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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  October 20, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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♪ ♪ right now at 11:00, from the red carpet to prison. tonight we're getting an inside look at felicity huffman's life on inside. new video and photos shows felicity huffman as she serves her sentence in dublin, a facility some critics call too cushy. the details on that, marianne. >> reporter: her daughter and her husband both visited her this weekend here at this minimum securityy fachere inmates are allowed to walk around outside the barbed wire
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fence. far from the red carpet this week actress felicity huffman walked the grounds of this federal low security prison in dublin. wearing a green jumpsuit and a white baseball cap she walked out to a parking lot to meet her eldest daughter sophia grace and husband actor william h. gracie with no guards escorting her. a former desperate house wives star. >> i would do everything for you. you are my daughter. >> reporter: now has a less glamorous identity. prison inmate 777806-112. many people we talked to tonight felt she should serve more. >> i think it's a rather short sentence. >> why even give her a sentence at all, because yeah 13 days is nothing. >> reporter: jennifer myers served 14 months in prison for drug charges and advises people
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who serve time. >> it's going to take her time to get over this experience. >> reporter: huffman's 13 day sentence comes after she shelled out $15,000 to have her daughter's sat corrected. more than 30 parents all tied to an alleged fixer. so far ten of those parents have been sentenced. nine of them to jail time. and according to the u.s. attorney's office no another three are changing their pleas from not guilty to guilty and are expected in court monday. but former full house actress lori loughlin did not have a change of heart. she pleaded not guilty to paying half a million dollars to singer to get her daughter ipcollen co and is expected back in court in january. and while she's here huffman has to get up every morning at 5:00 a.m. she will be released
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sunday, but she's not done. she'll still have to do 250 hours of community service and an entire year of supervised release. >> thanks very much. now to our other top story the bay area on notice once again. pg&e may shutoff power in some areas wednesday, maybe thursday to prevent fires from breaking out. that's because of dangerous weather conditions. in fact pg&e operated its emergency operation center tonight. parts of napa, sonoma and marin counties are likely tav another power safety shutoff. earlier this month the utility cut electricity to about 2 million people. pg&e has since faced criticism for how it handled that shutoff. >> watching similar to what we saw last week, mid-week, offshore winds increasing especially for those north bay mountains where gusts will be about 45 miles per hour. perhaps not looking at wind
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speeds nearly as strong as some of the val es bleys but the temperature will be on the rise. humidity levels in the 20% range heading into the morning at the same time. and we'll talk about more how these summer like temperatures could linger through the workweek. a closer look at these much warmer and dryer changes in our forecast coming up in ten minutes. >> get weather alerts on the go. download the nbc bay area app. that's where you're going to get tailored weather forecasts for your area right there on your phone. well, tomorrow is the last day for victims of recent wildfires to file a claim against pg&e. as many as 100,000 californians are eligible for payments for damages. only about 30,000 for filed claims, though. it's possible many victims don't know about the deadline or just too pizy tryi busy to get their
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back together. tomorrow's deadline is in place a controversial billboard in san francisco's south of market district is being called sexist and racist. it features a cartoon depiction of mayor london preed as paid for pie a woman who wants to be the next mayor of san francisco. she wants breed's job. sergio? >> reporter: and she said she has no problem with the way that poster depicts the city's first african-american female mayor. in fact, she says she hopes it prompts mayor london breed to debate her before the election in two weeks. most people in this part of the south of market district simply walk or drive by the peculiar poster without even noticing it but we asked some of them to take a look. >> it's a really bad, terrible poster. >> do you find it offensive at
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all? >> i do. >> it looks like she's supposed to be a roman emperor, a mob boss or something like that. >> reporter: this campaign is sponsored by the campaign of allen -- for mayor. she came to the market to describe it. >> counting her money all the way laughing to the bank. at the same time we have homeless people dying. and to her the homeless people are numbers, just numbers. >> reporter: another section of the billboard includes a child seemingly being kidnapped and the phrase stop slavery and human trafficking in san francisco. the bill board kind of makes it seems like you're saying she's directly responsible for that. >> i think the question to you as the news reporters -- >> no, that's my question to you. that billboard makes it look as if the mayor is directly responsible for that. i mean -- >> the mayor is responsible for the entire city. >> the political advertisement is being denounced tonight by the local naacp chapter. >> we cannot be silent in the
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face ofhi kin of bigotry and racialized expression in the politics of the city. >> reporter: and tonight a mayor of mayor london prebreed's re-election campaign put out a statement calling that billboard disgraceful. reporting live in san francisco sergio quintana, nbc bay area news. >> former secretary of state hillary clinton made a trip to the bay area today. she's promoting a book called "empowering women." she was joined by her daughter chelsea clinton. the two are on a book tour. it's a group of essays that highlight women who made a difference and also talked about the current political climate.
