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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 12, 2019 4:30am-5:01am PST

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and good morning to you on this tuesday, november 12th, and take a look outside. certainly a foggy start to the morning. this is the golden gate bridge. so they say. >> it's there somewhere. >> i can assure you this is "today in the bay." we thank you for starting your morning here with us. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm laura garcia. let's get to that forecast right now. >> we are seeing that fog kind of drifting around especially along the coast. inland this is a live look outside at walnut creek, with a mostly clear start, and we're also feeling some slightly milder temperatures. right now at about 50 degrees, we're headed into the upper 60s later this morning, and we will see some more clouds in the mix, as we get ready for some cooler
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air to move into the bay area. we'll talk about what's ahead for the rest of the week. now mike, you already have a traffic alert. >> we do, kari. officially a traffic alert because half the freeway is blocked. remember, only two lanes for southbound 101 in petaluma, where we have a disabled vehicle blocking one of them, possibly folks have to creep over toward the shoulder, why we see the slowing here, approaching washington street. petaluma boulevard is an alternate for you, but it's so short of a distance, i say be prepare to tap, hit the brakes as you travel past the scene. i don't know when they'll be able to clear that but they have trucks en route. the rest of the north bay just fine. the fog is drifting around places like the golden gate bridge we just saw the live look, what we could see. anywhere south of there a smooth drive as well. there is a crash and/or debris in oakland. i'm letting chp get more detail. i'll bring that to you coming up. back to you. >> thank you, mike. in the east bay, police are searching for more clues in a gruesome crime. >> a pregnant mother of two shot and killed in front of her apartment. it happened over the weekend.
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kanld candles, flowers and the words "r.i.p. misty." she had two boys and one on the way. her husband was also shot as "today in the bay's" cheryl hurd reports, he is recovering in the hospital. >> she didn't fail to have her little girl finally. >> reporter: dreams will never become a reality for misty smith walton. the mother of two, with one on the way was shot and killed in front of her apartment sunday night. the two were like sisters. >> i didn't think it was real. i called her. she wasn't answering. misty, pick up the phone. she wasn't answering. i knew it was real. everybody started to call me. >> reporter: those calls started coming in when police found walton and her husband shot on 65th avenue and outlook. police aren't releasing any details but through social media, family members believe she and her husband were
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responding to their car alarm going off, and when they went outside to investigate, misty was dead, her husband seriously hurt. >> doesn't make sense what's happened to her. >> reporter: friends and co-workers in shock, bringing flowers and candles, honoring w who was carl b.muck's pta president. >> we have to go to school and explain miss misty isn't going to be there. >> i'd like to tell the person who did this to turn themselves in, to do the right thing. >> reporter: cheryl hurd, "today in the bay." a long road to recovery just beginning in the north bay for neighbors affected by the kincade wildfire. happening later today they start the process of removing hazardous material waste. crew also clear out pesticides, batteries and paint. this is part of the cleanup and it's expected to last up to three weeks. the fire destroyed close to 400 buildings, including 174 homes >> it is 4:33 and happening
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today, oral arguments start on a case involving president trump's border wall. the trump administration is pushing to use $2.5 billion in military funding to pay for construction. the sierra club and a group of southern border communities are suing to stop that. the appeals court previously upheld a lower court order permanently blocking the use of emergency funds to built wall. happening today, former president jimmy carter undergoes surgery this morning. he was hospitalized at emery university hospital in atlanta. the surgery is to relieve pressure and bleeding on his brain caused by two recent falls. the former president is said to be resting comfortably with the former first lady rosalyn carter, by his side. mr. carter is 95 years old. chinatown will bring attention to what they call a surge in crimes targeting seniors there. the latest incident was caught on video saturday night.
