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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  November 14, 2019 6:00pm-6:59pm PST

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the superintendent of the east side union school district says there's a spike in gang fights. damian trujillo joins us with the exclusive story. damian. >> reporter: raj, the folks here at the mayor's gang prevention task force mobilized as soon as these fights started breaking out. we have video of one of those incidents. and the experts here say this could have gotten out of control. a police officer stands guard at the high school in san jose, and this video posted on social media is part of the reason. a fight last week that started with rival gang members. >> the last ten days or so there seems to be a peak and concerne. ep had a similar issue recently, so they called the mayor's gang prevention task force. >> it's typical rivalries that happen out in our communities that inevitably find their ways
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back on to campus. >> reporter: the head of the task force says the spike might be due to social issues on the streets or gang members just released from juvenile hall who revert back to their old ways. in these cases, the experts could be worse. >> but it's two on twos, threes on threes. but the potential for mob mentality to break loose and loyalties and friendships and alignments to break loose. >> reporter: parents are also worried. >> i'm really worried about what's going on in the high schools especially what i saw on the video. >> we're going to provide all the resources to try to calm things down. >> reporter: and law enforcement sources tell me this problem is not exclusive to the east side union high schois across the south bay. we're in san jose, damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. another school shooting.
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a student opened fire at a school in southern california and when it was over, two students were dead and three other injured. it happened at saugus high school. the suspected gunman, a student. he turned 16 today. police say that when he got to school this morning he pulled a hand gun out of his backpack and started firing at other students in the school quad. those shots killed a 16-year-old girl and a 14-year-old boy. students who ran away say it was terrifying. >> they were running and i remember them turning -- i remember everyone running and turning back and the fear on their faces. you could just tell -- >> never forget that. >> you're never going to forget. they thought they were going to die. >> classmates, he turned the gun on himself. at this time, he is alive but io g to have another update on the shooting coming up at 6:30. turning to the weather e something we haven't seen in a while. that's drizzle and umbrellas in
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san francisco. a few people getting them out. chief meteorologist jeff raniere is with us. hopefully there's more to come. >> i think overnight and into tomorrow morning we're stuck with the same weather pattern that will bring more chances of drizzle, fog, low clouds, and colder temperatures. you'll see on the fog map we have widespread cloud cover through the north bay, peninsula, east bay, and south bay with the best chance of the drizzle in green over the san francisco peninsula. so far today that did add up to .03 of an inch in mill valley. berkeley .01 of an inch and same for napa. the change for today is the jet stream. air, moisture pushed off to to produce that drizzle. it's not going to last long. one pattern and then by this weekend, look at this high pressure builds back in to warm our temperatures up. we'll have details on that
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coming up this hour. my next update in about 15 minutes. >> you can watch jeff on our digital platform. he did a facebook live answering questions about the change in the weather. we have new details into the investigation in the deadly orinda halloween party shooting. you're look at video outside a marin city apartment. tonight we know five people are under arrest in connection with that shooting. nbc bay area is live in orinda. connect the dots for us now. >> reporter: jessica, that shooting happened exactly two weeks ago tonight, and tonight five people, as you mentioned, are in custody after early morning raids. >> we have a search warrant and are demanding entry into your residence. >> reporter: this is what people woke up to this morning as the contra costa s.w.t team served a search warrant. >> it was horrif.horrifying.
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>> we want all occupants to exit to the front door with their hands raised above their head. >> the sheriff's department says the investigation into the deadly halloween party shooting in orinda led deputies to san mateo, vallejo, and antioch. they arrested five people, four for murder and conspiracy, one for accessory. >> the law enforcement community is working very hard to bring to justice whoever has done this in the community. >> reporter: investigators also say two of the shooting victims were themselves armed which they say may have played a role in the tragedy. while people in orinda welcome the news of the arrest,om cultu violence is disturbing. >> i don't know how much relief it brings because i have the sense that this is part of an ongoing cycle of violence. >> reporter: many in this marin city neighborhood are skeptical investigators are targeting the right people.