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>> how do i do something to care about children in cages on our border or the contempt of the rule of law and violations of the constitution? >> next stop on their book tour minneapolis on thursday. investigators looking into the dramatic explosion and fire at the new star facility in crockett hope to gain access to the scene this week. workers spent the weekend draining ethanol and water and foam from that site. a report released late friday shows there was no unusual activity at the site when those tanks caught fire. one contract worker was trapped by the flames for 20 minutes before escaping. he's all right. three people are dead after a rollover crash in the south bay. tonight police are searching for answers. happened about 11:00 northbound 101 near bernal road in san jose.
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chp said the car crashed into the center divider and the call rolled over. investigators are now looking if all passengers were wearing seat belts and if another car might have been involved. it might just be the last thing cal students living in hillside dorms might expect, flooding. but that's exactly what happened last night when a car crashed into a nearby fire hydrant. and this is video of the aftermath. you can see the spray of the hydrant shooting way up into the air. it forced students to evacuate. water was gushing for two hours before they could shut it off. >> i saw water coming from the staircase flying down outside the door. they had to keep the doors open so it would drape out. but, yeah, it was scary because i thought it looked like the damage was awful and i saw a lot of the dorms to be completely ruined and the walls. >> well, tonight the area is still muddy. there's the dilemma of how to fix water damaged rooms and 20
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students have been displaced. b.a.r.t. riders be aware, b.a.r.t. is warning riders in san ancisco to expect delays of 15 to 20 minutes every single sunday through the rest of this year. b.a.r.t. is using one track between the embarcadero and the 24th street mission station. a close call after a tornado touches down in dallas just barely missing at&t stadium during tonight's dallas cowboys football game. tonight we're going to show you the damage that was left behind. >> and a new mission for quantas airlines. we'll explain the unique testing done on passengers. and right now some clear skies looking from sutro tower, back out across the bay the numbers in the 50s across san francisco. when we could see numbers in the 60s and maybe 80s this weekend
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when we come right back. a bay area man says a tow truck dropped his pickup down a cliff.
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well, the dallas cowboys and philadelphia eagles squared off right here on sunday night football on nbc bay area. a tornadoes touched down ipdallas. you're looking at new video just
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into our newsroom in the last half-hour or so. you can see major damage to several stores in the strip mall. so far no word yet if anyone was injured, but there have been reports of collapsed buildings and downed power lines. dallas police say they're going door-to-door to make sure everyone is safe. demolition in new orleans you may remember a little more than a week ago when the upper floors of the hard rock hotel collapsed. three people were kill in that collapse. crews feared more damage would be done if the construction cranes didn't come down. small explosives were used to take them down. work crews say they're working to safely recover the two poddibodies two missing. a top diplomat from ukraine expect today testify on tuesday. william taylor said, quote, i think it's crazety to with hold security assistance for hem with a political campaign. if he does testify this week
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he's going to join the long line of current and former trump administration employees to talk to lawmakers behind closed doors. the white house has refused to cooperate with the impeachment inquiry with centers on a whistle-blower complaint that the president pressured ukraine to dig up dirt on joe biden. >> the pentagon says the 1,000 troops president trump plans to pull out of syria are not coming home to the u.s. instead they will be redeployed overseas in the fight against isis. richard engel reports from northern syria. >> reporter: tonight kurdish forces say they pulled back from a flash point city along turkey's border. a key condition of the u.s. brokered cease-fire. president trump has been praising his cease-fire with turkey for allowing u.s. troops to come home out of danger, out of endless wars. >> it's time to bring them home. >> reporter: but briefing reporters on a flight to afghanistan today defense secretary mark esper says that nearly all u.s. troops in syria
