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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  November 15, 2019 12:37am-1:38am PST

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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ♪ >> announcer: from 30 rockefeller plaza in new york, it's "late night with seth meyers. tonight -- sean hayes star of "watchmen," actress jean smart from "dickinson," actress anna baryshnikov featuring the 8g band with chris johnson. ♪ ladi and gentlemen, seth meyers. [ cheers and applause >> seth: good evening everybody, i'm seth meyers. this is "late night. how's everybody doing tonight? [ cheers and applause that is great to hear. in that case, let's get to the news former massachusetts governor deval patrick announced today that he is joining the democratic presidential race and sure, why not? i mean, at this point the
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democratic primary is an option under uber pool. [ laughter ] amid speculation that he could become a scapegoat, rudy giuliani said in a new interview that he is confident president trump will remain loyal to him in the impeachment inquiry. responded trump, "you can count on it, randy." [ laughter ] the trump administration has proposed a new measure that could nearly double the cost of applying for american citizenship. man, just be glad people still want to come here. i mean, this is like blockbuster raising its rental fees now. [ laughter ] according -- [ cheers and applause according to new data, senator bernie sanders' poll numbers in iowa and new hampshire have improved since he suffered a heart attack last month, and when he heard that, steve bullock started eating fistfuls of bacon. [ laughter and applause a new article has been published detailing how senator bernie sanders has been trying to lead a healthier lifestyle.
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like, for example, he switched to the 1%. [ laughter and applause that's right, politico published an article yesterday about how senator bernie sanders' heart attack helped him in the presidential race. "cool," said hillary, who coughed once in 2016 and fox news reported that she died. [ laughter and applause a 243 pound panda in germany received a ct scan this week for a kidney exam. so yeah, that's how much better germany's health care system is than ours. [ light laughter ] pandas can afford ct scans two republican officials are proposing that staten island secede from the rest of new york city, calling it a forgotten borough. forgotten? you guys have your own boat. [ light laughter ] the rest of us are riding around in underground rat tunnels [ light laughter ] according -- [ cheers and applause love a boat.
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according to a new study, listening to instrumental music while driving relieves stress. a capella music, on the other hand - ♪ [ crashing ] [ cheers and applause in response to a growing trend, a gynecologist in the uk is warning women not to masturbate using electric toothbrushes. she recommends using products specifically intended for that purpose, or if you're really in a pinch, a man [ laughter and applause a california man was arrested on monday after he allegedly vandalized a statue of san francisco 49ers quarterback joe montana. even crazier, that statue was offered a job ahead of colin kaepernick [ audience oohs [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause we have a great show for you tonight. he's the star of "will and grace," currently in its final
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season right here on nbc sean hayes is here, you guys [ cheers and applause you can see her in "watchmen" airing sundays on hbo, the fantastic jean smart is joining us tonight [ cheers and applause and she is the star of "dickinson," with all episodes now streaming on apple tv+, anna baryshnikov is joining us as well. [ cheers and applause we have a great show before we get to our wonderful guests, yesterday, two key impeachment witnesses tied president trump and rudy giuliani directly to the quid pro quo with ukraine. and today we saw more fallout from that bombshell. for more on this, it's time for "a closer look." ♪ [ cheers and applause >> seth: yesterday, we learned damning new facts about the president's direct involvement in a scheme to extort ukraine to get them to manufacture dirt on his political opponents, and yet today, a few pundits and reporters dismissed the first day of impeachment hearings, which included bombshell new testimony tying trump directly to the scheme, calling them boring one wrote that, "unlike the best reality tv shows, not to mention the trump presidency itself, fireworks and explosive moments
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were scarce. and another wrote that, "the first two witnesses called wednesday testified to trump's scheme, but lacked the pizzazz necessary to capture public attention. what do you mean it lacked pizzazz? the only politicians who have ever been entertaining were the ones in "hamilton. [ laughter ] what do you want them to do, show up with their own backup dancers like they're in "a chorus line? [ laughter ] or better yet, maybe chairman of the committee adam schiff and the rest of the democrats can interpret the hearings through the music of "cats." "ambassador, do jellicles engage in quid pro quo? "congressman, all i can say is jellicles can and jellicles do." [ light laughter ] but the people who were especially invested in writing off the impeachment hearings as a media spectacle were of course trump's defenders in the republican party, and on fox news to dismiss the entire thing as a fake scandal invented by democrats for tv >> what we will witness today is a televised theatrical performance staged by the democrats. it seems you agreed, witting or unwittingly, to participate in a drama. >> well, the democrats' tv show
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on impeachment starts tomorrow morning. >> we read the transcript from behind closed doors. it's almost like the pregame show and all these people fall into place as if there was a hollywood script >> this is a television show it's all about trying to create some kind of environment and to create a spectacle adam schiff loves television cameras. i've never seen anyone who would risk his life to jump in front of one like he does. >> seth: you think schiff would risk his life to jump in front of a camera? donald trump is always on tv if trump saw a camera on the other side of a canyon, he'd strap himself to a rocket like wile e. coyote [ laughter and applause now you might remember that before the public hearings started, republicans complained about the rules, claiming that because democrats were holding private closed-door depositions the process was somehow illegitimate well republicans got their wish, and democrats held their first public impeachment hearing yesterday. and then republicans were completely satisfied, and they accepted the process and never complained again >> well, they shouldn't be having public hearings
