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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 14, 2019 6:00am-6:58am PST

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apple told "the washington post" the employee in question is no longer with the company. right now at 6:00 a bite out of b.a.r.t. it's a story that went viral. and this morning the next chapter of the new action a man detained for eating breakfast on a b.a.r.t. platform says he'll take today. crime spree over. people in the south bay may be breathing easier this morning with this man allegedly did from san jose who los altos. and lawsuit pulled. a huge development in the battle over oakland coliseum, what it means for the future of the a's. "today in the bay" continues right now. and a good thursday morning to you. getting the morning started off right. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm laura garcia. are you putting up the holiday decorations just yet? >> not at all. >> it takes a lot of work to put up christmas in the park in downtown san jose. you may notice something
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different, changes that are coming. little elves will still be there but the tree will be different. it's going to be an artificial one. the old trees used to come from the shasta mountains but cost upwards of $20,000. so they have a new tree up. you're going to see it year after year just as you do those little characters. >> that's a good thing. >> i'll be there, same old me to kick off the friday after thanksgiving. join us out there. we count down the tree lighting. >> that's fun, though. >> there will be a parade this year. they're going to bring it back. >> it's always a nice tradition for folks. ice skating in california. >> and it's getting closer to the holidays. let's not forget that. i mean, it's that time and so we are two weeks away from thanksgiving. all right, so let's get out the door this morning with a look at your forecast that will finally feel like fall. we are going to start out in palo alto with some low 50s and then see it rise into the low 60s today, very slow warm yum
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and some peeks of sunshine today. we are going to feel some cooler air behind the cold front that rolled through late yesterday evening and so today will be closer to where we should be for normal. mike, you have a traffic alert. >> i do. just before we came on for the last report so i didn't have a special map to show you. waze and the slowing. they also time out an alternate that will save you about 15 minutes if you're coming out of dublin and heading down to 680 and take the avenue here. we have a few routes to time it out. half the time compared to going to that big jam. as you get back to our other system we're showing you traffic flow and the live camera shows you the jam where you only have one lane open. the rest of the bay outside of that tri-valley looks great. back to you. a surprising question a lot of people are asking this week is, is it a crime to eat on a
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platform while waiting for a train? >> a man was cited for doing that, but now he's suing b.a.r.t. bob redell joins us live from the east bay this morning. so talk a little bit about the legal basis here. >> reporter: well, laura and marcus, steve foster, the map cited for eating food here at the pleasantville b.a.r.t. station behind me, he believes he was racially profiled. later this afternoon the attorney has hired john burris, will hold a news conference to announce that he has filed a lawsuit against b.a.r.t. you'll recall foster, who is black, was stopped by a white b.a.r.t. police officer for eating a sandwich while waiting for his train. this was on the platform. it is against state law, by the way, to eat at b.a.r.t. stations and on b.a.r.t. trains. in a cell phone video that went viral we can see the officer holding on to foster's back pack, repeatedly asking him for identification. foster refused. he was briefly detained, cited, and then released. his attorney has releaed a
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statement, these b.a.r.t. officers engaged in racial profiling and selective law enforcement in that b.a.r.t. patrons routinely eat sandwiches and other food on the platform and b.a.r.t. trains without any law enforcement intervention, chastisement or other admonishments by police. >> people need to eat. they need to eat. i want to go all the time, all the time. if i have food and i need something to eat, they have a store right downstairs for people that need to eat. it's kind of contradicting and an imbalance. it's not the only b.a.r.t. that has a food station right outside the fare gates. >> reporter: foster said it's hypocritical of b.a.r.t. to rent out food kiosks and still expect people not to eat and drink on the train. b.a.r.t. says foster was combative with the officer who cited him and did refuse to provide his name which is needed
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for the citation. that being said b.a.r.t.'s general manager did issue an apology which foster has said he does not accept. reporting live here at pleasant hill b.a.r.t., bob redell, "today in the bay." >> that will be one to follow. thanks so much, bob. 6:05. vice president mike pence waking up in the bay area today. he will spend the morning in nasa ames research center talking about the next mission to the move. kris sanchez is live for us. i understand we're also expecting some protesters this morning. >> reporter: we expect the protesters will gather just about where we are this morning outside the gates. our reporter will of course be inside the gates with vice president mike pence. you can see the sign is illuminated there. welcoming the vice president. now he landed here moffitt field and was greeted by supporters, about 75 of them. some of whom wereyears. our reporter tried to ask about the impeachment proceeding under
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way in washington but got no response. >> mr. vice president, what do you think of the impeachment hearings today, sir? >> reporter: just before noon today the vice president will talk to about 200 employees about returning astronauts to the moon in the coming years. during his two-day california trip pence meant with trump victory events, a luncheon down in huntington beach and a dinner in monterey. both of those were closed to the media but we understand that tickets to those events ranged in price from $1,000 to $35,000. several protester groups tell us they are going to gather out here to senhed t vice president rolls on through. he will be leaving from move moffett field. >> the city is dropping its lawsuit against the a's.
