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tv   Early Today  NBC  November 11, 2019 4:00am-4:31am PST

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what a week ahead. more than 40 states are facing temperatures usually felt in january. frigid cold ready to shatter the record books snow and ice too bundle up. we've got the latest >> escalating situation in hong kong as a riot police officer opens fire, shooting a protester. big week ahead in impeachment inquiry as the house prepares the public hearings for us to watch unfold on our television screens john lennon and the beatles took strawberry fields to a whole new level and now the iconic gardens are getting a whole new look and on this november 11th we
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honor our veterans around the globe and thank them for their incredible sacrifice and their service to our great nation. "early today" starts right now good morning i'm cori coffin. >> and i'm phillip mena. a record-breaking arctic blast is closing in on about 80% of the country. snow and sleet already falling in some areas. that is just a preview of a deep freeze that is expected to impact 41 states the plunging temperatures would be stunning even if this were january. here's wnbc's dave price >> reporter: brutal winter conditions sweeping across the country. dangerously cold temperatures and winter weather expected to affect over 230 million people >> the big story will be the cold air mass. >> very, very cold air even cold for january. >> and the near-record cold monday >> reporter: snow already falling in montana and moving east, stretching from colorado all the way to michigan. the windy city facing several inches of snow and temperatures
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there could remain below the freezing mark for much of the week and with the snow comes the coldest air of the season, overtaking 41 states nearly 300 records could be broken over the next five days a 70 degree temperature drop coming to locales including topeka, kansas which had a high of 80 degrees and is expecting lows in the teens by tuesday temperatures in the low double digits will penetrate the south from texas to alabama early in the week winter may still be a month away but for many it's time to bundle up now >> all right that was wnbc's dave price reporting. >> so daunting because we're still so early here, janessa webb >> we're still in fall and now we're transitioning to winter very quickly. and the problem is this is a dangerous cold that is seeping in the upper midwest and the plains very quickly. these are the wind chills when you factor in the winds today along with that air temperature.
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we're in subzero range across wyoming into the dakotas as well this will continue to plummet into the midwest on top of snow st. louis by tomorrow afternoon. you're going to feel like you're in the single digits and this will continue to make its way all the way into the northeast. also we're talking about this band of snow going to cause major delays for chicago this morning. >> a lot of problems ahead all right, janessa, thank you. the impeachment inquiry will be coming to life on tv screens this week with the first round of public testimony set to begin. acting u.s. ambassador to ukraine william taylor and assistant secretary of state george kent will tell their stories first. both have already delivered explosive testimony behind closed doors meanwhile, president trump is in new york city this morning to speak at the veterans day parade he is the first sitting president to do so city leaders urging him to keep politics out of the event. nbc's tracie potts joining us from d.c. with the latest. and tracie, republicans are
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fighting to get their own set of witnesses up on that stand >> reporter: exactly, phillip. but it's not clear that that's going to happen. the president continues to slam this investigation, saying over the weekend he doesn't even know some of these people who are testifying now the republican party is pushing to get eight more people on the witness list plus anyone who helped the whistle-blower write that complaint they want to hear from the whistle-blower you see those eight witness requests here. and they also want to hear from hunter biden, joe biden's son. he was a central part of this because president trump was pushing ukraine to investigate the company that joe biden was working with hunter biden's business partner also on that list. and democrats and republicans are at odds about whether the bidens are relevant to these hearings >> if you can't call hunter biden and you can't call the whistle-blower, that's sort of a sham that's not even really a trial >> i don't see any relevance with the bidens.