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this is a hoax >> seth: so now you don't want public hearings, either? [ light laughter ] then what do you want? cause it's either public or private. you got to pick one. you can't treat impeachment hearings like a rookie cop defusing a bomb. cut the red wire no, the blue wire. no, it's the red wire. wait, i got an idea. rudy, come sit on this bomb. [ laughter ] [ applause ] but now -- now we very much are having public hearings and we learned something damning from the first hearing yesterday. one of the witnesses, ambassador bill taylor revealed that a staffer had overheard trump talking on the phone with one of his key henchmen, a guy named gordon sondland, about the quid pro quo with ukraine >> taylor said a staffer of his recently told him about this conversation involving the president and the trump donor turned ambassador to the eu, gordon sondland. >> in the presence of my staff at a restaurant, ambassador sondland called president trump and told him of his meetings in kiev the member of my staff could hear president trump on the phone asking ambassador sondland
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about the investigations >> this was a cell phone, i take it >> it was a cell phone >> the president must have been speaking loud enough for your staff member to be able to overhear this? >> he was. >> seth: that's right. trump was so loud people overheard him on the other end of the call. i'm shocked he didn't just go all the way, and take the call while he was on national tv. "there was nothing illegal oh, hold on. let me take this oh good, yeah, yeah. the extortion? great. and the bribery? that's fantastic [ light laughter ] should we -- should we throw another crime in there maybe, like fraud all right. [ light laughter ] fantastic. all right. got to go, press conference. and then, today, the "ap" reported that a second u.s. official had also heard trump's call with sondland, and yet when trump was asked yesterday about that phone call he pretended he didn't know anything about it. >> there was one moment where ambassador bill taylor recounted a conversation that an aide of his overheard in which the aide says that he overheard you say to sondland, "how are things going with the proceeding with the investigations?" is that correct?
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and can you fill in some more -- >> i know nothing about that first time i've heard it >> do you recall having a conversation with sondland - >> i don't recall, no, not at all. not even a little bit. [ laughter ] >> seth: oh, not even a little bit. you know, trump is lying when he goes overboard like that it's like if you asked someone, "did you rob that bank?" most people would say, "of course not." trump would say, "i've never even been inside a bank. [ light laughter ] i keep all my money stuffed inside my coat that's why it always looks like that [ laughter and applause just my fortune packed in. yet even as republicans pretended to complain about the supposed media spectacle of impeachment hearings, they were looking to get in on the act, themselves in fact, this week cnn reported that rudy giuliani is considering re-entering the impeachment fray by launching a podcast to provide impeachment analysis of the public hearings in the house of representatives. okay first of all, you can't do a podcast on impeachment hearings when you're a key figure in those hearings [ light laughter ] that would be like a murderer hosting an episode of "dateline. [ light laughter ] tonight, i try to track down my wife's killer, and i try to get
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away ♪ [ cheers and applause also, you can't do a crime podcast about an open and shut case there's nothing to investigate this whole thing would make for the shortest episode of "serial" in history hello. i'm sarah koenig on this episode, my guest is rudy giuliani. rudy, did you do it? >> of course, i did. [ laughter ] >> seth: this has been "serial." although personally i have to say the weirdest thing about this rudy podcast story for us is that we accidentally predicted it a few months ago when we first covered rudy's attempts to dig up dirt on joe biden back in may. >> seth: the best thing about rudy is he just admits everything we probably wouldn't have needed the mueller report if we had just given rudy a podcast. [ laughter ] oh, my god, we're in rudy's head, you guys [ light laughter ] it's like in a movie when the fbi agent has to start thinking like the killer. in fact, to predict rudy's next move, i've been doing the same thing he does, smoking cigars, reading my ipad and sitting on
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my own balls [ laughter ] [ applause ] you know, i bet rudy doing a podcast would really help trump. because if there's one thing you can say about rudy, it's that he always makes a convincing argument >> we got an anonymous whistle-blower who says that donald trump did something wrong. donald trump, like hunter biden says, i didn't do anything wrong. this all should have stopped when president trump said, i didn't do anything wrong >> seth: oh, is that when it should have stopped? [ light laughter ] when trump said so that argument only works with 5-year-olds. clean your room. why? because i said so. dammit, you got me [ light laughter ] seriously, is that your argument i have a hard time believing rudy has ever actually tried a case in a courtroom. your honor, my client says he didn't do it, so i think we can all go home now. and on your way home, check out my new podcast, "my client did it and here's how. [ laughter ] so, the first day of the impeachment hearings directly tied both trump and rudy to the ukraine scheme, which underscores yet again that rudy is a central figure in this whole thing. in fact, two of his associates who helped him dig up dirt in ukraine have already been
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arrested remember those two guys? lev and igor those are their real names [ light laughter ] although, it's impossible to keep track of which one is which. they look like they played the burglars in the ukrainian remake of "home alone." [ laughter ] but we found out - we found out this week that trump had at least ten separate interactions with these guys, which means trump was lying when he said he had no idea who they were when they were first arrested last month. >> sir, what conversations have you had with lev parnas and igor fruman? >> i don't know those gentlemen. >> seth: oh, you don't know those gentlemen? whenever and idiot like trump suddenly refers to 18th century diction, you know he's nervous it's as if your wife confronted you about an affair, and you were like, "janice, why i never had the pleasure of making that gentlelady's acquaintance. [ laughter ] despite what you might hear from some in the media, yesterday's impeachment hearing provided damning new evidence, making clear that trump and rudy were both directly involved in the ukraine scheme everyone should watch these hearings, because they make clear without a doubt that trump and rudy are not innocent.