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are not coming home but going to iraq. >> the current game plan is for those forces to reposition into western iraq and then to -- two missions. one is to help defend iraq. and two is to perform a counter isis mission as we sort through the next steps. >> reporter: that's not what the secretary of state was saying today. >> and now the president believes we've accomplished a significant part of our mission and he wants folks to come home and we're beginning to work on that. >> reporter: what is clear is what turkey wants. under the deal it cuts with the white house turkey is to take control of a roughly 20 by 250 mile area in syria which it plans to fill with mostly arab refugees. although the exact size of the so-called safe zone is disputed. it's also where the kurds of syria live. and they fear they'll be expelled for good. hundreds of thousands are already on the move. the cease-fire is supposed to
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end on tuesday when the white house hopes it will become a permanent peace deal. but turkey has already sent reinforcements to its border and kurdish commanders here tell us they expect a new assault. richard engel, nbc news, northern syria. new at 11:00, a donald trump supporter was taken away from a protest in handcuffs after using bear spray on counterprotesters. it was a chaotic scene on santa monica's pier yesterday. circling and then unleashing spray from the canister and ran back to spray protesters already on the ground. the suspect was arrested shortly after that. no one was seriously hurt. new video showing the president of italy's visit to america. yesterday he met governor gavin newsom. homelessness was one of the topics of conversation on friday. he was in san francisco, met with mayor london breed and
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visited two companies before heading to stanford for an innovation forum and today he's on his way back home. >> are you willing to be on a flight that lasts more than 19 hours? the airline just set a record by completing the first ever nonstop commercial flight from new york to sydney. 19 hours. the boeing 787 dream liner touched downhis morning. let's be specific here, 19 hours and 16 minutes. researchers from the university of sydney performed tests on the selected passengers and pilots trying to figure out how the human body responds to traveling over so many time zones. >> the first one was research. we're researching the effects of the long flights on our crews. we're getting a lot of data that's going to be analyzed over the coming weeks and months. and also the distance. that flight last night was 16,200 kilometers. >> quantas says they'd like to
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offer daily flights from new york to sydney by the year 2023 but they needs airplanes that can withstand the flight on a daily basis. got to get those built before that can be a reality. >> a street in berkeley is getting renamed. it will eliminate the one way street between university and alston and create a wider two way street. now the city wants help to remain that part and placed a chalk board, very casual at the old mandarin garden site. almost anything goes. it only rules nothing disrespectful, mean or vulgar. >> i think it's reflective of the berkeley community here. there's people making jokes but there's also a lot of people who want to pay homage to people who
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are civil rights leaders, people who have done really amazing things for this community. so i'm really happy about it. >> final decision expected early next year. i'm going to suggest rob myaeda road. >> there's a charge with having a street with no name. >> how about street with no name? >> we're going to see a little return to summer depending on what roads you're on. 80s around berkeley and there's a chance we might see 90-degree temperatures by thursday. so let's take you outside right now. and there's a very pretty view looking out at city hall from sutro tower you don't get that view when it's foggy and no fog to look through right now in san francisco. temperatures in the upper 50s after a high of 68 degrees. tomorrow likely running in the 70s and even san francisco has a chance of some 80-degree temperatures this week. right now san jose mostly clear, 59 degrees. high of 74, likely the coolest
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temperature we'll see to start the week. and look at the air quality too. you'll notice moderate air qualities for the bay and inland east bay. and as winds pick up we're not expecting spare the air day but keep an eye as the winds start to decrease and air quality issues later this week. speaking of the wind moving onshore keeping the more relative mois air, the marine air in across the bay. that's going to lead to a big spike in temperatures and especially some fire dangers especially around the north bay hills. we've got winter like temperatures for a few spots in the morning low 40s and then rebounding by 30 to 40 degrees warmer by the afternoon. so jackets to t-shirts within the sam day. you see san jose, 82 degrees. mid-80s around the tri-valley. upper 70s around oakland and hayward. upper 70s around sfo.