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there's no evidence that anything improper has happened >> meantime, a new revelation from the former u.n. ambassador nikki haley. in her memoir she says she was being pushed by then secretary of state rex tillerson and john kelly, then chief of staff, to try to go against president trump. remember at the time there was that "new york times" report from an insider that there were people working on the inside against the president. she said that they tried to recruit her to "save the country" by zrifth the president but he had didn't think that was appropriate. >> the president has since endorsed her book on twitter telling all his followers to go out and read it. all right, tracie, thank you happening this week, the president set to lay out new regulations against vaping the guidelines could set an age limit and also ban certain flavored vaping products this comes as the number of
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vaping-related injuries soared to 2,000 with 39 deaths confirmed. here's nbc's hans nichols. >> reporter: the president says they're going to ban some vaping flavors this week. >> we have to take care of our kids most importantly. so we're going to have an age limit of 21 or so. >> reporter: but he's also acknowledging the political power of the vaping industry >> we have a lot of people to look at including jobs, frankly. because you know, it's become a pretty big industry. >> we vote, we vape! >> reporter: pressing their point and their vape pens, ex-smokers converged on the white house in protest >> we vape, we vote! >> reporter: and on twitter they explain how e cigarettes helped them quit their tobacco habit. >> strawberry cheesecake flavor saved my life. >> reporter: now they're circulating data that shows a vaping ban could leave a political burn for the president. more than 4 million vapors live in swing states including almost 900,000 in florida the president won florida in 2016 by little more than 100,000
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votes. all this just days after researchers from the cdc discovered a link between 29 mysterious lung injuries including two deaths and a type of vitamin e found in some vaping products. asked about the politics the surgeon general told kate snow his goal is taking away the flavors so fewer young people start. >> it's not my job to think about politics or the political ramifications. my job is to think about public health >> and that was hans nichols reporting. there has been a violent new escalation in the ongoing hong kong protests. police shot and critically wounded a protester. the incident was caught on camera we want to warn you the video is disturbing [ gunshots ] a local hospital told nbc news that the protester underwent surgery but no other information was available. this shooting happened days after a college student died after falling from a parking
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garage while police used tear gas in the area. now to a mystery involving two young men, a porsche and a deadly crash investigators in new jersey are piecing together exactly what happened early sunday morning when a driver lost control and smashed through the second story of a nearby building nbc's marlie hunter has details. >> reporter: the vehicle, a bright red 2010 porsche boxer, stuck upside down on the second floor of this real estate office in toms river, new jersey. >> i have never seen anything like this in my life >> reporter: police say the driver, 22-year-old braden demartin, and his passenger, 23-year-old daniel foley, both died after the driver lost control, striking an embankment and becoming airborne. that porsche was traveling on the other side of the road, flew over this median, hit the ground right there traveling at an incredibly high speed. you see these skid marks over the curb into that ditch. and launched into that building. the car removed hours after the crash, shocking this coastal
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community. >> those last couple seconds must have been the most horrifying experience o'anybody could have had >> two cung kids lost their lives. it's just devastating. >> reporter: police haven't said how fast demartin was traveling. the accident now under investigation. molly hunter, nbc news, toms river, new jersey. a heartbreaker for the dallas cowboys capped off week 10 in the nfl. the vikings went into dallas and struck first kirk cousins fired one into the end zone that is kyle rudolph look at that ridiculous one-handed catch trailing by 14, the cowboys finally caught fire. dak prescott hitting michael gallup that would cut minnesota's lead in half. the cowboys took the lead with amari cooper still cowboys lose 28-24 the league's reigning mvp was back in the mix. but patrick mahomes was not enough to push the chiefs past
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the titans despite this jou dropg pass to hardman. ryan tannehill would fight back and get the upset for tennessee. 35-32. in green bay wasn't quite the ice bowl but still a chilling reception nonetheless for the panthers carolina could not hold back aaron jones from utep scored all three touchdowns for the packers. the panthers did have a chance on the last play that is christian mccaffrey trying to get in the end zone. he thinks he has they didn't. and the ravens their quarterback lamar jackson makes his best case yet for the mvp against the bengals. he had a perfect passer rating he went for 15 for 17 as far as throwing there 223 yards. an amazing run to top that off as well. cincinnati loses big-time, 49-13. but jackson was only third as
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far as top fantasy scores on the week cowboys wide receiver krish kirk came in first putting you nearly 38 points. darius slaton was second lamar jackson, derrick henry and tyreek hill rounding out the top five lsu in the driver's seat after they beat up on alabama. alabama slid to fourth place ohio state and clemson sandwiched in between. minnesota has jumped into the top 10 for the first time in 27 years after their big upset of penn state and i just cannot imagine what green bay was dealing with and unfortunately, janessa, no end in sight here. >> no end in sight and i know you're looking forward to the snow forecast if you are in the midwest to northeast it's headed our way. accumulaon 9 ttiting snow for c
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today. expect major delays. and this cold is making its way to the south even around dallas to louisiana we're watching that freezing cold >> wow >> thank you in today's quick hits the rockefeller center christmas tree has arrived in new york city, officially kicking off the holiday season the 77-foot-tall norway spruce christmas tree was cut down last thursday it's going to be lit for the first time december 4th. mercury is set to cross in front of the sun this morning for the last time until 2032 it will appear as a tiny dark spot moving across the sun requiring binoculars or a telescope to see it. one-of-a-kind grand master chime wrist watch set a world record $31 million. it is now the world's most expensive watch. plaque psoriasis uncover clearer skin that can last.
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leading the news, could a cure for hiv be somewhere in the near future? well, a maryland pharmaceutical company claims that they found it american gene technologies announced it's submitted a new drug application to the fda. the company scientists say they believe they created a gene therapy that will eradicate the virus in the form of eye single dose drug. agt says they expect to hear from the fda before the end of the year and if approved clinical trials could begin in january. but it could take still several years before it hits the market. a florida man has filed a class action lawsuit against madonna after her december 17th concert in miami beach was pushed back by two hours according to the suit the new start time made it too late for the man to attend but he was denied a refund. he's suing both madonna and live nation for breach of contract and negligent misrepresentation. the suit alleges that madonna has a reputation for starting concerts late. madonna responded tweeting "a queen is never late. >> a queen is never late
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>> a queen is never late was her response >> you know, the guy makes a point will a lot of times when you go to concerts the artist is late. madonna famously so. >> dwetweeting about it obvious i'm not sure how that's going to affect the lawsuit but for him if he he was asking for a refund just give him a refund >> thatwhat a precedent that would set, though. miley cyrus is facing quite the climb. according to "rolling stone" she had vocal cord surgery after being hospitalized for thompsonlightis. it reportedly requires cyrus to take weeks-long vow of silence it required her to put her career on hold because of this setback. she was scheduled to record new music and perform through 2020 but sources say those plans are now on the back burner as she recovers last night the iconic empire state building here in new york city was bathed in green and yellow light the colors of the sesame street sign in honor of the show's 50th anniversary. we're told big bird was even on hand to flip the ceremonial
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thank god because i definitely don't have to be here being that i am, it makes me appreciate life even more.
