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tv   Today  NBC  November 12, 2019 7:00am-9:01am PST

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expressway where we have the latest crash. the rest of the bay pretty much on schedule. >> we're on schedule to come back at 7:25 with a local news update. >> don't forget our midday show coming up at 11:00. we'll see you then when the party begins. have a great day. >> never over. >> never. good morning. bone chilling record cold strengthens its icy grip on 2/3 of the nation. temperatures set to plunge in the single digits. lows not seen this time of year in more than a century as a powerful winter storm that has led to highway crashes and airport accidents begins its march to the east coast. al's full forecast just ahead. breaking overnight, former president jimmy carter scheduled to undergo emergency brain surgery today. the new health concerns facing the 95-year-old in the wake of two recent falls. breaking news, the middle east erupts in violence overnight after israeli forces
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kill a top palestinian commander in a surprise air strike sparking a violent response. a barrage of rockets fired into israel along with a vow of further revenge. we'll have the very latest. those stories, plus "today" exclusive, former u.n. ambassador nikki haley live in studio 1a, what she's saying about the president, the impeachment hearings, 24 hours away and her own political future. let the streaming wars begin, disney's new service arrived overnight, so will it be a game-changer in an already crowded field. and what is choked up, the final jeopardy answer that nearly brought host alex trebek to tears, today, tuesday, november 12th, 2019. >> from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hey, everybody, welcome to "today," thank you for joining
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us this tuesday morning. folks who watched jeopardy last night probably got a heart moment. you don't usually get those on jeopardy but wow. >> a lump in the throat when you hear from alex trebek. we'll have more on that in a moment. we also have a big interview this morning, former ambassador, nikki haley, her first live interview since stepping down as u.n. ambassador. >> first we are going to get to the weather. tens of millions facing a one-two punch of snow and arctic cold that will shatter records. al is standing by with the latest on just how cold it will get. but first, nbc's ron mott has made his way to cleveland, ohio, hey, ron, good morning. >> reporter: hey, hoda, good morning. a few flurries in the air here in cleveland this morning. actually last night we got a fair amount of lake-effect snow. but because temperatures have hovered around the freezing mark a lot of snow did not stick in
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the city. it is about to get really cold and that could change the equation. weather outside taking a frightful turn as the wintry blast is smothering millions with snow. minnesota to michigan, to missouri and beyond, residents are braving the brutal elements and bundling up. at chicago's o'hare airport, a chillingly close call after a plane slid off the runway during landing. >> the plane wasn't actually stopping. it kept on going. it was sliding on the ice. >> all 41 onboard the american airlines jet safe, and breathing a big sigh of relief. >> as soon as we stopped, everyone kind of exhaled. >> reporter: while some are trying to stay positive. >> it's a little unexpected this early but just trying to deal with it i guess. >> reporter: over in iowa, farmers are playing catch up as the polar plunge wreaks havoc on corn and soybean crops both vital to the state's economy. residents in south bend, indiana, are already shoveling their way out.
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frigid conditions are taking aim on the northeast today and even heading south. students at the university of kentucky bracing for lows in the teens tuesday. >> it makes me want to stay in bed and not go to class. that's not really an option. >> reporter: as shops in lexington hustle to keep supplies in stock. >> with the cold weather coming all at once, everybody is just looking for that first bad freeze. >> reporter: 20 million are expected to be in freeze warnings down south, atlanta, birmingham, pensacola, expected to face subfreezing temperatures. a winter storm warning is expiring at this hour for cleveland. the national weather service says to expect a couple additional inches of snowfall and we mentioned it's about to get brutally cold here. temperatures expected to fall all day, bottoming out about 20 degrees. ladies. >> ron, thank you. >> we keep sending him to the colder and colder places, tomorrow it's canada. for more on the cold and snow, we're going to say good morning to mr. roker. hey, al. >> hey, good morning, guys.
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take a look at this record cold snap. before it's all over thursday, 158 record lows possible across 32 states. look where we are right now with temperatures and windchills. it feels like 8 below where ron is in chicago. 5 in cincinnati. syracuse 10. minus 4 in st. louis. 8 in omaha. as we move into tomorrow morning, look for these records possibly broken. new york, burlington, buffalo with 11. 9 in detroit, indianapolis 11, 18 in nashville, 22 in raleigh, and in fact we're looking at sub freezing or low temperatures across all 48 continental united states below freezing, and we're also looking at record frost and freeze watches and warnings from texas all the way to the mid-atlantic. 28 million people impacted by this, and this weekend we are going to see a little bit of a warmup. temperatures finally starting to warm up in chicago, lexington, raleigh, boston, d.c. and atlanta. however, we do have airport delays today. most likely from boston, new
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york, d.c. down to charlotte, and back to pittsburgh for snow and wind. savannah. >> al, thank you. breaking overnight, former president jimmy carter has been hospitalized and is set to undergo emergency surgery to relieve pressure on his brain. nbc's blayne alexander joins us from atlanta with the latest on this blayne, good morning. >> reporter: savannah, good morning. former president carter is here at emory university hospital, he was admitted overnight with a procedure set for this morning this is the latest in a string of recent health concerns for the longest living president in u.s. history this morning, new health concerns for former president jimmy carter the carter center announcing overnight the 95-year-old was admitted to an atlanta hospital monday evening where this morning he will undergo a procedure to remove pressure on his brain caused by bleeding after a series of recent falls the first, back in may which led
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to a broken hip and surgery. then in early october, a fall at home leaving him with 14 stitches above his eyebrow >> i feel good enough to build houses. >> reporter: the former president was back in public just hours later, building houses with habitat for humanity >> my eye is black as you noticed but i had a number one priority, and it was to come to nashville to build houses. >> reporter: his most recent fall just three weeks ago, leaving him with a fractured pelvis carter has not let age slow him down a fixture at his south georgia church where he teaches sunday school every week, and he works tirelessly with habitat for humanity, speaking with nbc's andrea mitchell last month. >> how did you have the resilience and strength and why to be showing up for habitat after falling and injuring yourself >> well, this habitat project in 36 years, so i didn't want to miss this one. this has been special for us. >> reporter: now, the nation's
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oldest living president back in the hospital with a procedure doctors hope will get him back on his feet soon and the former president is certainly resilient, guys. remember he bought brain cancer back in 2015 he since announced that he is cancer free. also this morning, his wife and former first lady roslyn is also here by his side, and the former president's church has announced that he will not be teaching sunday school this week. guys >> blayne, thank you very much. craig joins the table, we have breaking news out of the middle east. >> we do hoda, savannah, good morning, good morning to you as well. the israeli military has carried out an air strike in gaza. it happened overnight. it killed an islamic jihad commander and sparked an immediate and violent response richard engel our chief foreign correspondent joins us good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, craig. this could escalate, and it could escalate quickly there had been a period of relative calm between gaza and israel, and that changed this morning when israel carried out
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an air strike killing a palestinian military leader from one of two factions there. this one from islamic jihad, they responded immediately, firing dozens of rockets toward israel israel using the iron dome rocket defense system to knock down most of them, but also shutting down public transport, sending people into evacuation shelters israeli officials say they don't want this to escalate into a fu full-blown war, but that could happen, especially if one of those rockets hits the tel aviv airport, hits jerusalem, or hits a site causing many israeli casualties it has the potential to escalate quickly. >> richard engle for us there. richard, thank you savannah president trump is entering what could be the most consequential week of his presidency with the first public hearings of the impeachment investigation getting underway tomorrow a pair of senior state department officials are set to testify on national television including the top diplomat in
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ukraine. and on friday, the former u.s. ambassador to ukraine is scheduled to testify as well the president continues to tweet about all of it referring to impeachment yesterday as a scam, and in the meantime, condoleezza rice, former secretary of state under george w. bush is weighing in saying it is out of bounds for a u.s. president to mention an american citizen, in this case, joe biden, to a foreign leader with all of that as the backdrop, we turn to nikki haley. she served as president trump's ambassador to the united nations with us for her first live interview. she's also written a new book called "with all due respect," good morning ambassador haley, it is great to see you. >> good to be with you >> we're about to have public impeachment hearings begin you mentioned recently in an interview you don't think the president's conduct with regard to ukraine is impeachable.
