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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  November 14, 2019 11:00pm-11:33pm PST

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the news at 11:00 starts right now. 16 seconds of terror, that's how fast it took for a student to open fire at his high school in southern california. >> late tonight we do have a lot of newomhing unfortat two students are dead and the shooter is in grave condition. nbc bay area's ian cull joins us now with the very latest. ian. >> raj and jessica, the names of the two students who have died have not been released. but we know they are a 14-year-old boy and 16-year-old girl trying to go to school today. three other victims remain
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hospitalized. tonight hundreds gathered at grace baptist church after a horrific day. >> multiple shots fired. >> reporter: the shooting started just after 7:30 a.m. at saugus high school. a thought i was going to die the minute i realized thoetz were gunshots. >> reporter: police on the scene in just a few moments. >> off duty first responders were there, went right into the source of the gunfire to attempt to neutralize it, and they rendered first aid immediately. >> reporter: armed officers escorted students to safety. police found six victims in the quad area of the campus, including the gunman. >> detectives have reviewed the video at the scene, which clearly show the subject in the quad withdraw a hand gun from his back pack, shoot and wound five people and then shoot himself in the head. >> reporter: that gunman has been identified as nathaniel burhow who turned 16 today, the weapon recovered at the scene. >> it's a 45 caliber
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semiautomatic pistol which had no more rounds in it. >> reporter: authorities secured the gun maps' home while students, parents and commu the. >> peo pl t it's not serious until it happens. >> reporter: classes are canceled in that school district for tomorrow, but students will have access to grief counselors. the motive is still unknown. raj and jessica? >> it is tragic. thank you, ian. governor newsome angry, disappointed squarely placing blame on lawmakers in washington, d.c. for not passing stronger gun legislation. >> one more sitting in california, gilroy was forgotten days later, after el paso and dayton, another mass shooting. hree years.ome of the worst mast and not a darn thing is being done in washington, d.c. about it, not a darn thing. >> thetch mcconnell to push bac against the powerful gun lobby. now, of course we're going to continue to follow the story as it develops and you can get the very latest updates on
11:03 pm, or you can download our mobile app. it's a great resource for updates. it comes right to your phone or tablet. >> well, take a look. the demolition of a south bay landmark. that wall crashing right onto the traffic, almost getting those cars. the near catastrophe happening late this afternoon at the once popular valco mall in cupertino. right near apple headquarters and 280. laura. take a look at this. you can see where the wall came crashing down. the remaining wall is l li we cald sheriff's office and they came out and inspected. they tell us it is safety hazard right now, but people who saw this fall say it could have been a lot worse. the video is frightening. debris raining down from the old vafoad in cupertino during demolition. large chunks falling within feet
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of cars and construction workers nearby. >> it was amazing. >> reporter: mark, who lives nearby, saul it all happen. >> hopefully the street wasn't barricaded and you could see the puff of smoke and debris come in the street and cars go by. oh, oh, it should have went the other way, not out towards wolf road. >> reporter: immediately crews ran into the street and started picking up debris while he remained visibly shaken. >> what if the wall hit and came straight down in the street? it could have, you know, like dominos. it could have kept going. >> reporter: the site already a source of controversy. the decision about whether to turn this once-popular mall into a housing, office and retail space in the hands of the court. opponents say more office space would onl crisis worse. meanwhile, he is grateful. >> thankful that no one got hurt. you know, i stuck around enough where no one got hurt. that was amazing. >> reporter: i reached out to the developer to find out what
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happened here, and i have not heard back. reporting live from cupertino, laura sambol, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, laura. let's take you live outside san francisco. much cooler today, and it actually drizzled in some parts of the bay area. er chief meteorologist jeff ranieri joins us. jeff, super misty in some places. >> and i think we'll continue with that trend as we move into tomorrow morning. we do have some moisture out just offshore that would continue that drizzle for that morning commute. so far we picked up 100th of an inch in napa to 300th of an inch in mill valley. there's your cloud cover to start. drizzle near the coast line. maybe for the inland valleys as well. coming up in about 15 minutes, i am tracking a warming trend for the weekend. i'll give you everything you need to know again in 15 minutes. >> okay, jeff, we'll see you shortly. new at 11:00, one of the worst things we've seen in
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this fight in the final minute of the game. myles garrett of the browns rips the helmet off the steelers quarterback and you see it right there. hits him in the head with that helmet. this could be assault with a deadly weapon. now, three players were ejected, expect to see plenty of suspensions as well. we'll have more on this brawl in about 15 minutes. a major break in the case, four men are charged with murder in the ongoing investigation of that halloween shooting in orinda. five people died that night at a house rented on airbnb. nbc bay area sergio quintana joined us in orinda with details of today's raid. sergio. >> reporter: there are teams of law enforcement officers that fanned out across the bay area to make these arrests. it comes two weeks since that tragic shooting. >> we want all occupants to exit through the front door. >> reporter: in marin city cell phone video shows police using armoured vehicles and mobilizing the marin county sheriff s.w.a.t. team. >> now they're going in.
