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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  November 11, 2019 5:00pm-5:28pm PST

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attention on other rule breakers. >> you see people here [ bleep ] shooting up. all the different stuff that's so much more important and yous sandwich. >> reporter: he is refusing to hand over his i.d. and then cursing at the b.a.r.t. officer even using a homophobic slur. >> i feel like you don't know how to approach people. >> reporter: the b.a.r.t. general manager said he's apologizing to foster and is disappointed by how the confrontation ended. he said, quote, the officer was doing his job but context is key. enforcement of infractions such ing in the area should not be used from delivering on our mission to ren transportation. >> hell, yeah. if i'm hung i don't care where i'm at. if i'm hungry, i'm going to eat. >> reporter: foster says it is hypocritical of b.a.r.t. to have food vendors just like this one
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feet away from a b.a.r.t. station and expect people not to eat or drink while riding. there are other food kiosks at other stations. that's the latest from here. nbc bay area news. >> okay. thank you. an overturned tanker truck creating a traffic mess on southbound 101 in gilroy. around 11:30 this morning, the truck somehow filmed over on the freeway. it started leaking fuel which forced cal fire to bring in hazmat team and unload on to a different tanker. it is a mess. you can see traffic has been backed up for miles. most that part of the freeway will stay closed until 8:30 this evening. traffic i being forced off. we'll send another alert as soon as the southbound lanes reopen. we can always sign up for these alerts.
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super helpful there our online app. tonight his family is demanding angst. eric was fatally shot by an offduty police officer. it happened in a gas station parking lot around 5:30 last night. witnesses say it started as an argument over a parking spot. at some point, an offduty rif mond police officer shot the 38-year-old who died at the scene. he was the father of six who is also a local rapper. >> he did not deserve that. he didn't deserve to die like that. he didn't deserve it. it is so devastating. we're not doing good at all. we're not. we're not. >> a lot of people gather there'd today for a vigil. the richmond police officers association is urging people not wi rush to judgment saying,hey the officer acted in accordance with today official confirmation about the story we first reported on saturday.
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the body found at the lincoln park golf course in san francisc a baby. police are desperately trying to find the infan's mother because they're not concerned about her health. no release in sight so far. november has been warm and dry and it looks like it will stay that way for a while. this is a live look at our net work of traffic cameras across the bay area. today is pretty warm. it literally feels like summer. we do need rain with all the dry fire conditions. you've been talking about it. maybe we won't see rain until the end of november? >> there will be some changes possibly in the next few days. we don't see any rain in the forecast so since october 1st. so far, only trace amounts. it ise p to three and a half in behind. so another way it has been 176
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days since we've seen a half inch of rain or more. so we are getting into the desperately needed category to get rainfall season going. the big problem for us has been this big area of high pressure. this deflects storm activity. it sends everything well off to the north. but i do think this could start to fade as we head into the next ten-day period. so here's what we're looking at. maybe by next tuesday. the 19th. we could see some showers moving close to the bay area. right now, overall, i'm looking at a 70% chance of rain. again, no solid big storm but we could start to see things shift a little bit more once we hit the 19th into early december. l of course, as we get closer. we'll have the full seven-day forecast. the temperatures drop off quite a bit this week. we'll see you shortly. on wednesday, the public impeachment hearings will be seen live for everyone to see.
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today democrats want to clarify their message to the american people. no more closed door testimony. and democrats are moving away from the phrase, quid pro quo. >> the president acted criminally and extorted in the way a mob boss would extort somebody. it is probably best not to use latin words to explain it. >> republicans want to shift the focus, requesting testimony from the original whistleblower and also, hunter biden. despite the lack of evidence he broke any laws. joe biden's son. house democrats believe testimony from three current and former state department officials will convince the american public that president trump abused his power. nbc will air the impeachment hearings live. you can watch them right here on nbc bay area beginning wednesday. honoring those who serve. stay veterans day and there are events all across the bay areai. one of the biggest parades is
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always the one in down san jose. damien joins us now live. such an important today. they really do it with style. >> reporter: that's right. today was about the homeless veterans. this one behind me houses several veterans who are now homeless right now. in fact, today was in fact about those who wore the uniform. >> self-less service and sacrifice. >> they say this day is to honor all those a wore the sacred cloth of the nation. and the south bay came out to issue a big thank you. one main focus hack to house local veterans like michael who served on the uss midway. >> i work on the flight deck of vietnam. >> after his service, he found
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himself on the streets. >> they got him back on his feet and into a home. it is an effort to end homelessness. his comrades at the celebration say no veteran should ever spend the night on the street after serving their nation. >> right now, it takes about 800 landlords to participate in the program. local leaders say they need many more. nbc bay area news. >> thank you. the veterans say ceremony aboard the uss to see and hear the guest speaker and survivor. his message to honor not just veterans but to anyone who is
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serving in active service. >> we got a lot of fleem. they're in harm's way. the view with them, to be with the families. they're waiting for their loved ones to come home. >> this is a big day for him. he's just a few days away from celebrating his 100th birthday. >> all right. the field is the 49ers hosting the seahawks at levi stadium. this is hottest ticket in town. you can see it over the stadium earlier this afternoon. down below now, all the pomp and circumstance. the marching band got the tailgaters fired up within the hour. fans wearing their best game day unit forms and went away when they started to struggle.