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san francisco into the 70s. and up towards the north bay numbers asworm numbers as warm as 87. high pressure building back to the coast. low pressure dropping down to the rockies building that offshore pressure gradient as the winds start to turn offshore. that's going to drop humidity levels even overnight into thursday morning as wind speeds start to accelerate around the north p. that is our top fire concern. areas around napa county, lake county and northern sonoma county. thursday, friday, we'll begin to see the winds ease a little bit. but next weekend could trend interesting especially if this area of low pressure tracks a little bit farther to the west. right now you may see a light chance of snow showers in the see era. with high pressure off to the west you might see more north wind for next weekend. right now it'll be a lot cooler as that pattern starts to establish itself next weekend, but you have to watch for those dry gusty conditions midweek
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that will be boosting temperatures around san francisco. thursday is probably the warmest day, but you've got at least tuesday and friday to the valleys mid80s to low 90s. the key thing there for the mountain tops above 2,000 feet, top fire danger, strongest wind will likely be late wednesday into thursday where we could have red flag warnings for the mountains and power issues watching around for california wednesday and thursday. >> and we can see if that shutoff is going to be any different than last time. >> right now the elevated status pg&e has not over as large an area but wind speeds could get similar especially for the north bay mountains. a big announcement for the state capitol. it could mean new competition for the san jose earthquakes. we'll explain that. and new push to save a local shop in the south bay, but the ownership of the show says the landlord isn't keeping up their end of the deal. announcer: time magazine reports: "the new american
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soccer fans get ready, california expected to get another major league soccer team. the city of sacramento setting up for a big announcement tomorrow. they're setting up right in front of the capitol building wildly rumored the minor league team sacramento republic fc is moving up to the major leagues. they're going to have bagels there, i just saw that. the team is throwing a big block party in downtown. starting at 6:00 a.m. and sacramento reportedly planning on building a whole new stadium in downtown sacramento. might look something like that. that would be beautiful. people say a new team is a great way to modernize that city. >> downtown feels like a big metro city. and i feel it's just another
11:27 pm
piece that's going to slowly create that kind of feel, that urban feel that millennials like myself are trying to look for. >> the republic fc would be the 29th franchise in major league soccer. still ahead keeping students on public university safe from earthquakes but not all buildings are up to code. more on the alarming report next. tv just keeps getting better. how you watch it does too. this is xfinity x1. featuring the emmy award-winning voice remote. streaming services without changing passwords and input. live sports - with real-time stats and scores. access to the most 4k content. and your movies and shows to go. the best tv experience is the best tv value. xfinity x1. simple. easy. awesome. xfinity. the future of awesome.
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recapping our top stories, actress felicity huffman is now halfway through her 13-day prison sentence for her involvement in a college admission scandal. a new video shows a dplichglimp her life on the outside. huffman scene walking out to the parking lot of the prison to see her husband and daughter.
11:30 pm
critics say the punishment is too light for the crime >> a controversial billboard drawing attention to the mayor's race. that was sponsored pie a challenger to the mayor. the billboard is being called sexist and racist. tomorrow a coalition of asian-american political leaders are going to be hold a news conference to voi their opposition. 30 years after the loma crater earthquake new building standards in the bay area have increased safety but we learned dozens of buildings and public universities around the state don't meet those standards. senior investigate stephen stock has been digging into those buildings. >> results like this have prompted administrators to rethink whether they need to fix or even replace some of their
11:31 pm
buildings on campus. we dug through those recent university records and found nearly 600 buildings on 17 different campuses across the state that engineers now say could put students and faculty in danger during the next big earthquake. you're watching a computer simulation of the real stresses an actual earthquake puts on various buildings. simulations like these help? gen ears better predict that buildings some initially thought were safe are in fact able to withstand a real earthquake. >> and we're kind of understanding what the faults are capable of, how much energy they're releasing. >> reporter: this civil engineer owns mar structural design. he says earthquakes have helped engineers statewide understand how to construct more resilient buildings. >> they actually have to
11:32 pm
transform, dissipate energy, remain stable. >> reporter: and mar said those earthquakes also revealed which buildings are not up to the challenge. that's why officials at cal state east bay dismantled this warren hall in 2018. this tower which once held the president's office is now a parking lot. we wanted to know exactly how many of these problematic buildings are still standing in the university system. so we teamed up with our fellow nbc investigative teams in l.a. and san diego to request seismic safety inspections for every public university. the records we've obtained so far show 591 structures poses serious risk during an earthquake and need to be retrofitted or replaced. >> it's a structure, though, a lot of people don't even realize they're in. >> reporter: in san francisco state nine different buildings are listed as problematic or needing to be replaced soon.