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they want to buy the land where it sits. the city and county would receive $85 million for its share of the coliseum land which the a's want to redevelop. the suit not only puts that deal in limbo, it also puts plans for a new a's stadium at howard terminal. a's president release add statement which says in part the team is committed to the coliseum site's long-term success. new overnight, a family rushes out of their peninsula homes as flames destroyed their garage. take a look at it there. it happened a little after midnight on north kingston street in san mateo. firefighters kept the flames from spreading to other homes. no one was hurt. still no word on a cause for the fire. and new, a suspected carjacker is in custody. this is after a stolen truck he was in crashed in the south bay. police in san jose say they
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arrested sanchez tuesday night. they say first he stole a lottery ticket from a gas station on north 13th street. then two days later on rebecca way he carjacked a woman's jose police uniforms inside. the vehicle was recovered. then on tuesday night police arrested him in los altos after a stolen truck he was driving crashed. he is now in the hospital. officers also arrested a woman who was a passenger in that truck that crashed. police say many if not all of the pd uniforms have been recovered. 6:08 right now. several a-list movie stars set to converge on the north bay tonight. actors kevin bacon, vanessa hutchins and bell will be honored at the napa valley film festival. the triblt program highlights artist who is have a passion for cinema and story telling. a separate ceremony honoring actress olivia wild is scheduled for tomorrow. the festival wraps up on sunday.
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>> probably a nice night to take that glass of wine outside and, you know, look up at the stars, right, kari? >> i don't know if you'll see the stars. >> maybe look across the room and seep the stars. >> well, yeah. we're not going to see much in the way of the stars in the sky because we have a lot of clouds, and some cooler temperatures moving in today. we're looking at highs this afternoon in napa reaching about 65 and then cooling down again tonight. a look at where we're headed for the rest of the bay area. we're going to feel temperatures that are finally normal for this time of year with some mid-60s in san jose and some low 60s in santa rosa. san francisco in the upper 50s. we will warm up for the weekend. more on that in a few minutes. mike, we continue with one traffic alert. >> in the tri-valley, folks, this is the jam for westbound 580 approaching 680 down to one lane just out of the sight at the overcrossing with 680 and 580 near the b.a.r.t. station.
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b.a.r.t. is an alternate. putting that into context it's right here. the rest of the bay looks great. west 580 is jammed up as you come in. a lot of folks will probably choose to take 84 even back tracking a bit as that will get you out of the backup. still only onee680. 680 coming through concord is fine, a little slowing and of course the bay bridge toll plaza has a backup. back to you. >> thank you, mike. today we're going to learn more about one "jeopardy" contestant alex trebek triblt. a story that went viral. what he's telling ellen about the moment that brought the longtime host to tears. a new phone is heading to market. the return of the flip phone. we'll show it to you when "today in the bay" continues. don't miss the grand opening
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you will be blown away by this experience. the pros come here. i come here. if you love your wallet, and you love your home, you have to go. floor & decor. now open in milpitas, off the 880 freeway on north mccarthy blvd. thursday morning right now at 6:13 we are seeing more clouds moving in this morning behind a cold front that's going to keep it cool for today. this is a look over the south bay. as we check out our sunnyvale temperature trend normal is 65 degrees. it's been a wyle since we've had temperatures like this. we'll see it today and tomorrow. we'll talk more about what's ahead in the weekend forecast coming up in about five minutes. >> and an update on the traffic alert heading inte that's what it looked like in real life.