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>> we had that. it's all right. it's all right. the rival 50 back and what it is, today, we had the opportunity to truly get back to the nfl. >> do you think he wears that to work? >> potentially. >> the niners are 9-0. they could be 9-0 in a couple of hours. we'll have complete coverage coming up on our 11:00 newscast. still ahead, is apple's credit card discriminating against women? of the company's co-founders. >> did you see it? a rare sight in the sky that you high clouds moving across the bay you can see it right here in san francisco. i'll show you the next change and how much temperatures will drop this week in about six minutes. my parents never taught me anything about managing money.
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it's a huge move by apple into the world of high finance. now a in some hot water about its new credit card.legao those speaking out, would you believe, apple's wozniak. he was in the newsroom earlier today. what do you have to say? >> he said he's unhappy that his apple card gives him ten times credit limit than it does his wife and he's not alone at this. earlier he we sat down with steve and janet woznia
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with a splash in august. next. launched its credit card now controversy has charged in. first, this tweet from tech entrepreneur and author david hanson who said the apple card and and milkbly gave him 20 times credit limit as his wife. that was backed up on twitter by the apple co-founder steve wozniak who said his card gave him ten times credit limit of his wife janet. >> it looks like discrimination. >> reporter: enough so that they're looking into whether it discriminates against women. >> i kind of laughed. it was so low, i could barely buy a plane tick.pple said the is on the card but details are handled by goldman sachs which admits it use as computer algorithm to assign credit scores but said it does not discriminate by gender. >> i hear a hot from women that they get treated in an disparaging way by
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professionals. >> steve said he wants to he sight end by one person, not computer, at a ter tells us more important than humans in a way. >> all right. with us now, a lot of public back lash, especially if woz. any changes? will apple do anything about this? >> it's beg a big day for this already. we've seen goldman sachs say they'll give a phone number out soon that you can talk to a human being. they also say they're likely to start a man where couples can jointly apply for the apple credit card and therefore you'll have the same credit limit. as far as when t take place, we don't know. apple is deferring all >> we'll be waiting. thank you. the supreme court will hear legal chip cases that originated in the south bay. they involve the dak la immigration program, known for deferred action for child who
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have arrivals. president trump locked it. he tried to end tadaca two year ago. tomorrow the supreme court justice there's hear an appeal to preliminary injunctions from san francisco, new york, and washington, d.c. >> the first of its kind in oakland and keeping people safe. the city has installed a new traffic safety barrier at the intersection of foot hill and 22nd avenue. that's because a woman died after being hitast month. n thatoss walkyear-old niece near garfield elementary school. police say the driver ran a red light and hit them. the city plans to install a left-hand turn signal. >> we'll hear about xlablts. now our investigative union is looking is that issues and we want tonight what you think. more violence on the b.a.r.t.
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system -- >> how safe is b.a.r.t.? find out all across the bay area. we're taking you with us. >> i just got to the civic center. >> we want to know what you're seeing on b.a.r.t. send us your videos. from the wacky and weird to the down right dangerous. you can record yourself explaining what you thought. email us at the from you. >> okay of you won't see this for another 30 years. are you ready? the planet mercury cro over the sun today. it started around 4:30 a.m. were you up this morning? >> no. you can see mercury there. it was a small back dot going across the sun.