11:33 pm
and another nine buildings listed as priority two and also need to be replaced. >> and campuses have a similar set of priorities. >> reporter: the campus knows first-hand how destructive an earthquake can be. school officials were forced to red tag and implode this student dorm. what's peag dobeing done to fix nine buildings. >> most of them were red tagged and not in use. some of them are going to be retrofitted. some of them probably will not. they will be demolished and replaced. >> are people in danger? it's on the second list, but are they in danger of an earthquake? >> going back to the seismic review process retrofitting was done on those buildings. the seismic committee reviewed all that work, deemed the buildings all inhabitable but there is still more work to be
11:34 pm
done and will be done once funding is freed up. >> the system lists 65 buildings statewide. but the vast majority of college buildings that fail to make the grade are on uc campuses according to the data we obtained. the uc system is currently in the midst of a two year process to inspect every structure on all nine campuses. 68 of those highest risk buildings are at berkeley. another 69 at uc davis. they include fire and police headquarters, research centers, major classroom buildings, a medical center, even a lab handling radioactive nuclear material. >> lure looking at the buildings that may be problematic based on prior knowledge sph. >> yes, they're being tested harder than thought ten years ago. >> how big a risk are some of these buildings? >> it's a really great question. the safety standards are really high, and they're worried about these extreme rare gigantic
11:35 pm
earthquakes. the same thing in 1906 happening again. people are being good about doing something while we have time. it's like don't panic, but don't delay. >> officials for the statewide university withalifornia systems presidents office refused to answer our questions on camera. but they did send us a statement that reads in part, quote, the university of california believes it is important to p proactively upgrade its buildings and the university is seeking to exceed standards and quote the university is exploring sources to help including a bond put to the voters in march of 2020 to help pay for all the needed retrofits. a price tag that experts tell me could rise into the billions of dollars. we'll stay on this story. i'm stephen stock, nbc bay area news. a bagel shop owner is desperately trying to save her business in the south bay.
11:36 pm
she says she followed all the rules and she is still peag forced out. she's the owner of posh bagel in santa clara. trying to rally the community around her busy. the owner says her lease ended in march. she got together with the landlord and agreed to a new deal apparently just verbally, though. two weeks ago the landlord says a korean barbecue restaurant is moving in and she's got to move out. how about this you can experience an entire theme park right from your car. the new immersive science that can change how tthe future of y back seat.
11:37 pm
11:38 pm
an entire theme park in the back seat of a car. that is what one startup software company is looking to do with their new immersive virtual reality experience. contessa p contessa brewer got a look at what they be the future of the back seat. >> reporter: it's like a theme park in the back seat. is there any danger of the driver getting hit in the back of the head? a virtual reality experience incorporating realtime data from the car's computer on breaking, speed and turning. so the car's stopping and the game is stopping too. >> so it's synchronized in realtime. so when the car accelerates your virtual experience accelerates. so its way more immersive and reduces motion sickness as well. >> reporter: in a proof of concept phase partnering with ford and universal pictures for a halloween experience this month at universal hollywood. he hopes to have his software
11:39 pm
installed in vehicles by 2021 incorporating gaming, entertainment, even education. >> a lot of people want to work while they're on the depot but if tay get motion sick they can't. and if it's motion synchronized you can be even more productive. >> reporter: think about the manufacturer of these head sets or the content creators, discovery, disney, universal. ford is particularly interested in what customers have to say after experiencing the hollow ride for halloween here at universal. >> as we're getting to more connectivity in the vehicle we're interested in learning about the types of experiences that our customers are interested in. >> reporter: hollow ride will inceptivevise the customers to make it standard in their vehicles and share revenue with them. porsche are expanding the options and so are mercedes and
11:40 pm
audi. in a statement audi tells us the car entertainment and gaming harbor enormous potential for transforming a routine trip from a to b into the a digital experience. and those experiences are likely to be more realistic, more complex and more mobile. >> vr is typically vocation based experience and a home experience. this is an opportunity to take the content we've been building and put it in a place where the consumers are. >> reporter: and increasingly the consumers are passengers. with the driverless cars of the future those commuters may find themselves free to take on other challenges. i'm having a very hard time interviewing you and shooting demons at the same time i have to admit. perhaps it's also what multitasking in the future looks like. enlos angeles, contessa pbrewer cnbc business news. a bay area man is back at it again. and tonight the new technology
