how do i do something to care about children in cages on our border or the contempt of the rule of law and violations of the constitution? >> afterwards people shared their impressions. >> a lot of the stories are things i had not heard so i think it's very important to get those names out there. >> i was overwhelmed with how
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they showed closeness. >> no name was given, but she is widely relieved to be referencing gabbart that fired back. >> hearing her talk about the optimism and just being so strong for other women, young women like me, i think that was inspiring. >> christie smith, nbc bay area news. speaker of the house, nancy pelosi is dealing with the loss of her brother tonight. he passed away today at his home in baltimore. he was 90 years old. he was baltimore's mayor during the 1968 riots after the assassination of martin luther king jr. he watched his sister rise to prominence in washington, and she released a statement today saying tommy was the finest public servant i have known, and
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he worked on the side of angels and now he is with them. ft. stewart, the army says there was an exercise wh an armored car and three soldiers were killed. three injured soldiers are expected to be okay. demolition in new orleans, there it goes. a little more than a week ago the upper floors of the hard rock hotel collapsed and crews feared more damage would be done if the cranes did not come down, and work crews say they now hope to safely recover the two bodies that are still missing. are you willing to be on a flight that lasts more than 19 hours? the completed first ever non-stop commercial flight from new york city to sidney,
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australia. whoa. the boeing 787 dream lander cuts down the flight of 19:16. they were looking at how the human body responds after flying over so many flight zones. >> the first one is research, and we are researching the affects of the long flight, and we are getting a lot of data that will be analyzed over the coming weeks and months, and also the distance, that flight was 16,200 kilometers. >> they would like to offer a flight by 2023, but need airlines that can withstand the demands of the flight. the saying dogs are man's best friend, and last night a
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dog became a life saver. last night this black lab named maggie saved their family's life. their house caught on fire and everybody was fast asleep and that's when maggie started barking and barking until they all woke up, and the police department says because of maggie nobody was even hurt. experiencing a theme park from the backseat of a car. another way virtual reality is changing the way we see things. we have that story and a lot more when we come back.
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there's good news tonight about big dreams becoming reality. for five years now the new york city ballet have been offering workshops that are about one thing, giving every kid the chance to dance. >> they are some of the most elite dancers in the world,
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stars of the new york city ballet, today teaching kids to dance in their own way. >> spin, spin, spin. >> 10-year-old quinn homes has been waiting month for this day. >> what is your favorite part about the program? >> you get to dance with real ballerinas. my favorite part is it doesn't matter if you have something or are born differently, all you have to do is just dance. >> quinn was born without the bottom half of her spine and other bones compromising her lower body. >> how many surgeries you have had? >> i have had so many i can't count them. >> last spring she had one of the biggest operations of her life. >> after my big surgery i said to my mom, i am not me, and i wanted to be me again because i couldn't move and i just laid in the bed. >> she had done workshops with
9:39 pm
the ballet last year and worked hard to be there again, and they are teamed with a student buddy so their parents can watch and beam about that. >> they're children first. they have a disability, but they love to dance. >> they are just having an experience like any other child. >> that room is the celebration of life. life in its full totality, from its most athletic to some individuals who will struggle to take a single step but everything is celebrated in that room. >> on the final day of the workshop the ballet performs some of the same sequences the kids learned, and quinn dancing along from the audience. >> when you look at the ballerinas, what do you think? >> maybe some day i can do that, and i think to myself maybe some
9:40 pm
day i can be a professional ballerina. it doesn't matter if you are different, you can do whatever you dream you are. >> kate snow reporting there. the number of young millennial millionaires are growing. almost half live in california. they range in age from 23 to 37. fremont and cupertino have high concentrations of millennial millionaires. an entire theme park in the backseat of a car, and that's what one company is hoping to do with its srur khvirtual reality experience. >> it's like a theme park in the backseat. >> is there any danger of the driver getting hit in the back of the head.
