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tv   NBC Bay Area News  NBC  October 27, 2019 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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11. brees to la taif yous murray for a 15-yard touchdown. 17-6, saints on top. fourth quarter, same score. second and goal. and brees throws another pass. this time to hill. brees throws for 373 yards, three scores in his return. saints win 31-9. we look at the nfc west standings. jeff, seattle, two losses. the rams with three. who do you think poses the biggest threat for the 49ers? >> this is definitely the most competitive vision in the national football league right now. you look at all those teams. they're all in the hunt. i think seattle is the team that poses the biggest threat. the niners showed what they can do to the rams last week going to last and taking care of business. seattle is yet to be seen. two games against the seattle seahawks, two games against arizona. they need to take care of business thursday night on halloween in arizona. >> ten-second answer.
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we're running out of time. hardest thing to do to prepare for a short week? >> i think just get your body back, recovered. it's a brutal game. four days is not long enough. but these guys mentally got to prepare themselves and be strong on thursday night. >> jeff garcia, dave feldman. thanks for watching "xfinity sports sunday." see you on halloween. ♪ we build spaces for curious travelers. ♪ we create the things that we want to exist in the world. ♪ we want people to feel like they spent time with family. ♪
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it has been a frightening day for so many people across the bay area. >> fire, fire. >> you started from the line and it has shot over to the roof. >> well, you know, it never got this close. >> look, it's right here. >> they saw this massive explosion. >> we got out just in time. >> a special edition of nbc bay area news starts right now. thanks for joining us on what's been a dangerous and dramatic day across the bay area. >> much of sonoma county threatened by the kincade fire. thousands of people holding their breath hoping gusting winds don't make it worse.
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>> cal fire offered new details about kincade fire. the fire grew by more than 20,000 acres and the winds are expected to pick up. >> nbc bay area sergio is live in santa rosa tracking the fire minute by minute with the latest on the damage done. sergio? >> reporter: unfortunately, these winds are not making this an easy fire fight as this fire continues to grow and grow. according to cal fire, the kincade fire has ballooned to 54,000 acres and, unfortunately, containment has dropped to about 5%. there are more than 3,400 firefighters who are now here trying to get some kind of control on this wind-fed fire. and, unfortunately, two of them were hurt on the fire line today. this is video of one being air lifted from the scene to a burn center at uc davis medical center. >> they were both burn injuries.
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the first one appears relatively minor. the firefighter was taken by ground ambulance to a burn center. the second one was more significant. the firefighter was air lifted and flown to uc davis medical center for burn injuries. >> reporter: this is a time-lapse video of the smoke plume coming off kincade fire from san sta rosa where a lot of evacuees are spending another night in a shelter. people are in good spirits at veterans memorial building. earlier this afternoon we noticed a trio of residents dressed up as super heroes to try to provide levity for the kids here. for some of the day u.s. 101 has been closed in both direction because of the smoke and the need to keep the artery clear for emergency vehicles doing balgs with that kincade fire. but tonight the chp has opened 101 southbound to allow for some people still in the area to be able to get a little further south. i can tell you that one of the
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other conversations at the briefing tonight was about shelters starting to fill up here in sonoma county and further south. just this evening the mayor of san francisco announced they would be opening a shelter there tomorrow morning at 8:00 to try to help relieve some of the shelterser in this region. >> a lot of folks with place they need to find to go to. sergio, thank you. here's a look at the fire lines and the evacuation zones. 180,000 people have been told to evacuate. the largest evacuation in sonoma county history. that's 90,000 more people told to leave their homes today alone. >> what everybody is wondering about is the wind, the strength. let's check in with jeff ranieri and see what's going on. >> the latest shows winds are not nearly as strong as they were early this morning. but we have dangerous wind continuing to remain in place,
