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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  November 13, 2019 12:37am-1:38am PST

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[ cheers and applause ♪ >> announcer: from 30 rockefeller plaza in new york, it's "late night with seth meyers. tonight -- taron egerton, national political correspondent for nbc news and msnbc, steve kornacki creator and star of "a heist with markiplier," markiplier featuring the 8g band with chris johnson. ladies and gentlemen, seth meyers. [ cheers and applause ♪ >> seth: good evening, i'm seth meyers. this is "late night. how is everybody doing [ cheers and applause that is wonderful to hear, in that case, let's get to the news according to transcripts released last night, a top pentagon official told investigators that president trump placed an unusual hold on aid to ukraine,
12:38 am
because if there's one thing trump specializes in, it's unusual holds. [ laughter ] "i'm just going to grab your hand real tight and get my lips - [ laughter ] like, as close as i can but not touching you just like -- [ laughter ] and it'll make a good picture. [ laughter ] president trump returned to the white house tonight after spending three nights at home in trump tower, which means workers at the tower can start taking the letters down again [ laughter ] president trump claimed today that one of the first things world leaders do when meeting him is congratulate him on the u.s. economy mostly because of the sign [ laughter ] former white house press secretary sean spicer was eliminated on "dancing with the stars" last night. well, that's it. [ cheers and applause you guys you guys, that is it i guess we've finally seen the last of -- oh, no. [ laughter ] no
12:39 am
senator elizabeth warren said at a town hall yesterday that she was advised to smile more to win over male voters as opposed to joe biden who was told to smile because his wife needed help finding something in the dark [ laughter ] according to a new study 56% of people use the internet to self-diagnose their illnesses. even worse, many of them use buzzfeed [ laughter ] scientists in vietnam have captured images of a rare miniature mouse deer that was thought to be extinct. said a mouse and a deer, "huh, yeah, oh, no, that's really weird. [ laughter ] super weird. we didn't have anything to do with that. [ laughter ] yeah, i mean, because like we're -- we're not [ bleep ] --" [ laughter ] a man in new york city is claiming that he recently found a half smoked joint in his
12:40 am
popeye chicken sandwich. [ laughter ] well, at least we know the chicken was having a good time when it died [ laughter and applause "they need me at the processing plant? all right. all right. [ laughter ] finally amazon ceo jeff bezos is reportedly interested in buying an nfl team. but for the life of him, he cannot find one. [ laughter ] ladies and gentlemen, we have a great show for you tonight [ cheers and applause he stars as elton john in "rocketman" which is available now on blu-ray and dvd taron egerton is here tonight. [ cheers and applause you know him from his work as a national correspondent for nbc news and msnbc, as well as the host of the podcast "article ii: inside impeachment," steve kornacki, everyone [ cheers and applause and his interactive youtube special, "a heist with markiplier" is streaming now markiplier is here, everybody.
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so looking forward to talking to him. [ cheers and applause now, before we move on a cheerleader in texas was riding on a homecoming float when she saw a little boy choking in the crowd, so she jumped off the float and saved his life, which brings us to the segment called "the kind of story we need right now. [ cheers and applause ♪ >> seth: this is tyra winters. she's a cheerleader at rockwall high school in texas and she was riding on a float in her school's homecoming parade when she saw this mom in the crowd calling out for help her 2-year-old son was choking and she had tried the heimlich maneuver but it hadn't worked, and she didn't know what to do next >> and i see a kid, i see a little bright red face and his mom's holding him up, begging for help, screaming, asking, "someone help me, someone help me." >> seth: so tyra did the only thing that made sense. >> i immediately jumped off the float. >> seth: she jumped off the float. [ laughter ] this is the kind of story we need right now that must have been amazing to see. we don't have footage of tyra jumping off the float but we do have footage of her at the gym, so i'm guessing it looks something like this. [ laughter ]
12:42 am
"where's your baby?" [ applause ] so what happened next? >> i ran down to the kiddo, and i was like, "i got him." i just grabbed him from the mom. i tilted him upside down and i just hit a good three back thrusts. >> seth: how surreal must that have been for that mom [ laughter ] your kid is in danger, you're desperate for help, and then out of nowhere a cheerleader appears and it's like, "step off." [ laughter ] you're probably wondering why a high school student knows the pediatric heimlich maneuver. it's because tyra's mom is in the medical field and she taught her how to do that i mean, how bad ass is that? i mean, my mom was a french teacher so if your kid needs help conjugating irregular verbs, i'm - [ laughter ] also not your guy. [ laughter ] because it did not stick [ applause ] so tyra hit the kid on the back. the candy he was choking on flew out and he started breathing again. and what did she do next stay around to receive praise and high fives no
12:43 am
>> i gave the kiddo back to his mom and i ran and jumped back on the float. >> she jumped on the float [ laughter ] this is the kind of story we need right now there are a million books and articles that are like, "can women have it all? and this women's like, "watch me build a human pyramid, save a life, and then jump onto a moving vehicle." [ laughter ] tyra's a senior this year. can you imagine what her college application is going to look like [ laughter and applause so tyra jumped back on the float like some kind of mysterious pompom lone ranger and everyone was like, "who was that masked woman and why did she have spirit fingers?" [ laughter ] so what's next for tyra? well, when she grows up, she wants to be a pediatric surgeon, which, let's be honest, she kind of already is. [ laughter ] on day one of med school she's going to be like, "boring. [ laughter ] there are terrible things happening all over the world right now. most people are just standing by and watching them happen but not tyra winters when she saw trouble, she sprang into action, literally [ laughter ] and that's why this is the kind story we need right now. we'll be right back with more "late night. [ cheers and applause ♪ shishito.