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>> not even a little bit >> seth: this has been "a closer look." [ cheers and applause m♪ we'll be right back with sean hayes, everybody. [ cheers and applause ♪ >> announcer: for more of seth's "closer looks," be sure to subscribe to "late night" on youtube. [ "turn around, look at me" -the vogues ] ♪ there is someone ♪ walking behind you ♪ turn around ♪ look at me ♪ there is someone ♪ look at me seaonly abreva cany to help sget rid of it in... little as 2 1/2 days
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♪ [ cheers and applause >> seth: welcome back, everybody. please give it up for the 8g band right over there. [ cheers and applause also, all this week we've had the fantastic drummer for lady gaga and camila cabello sitting in with us he's also played with music icons like snoop, rihanna and stevie wonder. be sure to look for his upcoming instructional book, "pop, r&b and gospel drumming. chris johnson, everybody [ cheers and applause >> thank you, man. >> seth: thanks for an excellent week so happy to have you here. hey, everybody, if you are looking for something to do this weekend, my first standup special is on netflix. it's called "lobby baby. and it is fun for the whole family if everyone in your family curses. [ laughter ] there's not a lot, but, you know, if you got a 5-year-old, maybe, no. [ laughter ] so good at getting out of that, yeah our first guest tonight is an emmy award winning actor you know from his role at
12:55 am
jack mcfarland on the hit series "will and grace. the final season airs thursday nights at 9:30 here on nbc let's take a look. >> grace, i need breakfast i'm only eating fruits, vegetables and unleavened bread for 21 days. [ laughter ] >> is that the bible diet? >> yes, it's what god and chris pratt eat. [ laughter ] >> jack, i'm worried about will. i mean, he still has the tv room set up as mccoy's office and they broke up, like, three weeks ago. >> it's so sad will he ever find love again i mean, i don't think so but it's not up to me. >> seth: please welcome to the show sean hayes, everybody ♪ [ cheers and applause [ cheers and applause
12:56 am
>> seth: sean. >> by the way, i could have just done that the whole segment. >> seth: they would have loved it >> i would have loved it >> seth: we all would have loved it i would have run out of air about, like, halfway [ laughter ] >> really? >> seth: even a little dancing now tires me out a lot >> well, 'cause you have two little babies. >> seth: yeah, so i chase them around all day and then -- >> sure. >> seth: they would -- i was literally, this morning, chasing a 1-year-old and 3-yseaear-old around the table and i was the one first, i was like, "all right, i think we're good." [ laughter ] "i think this chase -- it's enough chasing." >> and they, like, wave the flag to start the race. yeah >> seth: yeah, they just wanted to keep going. so happy you're here took you a very long time. this your first time >> yeah, well, i had to walk >> seth: you walked here >> yeah, i had to walk >> seth: from l.a. >> yes, somebody sent me a car but it never came. >> seth: oh, god >> and that was in 2015. >> seth: oh, my god. [ laughter ] i'm so sorry about that. >> yeah, so all the stuff that you've seen me, like, on tv -- >> seth: yeah. >> that was pre-shot before 2015 >> seth: wow >> yeah, because i was walking >> seth: you just slowly -- you would take major -- well, walking alongside major roads? >> side streets, side streets. >> seth: oh, side streets. >> side streets. side streets >> seth: well, you don't want to get noticed. you don't want to get noticed. >> no, no, i had baseball hat. >> seth: yeah. >> yeah. >> seth: just low -- >> don't you love those people like, those celebrities that are, like, baseball hat.