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though. latest check, maximum wind gust out of the north at 45 miles an hour. that's been pushing a lot of the fire growth off to the south. this is the fire perimeter that was in place early this morning. as i advance this, i want you to see how this fire grew. off to the south we had hot spots? healdsburg, windsor. the biggest fear is calistoga. this fire is just off to your north. you may be asked to evacuate so i want you to have a plan in place. i want you to be thinking about that. that is one of the most next immediate danger. 55-mile-per-hour northeasterly wind, i expect in the forecast through 5:00 a.m., could blow embers your way. in calistoga, think about evacuation plans, how you would get out and what you would take with you. i want to give you two other updates. the martinez fire is out. evacuations have been lifted. lafayette, a big-time scare this afternoon. that fire is out with
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evacuations lifted. the wind forecast continues with those 50-mile-per-hour gusts in the mountains through this evening. tomorrow morning by 8:00 a.m. the wind gusts are down to 25 miles per hour. by tomorrow afternoon, only 15 miles per hour. you can't let your guard down. tuesday into wednesday, possibly gusts up to about 50 miles per hour. i want to bring in meteorologist rob with a look at the wind. right now it doesn't look as strong as what we experienced today but we're still going to get the wind. >> which is amazing. we were watching this major event where we did have a major peak wind gust of 102 miles an hour at 3,300 feet not too far away from geyersville. around the entire bay area we knew this would be a high impact event. near the kincade fire you had wind gusts of 80, 90 miles an hour. the other spot fires, new fire
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starts in solano county and contra costa county. the reason why we had bay area wide fire danger today. >> we've been tracking this area of low pressure that helped create a lot of this wind. it basically sat in the same spot for so many hours at a time. i don't know about you, but early this morning, i live at about 1,000 feet up, it was just kind of horrific and super, you know, frightening. you just had that wind continuing. i know a lot of people are still on edge. >> you bring up a good point. this is a 39-hour duration event in terms of red flag warning. >> we get a little break tomorrow and more wind coming up. we'll be tracking that for you throughout the our hour. >> good information. thanks both of you. well-known wineries among many businesses in the path of the fast-moving kincade fire. this morning we caught these pictures of flames tearing through the historic soda rock winery. jose gonzalez worked for the vineyard. hours before he rigged nearby
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homes and barns, get that, sprinklers, saving many of the structures. >> have you ever seen a fire jump from that ridge line to this side. >> no, not in my 30 years i've been living here. >> you changed the entire life of, like, probably five to ten families today. >> we did. >> the winery was founded back in 1869. restored about 20 years ago after falling into disrepair. now from the wine fields to windsor where it was a street by street fight to keep flames away from homes. in fact, we watched firefighters save at least a dozen houses live on our air. nbc bay area was on the front lines as fire and smoke literally blacked out the sun this afternoon. >> reporter: day turned to night in windsor as spot fires from the kincade fire erupted. an orange cloud blanketed the neighborhood as fire marched in and gained momentum in the dry, open space of foothill regional
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park. firefighters raced to put out the flames before they engulfed homes. focusing on the biggest threat. >> a spot fire, spot fire. >> reporter: as dozens of smaller spot fires ignited all around them. gusty winds carried hot embers far and wide. >> we're out of here. >> reporter: not everyone obeyed the mandatory evacuation order. >> this started on fire, so i had to put that out. >> reporter: george helped put out spot fires, threatening his home and his neighbors' homes. he's amazed fire crews managed to safe the neighborhood. >> i worry about the foothills because we never had any big fires up there before. when they started getting into that area, you know, it's a bit iffy but they got that really quickly. >> reporter: but even as crews wrapped up and moved on to the next hot zone, there were flareups. a roof fire moved into the attic space of this home. watch as a firefighter rips tiles off the roof by hand and flames jump toward his face.
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another close call and another save. a scary scene playing out repeatedly all over this windsor neighborhood. jean elle, nbc bay area news. this was a terrifying sight on i-80 near the carquinez bridge. we followed that fire live on air as it spread. first the vallejo side but it wasn't long before the high winds spread it to the cal maritime academy. several students are also trained in fire fighting. you can see some cadets helping knock down flames on their campus this morning. >> last week a few freshman and i, we all took an advanced fire fighting course. and we just did that the entire weekend. that really came in handy when we were trying to fight this fire today with knowing all the techniques to rig all the hoses and get everything flowing.