9:41 pm
an experience on breaking speed and turning. so the car is stopping and the game is stopping, too. >> it's synchronized in real time. so when the car accelerates, your virtual experience accelerates. >> partnering with ford and universal pictures for a halloween experience this month at universal hollywood. he hopes to have his software installed in vehicles by 2021, incorporating gaming, entertainment and even education. >> a lot of people want to work when they are on the go, but if they get motion sick, they can't, and if it's motion ink u synchronized you can be more productive. >> think about the manufacturers of the head sets or the content creators, and ford is
9:42 pm
particularly interested in what customers have to say after experiencing the ride for halloween here at universal. >> as we are getting to more connectivity in the vehicle, we are interested in learning about the types of experiences that our customers are interested in. >> the ride will incentivize the manufacturers to make it standard in their vehicles, and in a statement audi tells us, in-car entertainment and gaming harbor enormous potential for transforming a routine trip into a real experience. >> specifically, the location based experiences, it's the opportunity that we have had to take the content we are building and put knit a place where consumers are. >> and consumers are passengers,
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and with the driverless cars, commuters can take on other challenges. >> i am having a hard time interviewing you and shooting demons at the same time, i have to admit. >> in los angeles, contess ya brewer, nbc news. and then all the highlights and reaction from both teams when we come back. much drier conditions than what the 49ers saw in washington, d.c. today. we have 80s and 90s to be part of the workweek forecast when we come back. there are those who will say that you're:
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too fat. too skinny. too hard. too soft. too old. too much. too unexpected. too limited. and to them we say too bad. because at kaiser permanente, we believe that everyone deserves the right to thrive.
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unlike wildfires are floods, there's no other quake season
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meteorologists can predict, so you have to be ready at all times, but are you? >> this east bay property has seen decades of disaster, and the original house survived loma prieta but then burned down in the oakland hills fire, and the family here are aware of the dangers they face. >> we lived in japan and there are many earthquakes and i lived through the 1989 other quake. >> for a personalized assessment of their quake readiness, they hired an earthquake coach. >> it starts with small things, like having small things by the side of the bed, and it goes to retrofitting your insurance. >> she identifies your best escape route and demonstrates when and how to shut off your
9:47 pm
gas, which is vital knowledge. >> in the san francisco earthquake, it was not the earthquake that killed people, it was the fires. >> the homeowner's have a lot of lipped shelves built in so that will help keep things from coming out. >> you definitely want to secure tall book cases. they are using the bracket method in this one and they have a little different method of securing this bookcase to the wall, and it involves velcro. >> she teaches families what they need to shelter in place and she developed a step by step strategy to store food and find clean water, which might be closer than you realize. >> anybody that has this type of water heater has a ready supply of water on hand. >> ultimately for a couple hundred dollars the earthquake coach provides a custom handbook
9:48 pm
in writing for the next quake. >> if you make time the plan and prepare it will give you piece of mind. >> there are two ways you can get free help. check with your local fire department or emergency management. alameda fire, for example, hosts two preparedness training hours for free. a we posted a link on our website,, and we have a list of preparation essentials. rob mayeda, we heard you can't predict earthquakes and it would be great if it got to that pointed -- >> yeah, one day. >> but you can predict fire conditions. >> yeah, this time of year, offshore winds, we will see a
9:49 pm
reset of the pattern as we head towards the middle part of the week but probably this time with hotter temperatures than we saw last week. right now in san francisco, no clouds out there and a nice evening, 60 degrees, and the wind right now is a sea breeze. notice the humidity, 72%, and as our temperatures cooled over the last few days, fire danger has decreased short term fairly considerably. right now in san jose, 62 after a high of 74. with the winds picking up, it doesn't look like we will see spare the air events midweek because it will be too gusty which will lead to the fire conditions we will see increasing around some of the phou mountain tops. you could see 50s to start the day, and then we start to climb. check out san francisco, close
9:50 pm