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this man says investigators had no business zeroing in on his sister's home. >> they had no reason to be coming to her house and if they were looking for one of her kids, her son don't even live here. skprort you' >> reporter: you're looking at the makeshift memorial for the the victims. orinda folks are working on a permanent memorial. meanwhile the contra costa county sheriff calls the arrest a small measure of justice for the victims. investigators are looking forward to providing more information in the coming day. reporting live, i'm jodi hernandez. the jury still deliberating in the case of a bay area real esta estate heiress acc murder. it wuspped up with no verdict. police say she arranged to have her boyfriend killed.
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jurors may be struggling to reach a verdict because of the magnitude of the testimony and all the evidence presented. >> it's not like one of those do you believe the witness who said it happened or not. it's not based on something as straightforward as dna. >> defense attorneys called for a mistrial yesterday, but the judge denied that request. deliberations will continue tomorrow. two years ago, they cancelled her visit because of security concerns. nelks week u c berkeley will give it another try but at what cost. ann coulter has been invited back by college republicans. lili ten is on the campus with the details and the price tag. >> reporter: those plans and price tag are still very much up in the air. with e know that when ann coulter arrives next week she'll be making her way up these stairs at wheeler hall and inside to the auditorium. we also know that berkeley police will be on hand to assist uc p.d. but as for any police
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tactics used, those are being closely guarded. two years after a planned visit to cal was cancelled, ann coulter is set to speak on campus wednesday. >> we're really excited. i was a freshman when we tried to bring ann in 2017 and we didn't get to hear her speak because of problems at the university. >> reporter: a student group invited the right wing speaker to share her views on immigration. >> i'm pretty in line with ms. coulter. >> reporter: on a campus largely known for left wing students. >> this person is going to come and just talk about things that are really going to be attacking the population. you know, some of these students are daca students. >> first reaction would be milo again. >> reporter: this students miyi whose speech sparked protests. a series of clashes between pro-
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and anti-trump protesters ensued. >> we have every reason to believe this will go off safety. >> reporter: this spokesperson says cal has hosted conservative speakers without incident and with security costs totaling $4 million. 800,000 was spent on coulter's planned visit two years ago. >> when all was said and done, the speaker decided not to come of her own volition. we regret the fact we had to spend that kind of money for something that never happened. >> reporter: as for how much the school is spendings year on security, the school says they don't have a figure just yet. some students say they feel the money could be better spent on more places they can study while the college republicans say that money could be moved around in order to preserve the right to free speech. coulter's speech is starting next wednesday at 9:00 p.m. live in berkeley, lili tan, nbc
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bay area news. >> thank you. her story not only made national headlines but led to the recall of the judge presiding over her case. she's one of "time" magazine 100 next for advocating for sexual assault survivors. >> i know it is possible to achieve justice without fully dehumanizing the victim. >> the list spotlights the next 100 most influential people in the world. in 2015, stanford swimmer brock turner sexually assaulted her on campus. in the upcoming "time" magazine issue, christine blasey ford paid tribute to her. she testified before lawmakers last year after accusing brett kavanaugh of sexual assault. she wrote, chanel, you are truly everything you told us to be. you are important, unquestionable, untouch able,
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beautiful, valued,ted, undenily every minute of every day. chanel we are with you. thank you. up next, he was detained for eating a sandwich on a b.a.r.t. platform. now he's taking action against b.a.r.t. also thinking about selling your home? a new san jose tax might make you rethink that decision. the new controversial proposal. a few slick spots on the road mays here as we look at memoriville all the traffic on interstate 80. we'll talk about the drizzle and clouds for friday. we'll clear it up for
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first we saw the video. now we're seeing the legal action. the man cited for eating at the pleasant hill b.a.r.t. station is taking b.a.r.t. to court and he's retained a high profile local civil rights attorney. melissa colorado is in oakland with the story that continues to spark debate, melissa. >> reporter: absolutely, raj. and steve foster says he wants all b.a.r.t. police officers to undergo deescalation training. his attorney says all of this drama could have easily been avoided had that officer warned his client about the no eating, no drinking rule. instead, he put his hands on him. >> the harm here was what? eating a sandwich. >> reporter: all this over a y sandwich.
