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tv   Early Today  NBC  November 11, 2019 3:30am-3:58am PST

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i never even heard of some of these people. i don't know who they are. by the way, it's all third-hand knowledge. >> the president broke the law >> for the first time during the impeachment inquiry of president trump, the public will hear directly from witnesses. of course, there is controversy over which witnesses will be allowed at these televised events an arctic blast is on the way. frigid temperatures usually associated with late january will sweep across much of the nation in fact, more than 40 states affecting some 200 million americans. janessa is here with your forecast. today could be a bigger
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shopping day than black friday or cyber monday. half a billion shoppers or more taking part in a singles day a consumer alert for you this morning why giving out your cell phone number could put you and your private information at risk. and on this veterans day, the inspiring story of two marines on a mission their friendship reaching a new height "early today" starts right now good morning i'm cori coffin. >> i'm phillip mena. more than 200 million americans need to bundle up if they're going outside today. an arctic blast is moving east and causing temperatures to plunge to lows that are 20 to 30 degrees colder than what we'd normally see this time of year over the next few days, we could see cold temperatures break nearly 200 records that have been set for decades many areas in the midwest and great lakes have already seen their first snowfall this could be a preview of what's to come for dozens of states nbc meteorologist janessa webb is here following all of that for us this morning. good morning, janessa.
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>> good morning. we're seeing the core of this cold really settle in the upper midwest with winter weather advisories, winter storm warnings in place. that's going to last for the upper midwest for at least the next 24 hours. let's talk about the temperatures when you factor in the winds associated with it, we're at sub zero range for rapid city. now, this will continue to linger tuesday afternoon for the midwest, even the northeast. that is just a quick taste for new york city. by wednesday, all of the northeast really going to be feeling it with sub zero temperatures for the higher elevati elevation. another component is the snow. i'll talk about that coming up. >> thanks a lot. >> kind of like how many layers we have to wear. >> right let's talk about the west coast, different there hot, dry conditions peark. those flames affecting w ining f the state's revenue sources, hollywood. a brush fire that's 80% contained has a lot of attention
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because of where it is burning nbc's steve patterson is there. >> reporter: a high-profile fire fight in the hollywood hills >> 50 feet, if not more, of flames >> reporter: crews leading an all out attack from the air to stamp out clusters of flames and plumes of heavy smoke threatening l.a.'s life blood, its movie studios. the fire too close for show business comfort sparking near the hollywood sign, cull kutt g i cutting a inting off access to trails, right by warner brothers studios. the lot across the street, they had toe and cancel tours for the weekend. a scary sight. >> concerned because i live in the neighborhood, with the embers and smoke. >> reporter: at least one hollywood hero wasn't exactly worried. scott eastwood sharing video of the flames, saying this about
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his famous dad, clint. security told us to evacuate the studio but my 89-year-old father said, no, we're good there's work to be done. that sentiment shared by firefighters who quickly managed to maintain and stop the fire's forward progress, saving the day in hollywood steve patterson, nbc news, the hollywood hills. the impeachment inquiry will come to life on television screens this week with the first round of public testimony set to begin wednesday. acting u.s. ambassador to ukraine william taylor and assistant secretary of state george kent will go first. they've delivered explosive testimony already behind closed doors. president trump is in new york city this morning to speak at the veterans day he's the first president to do so he's being urged to keep po latest from d.c. >> reporter: three people are set to testify in public hearings this week
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william taylor and deputy assistant secretary of state george kent on wednesday former ukraine ambassador appears on friday, marie yovanovich >> i've never heard of some of these people i don't know who they are. >> reporter: republicans want to hear from eight more, including the unidentified whistle-blower and who ever helped him write the complaint that prompted the hearings. >> we should be protecting the identity of thwhistle-blower. >> reporter: also on the wislisd his business partner president trump pushed for an investigation of the ukrainian company that hunter biden worked for. >> you can't call hunter biden and you can't call the whistle-blower that's sort of a sham. that's not even really a trial >> i don't see relevancy with the bidens there's no evidence. >> reporter: democrats rejected these requests, accusing republicans for using the hearings for sham investigations into the bidens and debunked conspiracies tracie potts, washington.