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>> reporter: two of the men now under arrest live in marin city. the others are from antioch, san mateo and vallejo. four are charged with murder and conspiracy in the deadly shooting at the now infamous halloween night event at an orinda airbnb na was advertised as a mansion party. they reveal details they found in the house. evidence of two deceased persons in the house were armed which may have played a role in this tragedy. the shooting has rattled the town of orinda. >> a shooting where multiple people are killed and people are injured, it's really a terrible, terrible event. it's been terrible for the immediate neighbors, of course, and also for the wider community. >> reporter: a large memorial for the victims has grown downtown. even as five people are arrested, many are still thinking of the victims' families. >> sympathy more than justice. >> reporter: and as those five men were being arrest ed today, one of the victims was being buried.
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omar taylor, jr., was a dee jay at that party on halloween night. he was laid to rest by his family today. reporting live in orinda, i'm sergio quintana, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, sergio. high schools in south bay on alert tonight. the superintendent of the east side union high school district says there is a spike in gang fights. video was posted on social media. look closely. it's a fight. last year at yerba buena high that started between rival gang members. they called the mayor's task prevention for help. >> the rivalries happen out in our communities that inevitably find their way back onto campuses. >> the task force said the spike may be due to issues on the street, or gang members just released from juvie hall going back to settle scores. >> tomorrow is round two in the impeachment inquiry of president trump. house speaker nancy pelosi said the president committed bribery in this ukraine in the
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constitution which is an impeachable offense. tomorrow marie yovanovitch will testify. she's the ousted ambassador to ukraine. she testified previously behind closed doors that she believed she was the target of a smear campaign by the president's allies and felt threatened by the president's comments about her. >> tension building on the cal campus in berkeley tonight. new video there appears to show a student tearing down fliers for ann coulter's upcoming visit to the university. the controversial right wing author will visit the campus next week. nbc's jean elle is live. the visit was canceled because of security concerns. >> reporter: that's right, jessica. tonight berkeley college republicans say they are hearing from supporters and critics about inviting her back to campus. and the group says it's hoping disagreement turns into dialogue. >> they go pretty fast. >> reporter: fliers promoting next week's ann coulter audio event at u.c. berkeley are
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nowhere to be found on message boards tonight. a woman was caught on camera removing some of them this afternoon. >> i'm saving the safety of a lot of students. >> reporter: republican brad develin said he hopes people who removed the fliers come to the talk. >> these leftist students have not been exposed to conservative ideas and conservative points of view. >> reporter: coulter is a right wing pundit and best selling author. develin said his liberal classmates can learn from her point of view. >> it just becomes a power dynamics game. we can no longer have rational discussions and debates with one another, and that's all we are trying to do with having ann coulter come back to berkeley. >> reporter: coulter canceled an event two years ago due to security concerns. while it's clear some students don't want her at cal, others say they are willing to listen. >> i can definitely understand how some communities on the campus might feel offended or scared by having her here. and i sympathize with those communities. but i think at the same time it's important we have all perspectives here and people feel comfortable sharing them.
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>> reporter: berkeley college republicans say they will put up more fliers here tomorrow. they expect they will be promptly removed. protests are expected here next week. reporting live in berkeley, jean elle, nbc bay area news. >> jean, thank you. we are back in 90 seconds with a groundbreaking surgery that helped save a bay area baby. tonight how stanford doctors treated the boy who had a rare and life-threatening brain tumor. >> there is a free lunch for the doctor, but the promise of cutting edge pain relief. now patients who bought in are unsure what's inside their bodies. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. don't even think about a stem cell shot until you see what we found next. >> and there's more drizzle out here developing. we're tracking your morning forecast and everything you need to know before you step out the door and what's next for the weekend. i'll have that in about 7 minutes.