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have you made up your mind >> i have made up my mind. impeachment is literally the worst punishment you can do to a public official and here you've got a situation where there was no investigation, and the aid flowed as it was supposed to when you look at that situation, it's hard to see where impeachment would qualify for that. >> can i stop you right there because that, with all due respect to borrow a phrase, that doesn't seem like much of a defense of the president, that he might have tried to do those things but it didn't work out, so it's all okay >> i mean, impeachment is serious. it's the most serious thing you can do to a president. the other side of this is we are less than a year away from the election instead, let the people decide let them hear the testimony that's fine. but let them decide. >> it's serious, no question about it the people will get to weigh in in a year. but let's talk about -- let's just set aside that issue of impeachment. let's talk about the conduct here, and whether you think it's appropriate. let's think only to the undisputed facts i have the transcript of the call in question that the white house itself released. so this is not in any controversy. let's talk about that, and that alone.
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the president has said this was a perfect call do you think this was a perfect call >> in his mind he thinks it was a perfect call. >> what do you think >> i think it's never a good practice for us to ask a foreign country to investigate an american just not a good practice having said that, there's no insistence on that call. there are no demands on that call it is a conversation between two presidents that's casual in nature, and you know, it's just hard to find anywhere that the president of ukraine would have thought funds were being held and that he had to do this. >> well, i mean, as a backdrop and you among all people know how important these funds are to ukraine. you were one of the leading voices on behalf of ukraine against russian aggression they always know the funding of their military is hanging over their heads, do they not >> they also know that president trump has been very strong for ukraine by giving anti-tank missiles, going against russia, holding the sanctions. >> the aid was on hold at that moment the aid did go on hold
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it eventually was released. >> you can have those hypotheticals. it was released. that's a fact. >> the aid was held up that is not a hypothetical. >> was the aid released, it was. >> okay. you know, one of the things when we talk about the call, and you said, you know, i think i won't put words in your mouth, you said it's not advisable to have someone asking, a president asking for a political favor like that, asking for an investigation into an american citizen. you know, i went back actually looked at your resignation letter, and you said through it all, we were always placing america first. how is asking a foreign country to investigate your political rival putting america first? whose interest is that in, is it in america's interest or the president's personal interest. >> ukraine has always been an issue with corruption. that was the case that we always knew that there was corruption involved >> but the corruption mentioned by the president here has to do with joe biden and the dnc server those are the two very specific
7:14 am
examples >> americans should want to know the answer of did biden pressure the prosecutor to, you know, to do what he did, and i think there's a real question there. you can question the president but you also have to question what biden did. >> there may be questions there, but let me ask you this -- let's do a weighing of interest. as between america's interest and making sure ukraine is able to battle the aggression of russia, our adversary as you well know, and whether there's a u.s. interest in looking into joe biden's son and the dnc server, which is the greater interest >> you can't put it into that and make sure that's equal you have to look at the fact is we should ask was biden's position abused. the same way you're looking at the president, you have to look at biden, and not only that, savannah, president trump was so strong on ukraine, he had stronger policy on ukraine than president obama did. so this was a strong relationship the ukrainian ambassador was one of my closest allies on the security council.
7:15 am
>> let's talk about another explosive story that you have in your book where you talk about how then chief of staff john kelly and rex tillerson, then the secretary of state, came to you at one point and pulled you aside and said they were trying to, quote, save the country and actively working to resist the president. can you tell us what happened in that moment? >> yeah, we were having a meeting within the oval office, rex and i disagreed on an issue. i play it all out in the book, but basically we went to john kelly's office, and it was a long two-hour meeting where they basically said that they were not trying to undermine the president. they were trying to save the country. but this was the issue is this wasn't that they thought there was a rogue president in the white house. this was the fact that they disagreed with him on policy they didn't think we needed to move the embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem. they didn't think we needed to get out of the iran deal >> you say in the book, these were dangerous people. you write that in the book >> i mean, i was a governor.
7:16 am
and if people in my cabinet tried to undermine me, it's very dangerous. >> did you say that right then and there to them, hey, guys, this is way out of line. >> they totally knew that i was not going to be with them. >> did you say that? >> it was very aware >> and did you tell the president afterwards, hey -- >> i told them, if this is what the president wanted and especially we were talking about the issue of palestinian aid that we needed to do that. >> did you say to the president, hey, you got two guys working against you. >> the president was aware, yes. >> you told him? >> yes. >> you did tell him. >> yes >> i look at what you have said about tillerson and kelly, you said they're dangerous people. you said they were pursuing a policy agenda, that they weren't really trying to save the country. i think about general john kelly, he spent more than four decades in uniform, he lost his son in battle. you write it very dramatically, you say what is at stake is the u.s. constitution itself no disagreement with the
7:17 am
president no matter how heartfelt justifies undermining the constitution john kelly lost his own son in battle he knows what it is to take an oath to the constitution did he deserve a better or more generous assessment from you >> first of all, i didn't call them dangerous people. what i said is what they were trying to do is dangerous. i have always referred to john kelly as a patriot i am a military wife i respect him and his family for what they went through but to undermine a president because you think you know better than him is wrong it's wrong whether it's a republican president or a democrat president and at that point if you disagreed with getting out of the iran deal, if you disagreed with moving our embassy or getting out of the paris climate agreement, go tell the president. if you still don't like it, quit >> you mentioned a couple of times in your book, you yourself did confront the president over a couple of matters. you mentioned in particular, his news conference with vladimir putin in helsinki where he cemented to side with putin over
7:18 am
the conclusion of our own intelligence agencies about russia's meddling in the election you say you called the president, you said i told him you made it sound like we are beholden to russia and the president was surprised, no one around him characterized the press conference in that way i was always honest with the president even when others around him weren't really you were the only person i mean that news conference was globally condemned because of that moment, but you were the only person in the administration who said, hey, that didn't look so great. >> that's what he told me. i mean, when i said i wanted to meet with him, and i go through that in the book, when i said i wanted to meet with him, and i said, look, this sounded soft, and he said, really, john kelly was in the room with me when i had this meeting, and he looked at john, and he said all of you guys said i did great. >> this is the same john kelly who you say is actively working to undermine him because he's a danger to the country. how's that work? explain that. >> you ask him those questions because i had openly said i know how you feel about russia.
7:19 am
he has been stronger on russia than any previous president, and you can look at numerous results of that. but the issue was that on that topic, no one had said anything to him and i thought it was hugely important, and you'll see later he comes out and he comes out much stronger on russia, and the point is, when i had my cabinet, what i asked my cabinet was be creative, help serve the people, and tell me if you see something wrong. i did for him what i wanted my cabinet to do for me. >> i am way over time, but let me just quickly because it's been out there and you worked in this administration. did you ever have any doubt about the fitness of this president? >> i never did. >> any doubt about his mental acuity. >> i never did. >> any question about his truthfulness, his ability to tell the truth >> savannah, i talked to him multiple times and when i had issues he always heard me out. i never had any concerns on whether he could handle the job, ever. >> and what about his truthfulness, did you think he
7:20 am
was a truthful person? >> yes, in every instance that i dealt with him, he was truthful, he listened and he was great to work with. >> ambassador haley, thank you so much, there are some interesting stories in this book it's out today "with all due respect. thank you. >> thank you. we're going to turn back to mr. roker, a lot of people paying attention to the forecast. >> let's give you a quick look at what's going on around the rest of the country. record lows in the central part of the u.s lake-effect snows, especially in the pacific northwest. we're looking at wet weather as well we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds.. wanna go to the gym? uh, it's too expensive. actually, our unitedhealthcare medicare plans come with renew active, a gym membership and more, at no extra cost. i'm not a workout kinda guy. you get a personalized fitness plan. i'm exercising my brain. and an online brain health program. i need workout clothes? they have tvs here too. renew active, only from unitedhealthcare medicare including the only plans with the aarp name.
