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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  October 21, 2019 6:00pm-6:59pm PDT

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pg&e's warning it may cut power again as a precaution in a couple of days. the utility has put 16 counties on alert, including napa, sonoma, and cindy mccain. high winds, low humidity could lead to another round of power shutoffs this those high-fire risk areas. pg&e held a news conference to address that looming switchoff. here's what they had to say. >> we don't want to turn off the power, but if we have to do so we want to help people stay safe during the shut-off, keep them informed and turn the power back on as quickly and as safely as we can. >> let's get to mark matthews live in sonoma which was left dark less than two weeks ago, and mark, here we are on the edge of this happening again. there must be some frustration? >> reporter: a real mix of reactions today, jessica, from people. some threatening to sue pg&e. others saying nothing can be done. nobody is happy about what might
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be coming. sonoma valley hospital lost power in the october 9th shutdown. bill borum sits on the board of directors. >> it wasn't expected because hospitals are not supposed to cut off. >> reporter: pg&e never responded to repeated phone calls during the outage and the utility's website crashed repeatedly leaving customers in the dark about whether they'd be cut off or not. >> they need to fix their website. >> reporter: sonoma county supervisor shirlee zane is steamed over the utility's lack of specific information. >> they basically made a lot of promises that they were going to improve how they notify people and how they break down the grid. had they done this yet? no, we haven't seen it. >> reporter: a pg&e spokesman tells me the next time it will be better, that the utility has compartmentalize the grid to company told minimize the areas that have to go dark. the manager of the nughereget i another blackout like the one they had two weeks ago.
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>> the company purchased a shiny new generator to take care of our power needs. >> reporter: a few doors away pet food express has no generator. shutting off the power means cash registers won't work. >> i don't know all the politics. from a customer point of view, it's frustrating and for my customers as well. >> reporter: as i mentioned, pg&e met last friday with the public utilities commission and made promises that things would improve. that hearing was covered by my colleague jaxon van derbeken who tells me that those regulators heard pretty much what the counties are hearing. a lot of promises. not very many specifics. mark matthews, nbc bay area news. >> pg&e says it will do better, but will it? jaxon van derbeken joins us from pg&e headquarters in san francisco. has anything really changed in the past two weeks?
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>> reporter: well, actually, it doesn't look like much except they have got the idea of the website down now. they are going to be able to create a new website which will be able to handle tit on an immediate basis and allow people to download the maps and get an idea where their power might be out. pg&e says in a sad commentary that they are basically learning by practice and hope to get a handle on this just by repetition and that they hope that this kind of phenomenon will curtail itself over the years, but they are still talking about a decade out. >> just heard from the ceo a few minutes ago. this time no santa clara county, no alameda county, no contra costa county in terms of the planned outages. is this because of public pressure or just where they want to go with this? >> reporter: well, pg&e says that they are doing the best they can to limit this. talk about micro forecasting and weather stations, which they say will continue to improve over
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time. right now the conditions affect less than half of what happened last time. so it looks like it's just the weather for right now. it's not because pg&e has any new plan of attack here. as they say, they are just getting better with practice. >> jaxon van derbeken from pg&e headquarters in san francisco. what is making the conditions so dangerous? jeff has some answers about the fire danger and what he itit's to look like later this week. we will hit 90 degrees later. how would you react to someone suddenly taking away a big chunk of your backyard forever? that's what hundreds of south bay homeowners who live along creeks and rivers are facing. the santa clara water district poised to tear down everything the homeowners may have put there. robert handa now with the story you will only see on nbc bay area. a lot of homeowners feel this is unfair, robert. >> reporter: that's right.
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it has been a jarring ordeal for waterway homeowners who are fighting to hold on to land that they have used, taken care of, and even built on for decades. phil has lived along saratoga creek for 50 years. now that the santa clara valley water district is reclaiming 27 # miles of creek side property his backyard will be 13 feet shorter. what is this stake? >> the property line between the water district's property on this side and the homeowner's property on this side. >> reporter: that's a big chunk. >> well, yeah. >> reporter: the water district has always owned land alongunti allowed to use the land, a deal made in 1955. suddenly, it's all changed. >> after you live here for 50 years and somebody accuses you of being an encroacher, a miscreant and trespassing. >> reporter: it will impact 900
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homeowners who have fences and structures such as this gazebo builten that property or gotten used to the extra room. susan will lose 100 feet of her backyard. >> we are overwhelmed. we cannot believe that we are being treated like this. >> reporter: the water district says the encroachment has gone on for a long time. the reason we are addressing this problem now is because we have some health and safety issues to deal with. we have projects that need to be built and it's impossible to do that work without addressing the recovery of some of thee properties. >> reporter: in fact, the water district has started removing diseased eucalyptus trees and point out future restoration programs, regulatory agencies say they must be monitored and maintained by the water district which means homeowners won't be getting that property back if the board votes to go ahead with the plan tomorrow night. robert handa, nbc bay area.