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we'll talk about this and a new crash in hayward and another in the caldecott tunnel. and good morning to you. the markets hit new records, but i'll let you in on a secret, when it comes to the dow, it was pretty much all disney. there are only 30 companies on the dow jones industrial, disney is one of them, and disney is doing well because the new disney plus is doing well. nvidia is on there because the santa clara company reports profits this afternoon. it's been a really strong performer stock wise for years. this is fed chairman jerome powell in a different hearing room. he talks to congress again today. powell saying he's comfortable with the going interest rates lor them further. reason to president trump, of course, wants powell to lower rates because it injects more money into the economy and sparks more
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growth. it also lowers borrowing costs. and the government borrows a lot deficit heavy administration. we just got the l $3.4 tril in the fiscal year but spent $4.4 trillion, and that's easy math. budget deficit of $1 trillion. this isn't the national debt. that's in the trillions and trillions. this is in the year's budget. apple's schiller walking back comments he made to cnet when he said kids who use google's inex penpensive chrome books won't succeed. they want kids to use ipads. schiller clarified every child has the ability to succeed helping them do that has always been our mission. remember the motorola flip phone? i had one. motorola is bringing back the razor. it's more expensive than the iphone, believe it or not.
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did you hear that? what? they hope to release it in january. yes, never make anything more exiv the iphone is so . you just tak enormous candy bars, these huge, out of your pocket. people love the screen size but they're getting too big and you've seen samsung tried to do it this way, some way of getting it smaller again. >> but you can't put that protective screen on top of that because it bends. >> it does come with its own protective screen. >> i don't like them too big because you can't put it in your pocket. >> there are times i forget how big the really big ones are. somebody will pull it out. >> i need a little one. i have little hands. >> long fingers. 6:16 right now. now to a follow yum on an emotional moment thiseek for long time "jeopardy" host alex trebek. >> did you come up with the right one? no, what is, we love you alex.
6:17 am
thank you. cost you $1,995. you're left with $5. okay. >> maybe you saw that video of the contestant. he wrote we love you, alex, during a "final jeopardy" round. ellen is sitting down with that contestant. he says the moment came on the day it was publicly announced the longtime host was re-entering treatment for stage 4 pancreatic cancer. >> and we could really tell it was tough for him. and i got up there, obviously i wasn't going to win the game or anything. i was like i could try to figure out the right answer or do something for this person who might need it right now. >> very nice. tune in to see what ellen is also doing in trebek's honor at 4:00 this afternoon. if you're not home set your dvr. you always get a laugh when up see ellen. >> even on topics like this. human nature. >> i always watch her as i'm
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preparing dinner. >> as we prepare for the rest of the day, going to look good outside. >> yes. >> cooler weather. it's going to actually be cooler compared to what we've seen recently. it's been feeling more like summer. today we're in fall and it's all because of a cold front that moves through yesterday evening and helped scour away the fog we've seen the past few days but we do still have the clouds left behind. look at this mess in dublin and so if you're about to head out the door, maybe transit is a better option for you. we're going to see temperatures in the mid-50s as you head out the door and then a slow warm-up in our temperatures today as the skies start to clear, partly cl shrouout the day and some mid-60s for our high temperatures, so it's going to be a big change compared to yesterday in some spots dropping about ten degrees. we'll see a high of about 65 in palo alto. also 65 in livermore. we're up to 58 degrees in oakland today and in san