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we want to warn you, this video is disturbing.gunshots ] in a statement, hong kong police officers said one of their officers was surrounded and thought that the protesters would takel hoital tells nbc ne that 64 people were sent to the hospital during this round of protests now to a mystery involving two young men, a porsche, and deadly crash investigators in new jersey are piecing together what happened sunday morning when a driver lost control and smashed through the second story of a nearby building molly hunter has the story from the scene. >> reporter: the vehicle, a bright red 2010 porsche boxster, stuck upside down in this office in toms river, new jersey. >> i've never seen anything like this in my life. >> reporter: the driver, diel f after the driver lost control,
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striking an embankment and becoming airborne. that porsche was traveling on the other side of the road, flew over this median, hit the ground here, traveling at an incredibly high speed you see the skid marks, over the curb, into that ditch, and crash, shocking this coastal community. >> the last seconds had to have been the scariest situation anyone could have had. >> two young people lost their lives. it is devastating. >> reporter: it's not saiddemarg molly hunter new jersey it was a star-studded night at the e people's choice awards. >> first and foremost, thank god because i definitely don't have to be here being that i am, it makes me appreciate life even more. it makes me appreciate -- >> you hear him talking about it, comedian kevin hart made his
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first public appearance since his near fatal car crash, accepting the award for movie star of 2019 there were stars across all j agagen gen genres end game won jennifer aniston received the people's icon award. gwen stefani receiving the fashion award. pink named the people's champion heartbreaker for the dallas cowboys, capping off week te da trailing by 14, the cowboys ancuus one-handed catch. michaelto get it going. gallop to cut the lead in half the cowboys took the lead sticking the two feet in there still t c vikings win it, 28-24. thereigning mvp was back after injury patrick mahomes was not enough to push the chiefs past the
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titans, despite this jaw-dropping pass. titans quarterback, ryan tannehill, is playing pretty well he fought back for the upset, 35-32. green bay, it was not the ice bowl but a chilling reception nonetheless for the panthers carolina couldn't hold back aaron jones, who scored all three touchdowns for the packers. the panthers did have a chance to tiey mccaffrey, but he couldn't get it into the end zone the packers win the game, ck lar jackson made his best case yet for mvp of the league against the bengals. he had a perfect passer rating he threw for 223 yards, 3 touchdowns, and only 2 incompletions. baltimore bes cincinnati, 49-13. and in college football, lsu is in the driver's seat after they beat up on alabama. the crimson tide slid to fourth with ohio state and clemson sandwiched in between. minnesota jumped into the top
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ten for the first time in 57 years after upsetting penn state. all right. just watching some of the footage there and just the massive difference between what we saw when it comes to, you know, playing on the west coast versus playing in the middle of the country right now, janessa. >> exactly if you're on the west coast, you're enjoying all the sunshine and beach weather. across the rest of theountry c e those microclimates happening, a little cooler across the shore the bay in the mid '50s. remember, it is not about how you start the week, it is about the finish i'll show you that coming up >> wise words. >> good tease. >> i feel inspired by that
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fabric refresher even works for clothes you want to wear another day. make febreze part of your clean routine for whole home freshness. ♪la la la la la. here's a question for you, would you give out your social seri might be a little different. you might be more willing, especially for freebies. turns out, it is much riskier than you think revealing a treasure-trove about you, your family, your finances. here's nbc's jake ward >> i'll need a phone number. >> reporter: it's the number most requested and often required to do business. >> please enter the ten-digit phone number. >> reporter: you give it out all the time whether you're calling a company. >> welcome back, jacob >> they already have my number >> reporter: or buying
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groceries. when you give your phone number to something like a rewards program at your grocery store, the discount you get on groceries is not free. in exchange, they are getting an incredible amount of information about you. companies use your phone number to track everything you do i found llo call patrick jackso who makes privacy software a in. >> good to see you. >> reporter: he used my number to pick a strangely familiar meeting place. >> i lived here when i was 24, 25 you looked it up with my phone number >> yeah. >> reporter: how he plugged my number into public websites and, boom, he had personal stuff about me, including my mom's name. >> it is [ bleep ], [ bleep ]. >> also, your father then you have a sister, [ bleep ], and a wife, [ bleep ]. >> that's crazy. >> reporter: there is a whole industry of giant multi-billion dollar companies, tying identifiers like your phone number to your information they analyze it and sell it to
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other companies who build profiles of who you are. it turns out that my phone number is basically like a homing beacon. it triggers databases throughout my life. that means anybody who has my number can find out all sorts of things about me. things like where i go to the bank, you know which one is my grocery store. what's my pharmacy not only that, but the rhythms of my life things like where i work, where i go to the gym, where i get my coffee dennis y he tapped iny data to pick a place i like though we'd never met. how did you know i'd want to come here? >> you gave me your phone number one piece of information we know you like to do hiking and camping. >> reporter: you know the magical feeling you've found the perfect store for you? >> let's say you bought one of these hats, the lost coast outfitters hats. that information would go into a
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database, matching your phone number or email address with e other partners they have >> reporter: easy to get in and hard to get out. any company you give your number to is probably sharing it with its partners next time somebody asks for your number in a place like this, think about it first jake ward, nbc news, san francisco. just ahead, why we could see a roller coaster week on wall street. and before you've even had your morning coffee, it's made $30 billion in sales china's version of amazon prime day. lymed d savers. select a medicare part d plan with walgreens as your preferred pharmacy and get co-pays for as low as zero dollars and 100 rewards points on prescriptions. isn't saving great? save smartly on med d. walgreens. trusted since 1901. schools are having sacrto cut sports.y,d. i'm tony the tiger and i'm on a mission to fix that.