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>> thank you. new details in the new star energy tank fire. air sample results came back today. you remember live here on tv you saw it as that fire broke out tuesday. it burned for hours. now we are learning that toxic levels were lower than what's normally associated with industrial fires. health officials say the heat of the fire combined with weather conditions helped minimize local smoke impacts. workers spent the weekend draining the water and ethanol and that foam from the site. fire investigators are still trying to figure out what triggered the explosion. a threatening sign outside an apartment complex in the east bay has pet owners concerned. take a look. it warns that their dogs could die if the dogs go on the grass. nbc bay area's marianne fabray with the details. >> reporter: actually, two signs out here. there is one that is disturbing it pet owners the most, and it's this one. it says rat poison in the grass.
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deep your damn dog off my grass or your dog will die. >> i think that some people need to be a little bit more calm with their neighbors. >> reporter: tiffany dunbar was shocked to see this sign on her neighbor's front lawn this morning. it says there is rat poison on the grass and warns keep your damn dog off my grass or your dog will die. >> it's inhumane and cruel. >> reporter: james baldwin is worried what might happen to his 10-week-old german shepherd puppy. >> if you put rat poison down because of a dog, what else will you do to somebody's dog? would you shoot it because it came on your yard? >> reporter: san leandro police says it does not appear the sign violates any laws. they say this is the first time he has seen the sign in front of his apartment. he doesn't know who put it there but admits there is often dog waste on the front lawn.
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he says he doesn't have a problem with the sign. >> if that person is like that, that's good. >> reporter: other neighbors fear if rat poison has been put on that grass, it's not just pets who are at risk. >> plenty of kids live here in the apartments. that's not okay if there is kids playing on the grass. >> reporter: i just got off the phone with a spokesman for the owners of this apartment complex. now, he says that they do not put out these signs. he also says they did not put rat poison on this lawn. some tenants believe that this may have been a halloween prank, but animal control officers were called out here yesterday because of a cplaint about these signs. they investigated. police say there was no crime committed. reporting live in san leandro, marie an favreau, nbc bay area. >> a little bit of relief in the works from housing crisis in the south bay. new affordable housing units are going up at delmas and auzerais
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avenue in san jose where 130 units will be built. county leaders say the project is way ahead of dead. units will be similar to the 2nd street studios, a complex for the homeless at the city of san jose opened in august. >> i am just as happy to have a low-income affordable housing here as to have market rate. >> reporter: why? >> we need something on the site and we need people to have a place to live. the homeless need a place to live as well as anybody else. >> this is the result of measure a, a housing bond that santa clara voters approved. the development expected to be ready in about two years. up next, the hot ticket on the cal campus. y justice ruth bader ginsberg is in berkeley and students are trying to find a way into that theater to watch her speak. plus, priced out. how millennials are looking at housing markets and they are a little scared. what it could maean for home sales.