11:41 pm
he's using to find helpless animals before it's too late. >> and the week involves watching the wind and warming temperatures. when we'll see peak fire danger and strongest winds arriving in the forecast when we come right back. ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ the holidays begin here at the disneyland resort. an oakland man went to the bahamas to help rescue dogs and cats that got stranded after hurricane dorian hit the islands. now that man and his drone are back in the pay area. this is the second pet rescue
11:44 pm
mission. and he was even more successful this time because he used infrared technology. >> reporter: after weeks of worry cathy is reunited with her beloved dog. miraculously the chihuahua survived after hurricane dorian leveled their home. he helped find socks along with 30 other cats and drones using his infrared camera. >> they just dploe against the cold ground so it's easy to pip point where the dogs are and then we can have the rescue teams on the ground and find them. >> reporter: 120 mile an hour winds crushing homes and leaving at least 58 people dead. more than a thousand are still missing. douglas who's from oakland first used his drone last month to help find pets in the rubble. but he realized he could do more so he returned home to oakland,
11:45 pm
outfitted his drone with heat seeking imaging and headed back to marsh harbor. >> i think this technology is something really exciting because it will allow people to rescue animals a lot quicker so they don't suffer so much. >> reporter: it's a race against time. more than five weeks after the hurricane hit many pets are facing starvation. >> you could see they were chewing on particleboard tryg to survive. >> reporter: this dog douglas nicknamed duke is the very first pet douglas rescued with his drone. but weeks later no one had adopted duke so douglas did. >> he was in the absolute center of where the hurricane was, and how he ever survived is just unbelievable. but i love animals, and i figured i could give him a good home here in oakland. >> reporter: now a bond borne from disaster begins as douglas plans to head back home to the bahamas monday to rescue more dogs.
11:46 pm
>> speaking of which we all know the saying dogs are a man's best friend but last night one dog also became a lifesaver. check out this video from vackaville police. their house caught an fire, everyone was inside, they were sleeping until maggy started barking until they woke up and she did want stop until they did. and the family got up and out of that house as the flames engulfed it. vacaville police say thanks to maggy no one was hurt. and a big shot out to maggy right now. >> a firefighter there. >> good to go, maggy. >> we're going to get the summer like temperatures and seven day forecast. they're not typos. you're going to have a hard time believing some of these numbers. especially by midweek. 80s around the bay, maybe close to 90 inland but the problem is the wind involved getting us
11:47 pm
there. right now in san francisco no fog out there. pretty nice night. 59 degrees. probably the last night we'll see of 60 degree temperatures this week as temperatures climb towards the 70s tomorrow. and mid70s to wrap up the weekend and notice the humidity. 81%, highs only in the 70s and 60s closer to san francisco. we've had the ocean air-conditioning turned on over the last couple of days so that's actually helped at least temporarily reduce some of the fire danger around the bay area. the low air-conditioning has helped out and we'll see a taste of that to start the day tomorrow with maybe a patch or two and 40s to 50s to start and highs tomorrow starting the upward climb. 70s in oakland and 82 degrees in santa cruz. i want to show you the dryness factor of the feels like out there in some of our hill sides and how they dropped from the red flag warning last week closer to the red line, the
11:48 pm
maximum dryness where they could be this time of year down to where they are now, closer to seasonal averages. that was the switch back. what's likely to happen, though, as the wind pattern turns back off chauffeur is we're going to see these same levels spike. that's the dryness factor of the hilltops. anytime you get these offshore winds which add lower humidity levels, gusty winds and increasing temperatures which we'll get a case of that setting up heading into wednesday and thursday. driest conditions will be wednesday night into thursday where you have those gusty winds picking up especially in the north bay hills. the stronger winds will be on the higher hilltops put if you're in the valleys you may not notice a lot of wind until after sun rise thursday morning. dry and gusty conditions and maybe the east bay hills mid to late morning thursday, before the wind speesds start to come down. keep an eye on the weekendfo.