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you may not know, but people with chronic pain are lining iny pay derely for the hope of relief. >> anything to relieve the pain, but that also leads to false promises. spent the past six months investigating claims by a south bay clinic using stem cells to fix chronic pain. our consumer investigator chris chmura talked to patients, doctors and regulators and really there's a lot of concern. not just in the bay area, but around the country. >> certainly, yeah. and these are tiny microscopic cells that potentially huge all
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at the same time. researchers are in labs every single day trying to figure out if stem cells can regenerate cartilage or muscle. that's not proven, and yet many clinics are already offering treatments. some say they're too early, too risky, and too expensive. >> i have all kinds of stuff here. >> marilyn is in pain. >> i wanted to fix all that so i didn't feel like i was 0 years old. >> this inquichiropractor's ad to her. relief using stem cells. >> 80% chance of success. that sounds really good. i signed that contract for almost $13,000. >> she got four shots, two in her hips, two in her shoulders for her 13 grand. but? >> i got nothing for my money. i got nothing. >> marilyn's sister barbara got the stem cell treatment, too. same clinic, same money, same result. >> i cannot tell you any relief that i received. >> experts we talked to aren't
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surprised. >> what we would call bogus therapy. >> all the scientists. >> i would be very cautious about this. >> doctors. >> there's no proof they help. >> and regulators we interviewed voiced the same concerns. >> but they're using it to promise people cures which we don't actually know they can deliver. >> look at this advanced health center ad. the chiropractors say don't mask your pain, fix it with stem cells. knee pain, hip pain, arthritis, shoulder pain. is stem cell treatment approved for knee pain? >> no. >> hip pain? >> no. >> arthritis? >> no. >> shoulder pain? >> no. >> so what is it approved for? >> it's approved for transplants and thenhr other conditions, two of them quite rare. >> at u.c. berkeley, no bell prize winning biologist randy cheick man says it's years away and not even guaranteed. stem cell injections that are part of a rlk sterd clinical trial might be okay, but in a regular cairo practice und no .
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>> and yet lots of people are getting the treatment. we asked advanced health center to review barbara and marilyn's cases and tell us what was in their shots. it declined to participate in our story. >> who knows what's being injected. may not be any kind of stem cell at all. >> the doctor questions whether they are giving people living stem cells. >> the patient has no way of knowing. >> do you have any idea what they actually injected into you? >> no. >> marilyn's paperwork says she was injected with a product called sure force. it's made fro donated pla ten t placental tissue. the doctors we talkeskepcal. by the time placenta is processed and injected, any stem cells are still alive. we tried to get details and a sample from the manufacturer. but the company did not return our calls. >> is pain keeping you up at night? >> stem cell clinics are popping up all over.
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the food and drug administration estimates 700 nationwide. they just produced this cautionary video about unapproved stem cell treatment. >> none are proven to work to treat these conditions, worse, some may cause harm. >> why doesn't the fda shut down stem cell clinics and their suppliers? because they straddle a gray area, according to the fda. so buyer beware, especially since insurance doesn't cover unapproved stem cell injections. >> people are paying money out of pocket and unfortunately if they don't work, even if they aren't necessarily harmed physically, they can be harmed very much financially. >> the money can be big. online medical consultants are promoting stem cells to chiropractors. one in arizona touts an easy new revenue stream. >> and we implement and manage your entire regenerative program. >> another in florida posts testimonials from chiropractors on youtube. >> hi, i'm dr. brian coil in san jose, california. >> including dr. coyle of
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advanced health center in san jose, the clinic that treated marilyn and barbara. >> we're going to definitely double our practice and easily make a million dollars more next year. >> we wanted to talk with dr. coyle or anyone else at advanced health center. they never responded to our emails. so we went in person. they declined to speak with us. that's the same response we got from everyone else we contacted in the stem cell industry. the doctors, manufacturers, suppliers, consultants. silence. >> the public needs to know. >> marilyn feels she's being ignored, too. so she's filed complaints with the state. >> they get your hopes up and you think, oh, my god, this is the fountain of youth. you know? it's going to fix all my problems. and then you're so crushed when it doesn't do anything for you. and they got your money. >> the state board that oversees chiropractors tells us they are looking into the industry. also chiropractors are not licensed to do injections.
