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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  November 10, 2019 3:30pm-4:01pm PST

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tonight, the arctic blast, plunging two-thirds of the country into below-freezing temperatures. nearly 300 records set to be shattered. some areas will see a 70-degree dive, windchills below zero. the latest on when the big freeze will hit you. >> hollywood on fire. brush fire bearing down on l.a., forcing the evacuation of warner brothers studio. >> oh, my gosh, you guy, it's right here. it just broke out. >> firefighters attacking it from the ground and the air. >> impeachment goes public. the hearings go live this week as the president lays out a warning to republicans today. plus, former cabinet member nikki haley on being pressure to
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undermine the president by two senior officials. the airborne crash that killed two people. how did this porsche launch so high into the air it crashed into the second floor of a building. and carrying each other. two marines, their friendship tested in war, now reaching epic new heights. >> we'll as you be in it together. that's the best feeling in the world. >> their aspiring story of true dedication. >> announcer: this is "nbc nightly news" with kate snow. >> good evening. a record-breaking arctic blast is closing in on much of the country. 80% of the u.s. is at risk for dangerously cold, subfreezing temperatures. the polar plunge is on track to impact the north, the south and every place in between, and the temperature drops will be stunning, making it downright dangerous to be outside. parts of the country dealing with heavy snow and ice, along with the cold. wnbc's dave price now on monday's misery. >> brutal winter conditions
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sweeping across the country tonight. dangerously cold temperatures and winter weather expected to affect over 230 million people. but the big story won't be the cold air mass. >> very cold air even cold for january. >> near-record cold monday. >> snow falling in montana and moving east, stretching from colorado all the way to michigan. the windy city facing several inches of snow by morning and temperatures there could remain below the freezing mark for much of the week. and with the snow comes the coldest air of the season, overtaking 41 states. nearly 300 records could be broken over the next five days. a 70-degree temperature drop coming to locales, including topeka kansas, a high of 80 degrees today, and is expecting lows in the teens by tuesday. temperatures in the low double digits will penetrate the south from texas to alabama early in the week. winter may still be a month way, but for many, it's time to
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bundle up now. so let's talk about where that leaves us. cold, arctic air tonight begins to invade from the northern rockies, seeping well south. amarillo, texas, tomorrow, waking up and seeing temperatures climbing to just above the freezing mark, 16 degrees in minneapolis, 30 degrees in chicago. as we head into tuesday morning, low temperatures combined with winds, which will be kicking up at that point and gusting to 40 miles per hour or more bring the windchills sub zero in madison to single digits in places like indianapolis, sioux city feeling like one degree. and as we roll into tuesday and wednesday as well, 41 million people impacted by winter weather advisories, watches and warnings and inland sections of new england could see up to a foot of snow before it's done. kate? >> never feel ready for this, dave. thank you. now to the opposite issue. hot, dry conditions in california. and a fire that got a lot of
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attention today because of where it's burning, right in the hollywood hills, coming dangerously close to the warner brother studio. our steve patterson is there. >> firefight in the hollywood hills. crews leading an all-out attack from the air to stamp out clusters of flames and plumes of heavy snoek smoke, threatening l.a.'s lifeblood, its movie studios. sparking saturday on a ridge next to the iconic hollywood sign, cutting off access to nearby hiking trails, right next to the street from the warner brothers lot and down the road from universal studios. you can see how close the fire came to the warner brothers lot, flames ripping through this area. right next to the street they had to self evacuate and cancel tours for the weekend. scary sight for residents. >> a bit considered since i live in the neighborhood, with embers and smoke. >> reporter: one hollywood hero
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wasn't exactly worried, scott eastwood sharing videos of the flames, security told us to evacuate the studio but my 89-year-old father said no, we're good. there's work to be done. that sentiment shared by firefighters, who quickly worked to contain and stop the fire's forward progress. sae saving the day in hollywood. to the nation's capital where impeachment hearings will be playing out in public for the very first time and there's been an increasing battle as to who should take the stand. kelly o'donnell has more. >> reporter: from high above fifth avenue at trump tower, the president lashing out at impeachment point man adam schiff today, saying he wants people from the white house to testify yet he will not a white house lawyer nor any of our requested witnesses. impeachment going public with former and current state department officials testify in
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on camera this week about firsthand accounts, claiming the president when would military aid to get ukraine to investigate the bidens. heading into this week, a sharp partisan divide over which witnesses should be called. >> having hunter biden come in is unrelated to the ukraine call. and so that becomes irrelevant. >> i consider any impeachment in the house that doesn't allow us to know who the whistle-blower is to be invalid. >> reporter: an emerging republican defense is the president's actions toward ukraine were unwise but not enough to remove him from office. >> i believe it was inappropriate. i do not believe it was impeachable. >> reporter: but today the president warned his party, republicans, don't be led into the fool's trap of saying it was not perfect, but is not impeachable. democrats say they could support republican-chosen witnesses but under certain conditions. >> do these witnesses have important information, knowledge or evidence about the president's conduct?
