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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  October 25, 2019 11:00pm-11:33pm PDT

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right now at 11:00, the kincade fire continues to rage in sonoma county, and at this hour now evacuation orders are under way. we are on the fire lines with the very latest for ready. pg&e is planning for more blackouts. this could be the largest one yet. 2 million people in northern california could have their power shut off. it's the third shutdown this month. >> yeah. this is pg&e's map. it's broken down county by county. now, the most impact will be felt in sonoma and marin counties. and many areas on the peninsula
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as well as in the south and east bay likely to be in the dark. let's get right to nbc bay area's cheryl hurd. she's live for us in orinda tonight. cheryl. >> reporter: well, this marquee in downtown orinda could go dark by tomorrow at 10:00 p.m. and the power could be off in this area until monday. that's why a lot of people in this area are getting ready. the possible power safety shutoff is not only affecting adults, it's a concern for children. >> my parents got a generator. so now we have that. which is good. and we also have these big bags of ice. >> the last few weeks have created a frenzy for people looking for ways to keep the power on. >> we just installed a solar system on our roof with a backup battery. so we are ready. >> reporter: an estimated 120,000 contra costa pg&e
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customers might lose power tomorrow. 56,000 customers in alameda county could lose power around 5:00 p.m. >> i don't exactly like it because most stuff won't be available. and like this causes all kinds of commotion. >> even though it's an inconvenience, we recognize that it's important to do to avoid fires. just disappointing to see that although they did that up in sonoma there still was a fire. >> reporter: law enforcement is hoping people are preparing themselves for criminals who may want to take advantage of the outage. >> we certainly have a plan to have deputies in our affected areas, but a lot of the alarms are equipped with battery back-ups. so that's a good thing as well. >> reporter: now, even though the power shutoffs are planned the caldecott andlide tus take place this weekend, will wrap up by 5:00 cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> last power outage we did not
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have a generator. so this time we decided to get a generator. >> that's what many others around the bay area are doing tonight. they are getting ready, gassing up, preparing for a few days without power. tonight pg&e says that is a good idea. in fact, it recommends people charge their phones and flashlights, fill cars with gas, have cash on hand and know how open garage doors manually. now, if you want to find out if your home is affected by these outages we've put up a link to the pg&e website. you can see that map. you can enter your address. it's in the article on our home page, okay. parents, plan ahead. some schools across the bay area are already canceling classes for next week. these five in the santa rosa city school district will be closed on monday. these are the only ones that we know of tonight. but we're going to make sure to keep an eye on that. and there probably will be more over the weekend. pg&e says it will begin turning the power back on, 2:00 in the afternoon on monday. but of course that could change
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depending on the weather. >> let's talk about the kincade fire again and the impacts of it. the wildfires burning in sonoma county but we are seeing smoky, hazy skies across the bay area. let's bring in chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. jeff, how much more will we see of that over the next couple of days? >> i think it's -- especially through tomorrow going to continue to filter down here. once we get the wind on sunday, that definitely could blow a lot of it out of here out towards the pacific ocean. but i think the larger thing at hand right now is the air is unhealthy across the bay area. so you've got that. may need to limit your outdoor exposure. we have the fire, the kincade mil, which is at least 21,000 per hour. but the direction of the wind is likely going to grow this fire right here on the southern side. as we move through tomorrow, again, we are expecting unhealthy air compared to the east bay and south bay with the worst air quality expected right over marin, napa, and sonoma
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counties. but what about the wind? i don't want to string you along on this. i want to give you an early look at what i'm looking at with my forecast. and you can see on saturday i don't think for most of the day wind's a problem. 10 to about 20 miles per hour. by saturday night at 11:00 p.m. we could see those gusts begin to go up to about 30 with that new wind event as we head into sunday. we're looking at gusts in the lower elevations. 20 to 40. the real threat, though, is in the mountains. 60-plus miles per hour. i will take you all the way through this wind event. and i've been hearing from a lot with the twitter, you want to kincade fire and which way embers might blow from that fire. i'll have a detailed look at that coming u minutes. >> okay. we're looking forward to it, jeff, thank you. new evacuation orders have just been issued in sonoma. and evacuation warnings in lake county as crews continue to battle the kincade fire. nbc bay area's sky ranger flew over those flames this evening as crews continued their round-the-clock battle.