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the robbers hit three men in their 60s who tried to stop them from stealing someone's cell phone. the victims were all treated at the hospital. the attackers are still on the loose this morning. and also this morning for you, highway 101 in san martin is back open following a fuel tanker crush crash. it took nearly 12 hours to clean up the mess. lanes weren't fully reopened until nearly 11:00 last night. that of course made for a nightmare of a drive through that area, as you can see right here from nbc bay area sky ranger, traffic was backed up for miles. the trucker of the truck, the driver of the truck was taken to the hospital, i should say. 4:35 for you right now. the niners this morning are no longer the last of the unbeaten. >> boo. once beaten, twice shy after missing critical channelses to pull up the big win against seattle at levi stadium.
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if you were there or stayed up like me, this game had a little bit of everything, tied at 24-24 in overtime. chase mclaughlin missed a 47-yard field goal. then on the last play of overtime, seahawks made a field goal to pull off the win. fans say key injuries may have made a difference between winning and losing. >> once we get the weapons back, we'll take one in seattle. nothing to be mad at. that game was one of the greatest games i've seen in a while. >> it was a good one, probably the best monday night game of the year. the niners were missing george kittle, lost emmanuel sanders during the game. hopefully robbie gould returns for our next game. >> they will meet seattle again and they're going down. >> it is. 4:36. coming up here, holiday shopping is here but the generation that knows no life without cell phones, laptops and internet will likely not be the top
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online buyers. why generation z will take their business to the mall. plus amazon giving shoppers a new place to get their groceries. a look at the first location for its newest store and why expansion plans may already be in the works. taking a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, not too bad but we know that could all change. if you're wondering about it, stick around. mike inouye will help you through the commute this morning. you're watching "today in the bay."
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good morning. i'm rahel solomon at cnbc headquarters and here are today's top business headlines. wall street could see a few more red arrows at the opening bell this morning. stocks were mostly lower although the dow bucked that trend thanks to boeing on news the company expects flights of the 737 max to resume in january. on today's watch list a report on small business optimism. amazon is set to open a new grocery store separate from whole foods and amazon go chains. the store in los angeles is expected to open next year. amazon is not saying whether more will open elsewhere. earlier this year the "wall street journal" reported the company had leases for at least three locations. the new chain will reportedly not use amazon go's cashierless technology. gen z may be the first generation to grow up with cell phones and laptops but that doesn't mean they'll be doing
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their holiday shopping solely online. a new report finds gen z is less likely than millenials in gen x to shop online, due in part to their lack of credit cards and funds but they also see shopping as a form of entertainment, and the mall as a place to hang out or grab food. marcus and laura, back to you. it's nice to see what's old has become new again. >> i was thinking the same thing. >> the mall experience. makes you feel young. >> yes. that makes me feel young, then i'll go to the mall every day. >> let's go. >> thanks very much. coming up next on "today in the bay," downright freezing across much of the country today, getting even colder. live report from the windy city on how millions of americans are coping, and trying to keep warm. plus a check of our bay area forecast with meteorologist kari hall. >> we're counting our blessings this morning. we are going to have some nice weather today. a few more clouds moving in, as we take a live look outside in palo alto. low 50s to start, leading in to
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some sloef70s for today. we'll talk about that and the rest of the week coming up next. over toward oakland northbound with the tail lights past the coliseum headed up to the crash and debris i'm tracking. i'll let you know what the latest refresh is on the chp report. ♪
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to help you get where you need to go. i sit tight right now. video you have to see, take a second, watch this, st. louis skyline lit up by an apparent meteor, shortly before 9:00 local time. it was so bright, people across the state border in illinois reported seeing it. another shot was captured on a doorbell camera in the suburb of st. louis. the object appears to have completely burned up in the atmosphere but what a show before it did. >> what a great advertisement for the doorbell camera. you can see meteors. >> if i saw that, i'd be like that's the biggest wish ever to me, right? my dreams are coming true. >> oh, well thank you. we also saw, if you saw the door camera video snow on the ground. >> a lot of snow in st. louis. it is so cold.
