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tv   Today  NBC  January 27, 2020 7:00am-9:01am PST

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slowdown as we are heading northbound. >> sounds good. we'll be back with a hokal news update in half an hour at 7:25. >> thanks for joining us. get out and make it a great week. good morning. shock and sadness. >> i'm waiting for someone to tellkobe bryant killed in a helicopter crash in los angeles alongside his 13-year-old daughter and seven others. a stunned lebron james landing to the news in los angeles the nba in mourning. >> the news is just devastating to everybody who knew him. i've known him a long time. >> this morning, the investigation, why was that chopper flying in bad weather? craig is live in los angeles this morning with the very latest breaking overnight, bombshell. former national security
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adviser john bolton ready to turn on the president, as news leaks from his explosive new book about what he claims really happened with ukraine. will he testify that decision likely coming this week. contagion. at least three new confirmed cases of the deadly coronavirus here in the u.s., and officials in china warning the crisis is accelerating the virus able to spread even before there are symptoms. all that, plus the final sprint with just one week to go, bernie sanders and joe biden at the top of the polls in iowa lottery fever. the powerball jackpot soars after no weekend winner to nearly half a billion dollars. and clean sweep. >> teen sensation billie eilish makes grammy history, winning the top four awards. a big night for lizzo, too inside an emotional evening honoring music's best. today, monday, january 27th, 2020
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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza >> hi, everybody good morning welcome to "today" on a monday morning. it is a good day to have you with us. we're just, i think, all of us still in shock at this news that kobe bryant, somebody who is just a legend in his own time, has passed away. it is a tragic story others killed as well and there are so many questions this morning. >> yeah it makes so many of us stop and think about our lives. it's funny when this happened yesterday, so many people said, like, tell the people you love them, you love them. and try to make a change in your life. the tributes to the legendary la maker are everywhere you look on social media, from fans to former teammates, from other stars from all walks of life >> and there were, it's really touching moments around the country. last night at the grammys, the show, of course, was at the staples center where kobe played for so many years with the lakers host alicia keys joined on stage
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by boyz ii men, a group from kobe's hometown of philadelphia for a touching performance in ♪ his honor. kobe. >> alicia keys set the perfect ♪ >> we love you, kobe >> you hear the music >> chills. chills boyz ii men. >> she said, we love you, kobe >> alicia keys set the perfect tone at the grammys last night and there were tributes again throughout the nba arenas including right here in new york madison square garden bathed in a sea of purple and gold and at the start of the games, players held the ball for 24 seconds. that's a tribute to the number that kobe wore for so many years. >> we have complete coverage on the tributes the investigation now into the crash and the legacy of a life lost much too soon we'll start at the staples
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center craig is there this morning good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning, savannah good morning, hoda. you mentioned the tributes. several makeshift memorials have popped up here at the staples center in los angeles. not surprising, we've seen dozens, if not hundreds of people walking around the streets, wearing that 24 jersey throughout the night they loved him here in l.a. and how could they not? five-time nba dhachampion, 18-t all-star youngest player ever drafted. he only wore the purple and gold uniform but the retired superstar who was just 41 years old had become quite the dedicated family man himself. he was just starting that second act as a businessman and entrepreneur but basketball was still very close to his heart he was passing along that love of the game to his 13-year-old daughter when their helicopter went down yesterday about 30
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miles north of here. the death of basketball legend kobe bryant, sending shock waves through the sports world and beyond he died sunday in a helicopter crash that also claimed the life of his 13-year-old daughter gianna and seven others. the first 911 call came in just before 10:00 sunday morning. >> all units responding to the brush fire at willow, one acre, one copter down in medium brush. >> a massive emergency response in the hills of calabaassas. california, outside l.a. where the helicopter carrying bryant went down minutes earlier. >> individuals that saw the aircraft said it was coming down at a fairly significant rate of speed. >> reporter: first responders, finding no survivors among those also onboard, college baseball coach john altobelli, his wife kerry and their daughter alyssa, 13-year-old peyton chester and
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her mother sarah, and girls basketball coach christina mauser the group was reportedly traveling to a youth basketball tournament at bryant's mamba sports academy students and parents there kneeling in shock and silence as the news spread. >> tonight is for kobe. >> reporter: last night's grammy awards in the la make aa arena, a moving tribute. >> we're literally standing here heartbroken in the house that kobe bryant built >> kobe kobe! >> reporter: outside, lakers fans honoring their hero >> i played basketball because of him >> he's not just a person. he's a generation. >> reporter: current laker lebron james seen wiping away tears just moments after exiting the team's plane in l.a. >> announcer: please join us in a moment of silence and honor of number 24. >> reporter: across the nba, moments of silence and remembrance. some players writing tributes
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on their sneakers, trying to come to grips with the devastating loss >> i have to go talk to a team before a game and tell them to play and i can't >> reporter: lakers legend jerry west >> i felt like i lost a son today. >> reporter: bryant's legacy was also remembered at the nfl's pro bowl >> it's a tragic loss. >> thank you, guys, for all the years of support >> reporter: one of basketball's greatest players, bryant retired in 2016 it's not like my body forced me i don't want to do it anymore. i'm ready to move on. >> reporter: focusing on his wife vanessa and four daughters, as well as creative projects another passion, coaching his daughter gianna, known as gigi she was a talented basketball player in her own right. the two spotted together at an nba game just last month reaction to the tragedy pouring in michael jordan writing that bryant was like a little brother to me.