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♪ [ cheers and applause >> seth: welcome back, everybody. trump has been busy appointing unqualified federal judges to serve lifetime appointments. so we thought we'd take a break from the breaking news of the day to say how trump is changing the landscape of the judiciary this is "the check in. ♪ [ cheers and applause [ bell chimes
12:48 am
>> seth: you might be wondering why the republican party has put up with donald trump for so long it's because trump has been successful at filling the courts at ever level with hyper conservative judges who serve for a lifetime it's something that he never stops bragging about even if he can't find the right words >> within about a month we'll have close to 180 federal judges including the pellet division judges [ cheers and applause including two great new supreme court justisiges [ laughter ] >> seth: justisiges. also, i know this is not the point, but is it really that hot wherever trump goes. or do his sweat glands just go into overdrive when he knows he has a three syllable word coming up [ laughter ] "oh, no. here comes justisiges. i mean, he looks like he walked through a car wash i can see my reflection in his face [ laughter ]
12:49 am
now, of course, its no coincidence that trump has been able to nominate so many candidates just like its no surprise that trump has no idea exactly why he's been able to do that. >> president obama did us a great favor when i came in i said, "i assume i have no judges to appoint. "no, sir, you have 138 judges. "138?" didn't put them up couldn't get them approved i don't know what happened i want to thank you, president obama, for giving me 142 open judges. [ light laughter ] how you allowed that to happen is beyond me >> seth: of course president obama didn't allow that to happen who did? well, we did a dna test and found out it was 100% that mitch. [ laughter ] [ applause ] trump is able to fill so many vacancies because mitch mcconnell's strategy for the republican senate included stonewalling president obama's nominees and now they're using that opportunity to not only fill the courts with audio logs but with unqualified audio logs take matthew peterson.
12:50 am
a commissioner with the fec who had what only could be described as a disastrous conformation hearing back in 2017 and keep in mind this line of questioning came from trump supporting republican senator john kennedy >> do you ever try to take in a deposition by yourself >> i believe no. >> okay. have you ever argued a motion in state court? >> i have not. >> have you ever argued a motion in federal court >> no. >> well, as the trial judge, you're obviously going to have witnesses. >> yes >> can you tell me what the daubert standard is? >> senator kennedy, i don't have that readily at my disposal. >> do you know what a motion in limine is? >> yes, i haven't -- again, my background is not in litigation. >> how about the pulmonary abstention doctrine? >> i heard - >> you going to see -- you will see that a lot in federal court. okay
12:51 am
[ laughter ] >> seth: "you ever been to a traffic court? [ laughter ] "how about a food court? [ laughter ] "you ever courted a woman on a tennis court while she was wearing a short skirt. [ laughter ] "okay. not peterson eventually withdrew his nomination but that didn't stop trump from nominating even more unqualified candidates many of whom actually did make it through the conformation process. now before trump came into office, those nominated for federal judgeships usually got a stamp of approval or deemed as qualified from the american bar association known as aba to put it into perspective, in eight years barack obama did not move forward with a single nominee that was rated as "not qualified" by the aba. so natural trump has done the exact opposite for example, one of trumps nominees, justin walker, was an associate professor who had never tried a case in court. one of trump's nominees was a associate professor who had never tried a case in court. in fact, according to reports, the aba flagged walker's lack of experience saying it was challenging to determine how much of his tenure since
12:52 am
graduation from law school had been spent in the practice of law. and that democrats agreed with the aba's concerns over walker who's course load includes seminars like "lawyering skills one and two. "lawyering skills one and two? is that where they teach you how to speak in a southern accent. and say things like, "i'm a simple man no further questions." [ laughter ] unsurprisingly here's how walker's hearing went. >> have you ever presented an argument before a federal jury >> senator, i have not >> how many bench trials have you handled? >> again senator, i want to be clear that - >> okay. have you ever taken a deposition >> i have, senator but once again - >> in a federal case >> the deposition i took, if i can explain it, senator, was for an expert deposition of a neuro surgeon in a state case. it was three hours long. it actually turned the tide of that case. >> one last question how many depositions have you taken?