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good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. visibility all clear now as the fog rolls away from the golden gate bridge, and we're going to see sunshine throughout the day, with some high clouds moving in, giving us the filtered sunshine. our temperatures still staying warm with some upper 70s for the inland areas. upper 60s for the coast, and over the next several days, we, too, have some changes ahead. it's going to cool off by thursday, and the cold front moves through, it will be breezy. we will also have some fall-like weather on friday but warming up in time for the weekend. >> and that's your latest weather. >> all right, al, thank you. disney's new streaming service is here. it's going live overnight. we'll show you what it offers and ask the question, are the streaming wars, are there too many services out there, has it become too crowded. plus, we have a "today" exclusive. we are going to check in live with miracle, that was the dog trapped for weeks in the rubble after hurricane dorian you guys, we have a very happy
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update to this remarkable story. but first, this is "today" on nbc. but f "tod nbc. don't miss the grand opening
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plus, there are no fees or minimums on savings or checking accounts because that's how it should be. this is banking reimagined. what's in your wallet? good morning. 7:26, i'm marcus washington. victims in this summer's gilroy garlic festival mass shooting are expected to announce a new lawsuit today filing against the event organizers. the claim alleges better security could have prevented the shooting. fences surrounding the sides and metal detectors at entrans but the shooter managed to cut a hole near the fence in the back part of the venue, where the killer came through, killing three people, injuring 40 more. now let's look at the forecast for today, meteorologist kari hall. >> we have a beautiful sunrise, and a cool start to the day. here is a live look outside in
7:27 am
san jose, and you still need a jacket as you head out but the rest of the day will be nice and warm, reaching into the mid to upper 70s in the south bay. we'll look for a high of 77 in livermore and 70 today in oakland with napa today reaching 78 degrees. we will be cooling down as the week goes along, more clouds today and tomorrow. by thursday, we have a cold front that will be sweeping through with upper 60s in the forecast, and then it does warm up again a few more degrees going into the weekend and early next week. there's no rain in the forecast, and san francisco also cooling off by the end of the week. let's head over to mike for an update on the commute. >> the south bay improved quite a bit as far as the number of accidents and crashes. we have north 85 traffic alert. the arrow shows you north 101 approaching capital expressway. chp reports all lanes cleared. we see improvement over the last 15 minutes. the rest of the bay shows you pretty typical pattern, the toll plaza metering lights are on. there is a crash 880 getting
7:28 am
away, slowing you down and the bay bridge where fastrak lanes are not doing as well as the cash lanes. back to you. >> thanks, mike. we'll have another local news update coming up in 30 minutes.
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you never cease to amaze me, maya. see how investing with a j.p. morgan advisor can help you. visit your local chase branch. response, did you come up with the right one. what is, we love you alex. that's very kind, thank you. cost you 1995. you're left with 5 bucks >> oh, my goodness alex trebek, obviously didn't see that one coming but guess what, the whole world feels that way about him. he's battling cancer and was sort of taken aback when he saw that in the response. >> it was worth 1,995. >> we love you alex was trending on twitter. >> i'm going to tweet it right now. lots to get to this half hour, first some of the big
7:31 am
stories we're following this tuesday morning. tens of millions of americans are waking up to record-shattering cold temperatures a wintry blast is slicing across the plains and midwest smothering millions with snow. the bone chilling cold hits the east coast tomorrow. at chicago's o'hare airport, a frightening close call this is what happened. this is a plane sliding off the runway during a landing there. all 41 folks on board the american airlines jet were safe. they are breathing a big sigh of relief this morning. al is going to be back with a look at who's getting the worst of it in a few minutes. more than a dozen fraternities at san diego state university have been suspended following the tragic death of a 19-year-old student. dylan hernandez was rushed to the hospital hours after attending a phi gamma delta fraternity event he died one day later. the university reacted quickly, suspending 14 fraternities after a police investigation uncovered possible misconduct. the university's president weighed in saying in part, the
7:32 am
university will keep the organizations under suspension while it considers next steps. now to something a lot of people are talking about this morning, a new competitor in the streaming wars disney plus launched overnight, joining a growing list of streaming services that give viewers a lot of options nbc's joe fryer joins us with a closer look. hey, joe, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, guys. a lot of folks might be checking their budgets this morning to see if they can squeeze another 7 bucks out of their monthly expenses that's how much disney plus will cost, less than some competitors, but is it enough to sway viewers who feel the streaming landscape is starting to get oversaturated >> magic mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all? >> reporter: it's no fairy tale. hundreds of movies are now available on disney plus, from the earliest animated classic, "snow white and the seven
7:33 am
dwarfs" to modern hits like "captain marvel. mickey lovers are all ears >> i'm the big disneyland fan, so maybe i might get it. >> reporter: the streaming service costs $6.99 a month or $69.99 for a yearly subscription it can be watched on tvs, web browsers and apps and features movies and tv series from disney, pixar, marvel and star wars >> and no tv >> reporter: you'll even get 30 years worth of sumpsons episodes >> i like the selection. i grew up on disney, so it's kind of nostalgic. >> reporter: disney's rollout comes two weeks after apple entered the streaming market at $4.99 a month, apple tv plus boasts a plus stars like jennifer aniston in "the morning show." though the service's initial shows have not generated much critical acclaim >> there's not content i'm immediately excited about. >> reporter: second seasons have been ordered for four of apple's shows and according to multiple reports, sources close to apple
7:34 am
say the service delivered millions of viewers right off the bat, thrilling the company >> everybody else that i know has it, and they're saying how the show is great, so it's just a matter of time. >> reporter: for viewers it's all adding up. if you signed up for all seven of these streaming services, it would cost you about $75 a month, and that's not counting your cable or internet bills >> i feel like the market is completely oversaturated, it's getting difficult to know what one has and the other doesn't. >> reporter: it's one reason disney is offering a bundle, disney plus, espn plus, and hulu with ads for $12.99 a month, trying to keep viewers from going against the stream. >> i'm not sure i need to keep piling it on, on the other hand, i don't want to miss anything. >> any idea how many folks are expected to sign up for disney plus? >> reporter: analysts expects 8 million customers by year's end and 76 million in five years experts note the new services from disney and apple are not going to replace netflix for
7:35 am
many customers, they're more of an addition, and by the way, more are coming, including peacock, the streaming service from our parent company nbc universal which is set to debut next year. back to you guys. >> joe, thank you. here's the thing, if you have small kids, it's going to be hard to -- >> not get it. >> right >> do they have "star wars," yes, so, if you're a nerd like me and you want to watch "star wars" over and over again. still to come, olympic legend, bode miller, we'll talk to him live. he has some exciting news to share about his family first, the story about miracle the dog, it was already incredible guess what, it's not over, an exclusive look at his recovery since he was rescued from the wreckage of hurricane dorian, and we're going to meet the family who really does make sure he lives happily ever after, right after this there are standard-dose flu shots.