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>> a fire weather watch wednesday night into thursday morning for the northeast and southweayill go over the wind s s.d away we expect in about
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you never cease to amaze me, maya. see how investing with a j.p. morgan advisor can help you. visit your local chase branch. is prompting young people to leave the bay area according to a new survey. many people are planning to leave down even if they are making good salaries in the tech industry. our business tech reporter is in
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san francisco for us this evening. scott, even with the $200,000 tech salary, that doesn't get you much nowadays? >> reporter: yeah, it's a good point. we are in san francisco. we could be anywhere in the bay area where young people come homing for good salaries and stock options, and get smacked with high bay area housing prices. there they are the largest, fastest earning group among us these days. when it comes to buying a home, many bay area millennials like sarah canfield are just saying no to high down payments, mortgages, and home ownership. >> being young and having to do it on my own, you feel like you want to -- you don't know what to do. it's hard. it's expensive. you look into other options, relocating. >> reporter: yes, moving out. a survey commissioned by san francisco real estate company shows while a third of local millennials between the ages of 23 and 38 currently live with
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their parents or roommates, almost a third of them say they are likely to move away from the bay area in a year. >> it is a little intimidating. >> reporter: he hears from his client. >> once they get discouraged, they go back to their current situation, which is renting or living with their folks. >> reporter: struggling with high costs and they are not very hopeful. >> tprice will continue to go u and people will move out and then it will go on and on and on forever. >> reporter: now, wilson told us there is a reason for hope coming up in the near future. a combination of falling interest rates and now housing prices starting to come down, too. scott budman, nbc bay area. >> thank you. political bad blood in san francisco as well and it's about a billboard. a candidate is attacking the mayor, and today the mayor is responding. the billboard features a cartoon depiction of the mayor counting money while thinking about
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homeless people. it includes the phrase "stop slavery and human trafficking in san francisco." the billboard is paid for by ellen joao, who told us last night she is trying to get mayor breed to debate her for november's election. >> it's hurtful. it's disrespectful. it is no place that i think in san francisco for that kind of divisiveness that really hurts communities, and i think again we can have a discussion about policy decisions without taking it to that particular place. >> mayor breed adds she is not going try to have that billboard taken down and said simply she is focusing on her job. college students line up for hours. at u.s. berkeley students are lining up to hear from a supreme court justice, ruth bader ginsberg. better known to thknown to them the notorious rbg. melissa colorado with that
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story. ruth bader ginsberg also really excited to be here. >> reporter: right. law students who left the lecture said they feel energized loo like they got a chance to know the woman underneath that glass robe. she was a jokester, she was personal, and she was candid. no cane, no one to guide her to her share. this is how supreme court justice ruth bader ginsberg took the stage at u.s. berkeley zeller bach hall. more than 1,600 berkeley law students and faculty members packed the hall to watch the women's rights icon remember her close friend, the first woman to become dean of berkeley law. kay passed away two years ago. >> no person was better equipped than her. >> reporter: the audience listened as she talked about everything from the workouts that keep her fit. >> but i do push-ups, lots of
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weight-bearing exercises. >> reporter: to her late husband, marty ginsberg, who stood by her side during the landmark gender equality case that kickstarted her career. >> marty was the first boy i ever dated. he cared that i had a brain. >> reporter: you could see why her legion of rbg fans worry about her. she is 86 and beat cancer four times. >> i don't want to say that the entire judicial system rests on her, but she seems like a influential force on the bench right now. >> reporter: president trump has filled two seats with conservatives who pushed the courto fighter. >> reporter: and the supreme court will take on some major cases in the coming weeks. these cases involveay transgender rights, immigration, and other issues. melissa colorado, nbc bay area news.
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this is a good time to be a festiv 49ers fan. season ticket holders can enjoy all you can eat food at levi stadium next year. with everything delicious in life, there is a catch here. the team's 60,000 season ticket holders get unlimited food and drinks. that's good. you can choose from levi's 15 most popular items, the hot dogs, garlic fries, pretzels, water and soda. beer, wine, alcohol not included. here is the skinny. the price of season tickets will increase by nearly 15%. >> when you tell somebody they can eat all they want, you eat more than you normally would eat. that triggers something where you are like i am going to have everything. >> two hot dogs nachos, two sodas. >> it's human nature, like give me more. >> one of everything, please. >> i feel like that about now. >> feeling hungry right now. 6:19evening, there is no
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problems at all. we have a light breeze and temperatures will be dropping down into the 60s. i want to push it right into tomorrow morning. we will start off chilly with some 40s to 50s, mostly clear skies, sunny for the afternoon. as we get some warmer, drier air moving in. by warmer i mean a lot warmer. for october, temperatures 10 to 15 degrees above average. check this out. anitoch 90, concord 90, morgan hill 88, 81 oakland, san francisco, even up to a warm 77 right here in the north bay, a mix of upper 80s and low 90s. this is the beginning of our fire danger that certainly is going to ramp up here once we hit wednesday and thursday. what i want to do is show you the big bullet points on the fire danger this week. you know exactly when to focus in on especially if you live in the hills. i do think this wind event is going to be all about the higher elevations. wednesday night wind gusts of 15 to 40 miles per hour coming out
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of the northeast. by thursday morning we will have easterly wind gusts of 20 to 50. early thursday morning when a lot of us are sleeping, that's when the fire danger will be the highest. notice the huge contrast. lower elevations only 10 to 20 miles per hour. you will hear about this fire danger down at the lower elevations. you may be saying what wind. you have to go up to get that. notice this. a second wind event will move in by sunday's forecast. we will talk about the fire weather watch and the two wind events this week that could have, as we have been hearing, some pg&e power shutoffs. everything you need to know in about 20 minutes. >> thank you, jeff? up next, an nbc exclusive. mark zuckerberg one-on-one with lester holt about facebook's new plan to prevent election interference.
