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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 14, 2019 5:00am-6:01am PST

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this thursday. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm laura garcia. we talk about the holidays right around the corner, christmas in the park will be set up this friday. hoping to introduce that. there are some great changes coming our way. they're going to actually put in artificial trees. they're saying the old trees from the shasta mountains would cost upwards of $20,000. they will try to cut down on the fees and go artificial this year. >> nothing wrong with artificial. i grew up with artificial trees in the house every year. you always knew what you were going to get. >> and you're there this friday? >> the friday after. this coming monday i'll be opening downtown ice, kristi yamaguchi and the friday after thanksgiving we'll do christmas in the park. >> we're going to start calling you mr. holiday.
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>> hopefully some snowman hot chocolate. >> maybe some this morning, what do you think? >> even this afternoon, low 60s. this is where we're starting with mid-50s. as we check out our temperature trend today we warm up slowly from 54 degrees going to 62 degrees by early this afternoon. we'll have more on this coming up. mike, you spotted that traffic on highway 101. >> i did and i showed the break just before the commercial break and now the break is gone after the commercial break. not tied together in any way. we are looking at speeds back again north. you see the flashlights. overnight construction work going on and that was the blip we saw. these just came in to chp so waiting for them to arrive. so far the speed sensors look great including the approach to
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the bay bridge. >> this is the question people have been asking. is it a crime to eat while waiting for a train? a man was cited for eating food on a b.a.r.t. platform and now is suing the transit agency. bob redell's live for us in the east bay. what is his legal argument? >> reporter: marcus, steve foster, the man cited for eating on a b.a.r.t. platform, believes he was racially profiled. later this afternoon the attorney he hired, john burris, will hold a news conference to announce that he is filing a lawsuit against b.a.r.t. foster was stopped for eating a sandwich while eating, was restrained. it is against state law to eat at b.a.r.t. stations and on b.a.r.t. trains. in a video we can see the officer hold on to foster's backpack and repeatedly ask him for identification.
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foster refused. he was briefly detained. cited and released. now his attorney, john burris, did release the statement and you can look at it on your tv screen. these b.a.r.t. officers engaged in racial profiling and selective law enforcement in that b.a.r.t. patrons routinely eat sandwiches and other food on the platform and b.a.r.t. trains without any law enforcement intervention, chastisement or other admonishments by police. >> people need to eat. i want to go all the time. all the time. so i have food and if i need something to he's, they have a star right downstairs for people to eat. it's contradiction. it's not the only b.a.r.t. that has a food station right outside the fare gates. >> reporter: foster says it's hypocritical to rent out food kiosks and still expect people not to eat and drink on the
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train. b.a.r.t. says foster was combative and refused to provide his name necessary for the citation. that being said b.a.r.t.'s general manager did issue an apology which foster has said he does not accept. reporting live, bob redell, "today in the bay." thanks for the latest there, bop. >> something people will be talking about and think twice before eating on the platform. vice president mike pence spending the morning at nasa ames research center talking about the next mission to the moon. kris sanchez joins us where we expect to probably see some protesters outside of those gates as well, kris. >> reporter: yeah, definitely a lot of folks will be here. the welcome sign, welcome vice president mike pence. he arrived here at moffitt field in mountain view just before