12:53 am
>> senator, that was the only deposition i've taken. [ laughter ] >> seth: that was the only one how bad do you have to be to do just one that's like saying, "i slept with a bunch of girls. there was jenny" - [ laughter ] and, of course, walker's not the only one another of trump's recent nominees deemed unqualified by the aba, sarah pitlyk, is an anti-abortion crusader who's primary legal work is consisted of a tax on abortion rights. she also struggled to answer basic questions and defend her expertise during her hearing >> have you ever tried a case as lead or co-council in criminal case >> no, i have not, senator >> miss pitlyk, have you ever argued a motion in a state trial court? >> no, sir, i have not >> have you ever argued a motion in federal trial court >> no. >> have you ever chosen a jury >> which -- i -- so i have worked on things like jury questionnaires and - >> i'm speaking about courtroom experience choosing a jury
12:54 am
>> no, i have not conducted -- myself >> have you ever participated at any stage in a criminal trial? >> yes, i -- well -- [ laughter ] i've worked on criminal cases. i just came from a criminal preliminary hearing, for example. but if you are referring to the actual jury trial, no. >> seth: so pitlick is anti-abortionist but at least she's also willing to take on a huge lifelong responsibility she's not ready for. so that's consistency. [ laughter ] obviously, she wasn't chosen for legal prowess, but solely because her political views align with trump and his supporters, which is a similar story with one of trump's other nominees, lawrence vandyke the aba interviewed vandyke's peers. and they concluded that he was arrogant, lazy and an audio log. some interviewees raised concerns about whether mr. vandyke would be fair to the lgbtq community. and vandyke's reaction to be questioned about those legitimate concerns regarding his character was painful to watch. >> did you say you wouldn't be fair to memebers of the lgbtq community? >> senator, i -- that was -- that was part of the letter --
12:55 am
[ laughter ] i did not say that [ laughter ] >> seth: you want to the be a judge. and you're acting like you just watched one of those car commercials where they show a girl growing up. and then her dad drops her off at college and gives her the keys and then he tells her to be careful. [ laughter ] i have something - i have something stupid in my eye. [ laughter ] and then he says to her, "you're still my little girl." [ laughter ] but this is the pattern. trump's put forward unqualified nominees then they think, "oh, i must be qualified for this job," which culminates with them embarrassing themselves in front of the entire country. no, no, no, no, i meant the judges
12:56 am
[ laughter ] [ applause ] you go away. you go away. [ applause ] you go away forever. this has been "the check in. ♪ [ cheers and applause [ bell chiimes ] we'll be right back with taron egerton, everybody [ cheers and applause ♪
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[ cheers and applause ♪ >> seth: welcome back everybody give it up for the 8g band right over there [ cheers and applause back with us tonight, he's the drummer for lady gaga and camila cabello who has also played with music icons, like snoop, rhianna, and stevie wonder. look for his upcoming, new instructional book "pop, r&b, and gospel drumming. chris johnson, everybody [ cheers and applause you know our first guest tonight
1:01 am
from the "kingsman" franchise and "eddie the eagle." he portrayed elton john and "rocketman," which is now available on bluray and digital with over an hour of special features let's take a look. ♪ and i think it' gonna be a long, lon time touch down brings me round again to find ♪ ♪ i'm not the man the think i am at home oh, no, no, no i'm a rocket man ♪ ♪ rocket man burnin out his fuse up here alon and i think it's ♪ ♪ gonna be a long long time ♪ >> seth: please welcome to the show taron egerton, everyone [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪
1:02 am