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we used to talk often and i will miss those conversations very much. another lakers legend, magic johnson writing, my friend, a legend, husband, father, son, brother, oscar winner and greatest laker of all time he's gone. a decorated champion on the court and a hero to so many off it >> it goes by fast if you don't give it your all, you're going to regret it. >> reporter: my goodness he will most certainly be missed not just here in los angeles, not just in sports again, a look at one of the many memorials that's popped up in fact, we were told grammy officials asked folks to stay away from the staples center because of last night's award show people did not listen. there are thousands of flowers and teddy bears and candles. on the court, his legacy undeniable off the court, as many know, it was a bit more complicated coming up in our next half hour,
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we'll take a look at that part of kobe's legacy as well savannah, hoda >> craig melvin in los angeles for us leading our coverage. thank you. as the tributes continue to pour in, the investigation is revealing new questions about that crash nbc's tom costello is near the scene in calabas baabaassa baac. there were lots of choppers grounded on that day why did this one fly? >> reporter: i think that's going to be a key question for the ntsb the lapd grounded its chopper fleet yesterday morning because of incredibly dense fog, thick fog, low fog, and low ceilings as a result of that, we believe this pilot was flying under what's called special visual flight rules he had to check in with air traffic control, looking at landmarks on the ground, including the highways then the fog and the cloud cover got thicker and thicker and he,
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at some point, began to climb into that cloud base, we believe. then a very sharp turn before slamming into the ground now, the question -- excuse me -- the question is whether somehow he got spatially disoriented in the cloud cover, in the fog cover, simply lost his orientation. we believe that this helicopter had not only a cockpit voice recorder, which will come in very handy, but should have also had the capable to fly on instruments with gps tracking. he could have, we believe, gone off instrument flying, auto pilot. why was we flying when the lapd grounded their choppers in incredibly chick fog and low cloud ceilings it'll be part of the investigation. a chopper a very good, top of the line helicopter. two engines. a good track record. the pilot also had a good track record, we believe all the questions right now, at least the first immediate questions as to what might have happened, focused on the conditions at the time, the fog,
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the clouds, and why was this chopper flying in those conditions >> tom, very quickly, it is a very large chopper often, as i understand it, there are two pilots in that situation. in this case, there seems there was only one >> reporter: that's going to be part of this investigation, as well ntsb is going to look also at the pilot's record they have to do a tox screening of blood and alcohol, that's standard they have to look at the maintenance of the helicopter. so every possible factor will be looked at. but the weather conditions right now really are raising a lot of questions >> all right tom costello, thank you nbc's sports host mike tirico knew kobe bryant. he called nba games for 13 years of his career, including kobe's very last game mike, good morning to you on this really sad morning. i wonder what you're thinking about, your reflections on the kobe that you knew and encountered all those years. >> yes. savannah and hoda, good morning. it's still disbelief, the overriding emotion for many of
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us kobe bryant overcame so much on the basketball floor and off of anyone who you would imagine would be involved in something like this, and the really earl stages of what was virgining to be a great second chapter of the life of kobe bryant. it is just taking our breath away you wake up this morning still hoping that it's not true. and the reality continues to set in it's such a sad day for all involved but we all knew kobe. we watched him grow up in basketball we saw the high moments, the low moments, and we saw the end where he was going on to be a great dad and have a great business future, as well it makes it all so much more painful. >> you talk about him being a great dad. the images of him and gianna are all over he got back into basketball coaching his daughter. what did that give him? >> yeah, kobe with four daughters, one born recently the oldest 17 and with gianna taking a liking
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to basketball, kobe would often be asked about not having a son who could follow in his footsteps. he said, gigi will be she'll be that wnba star, she'll be the figure that can continue the mamba mentality, which was the code word for kobe's nickname, his passion for the game his unrelenting passion for excellent and incredible work ethic when it came to basketball when you saw the shots of them watching basketball games court side, especially this year as he's come back to nba arenas, you could see a dad passing along lessons to a child, like so many of us do this time, it was publicly you didn't need to lip read to know what the conversation was all about. >> you can just see not just her joy but his, too talk about the last game, mike i know you were there calling it he comes out, scores 60 points just an extraordinary moment talk about being there and what that was like. >> savannah, there is no access to an athlete like there is in the nba.
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and we called that game and we were in the locker room beforehand we talked to kobe, who was at the end of a farewell tour he had spoken at length about how the body was just giving out. the prior game he didn't have much he told us, maybe i'll have five, ten minutes, maybe per half and do my best. and then he saw the crowd he sensed the moment. and as he always did, he rose to the moment. no player in the nba that year scored more points in a game than kobe bryant did in his very last one it was the greatest farewell on the floor for any nba player we've seen in a regular season game >> mike, a lot of former lakers are weighing in. magic johnson called him the greatest laker ever. is magic right? is that his legacy? >> i will always defer to magic johnson on any topic related to the lakers, right? there are so many great lakers, jerry west, kareem abdul-jabbar, magic johnson. many of whom, like kobe, you need just one name not just basketball fans but sports fans know who we're
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talking about. we can comfortably say not just the history of the lakers but the history of the nba cannot be written without acknowledging kobe bryant's accomplishments, his passion, and the legacy he left for the next generation at the very early part of telling the story of the nba >> mike tirico, thank you for being with us this morning and sharing your thoughts on this really sad day. we'll have a lot more on kobe's life and legacy throughout the morning. in a bit, we'll have a live conversation with the husband of one of the woman on the helicopter with him. a friend and assistant coach of his daughter's team. for the moment, another major story, the president's impeachment trial. it continues this week a pivotal second week. his defense team set to resume its case there is a new fight over potential witnesses. why? because of an explosive report just out about an unpublished book from former national security adviser john bolton and what he has to say about the heart of this case and what
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really happened in ukraine according to bolton. nbc's kristen welker is at the capitol for us good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. that new book by john bolton is called "the room where it happened" and it could be a bombshell. in it, according to "the new york times," bolton accuses the president of withholding military aid to ukraine in exchange for investigating his political rivals the matter at the very heart of the impeachment case in just a few hours, the president's legal team will be back on the senate floor defending him. as president trump's lawyers make the case for his acquittal -- >> the evidence is overwhelmin that the president did nothing wrong. >> reporter: overnight, an explosive new account from former national security adviser john bolton that could undercut the president's case as first reported by "the new york times," bolton in an unpublished book manuscript writes president trump told him last august he wanted to continue freezing nearly $400
7:17 am
million in military aid to ukraine until ukrainian officials announced investigations into the bidens but the president argued his decision to withhold aid was not linked to those investigations and in a late night tweet thread, he slammed his forme adviser writing in part, i never told john bolton that aid to ukraine was tied to investigations into democrats including the bidens if john bolton said this, it was only to sell a book. according to "the new york times," multiple people told them what was in the manuscript. they have not reviewed it, neither has nbc news overnieg overniegtd, an aide to bolto told nbc news the ambassador sent a draft to his manuscript to the white house for review. house democrats prosecuting the case against the president stepped up their calls for witnesses to testify writing, americans know that a fair trial must include both the documents and witnesses blocked by the president.
