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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 22, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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air wick scented oils are infused... ...with essential oils that are 100% natural. to fill every corner with the fragrance of nature. air wick. welcome to tuesday morning. already october 22nd. taking a live look outside, wow, look, already a lot of folks on the roadway out there, in dublin. temperatures are warming up again. summer just wants to hang on. good morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. let's talk about it. meteorologist kari hall has been tracking the temperatures for us. what are we expecting today? >> not only the temperatures but the high fire kang danger that s tomorrow. fire from the north bay to the east bay and santa cruz mountains and we are going to have some hotter temperatures this time around, as we take a li look outside in san jose, heading down to santa teresa, we
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start out nice and cool with mid-50s. we'll be in the low 70s by 11:00 and eventually reaching the upper 80s and low 90s. we'll talk more about this and mike, you have the latest crash in san jose. >> yes, i'll also start in the south bay, just like you showed santa teresa's forecast. a smooth drive but a crash is rt b sjc, the airport north 101 at 87. actually potentially on the connector right now. sounds like everything's off to the shoulder but it involves a recycling truck so i wanted to let you know a larger vehicle and some flashing lights may be there. no major problems as you travel. we see a little slowing there, 580 eastbound, away from the maze itself, around highway 13, overnight crews have you down to one lane but speeds are starting to improve. we'll watch as they clear. back to you. >> thank you, mike. new overnight, san francisco police are investigating the deadly shooting about one block from city hall. this happened at 11:00 last night near larkin and golden gate in the tenderloin. police are not releasing any details about the man who was
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shot or if they know what led up to that shooting. right now we still don't know if pg&e will follow through this week on its plan to possibly cut power again to tens of thousands of bay area homes and businesses. >> but even the mere thought of it is leaving some people in the dark already. >> i just started think being it today. i am not sure what we'll do. >> like last time, pg&e says the shutoffs would be necessary to reduce wildfire risk but this time around the bay area outages would be less widespread. right now they're notifying about 200,000 customers in 16 counties, which you can see in yellow on this map. it includes people in napa, sonoma, and san mateo counties. >> "today in the bay's" cheryl hurd spoke with people in napa who lost their power last time around getting ready for a possible sequel. >> i know it's coming again. hopefully it doesn't, but i feel like we're ready. >> reporter: she spent three days in the dark during the last
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power safety shutoff. this time, she's ready. >> we have these throughout the house. >> reporter: she has flashlights and a small generator, just in case. >> we've had so many emergencies and disasters here in napa county, this has become just the way, how it is. >> reporter: pg&e giving a 48-hour notice to some 200,000 customers. 10,000 live in napa county, nearly 35,000 in sonoma county, 6500 in san mateo county. the utility company got a lot of flack the last time power was shut off. the pg&e website was overloaded and many people said they didn't get enough warning. and now some are demanding that the company give them a refund. >> we don't want to turn off the power but if we have to do so, we want to help people stay safe during the shutoff. >> reporter: safety is one thing, but keeping a business going is another. this small upholstery business
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says a shutoff would hurt them financially. >> our phone lines go down, and when the phone lines go down the internet goes down, we can't really push orders through. >> reporter: cheryl hurd, "today in the bay." >> if the power does go out, pg&e says the company will be better prepared this time, with an improved website and more people will be available to answer the company's phones. >> 4:34. critics plan to gather in san francisco to voice theirening aer over a recently approved $21 billion wildfire fund for utilities. the fund will allow utilities like pg&e to tap into state funding to cover the cost for damaging fires. governor newsom signed this law in july, but it still needs approval from california's public utilities commission. the cost for the fund will be covered by the extension bond which takes about $30 a year from rate payers. opponents call the whole thing a bailout fund. they're planning to protest when the puc votes on the plan thursday. contra costa firefighters