>> seth: welcome >> hi. thanks >> seth: you -- i lovely to have you here in celebration. you just turned 30, yes? >> i just turned 30. yes, i did >> seth: happy birthday. that's excellent [ cheers and applause >> yeah. >> seth: did you properly celebrate? >> properly celebrated i was in l.a. few days ago, flew home, met my friends, all my family had three days of crazy decadent debauchery in the country side and then flew straight here. [ laughter ] >> seth: oh, wow well, thank you very much. >> i mean, like so much decadence, to the pont where i woke up this morning and i didn't have a voice, which initially i was quite panicked about and then sort of got to thinking that maybe i sounded a little bit, like jason staatham, which is quite cool. >> seth: oh, it's very nice, yeah [ laughter ] >> and now, sadly my old voice has come back. >> seth: slowly creeping back. >> so, i had a lot of sex appeal this morning, but it's sort of - >> seth: yeah, you had it right when you walked out. it's was right there >> yeah, yeah. >> seth: and i already feel -- yeah, it's like kind a just dissipated >> it's a shame. [ laughter ] >> seth: and then of course -- >> by the second by the second. >> seth: i hope, and then of course, have you had to cancel for not having a voice, that would have been back to back
1:03 am
times, because you actually had a wisdom teeth mishap the first time you were supposed to be here >> a year ago exactly. >> seth: yeah. >> i was supposed to be on the show with you. >> seth: yeah. >> and i couldn't. there are some pap shots of me as proof for that time >> seth: oh, yeah, no. we -- i had my wisdom teeth out. i'm not judging at all [ laughter ] >> yeah. although, if there's any place in the world to have a dental emergency it is here, because the pain relief you guys have. >> seth: oh, yes thank you. [ laughter ] >> i mean, it's -- i sort of felt like i always wanted to be in dental surgery when i left. [ laughter ] >> seth: yeah. i sometimes will get my wisdom teeth put back in just so they can take them out again. [ laughter ] >> exactly, i should >> seth: yeah. you have something i've very genuinely very jealous of, which is because of this film -- is it safe to say, you have an actual friendship with elton john >> i've got a card like, a proof card >> seth: you have a proof card yeah >> yes, no it's been an incredible byproduct of playing him we have just become really quite close. yeah >> seth: and he's -- he hosted "snl" once so i got to spend a week with him and, you know, with just being around him, is in it's own
1:04 am
right, there is sort of this aura >> yeah. >> seth: but, you are so close that he gave you -- and i guess this is something he gives to people when he's close to them he gave you a drag name. [ laughter ] >> he gave me a drag name, yeah. yeah, so my girlfriend and i, one of the things that we do to relax and unwind is that we have a camper van and we will take it away for weekends. i suppose an rv is - >> seth: yes, yeah >> so, like we have a vw/rv camper van thing and so, he wanted to factor that into my name so, the first part of my name is blodwyn, which is a welsh word meaning flower and my surname is campervan. blodwyn campervan. [ laughter ] >> seth: wow that's a really good drag name [ cheers and applause >> yeah, it's good >> seth: yeah. >> it's good the only thing is you have to put the stress on the "van" rather than the "camper," 'cause, you know, it makes it feel a bit more theatrical >> seth: yeah, yeah. [ laughter ] yeah, you want to end on the van. >> yean, you want to end right on that last syllable, yeah. >> seth: you also, you know, incredible props and costumes in this film. you took these glasses home with you, yes >> i did, yeah when i -- elton has been so good to me in many ways, but he's
1:05 am
bought me countless lovely gifts. >> seth: yeah. >> and so, when his 72nd birthday was rapidly approaching at the start of this year, i kind of had a freak out. because, you know, that classic conundrum, what do you get elton john on his birthday [ laughter ] >> seth: yeah. >> you've been there >> seth: yeah. >> everyone's been there >> seth: this is, you get him a cd this is your greatest hits volume one >> exactly, yeah, yeah so, what i decided to do was, i wanted these glasses myself and so, i managed to get the blessing of the lovely people at paramount. they let me take the glasses i then put his reading prescription in them and i gave them to him for his birthday and so, he wears them when he's doing his crossword or -- i don't -- [ laughter ] >> seth: yeah. >> counting his jewels or whatever [ laughter ] >> seth: 'cause that's the thing, you need to have the right glasses for jewel counting or else the number is off. [ laughter ] >> it's so, so important >> seth: and then if the number is low, you panic. >> exactly, he can't have anything too colorful because it throws off the aesthetic >> seth: yeah. [ laughter ] >> seth: so there's an hour of added stuff in the new release of the film. >> yeah.