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nbc bay area's sergie quintana is live in the town of litton, just outh of the coppola winery. sergio. >> reporter: yeah, as you mentioned, the fire does seem to be moving a little bit south and east, and that is the reason why we are having those additional evacuations. let's go ahead and show you right now. we're kind of seeing the edge of the fire here. those additional evacuations issued here in sonoma county, and then just over the hill east of us in lake county are additional evacuation prompting fire crews to close down some of the roads heading into the fire zone. a new evacuation warning has also been issued for cobb mountain and surrounding areas in lake county including the communities of gifford springs, cobb, whispering springs, anderson springs, adam springs, and hobert. >> it's just hard for the area. we're still trying to recoup
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from a couple years ago. >> in sonoma county residents in litton have been stopping along the roads to watch as the hills are lit up. incident commanders are hoping to get more of a handle on this fire now before this weekend's winds. >> we are throwing as many resources as we can at it. but we also have to plan for the worst and we also have to think about this large wind event that is coming. >> reporter: the kincade fire is only at 5% containment. it's ballooned to more than 23,000 acres. it has destroyed 49 buildings including many homes. because of the wind pg&e will be cutting park to communities in the fire zone and in thevent a new issue residents need to be ready for. >> when we lose power, we lstre. street lighting. your overhead street lighting. your stoplights are out. so that adds to confusion. >> reporter: now, when that power cut -- when that power is cut and if there are additional evacuation orders, the sheriff says that he has his deputies
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going -- he will have his deputies going door to door to tell people about those evacuations to make sure that they do get to safety. reporting live in sonoma county i'm sergio quintana, nbc bay area news. >> sergio, thank you so much for that report. the smoke is impacting air quality across the bay area, as you can imagine. in san francisco that smoke rolled in this afternoon. it was just a thin haze tonight. but this weekend it is expected to get worse. now, it's still nowhere near what the bay area had to deal with last fire season where people were warned for weeks not to go outside without a mask. >> we're expectinguali to be unhealthy but in the low end of that. and it would be similar to a cold winter day when we have a lot of peopleh leaders are remi people to stay cool, stay ormehy thcoeed quickly change. for updates on the kincade fire head on over to our
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website, we'll give you the latest on air quality and evacuations and forecasts. in southern california panic caught on camera as a family races to evacuate the tick fire. >> it's okay. run. we're okay. >> those scary moments recorded on a home security camera. a towering wall of flame and smoke in canyon country yesterday. this evening firefighters are bracing for an anticipated shift in the wind direction. the 4,000-acre fire is 10% contained and thousands of people are still out of their homes. parents are filing a lawsu oakl school district and the police department they say for what they call excessive force. they made that announcement afe today. the suit comes following a protest at the oakland school board meeting. the meeting got heated when parents started yelling at district members regarding possible school closures. in the end six people arrested. one parent arrested and treated at the local hospital. >> i'm suing for my damages.
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i'm suing for my expenses. and i'm suing for the harm and suffering for me and my fellow parents and teachers. i'm suing also for my first amendment rights. >> oakland unified says it has a five-year plan to overhaul the district that will affect less than 24 schools. the students from those schools that must close will just be merged into other schools. no more border patrol agents boarding buses. that's what angry protesters are demgd. they gathered outside the oakland greyhound bus station. you see them right there earlier tonight. they say bus and train travelers more than ever are being stopped, questioned, a and detad since president trump came into office. that's when customs boreder and protection enforced an obama administration decision to restrict those. tonight a homeless camp in san jose is gone but tensions are high.
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the man who didn't want to be identified says after he confronted the people living in a creek bed near his house they called the police. he says they told the police that he pulled a gun on them, but he is denying that. other neighbors say they've had their own encounters with the people living near their property. >> i found homeless people sleeping on the ledge as well as using our chargers, charging their phones in front of our house. >> the man who confronted the homeless says he spent the night in jail with pending charges. cut from the team and suspended from school, a south bay high school is taking action after accusations that some members of the football team bullied ax high says several football players chanted homophobic slurs at a male member of the cheerleadidmintrators would not give us specifics about the discipline or say exactly pulle the team or suspended from school. coming up, it's bad enough millions may spend the weekend in the dark, but for one south
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bay woman it's hitting her twice as hard. we'll have her story, next. i'm very excited. it was a dream come true. i was very happy for my daughter. >> and a special costume for a special girl. how some south bay students helped make halloween magical for her. a brand new fire warning on sunday. i'll go over that wind forecast hour by hour so you can plan. and did you get a generator to help you out during these power shutoffs? i'll go over some important safety tips to get you ready if you need to turn that on. coming up in a few minutes.