11:19 pm
what happened in marilyn and barbara's case? a medical doctor they hadn't previously met was hired by the clinic to give them the shot. that doctor also declined to participate in our story. do you have a stem cell story to tell? we want to hear from you and try to talk to your doctor. scan this 2 r code to contact us or use the smartphone to call us, 888-996-tips. back to you guys. >> fascinating story. >> they're spending a lot of money. >> and they have the physical pain. >> the hope. >> mental and emotional pain. >> very good story. jeff is here now to talk about our weather as we friday. today was a wacky day. >> we'll start with more of that cloud cover and also some areas of drizzle as you start off on that friday morning commute. and then eventually we'll get some sunshine in here for you. le b into the things about at cooler air that moved in, little bit of drizzle as well and the cloud cover helped to stir up the atmosphere enough that we have good air quality right now. and we do think good air quality
11:20 pm
as we move into tomorrow. that's quite a bit of relief after some of those smoke particles we had earlier in the week. and also just those stagnant conditions. so just know you'll breathe a little bit easier as we hit your friday forecast. for the morning we begin with that cloud cover. chilly 40s here for the south bay peninsula and the tri-valley. so you'll need the jacket. and probably not the sunglasses as you start off here, even the possibility of some drizzle. i think the best chance, once again here in san francisco, and right through the north bay. this also goes for anyone at the immediate coast line. a closer look at that cloud cover and you'll see while we're socked in for the morning hours with that drizzle, once we hit 1:00 it tries to break up. i still think we'll have some high overcast still at 1:00 p.m. eventually by 3:00 p.m. we should start to get some sunshine in here, but it's going to be that short window just because the sunset is coming a lot earlier in the 5:00 hour. nonetheless we'll see brief clearing as we hit friday afternoon, right into the
11:21 pm
evening. temperatures still in the jacket weather territory for the afternoon. at least for some of us. down here in the south bay 66 in morgan hill. 65 los gatos, 66 in milpitas. closer to the bay, 63 in hayward. 64 in fremont. right back to antioch 69. over to the peninsula, 62 in redwood city. san francisco, 50s right near the ocean from the outer sunset to the marina. and 62 in the mission. and for the north bay going up to wine country on your friday, maybe a three-day weekend, 69 in napa, 66 sonoma, 66 as well in right? like fall outside,d refreshing, little bit crisp as well. this g is high pressure building in, and that's going to take all it, and shove it way back to the north as the high pressure noses its way in.
11:22 pm
it will warm us up. you'll see in san francisco, we go back to 67 once we hit sunday and we're dry over the next seven days. inland valleys, i have you also back in the 70s this weekend. notice you get some morning fog back for saturday morning. sun for the afternoon. sunday looks really great. 76 degrees. and i think by next wednesday we've been talking about these updated rain chances. it will be frustrating. we'll be sandwiched between two different storms, one to the north, one to the south. so no big rain chances at this point. i don't know about you guys, bu weekend. >> we're almost there. friday is tomorrow. >> we are. >> thanks, jeff. >> happening now, vice-president mike pence paid a visit to nasa ames. he spoke to employees about space exploration and the future. protesters showed up. they waited to greet mr. pence with angry chance saying impeach and remove. security took mr. pence into the campus at a different gate. we're back with more news in a moment.
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it is without question a huge medical breakthrough. stanford doctors using cutting edge technology to save the life of a little boy. >> this is incredible.
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ari had a rare and life-threatening tumor growing at the base of his brain. he needed a special surgery to remove it, but at just two years old, his doctors say it had never been performed on a patient so young. so a team at stanford had a ground-breaking approach. go through ari's nose to reach and remove the tumor. the team spent hours practicing on a virtual o.r. and using a 3-d printed replica of ari's skull. the 16-hour surgery was a success, and ari is doing great. >> his parents say their little superhero isk. he ugly incident in the nfl. stay with us. we made usaa insurance for members like kate.
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after three years of controversy, colin kaepernick might be back in the nfl. this saturday the nfl organized a workout where all 32 teams can come to watch and interview the former 49ers quarterback. >> speaking of which, the 49ers are among the dozen or so teams who will send a representative to scout kaep who hasn't played in the league since 2016. no word yet on the raiders. all right. we showed you this early in the newscast. thursday night football in cleveland, browns defensive lineman myles garrett hits steelers quarterback mason
11:30 pm
rudolph. and then just loses his mind. he rips rudolph's helmet off and hits rudolph in the head. you can see the slow motion here. he hits him in the head with that helmet. that ensues to all sorts of craziness on the field. >> just endangering the other team. he knows that. it's inexcusable. he knows that. i hope he does now. it's tough. >> myles garrett did apologize just a few moments ago in the locker room to the media. expect a lengthy suspension for myles garrett, nonetheless. a browns victory overshadowed by this ugly ending. all right. hockey tonight, the streaky sharks in anaheim after losing five straight games. the sharks have now won five straight. tomas hertl, the big start with two goals tonight, sharks beat the ducks 5-3 your final. see, the sharks are still around. he so, as you can see, saving can be quite simple. case in point, if you get xfinity internet
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