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francisco we're staying in the 50s. but compare that to how the rest of our friends are doing today, this is a look at the current windchill across the rest of the country and a big deep freeze continues as we see it starting to thaw out in some spots. it's still very cold. here is what's going on here. we are going to see our wind shift turning in northerly and start to go blow offshore that will help warm us up and then as we go into early next week some more changes ahead as this area of low pressure dips in. it looks to bring rain close by the bay area but mostly like it's going to be for southern california. we'll be watching that. it will at least cool us off and bring us back to fall. we're in the fall like weather for today and tomorrow and then we're warming up for the weekend. we're going to see mid-70s inland. upper 70s on monday and cooling off for the middle of next week. san francisco, get ready for those 50s today as well as
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tomorrow. mike, you're still tracking that traffic alert. that's right, kari. we are from the tri-valley westbound 580. kari showed you closer to the b.a.r.t. station, b.a.r.t. is a great way through the tri-valley. west 580 crawls through dublin from the approach all the way to 680 where there are only two lanes open. in the commute direction for this portion of the tri-valley, highway 84 does see more slowing, a little more traffic flowing there. now with the changes in surface street traffic, join our team. we're driving 880 southbound. looks like it should be out of lanes. at i am concerned about this crash approaching the caldecott tunnel. as you travel through the area
6:21 am
that will slow you once you get past the caldecott, you're fine to the bay bridge where the metering lights are on, of course. zooming out to show you the rest of the bay. the bridge toll plaza but there is a new crash i'll check that out. >> i want to you stick around and help me out with the next story. you know this all too well, diapers are not cheap especially for you. >> i went through almost 600 a month, isn't that crazy? yeah. it can be so expensive. but now there's one bay area city that wants to help parents who don't have enough money to pay for them. saving a lot of money for moms and dads. >> reporter: the ads say they can cure it all with stem cells. can they? i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. nbc bay area responds next.
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beyond the routine checkups. beyond the not-so-routine cases. comcast business is helping doctors provide care in whole new ways. all working with a new generation of technologies powered by our gig-speed network. because beyond technology... there is human ingenuity.
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every day, comcast business is helping businesses go beyond the expected. to do the extraordinary. take your business beyond. welcome back. 24 the issue next year launching a sports betting. the supreme court recently opened up sports gambling to states outside of nevada, but its fclea the state legislature is considering a similar ballot measure. san francisco families may soon be eligible for fremontly supply of diapers. the city's human services agency just announcing it is expanding the program. the service already available for residents with children under 3 years old who participate in cal works. it will make san francisco the
6:25 am
first county in the nation to provide free diapers. >> that will help out a lot of people. 6:25. perhaps you've seen the ads that say to treat your muscles and joint pain with stem cells. some patients and many medical experts say you can't trust those claims. >> consumer investigator chris chmura is here to preview a six-month investigation. his team will have tonight for you at 11:00. >> reporter: bottom line stem cell shots are not approved to treat pain and yet you'll find clinics all over charging dearly for those injections. we talk with two patients in the south baysh whos. they now feel the wasted more than $10,000 each. >> i got nothing for my money. i got nothing. >> i cannot tell you any relief that i received. >> reporter: some regulators call the treatments bogus and hype, so why are hundreds of clinics still open? tonight at 11:00, we investigate. we also talk with doctors who question whether the injections
6:26 am
actually contain live stem cells. if you have a stem cell story to share let us know 888-996-tips or visit nbc bay i'll join you again tonight at 11:00. >> thanks, chris. it's 6:26 right now. a lot more brand-new stories for you coming uprejoice. there are new trails likely coming to the north bay. we'll tell you where. another delay for an expensive project two decades in the making. my parents never taught me anything about managing money.