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ok, well, if it isn't real then, i guess those things over there can't actually be cows. must be some kind of really big dogs, then. sit! bad dog. hardest for last. ♪ for mother rose?! it's perfect. ♪ perfect. [door bell] another one for mother rose? ♪ ♪ in-depth today and this is my favorite story of the morning, i think. >> maybe the month. >> it's a good one remember miracle, the dog found alive in the rubble one month after hurricane dorian slammed the bahamas. well, this is a really good day for him. >> we waited for this day for a while. nbc's kerry sanders joins us with miracle where he is about
7:41 am
to join his forever family hey, kerry, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, and look at miracle, just so full of energy, of course, still eating, gaining so much weight going from 16 pounds to, well, now, 34 pounds so look at him just so ready to go on to the next step in his life. which is leaving here at big dog ranch rescue, and heading to join his new family. this is miracle. >> 34.8. >> reporter: hard to believe this dog has almost doubled his weight, learned to walk again and is so full of life, when his story began on the doorstep of death. found in the wake of hurricane dorian in the bahamas, trapped under rubble, miracle survived an incredible 3 1/2 weeks. >> he's a fighter. he's a survivor. and he's a great symbol of hope for people that have lost
7:42 am
everything >> reporter: lauree simmons, founder of big dog ranch rescue coordinated the team that saved miracle's life. >> he was extremely anemic, and his muscles on his hind end had wasted away to nothing. >> reporter: it took a drone with heat seeking capabilities to find him buried beneath the debris skin and bones, but alive. you may remember when we first met miracle here on "today," how weak and emaciated he looked, and then how he surprised us all. >> this is the first time we look at that, look at the strength >> wow that was like watching a flower bloom, literally watching it that was awesome, kerry. >> reporter: since then, miracle has been fed special food and treated with doggy hemp oil to quell his anxiety over the sound of thunderstorms >> do you remember me? do you remember me oh, my god, how are you? >> reporter: 10,000 people sent
7:43 am
in applications to adopt miracle. >> it's a miracle that we got miracle. >> reporter: today, one lucky family gets to take him home, clark and brianna bady, and their three daughters. they had to keep the news a secret. >> he finally gets a boy. >> reporter: and three little girls who are planning a big party for his arrival. >> the start of something good. >> reporter: miracle, who was alone for 3 1/2 weeks now finding his forever home >> we love you, miracle. >> reporter: and we are here now with the family, and of course miracle who's going to be heading home in a little bit i understand that you have a party planned, so jane, tell me, what are you going to do when you get home with miracle? >> so we'll have a cake that has miracle on it, right next to it. there's a heart that says forever home then we have this balloon that says welcome home, miracle >> reporter: and who's getting invited?
7:44 am
>> we're probably going to invite cc with her dog abby. >> reporter: so there are other people, friends with their pets are coming >> yeah. and then maybe leslie with her dog, sophie. >> reporter: i'm sure the list will go on and on, folks, 10,000 people, including even a reality tv show, said that they wanted to adopt the very curious miracle who's wandering off camera right now how do you feel about being selected and tell me a little bit about the love that this wonderful miracle is going to get. >> we hope he likes playing dress up because i think that's in his future. and snuggling and talks and being spoiled. >> hopefully likes the boat life >> reporter: i should mention that you all not only live here, but you lost a home in the bahamas as well. it's important to note that so many people, guys, see that miracle not only is an amazing
7:45 am
story but also symbolic for so many people who lost so much in hurricane dorian that in miracle can make it that maybe the bahamas can also recover and make it as really amazing guy has done guys >> kerry, we love a happy ending around here. that's beautiful >> that's a beautiful family right there. well, not you, kerry, but everybody else. >> reporter: let me step out of the way. >> you can be honorary brother or something >> gun congratulates -- congrats >> give them our love. >> amazing doubled its weight. >> and who would have thought from the day we saw that dog just kind of emerge from the ashes. >> and he already looks so much better. >> sure does. >> awesome, that was great. let us get a check of the weather. >> we have this frontal system that's pushing through that's going to usher in arctic air. you can see snow in new england, wet weather all the way down through the gulf, of course you can see we've got some snow through there, so we'll see some lake effect as well. we want to play a little game
7:46 am
with you guys, here we go. who's colder today, anchorage or memphis? who do you think >> memphis >> i'm going to say memphis. >> i'm sorry, memphis is colder. >> that's what we said. >> oh, you said that. >> we're on to your bait and switch >> who's colder, anchorage or denver >> denver. >> oh, so sorry. >> he tricked us. >> give us one more. >> last one, who's colder, anchorage or oklahoma city. >> oklahoma city. >> trick question, they're tied. >> you really upped your game. >> thank you very much got a bait and switch. that's what's going on around good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. a live look outside in oakland, already a busy start to the day. we will see some sun as we go into the rest of the day, with some warmer temperatures, much warmer than normal, reaching into the upper 70s inland. 70 in oakland. 78 in napa and 67 today in san francisco. we will have some cooler air
7:47 am
ahead into the forecast tomorrow, more clouds and a cold front trodrops in thursday with high temperatures in the upper 60s. we'll warm up again in time for the weekend. all right, al, thank you coming up next, look at the crowds that gather around the mona lisa on any given day, now they have some calling for the iconic painting to be taken down keir simmons is live at the louvre with that story right after this and live your lives. that's why we redesigned humira. we wanted to make the experience better for you. now there's less pain immediately following injection. we've reduced the size of the needle and removed the citrate buffers. and it has the same effectiveness you know and trust. humira citrate-free is here. a little change can make a big difference. humira can lower your ability to fight infections.
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7:50 am
the best of pressure cooking and air frying now in one pot, and with tendercrisp technology, you can cook foods that are crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. the ninja foodi pressure cooker, the pressure cooker that crisps. joins us. >> love our dylan. >> we have a surprising story this morning about the most famous painting in the world. >> absolutely. correspondent keir simmons joins us on the louvre in paris with the crowds, now the backlash facing the mona lisa hi, keir good morning. >> reporter: good morning, how can i put it, the french are probably not going to love this report because here in paris,
7:51 am
it's raining and the tourists are complaining because many people don't realize when they go to see the great mona lisa inside the louvre, it's actually quite a small painting and this morning tlrl calls for the painting to be moved or for perhaps people to stop being allowed to take selfies or to regulate the amount of people so when you go to see the mona lisa, you actually get to see the mona lisa. she's the louvre's most famous resident, smiling enigmatically for 500 years, leonardo da vinci's mona lisa, her face adorns a world of memorabilia, and she's on millions of bucket lists. >> if you come to paris, you come to see the mona lisa. >> reporter: with visitor numbers up to 30,000 a day, mona mania has tour guides concerned about safety. >> the line zigzags all the way back
7:52 am
and when you're finally up there up front, you only have really a few seconds to enjoy her before you're shoved out of the way. >> reporter: and selfies. >> what people are doing is merely going up there, taking a picture, and then taking a selfie >> reporter: leaving many visitors underwhelmed, taking to social media to vent wake up, people, the art is laughing at us one fan even going as far as saying someone should steal the mona lisa. just getting close enough to catch her eye for a few seconds can be a struggle. >> it was meant to be seen in an intimate setting today it has become such an icon that people come to see it as they would for instance, the eiffel tower and not really a painting. >> reporter: still, you can get a good view if you know the right people last year, beyonce and jay-z paid a visit and got up close and personal their visit sparking a celebrity
7:53 am
trail tour and as for what leonardo da vinci, the man behind the painting, would make of all this >> he would be rather proud that his painting has become such an icon. >> reporter: while the mona lisa will just grin and bear it guys, here's our exclusive "today" show hack, if you don't have the money to come here and see the mona lisa, get yourself a copy like that, a selfie, and you're good. >> keir, thank you. just ahead, harry smith sitting down with oscar winners matt damon and christian bale, he's going to talk about their new film coming up after your local news and some weather. i didn't have to run for help. and i didn't have i didn'tto come get you.1. because you didn't have another heart attack. not today. you took our conversation about your chronic coronary artery disease to heart. even with a stent procedure, your condition can get worse over time, and keep you at risk of blood clots.