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it's not only a topic, it's a threat to our elections. facebook is rolling out a new plan to crack down on foreign plots to interfere with our elections. mark zuckerberg chatted with lester holt at facebook headquarters in menlo park. zuckerberg has new tools and policies to catch hacking attempts. they have seen foreign elements at work already to influence the 2020 presidential election. >> they signal that they intend to be active in the upcoming elections, but it's also i think a sign we have been able to proactively identify them and take them dn. >> he says attempts by russia, iran, and china have been identified lsoec busted influenced campaigns in europe, india, mexico and brazil. two bay area parents pleaded guilty today in the varsity blues college admissions scandal. they changed their pleas after actress felicity huffman was sentenced to 14 days in prison. >> this is huffman over the
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weekend at the federal prison in dublin. they admitted to paying $500,000 for changing the answers on their two daughters' entrance exams and also for a bribe to a fake recruitment to the georgetown tennis team. enrique enriquez has stepped away. three major drug distributors and a drugmaker agreed to a last-minute deal with two ohio counties worth that a more than $260 million. despite the settlement, there is more than 2,500 lawsuits currently working their way through the courts nationwide. the opioid crisis is linked to the deaths of more than 400,000 people. up next at 6:30, backtracking at the white house. the moves president trump is making to please his own party. plus, a homophobic chant directed at a cheerleader. the accusation leveled against the high school football team in the south bay.
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playbook." and now, juul is pushing prop c to no on big tobacco. no on prop c. changing his stance. president trump backpedals after getting backlash from his own party. a lot of turmoil, especially his decisions about syria and reversal about hosting tg7 summt at his hotel. >> and that criticism is prompting the president to make changes. the question is, is it too little, too late? general ail wang is following the developments. >> reporter: the president
6:30 pm
trying to rally his fellow republicans calling on them to get tougher against the democrats and the impeachment investigation. president trump's meeting with his cabinet in the midst of a triple walk ba back as house democrats step up their impeachment inquiry. >> they are vicious and they stick together. the republicans have to get tougher and fight. >> reporter: the president's call for backup coming as he faces backlash from both parties for abandoning kurdish allies in sno northern syria. they are begging american troops not to leave them to a violent turkish assault. >> we never gave a commitment we would stay for 400 years to protect them. >> reporter: the president is saying he will leave a small number of u.s. forces in the region to protect oil fields. one of the staunch exist allies, senator lindsey graham is not ruling out the possibility of impeachment. >> show me something that is a
6:31 pm
crime. if you could show me that, you know, trump actually was engaging in quid pro quo outside the phone call, that would be very disturbing. >> reporter: that aired last night but was conducted before acting white house chief of staff said military aid to ukraine was held up based on if they would help investigate democrats in the 2020 election. >> my language never said quid pro quo. >> reporter: the president on the defense after changing his a mind about the g7 summit. >> i was willing to do it for free. i need promotional value. >> reporter: he blames the media and democrats. republicans were critical of what appeared to be a high-profile chance to profit off the presidency. as for the democrats' impeachment inquiry, the top diplomat to ukraine is scheduled to testify tomorrow on capitol hill behind closed doors. >> thank you. joining us is our political
6:32 pm
analyst. let's talk about syria. it's so fluid in that part of the world. why syria at this point so significant to the united states? >> right now you are talking about ground zero in the middle east. you think about all the things that can happen. assuming that the turks move in, the kurds move out, 800,000, many who die in the process. the isis troops are led out, reformed. russia is delighted about this because iran is allies with a sweep in from the south. and russia gains more influence in the middle east. put that together and you have the makings of a disaster for not only the world, but particularly american foreign policy. >> the american troops have been a stabilizing factor in that area and one of the things people forget it's the kurds who have been fighting, not the u.s. troops. >> the kurds saved american lives, so many we can't know. those kurds were responsible for nailing isis and putting them away. with this now, you know, all bets are off. the problem with all of this is that without the americans
6:33 pm
there, everybody feels they can do what they want and there will be clashes, there will be winners, there will be loser, but in the end the biggest loser stands to be the united states not only from the standpoint of the region but also the fact that countries more and more think that when we say that we have their backs, doesn't seem like it if you leave. >> there is no curveball here. he said this months, if not years ago, he would pull troops out of syria. why is he getting surprising backlash from the world? >> he said it a year ago. that was the reason, that james mattis, the defense secretary left, it was impossible for him to consider this. then in march at least somebody from the state department got to through to these guys, he will be here, don't worry, we are not going away. now it's october. once again trump wants to withdraw. it's an interesting situation. many people call him an isolation exist, stay away from her countries. we just sent 5,000 troops to saudi arabia. >> it's that flip-flopping causing international fervor.