7:18 am
that starts with mr. bolton. after insisting earlier in the day. >> if they're successful in depriving the country of a fair trial, there is no exoneration >> reporter: democrats need at least four republicans to vote with them in order to have witnesses testify. and for now, there is no indication they have the votes >> my gut tells me, and we're all kind of dealing with what we think is going to happen, that the case so far did not deliver the goods, the information, to where anybody has changed their mind >> reporter: savannah, we have reached out to the white house so far, no response the president already up and tweeting about all of this slamming democrats saying it is up to the house, not the senate, to call witnesses. savannah? >> okay let's talk about the democratic race for president the iowa caucuses are one week away it really looks like the polls are all over the place about who is in the lead >> that's right it's pretty fascinating
7:19 am
it is still a mixed bag this morning, according to these latest polls one new poll has former vice president joe biden on top another poll has bernie sanders on top and take a look pete buttigieg, elizabeth warren, amy klobuchar are all in the hunt all the senators in the race are off the trail this week. they're here in washington for the senate impeachment trial the impact of that is still unknown. the bottom line, savannah, iowa is still up for grabs. >> all right. kristen, thank you so much a reminder nbc news will have live coverage when the impeachment trial resumes today at 1:00 eastern time all right good time to say good morning to mr. al roker for a check of the weather. >> good morning we're looking at moisture a half a world away that will effect our weather here, especially in the pacific northwest. we have a tropical plume of moisture that reaches back to the philippines and travels some 6,000 miles across the pacific it's going to bring a ton of rain into the pacific over the next several days.
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storm after storm is going to be pushing in with mountain snows. for today, we look for this storm rolling in heavy coastal rain. a flash flood threat today. then for tomorrow, snow showers in the upper elevations. and as we move into wednesday, more heavy rain moves into the area we are going to be looking for anywhere up to three to five inches of rain and heavy mountain snows in those upper elevations we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds.
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good monday morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. live look at the golden gate bridge. starting to slow down. at least we don't have any fog. and our temperatures today head up to about 60 degrees and mostly sunny skies with warm temperatures inland reaching into the low to mid-60s. our seven-day forecast brings in a slight chance of rain tomorrow morning especially for the north bay. more clouds and teams -- and temperatures in the 60s throughout the week but the weekend looking please an. highs in the upper 60s with sunshine. >> and that's your latest weather. savannah >> thank you so much. just ahead, we'll head back to craig in los angeles for a closer look at kobe bryant's legacy off the court and a special relationship he and his daughter shared. and we'll also speak live to a man who lost his wife in that helicopter crash he'll be with us just ahead plus, tributes to kobe's life were everywhere you looked last night at the grammy awards. we'll have the best moments from that emotional night.
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like 5g. almost all of the fortune 500 partner with us. (woman) when it comes to digital transformation... verizon keeps business ready. a very good morning to you. it is 7:26, i'm laura garcia. as the world mourns the death of basketball icon kobe bryant, bay bridge sports stars are also reacting. the warriors steph curry taking to social media to pay tribute. curry posted an instagram photo and changing his cover photo to show photos of he and kobe. the warriors have the day off today but tomorrow they are set to play the philadelphia 76ers at the case center. bryant was once a high school basketball star in philly. a lot of tributes being paid. 7:26 now. a look at our forecast with kari. >> a beautiful forecast as we
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look live outside in san jose. mostly sunny into the afternoon with our temperatures warming up above normal. reaching 64 degrees in san jose. 65 will be the high in concord. and 60 today in san francisco. up to 61 today in santa rosa. our seven-day forecast shows that we will see some more clouds even a slight chance of some early morning rain, especially in the north bay. and then we're going through the rest of the week with dry weather and warming temperatures inland up to near 70 degrees in time for the weekend. for san francisco, we're also going to be warming up after that slight chance of rain and we'll see the rest of the week continuing on with more sunshine. let's look at morning commute as we check out the san mateo bridge. it is slowing down. a typical monday morning commute but no major accidents there. now we're seeing these little incidents popping up all over the east bay up and down 880 and over for the tri-valley the slowdown going southbound on 680
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as well as 84. so as you're heading into the commute direction, we're seeing it slowing down as well as going north into the south bay we're seeing a few back-ups as well. i'll continue to track this as well throughout the morning. >> "today in the bay" investigates the story to change your morning. >> whether you need an alternate route to avoid trouble. >> or you want the bay area's most accurate weather forecast. >> we'll help you prepare for the unknown with a newscast that won't waste your time. >> with you promise to make your morning a little easier. so get up and going and start with "today in the bay." i'm tom steyer and i approve this message. climate is the number 1 priority. i would declare a state of emergency on day 1.
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7:30 on this monday morning, january 27th, 2020, with some of the tributes we are seeing to kobe bryant. buildings, landmarks, here and overseas, lit up in the lakers purple and gold right here at madison square garden, too >> the nba legend's 13-year-old daughter gigi and seven others killed in the crash. christina mauser was also killed, a basketball coach at kobe's academy her husband is going to join us a moment from now to tell us about his wife and legacy. first, let's go back to craig who joins us from the staples
7:31 am
center in los angeles. good morning. >> hey, savannah. good morning to both of you to the world, of course, kobe bryant was this larger than life basketball legend. but he said in an interview a few years ago that when he retired he really stopped watching basketball as much. that was until his daughter expressed a love of the game that he loved so much. >> bryant for the win bang! >> reporter: kobe bryant etched his name into nba history. >> back to back titles! >> reporter: from championship titles to all star teams to olympic gold medals. he had a career filled with countless accolades. >> kobe and his daughter in the building breaking down the game. >> reporter: kobe shared his love for the game with his 13-year-old daughter gigi, who
7:32 am
cheered her father on from the sidelines since he was a young girl >> before gigi got into basketball, i hardly watched it. but now she's into basketball, we watch -- it's on. >> she wants to watch it too. >> it's on every night. >> reporter: kobe not only dad but coach for her basketball team, the cmambas his daughter, a young athletes with big dreams of going pro just like dad. >> fans will come up to me and she'll be standing next to me. you have to have a boy. you and v have to have a boy. you have to have somebody carry on the legacy. she is like, i got this >> reporter: kobe was never shy when it came to showing love for his family >> all he ever wanted to talk about was what the girls were up to he was incredibly dedicated dad. >> reporter: the legend posting photos of his four daughters and wife vanessa and while he was a mentor to many athletes, he wanted to make sure he was a good role model for his kids giving them this advice in 2017 >> those times when you don't feel like working, too tired, you don't want to push yourself,