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>> it's stupid thinking about it. >> reporter: the b.a.r.t. rider at the center of the video seen by millions showing him getting handcuffed for chowing down on a sandwich. >> this case smacks of racial profiling and selective law enforce. >> reporter: the apology from b.a.r.t.'s general manager was not enough, this b.a.r.t. rider wants change. >> train officers on how to be professional and courteous, how to deescalate. >> reporter: foster says he knows you can't eat while riding a b.a.r.t. train but thought the platforms were a daily thing. >> this is a daily thing for me and i've never seen anyone stopped for it. >> reporter: foster says the officer who handcuffed him didn't give him a proper eating of the no eating rule. >> i'm citing you. give me your name or you're going to jail. >> reporter: he says the officer was on a power trip and should
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have used common sense. >> it's a small matter but it's an important matter because it goes to the human dignity of an african-american man trying to go to work. >> reporter: a spokesperson says if b.a.r.t. receives a lawsuit, that puts a pause on the investigation. foster is seeking damages from b.a.r.t. for distress. his attorney has not determined how much of that figure will be. also says b.a.r.t. needs to post more no eating, no drinking signs throughout the b.a.r.t. station. that's the latest in oakland. i'm melissa colorado. >> thank you. the antitrust probe into google expanding to include more than just ads. attorneys general plan to dive into search lists. president trump questions the bias and democratic candidate called for breaking up the tech
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giant. tech companies are stepping up to help with the housing crisis. the city is proposing a new tax on home and business sells that would raise money to build affordable housing. not every is into the idea. business and tech reporter scott budman is live in san jose. where would the tech go? how would it be used? that's what people want to know, scott. >> reporter: very good questions. it's a tax that kicks in when the sale hitting $2 million. it's not a done deal. first it has to pass the city council and san jose voters. the housing and tech boom has left a huge need for low and middle income housing in silicon valley. now a new proposal to be presented to the san jose city council next week would tax home and office sales of at least $2 million, a tax that would be
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used to build affordable housing units in san jose while offering services to those in need. >> that's critical to be able to acquire sites, get people off the streets, and into a safe place to liv >> san jose officials say the tax if approved would raise close to $70 million but not everyone is on board. >> it's just another tax. >> reporter: he calls the proposed tax unnecessary in light of recent promises from big tech companies. >> i also am concerned about overtaxing people and the fact of the matter is, we're going to get a $2.5 billion from apple. we're getting a billion dollars from google. >> reporter: ultimately the city's goal is to put a tax proposal in front of voters. most people we spoke to say they're okay with it. >> yeah, absolutely. yeah, i think we need to help out our homeless. >> a lot has to be done to help a lot of people who can't afford the homes.
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>> reporter: all right. the next step is to take that proposal and put it in front of the san jose city council. that's set to happen next tuesday. live in san jose, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> thank you scott. jeff raniere is with us to talk about all the thunderstorms and rain we saw today. or was it just drizzle? >> just drizzle. >> wishful thinking. >> i know. >> it did feel like fall finally. >> it definitely did. and that certainly was great for a lot of you that wanted for so long to put on that heavier jacket and just go outside and enjoy it. a live view here outacross the east bay right now 5n cloud cover overhead and cloud cover going to stay with us and temperatures in the 50s, may run into spotty areas of drizzle especially near the bay and the coastline. temperatures to start off tomorrow will be on the chilly side. plenty of 40s from the south bay to the east bay right over to the north bay. as you get closer to the bay and
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the coast, you'll notice 50s here. water is usually a good retention -- retainer, rather of heat. that's why when you go closer to the bay and the koesline, it's usually a little bit milder there. as we head to the afternoon, numbers are warming up but i think we'll stay in the 60s so you can keep the jacket out. and it's going to be the chilliest here. san francisco upper 50s, head into the inland valleys, mid to upper 60s. and then right up through napa. what about the cloud cover? that was the big story today along with the spotty areas of drizzle. we are locked in solid with this for tomorrow morning. commute. ut as we hit the afternoon so i think we'll start to get sunshine in here. we'll have a complete look at the forecast in about 25 minutes. if you're already thinking about tomorrow night and the weekend, want something to do, our good friend christy yamaguchi has her
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own holiday ice rink. it opens tomorrow. this might get you into the holiday spirit. i'm back in 25 minutes with the full forecast. >> up next, at least a dozen teams have said yes, but what about the 49ers or raiders? will they attend collin kaepernick's nfl workout this weekend?