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and if it passes that test, then we should call them, sure. >> reporter: president trump may have his own way to counterprogram those public hearings that will be on television. wednesday the controversial leader of turkey, president erdogan here, with with a visit and press conference, so some competing boxes for viewers to watch. >> kelly, on one other issue, one of the president's former surprising cabinet officie inii >> recollection tillerson and chief of staff kelly trying to recruit her, she rejected undermining president trump and told them so. tillerson and kelly did not respond for our request for comment but president trump tweeted his support for haley's book, telling his followers to
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buy it. >> kelly o'donnell. kelly, thank you. the trump administration is expected to ban certain flavors of e-cigarette cartridges this week. that public decision could have political implications. as hans nichols reports, the president's plan is leaving a bad taste with some of president trump's core voters. >> reporter: the president says they will ban e-cigarette flavors. >> we have to protect our kids so we'll have an age limit of 21 or so. >> reporter: also acknowledging the power of the vaping industry. >> we have a lot of people to look at, including jobs, frankly. you know, it's become a pretty big industry. >> reporter: pressing their point and their big pens, ex-smokers converged on the white house and on twitter explained how e-cigarettes helped them quit their tobacco habit. >> strawberry cheesecake flavor saved my life.
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flavors matter. >> reporter: a vaping ban could leave a political burn for the president. more than 4 million vapors live in swing states, including almost 900,000 in florida. the president won florida in 2016 by little more than a 100,000 votes. researchers from the cdc discovered a link between 29 mysterious lung industries, including two deaths and a type of vitamin e found in some vaping products. telling kate snow his goal is to take away the flavors so fewer young people start. >> it's not my job to think about politics or political ramifications. my job is to think about the public health. >> when i interviewed the surgeon general he said the ban was moving forward. how extensive is it going to be, do we know? >> the trump administration originally announced this, he said all flavors would be banned
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so if there's any change, it's a sign that they are feeling some political pressure. disappearing in iran some ten years ago, the iranians acknowledging they have an open case on the man. here is erin mclaughlin with the details. >> reporter: after years of agony, a glimmer of hope for the family of robert levison. >> we believe that iran knows exactly what happened to my father. >> reporter: disappearing from the island of kish. >> i'm not in very good health. i am running very quickly out of diabetes medicine. >> reporter: iranian government has never publicly acknowledged levinson's disappearance until now. today a spokesperson for the foreign ministry said a case was opened on, quote, the basis of goodwill and humanitarian issues, added it's a file about a missing person. this, days after secretary of
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state mike pompeo upped his reward to $25 million. experts say the time something no coincidence. >> iran would like to gain leverage with the trump administration because they realize mr. levinson is an important asset for the united states. >> to the levinson family he's not just an asset but a loved one, who has yet to meet his new grandchildren. >> he is working his best every single day so he can come home and meet the grandchildren he has never met. my message to my father is to not give up. >> what's the reaction been from the trump administration? >> the trump administration official tells nbc that iran's suggestion of an investigation is, quote, at best half hearted, noting the only credible evidence of responsibility for levinson's abduction points to those working for the islamic republic of iran. kate? >> erin mclaughlin, thank you.