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>> members also traveled across the carquinez strait. cal fire says that fire is 85% contained tonight. the bridge is reopened. nbc bay area cheryl hurd is in vallejo and we'll have more coming up at 9:30. firefighters in the east bay were busy battling fires. in lafayette was it a dramatic scene as a downed power line destroyed a tennis club. melissa colorado was the first reporter live for us on the scene today. she joins us now live with the latest. melissa. >> reporter: you remember this, but the lafayette tennis club building is gone. last i saw, i saw a deck, a wall, a door and not much else. the tennis club was actually hosting a tennis tournament when this fire broke out. i want to show you, there's still somewhat of a scene out here. fire crews are monitoring a situation here, making sure there's no additional flareups.
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winds sparked a transformer to fail. it didn't take long for flames to torch the entire lafayette tennis club building. >> we heard like an electrical and then a big explosion. >> reporter: the lafayette tennis club was in the middle of hosting a tennis tournament sunday afternoon when suddenly cheers turned into screams. >> the transformer blew. >> the second that exploded, all of our power went out and we smelled smoke. >> reporter: it was a dangerous domino effect. sparks, downed power line, followed by flames that engulfed the entire building. christian owns a swimming school that operates out of the tennis club. >> called 911, it was busy. >> reporter: it was only until she went to her mother's house to use a land line that she was able to get through to a dispatcher. by then precious minutes had passed. >> they said you start seeing helicopters and flames, that's when you should start running.
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>> reporter: it was most important -- >> a cat in there. >> reporter: and waited for the all clear to return to their homes. >> scary and the kids have homework and everything else. we're stuck out here. waiting. >> reporter: despite fire crews' best effort, the lafayette tennis club is a total loss. >> the reality will hit me once i see it. >> reporter: in martinez, a two-alarm fire scorched up the hills. homes were spared thanks to the hard work of firefighters swamped by the string of fires. >> you think it's a scary situation for everybody. >> reporter: county fire officials tell us a home in this neighborhood suffered damage, damage to the roof. most likely the flying embers we've seen shoot out of the fires all day long. the good news, no reports of any injuries. and the evacuation orders here in lafayette have been lifted. however, for the folks living in this neighborhood because of the fire that happened here earlier today, their power has been shut
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off. that's the latest in lafayette, melissa colorado, nbc bay area news. we've been talking about winds, watching them push flames. the wind also caused a lot of damage on their own. check out this fallen tree in oakland. happened this morning at the clairemont dmv. there was a farmer's market going on there. police got to the scene. you can see how big that tree was. huge. fell onto several cars, masmashg the roof and windshield of one. while pg&e is dealing with this historic windstorm, it's bracing for more dangerous weather conditions and more potential power shutoffs come tuesday. we heard from jeff and rob about that. in fact, the company warned tonight some customers may not have power restored until friday. nbc bay area laura joins us. >> pg&e hopes to restore power to all customers before the next windstorm but warns some customers may see this outage last longer than first expected.
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more than 3 million people are affected as a result of both the utility's planned and unplanned outages this time around. pg&e expects to give the all clear for most areas between 6:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. that means crews can start inspecting damage, the first step to restoring power. the company says it can restore power to 10,000 to 20,000 customers an hour if their equipment is not damaged. but there's no guarantee all power will be restored before shutoffs start all over again tuesday night or wednesday. >> i would ask everybody who is listening and watching this to make sure you're prepared for the potential that your power may not be restored. that's not what we want to do. we will work very hard to get everybody back. but as soon as you have your energy back or if you don't get it, please make sure your devices are charged, that we can communicate with you and prepare for your own safety.