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are on high alert this week, epare, the fire district is spreading out its trucks and staff across high risk locations, and just in case, 20 additional firefighter teams are being assigned to 24-hour shifts. firefighters in east contra costa county investigating a grass fire that grew to more than 100 acres. it started about 4:00 in the afternoon on brentwood on orrwood road, took about five hours to contain. no structures were damaged. dog lovers in san leandro say someone is taking things a little too far and discouraging them from letting their pets go on their property. it's a sign someone put up outside an apartment complex warning of rat poison in the grass, it also warns dog owners totay away from the area or their pets will die. neighbors are pretty sure there's no poison in the grass. while the problem is real there, the solution lies elsewhere. >> no dog should be hurt, and
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nobody should be feeling disrespected. we all live in this beautiful community together. clean up behind your pets and life will be good. >> the sign is now gone. the property manager had it removed last night. the people say there isn't really anything they can do about it because they don't consider it a crime. b.a.r.t.'s new carpool parking program has been so successful it's expanding. . june b.a.r.t. rolled out a new station allowing carpoolers to pay at the parking lots using the b.a.r.t. app. five more stations are now being rolled into the program, all on the peninsula. daly city, colma, south san francisco, san bruno and millbrae stations are now included. we have some breaking news just in to our newsroom, 4:36. we're hearing that jimmy carter, former president jimmy carter has been hospitalized after a fall at his home in plains, georgia. it is considered to be a minor pelvic fracture. this is a tweet that was sent out just moments ago from the
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carter center. we'll continue to monitor as he had a different fall recently, too, and i understand he underwent some surgery and was said to be doing better but that news just in to our newsroom right now. >> hoping for a speedy recovery for him as well. 4:37 right now. and the warriors open their nba season at home on thursday. >> but today two well-known members of dub nation hit the street on two wheels. president rick welsh and consultant zaza pachulia plan to bike to the chase center this morning. pachulia has been busy spreading the message to commuters, here yesterday on b.a.r.t. the warriors host the clippers at the chase center. >> can't miss him. coming up here on "today in the bay," ready or not, holiday shopping kicks into high gear within a month. of course, all anyone really
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worried about are the deals. find out what experts are saying on getting the best bargains. and how do you tip your uber driver? new details on who tips the most and which drivers are bringing in the highest tips. and taking a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, you can see some backups, some people freely going. mike is going to get us caught up on what we can expect throughout the morning in the bay area with that commute. you don't want to miss that. you're watching "today in the bay." i'm leah. and that's me,
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good morning. i'm rahel solomon at cnbc headquarters and here are today's top business headlines. wall street may be searching for a bit of direction this morning with futures pointing to a flat to slightly lower open. stocks rising yesterday on renewed optimism over u.s./china trade developments following a series of positive comments from beijing and washington. the results of mcdonald's, procter & gamble, lockheed martin, ups and chipotle. shoppers plan to spend an average of just over $1500 this holiday season. with online shopping gaining ground, cyber monday tops black friday as the preferred day to find deals. 53% of people rely on cyber monday for discounts and 44% plan to catch promotions on black friday. nearly three-quarters of smartphone users say they'll use their devices to buy a holiday
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gift. do you tip your uber driver. if you don't, apparently you're not alone. a new study by the national bureau of economic research finds 1% of uber customers always tip and nearly 60% say they never tip. the average tip is 50 cents per ride but among those who always tip the average is more like $3. men are more likely to tip than women but female drivers get tips more than male drivers. for years, uber has rejected efforts to add a tipping option to its app but of course it eventually caved and now drivers collectively earn millions of dollars in tips each year. marcus and laura, back to you. >> that's surprising to me. i always tip. >> yes? >> always. huh. always. >> restaurants. >> i always do. >> i think when uber started they didn't have the tipping. >> i have some sketchy drivers over here in new york. >> see? all drivers aren't equal. >> that's true. that's true. >> i have tipped. >> i didn't say you didn't. >> no, just saying. all right, 4:42 for you right
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now. someone i would tip every day, meteorologist kari hall gives us a great forecast what we need to know. >> i tip if the car is clean. >> good way to look at it. >> if it's not all stuff in there. let's get started with a live look outside in walnut creek, as we start out this morning, looking pretty good, nice refreshing air, some mid-50s and we'll see our temperatures heating up today. we'll talk about this and the fire danger coming up next. and we've learned that i will drive for laura. we're looking at the north bay, everybody driving just fine. here is a tip, it's great up here. we have a couple of crashes. i'll show you where, coming up.