11:49 pm
one thing if you're going to head to the see era a weekend snow cast but could be more dry north winds, not as warm as what we're seeing setup for this middle part of the week but could be more dry conditions this time next weekend. san francisco, taste of summer like temperatures especially as you go into the valleys. low 80s wednesday and thursday, and valley temperatures as the winds start to ease, later thursday could see near 90 degrees. and that is the triple threat we don't like to see high wind speeds, low humidity, rising temperatures. all those factors come into play especially in the mountains wednesday and thursday. >> let's find out what's coming up in sports. here's dave feldman. >> hello, it's a big week for bay area football. the 49ers hungry to start out
11:50 pm
6-0 for just the third time in franchise history. they were playing on a sloppy field outside of washington, d.c. still there was some sliding and having fun. all that ahead in sports. ♪
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too limited. and to them we say too bad. because at kaiser permanente, we believe that everyone deserves the right to thrive. hi, everybody. i'm dave feldman at the xfinity sports desk. only two undefeated teams in all the nfl and the 49ers are one of them. today they had the chance to do something they've only done twice in franchise history, start a season 6-0. the 49ers and the redskins in the rainy, dreary maryland. second quarter no score, fourth down and adrian peterson gets stopped. redskins turn it over on down. third quarter jimmy g. throws it to richard james, jr. and he takes it 30 yards into washington territory. that led to a field goal. later in the third quart adrian
11:53 pm
pederson, and alexander makes the strip and taylor recovers for the niners. in joint possession garoppolo looks deep. this would lead to another field goal. good-bye to case keenum, niners win 9-0 and move to 6-0 on the season. >> we know both teams are going to have to run it, and poegt teams are eventually going to try for a big shot, so you know you have to commit to the run and hold on when they take their shot, and we've got a couple on offense and a difference between win or losing. >> i haven't -- growing up in chicago you play in the rain all the time in football and kp everything, but i haven't had one on the grass like that in a long time. you run in and you're soaking wet and it's a good time. >> everybody's stepping like everybody did the little mud
11:54 pm
angel at the end. guys are really having fun. it's still a kid's game at the end of the day but obviously these are grown men out there and they're going to do their job effectively so you've got to take it serious to a degree, too. but winning is always fun. >> winning makes it fun. agreed. the raiders in lambeau to take on the packers. foster gets it across the goal line for the score. raiders down four, carr scrambling, stretches for the pile on but loses the handle on the ball. the ball was ruled a fumble and touch back for packers. that was huge because moments later aaron rogers 37-yard touch down strike to jake. back to the end zone for darin waller. but the day was all about rogers. throws it to marquez, val dez and he does the rest.
11:55 pm
74 yards for the touch down. rogers throws for five scores and the packers win 32-24. >> it's hard not to try. maybe i've got to go two hands, trying to extend with one hand isn't smart, it's stupid. it's really hard in that situation. i'm not thinking about anything else but oh, man i can get in, right? but it sucks, man. it's my fault. i let my team down on that. >> and that'll do it for sports. more news right after the break.
11:56 pm
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becau bosnia and wears red for head to toe. she and her husband eat from red plates, sleep-in red bedding and don't bother asking if they want white or red wine. she's been living like this since she was 18. and if you're wondering why someone would do this, she says the color red gives her the feeling of strength and power. she must feel very powerful with that much red. thanks for joining us. have a great night. >> have a great week. take care. india to sit down wit
11:59 pm
12:00 am
cricket's biggest stars at his beautiful mumbai home. >> cricket is one sport that everyone has played at some stage in their life in india. >> the indian national team captain and one of "time" magazine's 100 most influential people on those who helped him rise to elite status. >> he's still mymentor. he's always been a guiding influence in my life. and i will always be very grateful to him. >> the devastating experience that shook him to his core. >> there was no emotion coming out of me. i was blank. i couldn't understand what happened. >> and turning that into passion. >> i remember telling my brother, i am going to play for my country and i am going to play the game at the highest level and there is nothing else in


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