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7:56 am
good tuesday morning. right now at 7:56, let's take a live look outside in san francisco. the fog has cleared and we are in for some filtered sunshine as we go through the rest of the day with some high clouds moving in. as we take a live look in walnut creek we're also seeing some hazy conditions, and throughout the rest of the day, our temperatures go from the low 50s to the upper 70s, well above normal temperatures in the forecast today. highs reaching up to 77 in livermore. san jose reaching 76 degrees, and up to 70 today in oakland, and ukiah expect a high of about 81 degrees there. we're looking at still some warm weather for tomorrow. still partly cloudy and then cooling down on thursday, as the skies clear and the cold front sweeps through. we'll get some breezy winds and feeling fall-like on friday before it warms up again in time for the weekend. let's see how the roads are
7:57 am
moving now from mike. >> look at oakland on the right side northbound, it's slow as you travel past high street but not as bad as it is out of san leandro. still sluggish in areas, typical for the east bay. top of your screen we are looking at a slower drive westbound 80 around solano avenue coming into richmond we have a crash causing more slowing and of course the backup at the bay bridge toll plaza earlier fender bender. standard the san mateo and the dumbarton bridge, slowing of course and northbound through san jose pushing toward the rest of silicon valley. back to you. >> thanks, mike. happening now, within the last hour we got an update on president jimmy carter, following his emergency brain surgery this morning. doctors had to relieve pressure on carter's brain from the bleeding, after two recent falls. his team says the 95-year-old carter made it through with no complications, and he is now recovering. you can link to more on our twitter feed. the u.s. supreme court today is hearing arguments that may decide the future for young people protected through
7:58 am
america's daca program. go to our home page for the story when the ruling will be made. more news coming up in 30 minutes.
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today," coming up, record setting cold. millions of americans waking up to another day of frigid temperatures the arctic surge and snow causing a mess on the roads and the runways. so could there be any relief in sight? al is tracking all of it plus, sisters first, jenna and barbara bush will give us a first look at their new children's book with a little help from some special friends >> help us remember, we are sisters first. skie >> and boy, oh, boy, a look at
8:01 am
olympic skier bode miller, who will call in for some exciting news to share. tuesday, november 12th, 2019 >> for campbell, first trip. >> connecticut. >> hi to our friends in virginia, and west virginia. >> from orlando, florida, celebrating our 27th wedding anniversary. with "today" >> happy anniversary, it is raining on our crowd >> it's not raining on their parade. >> it certainly is not by the way, the rain is going to blow out those temperatures are going to drop we want to let everyone out there in their ponchos know we appreciate you being with us on our all new november >> that's right. >> it's all new. we have great things planned tomorrow including legendary film maker ken burns, he's going to be in our studio. he'll tell us about his exciting new project. >> we are going to head outside to debut the star, that's right, a crystal star that's going to
8:02 am
set atop the rockefeller center christmas tree. 'tis the season. >> what kind of star >> swarovski crystal. >> good for you, let's get back tol your news. that cold weather, misery is spreading across a lot of the country. records falling along with snow and freezing rain. we're going to check with mr. roker and get the latest on this one. the cold is coming, this morning, we're looking at single digit windchills in cincinnati and memphis but feels below 0 in st. louis, chicago, minneapolis, and omaha. 3 in rapid city. what we're looking at for tomorrow morning, even colder air. 28 million people impacted from texas all the way to the southeastern atlantic coast for freeze watches and warnings. tomorrow morning, we may see records in new york, burlington, detroit, indianapolis, memphis, on into nashville, even on into raleigh as well. plus, for today, we're looking at airport delays most likely for boston, new york, d.c., charlotte, and pittsburgh. guys
8:03 am
>> all right, al, thank you so much this morning in her first live interview since stepping down as ambassador to the united nations, nikki haley told us she does not believe the president's july phone call with the leader of ukraine qualifies him for impeachment, but she did have some criticism. >> i think it's never a good practice for us to ask a foreign country to investigate an american it's just not a good practice. having said that, there's no insistence on that call. there are no demands on that call it is a conversation between two presidents that's casual in nature, and you know, it's just hard to find anywhere that the president of ukraine would have thought funds were being held and that he had to do this. >> haley also talked about a meeting where she says former secretary of state rex tillerson and former white house chief of staff general john kelly tried to recruit her to resist the president behind the scenes on policies they disagreed with while they were at the white house. >> did you say to the president later, hey, you got two guys working against you. >> the president was aware, yes. >> you told him? >> yes. >> you did tell him?
8:04 am
>> yes. >> haley has written a new book about her time in the trump administration, it is called "with all due respect. mexico's top security officials say arrests have been made in the massacre of nine american women and children last week he did not say just how many arrests or give any details about their possible connection to the highway ambush. authorities said earlier, though, that they believe drug cartel hitmen carried out the attack the victims had dual u.s./mexican citizenship they were part of a mormon offshoot group living in northern new mexico. we have the news to boost. >> juliana lamar was so determined to become a lawyer, she went back to law school less than a week after an emergency c section. when it was time to be sworn in as a lawyer, she got a little help from the judge. >> in the state of tennessee. >> in the state of tennessee >> yep, that's judge jenkins of the tennessee court of appeals, holding juliana's baby while
8:05 am
giving the oath. juliana says she couldn't have done it without the love of her husband javon, her son and her mom. she says she hopes to practice sports and entertainment law or corporate law when she finishes her clerkship. can you imagine? >> i cannot. that is a rising star right there. wow. kids, coming up, jenna joins us along with her sister barbara, they're going to fill us in on their latest adorable project. >> but first, an exciting announcement from bode miller and his wife morgan. bode is going to call us to share the news live right after this ♪ wish you were here. to see how bright the human spirit can shine, to see that no matter what nature does, people will do more. with one of the industries' largest catastrophe response teams state farm will always be among the first to arrive, and the last to leave. to help show that human nature is greater than nature. ♪
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8:12 am
( ♪ ) introducing the marilyn monroe collection of fine jewellery. exclusively at zales, the "diamonds are a girl's best friend" store. welcome back. over the last 18 months, former olympic skier bode miller and his wife morgan have experienced moments of utter heartbreak and pure joy. >> the heartbreak came when they suffered the loss of their daughter emmy, and joy a few months later when they welcomed their son easton, and in august of this year, bode and morgan shared a special announcement with us about the next chapter in their lives. >> really exciting news, and now we can zoom out the camera and reveal that you are expecting. >> we are. >> and not just one baby, you're having twins. >> identical twin boys >> i mean, congratulations.
8:13 am
>> thank you >> bode and morgan join us now by phone, and i know you have something to tell us what's going on in your house, bode and morgan? >> they finally arrived. they had us waiting and waiting and waiting. it was driving morgan crazy, but we have them in the house. >> they're here. >> we're showing a picture of these precious little boys i mean, they are adorable. how is morgan? how are the babies what happened at the birth, tell us everything. >> the birth story was actually one of the more crazy things that i have ever experienced and you guys know that i have seen a thing or two in my life. none of the midwives actually made it on time, which is -- it's the equivalent of having the baby in the car on the way to the hospital, you know, and everything just so fast. i think it had gone so long, she carried them full term for a singleton, so it's just, you
8:14 am
know, i think she was ready, they were ready, and when they decided -- and now she's so experienced with it. she's right here too, but she was so experienced with it she was kind of like expecting something different, i think and she said to the midwives, no, we have time, i'm laying in bed watching tv. and i was like you guys should come over, and they started coming over, and by the time they got there, me and my mom were holding the babies. >> you delivered your children >> what? >> you delivered your own children with your mother? >> yeah, and luckily my mom was a midwife but she hadn't delivered babies in 20 plus years, and she had never delivered twins, and we're both pretty relaxed and casual but we were certainly not qualified to be doing this unassisted home delivery of twins. >> to add another layer to this whole thing, i heard your dad was out at costco, he must have come home and been like, oh, my gosh, what went on here. >> i hope you got the big tub of
8:15 am
mayonnaise. >> yeah, it was morgan's dad when he came back, he's like -- about as tight as any grandpa could be to all of his grandkids. for him, it was crazy. we got amazing pictures of him coming into this like mayhem, craziness, and he's more traditional, so they were all a little bit nervous but to see it go so well, and he was just in shock. one moment we were all saying, no, and the next moment they were out it was that quick. >> we are looking at this little picture of the two of them together they are adorable. they're identical twins. i have to say, you look like an identical twin, especially the one on the right, looks exactly like you, bode, with his eyes open my goodness. and wait, morgan is on the phone too. morgan, how are you? >> i'm doing really well we're still floating from the whole experience
8:16 am
it was just so amazing to have it go as spontaneously and as well as it did and for bode to get to deliver his identical twin boys with his mom. >> amazing. >> it was just, it was pure magic. >> bode, didn't you, i remember when you guys were here, you were telling us that you had had this lifelong premonition that you were going to have identical twins and sure enough, here they are. >> yeah. the delivery part wasn't in that premonition. i did not realize that >> bode, do you have names for the boys yet >> no, and morgan is just tackling right now it's been a point of contention, as you can imagine, morgan and i, so no, we don't have any yet, and that's one of the advantages of doing it at home, at the hospital, they won't let you out of there unless you name them. >> maybe you guys need a deadline >> we'll come up with something, they're really, they have such
8:17 am
different personalities right now. it's going to be cool to kind of let them be a little bit -- we'll come up with something good >> i'm sure you will congratulations. >> big brothers and sisters must be excited we love seeing the little faces and hearing the joy in your voice. you have so deserved it. we love you. >> thank you, guys, so much. >> thank you >> i would say get rest, but you've got newborn twins, so we know how that goes. >> and we're on the west coast too. >> probably feeding time. >> we have another set of adorable twins do you know these twins? >> i have heard of them. jenna and barbara bush, there they are aren't they cute >> but first a check of the weather. >> let's take a look we've got weather that's turning colder in the northeast, mid atlantic states, lake effect snow around the central great lakes. record lows hitting the plains wet weather in the pacific northwest, and the warm, dry weather continues along the southwest and western coast.