1:06 am
>> seth: that's on digital and dvd. were there other -- i'm sure there are things you are happy are in now were there surprises that you in the course of doing this, found out about elton that you didn't know >> yeah, i mean, i think -- i think one of the things that is really -- one of the things that's most refreshing about him is that he just -- he's quite shy when it comes down to it i know it's quite hard to -- quite hard to imagine, given all of the, you know, documentation there is of his whole entire life, which is all about being gregarious >> seth: yeah, of course >> but, i suppose that may be. his shyness. i mean, if there were anything that i -- yeah, yeah probably should have thought about this question in slightly more depth [ laughter ] before i got to the show >> seth: that's just the wisdom teeth drugs are kicking in >> exactly [ laughter ] yeah, i got some left over >> seth: your -- your dad's in a band, right? he's a musical fella >> he is he was with me this weekend, drinking lots of beer. he's in a band called data slaves >> seth: data slaves >> yeah, you can see -- you can go find them on find youtube >> seth: okay, great >> yeah. and also, actually my girlfriend -- although, i sing, i don't play -- i don't play any instruments, but my girlfriend
1:07 am
got me a guitar for my birthday. >> seth: oh, really? >> yeah, and giles martin, who did the music for the film, bought me a joni mitchell song book so - >> seth: all right >> my aim for the future is, by the time i am 35, i want to be good at it >> seth: you are going to play joni mitchell in a movie [ laughter ] >> that's the plan >> seth: you're going to slowly -- just knock off icon after icon [ laughter ] >> exactly work my way through it all >> seth: well, it won't be you it will be won't be you, it will be "blodwyn campervan. >> yes, exactly. [ laughter ] you are on fire. [ laughter ] >> seth: now, you're from wales, yes. >> i am from wales i'm from a town called aberystwyth, within wales. >> seth: aberystwyth within wales. >> within wales, yeah. >> seth: are there a lot of towns that end with in wales, in wales. just in case, for confusion. >> it's just 'cause most people don't know any of those towns. >> seth: yeah. >> so, we add it on just to just to clarify things. so, i'm from aberystwyth, but i was raised in a village, which has got a far more interesting name, which i've done on so many talk shows, but -- it's -- i was raised in a town called -- [ laughter ] >> seth: and that's not a joke
1:08 am
>> that is not -- that is not a joke, no that's real. >> seth: wow just, on the cost alone, i feel, like they might not have many street signs [ laughter ] >> no, no. just two >> seth: just two. >> just two, yeah. >> seth: just, like you're entering and leaving >> exactly, they are too expensive. >> seth: did you -- when you saw the film, i believe i read that you went and saw it with your dad. "rocket man. is that right? >> we did, yeah. we did well, he came down from a town that's much nearer to -- [ laughter ] and he came down and stayed with me in aberystwyth. and we went and saw it in my local cinema and i think there was some drunk people in there, but i felt -- i got really -- it was bad. really bad >> seth: did you try to keep a low profile on the way in that cinema >> oh, yes, course you try to keep a low profile going in. and i was caught quite protective of the film, because my dad hadn't seen it. so, at one point i actually leaned over and said, "hi, that's me. i'd really love it if you could just keep it down a little bit because my dad's never seen the movie. [ laughter ] >> seth: did it work >> yeah, they looked terrified
1:09 am
[ laughter ] >> seth: yeah, yeah. >> yeah, yeah. >> seth: i wonder if, like the rest -- do you think the rest the lives, they're gonna, like when somebody makes noise, and you're, like "they might be here." >> i don't know. [ laughter ] yeah, if i was them though, i'd be dining on that story. >> seth: yeah, hope so yeah, absolutely that's a pretty big deal >> well, no. i didn't mean it, like that. i mean, it's just not everyday that you get, "oh, sounds terrible." [ laughter ] >> seth: no, but i agree it's a big deal. even if, like -- even if not the star of the film if one of the extras was like "hey, shut up. that's me at the concert." >> 100%, yeah. 100% >> seth: hey, thanks so much for being here i really appreciate it >> thank you so much >> seth: happy birthday. congrats on the film [ cheers and applause taron egerton, everybody "rocketman" is available now on blu-ray and digital. and everybody in the audience is getting a copy tonight we'll be right back with steve kornacki [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ hey, babe... hmm? ooh, yes. so that just leaves mother rose. hardest for last. ♪ you're kidding?! for mother rose?! it's perfect. perfect. ♪ oh yeah.
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[ cheers and applause ♪ >> seth: our next guest is a national political correspondent for nbc news and msnbc new episodes of his podcast
1:15 am
"article two: inside impeachment" are available monday's, wednesday's and friday's please welcome to the show, steve kornacki everyone. [ cheers and applause ♪ >> seth: welcome to the show >> great to be here. >> seth: i think most people who know you, know you from election night. you are a superstar on election night. you work the map you are often very frazzled. [ laughter ] and we actually cut together a highlight reel this is from a special election. >> okay. >> seth: in pennsylvania 2018. let's take a look. >> casey, and i have to stop you. steve kornacki has a piece of paper in his mouth >> steve, i keep wondering if you are looking for my attention. [ mummbling pen? pen? okay >> yeah, i -- we're gonna just -- let's go to math class >> you probably gonna get -- let's say you gotta get -- 1625. it's early morning you're awake with me.