7:33 am
but you do it anyway, that is actually the dream that's the dream. it's not the destination. it's the journey. >> reporter: after he stepped off the court for the last time, kobe hoped to make his legacy about more than just basketball. creating a multimedia company with a goal of producing content that would inspire others. and like his playing days, kobe found success. quickly winning an oscar for best animated short film in had in 2018. >> dear basketball, you gave a 6-year-old boy his laker dream >> reporter: the six-minute film based on his retirement point. >> basketball players, we're supposed to shut up and dribble. i'm glad we do a little bit more than that >> reporter: the oscar win just months into the me too movement was greeted with criticism, given a 2003 allegation of sexual assault against him an encounter kobe said was consensual later settling a civil suit with his accuser out of court. the criminal charges were dropped. >> you go through the process
7:34 am
of finishing a book, it does something to the imagination >> reporter: the basketball star's entertainment empire also extended to literature. his love of story telling, leading to a book series for young adults kobe's daughters his biggest fans, but also his biggest critics. i bring back a chapter or, you know, you know, a couple ideas and they look at me and say dad, that's a really bad idea >> reporter: a second act that was just getting started the final chapter written much too soon >> you know, in a life that was filled with viral moments, his last, most viral moment, guys, was probably that video that we all saw just a few weeks ago, of kobe and his daughter there on the sidelines whispering,
7:35 am
breaking down the game there on the sidelines. seeing him pass that love of basketball on to his daughter. that's one of the things that's just so heartbreaking about all of this. of course, kobe and vanessa bryant, the parents of four daughters and, guys, for guys like me, you know, kobe bryant was sort of that generational bridge between, you know, michael jordan and lebron james and we all just sort of felt like we grew up with the guy a life cut way too short. >> craig, thank you very much we'll be back with you in a moment it's important to remember as we remember kobe bryant that that helicopter crash involved others seven others who were also killed one was christina mauser, the assistant coach for gigi bryant's mamba academy team. and her husband is joining us on the phone right now
7:36 am
matt mauser, our hearts are with you we're so sorry for your loss how are you doing >> i was keeping it together until you said her name. now i'm starting to lose it again. but i guess i'm doing as good as we can expect. you know, it's just horrible. it's horrible so, you know, i got three small kids, trying to figure out how to navigate life with three kids and no mom you know so go ahead, shoot >> there are no words you know? it's just what happened is unspeakable. >> i have some words. i have a lot of four letter words i would like to use but i won't use those. >> how do you feel? you feel angry? >> that's a good question i'm scared. i think more than anything, i'm a little scared about the future i'd like to just talk a little bit about my wife and -- if
7:37 am
that's okay. >> we would love to know about her. you know what, matt, we're looking at her picture with you on our screen right now. and i'm just wondering what she was like tell us about her >> christina, he didn't choose christina for just any ordinary reason she was extraordinary she was incredibly witty, incredibly witty, funny like nobody you ever met. she could imitate anybody she had a great ear she could pick up voices. she was warm. she was incredibly bright she was technologically incredibly savvy she could figure out anything just the other day they were showing film i went to pick up my son and my wife picked him up on the way to mamba practice when i picked him up, kobe couldn't figure out how to use the laptop computer. so they were trying to break down film.
7:38 am
he would break down film for eighth graders and he couldn't figure it out and she said, get out of the way, and kind of figured it out. and, you know, she just was -- she was warm. my wife could break you down in two seconds. she knew how to figure you out. she knew personalities she was incredibly deep, if that's a word that i can use she was just an amazing person. beautiful, smart, funny, and i mean, he didn't pick her because she was a slouch he picked her because she was amazing. and i was so proud of her she was so happy. we were both teachers and we met kobe -- i met kobe first. i was a spanish teacher at a private school where his daughters attended he was injured and he asked me if he could go on a field trip with me to san diego i said, hell yeah you can come with me.
7:39 am
and we started talking. he knew everything about me he knew that i was into music he asked me to send him music so i did and he ended up hiring me to do all the music for his children's podcast called the punies which i did. and along that same time when we were getting to know each other, we talked a lot of basketball i was the basketball coach there at the school. it's a small school you wear a lot of hats. and my wife was my assistant coach. and, you know, he saw what an amazing mind she had for basketball and he brought her on he asked her to teach the kids defense. kobe didn't really understand the zone defense because he never played in high school or college. so she was amazing mind for defense and basketball he brought her on she called her the mother of defense, mod yeah. i mean, let me just say that we
7:40 am
were a family. each other i don't want to say the names of the people on the helicopter, but they were amazing people in their own rights i knew them well. they were wonderful they were warm they loved their kids and they were so proud that their kids were growing and becomeling -- becoming, you know, better basketball players. kobe took these kids from private school and made them gritty and tough and, you know, he was dedicated. and so was my wife. they were dedicated to these girls. so that's -- >> oh, matt >> that's kind of it. >> you've done a very brave and important thing by speaking because, you know, it's so important that people know about your wife, christina, the others, and how important the beautiful lives that they lived. as i said, there are no words
7:41 am
to express you are condolences i hope you can feel the love in our hearts for you and just your family and just know that we'll be thinking of you >> let me say my kids are very aware 11, 12 years old my daughter and son, they pick stuff up so quick. and the one thing my daughter said, because we weren't watching any tv, then she -- you know, we had a little slumber party last night everybody is in my bed that's why i'm up here at 4:00 a.m. i haven't gotten much sleep. she said, we watched "sportscenter" for two seconds everything was about how much everybody was mourning and hurting. she said it was nice to know that everyone was hurting along with us. i know that sounds odd but it does kind of help. >> oh, matt >> that makes perfect sense >> thank you, matt. our love to you and those little babies of yours, 3, 9, and 11 we're wrapping you up in our arms thank you for talking with us today. we'll say her name, christina
7:42 am
mauser >> she was amazing. god bless you guys. >> god bless you too. >> you, too, matt. extraordinary, to have that poise. >> yes. >> doing something so meaningful for his wife >> yes. >> tell her story, too yes, you can. we remember her we're back in a moment. it's no big deal, really.