8:18 am
good morning, i'm kari hall, we have a nice start to the day. you can see the high clouds f l filtering the sunshine in san jose. we have warm tums going up to 76 degrees. we'll see a high of 78 in concord. also 78 in santa rosa. our inland temperatures will stay warm in the next couple days and it will be dry and we keep the dry weather into early next week. her. savannah. >> all right, al, thank you so much. >> and looky who we have here, jenna and barbara bush. >> and they're here for a reason they have an exciting new project. it's a brand new children's book it celebrates what else, sister hood and it's called "sisters first," good morning >> good morning. >> we believe there's no bigger bond than that between sisters so we invited a group of sisters to the color factory in new york for a special day with our
8:19 am
lifelong best friend. >> my wishing paid off, it was written in the stars a new baby sister would soon be ours >> it's a love letter to sisters everywhere >> with soft hands to hold and warm arms to hug. >> for the first reading of our new children's book, "sisters first" barbara and i couldn't think of a better audience than a group of sisters, including my own girls, mila and poppy. >> with you by my side, i'm braver than before you love me for me and hold my hand when i'm sure >> as we share the love that fills the pages, we are even more inspired by the love that fills the room. >> help us remember we are sisters first. >> who wants to talk about their sister >> whenever i need her, she's always there, and i love to hug her. >> she's cute. >> she's so nice to me >> she's always there to have fun with me. >> i love you.
8:20 am
>> everybody think of one word that best describes your sister. >> sparkly. >> my sister is very very funny. >> cute and loving >> i love when she smiles and laughs >> how do you make your sister laugh? >> blow in their ear >> i tickle her like this. >> raise your hand if you can read your sister's mind. you can? what is your sister thinking about right now? >> she's thinking about unicorns, rainbows and happy stuff, aren't you? >> the magic of sisterhood at such a young age, reflected in the book's message, a prayer sisters can cherish for a lifetime >> with enormous hearts, clever too, very smart. >> and warm hands to hug. >> and gentle eyes that show deep love. >> accepting and patient. >> yet strong in our view.
8:21 am
>> hopeful and joyful. >> in all that we do. >> and through many days, the best and the worst, help us remember we are sisters first. >> i can't take it it's so fabulous and adorable. good morning, ladies. >> good morning. >> this is so cute i mean, you wrote a book, a memoir of your lives together called "sisters first" and now you have done the kids book. i read that you guys actually thought that it was going to be a kids book first. >> we did. we were excited about a kids book we were busy helping mila get excited for her new baby sister poppy by telling her the fun, hilarious things we did when we were little. she was so excited to be a big sister when poppy was born, so we thought it would be fun to share the different stories that we shared with her with other sisters. >> when we got in there, they were all over each other, and i know you both have sisters >> yes >> that magic, which applies to blood sisters, but our mom is an
8:22 am
only child and she has a group of sisters that she travels to national parks with and they make her feel brave and she can hike and do all these things at age -- how old is she? >> in her 70s. >> that's what sisterhood is whether it's blood sisters or friend, pretty special. >> we are lucky to get to know both of you over the years it's not automatic that sisters would be best friends. i wish it would be, but it's not automatic, and yet the two of you are such an example of that. you really live it every day and you're so loyal to each other, love each other so much. what did your mom do right to make that relationship work? >> and your dad too. >> i don't need him mad at me. >> they never compared us. >> no, they really encouraged us to be who we were, and be good at what we wanted to be good at, pursue individuality in that way. i think something that i was struck by with the girls we spent time with at the color factory, they were so quick to say why they loved each other. when we asked them to say what they loved they jumped immediately to raise their hand
8:23 am
and share something. >> and that love is inherent that's how we are born we loved each other from the moment, did we chase each other around the house with a baseball bat, i might have. but that love was still there. >> how did you overcome like when something great happened for your sister, i know you're happy for her but sometimes with sisters, i know this with my own too, you want to be there all the time, but sometimes sisters go on different paths. i just watched, even when we were doing that segment over there, you all were eye locked together, almost nose to nose. i was looking over there and said look at those two, even here >> i think because our parents, barbara went to yale, and when i was applying for college, i was like, dad, look what i found on this brochure, i can go to stanford, if barbara gets in, they have a twin policy, they'll let me in. my dad was like, do not ruin her chances. but they made us feel like even though i didn't have a perfect math s.a.t., i was still worthy of her love, and she made me
8:24 am
feel like that and all of those sisters could think of a thousand reasons why their sisters mean the world to them and barbara always made me feel like that. she was my champion when good things happened and when my heart broke or her heart broke, i was there for her. >> how much of mila and poppy are on those pages >> a lot of them they are definitely our muses. >> when poppy was born, mila goes, mommy, poppy is going to rule the world i loved that she wasn't comparing and i thought for a second, maybe she could. maybe poppy could be president, and mila thought for a second, and she goes, but mom, all presidents are men and first my heart broke and i got enraged at henry because he was sitting there, and he was a man. we have to get her enrolled in gifted and talented. she's a genius that's what we want for all sisters, no matter who they are,
8:25 am
where they're born you want to feel like somebody thinks you're good enough to do whatever you want to do. >> it's such a sweet book, the memoir is beautiful. buy them as a package. >> can you do sisters and brothers for charlie >> and hal. >> we're going to see you again in our next hour, and of course on the fourth hour. >> the hoda and jenna show >> how did it feel to be back, was it amazing >> it was really wonderful >> i know. >> how good is it to come home. i'm going to cry again >> you can find more on "sisters first" on harry smith's conversation with matt damon and christian bale on their friendly rivalry and working together for the very first time, after your local news
8:26 am
a very good morning to you, it is 8:26, starting this morning, the first steps in a long rebuilding process. crews will begin hazardous waste week. . removal of debris can begin. vallejo leaders today wear in the city's new police chief. shauni williams comes over from where he was police chief in san jose. let's check that look at the traffic right now mike. >> look over here.