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7:00 last night and was greeted by about 75 supporters, some of whom were chanting four more years. >> what do you think of the impeachment hearings today, sir? >> reporter: just before noon today the have been have been will talk to about 200 nasa ames employees about returning astronauts to the moon. pence also met with donors at so-called trump victory events, a luncheon and a dinner in monterey. both were closed to the media. tickets ranged in price from $1,000 to $35,000. several pro-ester groups tell us they plan to be here as well. they will be staged where we are outside the gate so the vice
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president rolls on through to talk to those nasa ames employees. kris sanchez, "today in the bay." on capitol hill a break today between the first of two of at least five hearings. george kent and bill taylor said the president threatened to withhold aid to the country. both said trump demanded ukraine's president open investigations into joe biden and political rivals. on "today in the bay," scott mcgrew will join us more on trump's reaction. also in his checks and balances segment scott will look at who testifies tomorrow. and a breakthrough in oakland a's quest for a new stadium. the stadium is dropping its new lawsuit against the a's so that suit stems from a deal with the a's made with alameda county to buy the land where the coliseum now sits. both the city and county would receive $85 million for its
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share of the coliseum land which the a's want to redevelop. that suit not only put the deal in limbo but also the plan for a new stadium. the new president released a stadium which says in part the team is committed to the coliseum's long-term success. new overnight a family rushes out of their peninsula home as flames destroy their garage. it happened a little after midnight in san mateo. no one was hurt. still no word on the cause. new this morning a suspected carjacker is in custody after the stolen truck he was in crashed in the south bay. police in san jose arrested jesus daniel aftsanchez. first they say he stole lottery tickets on north 13th street. then they say on rebecca way he carjacked a woman's minivan
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which actually had san jose police uniforms inside. police later recovered the vehicle. on tuesday night he was arrested after a stolen truck he was driving crashed. he's now in the hospital. officers also arrested a woman who was a passenger in the truck that crashed. many, if not all, of the police uniforms have been recovered. several a-list movie stars will be in the bay tonight. they will be honored at the napa valley film festival. tonight's triblt program highlights artist who is have a passion for cinema and story telling. a separate ceremony honoring elizabeth wild is for tomorrow. >> tonight will be a nice night to star gaze in napa. >> a lot of clouds will be rolling by. weatherwise of course we are talking about the movie stars. when it's nice and cool i prefer
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red wine. i think that's what they'll previous as well. cooling off quickly again tonight. we are seeing more clouds moving in. we are also seeing a couple sprinkles just off the coast. dry weather continues with our temperatures today heading into the mid-60s. 68 in antioch. 61 in santa rosa and today in san francisco 57 degrees. like a crowdsourcing the latest info. >> we have our friends with chp and on waze. over here most of the incidents, i've cleared them. we have one going down just past holly. that crash is also on the shoulder but is on highway 101. slowing through pittsburg. an earlier crash was reported. let's take you to the waze
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system. that crash just cleared. mild slowing here heading down 242 and our wazer, unnamed but very cute logo. i want you to see that. you can pick your favorite logo. it will say nbc bay area wazers. >> you know a lot about this story, diapers are not cheap especially if you have three at home. >> triplets. very expensive. helping parents who don't have enough money for them. >> i remember diapers. >> that was college. you know what i can't afford is the new flip phone but i'll show it to you coming up. okay. plus, who let the cat out the bag? take a look at that. big plans to avoid paying extra for his extra large cat to travel on the plane. well, he nearly got away with
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it. now he's actually going to talk about how he was caught. we'll talk all about that coming up after the break. it's a cute cat, though. >> get off the counter. ok, network inspection. -ok.
