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tv   Early Today  NBC  November 12, 2019 4:00am-4:31am PST

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winter is here with a vengean vengeance. already multiple deaths on slick roads and a plane slides off a runway over 1,000 flights cancelled. chaos in hong kong, yet another day of violent confrontations all but paralyzing the city. former president jimmy carter hospitalized as he faces a surgical procedure to relieve pressure on his brain. a teacher charged after punching a student plus a star finish for two
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of the nfl's top teams early today starts now good to be with you this morning. i'm frances rivera >> and i'm phillip mena. temperatures have already started to drop in what is just the beginning of a major deep freeze this early dose of early weather has already brought heavy snow and ice to many states we have video here for port austin, michigan they've already been buried in about a foot of snow there by the lake huron shoreline it could reach 20 inches. dangerous road conditions have been blamed for at least four deaths in kansas and michigan. >> january in november, winter conditions blasting across much of the country plunging millions in a deep freeze a polar express traveling from near the north pole, across canada and into the u.s. expected to set more than 150 record lows this week.
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>> this is terrible, but it's chicago. >> reporter: icy and snowy roads making for dangerous commutes from minneapolis to missouri to massachusetts where a car hit a school bus residents in south dakota encouraged not to travel at all as plows struggle to keep up and severe scenes farther south with heavy winds whipping near oklahoma city. and in kentucky cold weather supplies selling fast. >> they're flying off the shelves because with the cold weather coming all at once, everybody is looking for the first bad freeze. >> reporter: the weather working its way east with cold temperatures forecasted up and down the coast later in the week snow, ice and cold, an early winter trio impacting millions janessa webb is here tracking the temperatures for us. >> good morning. the system moving quickly, it'll
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be in and out of the ohio valley this morning but major delays on the backside of the system squalls are going to persist, and the lake enhancement impacting cleveland, erie, and buffalo as well for the next 24 hours. snowfall remains on the light side for elevations. it is warm for new york city, boston, philadelphia, so torrential rain but on the dividing line we're seeing syracuse with freezing rain right now causing the dangerous slick conditions to the south we have 21 million impacted with freeze watches and warnings for at least the next few hours. i think this will start to be lifted this afternoon but by tomorrow we're talking about temperatures in the 20s across the south. sub zero range for the upper midwest. >> places not used to that sort of weather
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certainly not this time of year. house democrats are bolstering their case on the impeachment inquiry on the eve of public testimony. they released more transcripts of official laura cooper and katherine kroft and chris anderson cooper's october 23rd deposition was delayed for hours after republicans stormed the hearing room cooper was the only pentagon official to testify, her october 23rd deposition, as we said, was delayed for hours. according to newly released transcript when she did testify she told investigators president trump ordered a freeze on aid to ukraine. and they began to raise concerns about how this could be done in a legal fashion and there was not an understanding how it could legally play out the freeze on military aid was essential to the democrats'
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narrati narrative. >> reporter: even honoring the nation's veterans in new york, president trump cannot escape was literally looming over him, impeachment as those hearings go public this week three career diplomats whose testimony appears to connect the dots of a quid pro quo that president trump looked to trade military aid for ukraine for help into an investigation of joe biden. the president's critics are hoping the hearings get the american public on their side. >> when you're trying to persuade the american people of something that is simple, which is that the president acted criminally and extorted, it's probably best not to use latin words to explain it. >> reporter: the republicans rally around the president, pointing out ukraine ultimately did get the military aid it
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needed. >> i think it is not a good practice for us to ask a foreign country to investigate an american impeachment is a serious issue and i don't see it as impeachable. >> reporter: the president's own message about the phone call, don't be led into the fools trap of saying it was not perfect but it is not impeachable. republicans are asking for others to testify like hunter biden. chair adam schiff said he will not allow these to be sham investigations protesters flooding back into the streets of hong kong. there's been a dramatic escalation in the violence tensions between the police and protesters are at an all time high a protest e was shot by an
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officer, but he is expected to survive. in a separate incident, police say protesters set a man on fire at a train station hong kong's leader, carrie lam condemned the violence and called the protesters the enemy of the citizens. also breaking former president jimmy carter has been admitted to the hospital he'll undergo surgery later today to relieve pressure on his brain caused by bleedsing due to a recent fall. they released a statement saying president carter is resting comfortably. he's fallen three times this year a fall left him with a black eye and multiple stitches. he's the oldest living former u.s. president. new details about the massacre in mexico that killed nine americans funerals have been held for all of the victims and many members