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that's maryam. she's the first one to complete a swim around the shoreline of san francisco. video journalist talked to area about that journey. to watch the story, phone and point it at that qr code at the bottom of the screen. it'll take you to the web video. today a judge threw out the lawsuit that the city of oakland filed against the a's. as we first reported last night, the move makes the team's waterfront ball park one step closer to reality. oakland agreed to drop the lawsuit after the a's offered the same deal it was offering alameda county. the city and county are coowners of the coliseum. the a's want to redevelop the coliseum complex by building housing and retail space. you see the artist renders here.
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could collin kaepernick with back in the nfl? this saturday the nfl's organizing a work out where all 32 teams can come watch and interview the former 49ers quarterback. not likely the 49ers will attend the workout. however 12 other teams will attend. no word on the raiders. kaepernick hasn't played in the national football league since the 2016 season. you're never going to forget. they thought they were going to die. >> frightening, devastating, all of this in southern california. we're going to take you live to santa clarita for an update into another deadly school shooting. also the vice president comes to town, what he was doing in mountain view tonight and why not everyone was happy to se
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♪ ♪ big dreams start with small steps... ...but dedication can get you there.
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so just start small... start saving. easily set, track and control your goals right from the chase mobile® app. ♪ ♪ chase. make more of what's yours®. right now at 6:30, fear and chaos at a southern california high school after a student opened fire in the middle of the quad on campus. this happened at saugus high school which is about 40 miles north of los angeles. police say the student killed two of his classmates, wounded three others, and then he turned the gun on himself. >> the response on campus similar to all the other school shootings we see, first shock then anger. jennifer has been on scene all day for us and joins us with the latest developments. >> reporter: raj, jess, good evening. it was a very chaotic morning
6:30 pm
and afternoon here in insanity cla r clari clarita high school campus. people had to shelter in place not knowing if there was a gunman on the loose. >> we've got an active shooter at saugus high school. we need all units to respond. >> a massive police presence. >> multiple shots fired, possibly people down. >> terrified students hunkered down to seek shelter. >> our first units arrived on scene and encountered in the quad area of school multiple victims with >> ror a 16-year-old girl in the attack. and 14-year-old boy were killed the suspected gunman is eye identified as nathaniel burrhow who turned 16 years old today. he is in grave condition after turning the hand gun on himself. three off duty law enforcement officers heard the shots and
6:31 pm
entered the school within seconds of shooting. >> and did not hesitate. turned around and went right to the source of the gunfire to attempt to neutralize it. >> reporter: minutes lawsuter, responding sheriff's deputies arrived. >> they're barricaded in the classroom right now. >> reporter: as word of the shooting spread, distraught parents rushed to the scene searching for their parents. >> i remember everyone running and turning back and the fear the faces on their face. >> never forget that. >> they thought they were going to die. >> reporter: now the shocked community is forced to grapple with the horror that played out here. there's no schoolcheded for cou to hope they come together and begin to heal. >> jennifer, thank you. sadly this is all a familiar script. shortly after the shooting, governor newsom blamed lawmakers for not passing stronger gun
6:32 pm
legislation. >> yeah, one more school shooting not only in california. gilroy was forgotten days later after el paso and dayton, another mass shooting. we've had some of the worst mass shootings in american history in the last three days. and not a damn thing is being done in sh wah wash d.c. about it. >> the governor calling out president trump and mitch mcconnell urging them to push back. after yesterday's hearings, democrats are now focused oen the surprise revelation from ambassador william taylor who testified that his staff member over heard the president pushing for ukraine to investigate joe biden. >> the devastating testimony corroborated evidence of bribery. >> hearsay seems to be the base ecs of most of these allegations. >> democrats say because the trump administration has blocked testimony from the closest to
6:33 pm