1:16 am
how exciting is this we've got an election coming down to absentees in washington county, pennsylvania we all get to watch it together. >> seth: very enthusiastic it's a joy to watch. [ cheers and applause >> thank you >> seth: and of course, couldn't help notice, one of the things that was making that night particularly hard, you had a cast on one of your hands. was that -- that was a recent injury, yes? >> the day before that, or two days before that, i had gone over the handle bars on a bike so, that was -- i had a broken hand and had to go to surgery about 10:00 a.m. the morning after that election. so, we were up until 5:00 a.m., waiting for the final votes to come in. i had no sleep and then i went to surgery soon as i got out of there. >> seth: well you did a fantastic job. way to play through the injury >> thank you [ cheers and applause >> seth: so, i'm really enjoying your impeachment podcast you both sort of fill everybody in on -- you know, 'cause, again, there's just, like a new name, a new face every day you give us context as to who these people are you also give historical context. how is this comparing right now to clinton impeachment and the nixon impeachment? >> yeah, i mean, just if you look at the politics of it, i think there's a stronger comparison to clinton
1:17 am
impeachment 20 years ago than nixon one. and i say that because of polarization so, that word we use all the time, right? the party is being so dug in when you look back at watergate, the nixon impeachment drive. what you saw was every new development, every new revelation -- public opinion moved with it. so, you know, support for impeachment started very low it started very low in both parties in 1973. by the summer of 74', when nixon resigned, the overwhelming support, about 2/3rd's majority in the polling even among republicans there was support for impeachment. so, you look at that and you compare it to today and still -- democrats are almost universally in favor of it republicans are almost universally opposed. you just see polarization right now in the numbers on this >> seth: and so now, of course starting tomorrow, we're going to the first of our public hearings democrats, i should start by saying -- republicans have been clamoring for this to be brought into the public. the idea of being that maybe this will be tip the scales more yet, with this polarization you're talking about it strikes me as very unlikely there will ever be -- should this go to the senate, that
1:18 am
there will ever be enough republican senators willing to switch sides to impeach the president. is that your thinking as of now? >> i mean, politicians follow the polls. >> seth: yeah. >> one reason we're always putting the polls up there is because they guide the action of politicians. if you're a republican politician right now and you're trying to make sense of what's going on in your own party remember, if you lose a primary, you lose your job. and i think they see their party almost universally, as i said, behind trump, almost universally against impeachment. you think back to the 2016 campaign, donald trump won that nomination in 2016. basically, going around all of these republican elected officials. he didn't have a single endorsement from a republican in congress until he won the new hampshire primary and i think that delivered a very powerful, psychological message really to republican members of congress that -- "wow," they would say. "our voters, our people. the people who elect me are with him. i better be too. >> seth: there -- isn't there also an argument let's say it's never going to lead to him getting removed from office, but bringing these public, you will then have to
1:19 am
force politicians to choose a side and be on the record for history as where they landed especially, as more and more comes out. and the things that they said a month ago. "look, if it was this, i'd feel differently. and then this happens, and they're, like "no, and now it's got to be that." and that happens and they're, like "guys, i don't know what to tell you." i mean, it's there some value in that >> well, yeah. i think there is a political angle on it too. just in terms of, sure, there's a lot of republicans lindsey graham, i think you might be referring to right there. >> seth: sure. [ laughter ] >> lindsey graham's got to run for reelection next year >> seth: yeah, yeah, yeah. >> he's big challenge in south carolina is the republican primary, but there are other republican senators, susan collins in maine maine's a blue state, right? >> seth: yeah. >> maine's a state that went for hilary clinton cory gardner in colorado blue state they've got a balance that demands that the republic primary with, hey, i got to win a general election too and that could be close and i think those are the ones, if this does get to the senate, if this does become a trial, they've got the trickiest political calculation to make. because on the one hand, they don't want to anger that republican base. get a primary challenge. on the other hand, they could
1:20 am
anger general election voters who don't like trump >> seth: you heard you might have some competition in the podcast world. it was reported that someone over heard rudy giuliani at a restaurant [ laughter ] this is real, saying that he "might do his own impeachment podcast. [ laughter ] would that be something that you would be very happy about? [ laughter ] >> maybe is there, like a cross over episode we could put together? >> seth: yeah, i think that would be a really -- >> see, it's funny you say, "overheard." it's all these stories about giuliani that keep coming out or if he's accidently texting somebody, or he's overheard saying something at a restaurant >> seth: yeah. >> also, like there's -- he can't keep a low profile like, he can -- he walks in a room, he can only be rudy giuliani. >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> seth: like, there's no -- >> you're not going to confuse him with somebody else, huh? >> seth: you mentioned the polarization, which obviously is a real issue do you -- and i know you were, you know, historian with all this, when do you see what caused this cleaving off of the two parties to the place where basically you can't get them to agree on a single thing? where do you think that started? >> i think -- it's been a long term thing i really think it's the last generation or so, it's the change in media.
1:21 am
it's the nationalization of media and i think with the nationalization of media, cable news, the internet, social media, everybody on the country, kind of looking at the same thing, at the same time. it's nationalized politics you know, when i grew up, i grew up in massachusetts and the biggest name in massachusetts was tip o'neil >> seth: um-hmm. >> tip o'neil was this curmudgeonly old speaker of the house and he had a famous saying i think it was the title of his book "all politics is local." and that was -- that's what politics is, it's local. it's the neighbors, it's the backyard all politics is national now >> seth: yeah. >> it's no longer local and what that means is, i think in the old days, there was sort of regional and ideological diversity in the parties i remember growing up was not that long ago. new england, you had liberal republicans in new england you have conservative republicans in the midwest liberal democrats in the north conservative democrats in the south. it's all sorted out. if you're on the liberal side, you're a democrat. if you're on the conservative side, you're a republican. the demographic fault lines, they're just deep. they're stark and i don't see it changing any time soon >> seth: you did try to put this knowledge to use before you got into the news game as a game show contestant.