7:43 am
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mr. roker, you have some weather for us >> good news, not a lot happening. things were rather calm. we do have the heavy rain in the pacific northwest with some mountain snows high surf advisory, southern california it is going to be mild through southern texas some lake-effect snow showers throughout the northeast, great lakes. look for scattered showers through the appalachians and good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we have such a nice sunrise over the south bay right now. we're going to see much more sun into the afternoon. and that is going to help warm our temperatures up into the mid-60s today. we're up to 65 in concord. in san francisco, oakland upper 50s to low 60s as well as lower 60s for the north bay. there will be a slight chance of showers tomorrow but the rest of the week is looking dry. >> and that's your latest weather. hoda >> thanks still ahead, dr. oz is here to break down the myths about
7:48 am
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7:52 am
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good monday morning. now it is 7:56 and a clear sky across the south bay. more sunshine in the afternoon. warmer temperatures reaching into the low to mid-60s for the inland valleys for the bay and coast expect highs in the upper 50s to about 60 degrees. well as we go through the rest of the week, we're going to see more clouds moving in tomorrow and a slight chance of rain but after that we are dry. only looking at highs reaching into the mid to upper 60s. but check out that weekend sunshine and upper 60s por the inland valleys. and then for san francisco, we're be in the upper 50s. our rain chance on tomorrow mostly during the morning and then the rest of the week we're going to see more sunshine around the bay area. let's get out on the roads as we check out our live view at the san mateo bridge. slow-moving across not only the
7:57 am
san mateo bridge but the rest of the bay area bridges. minor traffic incidents and a slow drive through the tri-valley. we're loose seeing a lot of red sensors coming down state route 4, 84 and then also seeing it slowing down heading west on 580. and then as we check out the south bay going northbound in all of our major roads are starting to slowdown heading in that commute direction. we'll track that and also more updates throughout the morning. laura. >> thanks, kari. happening now, tributes are pouring in across the globe for basketball icon kobe bryant. as new details emerge about what led to the helicopter crash that killed bryant and his young daughter and seven othersm we're following the investigation, all of the developments online as well as reaction. head now to the top of our home page. the senate impeachment trial is set to resume this morning but now a new book but john bolton is sparking questions about a key defense argument. on our home page you could link to the full details.
7:58 am
another local news update is coming up in about half an hour.
7:59 am
8:00 am
coming up, remembering kobe bryant. >> please join us in a moment of silence in honor of number 24, kobe bryant. >> we'll look back at the life and legacy of the nba superstar killed in a helicopter crash alongside his 13-year-old daughter and seven others. >> the news is just devastating to everybody >> just ahead, how friends and fans are paying their respects and a look at the effect he had on the game. plus, fighting the flu. dr. oz is here to walk us through some common misconceptions like does chicken soup really help how to tell the difference
8:01 am
between fact and fiction and super bowl commercial kickoff. we have your first look at one of the ads everybody is talking about today, monday, january 27th, 2020 >> best friends from lexington, kentucky >> love you nanny and poppy >> happy birthday to my niece riley in nashville, tennessee. >> braving the cold from panama city, florida. >> celebrating my 60th with "today"! >> hi, everybody. good morning. welcome to "today." it's a monday morning. we're so glad to have you us with we really like to hear from you when you send the shoutouts. it's really easy, actually. do a little video and put it on twitter or instagram use the hashtag my today plaza that's how we find you we'd love to put you on the air. >> cute and cozy in your bed and don't have to get cold by the way, i'm leaving after the show i'm racing to the airport i get to sit down with jessica
8:02 am
simpson. she has a very candid memoir coming out about her life in the spotlight. there is a lot to reveal about jessica simpson. a lot of the book surprised me. i'm sure it will surprise you too. we'll have an exclusive with her, and we'll share our conversation a little later. >> that is fascinating. when you say, i wish i was a fly on the wall, we get to hear your conversation >> yes. >> i'm really looking forward to that. we'll have that later in the week let's get to the news at 8:00 the loss of nba legend kobe bryant investigators this morning are looking into the helicopter crash. why did it happen bryant was killed, his 13-year-old daughter and seven others our coverage begins with craig who made his way to los angeles. he is outside the staples center craig, good morning >> savannah, good morning to you. federal investigators are going to be looking closely at debris from the helicopter. they're going to be looking at weather conditions as well at the time that helicopter went down
8:03 am
meanwhile, here at the staples center, those memorials, the makeshift memorials, continues to grow. you'd be hard pressed to find someone more beloved than kobe bryant in l.a. a five-time champion he only won -- only wore one jersey nbc's tom costello joins us now from the scene in calabasas here it's about 30 miles north of where i stand. calabasas. e on perhaps what investigators are going to start looking at tom, what do we know? >> reporter: we have a big, long laundry list of things to get there. as any investigation focuses on exactly the mechanics of the chopper, the engines, were they operating properly, the history in terms of maintenance, the pilot's history. clearly, they have to look at the flight conditions and the weather conditions because we know that there was such thick ground -- cloud cover and fog that the lapd itself had grounded its chopper fleet yesterday morning. we know that kobe bryant's helicopter was flying, by the
8:04 am
way, a very good advanced helicopter, flying under special visual flight rules, special vfr which means the pilot was little lower and using air traffic control to tell him to guide himself along specific landmarks, highways and what have you he had to have good visual of that that but the cloud cover and the fog was so thick and moving in so quickly, it now would appear he seemed to get into the cloud cover, then as he was trying to maybe climb out of it, made a very sharp turn and hit the side of the hill this is what the investigation will focus on. why was this helicopter flying in special vfr conditions, given the conditions were so bad, thick with cloud cover, that the lapd wasn't flying its helicopter fleet yesterday morning. tragic circumstances craig, back to you >> all right. tom costello, thank you we're going to talk to two people who knew kobe bryant very
8:05 am
well, the co-author of kobe's book, "the mamba mentality" and the official team photographer he took kobe's first picture as a laker and his last, as well. and we'll also talk to fellow nba great kenny smith. we'll do that in a few moments. for now, back to you. >> all right. craig, thank you. back here, president trump's impeachment trial resumes today. there is new pressure this morning to call former national security adviser john bolton to testify. "the new york times" reported overnight that bolton in an upcoming book says the president personally tied military aid to ukraine to an investigation of the bidens however, in the opening arguments saturday, the president's lawyers insisted there was no explicit link the president responded to the bolton book last night, saying if bolton said this, it was only to sell a book in your health news, we have some breaking news overnight on the coronavirus outbreak more cases have been confirmed right here in the u.s. a health official in china is
8:06 am
raising concerns about the effort to contain the virus there. gadi schwartz has the very latest on this hey, gadi, good morning. >> this morning, fear is spreading as fast as the coronavirus. five people in the u.s. have been diagnosed with the disease including two here in california as well as washington, illinois, and arizona. all those infected had recently traveled to wuhan, china, where chinese officials now say the virus appears to be more infectious than previously thought. the city of wuhan is still on lockdown with some americans unable to leave. the state department is saying in a statement it will evacuate consulate officials in wuhan to san francisco on a flight scheduled for tomorrow but space for other u.s. citizens is extremely limited across the u.s., more than 100 patients in 26 states are no being monitored but fortunately, most of the people tested so far in the u.s. have shown negative results for the disease. guys? back to you >> all right. gadi, thank you so much that is the news. 8:06 we have to get our boost >> you're going to like this one.