6:34 pm
>> yes. if there is anything the world likes to see is consistency. especially when you have been the world leader until now. >> the markets as well. thank you, larry. a powerful and violent tornado left behind a path of destruction in texas. this is the tornado which touched down in north dallas over the weekend. we are talking about wiping out entire blocks, 20 miles worth. more than 140,000 people without power. some lucky even to have their houses standing and that wasn't the case for a lot of people. >> i was crying. we didn't think we we >> it sounded like a freight train or a helicopter being right on top of you. you could hear the wind coming around. >> devastating and frightening for so many. fire and police crews searching through the debris for hours to make sure no one is trapped. as of tonight, almost impossible to understand but no deaths or serious injuries. an ugly situation unfolding
6:35 pm
at a high school involving a high school football team. a cheerleader and homophobic slurs. these allegations are coming from wilcox high school in santa clara. we are on campus with the details. >> reporter: the alleged incident happened friday. there are a lot of rumors right now floating around here at wilcox high school. so administrators are trying to nail down all the facts. santa clara police showed up at wilcox high school this afternoon. school administrators called them in to help them investigate after reports of an incident came out on in the post it says football players chanted homophobic slurs at a male member of the cheerleading team. almost every jun came one came e defense of that cheerleader. >> i don't know what is going on. >> reporter: and that has been part of the problem according to administrators. they have been busy clearing up all the rumors so they can get to the facts. >> i don't know the story. i don't know what was said or who said it or anything.
6:36 pm
>> reporter: but administrators are trying to find out if members of the football team bullied and used homophobic slurs against the male cheerleader. besides calling police, the district said in a statement, quote, at santa clara unified school district we proactively work to create an environment that embraces diversity and do not tolerate harassment or bullying of any kind. >> it's not right at all. at all. >> reporter: administrators say they will take appropriate action if their investigation uncovers any wrongdoing. administrators spent all day today and will likely spend all day tomorrow doing their own independent investigation. damion trujillo. the days may be numbered for home runs men and women along creeks and rivers. tomorrow the waterboard with vote on increasing funding for safe and clean programs and establishing encampment cleanup
6:37 pm
projects. a san jose councilman is urging people to show up to see those encampments removed. >> we cannot have people living in our waterways. it's just unsanitary and it's not just bad for the environment. it's bad for them, too. >> a lot of people worry that removing the homeless along that river way and waterway will push them into more populated neighborhoods. how about this? if you want to name a street, here is your chance. your the east bay city where people are putting up suggestions on this chalkboard. are putting up suggestions on this chalkboard.