12:57 am
but they go to, like, celeb places >> seth: yeah. >> but then it's, like, "we can see you. >> seth: yeah. [ light laughter ] it's like -- but it's also, like, the nicest crispest baseball hat you've ever seen. >> yeah, right >> seth: it's like a baseball hat that only a very rich person would buy. [ laughter ] like, you wear my baseball hat, they're, like, sweat rings >> right, right. >> seth: nobody thinks a famous person's under that. >> and mine's, like, the old baseball -- whatever, yeah >> seth: yeah. >> we exhausted that bit >> seth: i think we did good >> yeah. >> seth: we should have gotten out a little earlier, probably >> yeah, but otherwise, really good [ laughter ] that's all going to make it in the cut. >> seth: oh, yeah, absolutely. >> i mean, you want people to tune in. >> seth: yeah, yeah, yeah. we both got our starts in chicago. you're from chicago. >> i feel like you're always comparing us but, yes, i did get my start - [ laughter ] i did get my start in chicago. you know, when i was 21 years old, my agent called me and said, "we want you to audition for "in living color" to replace the white guy. >> seth: the white guy >> right, which was jim carrey this is true >> seth: yeah, wow >> and so i went with my bag of, like, wigs and costumes and
12:58 am
everything and in the - >> seth: so you would travel with your own wigs >> yeah. >> seth: okay. [ laughter ] so you just, kind of, blew by, like, you know, "i have my bag of wigs. [ light laughter ] so you go in with your wigs. >> yes yes, don't you >> seth: no, i, you know, i have a wig or two in my pocket. >> yeah. >> seth: but not a full bag. >> i think you're wearing one now, seth. >> seth: yeah, yeah, yeah. >> anyway, so, yeah. and i went in, there was, like, an interrogation room. and this one woman -- it was just awful she wasn't, like, she wasn't the greatest and so i'm sitting there and i'm, like, doing all these characters and i had 24 hours to prepare to replace jim carrey at 21 years old. and so i'm doing, like, all these wigs and this is what i got at the end. no, she didn't react to any of my characters. and at the end, she goes, "wigs are fun, aren't they?" [ laughter ] and i was like, "oh, i guess we're done." like - >> seth: she hired the wigs. >> yeah. >> seth: you didn't get the part they -- leave the wigs >> right, they had their own dressing room. it was crazy >> seth: but you did -- you did end up working with the wayans brothers. >> yes, i starred in "mo money." remember that movie?
12:59 am
>> seth: i -- now, see, i remember that movie. >> yes >> seth: but only remember the wayans brothers being in it. >> no, and i was -- it was -- i was one of the stars i was one of the leads >> seth: okay. >> like, you stay you remember the wayans brothers. but i was one of the leads with them >> seth: okay, so we actually -- we looked through the whole film >> yeah. there's -- okay. there's no need to but, yeah >> seth: and, well, 'cause we -- i want to show the one clip where we thought we maybe -- >> okay. because i was one of the leads >> seth: okay, let's take a look >> always let johnny do this >> i don't know why. why am i in this damn thing though >> but you don't look that bad [ ding ] [ laughter ] >> yeah. [ cheers and applause >> seth: that was the only - >> i mean -- >> seth: i mean, you're great. you're great >> don't lie yeah but i said good luck trying to finish the film. >> seth: yeah. >> because that was -- that was -- boost they needed >> seth: it was a real, real denouement after that scene. [ laughter ] >> oh, french. >> seth: did you -- so you were an extra >> yes, i was an extra i was an extra in that and then i -- then, you know, in that scene, there was -- i think it was one of the wayans' sisters, actually. or a girl. she -- we -- remember that song
1:00 am
"wiggle it"? >> seth: sure, of course, yeah, yeah, yeah >> "just a little bit. right? so they were playing that song in the background over and over. and this -- the girl, whoever it was, couldn't get it right it was, like, 25 takes of doing this thing an idiot, like, you know, 19 years old -- i don't know how old i was. i was like, "if she wiggles it anymore, it's going to fall off. right? [ light laughter ] and i screamed it. and nobody responded and i got, like, kicked out shortly after that [ laughter ] >> seth: that's fantastic. >> yeah, i was like, "oh, the extra's making too much noise. >> seth: yeah, that's not -- that's not what they look for. >> no, no. they don't >> seth: now you know. >> okay. >> seth: hopefully you'll never have to find out again >> no. >> seth: i think that's your past your extra work part of your career yeah >> right, well, i have it on hold >> seth: yes you also auditioned for the aflac duck >> yes, i did. >> seth: wow >> yeah, i just found out, like -- i'm not making this up like, two years ago my agent was like, "you know, that was between you and gilbert gottfried. >> seth: really? >> and i'm like, "what why are you telling me this now? this was, like, 20 years ago." and it was, like, i went into the audition, you know, the aflac duck, right? >> seth: yeah, yeah. >> and so i go in. and she's like -- she's like, "you have this audition for this voiceover for aflac. "okay, great." so i go in the audition. i go in this booth you know, like, the sound booth.
1:01 am
they're behind the glass and you have your headphones on. and the music stand with the script they're like, "go ahead, go ahead and read the script. and i'm like - "yeah, it's right next to you. and i'm like, "okay. aflac. [ laughter ] i don't understand >> seth: yeah. nobody told me i was supposed to be a duck. nobody gave me any direction >> seth: no? [ laughter ] >> no, nothing >> seth: oh, my god. >> they're like -- and they're all, like, behind the glass. you can't hear them, like -- [ laughter ] "can you try it again? can you try it again?" i'm like, "aflac." [ laughter ] i don't understand >> seth: yeah. >> they're like, "thank you so much thank you." >> seth: oh, my god. >> i didn't get it [ laughter ] >> seth: that's crazy. i mean, that's very -- that's very unfair because gilbert, of course, has, like, almost a natural duck voice [ laughter ] so you were -- it was very unfair to not give you that direction. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. i mean, listen to this bull [ bleep ]. >> seth: yeah. >> yeah. >> seth: you -- so this is amazing. your last season of "will and grace. >> last season of "will and grace. it was, you know, supposed to be ten episodes this guy walking around with a camera just right in front of us >> seth: yeah, yeah, yeah.