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it opened up the telescope for a viewing party and hundreds of people showed up. >> it's amazing to see mercury. you don't get to see it very often. scientists say this gave them a better idea. >> and we would have this great video. i needed the extra zs this morning. i'm feeling guilty. >> okay. >> warm outside today. we'll see some changes but not as drama as its been in other parts of the country. we'll see it cool down. then eventually we'll get some rainfall. let's bring you into that micro climate forecast. we know a lot of you do have plans centered around the 49ers tonight. i know myself on the way to work, the traffic was just awful. everybody is trying to get at lowest near levi stadium or you have some sort of party to go
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to. by halftime, 66 degrees. by the end of the game, hope any when we're all celebrating 62 degrees. you might need a jacket later tonight. no problems with that weather forecast. tomorrow morning, some high clouds continuing to stream across and we have some chilly temperatures. trai valley at 46. 45, san francisco, 49, you're looking at mid 40s. the real sunniest of days and part of the pattern change. you can see, 79 to morgan hill. closer to the water. it's mild in oakland, hayward, low 70s. back here for the peninsula, 59 at half moon bay. then re wu city, 60s from the
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embarcader embarcadero. you might need a jacket but by the afternoon, you probably won't need it. and right here across the north bay. 74 in mill valley. then right back to napa. we're close to 80. so no problems with our temperatures. i wanted to give you this warning. if you're doing any traveling to the east coast, be ready for that chill. look at this. the temperatures in the 20s in chicago. 20 degrees. atlantic, 46. of g time chill for the eastern e see some changes by thursday. we get dry high pressure moving to the south and that will allow the pattern to begin to change. i think it will be noticeable, even in san francisco. down to 57 on thursday. by friday, 59. we do start to warm it up once we hit the back half of the weekend. the good news, some shower chances. try to move close next week.
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we are seeing the pattern moderate a little bit. down to 67 on thursday. friday, 69. we doing back up to 76. once again, beginning about next tuesday, we'll see that rainfall beginning to move close. from november 19 into december 5th, we should see at least a few shower chances. >> thanksgiving is that holiday where it can be really apartment. or really code. >> thanks. >> coming up, the uber ceo facing criticism. a
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a scary landing on an icy
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chicago runway this morning. an american airlines may not landed at o'hare from north carolina just before 10:00 in the morning. you can barely see anything. this is video the passenger took. that's it right there. these say once the plane set down, the plane didn't slow down at all. it eventually skidded off the runway and then tilted over. >> we have to go maybe -- >> thankfully, no one on the plane was hurt. the blasts caused hundreds of flights to be canceled. >> the new ceo of uber was supposed to up. there were comments about nurd of jamal khashoggi. he said saudi arabia made a mistake. >> i think the government said they made a mistake. >> well --
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>> it's a serious mistake. we've made mistakes, too, with self-driving and we stopped driving and we're recovering from that mistake. i think people make mistakes. it doesn't mean they can't be forgiven. >> he later said he regrets his comments, tweetingkhashoggi. he said it was wrong to call it a mistake. the ceo determined the saudi government ordered the killing of jamal khashoggi. saudi arabia is one of the biggest investors holding nearly $2 billion worth of uber stock. >> you may not like it but instagram will soon hide the number of liks on post. they have piloted this program in seven countries including australia and canada. this week they will expand to a u.s. psych the number of likes on your photos but you won't be seeing how many like the post of
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others. some celebrities support the decision but the influencers say this will put them out of business. a busy day for spaiks on 60 satellites.ace. >> it happened this morning saie nose cone of the falcon 9 rocket, the nose cone broke off from the rocketo landed on a sp drone ship. it will give internet access where it is too expensive or there is no internet connection at all. a new opportunity for young people. ok, network inspection. -ok.
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tonight at 6:00, they're capping the number of students. the reason? a cvs store on the spence littling how many high school kids can come into the store. that story and more on the 6:00 newscast. finally, you got through today without realizing this is national apprenticeship week. the mayor london breed knows and she is expanding the apprentice program. it can be long and expensive but
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learning through an apprenticeship can be a way to get experience especially for people of color, women or others. chair expanding the program. a little chilly outside. >> yes. but perfect for football. breaking news tonight, the dangerous deep freeze sweeping the country. breaking news tonight, the dangerous deep freeze sweeping the country. the terrifying moments on an icy runway, an american airlines plane skidding off. >> as soon as we stopped, everyone just kind of exhaled. the polar plunge the i getter cold threatening to break records and feet of snow aloerts from oklahoma to maine
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the travel nightmare, cars stranded on the roads. also tonight, the death of a student at an american university the major crackdown, over a dozen fraternities suspended. the mystery, what cause kaed that student to be rushed to the hosl?


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