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>> pg&e says it's already started sending out notifications about tuesday's possible outage to 500,000 customers. they also say the outage map is likely to look similar to this sutoff in the north bay with a smaller impact in the east and south bay. if there's any good news, it may be that pg&e says they don't see another shutoff on the horizon after tuesday. reporting live, laura sanbol, nbc bay area news. still to come, we'll check in with people forced to leave their homes behind as they wonder what the future holds. governor gavin newsom met with them a few hours ago and we'll have his reaction for you. >> good question for evacuees, what's the next move? we have valuable tips coming up next. by tuesday afternoon and evening, we have a brand-new wind event that will begin to arrive. we'll go through the forecast for you coming up this hour. our next update on weather in about 12 minutes.
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late today governor gavin newsom met with the 180,000 evacuees in sonoma county trying to reassure them that firefighters are doing everything they can to protect their homes and that he's doing what he can to hold pg&e accountable. nbc's bay area thom jensen is live in petaluma at one of the larnlgsest evacuation centers. a lot of people, as we can imagine, probably really frustrated, especially those who lost their homes two years ago and now they're thinking they might have to go through it again. >> reporter: some of them downright angry, in fact, fearing that this will just be accepted as the norm in the future during the fall in these fire-prone areas. the governor today promising that the state is doing all it can to make sure that these fires and these evacuations and these planned power outages, forced power shutdowns are not
9:22 pm
the norm in the future. >> doing all right? >> yes, i mm am. >> reporter: governor gavin newsom visiting volunteers and patients at a makeshift medical center inside the sonoma marin fairgrounds. just one of several evacuation centers the governor visited sunday, thanking evacuees for heeding the warning from cal fire and others that they need to get out as soon as the mandatory evacuation notices go in effect. >> go means go. when we call for an evacuation, evacuate. >> reporter: it's estimated as many as 5% of the people inside the evacuation zones remained behind. meanwhile, some of those forced from their homes told nbc bay area, evacuation routes were choked with traffic, causing backups that lasted for hours. the governor is hearing some of the same from evacuees. >> it took almost three hours to go one mile.
9:23 pm
>> reporter: newsom said, state and local agencies have been coordinating evacuation and communication efforts since june, but said for now, the time it takes to evacuate for some of the most remote areas is a stubborn reality. >> it's difficult. some of these areas are rural. some of these areas only have one core evacuation route. >> reporter: some of these evacuees here, more than 600 of them, fearing with the new wind events coming on tuesday, they could be here for a long time to come. maybe a week or more some are fearing. live in petaluma, tom johnson. all post offices in sonoma county are closed tomorrow. four homes in milpitas are damaged tonight after a fire sparked in their neighborhood. who they're blaming for it. we'll have that story and more a little later in the newscast.
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throughout northern california are spending their second night in the dark. one milpitas neighborhood that still has power is wishing they didn't. >> multiple people say they saw sparks from a power line start a fire that damaged four homes this afternoon. nbc bay area's ian cull was the only one on the scene. have they confirmed? >> no. residents heard a pop and saw a fire seconds later. those that live there are upset with pg&e. the fire happened before 3:00 this afternoon in milpitas. witnesses say sparks from the transformer at the top of the power pole set the corner house and garage on fire. the neighborhood was not part of the pg&e public safety power shutoff and at least one homeowner is pointing all of her anger at just one thing.
9:27 pm
>> lost our whole life. and it's due to the gas and electric company. sorry, i have to say it. >> the high winds sent embers from the fire rushing through the neighborhood, sparking smaller fires at three other homes. luckily no one was injured but a family dog was hit and injured by a car. coming up tonight at 11:00, hear more from that victim who said she had been asking the utility to trim trees around the power lines near her home. tense moments this afternoon as a fire burned on both sides of the carquinez bridge. there are those who will say that you're:
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too fat. too skinny. too hard. too soft. too old. too much. too unexpected. too limited. and to them we say too bad. because at kaiser permanente, we believe that everyone deserves the right to thrive. thanks for joining us on this special prime time edition of nbc bay area news. >> we are continuing our coverage of this historic windstorm that's lady to fires and record power shutoffs across the bay area.