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in today's quick hits, the rockefeller center christmas tree has arrived to officially kick off the holiday season. the 77-foot norway spruce was cut down set to cross in front of theg fotil r the 2032 it'll appear as a tiny dark spot moving across the sun. it'll require binoculars or a sc find grand master chime wristwatch set a world record this past weekend the time piece $31 million at a auction, becoming the world's most expensive watch. >> or get one that looks just like it in chinatown for $20 just like it. >> i don't recommend that. >> probably legal. stocks kick off the week in record territory as consumers around the globe hit singles day hard in search of bargains keeping an eye on it is karen
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tso. good morning >> phillip, records seem to be the record of the morning. the s&p 500 clocked up a fresh record on friday the question is whether it can keep on going this way a couple headline acts to talk you through. president trump will be speaking at the economic club of new york that's lunchtime tuesday don't forget, there is a uging executed or signed at some point. watch that also, bond markmarkets we have jay powell speaking later on watch and wait to see whether there is commear interest rates. speaking of records, chinese consumers again trying to outspend american consumers all in one day this is around alibaba's singles day. $23 billion spent in the first nine hours on this big shopping event. just a short time ago, $31 billion spent. that topped last year's record taylor swift was singing some beautiful tunes to those online shoppers today back to you. >> karen, thank you so much. >> the market in china, we can't even compete >> famously so
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this is the big headline, by thursday/friday, look at the rest of the country. we start to really clear out it's about the finish. it's about the finish. >> we'll take that >> yes >> about the finish. as always, thank you. when we come back, inspiring story of two marines on a mission. delicious. now, i've heard people say lactaid isn't real milk. ok, well, if it isn't real then, i guess those things over there can't actually be cows. must be some kind of really big dogs, then. sit! bad dog. did you know that feeling slugsh or weighed down could be signs that your digestive system isn't working at its best? taking metamucil every day can help. metamucil supports your daily digestive health using a special plant-based fiber called psyllium. psyllium works by forming a gel in your digestive system to trap and remove the waste that weighs you down.
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metamucil's gelling action also helps to lower cholesterol and slows sugar absorption to promote healt b so, start feeling lighter and more energetic by taking metamucil every day. friendship on this veterans day. two marines who nearly perished in combat are on a new mission, helping each other climb to new heights. here's nbc's kate snow >> reporter: each step, more difficult than the last. two veterans, both carrying so much jonathan blank and john nelson served together in the same marine platoon in afghanistan on
3:56 am
blew up beneath jonathan. >> i took a few steps, and everything went white. it was like instant, like, knockout >> reporter: john rushed to stop the bleeding, saving his ld her for the top-notch -- >> it was the whole platoon. awesome platoon of war fighters. >> reporter: jonathan lost both his legs after leaving the military, they stayed close. >> i had to reinvent my whole life. >> reporter: they passed by a mountain near jonathan's home. >> i was like, that's my favorite peak, and i always wanted to get to the top he got it in his finally, he was like, i'm taking you up the mountain. >> reporter: john carried his friend on his back for 14 miles. >> i wanted to get him somewhere awesome, and we had to do it by foot. >> reporter: they set their sights on mount whitney in california, the tallest peak in the contiguous u.s
3:57 am
the hike so challenging, they couldn't do it a i lolone friends and fellow vets stepped up. >> when you leave the military and experience what we experienced -- >> you miss the brotherhood, the camaraderie. you're in a tight community, and then you're taken out of that. >> reporter: the summit is 14,000 feet up, o start 3:00 a.m. friday. with each move, they counted on each other's trust sharing the pain and the weight. there were times of doubt, dehydration, altitude sickness, exhaustion 16 hours later, they made it >> yeah. 7:00 p.m., just summited >> reporter: jonathan, grateful for his teammates. >> happy to everybody that i've had, all of you in my life i can ask you to come and do this, and so to see you put out and push yourselves. probably do something you didn't
3:58 am
know you could do. love you guys. >> reporter: an ep together. >> what i learned from hanging out with john is to never complain, to never give up, just >> it means the world to me. he never quits either. we're always, like, we'll always be in it together. knowing you've got that. you've got a boy that will always be by your
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what a week ahead. more than 40 states are facing temperatures usually felt in january. frigid cold ready to shatter the record books snow and ice too bundle up. we've got the latest >> escalating situation in hong kong as a riot police officer opens fire, shooting a protester. big week ahead in impeachment inquiry as the house prepares the public hearings for
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us to watch for television screens john lennon and the beatles took strawberry fields to a whole new level and now the iconic gardens are getting a whole vemb 11th we honor our veterans around the globe and thank em


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