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of the mormon community there have decided to return to the united states. meanwhile a teenager is opening up about surviving the deadly ambush >> reporter: 13-year-old devin langford said his mother yelled to take cover as their suv was riddled by gun fire in mexico. police say a drug cartel fired more than 200 rounds as they slaughtered nine americans traveling in a caravan, including devin's mother and brothers >> my grandchildren are burnt. >> reporter: devin, who was unharmed, gathered his siblings when the gun fire ended, some like baa baby barely survived >> carried him until i couldn't anymore, then i put him behind the bushes and continued
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walking. >> reporter: walking 14 miles for help with the funerals over for nine americans killed many in the mormon community have now driven back to the u.s. for good. >> no one needs to live in a place they don't feel safe. >> reporter: the american victims of a massacre in mexico. the widow of congressman elijah cummings wants to continue carrying his torch. she announced she plans to run for her late husband's seat in congress she currently serves as chair of the maryland democratic party and said she discussed the potential run with her husband when his health took a turn for the worst. >> i fought alongside him for the last 12 years and knew each other 10 years before that he wanted me to continue the fight, and i'm going to continue the fight and run the race and
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hopefully win. >> she plans to officially launch her campaign today. congressman cummings died last month from long-standing health issues he represented maryland's seventh congressional district since 1996 and was the house oversite chairman. let's check in on the severe weather we're facing today. >> if you have a flight in cleveland, buffalo, even new york city, minor delays today. we'll see the core of the cold really settle in it's not just the midwest. it's expansive to the south with day time highs today nearly 30 degrees below average for houston all the way to baton rouge. then the core of this makes its way into the midwest and northeast by tomorrow. tomorrow morning lows very dangerous for portions of the northeast. we're down to about the single digit feely to detroit this
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morning. 46 for louisianar louisian this system moving out fairly quickly but the cold is going to stick around >> something we got to get used to thank you. monday night football. it was madness the seahawks brought down the last undefeated team in the nfl, edging out the 49ers in a nail biter. san francisco leapt out to the 10-0 lead but the seattle d shifted the momentum, forcing a fumble, walking it in. this goes into overtime. a chance to win it, russell wilson picked off in the red zone sets up the field goal for san francisco, shanked it, now it's
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. one, zero, ignition, liftoff. with gratitude to our veterans today and always, go usa >> leading the news, spacex launched 60 new star link satellites into space. it's part of a plan to expand internet access its falcon 9 rocket lifted off from cape canaveral in florida but could be seen all the way over to los angeles, if you can believe that the company hopes the satellites will help provide affordable internet coverage all across the world. this new mom was set up to be an attorney
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the judge offered to hold him so he could be there for her big day. she says, if i can do it, literally anyone can do it. >> i love it now to a violent confrontation in a school outside of austin, texas a substitute teacher allegedly beating a student who suffers epilepsy. >> reporter: she is out of a job after a violent outburst punching a student and pounding her in her head. the district posting on facebook, under no circumstances
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is that behavior tolerated >> it's scary to know that things like that are happening in school. in a statement the student's family are demanding justice saying we are shocked and disgusted after seeing the abuse and excessive force used in this teacher's outburst >> the 16-year-old saw a neurologist and trauma specialist today because of the attack adding that family members and loved ones are standing close. just ahead, mystery solved we have a first look at the new scooby-doo move. uber's new controversy how the ceo steered calls to delete the ride share app. s to delete the ride share app. of thy to dissolve kitchen grease on contact. and it's great for bathrooms! just keep pumping the power nozzle to release
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treat yourself to a heath bar. because nothing says special like rich english toffee. ♪ heath, it's english toffee this stray is coming with me >> he's not a stray. >> what's his name >> his name's scoop by >> middle name. >> doo >> last name. >> doo. >> that's your first look at the new scooby-doo movie it'll reveal how shaggy first met his puppy bff and how they started solving mysteries. uber is under fire this
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morning after the ceo called the murder of journalist khashoggi a mistake. >> reporter: the hashtag boy scoco uber is trending right now >> i think the government made a mistake. >> reporter: comparing the murder to the company's self-driving car accident. >> it's a serious mistake, we made mistakes too. people make mistakes it doesn't mean they can never be forgiven. >> reporter: after backlash he walked back his comments there's no forgiving or forgetting what happened to jamal khashoggi and i was wrong to call it a mistake the cia concluded the saudi crown prince ordered his murder in 2018. saudi arabia is uber's fifth
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largest board member >> i know they're dealing internally with this idea of so much saudi influence at the company and thinking about removing that particular board member is being debated internally at uber. >> uber has declined to comment bond the ceo's apology. still to come, ja nessa has the track of the cold front. you're watching "early today" you're watching "early today" metamucil supports your daily digestive health using a special plant-based fiber called psyllium. psyllium works by forming a gel in your digestive system to trap and remove the waste that weighs you down. metamucil's gelling action also helps to lower cholesterol and slows sugar absorption to promote healthy blood sugar levels. so, start feeling lighter and more energetic by taking metamucil every day.