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we have critical information about school closures, evacuations and power shutoffs at the bottom of the screen. >> the biggest fire is kincade fire in sonoma county. it's grown by 20,000 acres today. continues to burn towards the county's most populated cities. here's what we know so far. as hurricane-force wind gusts spread the flames today, two firefighters were injured. one had to be air lifted to uc davis. the other was taken in an ambulance to a local hospital with less severe injuries. the kincade fire has burned more than 54,000 acres and cal fire says they've actually lost ground with containment now back at just 5%. tonight 180,000 people have been evacuated in sonoma county. 94 structures destroyed, including an unknown number of homes. today much of the fire fight has been centered in two key areas. healdsburg and windsor. that's where hundreds of
9:31 pm
firefighters are spending their night, trying to keep flames from claiming more homes. christie smith has been tracking their progress and joins us from just east of healdsburg. you can see fire or smoke just about everywhere you like right now. >> reporter: that's right. let me start by saying the winds have died down considerably this evening compared to what they were earlier today when they were just whipping back and forth and carrying embers with them. you can see there in the distance kind of the result of that, which is spot fires that are on the hills around here. when you're driving around, you also see many firefighters going up and down the roads trying to protect homes and other structures and stay ahead of the winds. that's exactly what we saw them trying to do. now, this is a home off chalk hill road where what you're seeing is crews staging trucks and trying to make sure that the fire does not spread. in this case it was tires that were on fire. they were staying with it. while we were there, we did not
9:32 pm
see it spread to any structures. one battalion chief told me he cannot stress enough that these conditions with this fire are really rough. >> the wind has played havoc with us the last couple of days. things you normally might be able to pick up, we just can't because the wind is blowing so hard and blowing the embers so far out in front. it's really been hard to try to get ahead of the fire because behind the fire we have all these homes we need to be protecting. >> reporter: now, we did see vehicles in the alexander valley area that were burnt on one property. another issue, though, is that we keep seeing the trees that have fallen. they are burned at the base. firefighters, they have chain saws out there cutting them up, trying to clear roads much of the day. we also saw multiple helicopters out here, at least earlier in the day with the air attack dropping water out here. at least for the time that we were out here, on this stretch
9:33 pm
of chalk hill road that was passable for us, the good news we have to report is that we, personally, did not see any structures, any homes damaged. reporting live in sonoma county, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> that is good news. thank you. a 150-year-old winery in healdsburg took a big hit overnight. the soda rock winery's main building is gone. video shows it burning down quickly. firefighters say if the fire burns close to you and they tell you to leave, do it right away so they can do their job. >> something if i can impart on anybody, if you're still in the area and this kind of conditions are happening, do your best to get to a safe location, find a dirt lot, find a parking lot, something, until this fire intensity subsides and then you can leave the area. or if you have time before the fire gets to you, please go. if you're in the area, we're unable to fight fire. our job is then to protect life
9:34 pm
and we're unable to extinguish the fire. >> right after we interviewed the state firefighter, the tree behind him right there goes up in flames. dramatic scene there with our nbc bay area bob redell interviewing this firefighter. this is what the soda rock winery looked like just yesterday. again, that historic building is now gone. all public and most private schools in marin county will be closed tomorrow because of the pg&e power shutoff. the only exception is bayside mlk academy. all schools in the mill valley school district, novato school district, ross will be closed tomorrow as well. napa county, howell mountain elementary school district and all schools in napa valley school district will be closed tomorrow as well. in sonoma county, dozens of school closures. here's just part of the long list. all schools in these districts
9:35 pm