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good thursday morning. right now at 5:13 let's get a live look outside in walnut creek starting out with some low clouds and we'll see clouds throughout much of the morning. now that a cold front has moved through, we are going to see
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those temperatures much cooler today compared to the past few days. now today we're only making it into the 60s but we'll have another warm-up in the week forecast. we'll look at that coming up in about five minutes. and as we look at oakland with the taillights moving at speed, both directions in fact, is the case. that's why the bottom number at your minimum, 13 minutes heading up to the bay bridge from 238. all of the east bay approaches look great. we'll see what we expect coming up. and good morning. very happy thursday to you. markets hit new records. the dow was pretty much all disney. there are only 30 companies on the dow jones and disney is one of them. disney is doing well because its new disney plus is doing well. nvidia in santa clara reports profits this afternoon. it's been a very strong
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performer. looks like the impeachment hearings in this video but this is federal chairman jay powell in a different room. he talks to congress again today. powell saying he's comfortable with the going interest rates. doesn't see a reason to lower them further. president trump wants powell to lower rates because it injects more money into the economy and sparks more growth. it also lowers borrowing costs and the government borrows a lot of money. this is a very deficit heavy administration. the latest figures, these are all in trillions for you. the government brought in $3.4 trillion in the fiscal year but it spent $4.4 trillion for a budget deficit of $1 trillion. this is not the national debt. that's in trillions upon trillions. this is how much we fell short in the year's budget. how about a $1,500 phone? motorola is bringing back the
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flip phone, the razor. it's more expensive than the iphone. they hope to release it in january. phil schiller said kids who use google's inexpensive chrome books in school won't succeed. apple wants kids to use the far more expensive ipads. he clarified saying every child has the ability to succeed. helping them to do that has always been our mission. they are fighting to put ipads into schools. you can't type on them without then another keyboard and they're more expensive. talking earlier about having kids. chrome books super cheap, if you break them, you replace them -- relatively cheap -- and with the google drive, it's what all the schools use. >> my kids do. they're going to succeed. stop it. stop it.
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oh, mcgrew. okay. i wish i could tell this funny story he always tells but we don't have time right now. families receiving benefits may receive a fremontly supply of diapers. the city's human service agency announced it's expanding the program. available for residents with children under 3 years old. the move will make san francisco the first country in the nation to provide free diapers. that's huge. ro a tax measure is one step closer to the ballot. as soon as next week. supervisors may agree to put it on the march ballot. it would tax them for storefront beginning in the year 2021. first the building would have to be vacant for at least half a year. supporters say the tax would provide landlords incentive to lease the empty spaces.
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a russian man smuggling his fat cat, big cat on to a plane is being stripped of frequent flier status. >> he let the cat out of the bag, in a manner of speaking. he found out his cat weighed too much to fly in the cabin. he postponed the trip and spent the night with friends who had a much smaller cat. so the next day he checked in but with his friend's cat. and then later did the old switcharoo. he would have gotten away with it but he posted the ruse on social media. that's when the airline got wind of it. leaving him stranded with the cat bird seat. i can't believe he tried to do that. >> i know. >> how surprising. >> why didn't he wait until after the flight to post it on social media? >> why post it at all? >> you know, people like to share. >> not when you're doing something you're not supposed to. come on, folks.
5:19 am
>> i didn't know there was a limit to cat weight on the plane, too. >> have to watch the fuel charges. every bit counts. here on the ground nice, cool temperatures. >> it will be a cooler day. we've been waiting for fall to arrive. it arrived for a couple days. we will see a live look outside in palo alto. there's no fog. as we go into the rest of the day the clouds will gradually roll out of here. we'll see the sun peeking out but it won't be as warm going from 53 degrees at 7:00 to 62 at noon. in martinez we'll see a cooler day. look at the temperature trend, it remains relatively flat as we go into the morning, from the afternoon as well as the evening. we are going to see those temperatures holding steady today. upper 50s expected with san jose reaching 64 degrees.
5:20 am
we are going to see more clouds moving in and cooler temperatures and also some breezy winds. we see the cold front moving through and see the wind shift and turn northerly once again making it warm up and also keep our weather very dry and then going into next week an area of low pressure moving in, by tuesday close enough it could bring in some rain to our north and then it looks like it skips to the south of us. we hope we'll see a couple showers out of that by the middle of next week as much cooler temperatures arrive again. a look at our temperature trend. that roller coaster, upper 60s today riding up to 76 degrees in the weekend peaking on mon dap monday. san francisco will have some upper 50s for the next couple of days. and, mike, you've been tracking
5:21 am
the roads. how is it looking? it's all about the road crews. here we're looking at north 101. you showed the wide shot, a pleasant drive. i zoomed in because i did see more slowing just north of marsh and i did see a couple sets of flashing lights travel again. between 4:30 and 5:45 we typically seep the crews clearing up and traffic breaks along the corridor between the embarcadero and whipple road. wanted to give you that shoutout and a little slowing coming off the dumbarton bridge and down bayfront expressway over to marsh. the south bay shows a drive. another note for the south bay, though, reports of northbound 101, so coming up on this corridor reports of wood, 2x4s in your left lane. stay over to your right. there may have to be a traffic break. we don't want you to have anything happening in any way you have to avoid. back to you. thanks, mike. 5:21 right now.