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a spectacular light show over st. louis' iconic gateway arch as an earth cam caught a meteor lighting up the sky last night was the peak of the meteor shower in the northern he misfear. let's check in on the frigid temperatures. >> the ld cold front is starting to make its way through, kansas city 23 degrees and 28 for st. louis. so this is all clearing out and we're going to continue to deal with freeze watches and freeze warnings impacting 21 million northeast you're up next get ready for single digit feel like temperatures. >> our time has come thank you. when we come back, how was d.c. restaurant owner is paying
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we are back with a restaurant owner in washington d.c. who opens his doors to anyone who's hungry, whether they can pay or not. harry smith had a chance to speak with him >> reporter: he is loved by d.c. locals the aromas alone will transport you to pakistan. >> this is eggplant. >> beautiful it smells good >> reporter: he is the owner and his brother is the cook. >> these are old recipes. >> yes. >> reporter: they serve south asian cuisine and come lunchtime
4:27 am
the restaurant fills with office workers. seated nearby are two homeless people, they're regs they eat for free he came to america with just $3 in his pocket. he drove limos to make money and was troubled by the countless homeless he saw on d.c. streets. though it's not on the menu, empathy is served here daily. >> what's for lunch today? >> everyone is welcome it's a restaurant who can feed you free >> reporter: appreciation doesn't begin to describe the gratitude of his penniless patrons. >> you never find somebody that nice and sweet to offer you lunch at their restaurant every day. >> reporter: he says he serves some 80,000 meals to the homeless over five years his friends once questioned his sanity and business acumen. >> reporter: didn't anyone say
4:28 am
it's going to hurt your business. >> every one of them. >> reporter: but the grill is doing just fine, business is good and he feels blessed. >> i tell everyone be honest and be kind. this is a country that has opened the door for me. >> reporter: word of his benevolence has spread, d.c. tourists have started to stop by >> he has a beautiful establishment, he has chandeliers hanging from the ceilings but yet a homeless man can come in and he'll give him food that's awesome. >> reporter: that a poor muslim boy from pakistan can have this, it's an old story. are you living the american dream? >> i am. i am i am so grateful this is the only country in the world who talk about dream >> this is down-home >> thanks to harry smith for that report, helping when you can, where you can. >> it's an open door, open
4:29 am
table, and open heart for all those homeless people. >> empathy served daily. >> thanks for watching "early today. i'm phillip me
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and good morning to you on this tuesday, november 12th, and take a look outside. certainly a foggy start to the morning. this is the golden gate bridge. so they say. >> it's there somewhere. >> i can assure you this is "today in the bay." we thank you for starting your morning here with us. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm laura garcia. let's get to that forecast right now. >> we are seeing that fog kind of drifting around especially along the coast. inland this is a live look outside at walnut creek, with a mostly clear start, and we're also feeling some slightly milder temperatures. right now at about 50 degrees, we're headed into the upper 60s later this morning, and we will see some more clouds in the mix, as we get


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