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beyond fast. want to give another look at the kincade fire burning in sonoma county. it's been more than 48 hours now. he last 45 minutes cal fire issued new evacuation orders in sonoma county. we're going to show you the areas of the evacuation orders on the screen in a moment. so far more than 23,000 acres have burned. at least 21 homes, 28 buildings
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have been destroyed. there are no reports of any deaths or people missing at this point. okay. let's talk about those planned shutoffs. hassles for most. double hassles for a south bay woman. not only is she slated to lose power at her home in the bay area, but her home in cal veras county, that's going dark too. nbc bay area's jean elle is live . >> reporter: these outages create challenges for a lot of people. take downtown los gatos, for instance. it's on the psps map. but business owners tell me they've been on the map before and the power didn't go out here. so saturday night they say they'll be playing it by ear. we did talk to that woman and others in south san jose who say they are preparing for a weekend in the dark. >> i'm a firm believer we're getting it this time. and we're getting a double whammy. we're going to have it here at our house in san jose and at our cabin in cal averas county.
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>> reporter: pam bishs-off is leaving the electric car at home and heading to arnold to clean out a fridge full of spoiled food. >> we're going to empty out the refrigerator out there and scrub it clean. this will be the third power failure in ten days. fuel rods you can get for your phone. >> stocked up on batteries and backup power for electronics, bishoff is hoping a penny will tell her if she needs to clean out her freezer in san jose when she gets home. >> if the freezer loses enough temperature the ice will melt, the penny will drop down. then when the power comes back on the penny will freeze at a lower level than the top and you know how much melt you had. >> reporter: neighbors are asking guests to bring lights for a dark halloween party. >> flashlights and any battery lanterns that they have. >> reporter: more than 27,000 customers in santa clara county are expected to be affected by the pg&e power shutoff. the lights could stay out until midday monday. >> no air-conditioning, no fans.
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basically like camping in a little house. >> reporter: far from the windy fire zone but impacted by the decision to cut power for safety, customers aren't thrilled with pg&e. >> i don't understand why, you know, as much as they charge too, why they don't have people out there taking care of the situation ahead of time. it's not the first time we've had wind. >> reporter: lots of questions still for pg&e. the business owners that i talked to here in los gatos here say if they are still open on saturday night and the power goes out they will close early. reporting live in los gatos, jean elle, nbc bay area news. >> a big headache for a lot of people, jean, thank you. lafayette wants its money back. pg&e shut off its power two weeks ago and now it's about to do it again. on monday the city council will consider asking the california public utilities commission to force pg&e to pay it back. it wants reimbursement for the money it spent on emergency workers and overtime, but it could be tough to get that money back.
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that's because lafayette's city attorney says pg&e got clearance from the state to turn off the power in the first place. well, it's only less than a week away. some people's favorite, halloween. millions of kids will dress up for halloween next thursday. and it's a little bit harder for children in wheelchairs. that's why one group of san jose high school students teamed one a national organization to create something magical. nbc bay area's ian cull shares it with us. >> reporter: halloween can be a tough time for kids in wheelchairs. costumes are hard to come by. like for 15-year-old reina fisher. she's very social and has lots of interests. her favorite show is can the the magic schoolbus." she also has cerebral palsy and is non-verbal. >> and a special person who's taught us a lot. >> reporter: so when her parents couldn't find the proper costume, they sent a letter to a national non-profit, magic wheelchair. >> magic wheelchair is an awesome organization because it does cosplay kind of costumes
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for kids in wheelchairs. >> reporter: an instructor and two students at silicon valley olunered right away. >> i just -- i don't know. i thought that was the coolest thing that i probably could have done. >> reporter: they spent three weeks of designing, building, and finishing something custom just for reina. and finally brought her in for the big reveal. [ cheers and applause ] >> i'm very excited for her. it was a dream come true for her. i was very happy for anyp her w. >> to have her have the ability to be -- to participate in halloween like everyone else. >> reporter: costumesan transfo. to play make believe or in this case help believe in good. >> seeing the people that all put in for it and made it happen, that's what i really like. everybody came together to make her have a special day today. >> reporter: in san jose -- >> put your blinker on.