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it's a problem many neighborhoods are dealing with across the bay area. you've seen it probably, people reported to be sleeping in rvs and their cars. coming up the peninsula city's plan to provide a safe place for those people. up next, a group of casino owners pushing to make that a reality. we'll talk about it and more straight ahead.
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5:24 for you right now and a college exam procter accused of accepting bribes in the college admission scandal has pleaded guilty to a racketeering charge. he entered a plea in the boston federal courtroom yesterday. they say the southern california man accepted $200,000 in bribes for a total of 20 students to allow them to cheat on the s.a.t. and act test. woe have a harvard graduate take the exam or replace the answer sheet. procters -- prosecutors are seeking two years in prison. it is 5:25. new this morning a safe parking program for the homeless is moving forward. the committee this week approved the plan in response to the growing number of vehicles parking along el camino real and in residential neighborhoods. vehicles with special permits would be allowed to park at
5:26 am
participating churches. a new push to legalize sports gambling in california. 18 native american tribes are now pushing for california voters to weigh in on the issue next year. this is to legalize sports betting at indian gaming casinos and california racetracks. the supreme court recently opened up sports gambling to states outside nevada, but its future in california is still not clear. the state legislature is considering a similar ballot measu measure. 5:26. a follow-up on an emotional moment this week for long time jeopardy host alex trebek. >> let's take a look at your response. did you come up with the right one? no. what is we love you alex. that's very kind of you. thank you. cost you $1,995. you're left with $5. >> maybe you saw the video of the contestant who wrote we love you, alex, during the final
5:27 am
"jeopardy" round. today ellen is sitting down with that contestant, it came on the day it was publicly announced he was re-entering treatment for stage 4 pancreatic cancer. >> we could really tell it was tough for him. when i got up there i wasn't going to win the game or anything. i could try to figure out the answer or do something for this person who might need it right now. >> so nice. >> tune in for "ellen" and see what she's doing in trebek's honor. >> certainly one to watch. 5:27 right now. coming up on "today in the bay," the top stories on this thursday morning including another rowdy night at the oakland school board meeting. take a listen to this.
5:28 am
>> your cops took me to the hospital trapped to a gurney in handcuffs. >> the fight is over closures. we'll talk about how the meeting ended which is not sitting well with some parents, plus, all new for you this morning -- >> i saw a young woman waving her arm underneath the car and trying and yelling for help. bystanders rush in to help a woman trapped after an overnight car crash on the peninsula. coming up the latest on the woman's condition and what may have led up to the crash. you're watching "today in the bay."
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welcome to thursday morning. or friday eve as we like to call it. good morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. here is a story everyone is talking about, protesters turn an east bay school board meeting into a shouting match. a lot of people not happening. we'll talk more about this and how the board members end up doing some of the protesting of their own. >> it was pretty rowdy out there. let's get to the forecast. it's going to be cooler today. friday in oakland right now, no fog rolling across the bay and into the east bay. we're looking good in terms of visibility. we'll start out with some
5:32 am
mid-50s but not see our temperatures rise very much. only reaching 58 degrees. a few peeks of sunshine as we start out with mostly cloudy skies. mike, any surprises right now? >> not right now as far as on the chp report. we have our expectations fulfilled. a clear view, no problems for fog, the bay bridge, or the approach or toward the golden gate bridge. over here slowing for highway 4, 242 right there has been slow all morning. i'll show you what we're getting. no chp reports of any problems there. north 101, typical there and that should sort out for morning. back to you. >> now back to that meeting we were talking about.