will be closed tomorrow. alexander valley union, bennett valley, cloverdale, healdsburg unified. a lot of information for you. we have the full list on our website, we're also showing them at the bottom of your screen throughout the newscast so you can check it out there. we brought you live updates on the fires by the carquinez bridge. fire broke out around 9:00. people jumped into action to keep that fire from spreading. >> reporter: the fire got so close to homes, i saw a lot of people grab garden hoses trying to put the fire out. tonight people are recovering after a rough and crazy day. >> well, never got this close. it was always blowing up towards that hill over there. >> reporter: as fire started racing up the hill in this glen cove neighborhood, people were
9:36 pm
waking up to an evacuation. >> look, it's right here. >> reporter: windy conditions and flames threatening homes on waterview terrace. >> ran outside. the smoke was really, really bad and really high, you know. and we were saying, god, i can't believe i'm going to lose my house. >> reporter: emotions running high. >> as it was burning up to my fence line and burning my neighbor's fence and we were fighting it off with a garden hose. looks like we held it off just in time for the firefighters. >> reporter: as firefighters were scrambling to protect homes, there were crews racing to the maritime academy across the freeway where fire was quickly spreading. these ka deads making it there first. using their training to help in the fire fight. >> grabbed our hoses, hooked up to the fire main and our goal was just to somewhat contain the fire. >> reporter: there is a message to all of this out here. if you don't have a go bag, get
9:37 pm
one because of what happened here today, you never know when you might need one. reporting live in vallejo, cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much. looks calmer where she is. christie smith was saying it's calmer where she is. maybe the winds are taking a turn for the better as far as the firefighters are concerned. >> the lower elevations is where we're seeing a difference. a lot of locations are 20 miles and lower. higher elevations have seen a decrease from 80-mile-per-hour wind gusts and higher elevations near the kincade fire. now down to 45 miles an hour. that's still very dangerous. i want to start off with this map. you've been evacuated in geyersville, healdsburg or windsor. it's now 50,000 acres and containment has been reduced down to 5% with that north wind, it really pushed this growth down to the southern side with lots of hot spots moving towards
9:38 pm
healdsburg and windsor. today we have crews there reporting as those embers started fires in those locations. i want you to be on alert in calistoga. flames are off to the north. here's why. i think in this location, this area, we could still see 30 to 50-mile-per-hour wind gusts blowing embers to the south-southwest. think about that and have your plan ready. so, where do we go from here with the wind? i want to make sure you understand. by 9:00 tomorrow morning, we begin to see that wind decrease, 15 miles and less. that is the good news. with the good comes the bad, at least right now with this forecast. by 3:00 p.m. on tuesday, notice this red color up here and a little purple. that's 50-plus mile per hour wind gusts. tuesday 3:00 p.m., that will eventually build down into the bay area by tuesday with the strongest gusts right where the kincade fire is down through the elevations of st. helena and
9:39 pm
napa. a little pop around mt. diablo into wednesday morning. with more on how this wind has been impacting air quality, i want to bring in meteorologist rob mayeda. >> wean been watching throughout the day, the same wind that pushed smoke offshore and allowed the kincade to grow by 38 square miles today did take more dense smoke off shore. that was the trend we watched on the satellite loop. even as more spot fires showed up and smaller fires in the east bay. the wind shift presents an air quality issue. if you've been outside tonight, around the peninsula and south bay, you're noticing the smoke to get a little more thick as the wind speeds drop off. we have a spare the air day tomorrow, portions of the south bay. smoke pollution we think will be a problem. >> even though there's a lot of locations away from the fire itself, you just go outside for a couple of minutes and you can
9:40 pm
feel it in your eyes and throat. i had to look for that recirculate button on my air conditioner on the car and the 95 mask could be helpful. we'll have an update on the hour-by-hour wind coming up. all of the fires, evacuation orders and all the chaos that goes with it can be trying and can be confusing, especially if you still might have to leave your home tonight. nbc bay area chris joins us. >> what do you do right now? depends on your situation. let's run through a couple of different scenarios. let's talk about if your home has been damaged. hopefully there are very few in this camp but we know there are some. call your insurance agent and start the process of a claim. it is incumbent upon you to get that moving as quickly as possible. if you're able to access your home, take photos of the condition right away.