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>> reporter: ian cull, nbc bay area news. >> she's not just going to participate, she is going to rule halloween. >> the best costume of all. >> a blinker. >> that's fantastic. >> beautiful work by those kids. >> jeff, we're getting closer sxloeser to saturday and sunday. sunday being the problem day for firefighters fighting the fire. >> we've seen a few changes in the forecast but overall we still do expect those gusty winds as we hit sunday. let's bring you in to that microclimate forecast. and i know you've been smelling it outside. the smoke has now filtered throughout all of the bay area. do expect that smoke through tomorrow with the worst of it right up here into the north bay. so how do we know it's going to be windy on sunday? i wanted to give you a look at what we look at behind the scenes. and it's all about the way the weather pattern is setting up. we have high pressure. you're used to seeing that. that can usually bring us some clear skies and warm temperatures. but the thing that's developing is this low pressure system over
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the west. and because these two weather systems are so close, air in weather flows from high pressure to low pressure. so we're going to see this wind race right across california as we hit sunday. every single forecast model is showing that area of low pressure develop right there. and that's going to be key to the forecast. so let's take you through saturday. i don't really see a whole lot of wind through the day on saturday. so as you continue to get ready for these power shutoffs and think about what you've got to think about here, it's only five to about seven miles per hour through 6:00 p.m. once we hit 11:00 we start to see things pick up over st. helena, napa and vacaville. definitely this ev s you're loo the wind direction and also the expected wind gusts. most of the lower elevations will be 20 to about 40 miles per hour. but some new information tonight is maybe not quite as windy here for san jose and also redwood city. but overall look for mountain gusts at 50 to 70.
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lower elevations sustained steady winds 15 to about 30. we can handle that. r to 40, thatsional gusts at the could also bring down some trees. so the problem we get into with the wind as we advance this is we have the winds staying with us at 11:00 a.m. on sunday. it continues into 3:00 p.m. and then also into 9:00 at night. so it's a long duration event and that's where we could see more troubles with possibly some fires if fires do end up getting sparked. we'll get this wind clearing out of here once we hit 7:00 in the morning. now, i've been hearing and talking with you a lot on twitter tonight, and i know your concern is real up near the kincade fire. so i wanted to show you with th blowing what could happen with some of the embers. the winds are going to be coming out of the northeast and this definitely could blow embers certainly into geyserville and also healdsburg. you have to start thinking about evacuation plans if you have not already done so. also down toward windsor and cal
11:23 pm
oh sto calcalistoga. you're far away but fire spreads fast and i want you to be prepared. we also have the new evacuations in cobb. even though the wind's going to be pushing the fire generally away from you you're going to be real close to that. so also stay on alert. my extended forecast, wind calming down by monday. we could see the wind kick up a little bit more on wednesday. not nearly as gusty and dry over the next seven days. right here through the inland valleys, down to 78 on sunday. at least for that power it's not going to be too hot. if you got a generator like i did tonight, there are some simple tips. make sure you use it outdoors. plenty of ventilation. exhaust away from the house. at least 20 feet away. and let it cool before you fuel it back up. i just wanted to get that out there so people are safe with g. >> yep. super important. good tips. thank you, jeff. coming up, drone delivery. the faa launching its first ever drone airline. the life-saving flights already under way. and we have jimmy. >> hey, guys. priyanka chopra jonas and sean
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evans are here. quest love and tariq from the roots. stay tuned. it's good. happening now, governor newsom toured the fire damage of the kincade fire in sonoma county. at a news briefing afterward he says the state will provide cities $500,000 in grants for generators and will not bail out pg&e in light of the power shutoffs and the fires. you can read the story on our home page, we're back in a moment.
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powerless. >> the worst winds since the wine country wildfires two years ago are coming this weekend. >> our team tracking the biggest pg&e shutoffs yet. the impact the blackouts are set to have on homes and businesses. >> kari hall also monitoring the fire dangers. join us monday morning 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. okay, jeff, final word on what we can expect within the next 48 hours. >> wanted to get you a timeline so you can see it. strongest wind on sunday develops 3 to 7:00 a.m. on sunday. goes through the afternoon, gusts in the valley 20 to 40, i think we can handle that. it's in the mountains up to 70 miles per hour. that could bring down some more trees. extended forecast, we'll clear out from that wind on monday. we could see maybe some more dry winds next wednesday, 10 to about 25 miles per hour. does not look nearly as strong. and i know a lot of people are getting those generators.
11:34 pm
so just please be safe with those so you don't get, you know, any of the exhaust and certainly some harmful effects from that. read those instructions carefully, and we'll be here to cover that wind on sunday. >> plenty of people getting prepared, though, today, which is a good thing. >> i saw a lot of empty store shelves. hard to find batteries. all the simple stuff. >> that's going to do it for us. stay safe. of course we'll have you covered with all of our newscasts over the weekend. bye-bye. [ cheers and applause ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests - priyanka chopra jonas.


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