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6:39 pm
a safeway clerkanb, so she d safeway and won. now the grocery chain is paying a $12 million settlement so its clerks can sit while they scan. that money will provide seats for up to 30,000 california checkout clerks. a santa clara cashier filed the initial lawsuit in 2011. she claimed not allowing her to
6:40 pm
sit while on the job violated state regulations. uber rolling out a new service designed to fight back against claims it puts too many cars on the road. a new feature called trackset journey planning. you enter your destination and select the transit option. then the app will give you options to take bart, bus, train, or ferry. also how long it takes to get there and how much it will cost you. the new service comes after backlash against ridesharing services making the streets nor congested. the service is offered in denver right now and boston. uber plans to roll it out to additional cities by the end of the year. how about barack obama avenue or beyonce boulevard? it could happen. berkeley wants suggestions to name a new street. it's wide open. the city is in the process of reconstructing shaddock avenue to make it safer for pedestrians. part of that project creates a new street that needs a name. so the city set this thing up, an old-fashioned chalkboard for
6:41 pm
people to jot down their ideas. some suggestions include people's street and gretta thornburg way, a tribute to the swedish climate activist. >> i had malcolm x. i figure that has always inspired me. >> it would be great if it's someone local that has been inspirational to the community. >> mc hammer? >> alice waters way. >> a city spokesperson says there will be an online forum for berkeley residents to weigh in on the naming suggestions. the berkeley city council will make the final decision early next year. >> she has done a lot of work with bringing fresh food and th. school districts throughout the bay area. >> she will have a garden in oakland? >> exactly. >> alice waters way your pick. >> that's my pick. >> put it on the chalkboard. our weather forecast changing this week. we have warmer weather tomorrow,
6:42 pm
but fire danger really ramps up wednesday night and thursday. i wanted you to see this. humidity thursday morning at 5:00 a.m. down to 13% in napa. that is some extremely dry air. we will talk about that fire danger in just a few minutes. a tow truck driver accidentally wrecked his truck. when he asked to be paid for repairs, he hit a wall. i'm consumer investigator chris gam or a. nbc bay area responds next.
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
this is a crazy one. nbc bay area responds. a san francisco man whose beloved pickup end-up at the bottom of a makeclt right. chris. >> let's take a look at dennis share don's 1997 dodge da tokaea pickup. this is a close-up of the hood. that is the radiator right there. look how it is bent. that is not normal wear and tear. dennis says a caltrans tow truck driver accidentally dropped that truck down an embankment near the bay bridge on the oakland side. this is what happened and this is the estimate he got for repair.
6:45 pm
more than $6,000. but when he filed a claim with caltrans, dennis says he got no response. that's when dennis turned to us. we asked caltrans what happened. a spokesperson didn't give us an answer. he later got a check for $2,264.31. that is a lot less than $6,000 that we saw on the repair estimate. but dennis accepted it and says he is ready to move on. why the low amount? depreciation. insurance payouts are typically based on your car's current value. even though dennis took great care of his truck, it was still 22 years old. that's an important point to consider with your own car insurance. if you are not sure about your coverage level, ask your agent to talk you through brick wall with consur in the right direction. visit nbc bay or call us at 888-996-tips.
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the new google phone is an eye-opener literally. here is the deal. you can use your eyes to open the new pixel 4 phone. put the phone in front of your face and voila. google says it's part of creating a safe way for people to unlock their phones. here is the catch. the phone will unlock even if your eyes are closed. that means someone could open your phone when you are sleeping. >> that's not good. a metemeteor shower will li clouds tonight, so you this me shower is weaker than normal. let's go to the expert, jeff ranieri. >> what is the best time? >> pinpoint it. >> before the sun rises, no clouds tomorrow morning. yeah. so we're in luck here as we head throughout the next couple of hours. nice forecast at least overnight and then we will talk about this fire danger. i did want to start off with the
6:47 pm
headline, and that is the fire weather watch in effect from 5:00 p.m. on wednesday into thursday at 5:00 p.m. again this is an early warning for us, for the hills of the northeast and the south bay. there is going to be a big contrast. i want to get that out there in the wind speeds. for the higher elevations 20 to 50-mile-per-hour gusts possible wednesday night in thursday. for the lower elevations only gusts of 20 m hour. so some of you at the lower elevations, if your power is turned off, there is going to be that disparity in the wind. i just want to make sure you understand this forecast. we will talk abomore about the gusts in a minute and a half. i want to show you what is changing the weather. it's about high pressure. this is bringing the heat and the way it's clockwise circulation around this will drive these winds offshore. it's the reverse of our normal cooler ocean breeze. so, again, it's a dry north and easterly wind, and that's going to ramp up that fire danger.