8:07 am
we depend on delivery people for so many things these days. but there was one guy who went way beyond what was expected get this. he lugs this really heavy box to a house in michigan then he does something unusual. he grabs a shovel and starts to clear off the snow on the stoop. the woman who posted this, she wasn't home. she just thought her little doorbell camera saw it she wrote, shoutout to this guy. if you're wondering what was in the box? i new kitchen sink. >> wow. >> you know what sometimes you -- whenever we show a delivery story, it's usually like some guy is tossing a box over the fence look that guy >> he really went the extra mile. >> she did love the shovel out there though in case we have a lot more to get to this morning including the grammy highlights. and the history made by 18-year-old billie eilish. she won everything last night we'll have the story right after this eave security into their business.
8:08 am
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tropicana sip your sunshine. big news america! for a limited time, we've changed the shape of honey nut cheerios. because we want people to know they're delicious and can help lower cholesterol. heart healthy. get it? a heart! can you believe they had one in my size?! we're back. 8:12 on "today. we're talking about the grammy awards >> that's right it was an emotional night as music stars took the stage in los angeles. there they were on the staples center right below the retired jerseys of kobe bryant and everyone's minds and hearts were on that tragedy sheinelle is here with how the show went on >> i thought alicia keys did a wonderful job setting the tone last night's show took place at the staples center where kobe bryant spent so many years playing for the lakers they made sure to honor the iconic nba star while also celebrating the year's best in music.
8:13 am
♪ it's so hard to say good-bye >> reporter: music's biggest night clouded by tragedy >> tonight is for kobe. >> reporter: last night in the la lakers' home arena, the staples center, the 62nd grammy awards began with tributes to fallen basketball legend kobe bryant >> we're literally standing here, heartbroken, in the house that kobe bryant built >> reporter: in the face of sadness, it was the healing power of music that lifted everyone's spirits high energy performances and surprise guests kept the audience on their feet ♪ i've never seen you cry before ♪ >> reporter: including emotional ballad by camilla cabreo about her father
8:14 am
acts like lizzo and lil nas x. taking home multiple awards. >> thank you so much for lifting me up. let's continue to reach out >> bad guys >> reporter: but the night's biggest winner, newcomer billie eilish she took home six grammys including song of the year, best new artist, and album of the year >> this is my first grammy. i never thought this would ever happen in my whole life. >> reporter: two beloved performers, honored with moving tributes demi lovato made her highly anticipated return with an motional performance after being hospitalized in 2018 for a reported drug overdose the superstar having to stop and restart her performance. ♪ nobody is listening to me >> reporter: the grammy celebration coming in the midst of controversy just ten days before the show, the recording academy's president, deborah duggan, suspended for alleged harassment, telling nbc news the show is rigged >> i was so shocked when i got there of the level of sexism and corruption that i found at the
8:15 am
recording academy. >> reporter: the academy denying the allegations. host alicia keys hinting at the tension. >> we refuse an old system we want to be shifting to realness and inclusivity >> reporter: despite the drama, the grammys were all about the music. ♪ walk this way ♪ talk this way >> reporter: iconic artists singing alongside some of music's freshest faces ♪ ride til i can't no more >> reporter: performers spreading joy on a difficult night. >> let's love each other. let's love our families let's hold each other tight. >> reporter: proving once again that music is a unifying force during good times and bad. >> this year's grammys showed how artists and performers come together for what really matters. it was truly, you know -- they believe in the power of music. i was thinking about it. sometimes music can touch people in a way words can't. i feel like you felt that last night. >> i was really astonished by
8:16 am
what alicia keys did at the opening of the show. it was such an awkward, tragic situation. and here she has to make it okay for the grammys to go on. >> make it okay to smile. >> and somehow she did. she really did. >> the right tone. >> she hit a home run >> exquisitely done. >> thank you, sheinelle. how is our weather looking? >> not too bad. we have heavy weather to talk about into the pacific northwest. there's a big atmospheric river bringing a lot of moisture we have wet weather through the southeast and into southern florida. but for the most part, not a bad day. we are looking at temperatures that are going to be moderate for the most part. in fact, a lot of th pacific moisture will moderate our temperatures across the country. anywhere from 5 to 10 degrees, on average, across the country, milder than we should be snow showers around the eastern great lakes. wet weather down to parts of florida. lots of mild weather and sunshine through southern texas. heavy rain in the pacific northwest. high surf advisories along the southern california coast. that's what's going on around good morning.
8:17 am
i am meteorologist kari hall. we are starting to see clouds rolling into san francisco. we're going to see partly to mostly cloudy sky in the north bay, elsewhere we'll see some sunshine, and temperatures warming up into the low to mid-60s for many inland valleys. as we go into tomorrow, there's a chance of early morning showers, especially in the north bay, then our temperatures warm up the rest of the week. by friday, we're in the upper 60s, and some very warm weather in time for the weekend. >> that's your latest weather. savannah? weather. >> all right, al we turn back to the loss of kobe bryant. it's being felt all around the world. >> he grew up before our eyes. he was drafted straight out of high school. kobe would go on to win five nba championships. he was also an 18-time all-star, won two olympic gold medals with team usa kobe's entire 20-year nba career was spent with the la lakers craig joins us from staples center again, the house that kobe built once again, hey, craig.
8:18 am
>> hey, hoda. the tributes to kobe have been steadily growing since the news of his sudden death on sunday. i'm going to talk to two men who knew him well, who loved him well, who have covered him for a long time. first though, nbc national correspondent miguel almaguer, he is also here at the staples center miguel not just a correspondent on this story. you're an la guy you've been here through the better part of a decade now. you know how much kobe meant to los angeles. >> reporter: kobe was a once in a generation talent, and he also inspired generation after generation on the court, he was ruthless, relentless, and remarkable staples center is the house that kobe built, but his legacy spans the globe. >> bryant for the win bang! >> reporter: a five-time champion and 18-time all-star and two-time olympic gold medalist one of the most feared and revered players during his dominant 20-year career. >> one more time. >> oh, between the legs. >> reporter: the loss of kobe
8:19 am
bryant leaving the basketball world in anguish lakers legend jerry west. >> i felt like i lost a son today. >> reporter: the son of a former player, bryant was drafted by the hornets out of high school and immediately traded to the lakers at 17 he led los angeles to three straight championships alongside shaquille o'neal, becoming one of the most famous athletes in the world. on sunday, shaq tweeting, there is no words to express the pain. i love you and you will be missed bryant went on to set a string of individual records. >> 81-point game! >> reporter: 81 points in a single game, the second most ever kobe went on to win two more congratulations and was named league mvp in 2008, known as the black mamba for his killer instinct he bonded with players who shared his competitive nature and clashed with teammates who didn't >> with him, it was never a practice it was a war. >> reporter: kobe left the game with a splash.