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>> comedian kevin hart there he was making his first public appearance since his near-fatal car crash at the e! people's choice awards. look atmost video here the ceremony honored some of hollywood's biggest stars across all genres ever entertainment. "avengers: endgame" took home the award for the best movie of 2019 "stranger things" won the award for show of the year the night's biggest honorees were actress jennifer aniston. she now not only has the most instagram followers in a short amount of time, she is the proud owner of the people's icon award. singer gwen stefani received the fashion icon ward. and pink was named the people's champ. the people's champion. >> the people's champion honestly, my favorite commentary that you just had was cool gloves >> that's all i got for you. i could never be on the red carpet to ask who you're wearing. i'd just say cool gloves >> when it comes to finding the perfect gift, maybe some cool gloves for your loved ones, you know you can count on one
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person >> 'tis the season for favorite things many of you know is -- >> all right do we even have to say it? tv legend oprah. she just revealed her favorite things list of 2019. i haven't done that for a long time >> that's pretty good. >> it has 79 perfect presents and one bonus pick some of this year's items include items from makeup -- makeup i should say from lady gaga kitchenware, sweet treats, home goods, travel gear, clothing, electronics, and many, many more have you looked at the list yet? >> not yet if i were a company that's what you need, right? >> absolutely. that's the ultimate. >> oprah's blessing. ultimate influencer. to celebrate the launch of norwegian encore's newest ship the cruise line is hosting a scavenger hunt you could win a seven-day cruise for free for two with norwegian cruise line by finding one of 50 golden-colored ships hidden around new york city participants will be directed to ten locations for the chance to
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we're back with a story from liverpool, england about the late legendary beatle john lennon and a place that inspired the artist as well as one of the group's most memorable songs nbc's kelly cobiella takes us to the new strawberry fields. >> reporter: they're one of the greatest bands of all time, and "strawberry fields forever" one of their greatest songs. ♪ strawberry fields forever written by john lennon, who used to play in the gardens of strawberry field, the salvation army home for girls in liverpool. it's a beautiful space to just walk around and -- julia baird is lennon's
4:27 am
half-sister. what do you think this place meant to john? >> i think it meant an awful lot to him the first thing we know he wrote about was strawberry field the song is describing how he would come here. so it was obviously a place of importance to him. >> reporter: for decades beatle fans have come here to take pictures at the famous red gates. but the gardens were overgrown, the victorian home eliminaty, damaged by fire. now lennon's playground has been reborn let me take you down to the new strawberry fields. open to the public for the first time, where fans can follow the beatles' footsteps this place, which was such an inspiration to a young john lennon, is now part museum, part medication space, and much more. a place where young adults with learning disabilities are taught life skills. >> i've done new things, bigger things that i've never done before >> you feel like john lennon's presence is here around the building making you -- making
4:28 am
your confidence grow >> reporter: it all works out. in a way john lennon the boy playing in these fields could never have imagined. kelly cobiella, nbc news, liverpool. >> yo >> gosh, it's such an iconic spot now >> it is and his sister's look and voice just uncannily similar >> businesses across the nation are thanking veterans and active military with freebies and deals. several retailers have weekly and everyday discounts some are offering extra for the federal holiday. amc theaters offering a free large popcorn with the pir purchase of a military price ticket goodyear giving auto checks to vets through november 16th and planet fitness offering free workouts through november 15th to commemorate veterans day we want to thank those who served including these veterans here and service members who are part of the "early today" family there will be a nationwide moment of silence. it will happen at 2:11:00 p.m. eastern time in honor of the service and sacrifice of
4:29 am
veterans throughout the country. the holiday was originally called armistice day to mark the signing of the armistice that ended world war i. it was renamed back in 1954 and nows on all
4:30 am
welcome ba mondto monday mo it is november 11th, veteran's day. a live look from sfo, hoping for a nice forecast. a lot of people have a three-day weekend. we are here this morning for you. good morning to you. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. mike will have a look at the early morning commute. literally. >> very. >> kari, today? >> the weather looks really good today. it is veteran's day, a lot of outdoor celebrations and festivities going on. we'll take a live look outside in san francisco, no fog


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