to the mid-70s. upper 70s around oakland, and so if the story was about temperatures, that looks nice, sunshine, 70s and 80s, not too bad except for the wind component is the top concern for this time of year. the high builds in and drops into the rockies, and then the winds turning offshore. these are dry winds, which we will take right now, and conditions have decreased in terms of fire danger because of the return of the low clouds and sea breeze, and that's moisture indicated by the blue line as opposed to the spike near the all-time highs we saw last week, given the time of year. you will notice that from our mountain areas to the coast and bay how the cooler temperatures this weekend and late in the week actually helped out from the red flag conditions we had last time. there will be another spike as we get towards wednesday and thursday as the same conditions
9:51 pm
start to deteriorate once again. notice the humidity levels headed into thursday morning, 20% across the north bay hill tops as the wind speeds pick up. 45-mile-per-hour gusts could happen in the higher elevations above 2,000 feet, so that's the timeframe to watch wednesday into thursday. wind speeds decrease on friday and the next week might get interesting considering how far west the cold pressure area drops in, and we could see that by late saturday and sunday and it could lead to a 20-degree drop in temperatures, but the concern is if it drops in too far to the east we could see another north wind event by next weekend. right now we are watching the midweek pattern because it has the triple threat of gusty winds, low humidity and warm temperatures. look at san francisco, could see near 80-degree temperatures wednesday and thursday, and the valleys could see the upper 80s. the wind picking up could limit
9:52 pm
the temperatures. it's something we could see late wednesday into thursday. >> thank you. right now it's time to check sports. here's dave feldman. >> hi, everybody. i am dave feldman at the xfinity sports desk. only two undefeated team in all of the nfl, and the 49ers are one of them. today they had a chance to do something they have only done twice before in franchise history, start a season 6-0. the 49ers and the redskins, dreary, landover maryland. second quarter, no score. fourth down, and adrian peterson gets stopped. third quarter, jimmy g throws it to richy james jr., and that led
9:53 pm
to a field goal. later in the third quarter, peterson on the carry, and alexander makes the strip and taylor recovers for the 49ers. garrapalo looks deep for borne, and a 26 yard connection and this leads to another 49ers' field goal. and then bosa, good-bye to case keenum. niners win and move to 6-0 on the season. >> we knew both teams would have to run it and both teams were eventually going to try for a big shot and you have to commit to the run and hold on to take the shot and we were able to keep them from getting the big plays, and we did well on offense. >> i have been growing up in chicago and playing in the rain in football and it was fun out there, just running, you are soaking wet and you know you are going to be soaking wet, and it
9:54 pm
was a good time. >> crumby weather takes you back to being a kid, and your shoes are full of water and mud, and everybody is stepping like everybody did the mud angel at the end, and it's still a kids' game at the end of the day, and these are grown men out there and they have to do their job effectively, and they have to take it seriously to a degree, too, and slipping and sliding was fun and winning is always fun. >> and it's 7-3 packers, and carr scrambling, and stretches for the pylon and the ball was ruled a tumble and t touchback for the packers and that was huge, because moments later, a touchdown for the packers.
9:55 pm
today was all about rodgers. he throws it to marquez, and valdez scrambling. rodgers throws for five scores and the packers win 42-24. >> man, it's so hard not to try, you know, like, that's everything i have ever been about in my life is to try, and maybe i got to go with two hands, right, and trying to extend with one hand is not smart, that was stupid. at the end of the day, like, it's hard in that situation, as you are running, and i am not thinking about anything else but, oh, man, i can get in. but it sucks, man. it's my fault i let my team down on that. >> that will do it for sports. i am dave feldman. more news after the break.
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great story for you right now. check out the touching story during a big ten rival game. casey o'brien on the field for the first time during his
9:58 pm
college career, and he was holding the ball for the extra point. what is so crazy about that? he has been battling a rare bone cancer since he was 13 years old. since that time he has beaten it four times over the course of 14 surgeries. during the time he never gave up on his dream to play football, and look at that hug, and sharing a hug after his debut, and a san francisco 49er back in 2004 and 2005, and minnesota is undefeated so far this season, and hope they will keep it going. we'll see you back here at 11:00.
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[ cheers and applause ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests - alex baldwin kate beckinsale, musical guest, young thug featuring gunna, and the legendary roots crew >> questlove: 1139 >> steve: and now, here he is, jimmy fallon [ cheers and applause ♪


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