5:33 am
teachers are wondering what is the status of the school closures after another protest shut down the district meeting. live for us in oakland and the unexpected response from board members, sharon. >> reporter: marcus, it's frustrating for everyone involved. the board had to move the meeting upstairs because parents, teachers and some students yelled at the board members. people who are protesting the school closures packed the meeting last night. it's the first time board members and the public came face-to-face following a contentious match between police and protesters last month. >> i've been coming to school board meetings most of my life. >> there will be an outside investigator coming in to look at what happened on the night of october 23rd to fully analyze if things went wrong, why they went wrong, who is responsible. >> reporter: the district says
5:34 am
it's unfortunate their protest disrupted the meeting because there was so much information to cover. no school closure was on the agenda. a vote for that. board members were scheduled to give an update on the school closures and the district says it does support peaceful protests and has taken some public comment into consideration from past meetings. reporting live in oakland, i'm sharon kutsuda. >> thank you so much, sharon. bystanders rushed to help two people involved in a roll over crash in san mateo shortly after 1:30 on fourth and idaho streets this is near highway 101. this is video we got from the scene into our newsroom. that car struck a parked car before ending up on its side. police say one of the two victims has life threatening injuries. >> and then i heard a bang and came outside and saw the car.
5:35 am
i went inside to get my shoes on. he was already here. >> i called 911 before i got out of the car. the woman pinned under the car, the window on the ground. >> alcohol may have played a role in this crash. we don't know the condition of the other victim. 5:35. new details in a double shooting in antioch. police have made another arrest. it happened near la jolla drive. a boy was shot and injured. the victims drove themselves to the hospital. authorities now say a 16-year-old brentwood boy is under arrest in addition to the suspect arrested last week. developing this morning new concerns about drug dealing and drug use on federal property in san francisco. people who live near the federal
5:36 am
building at 7th and mission say they're terrified. san francisco supervisor matt haney sent both the city and federal government a letter demanding action. police are now trying to send some people away from the area. >> they're arresting them. we need the department of public health to get the addicts off the street. >> they're pushing to get the public health department involved to get help to the people who need it. hikers will soon have a new destination in the north bay with the deal paving the way for hundreds of acres of open space. beautiful shots there. this covers about 650 acres between napa and sonoma counties. it's all soon to be added to the
5:37 am
nearby hood mountain regional park. >> video like that shows you why we are so lucky to be in this area. a little bit of slowing. it starts early and sorts itself out. this kicks in about 45. contra costa county. let's check for our friends from waze. focusing on 242 and the waze system as we look at slower drive heading southbound on 242. let's stick with the map. there's waze, southbound 242. that's the only thing showing any possibility but now all the folks coming off highway 4, that will be the build.
5:38 am
we'll share what we know. >> okay, good. how are the roads to tahoe looking for the weekend? >> good right now. the weather will be good, too. we have some warm temperatures. no snow yet. travel conditions haven't been great. we look at the bay area and what to expect this weekend, we're going to see the temperatures reaching into the mid-70s for the inland areas on saturday. really nice and comfortable but still above normal as we will see some low 60s along the coast. on sunday expect it to be slightly warmer reaching up to 76 degrees inland and some upper 60s for the coast. if you're still looking for a place to go watch some fall foliage, it's past peak in the sierra. we're seeing it near peak in parts of the sacramento valley and then we'll see in the santa cruz mountains also past peak. so you're not seeing as many colors there but the best place right now is in the north bay around santa rosa on northward where we are seeing full peak
5:39 am
right now with a lot of fall colors. if you're planning to go up to lake shasta expect low 60s tomorrow but then warming up on saturday reaching 69 degrees. and the warmest day will be sunday as we top out at about 74 degrees. going into the north bay where we are seeing the peak fall colors and russian river valley expect some low to mid-70s throughout the weekend. so the weather is going to be great for spending lots of time outside. and then also staying nice and warm in carmel valley especially for much of the weekend. the coolest day on friday as we reach about 66 degrees and the hiking in muir woods, low 60s, up to 68 degrees on sunday. we'll talk about our temperature trend for the east bay for today coming up in about three minutes. >> perfect. you gave us a lot of options for the weekend. 5:39. coming up new this morning, a key ruling in a my grant asylum
5:40 am
case in san diego that could have wide ranging impact on all cases. and, of course, the latest on the impeachment hearings, what happened and what's going to happen. plus, do you scream for ice cream? even if it's turkey flavored? >> no. >> okay, look, this is really a thing. and that is not the only thanksgiving flavor on the menu for you. >> oh, no. >> we're going to serve you up the full list coming up. ♪ ♪ running out of gift ideas, ♪ seeking something more.