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i saw a young woman waving her arm under the car and crying and yelling for help. >> right now at 6:30 a roll over crash on the peninsula. we talked to the man who called 911 and helped that woman. we'll find out how she's doing and what police say may have been the cause. your cops took me to the hospital. >> school board protest. people who say police hurt them at a meeting last night were furious. ahead the schools on the chopping block and the surprise response from board members. then later a fake female flyer. one man tried to save a few bucks on his air faer afare and got caught. and talk about a busy night
6:30 am
in oakland. >> no kidding. definitely so. thank you for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. we were talking about the business any night in oakland. people were upset about the meeting, protests and a lot of you see right there som o that coming up later. >> a lot more ahead on "today in the bay." let's check out the forecast with kari. it's going to be cooler today and we're seeing more of the clouds we've seen recently still rolling across the bay area. but we had a front that moved through yesterday evening, and it's finally going to feel like fall. let's get out the door in walnut creek with a look at how our morning shapes up. we'll see the sun peeking out with our temperatures going from 53 degrees to the lower 60s and it will be only reaching into the mid-60s for an afternoon high. so i'll have more on this coming up in a few minutes. mike, you're tracking a traffic alert and a possible traffic break. those are the biggest. also, i guess north 85 at camden
6:31 am
i told you i would check on the crash. you seep the early slowing heading up to highway 17. out of the valley that's the problem. in the tri-valley this is a traffic alert west 580. reports of two lanes blocked at the dublin interchange. the rest of it backedty streets cut down to 680. west 24 you may be cut off for a short period of time. there's a disabled vehicle approaching the caldecott tunnel. there may be a traffic break. i'll give you the update with that build out of lafayette. back to you. >> thanks so much, mike. oakland teachers and parents this morning wondering what the status of school closures are after another protest shut down the district meeting. take a listen. >> what schools? our schools. >> a lot of anger last night. this morning sharon is live with the unexpected response from board members. sharon? >> reporter: laura, the district was apparently going to update
6:32 am
the public on the closures but the board had to move the meeting upstairs because teachers, parents and some students were apparently yelling at the board members. people who are protesting the school closures pack the meeting. they came face-to-face following a contentious meeting. posted on social media that it wanted to clear up any misconceptions the district thought 24 schools would be closed but instead 13 schools would be affected. >> as a parent i can understand the frustration from this side of the room. as one who is a leader on my job, i can understand probably they -- it would feel like they have some sort of edict, and they have to follow what's been told to them. it's just unfortunate it's at the expense of children.
6:33 am
>> there will be an outside investigator coming in to take a look at what happened on the night of october 23rd to fully analyze if things went wrong, why they went wrong, perhaps who is responsible. >> reporter: a vote on school closure was not on the agenda but board members were scheduled to give an update. now t dtrict that it does support peaceful protest and has made changes to the plan based on public comment in the past. reporting live, i'm sharon katsuda, "today in the bay." thanks for the latest, sharon. 6:34 right now. new overnight bystanders rushed to help two people involved in a roll over crash in san mateo. this happened shortly after 1:30 on fourth and idaho streets near highway 101. this is video of the scene and that car struck a parked car before ending up on its side. police say one of the two victims is suffering from life threatening injuries. another driver and a nearby
6:34 am
neighbor heard the crash and went to help. >> and then i heard a bang and came out and saw the car. went inside to get my shoes on. when i came back out he was already here. >> i called 911 before i got out of the car and then when i came to check to see if anybody was hurt, i saw the woman pinned under the car, the window right there on the ground. >> officers believe alcohol may have played a role in the crash. it is 6:35. new details this morning in a recent deadly double shooting in antioch. police have made another arrest. the shooting happened last week near la jolla drive. a 17-year-old girl died. a boy was shot and injured. the victims drove themselves to a hospitality. authorities now say a 16-year-old brentwood boy is under arrest in addition to the 16-year-old suspect arrested last week. investigators say it is tied to a drug deal. new concerns about drug
6:35 am
dealing and drug use on federal property in san francisco. people who live near the federal ilding at 7th and mission say they are terrified. san francisco supervisor matt haney recently sent both the city and federal government a letter demanding action. police are now trying to clear some people away from that area but there are fears the problems are just being pushed to other parts of the same neighborhood. >> they're arresting them, but they arrest one and two more come the next day. it is not something solvable by police. >> supervisors are pushing to get the public health department involved to get people the help they need. new for you that morning hikers will soon have a new destination in the north bay with a deal paving the way for hundreds of acres of open space. mccormick ranch is what you see here. beautiful shots there. this covers 650 acres between napa and sonoma counties.