the overoffice, marie yovanovitch will be in front of the impeachment committee tomorrow. a lot of excitement at nasa. vice president mike pence shared his grand vision for the future of space exploration but not everyone rolled out the red carpet. here's >> reporter: while mike pence spoke to employees and reporters a handful of protesters outside the campus gates chanted and waved signs saying trump/pence must go and impeach and remove. angry with mr. pence for his position on women's reproductive rights and also the trump administration's policies o immigration. one protester's banner carried the pictures of children who died in immigration detention facilities. >> we are here because we need a mass movement like they had in
6:34 pm
puerto rico, like they have had in a number of countries recently. we refuse to accept this. >> i find pence just an awful threat to women. i am more afraid of pence than i am of trump. >> inside the nasa aems research center, mr. pence promised more government funding for space exploration and another mission to the moon before spring next year. then he made a promise to women that the first woman and the next man on the moon will be americans. >> in the years ahead i want you to get ready because you're going to write your chapter here at nasa ames. you're going to write a new chapter of american history and frankly of human history and leadership in space. >> anush dara at that. mrs. pence wants to shine a light on military spouses and the issues they face. she says it's dear to her
6:35 pm
because her own son is a marine pilot. >> i know this life is not always easy, but it's a luf of principle and integrity. i didn't mean to get emotional here. >> it's so amazing for coast guard smopouses to feel welcome and supported. >> the crowd was made up of military families. mr. and mrs. pence are in las vegas at a trump re-election campaign event. we're looking into issues on b.a.r.t. and want to hear about your experiences. 's h safe is b.a.r.t.? to find out, we are riding all across the bay area. we're taking you with us. >> i just got to the civic center stop and this is the powell street station. we want to know what you're seeing on b.a.r.t. so, send us your videos from the wha whacky and period to the down
6:36 pm
right dangerous. you can also just record yourself explaining what you saw. email us at the theunit or use #weinvestigate. we want to hear from you. do you have a peanut problem? there's a new treatment that could help you if you suffer from peanut allergies. it's in the testing stages. stanford researchers conducting a small study. they injected with antibody. two weeks later, amount of peanut protein. researchers are optimistic but they nger group. up next at 6:00, the most and least expensive airports in the country, two in the bay area that are on opposite ends of the scale. we'll tell you about it next. don't miss the grand opening
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after someone found a live grenade behind a business. at all happened on beck avenue. police quickly evacuated the business and surrounding area. the bomb squad from the travis air force base eventually took away the grenade. no word yet on how that grenade ended up in fairfield. all right. an ironic early morning fire. flames broke out in a building that belongs to a company that sells fire splirinklers. firefighters got the fire under control. nobody hurt and they're trying to figure out how it started. an owner of a popular north beach cafe says he's being evicted. dozens of supports rallied outside san francisco caffe sappore. the cafe's owner says he's frustrated that his restaurant is one of the many small
6:40 pm
businesses being forced out of the area. he says the land lord did not give a specific reason for the eviction. >> i am just sick and tired of it. because it's not about me anymore. this is happening everywhere. >> reporter: a lot of the charm is being forced out. neighbors are also concerned about having more vacant store fronts in the area. we were unable to reach the land lord but a broker who works with the property says the lease extension included a right to terminate. the cafe owner says he's expected to be out by the end of the year. there is a new list of the most and least expensive airports in the country and the bay area made both of the lists. the 50 busiest airports in the u.s. and evaluated them based on things like air fare, cost of parking, airport transportation. according to the study, sfo and the fourth most expensive in the country. the study found san jose international is the fourth
6:41 pm
least expensive airport in the country. oakland international and the fifth least expensive. the cheapest airport is mccarron in vegas. a state of emergency in venice as in italy, the famed city with all the waterways has seen the worst flooding in more than 50 years. at least two people have died. the damage is estimated to be in the hundreds of millions of dollars. it seems strange to see venice flooding but it is happening. >> that's where you take the pictures with the birds normally. now it's und water. no birds. our weather forecast, no rain fall, really coming our way over the next couple of days. but we did have spotty drizzle today. we'll talk about that cloud cover and when it clears out because you can see it's back for tomorrow morning in a few minutes. back pain, joint pain, arthritis, the ads they they can cure it all with stem cells, but can they. nbc bay area responds next. perh.