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right now at 5:42 let's head outside in dublin. we are starting out with cool temperatures and it's going to stay cool throughout today. you'll notice a fall like feel to our afternoon with the sun peeking behind the clouds. we're going to see our temperatures cool for two days before it warms up once again. we'll talk about what's going on in our forecast coming up in about five minutes. and on the peninsula, that big orb, you notice it's bright but there's no fog in the air today. we're okay for visibility and for the drive across the san mateo bridge heading to the peninsula side. how the rest of your commute is shaping up. and a day's break from the impeachment hearings today and then back at it tomorrow. good morning, everyone. tomorrow the former u.s. ambassador to ukraine will add to the investigation into the
5:44 am
president and next week a full slate of government employees and diplomats. on wednesday we saw two long time civil servants testify, top trump adviser george kent and acting u.s. ambassador to ukraine bill taylor. in their opening statements they said they were not there to take sides, they were there to tell the truth. much of what we heard were things we had already known though taylor did add something new, he talked about a conversation he says one of his staff overheard between the president and gordon sondland talking about the president's desire that ukraine investigate joe biden's son. now that is one person talking about another person overhearing another person. and you would think the republicans' lawyer would have jumped on that but the republicans' attorney spent far more time on some of the president's conspiracy theories about ukraine than the 2016 election. series the president's close aides have said don't hold up and george kent spent time
5:45 am
knocking down. now gordon sondland, who was on that call will testify under oath next week. so getting the truth firsthand should be easy enough. this is the investigative phase of the impeachment process. it's happening in the intelligence committee. that's a first. past modern impeachment hearings have started with a special prosecutor and went straight to the judiciary committee. this does not have a special prosecutor so congress is doing its own investigation. now in this age of youtube and twitter you can see all kinds of clips of what happened. it summed up the day. it's eric swalwell and ambassador taylor. >> can you describe in your text message exchanges that engaging in a scheme like this is, quote, crazy. can we also agree that it's just wrong? >> yes. >> why is it wrong? >> again, our holding up of
5:46 am
security assistance that would go to a country that is fighting aggression from russia for no good policy reason, no good substantive reason, no good national security reason is wrong. >> we'll continue to watch this, again, action starts again tomorrow. you can follow me on twitter. >> scott, thank you. all right, look, i want you all to stick around a few minutes this morning because we have an update for you. remember that b.a.r.t. platform food fight, if you will, where a man was eating a breakfast sandwich and police eventually earrested him because of the sandwich and eating it on the platform? coming up at 6:00 he's taking the step today to hold b.a.r.t. accountable. we're going to talk about that. also, you can hear from him and hear his side of the story. new for you this morning an immigrant family seeking asylum in san diego has been granted access to legal help to fight their forced return to mexico.