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try my $3 steak and parm loaded curly fries. get 'em delivered with doordash. and good morning to you. taking a live look out, you can see a few cars on the road, the blinking lights to the right but i don't think that's anything we need to worry about. mike will get us through the day coming up in a bit. fans of ancient history are buzzing about a recent find in egypt. this week archaeologists unsealed 30 ancient egyptian coffins. inside they found perfectly preserved mummies. the coffins are estimated to be some 3,000 years old and over the weekend, the artifacts were carefully pried open. archaeologists believe they contain the remains of egyptian priests. >> interesting. >> that's cool. >> i heard that sound bite they
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were opening them up and one of the experts said these are perfectly preserved. you don't really see that. >> they were almost blown away by it, amazing. >> just in time for halloween. >> i know. >> all right, so this morning, it doesn't at all feel like fall. it is going to be summer like the next several days, and as we take a live look outside in san francisco, we are seeing a clear start to the day, and then for that morning drive, coming out of antioch, we'll see those temperatures in the mid-50s, holding steady through about 8:00, and we'll start to see it warming up throughout the rest of the day, some low 70s by 11:00, and it's going to be warmer today, compared to yesterday, that's going to be the trend as we head from now through thursday, the seven-day forecast is already up at the bottom of the screen, look at how hot it's going to be today. 92 in napa. 90 in santa rosa, concord, antioch reaching 90 degrees, with some mid 80s for san jose, as well as palo alto.
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so it's going to feel like summer, but we do still have a cool morning, so you do need a jacket, make sure you have the sunglasses but you'll also need some short sleeves and shorts for the rest of the day. you do need the layers as we will see our weather changing from the morning into the afternoon. so here is what we know about tomorrow, and the next couple of days, with our high fire danger. the hotter temperatures will return, and we'll see a northerly wind, northeasterly and some of our hills at 50 to 60 miles per hour. those winds start to peak tomorrow night, and so that's the reason why we have the fire weather watch for elevations above 1,000 feet. we are going to see the high winds in the higher elevations, while the valleys won't feel much of that. and it's all because we have this high pressure setting up, giving us a dry northerly wind. you can see it turning more offshore, going into the end of the week, we'll see more changes, as we get some cooler air moving in. our wind forecast once again showing that the winds increase
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early tomorrow morning, but peak as we go into tomorrow night, and still continue throughout the day on thursday, with these hot temperatures. we'll see the highs in the upper 80s and low 90s from now through the end of the week, and then by the weekend, it starts to cool off, and we'll also still see some gusty winds picking up as that cold front moves through on sunday. mike, now you have two new crashes to report. >> i do and i'll update the first one we talked about earlier this morning, this is 101 at the 87 interchange. that's over on the shoulder but chp arrived. want to let you know they're getting some assistance. no lanes blocked. a little slowing as they clear lanes 101 through palo alto. we typically see that on our camera north of university. it's over here, where we have our two crashes, and this one may be a bigger deal, for folks out of the the altamont pass, slowing west 580 approaching greenvil greenville, disabled vehicle reported stuck in the middle of the freeway, a busted axle, a tow truck is needed to clear
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that. that say tough spot. just before vasco, and vasco we have a crash there, but it is counter commute heading up into brentwood northbound, so you should be okay, right at camino diablo. 20 minutes out of brentwood and byron and toward 580. the rest of contra costa koicou smooth drive. highway 4, same speed, approaching the been been the cash lanes still have yet one on each side, they have yet to open. back to you. >> thanks so much, mike. 4:50 right now. leaders in rohnert park are on a push to slow the speed of smarttrains as they pass through city. councilmembers will formally request a speed reduction through the crossing at golf course drive near commerce boulevard. they cite five deaths in that stretch in a span of a little more than a year. according to the "press democrat" a train was clocked going nearly 70 miles per hour. facebook says it has recently blocked russian and