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they say: "treat your muscle and joint pain with stem cells." but some patie well, perhapse sn the ads. they say treat your muscle and joint pain with stem cells. but some patients and many medical experts say you can't trust those claims. >> consumer investigator chris chmura is here with a preview of a six month investigation his team will have tonight. you're fired up about this. >> let me get you to the bottom line. stem cell shots are not a yet y clinics all over the place
6:45 pm
charging deerly for them. we talked with two patients who paid cash for stem cell injections. they now feel they wasted more than $10,000 each. >> i got nothing for my money. i got nothing. >> i cannot tell you any relief that i received. >> some regulators call the treatments bogus and hype. so, why are hundreds of clinics still open for business? tonight at question whether theif you haveo share, please let us know. give us a call 888-996-tips or visit online at >> i can't wait. >> looking forward to it. >> motorola is bringing back one of its classic phones. the razor. they're back with upgrades of course and a price tag of
6:46 pm
$1,500. the new razor looks like a flip phone but has full smartphone display. you can pre-order them beginning december 26th. well breaking tradition for prince harry and meghan markle and baby archie, they'll be spending the first christmas without the rest of the family. they'll spend the holiday with the has the support of the queen. harry has only spent one christmas away from the queen when he was serving in afghanistan. >> sometimes those big family gathering canetit stressful. >> yeah, they're a new family. >> maybe it'll do them good. >> what are you hinting at? >> the thanksgiving forecast actually. >> you get so many people in the room. >> it can be beautiful. >> we need rain to come in or i'm getting the grill out. >> exactly. >> let's get you into the microclimate forecast. with he a little bit of drizzle today and that did feel really,
6:47 pm
really nice just to kind of switch it up for us. and on top of that drizzle, we also had that colder air move in. might have had you taking out a little bit of a heavier jacket. we saw this change from a shift in the jet stream. that jet stream helps to moderate the weather pattern. when we see the jet stream move to the south, we get colder air like we did today. when it lifts to the north, it in were wahher weather. i think we're stuck with this pattern through tomorrow morning and we're going to talk about changes as we head through this weekend. for that friday morning commute, expect the clouds, the cool temperatures. i've dropped it a couple more degrees here for the tri-valley based on current numbers. we should be down in the 40s here. so, certainly feeling chilly. right over here through the east bay, 47 degrees, san francisco 50 with the spotty drizzle, possible even a little bit of drizzle for the north bay. slick spots likely on the morning commute as you head out.
6:48 pm
what about the cloud cover? that of course has been the biggest thing we've been dealing with. you can see at 7:00 in the morning we continue to be locked in with this from the north bay down to the south bay. that's what the gray is showing up. green is the possibility of drizzle primarily for the coastline. by the afternoon tomorrow we should start to see this clear out as the pattern begins to change at least to cloudy sky here for a lot of the bay area. so, we'll begin to get sunshine starting to pull on in. temperatures overall will stay in the 60s so down here across the south bay you still may need your jacket, 66 in morgan hill, 65 in san jose, 64 in cupertino. cooler near the water, 61 in oakland. and walnut greek, 68. san mateo, 60, what about san francisco, of course you need that jacket, 57 in the marina, 62 in the y up to the north bay, 69 in napa, 66 in santa
6:49 pm
rosa. if you're headed to the coast for any reason we'll be at 56 degrees tomorrow. this looks really good for november. but we've got a brand-new change moving in once we hit this weekend. high pressure and that jet stream as we mentioned is going to lift off to the north. so, the result will be some warmer weather. so, let's show you that on thew on sunday and we're dry as we head throughout the next 7- forecast. inland valleys, enjoy it. tomorrow we're at the upper 60s. once we hit saturday i do have morning fog and clouds, sun in the afternoon on saturday. sun and the highs going up to the mid 70s. shorts you're going to need them this weekend. and so far no big rain chances next seven days. i see us sandwiched between two different storms next wednesday. so, rain fall will be to the north south of us. we'll just be missing out on
6:50 pm
that so far. so, today was really, really good. >> excited with the drizzle. >> it was nice. >> that's where we are. thanks jeff. okay. so, what's next for the 49ers? can they bounce back after that loss on monday night football? so, as you can see, saving can be quite simple. case in point, if you get xfinity internet and mobile together, big savings on your wireless bill. write this down, this is important. amy, this is actually a life saving class. what a nice compliment, thank you! save on fast internet and the best wireless network together. what can i say, i love what i do. that's simple, easy, awesome. get xfinity internet and mobile together and save hundreds on your wireless bill. you'll get unlimited talk and text and no activation or line fees. switch today.