1:02 am
>> okay. [ laughter ] so, i mean, hi [ laughter ] i mean, it's so weird. >> seth: yeah, yeah. >> it's weird. >> seth: he's a crime scene photographer [ laughter ] he works for the nypd. so, yeah, yeah >> well, that's -- that's -- >> seth: yeah, yeah. [ cheers and applause >> that's great. we've definitely murdered this segment. >> seth: yeah, yeah, yeah. >> so, no. >> seth: we do -- we'd love you to stick around for the chalk outline. if you don't mind. [ laughter ] >> just on the floor no, as -- you know, we were going to do ten episodes for this "will and grace" reboot and it ended up being 52 so blessed >> seth: that's so amazing >> so grateful so honored the fans wanted us to do it. so it's been such a dream come true to get everybody together again. and here we are. you know, it's -- we have four more to tape and then we're done. and the season's airing as we speak. >> seth: and you wrote and starred in a movie >> yes >> seth: did you direct it >> so "lazy susan. >> seth: okay. >> it's with allison janney, margo martindale, matthew broderick, jim rash. a great cast i wrote it i starred in it. it comes out in april next year. >> seth: that's fantastic. and then i have another thing called "q-force" which is on netflix for ten episodes
1:03 am
an animated series gay james bond >> seth: oh, yeah, gay james bond >> yeah. >> seth: i read about this it's very exciting >> so you know mike schur. >> seth: yes, of course. >> mike schur who used to -- you worked with him on "snl. >> seth: yeah, yeah, dear friend of ours. >> and he created "parks and rec. and so i'm driving to work and -- and he -- his office is on the same lot "will and grace" is so i'm driving and i see him. and i roll down my window. i go, "mike, you want to" -- and he's the, like, nicest, greatest guy ever. >> seth: yes, he is. >> he -- i go, do you want to do a show together? and he goes, "i don't know what is it?" i go, "gay james bond. and he goes, "yes, i'm doing that show. [ laughter ] >> seth: right >> of course, i'm doing that show >> seth: that's fantastic. >> so, yeah. and everybody -- but, and then the other thing that i'm working on, too, is this amazing thing called cub coats >> seth: cub coats >> and so cub coats is this -- it's awesome it's a two in one product for kids it's a stuffed animal that you unzip. and it turns into a hoodie >> seth: fantastic >> and why i love it and love the company is because cub coats strives to make children's lives better and because of that, we're giving away 1,000 cub coats to the children's hospital of los angeles. and for every cub coat purchased at, all the -- some
1:04 am
of the proceeds go to the children's hospital of los angeles as well. >> seth: that's fantastic. >> yeah. >> seth: and you brought me a couple cub coats [ cheers and applause >> i did, yeah, yeah >> seth: can't wait to get the kids in them >> yeah, yeah. >> seth: thank you so much for being in town. >> you're the best >> seth: it's such -- great to see you. sean hayes, everybody. [ cheers and applause "will and grace" airs thursdays at 9:30 here on nbc. we'll be right back with jean smart [ cheers and applause ♪ when i think of what my imagination looks like... [laughs] i mean, wow. ♪ the surface is a tool that helps me realize beautiful ideas. ♪
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♪ [ cheers and applause >> seth: our next guest is an emmy-winning actress you know from shows like "frasier," "designing women" and "fargo." she stars in "watchmen" which airs sunday nights on hbo. let's take a look. >> wade, you can take the mask off. i know what you look like. >> red say to keep them on inside the precinct. >> why we're all on the same size >> the concealment of identity
1:09 am
is critical to our safety. >> wade, do you think i'm a member of the seventh cavalry? >> no, ma'am >> then just, why don't you roll that baby up and let me see those sad green eyes of yours? >> seth: please welcome to the show jean smart, everyone. ♪ [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ >> seth: jean. [ cheers and applause jean, is this your way of telling us that being from los angeles, it is too cold for you in new york city >> no, i'm just teasing.