6:48 pm
heading through tomorrow morning we have clear skies to start. that dryer, warmer air will keep any find of fog away. so sunny skies, 52 in the south bay, tri-valley 56. so a light jacket to start. sunglasses needed for the morning commute certainly. then through the afternoon no jacket at all. look at these temperatures. my forecast in the south bay has numbers at least 10 degrees above avera. 88 in a few isolated 90s through the east bay. 90 conquered. also in danville and antioch, right over to oakland, 81. beach weather in october. have the day off, 73 here in half moon bay. redwood city at 85. san francisco, i have it pushing up to 79 in the mission. 72 in the marina. for a lot of the north bay the upper 80s to low 90s. tomorrow it warms up. fire danger starts to increase. once again wednesday night, thursday morning that's when the winds really are going to ramp
6:49 pm
up. i want to focus in on the wind forecast. for wednesday afternoon it's not that bad, but keep your eyes to the north here. notice this red color and yellow that's building in. that will be wind gusts of 30 to maybe 50 miles per hour here for the higher elevations in the north bay. all of these numbers represent some of the lower elevations and it will be calm here in san jose. but again north bay you are going to miles per hour with mountain gusts up so 11:00 p.m. wednesday into thursday morning, that's when it's going to be the gustiest for us. i see in my extended forecast something i want you to pay attention to. by sunday morning into morning we will see another wind event with wind gusts of 15 to about 40 miles per hou that also goes for the inland valleys sunday into monday. our second wind event. week. temperatures will cool off as this wind event moves in. however, the fire danger will stay high.
6:50 pm
so two wind events, two fire danger concerns this week. we will see what happens with the power shutoff. that's what i know now. up next, muddy and sloppy but beautiful for the 49ers. how they managed to stay perfect. we will hear from some of the team today back in santa clara. ♪ hey. hey. you must be steven's phone. now you can take control of your home wifi and get a notification the instant someone new joins your network... only with xfinity xfi. download the xfi app today.
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washington? they are still undefeated, 6-0, their best start since 1990. >> it's fun to watch the niners nowadays. whoever is in charge of washing the uniforms needs a raise. it was a muddy mess. here is anthony flores. >> reporter: the 49ers are off to one of their best starts in franchise history. in their win sunday at washington, the offense didn't score. 6-0 after a dominating performance from their defense. >> a sack by the 49er defense. nick bosa sailing through the redskin offense. >> reporter: nick bess a and the 49ers defense navigated through some rough waters, shutting out washington in a torrential downpour. >> it's not that fun to the scheme and game plan and tough for both sides, kind of completely goes out and you just, you watch the effort and
6:54 pm
just the guys trying to grind it out through some pretty bad, i mean as bad of conditions as i have been in. >> reporter: it didn't seem to bother them. the defense looked like slidingr the field while still getting the job done. >> bad as i have seen. i played in this stadium in the playoffs, and it was pretty bad and the field was pretty awful. it was like playing in a sand pit. today it was rain and everything was going bad. >> a became like this, whoever wants it more, they find a way to win. >> reporter: the weather and field conditions had a lot to do with the niners' struggle on offense. >> always looking to improve, like you said. but i do lake the guys we have here. >> reporter: the niners 6-0 for the first time since 1990, but the schedule and the competition will get much tougher starting sunday when they host the carolina panthers who have not last since kyle allen replaced cam newton at quarterback. >> it's fun to be a niners fan
6:55 pm
nowadays. baseball. bay area baseball legend we should say, possible hall of famer, is retiring. c.c. sabathia making it official today. a sparkling 19-season career, the last 11 pitching for the yankees. this was his last out game with stadium. this morning he tweeted referencing how it started at his grand mer's havemother's va backyard. one of the best in baseball. he still lives in the bay area and is active in the community. very good guy. his wife and kids are good real models. >> congratulations. ljeff ranieri, you are goin to be keeping an eye wednesday and thursday on the wind and heat? >> that's right. and a second wind event on sunday and monday. ens with and thursday it's about the mountains for the wind gusts. sunday this could be bay area
6:56 pm
wide event where we see anywhere from 15 to 50-mile-per-hour wind gusts throughout the bay area. two wind events increasing the fire danger as we hit this week. now, notice thursday we are at 93. with the second wind event, it gets cooler, down to 78. >> we could have blackouts, power outages up to 48 hours beginning wednesday or thursday. thanks for joining us at 6:00. >> see you tonight at 11.
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when i first met my now husband, my british friend said to me -- >> more stress for duchess meghan. how she's paying the price for ignoring touch-to ignoring the warning. plus who may surprise you.
7:00 pm
the private reading with the long island medium gets quite the emotional reaction. >> he's a jokester. >> then comes an added twist. >> there was this moment, though, where you -- >> to clarify we're moms, we're not serial killers. >> these mothers handle a whole lot of mom explaining according to kristen and jennifer. it's easy to figure what happens when you pair lizzo with camilla cabello.


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