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okay. have you recovered from monday night's dramatic loss? the 49ers say they are and they're ready to take on arizona. >> you were pretty emotional in the news room. >> it was so dramatic. >> it feels like they just played each other, they did on halloween. this time it's a stadium. so is anthony flores. >> reporter: a short week for the 49ers after suffering their first loss of the season in a heartbreaker to monday night. injuries to several players will make it an even bigger challenge to beat the arizona cardinals for the second time in less than three weeks. hitting the sled and going against the bag, the 49ers have lightened their practice load this week. >> and seattle has done it. >> reporter: after losing a heart-fought overtime battle against the seahawks.
6:54 pm
>> we're not dwelling on the loss. we're moving on to arizona and i like where we're at right now. >> reporter: several key players are trying to fight through injury. but the biggest concern might be the number of dropped passes they had on monday night. >> it takes the guy to throw the ball and catch the ball to complete a pass. i've got to be morehe out. >> reporter: the 49ers beat arizona on halloween night but the cardinals rallied behind kyler murray and nearly came back to beat the 9ers. >> they've got a lot of talent on offense and defense. they've got a very talented quarterback who's getting better and better. they're only going to get better. >> we didn't feel like we played to our abilities in that game so we look forward to the challenge this week. welcoming up tonight at 11:00, terrifying moments outside the mall. this video is just a portion of it. you see the video crashing down on the street, cars just passing
6:55 pm
by. we're going to tell you exactly what happened and the story behind that video tant at 11:00. a fox in a box in oakland but it's actual hi a dog. this is a fennic fox native so the sahara desert. her name is summer and he's undernourished, the smallest member of the dog family. they have the ears which radiate body heat to keep cool in the desert. pretty cute. >> super cute. >> you like the ears? >> yeah. >> she goes underground for food actually. the food is looking for an animal sanctuary for summer because these foxes are social with tight family bonds. >> she needs a family and friends. >> that's really nice. >> super cute. >> all right. jeff. >> those of us with big ears -- >> you don't have big ears. >> what do we got? what's going to happen this weekend? no more rain or drizzle.
6:56 pm
>> we're going to start to clear out. that's the good news after the drizzle we had today. we'll see the cloud cover for tomorrow morning, chilly 40s to low 50s as you head out the door, best chance of drizzle in san francisco in the north bay. i think once we pass saturday morning, sunshine for the weekend. cleaner air, temperatures warm up into the mid 70s, not a bad forecast the next several days. >> you don't think he has big ears? >> jeff? no. answer. >> have a great evening.
6:57 pm
it takes a village to raise a child. to build a bridge. to throw a baseball... to throw yourself into the unknown. to lose fear, to create hope. we believe that it takes a village of over 200-thousand dedicated, passionate, driven medical and non-medical professionals to deliver on our belief in total health for all. we are kaiser permanente. thrive.
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the amount of student loan debt i have, i'm embarrassed to even say. we just decided we didn't want debt any longer. ♪ i didn't realize how easy investing could be. i'm picking companies that i believe in. ♪ i think sofi money is amazing. ♪ thank you sofi. sofi thank you, we love you. ♪ how long have you been out here? >> classic fool. >> fool. >> sweater weather. >> since tuesday. >> since tuesday. >> lined up around the block in new york city despite the
7:00 pm
freezing fall weather and access special delivery for a chilly harry styles fanatics. >> are you ready for the cma's. >> yeah. >> break down all those cma style surprises the moments you'll only get here as grid embarrassing if i lost. >> you are not the father. >> are you the father or not? >> ensues with maury


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