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shakeup in bolivia tonight, the president evo morales's resignation, saying it's an effort to stop the bloodshed in recent weeks following violent protests accusing him and others in the government of undermining democracy there. still ahead a car crash mystery. how did a porsche end up in the second story of a building? also, cell phone secrets. the very personal information the very personal information your phone number reveals - [narrator] meet the ninja foodi pressure cooker with tender crisp technology. the best of pressure cooking and air frying are now in one pot. and only the ninja foodi has tender crisp technology, so you can cook foods that are crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. you may never need another appliance ever again. the ninja foodi pressure cooker. the pressure cooker that crisps. fred would do anything for his daughter!
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we turn now to a mystery involving two young men, a porsche and a deadly crash. investigators in new jersey are piecing together what happened early this morning when the driver lost control and smashed through the second story of a nearby building. molly hunter has details. >> vehicle entered a building. >> reporter: the vehicle, a bright red 2010 porsche stuck upside down in this real estate office in new jersey. >> i've never seen anything like this in my life. >> reporter: police say the driver, 22-year-old demartin and his passenger, 23-year-old daniel foley both died after losing control. traveling at an incredibly high speed, over the curb, that ditch
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and launched into that building. shocking this coastal community. >> those last couple of seconds must have been the most horrifying experience anybody could have had. two young kids lost their lives. >> reporter: police haven't said how fast demartin was traveling, the accident now under investigation. molly hunter, nbc news, toms river, new jersey. new developments tonight in the case of a missing alabama teenager. 19-year-old aniyah blanchard disappeared. her parents spent the day at the courthouse talking to police, saying there may be more people involved in aniah's disappearance. new york state regulators are investigating the bank behind apple's credit card, a credit card on your phone. the investigation comes after one user said it was sexist. a man said that his wife was
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denied a credit line increase, and he was not even though her credit score was better than his. the card, a partnership between apple and goldman sachs made its debut in august. a big anniversary today for sesame street, iconic children's show debuted 50 years ago today, giving important life lessons on pbs since 1969 with, of course, beloved characters, songs and guest stars always changing with the times. still ahead, insecure line. why is giving out your cell phone number can put your most private information at risk. and later, the inspiring story of two marines on a i saved hundreds on my car insurance when i switched to geico. and this is how it made me feel. it was like that feeling when you go to taco night at your favorite restaurant. and they're the best-tasting tacos in the entire world. and just when you think it couldn't get any better, they bring you out another taco...