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iranian-based efforts aimed at the 2020 election, yesterday the company announced several new measures aimed at combating foreign interference. they include labeling state-controlled media outlets, pointing out the identity of organizations and owners behind facebook pages, as well as labeling content rated false by independent fact checkers, but the company is facing criticism for not holding political ads to the same standard. in an exclusive one on one interview with nbc news' lester holt, ceo mark zuckerberg says it's important for facebook users to see the messages candidates are sending. >> do you feel like you're giving a green light to politicians? >> no, look -- >> lie, lie, lie. >> i believe that it is important for people to be able to hear and see what politicians are saying, that speech will be heavily scrutinized by other journalists, by other people. >> zuckerberg went on to say that he strongly rejects
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presidential candidate elizabeth warren's calls to break up the company. supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg took a break from the supreme court for an appearance at uc berkeley. she helped pay tribute to a late university law professor. she told a crowd at cal she is feeling strong after her fourth battle with cancer. she did not address current issues but focused on her life-long battle for gender equilt. one of nine women in her law school class, the 86-year-old said she's excited to see her work make a difference. >> overjoyed, yes, that at long last, women are welcomed at the bar, and on the bench. >> justice ginsburg says while laws have changed, unconscious bias still remains. coming up here on "today in the bay," "nbc bay area responds." >> con artists are stepping up their tactics to get to you answer the phone, and hand over your money. i'm consumer investigator chris
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chmura. we'll help you outsmart the scammers, next. but first, happening now, firefighters mopping up and watching for hot spots east of los angeles. the little mountain fire spread quickly because of windy conditions, leading to evacuations and damage to at least nine homes. five people, including a firefighter, were hurt. it spread to about 17 acres before being completely almost knocked down. the cause of that fire is under investigation. 4:53. a lot more news ahead. we hope you stick around.
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nbc bay area responds to an uptick in viewers who have fallen for scams. >> it's not that people are more gullible. consumer investigator chris chmura says scammers are getting smarter and personal. >> good morning. we've been talking with security
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experts who say the bad guys are more strategic than ever to fool you. first they're targeting particular areas. they pick a company that's popular in your city or neighborhood. next, they spoof the caller id so it looks like that company making you more likely to pick up their robo call. then this is new, they get personal. >> they have also acquired data generally through data breaches or access to data that they can purchase. >> security analysts warned us that scammers are taking bits and pieces about you from the dark web to make their robo calls more believable. coming up tonight at 11:00, we'll help you avoid that trick. we'll also expose the way scammers are exploiting text messages and how you might actually be helping them. if you have a consumer complaint for us to investigate, please call us, 888-996-tips or visit i'll see you again tonight at 11:00.
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>> thanks, chris. coming up here on "today in the bay," governor gavin newsom will be in the east bay today. the green message he plans to deliver at a major conference happening this week. and let's head outside to dublin, as we get ready to get this day started. it's a cool one, but we will have a very warm afternoon, going from 54 to 74 by noon. we'll get a look at all of our microclimates and talk about the high fire danger coming up next. and we're also looking at 580 here up at richmond-san rafael bridge. very light traffic right now but 580 as you come out of the altamont, we have a bigger backup. we may have a little more problems. we'll check on that progress coming up. you're watching "today in the bay."
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good morning. we're talking about the high fire danger, now a fire weather watch in effect for bay area hills that will start tomorrow for elevations above 1,000 feet. we are going to have some hotter temperatures today. i'll have a look at that and the rest of the forecast. mike, you're updating the crash in livermore. >> a couple spots with slowing, 101 in palo alto for the crew that's typical as they clear and livermore wesnd 580. they just finished the traffic break or whatever stomache they had to do briefly for west 580 at greenville. the crash just cleared, should be some recovery. things were stopping up there out of the altamont pass. the rest of the approach toward the bay bridge moves nicely. in san francisco, a crash should be clearing from 50 off-ramp there. we'll track that. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. breaking news this morning, former president jimmy carter recovering


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