1:22 am
[ laughter ] >> yeah, i did yeah >> seth: so, this is what? what chapter of you're life are you trying to make it as a game show contestant? >> this was college graduation >> seth: okay. >> and i didn't have a job coming out of college. and i had a couple roommates who were in film, television they were from boston. they wanted to move out to l.a. and they wanted to make it out in movies. and i had nothing better to do so, i said, "i'll go with you. i'll go with you for a few months i'll see what i can do out there. i had no plan. and my plan as soon as i got there, was i'd always loved game shows as a kid >> seth: yeah. >> usa network used to run, like ten in a row in the afternoon. i'd sit there and watch them all. so, i said, "you know what i'm in the place where they do these game shows i'm going to get on one and i'm going to win, you know $30,000 or something." >> seth: sure. >> and i'm set for the year. and then i can figure out, you know, 'cause i got -- >> seth: it's a great plan, yeah >> so, i -- the closest i came -- this 2001-2002 i made it through. i thought i was going to get on the show win ben stien's money. >> seth: sure, of course comedy central, right? >> and then the show got cancelled. >> seth: oh, no. >> yeah, so that was - [ laughter ] >> seth: so, then you're, like "i've got to get a real job. >> and i came home, yeah >> seth: hey, thanks so much for being here it's always such a joy to watch you. >> appreciate it >> seth: your podcast is great steve kornacki, everybody.
1:23 am
new episodes of his podcast "article two: inside impeachment" are released monday's, wednesday's and friday's we'll be right back with markiplier [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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1:29 am
this is cool >> seth: i'm so glad i'm so glad you think it's cool. i think your name, markiplier, is a cool name >> why >> seth: well, that's my question for you is -- well, i know it's not your name name how did you come up with markiplier >> oh, the story is so stupid. >> seth: is it a dumb mame >> yeah, it's really dumb name >> seth: i thought there would be really smart story about how -- >> no. no absolutely not. no, i wanted to originally do sketch comedy videos where i play all of the characters so i wanted to multiply myself >> seth: oh, wow >> my name's mark. >> seth: wow >> markiplier. >> seth: yeah, that is stupid. >> yeah. it's really stupid but it's proof that you don't need a good name to be successful >> seth: you know what tell me about it i don't think when people heard seth meyers, they were like, "that is show biz magic. [ laughter ] >> i love your name. >> seth: thank you very much i love it too. so i -- you've had an incredible journey. so you first started putting videos up on youtube, is this right, about eight years ago >> about eight years, yeah >> seth: you were at the time studying biomedical engineering. >> biomedical engineering, yes >> seth: how do you go from that to the other
1:30 am
>> well, it's actually -- it's fascinating 'cause that was a very dark time in my life. i was working an internship and got laid off from my job i was in a bad relationship. i had a tumor. i just had all these different things that were hitting me all at once. and i remember i was lying in the hospital bed and i was just thinking to myself, i had no control over my life >> seth: sure. >> i was only doing what people expected out of me so when i wanted to, like, get out of that hospital and kind of get back on my feet. i wanted to do something i had control of and that made me happy so i tried a bunch of different things and then landed on videos >> seth: so how did your family -- i'm sure at first it was a little jarring to them you know, you're studying biomedical engineering a lot of people don't -- that doesn't lead to youtube. [ laughter ] >> no. >> seth: were they surprised at the time and i'm assuming, supportive now. >> oh, yeah. they -- my mom hated it. >> seth: yeah. [ light laughter ] >> my mom hated it so much my mom is korean >> seth: sure.