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okay. question for you. would you give out your social security number to anyone who asked? probably not. but how about a phone number? what harm could do that? turns out, a lot. it's much riskier than you think, revealing a treasure trove of data about you, your family and your finances. nbc's jake ward put his own phone number to the test. >> i'll need a phone number. >> reporter: it's the number most requested, and often required to do business. >> please enter the ten-digit phone number associated -- >> reporter: you give it out all the time, whether you're calling a company. >> welcome back, jacob. >> they already have my number. >> reporter: or buying groceries. when you give your phone number to something like a rewards program at the grocery store, the discount you get on your groceries is not free. in exchange they're getting an incredible amount of information about you. companies use your phone number to track everything you do. i found that out when i used my
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cell to call patrick jackson who makes software at disconnect. he used my number to pick a strangely familiar meeting place. i lived here when i was 24, 25. you looked it up with just my phone number? >> yeah. >> reporter: how? he just plugged my phone number in a couple of websites and had personal information about me. including my mother's name. >> your mother [ bleep ]. your father [ bleep ] . you also have a sister [ bleep ] and then a wife. [ bleep ] >> crazy. tying identifiers like your phone number to your information. they analyze it and sell it to other companies who then build profiles of who you are. it turns out that my phone number is basically like a homing beacon. it triggers databases all through my life. that means that anybody who has my number can find out all sorts of things about me. things like where i go to the
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bank, which one is my grocery store, what's my pharmacy. not only that, but the rhythms of my life. things like where i work, where i go to the gym. where i get my coffee. dennis yew runs marketing firm. he tapped into my data to pick a place he knew i would like even though we never met before. how did you know i would want to come here? >> you gave me my phone number. one piece of information. we know you like to do hunting. >> reporter: you know that magical feeling you found the right store for you? >> you bought one of these outfitters hats, that information would go into a database, matching your phone number, email address with other partners. >> reporter: it's easy to get in and hard to get out. any company you give a number to is probably sharing it with their partners. next time somebody asks for your number in a place like that, think about it first. jake ward, nbc news, san
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francisco. >> i am never giving it out again. when we come back, brothers in arms. an incredible story of two marines and one epic challenge. will it feel like the wheend of a journey?p working, or the beginning of something even better? when you prepare for retirement with pacific life, you can create a lifelong income... so you have the freedom to keep doing whatever is most meaningful to you. a reliable income that lets you retire, without retiring from life. that's the power of pacific. ask your financial professional about pacific life today.
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the last. two veterans, both carrying so much. jonathan blank and john nelson served together in the same marine platoon in afghanistan on a mission in 2010, an explosive blew up beneath jonathan. >> i took a few steps and then everything just went white. it was like instant like knockout. >> john rushed to stop the bleeding, saving his life. >> i wouldn't be around here if it wasn't for him and the whole top notch. >> awesome platoon. >> awesome platoon. >> he lost both his leg. after both left the military they stayed close. >> i had to reinvent my whole life. >> this summer they were near a mountain. >> i always wanted to go to the top. he started getting it in his head and said maybe i'll take you up there. >> and john did, carrying his friend on his back for miles. >> i wanted to take him
3:57 pm
somewhere awesome and by foot. >> the tallest peak in the contiguous u.s., 22-mile hike so challenging, they couldn't do it alone. so their friends and fellow vets stepped up. >> when you leave the military and experience what we experienced. >> there's this brotherhood, camaraderie, such a tight community and suddenly you're take taken out of that. >> it's steep, rocky terrain. the hike expected to take so long, they had to start at 3:00 a.m. friday. with each move they counted on each other's trust, sharing the pain and the weight. there were times of doubt, dehydration, altitude sickness, exhaustion. 16 hours later, they made it. >> yeah! 7:00 p.m. just summited. >> jonathan, grateful for his teammates. >> to have all of you in my life, made this special. ask you to come here and do this
3:58 pm
and see you guys push out, put out, push yourselves. probably something you didn't know you could do. love you guys. >> an epic climb. just one more step on their journey together. >> what i've learned from hanging out with john is to never complain, to never give up, just never quit. it means the world to me. >> he never quits either, you know. and we'll always be in it together and knowing you've got a boy that will always be by your side no matter what is the best feeling in the world. >> their next planned hike, mt. kilamanjaro. highlighting the accomplishments of our nation's military this week on "nbc nightly news." honoring veterans a special series with lester holt. that's "nbc nightly news" on this sunday. i'm kate snow. for all of for all of my parents never taught me anything about managing money.
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sofi thank you, we love you. ♪ nbc sports, home of the olympic games, the nhl, notre dame football, the nascar playoffs, and prime time's number one show, "sunday night football," only on nbc. it's our time. sunday night, everybody watching. ♪ i'm in a sweet spot ♪ i'm feeling good ♪ the sun is shining ♪ i knew it would ♪ the world's a playground ♪ i'm in the clouds >> welcome to the minnesota vikings. >> touchdown, dallas. incredible. >> just another reason to hate


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