1:10 am
>> seth: you're just teasing us. >> no, it's actually not nearly as cold as i thought it was gonna be >> seth: were you worried about it >> yeah, i actually bought this coat 'cause i'm working in philadelphia right now >> seth: really? >> to keep warm. >> seth: so, that's the way -- that's the life of you l.a. actors you have no coats unless you come work on the east coast. [ laughter ] >> no, not goose down park >> seth: yeah. oh, goose down look at you, jean smart. >> is that stefon? >> seth: that is stefon. how about that look at that >> how is he >> jimmy: he's all right >> you know, it's good thing you have a gorgeous wife because you guys are pretty cute together. >> seth: me and stefon >> yeah. >> seth: yeah. well, we both agreed it's our fallback plan. yeah [ laughter ] this is a fantastic show i'm enjoying it so much. >> seth: i was very familiar with the "watchmen" comic book, you were less so >> i wasn't at all so, you're way ahead of me >> seth: yeah. but laurie blake, this is -- this is a very kick-ass character to play. have you enjoyed it so far >> oh, my god. i had a ball yeah >> seth: i mean, i can only imagine. >> yeah. >> seth: i should note that in the comics which took place in the '80s, laurie blake's character, you played, wore a lot of spandex now you're an fbi agent. >> yeah. >> seth: are you happy - >> that was one of my first
1:11 am
questions is don't make me wear that outfit. >> seth: yes [ light laughter ] >> yeah. >> seth: and it seems like the fbi outfit seems very fitting. >> the basic black yeah >> seth: basic black your son knew the comic book is he excited -- >> no, he didn't >> seth: okay. >> but he's very psyched about the show he loves the show. >> seth: okay. that's good. >> so, i'm still the cool mom. >> seth: oh, that's good >> hanging in there. [ light laughter ] >> seth: just hanging in there >> yeah. >> seth: the cool mom thing. >> yeah. >> seth: the wonderful actor, you could not tell behind his shiny silver mask is tim blake nelson >> mirror guy. >> seth: mirror guy, tim blake nelson how is it working? it's a fantastic cast from top to bottom. but how is tim >> he's a new buddy. i just love him. first of all, he's one of the smartest people i have ever met in my life he's a real intellect. and also a minx. >> seth: a minx. >> always saying, you know, naughty things to make you laugh. >> seth: gotcha. [ light laughter ] >> but he's a very dangerous person actually to be on the road with. >> seth: okay. how so >> well, he invited me to a strip club in atlanta. >> seth: okay. [ laughter ] >> where we were shooting. it's called the clermont lounge. you can google it. it's c-l-e-r-m-o-n-t >> seth: okay. >> and it's become famous because all the strippers are in
1:12 am
their 60s and 70s. >> seth: is this a true thing? [ audience oohs [ light laughter ] >> this is a true thing. i don't mean to mock those ladies but it's not like they're, like, ex-dancer -- this is, like, your grandma. [ light laughter ] >> seth: really? >> going out there and just pulling her top down and going -- >> seth: wow so this -- [ laughter ] >> it's not to be believed, and he just decided that we had to experience this together for some reason. [ laughter ] and so we sat there. first of all, i should have known not to go in because i was meeting him there, and when i went to the door, it's in a basement of a hotel, to get my wrist stamped. >> seth: yeah. >> i bought my ticket. the guy who was stamping my wrist didn't even move his cigarette and he burned me >> seth: oh, my god. [ audience oohs >> yeah, i should have just turned around and -- >> seth: yeah. that's a very -- that's a red flag of all red flags. if the guy in charge of security is burning the customers [ light laughter ] >> exactly, and so, you know, we watched the ladies and we tipped them >> seth: oh, that's very nice of you. >> yeah, and one of them when she wasn't dancing came over and asked me if i wanted to dance. >> seth: uh-huh.
1:13 am
>> i was like, "um, well, oh, gosh no, thanks [ light laughter ] no, but thank you very much. and i realized she wasn't saying, "do you want to dance," she was saying "do you want a dance? >> seth: oh, my god. >> and i looked around, i went, "oh, lap dances. oh." >> seth: so, even these women at this age are even doing lap dances >> yes, they were offering -- offering me a lap dance. >> seth: is this like -- >> she was a little bit younger. she was maybe 50 >> seth: yeah. [ light laughter ] so, in the prime of her stripping years. >> a mere child. >> seth: yeah. >> yes [ laughter ] yes. no, it was -- it was not to be believed and then, you know, a guy -- a giant drunk guy knocked me off my barstool >> seth: yeah. it seems like hanging out with tim blake nelson, intellect or not, doesn't seem like a safe thing to do. >> no. no, he texted me the next day and goes, "how are you that was great we were chasing life." and it was like -- but i have to say, he's a very nice man he's very happily married. >> seth: yeah. [ laughter ] >> and he's a very good daddy. so, tim, don't be mad. >> seth: i feel like i don't -- i don't feel like we'll remember any of those other details [ laughter ] you have a couple interesting props in the show.