8:20 am
>> a 60-point game. >> reporter: a 60-point sendoff before retirement. >> i grew up a diehard laker fan. to be drafted and then traded to this organization and to spend 20 years here, i mean, you can't write something better than this. >> reporter: the lakers retired both of his numbers. 8 and 24 the night before his death, bryant congratulated lebron james for passing him on the league's all-time scoring list james wearing mamba for life on his shoes. >> i'm happy to be in any conversation with kobe bryant. one of the all-time greatest basketball players to ever play, one of the all-time greatest lakers >> reporter: as james and the lakers landed in los angeles, the heartbreak was palpable. crowds around the league chanting his name. this morning a legend lost but enshrined in history bryant is eligible for the nba hall of fame this year, a certainty, of course soon, his statue will be raised outside staples.
8:21 am
it won't be far from magic johnson's and kareem abdul-jabbar's craig, he will always have a place in history here in la and around the globe >> miguel, thank you. thank you so much for that. joined now by kenny smith, former nba great, analyst for the nba on tnt now knew kobe well. covered his career, as well. and andrew bernstein wrote the book on kobe bryant. he is a photographer that worked for the nba and the lakers he goes back decades. the official team photographer. he worked closely with kobe, collaborating on their book "the mamba mentality. folks that are not familiar with the origin of the nickname, the mamba, where is that from? >> kobe adopted that about half way through his career the moniker really stands for constantly being rerent lelentl curious, and fearless. y i mean, he played the game like that every single night.
8:22 am
he approached his life that way, as well >> kenny, you've been associated with the league since 1987 not to age or date you. but what did kobe bryant mean to basketball? what did he mean to the nba >> well, i think, you know, obviously icon in terms of he just had the relentlessness. but even the great players would say, at times, they wouldn't sacrifice some of the things he would sacrifice to be great. so that's a telltale of how great he was but more importantly, this latest transition that he was going through, as a retired dad and husband, that we were witnessing, i think that's where we are remembering him most. during his playing career, melvin, it is all about kobe bryant in retirement, he made it all about his daughter and family which was, you know, encouraging to watch >> a lot of folks, myself included, we remember the
8:23 am
kobe-shaq years. you know, those back-to-back to back championships you spent a lot of time with the big guy. i saw shaq on friday in atlanta on an unrelated story before this went down how is he doing how is shaquille? >> you know, i think the big thing that shaq and everyone is, you know, worrying about, is the families that were inside the tragic helicopter crash. along with vanessa, you know, a wife who lost her husband and daughter at the same time, people lost their family members. i think that's where his biggest concern is as ours it's a difficult time for such an iconic person who moved the game forward with his play, with his inspiration and again, his attention to detail to be great which challenges us and said would we all sacrifice the things that we hear he sacrifices to be great would you do that >> and then there was the injury you know, he tore his achilles. a lot of folks thought this is
8:24 am
it if he comes back, he'll never be the same and he came back. >> well, it comes back because, again, the attention to detail, relentlessness to attack, to want to be great and andrew has taken these such iconic pictures we've seen throughout his career. but it really defines who he was. >> andrew, you took his first picture as a laker you took his last picture as a laker. talk to me about the in between. what was the evolution of kobe bryant like? >> well, i met him as a wild eyed teenager. you know, he just turned 18 i met him on the set at media day in 1996. and i watched him grow from a kid to a man, to a veteran, champion, olympic gold medalist, leader, icon he was a living legend in the game he was so revered by his opponents as well as his tell e teammates. i don't know if we'll ever see that again
8:25 am
>> it is always something to see him talk about his girls, in interviews, the way his eyes would light up >> for sure he loved his girls. i remember he used to bring them to the press conferences, you know, after a playoff game or finals game they'd be sitting on his lap in their little laker girl outfits. they wait for him patiently for an hour and a half, two hours after a game >> andrew, thank you sorry for you loss kenny, good to see you. thank you, as well we are back with more on this monday morning from los angeles and from new york, as well but first, your local news.
8:26 am
good morning to you. 8:26. i am marcus washington. three burglary suspects are in custody after a dangerous high speed chase. take a look. some of it caught on camera. video shows the cars zooming down interstate 80 without lights on. burglars targeted a beauty supply store a little before 3:00 this morning. they tried to follow the car matching the description and the chats started. it ended when the car crashed into another car in oakland. police say the three suspects ran from the scene but officers quickly caught up with them. let's get a look at the morning commute. >> as we take a look outside at the bay bridge toll plaza, we
8:27 am
have seen this backup all morning. started at 5::00 this morning and is still going on. slow drive across the bay bridge, also across the san mateo and dumbarton. the south bay going northbound, it is slow. seeing the typical monday morning commute. a lot more people out there. getting across the bridges will take awhile. westbound 92 to san mateo bridge, 30 minutes. marcus? >> thanks, kari. another local update in a half hour. we're always on at as mayor, mike bloomberg slashed carbon emissions
8:28 am
and achieved new york city's cleanest air quality in more than 50 years.
8:29 am
as a leader in the fight against climate change, he helped shut down over half of the nation's coal plants, then led one of the biggest pollution reduction efforts in history. as president, he intends to reduce emissions by fifty percent within ten years. because if we want to stop climate change, we need to make a change. this is a fight-we can't afford to lose. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
8:30 am
welcome back, everybody it's 8:30 on this monday morning. happy to see the beautiful faces on our plaza oh, my gosh, y'all, we already have people pumped up for the super bowl >> i can't believe it less than a week. we should have a sound, cute baby alert sound we got a situation over here. would you just take a look at this little person zoom on in what is her name? >> piper. >> how old is piper >> she's six months >> where are you from >> jacksonville, florida. >> is this a new coat? must be.