8:27 am
we have a niet flow of traffic. a typical pattern. it is not good. a report from chp. it is there looking across the dumbarton bridge, there is the peninsula slow down. folks are feeding off of those bridging. the bay bridge feeding into it, moving nicely getting into san francisco and now we have it going through oakland. we have slowing toward the high street overcrossing welcome back to you. >> thank you, another local news update in half an hour.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
november 12th, 2019, and we are out on our plaza it's a little rainy out here but not too cold yet >> it is coming. coming up, another great from our man harry smith. he's going to share his conversation with christian bale and matt damon they've got a new movie out getting a lot of rage, called "ford versus ferrari," why matt says it really stands out in hollywood. >> and as we get more and more addicted to our phones, savannah
8:31 am
sellers is here to tell us about the growing trend of trying to put them away. she's going to put us to the test >> and coming up on the "3rd hour of today" our brotherhood series heads to the lone star state. we're going to texas where a group of guys are really cooking up something special that unites them. on the fourth hour, guess who's back >> who >> i just saw her in makeup. >> kathie lee gifford, talking about her hallmark movie, and of course jenna is going to be back. >> i can't wait. that's awesome. >> that's cool first, get ready to start your engines, this sunday is the nascar championship. >> and one of these four contenders will capture the series crown kevin harvick, martin truex jr., danny hamlin, kyle busch gentlemen, good morning. this is big. this is like the super bowl of nascar on sunday. >> it is big for all of us, you fight all year to try to be in the final four, so hopefully we can have a good weekend and take advantage of being there. >> now all three of you have
8:32 am
done it except one guy, denny hamlin, he's won the daytona 500 twice but never a nascar championship is this your sunday? >> i'll let you know in a few days >> so for folks who haven't seen this, how does this work >> so basically, you go all year, and you have points standings, and they have playoffs for the last ten weeks and it goes three weeks at a time, and they eliminate four, and basically they get to the final four here and whoever finishes in front of who is the champion. >> this new playoff system has been good for the sport. >> stressful. >> but fans seem to love it, right? >> yeah, i mean, it's been a lot of fun a lot of guys, the stress is high, the intensity is way up, and as kevin said, you know, every three races they eliminate four guys so you start with 16, gets you down to 4, it's a pretty tough time. >> what's your strategy here or can you let anybody know that? >> go fast and turn left >> there you go. >> shake and bake. >> full disclosure at my house, denny hamlin is the driver
8:33 am
a couple of months ago my boy went to the race, and denny was very kind. >> he can swing it that happens at my house >> gentlemen, good luck. >> thank you >> best of luck. >> appreciate it. >> be safe out there and again, you can catch the nascar championship right here on nbc this sunday only on nbc, 3:00 eastern mr. roker, how about a check of the weather. but first. >> "today's" weather is brought to you by zales, the diamond store. >> let's take a look, show you what we have going on right now. we've got that weather turning colder here in the northeast, mid-atlantic states, lake-effect snow around the great lakes, wet weather in the pacific northwest. record lows in the midsection of the country. chicago breaking a record this morning. tomorrow more snow showers through the plain, record lows in the mid atlantic states, warmth continues out west without much rain, and they really need it that's what's going on around the countr good morning, i'm kari hall,
8:34 am
a live look outside in dublin as you get ready to head out. you will need sun glasses and hazy conditions out there. mostly sunny skies as we reach to the upper 70s for the east bay. also upper 70s in the north bay. today is 70 degrees and 76 in san jose. getting ready for cooling and a couple day that's will feel like fall. thursday and friday we'll have mid 70s. hoda and savannah. >> all right, al, thank you. >> coming up next, can't wait for this one, harry smith has fun with oscar winners, matt damon and christian bale, why they say their new movie is so different, and why they have never worked together before but first, this is "today" on nbc. different, and why they have hever worked togetr before. hever worked togetr before. welcome to the carnival 30 minute tour.
8:35 am
8:36 am
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8:37 am
with matt damon and christian bale about their new movie. >> you remember the piece martin scorsese wrote in the paper about a week or so ago about big movieing and how hard it is to make big movies unless they are based on a comic book character that they can do as a franchise. well, this is the antithesis of this and well, we'll let them tell the story. it is a funny movie, us against them, and it is very vroom just individually as you viewed your work on this film, what did you think the movie was about? >> it's about this friendship and about, i mean, for me, my way in because i'm not a car person was i really could relate to this idea of getting together with a group of people to work on something and putting all your effort and energy into it. >> whatever it is shell, no. >> trust me. >> based on a true story, ford wanted to enter the international road racing
8:38 am
circuit in the worst way, so they hired carol shelby played by damon to make it happen he knew he could not do it without ken miles, played by christian bale neither of them fit the corporate profile. >> misfits here, completely unrealistic dreamers actuall managed to succeed with that the relationship between ken miles and shelby was that shelby was able to see this incredible talent within ken miles, but ken kept shooting himself in the foot all the time throughout his career shelby going listen to me, i know how to get you there. >> ken is out of line. >> i'm just doing my job. >> i understand you are. you know how he gets on race day. you know that, but you're not going to dq us over it. >> and this wonderful bond between them, two people that have a shared goal >> there's sort of an old
8:39 am
fashioned quality to it in terms of the bigness of it, and what it feels like. >> it was like a movie movie. >> right >> not a little movie. >> yeah. >> it's just that they're not making movies about people kind of on this scale anymore like the idea that you would make just a movie that's never going to be a franchise. there's never going to be a part two. like this is it. it's so risky nowadays because there's no dvd coming behind the movie anymore, so there's this whole revenue stream that's gone it's a really tough bet for these studios now. so we don't get scripts like this very often. >> "ford versus ferrari" is that big movie. but the key element is chemistry. these two have it in spades. >> you guys share the same agent? >> yeah. >> for how long, decades >> yeah. >> but they had never worked together. >> we would bump into each other, i would know what christian was up to. i've always watched christian's work >> and laughed afterwards.
8:40 am
>> batman, what are you thinking >> mostly our relationship is matt is going to pass on this film, oh, god, we'll go to bale. >> and then you would win an oscar for it, that's usually the way it works. >> not a bad way to work. >> it's really good. i'm like the canary, sitting there, going christian, do this one. they're going to give you more awards >> in this film, bale does that thing bale does when he completely inhabits a character, think "vice" or "american psycho" or "the fighter" for which he won an oscar. >> when you see him work in this film, what impresses you >> there's nothing superficial about it, and that's what it's like watching him work up close. it was really fun for me because he's just completely in it and committed and has got incredible discipline and commitment. >> when he's in character or when you're on a set after a scene is shot, can you talk to him as christian bale or is he the guy?
8:41 am
>> he's not crazy. >> there are actors who are like that >> i know, but for him, he stays in the physicality and the voice, right, we can have conversations. he doesn't go like i'm ken miles, who's christian bale. that would be completely mad >> that could be a lot of fun. >> that would just be crazy. >> i don't know who that is. >> there's a limit to how far i can take it, but can't jump in the car and just never come back, you know what i mean, you always have to remember -- >> i peeled out. >> i'm gone. yeah >> damon has been a movie star since "goodwill hunting" films like "the martian" have set him apart as few who can hold the screen all by themselves so when it came time for a fight scene, it was hard not to think batman versus bourne >> we were talking about that,
8:42 am
the way i would fight with my brother growing up is there's this kind of invisible line that you kind of intuitively know what it is, and when you cross it, it was kind of that kind of fight, a very silly fight scene but it was a lot of fun shooting it. >> after doing all the bourne stuff and batman stuff where we've got to try to look capable, it was lovely to do a fight scene where we actually looked pathetic. >> there's not a winner of the fight. it just kind of peters out they both get tired. >> that's enough >> go to hell. >> so these are real guys. did you go back and like, did you go back and look. >> i watched a lot that was helpful to get what he sounded like, and what he looked like he wasn't afraid to give an interview. >> the rest is in the record books. >> he's not that well known. >> cheney. >> yeah, if you're somebody who's in the news every day, that's a very different thing.