9:41 pm
and if you need to make emergency repairs, go ahead and do that. but don't do anything more. don't start to try to repair the home. insurance agents like to see and the adjusters who come with them, they like to see the home exactly as it was damaged. only emergency repairs. so, let's say you have evacuated. and you're wondering what's going on with your home. go ahead and call your insurance company, let them know about the ee v evacuation. ask about expenses you incur during the evacuation. some insurance policies will actually help you with that, with food, gas, lodging, et cetera. if they do, make sure you keep your receipts so you get full reimbursement. let's talk about folks still at home. here's what you should be doing right now. some is self-explanatory, some remedi remedial. check or make sure you have a go bag. if you have one, make sure it has everything you need for the next couple of days. if you don't, go ahead and make your go bag right now. think about what you would need the next couple of days to scene
9:42 pm
yourself. we're talking food, water, prescriptions, stuff about your pets. those are the sorts of things you absolutely need to have in your go bag. also, charge your cell phone. get it charged right now in case the power goes out. you can keep abreast of what's happening around the area. also know your escape routes. figure out now how you would leave your home, actually leave the home itself. also how to leave your neighborhood if someone came to the door and said you have to get out now. also come up with a plan "b" because sometimes roads are blocked. don't just think you can count on gps. we learned two years ago when the power goes out, cell towers go out and gps is basically usele useless. figure it out right now, figure it out with a plan "a" and plan "b." the most important part of it all, keep yourself informed. try to plan it ut to the best of your ability that way there are no surprises and you're as safe as possible. back to you.
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today's wild winds have damaged an iconic east bay tree. we'll take you out to see the damage done in danville.
9:44 pm
9:45 pm
strong winds are being blamed for snapping a big branch right there off the famed old oak tree near downtown danville. it's believed to be the same tree that was used as a model for the city logo. crews kept diablo road closed for several hours as they trimmed other loose limbs. an arborist had to come out, examine the tree's roots to make sure it's still stable. 65-foot-tall-tree is expected to be 300 years old. further north is flames that have everyone on edge. firefighters are in a street by street fight trying to save homes from falling victim to the kincade fire. marianne joining us from windsor with the latest on the fight. marianne.
9:46 pm
>> reporter: the winds here have picked up in just the last hour. that's one reason why so many fire engines are stationed here in this neighborhood. if you look behind the homes, you see an ominous red flglow. that is the kincade fire. it's burning on the hillside above this neighborhood. the big concern is tonight it may descend onto it. flames edging dangerously close to homes in windsor. hundreds of firefighters attacking the flareups, dousing them and then moving on to others minutes later. tonight windsor is in the crosshairs of the kincade fire, which has already destroyed more than 54,000 acres in sonoma county. joe says flames came within 75 yards of his home. he stayed behind to protect it. >> flames came over the hill and got into the vineyard. and at that point we got tremendous firefighter support. >> reporter: these crews are using shovels and dousing small flames before they have a chance
9:47 pm
to grow. a fire is already burned through this area once, destroying trailers and a car. now firefighters are focused on neighborhoods that are threatened. >> what we're trying is trying to create a buffer space so that we can kill the fire before it actually starts getting into the neighborhoods. >> reporter: so far more than 186,000 people in sonoma county have been forced to evacuate. now with nightfall, firefighters face new challenges, low visibility and high winds. tonight cal fire has downgraded containment to just 5%. the plan is to have one fire engine to protect at least two homes. that is the strategy here tonight. we see that some of these fire engines are getting ready to, perhaps, move. that is a critical strategy because right now 80,000 homes are threatened. reporting live in windsor,
9:48 pm
marianne favro, nbc bay area news. the kincade fire has triggered the largest evacuation in sonoma county history. more than 180,000 people have been ordered to get out of their homes, but evacuation centers are filling up. six of the ten shelters are now at capacity, including this one on the marin county fairgrounds. many people found by the time their neighborhood was evacuated, the shelter closest to them was already full. >> even though i come from santa rosa, we couldn't go to the santa rosa shelter because they were full to capacity. >> the red cross says it will continue to find new shelters as long as people need them. for a list of all open kincade fire evacuation centers, we somewhere that on our website, we will see a little break in the wind forecast for monday but another wind event behind it
9:49 pm
arrives by tuesday afternoon and evening. we'll go over the hour-by-hour forecast and let you know what's coming our way in about 15 minutes.