1:14 am
the first one i'm gonna talk about is you have a pet owl. >> yes >> seth: and you had to in one of the episodes, you fed the pet owl a live mouse >> yes >> seth: were you holding a live mouse? >> yes, i was. i was -- i said, "i can't feed him to the owl i can't do that. >> seth: yeah. >> "i don't mind holding a mouse, but no. >> seth: right >> and they said, "oh, no, no. we'll cut to the owl later." the owl was close up but the mouse, the poor mouse every time -- 'cause they wanted it hanging down, dangling. >> seth: yeah. >> he kept crawling up on top of my hand like - >> seth: sure. >> you know. >> seth: 'cause he doesn't know it's not real. >> wouldn't you? >> seth: you're like, "no, no, mouse. this is a movie. this is tv." [ laughter ] >> like, "ahh, help me." so we had to do several takes until he finally just sort of -- >> seth: you just tire him out it's like working with kids. >> yeah. you just do it enough until they're too tired. the other thing, you know, i'm trying to think of the classiest way to say it. >> oh, no. oh, no >> seth: but one of your props in the show is a giant blue dildo. [ laughter ] >> you're really going to go there, aren't you? >> seth: i mean, what else are you gonna call it? i feel like -- now when they first told you -- when this was first introduced
1:15 am
to you as a -- and i will say the shocking thing is reading the comic book, i immediately got what this was. >> yes >> seth: but not being a comic fan, were you taken aback when you realized this was -- >> well, yes, because they sent me the script after they offered me the part. and i'm reading thinking, "this is so great. this is cool now she's got -- what's she -- oh, dear god, no." >> seth: yeah. >> i mean, i -- it's the only time i've been sort of grateful that my parents are no longer with us. >> seth: oh, that's -- [ audience oohs [ laughter ] >> it's like - >> seth: it's nice >> just for that minute. >> seth: just for one minute >> i miss them so much >> seth: yeah. yeah, no, that - >> seth: yeah. >> i think i would have had -- >> seth: yeah. well, i think the good thing to know is if they were with you, still with us, that would have killed them. [ laughter ] so it's probably for the best. now it's not on you. [ laughter ] >> no, actually my mother could have dealt with it my father, no. >> seth: oh, yeah. >> no. >> seth: that makes sense. that makes sense >> yeah. >> seth: i know this show is very much under wraps. i believe four of the nine have aired at this point of this interview.
1:16 am
>> yeah. >> seth: you probably can't give anything away. is there anything you want to tell us to look for while we're watching it or are you just too under wraps? >> oh, gosh. no, i just think that something that your people are hoping for, they'll probably, might get to see and something that they didn't expect at all, they're gonna see and they're almost the same thing >> seth: that is fantastically vague and somehow -- [ laughter ] somehow makes me want to watch it even more >> yay >> seth: and i already wanted to watch a lot. thank you so much for being here jean smart, everybody. [ cheers and applause "watchmen" airs sunday nights on hbo. we'll be right back with anna baryshnikov [ cheers and applause ♪ i'm your 70lb st. bernard puppy, and my lack of impulse control, is about to become your problem. ahh no, come on. i saw you eating poop earlier.
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♪ [ cheers and applause >> seth: our next guest tonight is a talented actress you know from films such as "manchester
1:28 am
by the sea" and "the kindergarten teacher." she's currently starring as lavinia in "dickinson" which is now streaming in its entirety on apple tv+. let's take a look. ♪ >> do i look pretty? >> please remain still ♪ >> will you make sure to make me look plump >> excuse me i can't understand you >> plump >> what are you trying to say? >> plump i want to look plump it's fashionable you know, no one wants to look skinny >> i will paint the truth. ♪ >> seth: please welcome to the show anna baryshnikov, everybody. [ cheers and applause ♪ >> seth: i'm so happy to meet you.
1:29 am
>> i'm so happy to meet you. >> seth: it's always very lovely for me to meet a fellow northwestern graduate. >> go cats >> seth: you -- go cats, absolutely and you were a theater major i was not a theater major. >> ooh, what were you? >> seth: first of all, ooh >> sorry [ laughter ] oh, my god >> seth: i was radio, television, film >> rtvf. >> seth: rtvf as it's known. and got into radio right at the right time [ light laughter ] but tell me, you were a theater major. i will say my first impression of the theater majors at northwestern, they were so adult. like, they were such good actors i remember going to shows and being like, "oh, what i was doing in high school was nothing like this. >> oh, yeah. everyone's very serious. >> seth: very serious. >> i was very serious. probably too serious because, honestly, then i was scared to actually be friends with everyone because especially in the beginning, i was really only cast in student theater. so i would be at a theater party and i'd be like, "i can't drink here. that's my director." >> seth: oh. [ laughter ] right, right, right. >> "these are my co-workers. so i was so nervous. meanwhile, i'm like in an apartment that's nicknamed "steak sauce" and there's like
1:30 am
beers everywhere but i was like, "this is a --" [ laughter ] >> seth: your apartment was nicknamed "steak sauce?" >> mine wasn't, but one was. >> seth: okay. >> and they always had parties >> seth: oh, wow >> yeah. >> seth: why was it called steak sauce? did you ever find out? >> i think because it was a1 >> seth: oh, that makes sense. [ light laughter ] there you go >> steak sauce, they had this -- >> seth: that is far more clever than i give these gentlemen credit for [ laughter ] >> but then i think after a while i was like, "i think as it turns out maybe hollywood is all steak sauce and i should just drink a beer at the party. >> seth: yeah, i think that's very true. i think that's very true so this is such a cool show. >> thank you >> seth: this is a period show but it's modern slang. it's modern music. >> yes >> seth: what did you first think when it was introduced to you? >> oh, god, i was just like, "don't blow it." i loved it so much it almost felt like the audition was like a terrible nervous first date i was like, "was i terrible? was i awful? i loved it so much." [ laughter ] but yeah >> seth: sometimes that can happen, though, when it's a part you really want, you get tight in a way that then makes you blow the audition. >> totally >> seth: but you feel like, obviously looking back it went all right. >> apparently. but i feel like i did a thing on way out of the room, that i kind of like broke up with it, and i was like "i left it all on the floor.