5:47 am
that family from guatemala is now waiting for their case to wind through the immigration court. yesterday a judge issued an injunction ruling they must be allowed to receive legal counsel. the aclu is applauding the ruling under the new remain in mexico policy introduced by the white house in january. 55,000 asylum seekers who have crossed into california and texas have been returned to mexico. 5:47. new details revealed about recent student deaths at the university of southern california. police say they're now looking into drug overdoses as the potential cause in at least some of the cases. since the school year started in august nine usc students have died. that's more than the total for each of the past two school years. at least three deaths have being attributed to suicides. and as a reminder if you or someone you know is struggling, there's help 24/7.
5:48 am
call this number anytime, 1-800-273-8255. you can also chat with a counselor online at suicidepreventi california edison has agreed to a payout to cover firefighting costs for two of the most destructive wildfires. the thomas fire in 2017 and last year's woolsey fire. in each of those cases faulty electrical equipment sparked the fires. the settlement covers costs paid by taxpayers and not private lawsuits tied to either fire. take a look at this. such little cuties here to celebrate world kindness day yesterday. a pennsylvania hospital dressed newborn babies in little red cardigan sweaters. the images are trending this morning. oh, so happy. why the cardigans? pittsburgh's public television station asked people to wear them in honor of the life and legacy of mr. rogers.
5:49 am
fred rogers was born in a pennsylvania enabled, now being played by tom hanks in a new film. and they're also saying always spread that message of kindness. >> would you be mine, could you be mine, won't you be my neighbor? >> cute little babies. >> not if you're serving that, though. new this morning, if you can't get enough turkey for your thanksgiving dinner, another option to fulfill those cravings, the ice cream shop salt and straw is offering a new flavor salted caramel thanksgiving turkey. it has real turkey chunks in it. so that's not enough for you, the shop is going all in with thanksgiving theme also selling roasted peach and sage corned bread stuffing ice cream along with other flavors like sweet potato casserole with maple pecan and blood red orange cranberry sauce. that might be good like a
5:50 am
sherbert. how about spicy goat cheese and pumpkin pie? >> pass. >> there is one in sf and two more along the peninsula. >> you will really be in a food coma after that. >> they all sound really good to me. >> all? >> all of them. >> you'll have to wake mike up. >> that's a daily thing. that's why i have the ear piece in, wake up! >> you're on! two weeks -- two weeks until thanksgiving. >> i know, i have to get my shopping -- >> and our thanksgiving food drive is next weekend. getting ready for the holidays, getting in the spirit of the holidays and we're also just trying to get out the door for work this morning. here's a live look outside in san francisco. no fog. we have clear visibility right now and a cold front is passing by so it's going to help bring our temperatures down and actually make it feel like fall for once. in pleasant hill if you're on
5:51 am
your way out the door to the b.a.r.t. station expect it to be in the low 50s. some peeks of sunshine. not all clear as we go throughout the day. slow rise in the temperatures so if you're looking out the window in san jose you're about to get dressed, grab a sweater and you have permission today to wear the boots without looking too silly. we are going to cool off today so it's going to be the kind of weather where we're breaking out some winter gear. here is a look at our high temperatures for today, upper 60s in antioch. 65 degrees in napa and in concord. oakland today we're staying in the 50s, also in the upper 50s in san francisco. but let's check on the rest of our friends and how they're doing across the country. okay, we're doing a little bit better here, at least some spots are getting above freezing but it's still bitterly cold for much of the country and we're going to get this cool air dipping in for a couple of days before we see our wind shift. we see a northerly wind for the weekend that will help warm us up. it's also going to quickly move away going into the beginning of
5:52 am
next week. the storm system drops in and it looks like it skips us with the rain this time around but it's so close at least it will help cool us off. we'll be watching that for the middle of next week looking at our dry weather continuing and warming up over the next couple of days. cool today and tomorrow but some mid-70s in the weekend forecast. mike, everyone knows you're not watching their report. >> i'm watching out for you. over here the bay bridge we do have the backup in the building. i know that's not unexpected but it is old reliable. we're looking at scattered reports in the north bay. a couple scattered in the area for westbound 80 and at 113 and highway 12 has incidents as well but they have cleared to the shoulders. that's better news. your drive looks great here. i did, however, just hear as i was walking to the set that we have a traffic alert issued for west 580 at the dublin interchange. we'll get more details but it sounds like there must be two or three lanes blocking that commute direction.