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sleeveless warmer already than most people will see for the next several days. here is a live look at the fog rolling across the golden gate bridge getting a little blurry there. we are seeing the low visibility across the golden gate bridge and elsewhere, we are seeing some light patches of fog. our temperatures are 44 degrees in santa rosa. we say that's chilly but when you compare that to 9 that they're seeing in other parts of the country, i think we're like okay, i can deal with this. it's 54 right now in palo alto and in san jose, and 50 right now in concord. as you head out the door in antioch, expect some upper 40s and you may have to turn on the heater for a little while and as we go through the day we'll see peeks of sunshine. we won't see an all clear day. we're going to start to see more clouds moving in, with our south bay temperatures well above normal. our normal high temperature for san jose is about 66 degrees, and we're ten degrees above that today. upper 70s for the south county.
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we're also going to see a high of 79 in pittsburg today. martinez reaching 75, and hayward today up to 73 degrees. some mid-70s for palo alto. half moon bay will stay foggy and reaching 59 and some mid-60s for the outer sunset, mission district up to about 68. mill valley today will reach 74 degrees and 81 today in ukiah. as we take a live look outside in san jose, all clear this morning as you get ready to head out. you just need a jacket for the start of the day. the rest of the day you might be comfortable with a t-shirt, long sleeves or short sleeves, depending on if you are thinking that mid-70s is a little bit more comfortable or a little cool to you. we are going to see the high pressure we've seen dominant across the region and keeping our weather dry, starting to move off towards the east and as it does so, it allows for this next storm system to approach but unfortunately even as it moves closer that, rain
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associated with it dries up and it will push in some cooler air. we'll have a couple of days of cooler temperatures and we'll start to warm up again with the shift in our winds as the high pressure moves in. it will bring in some slightly warmer temperatures for the end of the weekend. we'll see a couple more cold fronts and storm systems moving off to our north. we are going to have some breezy winds as our temperatures drop on thursday. look at the high temperature inland. we're going to mostly see a lot of upper 60s here. we're going to bring it back closer to normal for a couple of days but then warm up into the mid-70s by saturday and sunday. mike that, traffic alert still continues in the north bay.
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>> that's right. the past all the slowing southbound highway 101 and around washington street a disabled vehicle is the only thing blocking one lane but there are only two lanes there, narrow for folks to get by as the commute builds. early commute out of petaluma south toward san rafael and novato. the rest of the north bay and contra costa county drive look great. i'll call out this, from time to time we're seeing slowing on the golden gate bridge, take you to the live shot and we'll show you why. we have two lanes going north, the tail lights disappearing into the fog, the bridge and the south tower beyond our view, visibility is limited as is the case with the going going, a shout out for folks traveling early. unlike yesterday we have the cash lanes built up on either side of the fastrak lanes at the bay bridge toll plaza. this is proety standard pattern for a tuesday but we're looking at this hitting over the last five minutes. we'll make sure things sort
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themselves out over the next half hour and no delays for any of the trains, b.a.r.t. on schedule. some of the longer rides through the capitol car for and "a" train. >> thanks, mike. 4:50. happening now, much of the nation dealing with brutal winter weather, talking about snow, ice and temperatures in the teens or lower. more than 150 communities will likely break records for low temperatures. >> nbc's jay gray live in chicago, which is in the middle of that winter storm. i understand this time yesterday morning hundreds of flights out of o'hare were canceled. >> reporter: yes, laura, marcus, in fact by the end of the day, more than 1200 flights in chicago canceled. one of the flights that did make it in, sliding off the runway but everyone okay there. look, for some perspective, 50 million people across the country right now involved in either a winter warning or winter watch right now, and
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advisory and that's because this massive system just continues to churn and move slowly to the east. here in chicago the snow has stopped though the wind has not. the temperature 11 but the wind making it feel like it's minus 6 right now and unfortunately those conditions are going to linger at least for a while. look, the system is going to keep moving east, as we talked about. some of the most severe weather that we'll see will come in the next 24 to 48 hours, so we're talking about more of that snow, we're talking about ice in some areas and bitterly cold temperatures. you talked about the record being broken across the country. the national weather service says this is really one for the record books, because it's so early in the season. a lot of people in chicago they're used to weather like this, but that's in december and january. now the calendar still says fall and it is, quite frankly, very