8:43 am
>> this feels so weird to hear someone say hcheney and point a me >> for the rest of your life >> very cool stuff thanks for taking the time. >> absolutely, thank you >> very nice >> it's too bad those guys didn't come to play. >> so boring. >> so interesting because this movie comes right on the heels of "vice." christian bale gained all that weight, then he lost that weight and lost another 30 pounds 70 pound swing between "vice" and this movie. >> how was the film? >> loved it. loved it. >> man, they click you can tell >> and you know what, so much of it, it's back in the '60s, ford is this very staid, buttoned down kind of company we're going to get in the racing business and there's only one guy to go to and these guys are not -- that combination of corporate versus maverick, and if they're going to get this thing done or not, there's a lot of tension in there. it feels like, you know, we're up against those dudes, i like
8:44 am
that. >> and vroom vroom my 3-year-old is going to love that. >> it's a movie theater movie. >> got to see it a lot of sound. >> i like the sound of that from harry. >> thank you >> opens this friday and you can check out this entire interview on, see all of harry's magic in action. >> coming up, the big push to get people to put their phones away and enjoy the moment. but just how hard is it to fight that siren call, we're going to find out firsthand, but first, this is "today." >> one, two, and three, everybody. >> areou guys going to do it y
8:45 am
8:46 am
we are back with stay tuned today. harry stuck around as we spotlight a surprising growing tech trend and it's called putting your phone away. >> big trend >> tech trends and we bring out savannah sellers, host of nbc's "stay tuned" she's here with more. this is a little scary
8:47 am
>> craig, you're going to be participating with me. 96% of americans pretty much all of us own a cell phone, and increasing evidence suggests the time we spend on those devices is increasing but we found a growing group of people attempting to turn away from that trend using app incentives and pouches like these to lock up their phones. i'm going to put craig's in here just for the duration of the segment. can you handle it? you cannot open it in case of emergency we'll let you have it. but otherwise -- >> for how long. >> just for the segment, a couple of minutes. >> buzzes, beeps, and dings, you're not alone the iphone was introduced only 12 years ago, yet the average american looks at their smartphone 52 times a day. critics say real life relationships are being replaced by digital ones. now a device-free movement is attempting to buck that trend, starting small at home and moving to shows and events, trying to force others to live in the moment.
8:48 am
this school in california now asks all 1,700 students to lock up their phones before heading to class. >> i love not having my phone, to be honest. >> at weddings you'll often hear something like this announced to the crowd. >> take a moment to silence and put away all of your electronic devices. >> please have your cell phones out and turned off or on silent or vibrate >> and one broadway show wants to close the curtain on distractions lin-manuel miranda requiring guests to lock up their phones before taking their seats. even local businesses are getting inspect on the trend, like this news jerz restaurant featuring reconnect tuesdays, where you get 20% off your bill if you keep your phone in this bucket during the meal >> we put our phones in here. >> we have to do that for the interview. so phones go in. there's going to be a little separation anxiety but you'll get used to it manager stacy says restaurants with similar deals are popping up across the country. >> it's been a nice boost for the restaurant of bringing
8:49 am
people in, and people literally walk in and be like take my phone, here it is. >> so you've actually seen like a boost in business on reconnect tuesdays. >> absolutely. we have seen repeat customers coming in specifically for that day. >> is it nice on days that you don't even have the option to look at your phone, you've got to come up with things to talk about together. >> now that we don't have the option of looking at them at all, you kind of realize that it's a little bit different of an atmosphere. >> madden, ishmael and victoria have reconnected over dinner multiple times. >> was it difficult? >> no. >> you think it's going to be difficult, and then, yeah, it was fun. >> it's almost liberating when you actually start to do it, and actually put your phone away for real, during a meal in particular. >> proving that putting your phone away can bring as much of a buzz as actually using it. >> so etiquette experts say it's okay to be on your phone if
8:50 am
you're eating alone. otherwise you should be engaging with those around you. and general guidelines at home, stay off the phone during any type of social interaction if you really need to communicate with someone who's not there, you can excuse yourself, send a message and then return so you're not doing it in front of people. if someone is on their phone too much, don't confront them during the interaction but mention it politely at the end for next time >> craig has the shakes over here. >> how we doing? >> you know what, i got to be honest with you, kind of liberating. >> you were so engaged. >> you should keep it all day. >> silicon valley, they have phone fasts where people who work there basically go 24 or 48 hours at a time without their phones because they say it ups their creativity >> yeah. >> will bosses let you do that i feel like with e-mails you always have to be -- >> i'm on a phone fast, i need to be smart. >> there's an app that i use, it's called checking, and i use it to gauge how often i'm using the phone. >> absolutely.
8:51 am
>> a screen time app in the iphone >> i find the other one to be a little simpler, and i compete with myself. >> and there are certain apps, one called pocket points which is cool, in the home or in the classroom, even just at home, you can set up certain types of rewards. for enough time that you don't spending on your phone, you can get free things, like chick-fil-a things >> are you proud. >> every time she comes on the air, just crushes. >> my first job, his assistant >> craig, this is vibrating. >> you can see more of savannah on "stay tuned" on, instagram, snapchat, tiktok >> that's ironic. >> don't look at your phones >> we're back, by the way, with big news to reveal about the golden globes. it's right after this. but first, this is "today" on nbc. nbc. my parents never taught me anything about managing money.
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so is jenna, and we do have something special with jenna in just a second, but first, dylan, you've got big news too. >> i get to share the big announcement, the 77th annual golden globes is set to air on nbc on january 5 and now we can officially reveal who is taking on hosting duties. >> you. >> no, i might be giving birth that day, who knows. for a record fifth time, ricky gervais, saying quote, this is the very last time i'm doing this which could make for a fun evening, and this is the part we would normally show you a clip from the opening monologue in the past, but literally every clip is too dirty. instead we'll just say you can see ricky host the 77th annual golden globe awards on january 5th. >> i like ricky, he has a little grin when he makes fun, an edge but still cute >> kind of like jenna. >> sassy, her return is the perfect time to remind you to join the hash tag read with
8:55 am
jenna book club, which i'm a member of. several months behind. >> my first member is your mother, and i like her reviews november is flying by which is scary. it's not too late to get in on the fun with this month's pick, "nothing to see here" by kevin wilson do not let the premise scare you. it's a beautiful book, to join our discussion and learn more about how to get the book. follow along on our "today" show account on instagram. >> what's the premise? >> the premise is this woman takes care of these kids who do burst into flames. that's on sci fi, it's not at all. when henry read it, he said it changed his perspective on parenting. >> that's good. >> and you don't have to be a parent, okay, it's a beautiful book >> 3rd hour "today" straight ahead, then on the fourth hour, hoda, jenna, and - >> kathie lee. >> that's going to be good >> first your local news. >> how do we do it day after day.
8:56 am
ow do good morning to you, it is 8:56, i'm laura garcia, victims are expecting to announce a new lawsuit today that they're fili filing against the involvement organizers. fencing did surround the side.
8:57 am
me taal detectors were used. the shooter injured a dozen people and took his own life. happening now, kris sanchez is following a development for us. a short time around we got a update on jimmy carter. they had to relieve pressure on his brain from bleeding after two recent falls. 95 year carter made it through with no complications. u.s. supreme court here today that may decide the future four young people. on the home page you can read the full story including when a ruling may be announced.
8:58 am
...6, 7, 8 ♪ ♪ ♪ big dreams start with small steps... ...but dedication can get you there. so just start small... start saving. easily set, track and control your goals right from the chase mobile® app. ♪ ♪ chase. make more of what's yours®. and onto the picket line. the teachers strike set to start tomorrow morning in the walking out of the classroom and on to the picket lines. >> plus, a high profile visit that mike pence is set to make. >> join us tomorrow morning from 4:30 to 7:00. >> today on california live
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get xfinity internet and mobile together and save hundreds on your wireless bill. you'll get unlimited talk and text and no activation or line fees. switch today. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza, this is the "3rd hour of today." >> the access hollywood folks are in the studio. >> yeah, they are. >> ken uber is here and they were just causing trouble. >> kit hoover? kit hoover? >> did kit leave? >> oh, she's back. >> she was so helpful on interrupting our broadcast. >> i don't know if you want to use the word hell bent. >> you can say hell bent. >> what are we doing. >> we were pointing out the fact that you were interrupting us. >> i'm a little dispu


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