5:53 am
we'll track that. getting out of the area northbound 101 in through san martine, some more slowing typical and a crash blocking one of your two lanes so a traffic alert coming in off i-5 and heading westbound on 152. most of our viewers can't even see this report. at least you know what the slowing is. back to you. >> thanks, mike. happening now for you, the man accused in a deadly stabbing over a popeyes chicken sandwich is behind bars. authorities say police located the suspect and arrested him. investigators say last week he got into an argument after cutting a long line of customers who were all waiting to order sandwiches. mcclain is now facing murder charges. and next and new this hour one woman's apple store horror story, the invasion of privacy that cost one california worker his job. it's a story we all can learn from but first they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. and we think this puppy is pretty cute even though he has two tails. one is actually on his face. look at that.
5:54 am
he's one of a kind. we'll show you more and tell you more all new next. so, as you can see, saving can be quite simple.
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♪ what's gotten into him? christmas. jcpenney. remember the little things. more violence on the b.a.r.t. system -- >> how safe is b.a.r.t.? to find out we are riding all
5:57 am
across the bay area. we're taking you with us. >> i just got to the civic center stop and this is the powell street station. >> we want to know what you're seeing on b.a.r.t., so send us your videos from the whacky and weird to the down right dangerous. you can also record yourself explaining what you saw. email us at the unit@nbcbay or on social media by using the #weinvestigate. we want to hear from you. 5:57. welcome back. you can always find our team on social media just like this. family rules. number one on the list, be kind and loving. we like that. and we love kris. follow her on facebook, twitter and instagram. let's start out with the cutest story you're probably going to see all week. >> this is amazing. so-called unicorn puppy is trending. take a look. this is narwhal named after the
5:58 am
whale species, the one with that single tusk. you can see narwhal has a little something extra on his head, a second tail. a missouri animal shelter started posting online and as you can imagine he became an internet sensation. a vet came up with the clever name. no bone in that extra tail, they say. basically a little birth defect but he's completely healthy and won't cause any problems with that little face. narwhal was actually a stray, and the shelter is now being flooded, understandably, with requests to adopt him. >> he is cute. >> he really is. i guess it doesn't wag. hey, if you're looking at your budget and having to choose between a bigger thanksgiving or a nicer christmas, we have some help for you. >> taking cue pong to the extreme. >> reporter: what has couponing done for you and your family?
5:59 am
>> from college students living in a one tiny bedroom apartment to put down a down payment on our home. i started couponing in 2011 and saved $50,000 or $60,000. >> wow. that mom claims you can feed 30 people on turkey day for just, get this, $10. the average family is expected to spend more than $1,000 this holiday season. new for you this morning a disturbing reminder you can never be too careful with your phone. an apple store employee from bakersfield is out of a job this morning after he reportedly texted an intimate photo of a customer to himself. so this happened inside the apple store. this is file video. the victim told "the washington post" that she took her phone to the store to get her screen repaired and as he checked it, he texted himself a photo from more than a year ago from her phone. it also had a location tag meaning he would have her address.
6:00 am
she says she noticed the sent message later reported him. apple told "the washington post" the employee in question is no longer with the company. right now at 6:00 a bite out of b.a.r.t. it's a story that went viral. and this morning the next chapter of the new action a man detained for eating breakfast on a b.a.r.t. platform says he'll take today. crime spree over. people in the south bay may be breathing easier this morning with this man allegedly did from san jose who los altos. and lawsuit pulled. a huge development in the battle over oakland coliseum, what it means for the future of the a's. "today in the bay" continues right now. and a good thursday morning to you. getting the morning started off right. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm laura garcia. are you putting up the holiday decorations just yet? >> not at all. >> it takes a lot of work to put


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