6:36 am
the trust purchased the land for $14.5 million. part will soon be added to nearby hood mountain regional park. plans for oakland's first rapid system face a new round of delays. the $260 million project is being pushed back to march of next year. it's causing the delays. 20 years in the making. buses scheduled to start running next month. >> nobody likes delays. >> especially not 20 years. a big delay here in the tri-valley, folks, take a look at this, west 580 and we see a lot of traffic streaming through. it is now starting to crawl as you're approaching our camera here. you're backed up coming in through dublin out of livermore and this is because of the crash which continues to block lanes. the update now keeps shifting around.
6:37 am
three lanes are closed. i think they're trying to ease the flow. the crash is right under the overcrossing. er it's holding through another different ways around that. the streetsil congested. it may take another half hour until they can get the right crew over there so there may be another traffic break north 280 just popped up in the traffic alert as well. this crash coming up. >> we just want to get through the weekend. >> here we come. >> we have some nice weather. it's going to cool off today and tomorrow. starting to warm up again so it's time to get back outside. we'll see more sunshine and the bay will reach up to 70 degrees. perfect. mid-70s for the inland valleys and some low 60s for the coast. slightly warmer on sunday.
6:38 am
the high temperatures up to about 76 degrees. wanted to sho rgh map that shows you where we are seeing our fall foliage and the best of it right now. it's past peak for the sierra. it's at full peak, only a small sliver of the upper elevations where we are seeing some of the bright colors on the trees. and then a lot of the parts of the central valley are near peak right now. we are past peak in the santa cruz mountains. if you go up around santa rosa on northward where you can get some beautiful fall colors right here in the bay area. if you're going up to lake shasta, keep in mind they are past peak there but it will be warming up. upper 60s on saturday and 74 degrees will be the high temperature on sunday. the russian river valley, this is where you can enjoy some fall colors looking at low 70s for
6:39 am
saturday and on sunday up to 74 degrees. it will be warming up in carmel valley. we're going from 66 degrees on friday to 75 on saturday and sunday up to 80 degrees. that will feel more like summer. we'll see a few clouds moving by during the early hours and reach into the 60s throughout the weekend. now we'll talk about what's going on today in the south bay. that temperature trend is coming up in three minutes. 6:40 for you right now. a new hospital may be coming to the south bay. all new this hour where kaiser is proposing a new medical building. plus -- taking a bite out of b.a.r.t. a story that went viral and this morning the next chapter. the new action the man detained for eating breakfast on the platform says he will take. the latest on the
6:40 am
impeachment, what happened yesterday and what will happen tomorrow. the big board has been flipping between red and green. i don't know if it will do it while i stall here.
6:41 am
6:42 am
good thursday morning. let's head outside in the south bay and see how our weather shapes up in campbell. we'll see more mostly cloudy skies throughout the morning and
6:43 am
normally should be up to 65 degrees. it's been a while. we're going to be there today and we enjoy a little taste of fall, i wanted to show you this. the drought monitor andhat we're seeing. we'll take a closer look and show you how much rain we need to catch up coming up in about five minutes. and right now waze is updated to over a half hour delay, 35 minutes to the traffic alert approaching the dublin interchange. i'm tracking this on west 24 and another alert on p we get a day's break from the impeachment hearings today and then we're back at it tomorrow. good morning to you. tomorrow the former u.s. ambassador to ukraine adds her testimony to the investigation into the president. then next week a full slate of witnesses. on wednesday we saw two long
6:44 am
time civil servants and bill taylor. they said they were not there to take sides. they were there to tell the truth. we heard things we already knew. though taylor did add something new talking about a conversation he says one of his staff overheard between the president and gordon sondland. gordon sondland will testify under oatex getting the truth firsthand should be easy but taylor's testimony was one person talking about another person er you would think republican lawyers would have jumped on that all day. the republicans' attorney spent more time on the president's conspiracy theories about ukraine and the 2016 election. george kent spent a lot of time knocking down.