1:31 am
and if they don't love me, i don't love them and it's fine. [ laughter ] >> seth: and you said that out loud to them >> and i said it out loud and i've never been invited back to the casting office [ laughter ] >> seth: you play hailee steinfeld's younger sister >> yes >> seth: you did some research for this 'cause you're older than her, i think. >> i'm a little older. yep. >> seth: gotcha, so what's her -- >> just a little, just a tiny bit. >> seth: just a little bit like in hollywood, it's nothing. yeah but what was the research you put into the role? >> so, yes so, i play her kind of, like, little kid sister. but in real life, i feel like we didn't feel like that. she's kind of -- she's truly a friend, and then she invited me to be her date to the met gala after party. >> seth: oh, very nice >> and i instantly became a little sister. [ light laughter ] i was like, "thank you so much for thinking of me you won't notice me at all [ laughter ] i'll just be really fun. i'll bring snacks. [ laughter ] and, yeah, and i was just deeply nervous the whole time and trying to be cool and she was like, "you know, these are just -- they're just people. and i was, "i'll just -- i'll just go to the bathroom and you can meet me at the end." [ laughter ] but, so, the little sister thing started to come a little more naturally. >> seth: that's good
1:32 am
what a natural way for it to happen they all say, like if you really need to get into a role, go to the met ball >> you know? >> seth: yeah. [ laughter ] a lot of -- lot of corset work on this show >> lot of corset work. >> seth: is it as uncomfortable as it looks? >> it is the worst >> seth: yeah. >> i feel like in the beginning i was excited to wear a corset and then basically by the end of the first week i was like, "oh, this is a prison - >> seth: yeah. >> to my body. [ laughter ] it's awful and i mean, i joke but in all earnestness, i cannot believe we made women wear those. >> seth: oh, it's crazy. >> ever. >> seth: yeah. >> ever. we find a tiny silver lining on set, because it was really cold. so they would put -- they would strap heating pads into them >> seth: wow >> which especially if you have period cramps, gas cramps. >> seth: yeah. [ laughter ] >> heating pads just strapped to your body is a good thing. >> seth: i mean, this seems like you've maybe come up with an invention that could be very modern [ laughter ] >> i mean, maybe let's bring the corset back. >> seth: yeah, bring the heated corset back. >> the heated corset [ laughter ] >> seth: this is also not -- sometimes they will shoot a show in los angeles and make it look like somewhere else. this was shot where it was very cold >> no, it's here it was cold. it's in this place called
1:33 am
bethpage, long island. >> seth: okay. >> which feels a little maybe like colonial williamsburg, but around here, but we never really saw any foot traffic so it kind of felt like "westworld" because you would show up to this, like, preserved little town and there'd be like one woman churning butter. >> seth: yeah. [ laughter ] >> but it worked kind of perfectly. but it was freezing cold >> seth: it was freezing cold. we actually have a photo of you in your trailer. and will you explain why you're sitting where you're sitting >> i'm sitting on the toilet because for some reason that was the really hot part of the trailer. >> seth: so the trailer was so cold that the only place you could get warmth was on the toilet >> correct >> seth: so, next time someone tells you hollywood is glamorous and there's no downside, just try to remember this picture of anna [ laughter ] >> you know that's the end of shooting, too, because in the beginning i was like, "it's a period piece i won't have my phone," and by the end, i'm like, "let's take a selfie of me in the bathroom." [ laughter ] >> seth: you brought the two eras together -- >> working >> seth: in a way that were meant to be brought together >> trying. >> seth: congrats on the show. so lovely to meet you. >> thank you so much >> seth: thanks so much for being here anna baryshnikov everybody [ cheers and applause
1:34 am
"dickinson" is streaming in its entirety on apple tv+. we'll be right back. >> thank you [ cheers and applause ♪ >> announcer: for more "late night," go to follow us on instagram and twitter @latenightseth and be sure to check us out on youtube and facebook head over to itunes to subscribe to the "late night with seth meyers" podcast. you'll get "a closer look" and more downloaded right to your phone. so, as you can see, saving can be quite simple.
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[ cheers and applause >> seth: my thanks to sean hayes, jean smart, anna baryshnikov, everybody. chris johnson, thanks for a great week the 8b band. stay tuned for "lilly singh. we'll see you tomorrow [ cheers and applause ♪ [ cheers and applause >> lilly: tonight on "a little late with lilly singh," kathryn hahn and jenny slate [ cheers and applause >> lilly, i just wanna say we're so excited to be here with you tonight. >> lilly: oh >> yeah. we have been dying to pitch a new opening song for your show to you >> yeah. >> lilly: oh wow. okay, i didn't even know you guys wrote music >> yes well, we've been doing it


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