9:50 pm
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we're going to take a minute, step away from our continuous breaking news coverage for a look at at 49ers smackdown. >> you love to do that. >> love it. >> the niners entered today's game as only one of two undefeated teams in the nfl and they left the same way. the wind blowing at levi stadium in front of a packed house. tevin coleman a huge day. he scored one, two, three, four touchdowns. that's one of them. leading the niners in a rout over carolina. now 7-0 after beating the panthers 51-13. won't have long to wait before you see the niners again. they play thursday against arizona. raiders taking on texans. looking good for most of the game. derek carr hitting tyrell williams. he goes for 46 yards and a touchdown. the raiders led 21-13, but with
9:52 pm
just more than six minutes left in the game, watson threw a td pass to fells and texans beat raiders. one more game oakland could say, could have, should have won that game but they didn't. big story of the day, the night, the week. fire, pg&e shutoffs, wind, bad weather. >> and we're not done yet. as we've been saying, we have another wind event moving in. right now that wind event for tuesday into wednesday does not look to be as strong. with the fire situation we have we're still going to have big-time impacts. let's get to the wind speeds. most of the lower elevations are at 20 miles per hour and below, so there's at least a little bit of good news. we had a maximum wind gust at mt. diablo at 60 miles an hour. right here at mt. st. helena, 70
9:53 pm
miles an hour. those are the kind of winds that fanned the kincade fire. i want to give you the latest information. we continue to see wind gusts of 45 miles per hour where the kincade fire started and for some of the surrounding higher elevations. that's continuing to push some fire growth off to the south. that was the big thing. with those major wind gusts earlier today, we saw this fire grow with hot spots down to healdsburg, also windsor and as i've been mentioning, calistoga, you have those hot spots just to the north. you could actually see some embers move your way. be ready for maybe some evacuations. just have your plan in place. i think right now, as we head into about 5:00 in the morning, we could still have 30 to 50-mile-per-hour wind gusts. stay alert and be ready. now, what about the wind pattern? you know, we had this wind moving in. what caused the wind.
9:54 pm
it was all about this area of low pressure. i do think as we hit tomorrow, that low pressure moves off towards the east and that's going to give us a break. but the next problem we get into, it's the same exact pattern setting up. once we hit tuesday and wednesday, we have another low pressure system dropping down. that will create more wind. we've been explaining this but here it is. air and weather flows from high pressure to low pressure. with this setting up, where it is, we'll see more wind race across northern california with that low pressure digging in across the west. what about that wind fra? i think as we move through tomorrow morning we get a break, 8:00 in the morning, 20 miles an hour or less. this is good news. as we move through most of monday we're just fine. by tuesday afternoon we get the wind picking back up at 2:30, 20 to 25 miles an hour. mainly for the north bay. as we hit tuesday evening around 6:00 to 11:00 at night, 20 to 32-mile-per-hour gusts at the
9:55 pm
lower elevations. look where the kincade fire is, mt. st. helena, you have this purple color, we could see more wind gusts in the mountains by tuesday, up to 50 plus miles an hour and we'll start to clear this wind out once we hit wednesday morning. tuesday night and wednesday, that's the next event. if you have a generator, there's a lot to know about. many of us have them powered up. operate them outdoors, a lot of ventilation, 20 feet from your home and let it cool before you refuel. sun rise at 7:31 so you can click that off. as we get you into the extended forecast, you can see the next wind event, tuesday into wednesday and then we clear out. at least the good news, temperatures are not in the 90s and 100s. without air conditioning we have 70s inland this week and that will be a little reprieve for people as they deal with the stress of this, the evacuations, not being at home and all that. >> a nice, cool night, too. we'll be right back.
9:56 pm
9:57 pm
9:58 pm
we wanted to provide one last update on the dangerous conditions across the bay area. >> strong winds all day long caused the kincade fire in sonoma county to grow quickly. two firefighters suffered burn injuries. one of those firefighters had to be air lifted to uc davis. the other one was taken in an ambulance to a local hospital with less severe injuries. kincade grown to more than 54,000 acres. containment is back down. we'll continue to keep an eye on this. we'll be back at 11:00 and have more for you then. >> see you then.
9:59 pm
10:00 pm
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