6:45 am
i'll pick out one clip for you that i think summed up the day pretty well. eric swalwell and ambassador taylor. >> you described in your text message exchanges that engaging in a scheme like this is, quote, crazy. can we also agree that it's just wrong? >> yes. >> why is it wrong? >> again, our holding off of security assistance that would go to a country that is fighting aggression from russia for no good policy reason, substantive reason, no good national security reason is wrong. >> one of the things we're doing now is i'm answering a lot of questions people have. you can send me anything you'd
6:46 am
like @scottm o people in the bay area are asking, is it a crime to eat while on the platform waiting for a train? a man is suing b.a.r.t. today. steve foster believes he was racially profiled. he was stopped by a white b.a.r.t. police officer for eating a sandwich while waiting for the train. cell phone video that went viral you can see the officer holding on to foster's backpack repeatedly asking him for his i.d. foster refused and he was cited and released he says it's hypocritical of b.a.r.t. to rent out food kiosks and expect people nod to eat or drink on the train. >> people need to eat. they need to eat. >> civil rights attorney john burris is now representing foster.
6:47 am
b.a.r.t. claims foster was combative with the officer but since then b.a.r.t.'s general manager issued an apology. foster said he did not accept that. now fighting back against those who want to run e-cigarettes out of business. the new push back after the eld diedath attributed to fair in no. merchants believe their products are not part of the problem and point to findings showing most are connected to thc and the vitamin e used to thicken the liquid. >> totally fine. when you inhale the aerosol, it goes into the lungs. >> contra costa following the lead of counties including san francisco, san mateo and santa clara. new details for you this
6:48 am
morning. southern california edison has agreed to a $360 million payout to cover firefighting costs for two of the state's moststructiv thomas fire in 2017 and last year's woolsey fire together burnedse in each case faulty electric equipment sparked the fires. it is not private lawsuits tied to the fire. more growth, kaiser permanente proposing a new hospital and urgent care facility in morgan hill. in the coming weeks the city's planning commission will hold a preliminary review. over 50% of the city's residents are kaiser members. trending this morning a russian man who smuggled a really fat cat onto a plane is being stripped of his frequent
6:49 am
flier status. >> it's all because he let the cat out of the bag. when he found out that his cat weighed too much to fly in the c cabin, he postponed his trip and spent the night with some friends who also had a much smaller cat. the next day he checked in but with his friend's cat and then later did the old switcharoo. he would have gotten away with it except he posted it on social media. then you might say pounced. >> he went to a lot of trouble. limit for your cat? >> who knew there was a weight >> that has to be a fat cat. >> that cat is all depressed now because everybody is talking about his weight. >> don't post stuff to social media. >> unless you want it to be
6:50 am
social. it's out there. >> i did post pictures -- >> you post a lot. >> of the sun rise. >> good things. >> we'll talk about that. are as you head out the door the visibility is clear this morning, no fog, seeing the clouds a little higher up because of the cold front. as you get the kids ready for school in martinez keep in mind it will be a cooler day and will feel like fall. we're starting out with mid-50s and see it only make it up to 62 degrees. here is a live look outside in the south bay. we are going to see the clouds rolling by. it's time to break out the winter gear. if you've been waiting to wear your boots, today may be a good day and a warm sweater. temperatures in the low to mid-60s today for much of the bay area. we are staying in the 50s in oakland this afternoon. also, 57 degrees will be the
6:51 am
high in san francisco. santa rosa looking at a high of about 61 degrees. so here is what's going on. we've seen a few clouds moving by, but the showers have stayed away even as the cold front moves through. as we go into tomorrow still cool but by the weekend a look at saturday, we're seeing our wind shift and blow offshore and soap it so it will help warm up our air from saturday, sunday into monday. then a storm system dropping in. it looks to bring change but it skips the bay area as we are going to see some cooler air and the rain very close by. that's something we'll be watching going into next week. now they've shaded southward into abnormally dry conditions.