1:31 am
>> she really likes the idea of me being in school >> seth: yeah. [ light laughter ] >> and so for the longest time i was lying to her not a good move. so i was -- and it was even worse 'cause i was living with her at the same time [ laughter ] so i had to -- i had to somehow leave the house for about four hours at a time. go to, like, a starbucks or something. and just sit around and wait all right, class is gone >> seth: oh, wow >> yeah, wow >> seth: you fully fake jobbed her. >> i really did. >> seth: yeah. >> i really did, yeah. >> seth: you sure were like, "oh, that's the end of my four hour shift." >> yeah. >> seth: yeah. >> it's actually funny because i haven't told her that i was lying yet. >> seth: oh, wow [ laughter ] >> so if she watches this she's going to find out. >> seth: well, i'd love to tell you we can edit it out but we're not gonna. [ laughter ] >> all right, thank you. >> seth: but i want to talk about this because i think, you know, obviously, you're this incredibly successful youtuber you have 24 million subscribers, which is amazing [ cheers ] i think -- yeah, it's unbelievable [ cheers and applause and i think a lot of people, yeah it's unbelievable i think a lot of people, sure, i've been guilty of this as well, have a perception of what we think when we hear youtuber also when we here gamer. i mean, obviously, this is
1:32 am
something that is generational but how do you feel about that perception and how fair it is and how is it being grouped in with basically everybody who's uploading videos on youtube. because i'm assuming there's a giant diversity -- or i know there to be a giant diversity in that field as well >> i mean, i don't let it bother me i'm not exactly, like, someone who just stays in my lane. if there's a problem i try to speak out about it or i try to put the best foot forward. i try to do charity stuff. but when it comes to the public perception of, like, doing videos online or making content online it's really for me -- it's just this every day thing where i want to prove it by doing it i want to make the content that can surprise people and can make people realize what online creators can really do and that's like with "a heist with markiplier. what i did was i wanted to really put my best foot forward and really show the world that, you know, youtubers can make some amazing things. and i'm not the first to do it by far there are other youtubers that have made incredible things. and a lot of them helped me make "a heist with markiplier" with me and just getting that out there
1:33 am
every single day is all i personally need to show world what i can do. >> seth: and, obviously, you have some incredible connection you're your fans and there's this authenticity to what you're doing. and i think that's a really important part of it sometimes people from the outside who maybe don't engage with it at that level understand so i really commend you for your ability to do that you mentioned "a heist with markiplier." this is a really cool idea it's sort of a "choose your own adventure" type interactive film is that how you describe it to people >> yeah, pretty much >> seth: okay, gotcha. >> just long winded. but, okay. >> seth: all right oh, i'm sorry. [ laughter ] >> yeah. i mean, there are 31 endings >> seth: okay. >> and you can play through it and get to one of those endings if you want to >> seth: so this must have been -- and i know this is a situation where you're acting in it you're writing it. directing it as well >> yes, directing it >> seth: how was it putting on all those hats for a project like this, which seems to be, you know, not to say your work before hadn't been ambitious but this seems like fairly, you know, ambitious of an idea >> yeah, yeah, it's tough. >> seth: yeah. [ light laughter ] >> yeah, it's real tough actually it was -- i would not have been able to do it without help
1:34 am
like, i pride myself on being able to do a lot of things i think a lot of youtubers do because we can't expect there to be a team, like, to help edit or help coordinate things we have to do everything ourselves. and when it came down to me suddenly directing a crew of 30 plus people, which is not even a big crew. that's, like, a moderate sized crew but just being able to delegate to people like that and try to trust them to know what they're going to do was a new experience for me but i'll tell you the secret recipe was actually my girlfriend amy, she was behind the camera watching every single shot making sure it was good >> seth: gotcha. >> i trusted her >> seth: that's good and is she good in that way that could she be honest and tell you that was not - >> oh, yeah. >> seth: okay. >> she told me when things terrible >> seth: okay, good. [ laughter ] >> she would come up and just say, like, "that was garbage you really need to step it up, man. >> seth: yeah. >> "like, i don't know why i was dating you." >> seth: yeah. >> "but, okay, let's just try to work through this so we can get to there." >> seth: i'll tell you as someone who has one of those, hold on tight 'cause they're very valuable. [ laughter ] they're -- no, genuinely, incredibly valuable. have somebody you trust and gives you good feedback is a great thing, >> i'm very lucky to have her. >> seth: hey, thanks so much for
1:35 am
being here [ cheers and applause congratulations on everything you do >> thank you >> seth: it's a really cool story. >> thank you >> seth: markiplier everybody. "a heist with markiplier" is streaming now on youtube we'll be right back. [ cheers and applause ♪ so, as you can see, saving can be quite simple. case in point, if you get xfinity internet and mobile together, big savings on your wireless bill. write this down, this is important. amy, this is actually a life saving class. what a nice compliment, thank you! save on fast internet and the best wireless network together. what can i say, i love what i do. that's simple, easy, awesome. get xfinity internet and mobile together and save hundreds on your wireless bill. you'll get unlimited talk and text
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[ cheers and applause ♪ >> seth: my thanks to taron egerton, steve kornacki, markiplier everybody chris johnson, the 8g band, stay tuned for lilly singh. we'll see you tomorrow [ cheers and applause ♪ [ cheers and applause >> lilly: hey, tonight on "a little late with lilly singh," i'm joined by guest tyler perry. [ cheers and applause and i have the perfect plan to land a role in his next movie. >> is your plan a bunch of wigs? >> lilly: what >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> lilly: no, of course not. >> well, usually that's what people try to do b


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