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cold, wrutal out here right now, guys. >> well you look like you have many, you're very bundled. how many layers are you wearing? >> i am at three layers but i had the option to go to five so i may be adding some layers before it's all said and done. >> we'll have the jay gray layer report. i feel a little guilty because it's warm out here in california. >> it is. >> we'll be thinking of you, buddy. >> reporter: i'm jealous. >> hang in there. >> reporter: thank you. >> thanks, jay. 4:52. did not that he look cold? looked like winter. >> you can just see when he was talking. student loans are the nation's fastest growing form of consumer debt, second to home mortgages. mortgages. >> new today our investigative unit has been digging in to federal data and found that four colleges play a big part. one woman says her for-profit college made promises about career prospects that were exaggerated at best, leaving her
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with debt she doesn't believe she'll ever be able to repay. it's become a big issue at the state capitol. >> there are too many stories of for-profit schools that are requiring students to take tens of thousands of dollars of debt and when students graduate from the programs, they don't make more than the federal minimum wage. >> we reached out to some of the biggest institutions here in the bay area but none wanted to talk about it. tonight at 11:00, we investigate what critics call prettytory colleges. if you have a story for our investigative unit, give them a call, right there on the screen, 888-996-tips or go to coming up for you here on "today in the bay," "nbc bay area responds." >> did you ever check the taxes on your phone bill? one woman did and found she was paying taxes for a city she left a decade earlier. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura, "nbc bay area responds" next.
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but first happening now, exciting news for animal lovers and conservationists, a rare tiny deer-like species thought to have been extinct has been found, after almost 30 years. global wildwife conservation says cameras spotted the vietnamese mouse deer in a forest in southern vietnam. the mammal, which is the size of a rabbit, appears to walk on the tips of its hooves. the species was last seen in 1990, making it one of the rarest animals in the world. amazing there. little baby deer. a lot more coming up. it's 4:54 right now.
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dissolve this grease so you're ready for your next meal. finish dishwasher cleaner clean dishwasher. clean dishes. 4:56 for you right now. nbc bay area responds to a belmont woman with a taxing phone problem.
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>> she was paying taxes for a city she doesn't live in. consumer investigator chris chmura and his team took a closer look. >> good morning. we tell you all the time to carefully review your bills each and every month. nadine chen was doing just that recently. and she discovered sprint was charging her for san francisco 911 taxes on her mobile phone. here is the thing. nadine says she moved out of san francisco more than ten years ago. and the difference added up to close to $1,000 over the years. nadine says she did an online search, found a similar situation solved by the nbc responds team in chicago. so she asked if we could help here in the bay area. right away we asked sprint to take another look and it did, and then sent nadine a check for $978. we asked sprint what happened, but it didn't get back to us. got a problem with your phone bill or anything else, give us a call, it's toll free,
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888-996-tips or online at >> thanks, chris. 4:57 for you right now. coming up here on "today in the bay," vallejo police department's brand new police chief starts on the job today. right out of the gate he's dealing with a major crisis, the shooting and killing of a man by an off-duty police officer. still ahead for you this morning, what we know about that case so far. and as we take a live look outside in dublin, as you head out the door, visibility is clear, temperatures are cool and we'll have another really nice day. we have some changes ahead temperature wise. we'll talk more about that coming up next. here is part of your north bay commute, southbound 101 through san jose, things are starting to pick up the volume, getting more company. we had slowing up there with the traffic alert farther north. we'll talk about what's going on for that portion of 101 coming up.
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what a night last night. taking a live look at levi's, where it's all quiet now, but boy, was it roaring in there with the niners taking on seattle. seattle taking on our niners a little bit, too, in the game, taking our winning streak where from us but it was a good one. >> it was. >> we're all a little tired because of it. thanks for joining us. i'm, go dprs. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. the niners lose a close game.


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