6:52 am
we haven't seen any significant rain since the start of our water year. santa rosa needs nearly 4 inches of rain to catch up to normal and, unfortunately there's no rain going into the next seven days, only the slight chance by the end of next week our temperatures will go up and down, feeling like fall today and tomorrow and then warmer for the weekend. mike, you have multiple alerts out there. >> we do, kari. we've been fouling this one. westbound 580 jammed up. as we take a look with our partners at waze and the alternate routes. you join nbc bay area wazers. you take this with you wherever you go. and then you go south 680 to sunol. this is continuing as well as we look for the west 24 near the
6:53 am
caldecott just shy of the caldecott. a disabled vehicle and looking at perhaps another 20 minutes. a good delay or a bad delay depending on how phrase that. this is our otheralert. a crash located in lanes. now 101 and 380 are clear. keep that in mind as well. as we get back out to our regular map system the traffic does slow in the area. north of there into san francisco the flow of traffic there as well as around the rest of the bay is okay. back to you. >> thanks, mike. the man accused in the de deadly stabbing over a popeyes sandwich is behind bars. police located the 30-year-old suspect and arrested him. they say he got into an argument with the victim after cutting a
6:54 am
long line of customers. next, a quick look at the top stories including lawsuit pulled. a huge development t future of oakland coliseum, what it may mean for the new age stadium. then at 7:00 on the "today" show a crash course with the latest diet craze, intermittent fasting. dr. oz will explain the benefits, the challenges and how to do it right. back with more news on "today in the bay." ok, network inspection. -ok.
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6:57. welcome back. before you head out the door here are the top stories we're covering on "today in the bay." vice president mike pence and his wife waking up this morning to speak to employees about nasa's new mission to return to the moon. protesters also plan to be just outside the gates. the vice president and his wife rd p island in alameda. a breakthrough in the oakland a's quest for a new stadium. the city is dropping its lawsuit against the a's. the suit stems from a deal the a's made with alameda county to buy the land where the coliseum now5 million for each share of the coliseum land which the a's want to redevelop. the suit not only put that deal in limbo but also the plans for
6:58 am
a new a's stadium at howard terminal. a's president says the team is committed to the coliseum site's long-term success. several a-list movie stars are set to converge on the north bay tonight. actor kevin bacon, and jillian bell will be honored at the napa valley film festival. tonight's triblt program highlights artists who have a passion for cinema and story telling. a ceremony honoring elizabeth wild is scheduled for tomorrow. the film festival ends on sunday. >> it looks like will cooperate. >> you've got some nice weather for the weekend. a little cool today as we are going to see our temperatures actually feel like fall this is what it's supposed to be like but it will warm up for the weekend inland looking at mid-70s. if you're in san francisco expect upper 50s. also looked like we're dealing with a crash? >> another traffic alert just added. it's in the south bay northbound 17, all lanes blocked just in the last few minutes. a garbage truck involved.
6:59 am
this traffic alert continues for 580 at the dublin interchange. very slow there. highway 24 still slow. the disabled vehicle approaching thecal decould the and 280. >> it's a busy one out there. we're back at 7:25 with a local news update including a look at weather and traffic tonight. >> do not miss our midday show at 11:00. we'll see you then. good morning. clash on capitol hill. >> i'm here to tell you what i know. >> the first public testimony in the impeachment investigation revealing a deep divide in congress and the nation. >> if this is not impeachable conduct, wha revealing a deep divide in congress and the nation. >> if this is not impeachable conduct, what is >> you never met the president the president dismissive of the entire thing.
7:00 am
>> i hear it's a joke. and breaking this move at the w.


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