8:31 am
>> yes >> what brings you here? >> we came here for her gymnastic meet. >> you are sis? >> aunty. >> good luck. good luck on the gymnastics meet we think she's the cutest. hello >> say hi. >> she has that space y look i have this early in the morning thank you for being here have fun. >> thank you. >> good luck in the meet. >> thank you. >> all right. see >> piper is so cute >> i know >> oh, my gosh. >> the cutest look at her >> you're shocked that i had restraint. >> oh, my god, i can't >> speaking of restraining orders anyway, meantime, i hope you remember the gift ideas we shared during the holidays today featuring dozens of products to make your holiday shopping easier. now we're spreading more cheer in the new year. donating over 250 of those featured items to the nonprofit organization women in need >> by the way, that is a great idea it's an organization in new york city that runs 11 shelters
8:32 am
and more than 300 support i have housing units for family ace cro across the city. so we want to say a special thanks to our shop today team organized that donation. people often wonder what happens with that stuff after the segments are over. now we know they go to good causes >> really good idea >> up next, you know who is in the house? >> who? >> the doctor >> dr. oz is here to answer questions about cold and flu season you know, there are the myths or the things that your mom told you. like chicken soup is good for you. don't go outside without a hat. he's going to tell us if it's true or not. >> i like that. plus, jon bon jovi's other passion. the rock star and his wife are giving back to hungry college students they sat down with kate snow to tell about their unique way of paying it forward. >> that's so sweet. mr. roker has a check of the weather. >> but first -- announcer: today's weather is brought to you by honey nut cheerios good goes round >> let's look at your week ahead and see what we have going on
8:33 am
locally, fairly quiet. snow showers in the northeast mountain snows in the rockies heavy rain in the pacific northwest. then as we get into the midweek period, sunshine in the east across the great lakes, showers and storms in the lower mississippi river valley a flood risk in the pacific northwest. then towards the end of the week, more rain in the southeast. fairly warm and mild for the northern plains. more rain in the pacific northwest. plenty of sunshine in the southwest into southern california good morning. i am meteorologist kari hall. as we check out our high temperatures today, we are headed into the upper 50s to low 60s, near the coast and for much of the bay, heading to the south bay, a little warmer, up to 64 degrees. 65 in morgan hill. antioch will be close to 66 degrees. we'll have a fairly mild week ahead. we'll see more clouds, slight chance of rain, especially in the north bay tomorrow morning. the rest of the week we are drying out. we have a warm and sunny weekend ahead. >> and that is your latest weather. savannah
8:34 am
>> al, thank you coming up next, is it time to forget some of the things mom told you dr. oz is here to tell us is it myth or fact commonly-held misconceptions about cold and flu season. ahh. that's not what that is for. we're back firs
8:35 am
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all right we're back, 8:36 time for your health. if you washed your hands and took vitamin c and still get sick, it is time to bust come common myths parts of avoiding the cold or flu is knowing the facts so who better than dr. oz here you are to help us is it myth or fact? good morning. >> good morning >> a lot of us really believe this stuff >> yeah well, mom told us that. disease been in folklore a long time we'll go through five questions, and we'll grade you. competition. full contact, by the way >> the first myth or fact is if you don't wear a hat and coat outside in the winter, you'll get sick if you go outside with wet
8:37 am
hair >> good example. >> i'm going to say myth. >> myth. >> myth >> 100% right, it's a myth here's where it partly came from viruses live longer when it is cold outside, our nose gets cold, and it can't prevent the virus from inserting there. wearing a hat or coat won't make a difference, but if your nose is cold, it can make a difference >> if you have something coming on, and you don't have a coat on, i feel like i get sicker >> that is a little hard to study. >> why don't they invent a nose hat then >> the guthrie cap. >> i'm just saying. wouldn't be attractive. but okay the next item sentence, statement, sitting next to a sick person will make you sick fact. >> fact >> fact. >> we know. we work here >> yes. >> sorry, dr. oz right here >> interestingly, true. but a lot of people don't recognize exactly how contagious it really is it is a big problem. it's not because you're touching them. it's because they can be coughing or whatever they're touching, those virus particles can live for hours on the
8:38 am
surfaces so when you touch them, you get it on your hands how did it go from my hands to face we touch our face thousands of times a day. >> not realizing it. >> what if someone is hacking two rows behind you on like a bus or train or plane? >> the most dangerous person hacking is the person diagonally positioned >> like this way? >> this way that air comes back around and circulates if i'm on a plane, i turn the air blower on my chest, and i blow all the air in frohn nt ofy face away. it is shown to be effective, by the way. >> interesting >> then you combine that with a nose hat >> that and a nose hat. >> you know the wipes, use those. clean up the desk or the arm rests on the plane, table. it's impactful. >> "today" show hasn't been cleaned since the '60s >> okay let's do our third statement. lack of sleep will make you sick fact. >> fact >> interesting why >> it is a fact you go to sleep, they get you to fall asleep.
8:39 am
they're the same chemical that gets your immune strong it's a one-two punch. your body does on purpose it allows you to maintain health if you get run down, it inhibits your body to make antibodie antibodies >> the next one statement four, avoid exercise when you're sick i'm going to say fact >> myth >> i broke it this can make a big difference. it's both >> oh. >> if you have a fever >> close, al if you're sick above the head, exercise it'll open the mucous membranes and make you feel better if you're sick below the neck, fever, muscle pains, intestinal problems, you don't want diarrhea on the treadmill. >> hey now >> dr. oz! >> another reason for the nose hat. >> okay our final statement let's throw it up there chicken soup helps you feel better >> yes, it does >> hotly debated. mothers recommend this. we studied it it's true it's a fact >> what is it about it >> chemicals do two things, it allows the mucous, the hairs in your nose to move the junk out of your face. >> okay >> the sinuses can open
8:40 am
it also helps your body reduce the inflammation anti-inflammatory. i have a recipe online. it's my family one so good. make it this summer. >> any soup or just chicken soup >> well, my dad would say, you want the chicken to walk through the water. so you want a little chicken soup but not too much. >> for people say i went in and out of a cold to hot to hot to cold, that makes me sick is that true? >> also not true. again, the problem is that are -- you are around people that are in the closed environment, and they were ill, and you went outside where the virus lives longer >> he is going to be on hoda and jenna and say mucous a few more times five thing questions do to live healthier coming up. you can catch dr. oz on "the dr. oz show. check your local listings >> thank you just ahead, our super bowl commercial kickoff that's coming up. we have a sneak peek of the game's biggest ads we're starting with a star studded one. you'll like this one.
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
all right now we're coming up on 8:43 sheinelle is become covering pop start for us for carson. hey, girl. >> good morning we have a little more grammy news let's talk about nick jonas he's the newest coach on "the voice" which makes the big return next month. and the latest promo shows one of the other coaches maybe a bigger jonas fan than we thought. >> we were together last night. >> that's rick. >> no, nick nick jonas >> what's up? i got my nick jonas on. how pumped are we >> i don't know who this is i don't know who this guy is. >> why are you being weird about it >> blake, you have some explaining to do >> what no. >> nick jonas. >> guys, i'm so psyched to be here ♪
8:44 am
>> blake! >> hi >> blake, i think you have a delivery here. >> say what right in here >> cute >> "the voice" returns february 24th that's going to be good i like that next up, we have an exclusive look at the highly anticipated justin bieber documentary series, "seasons." it's an all access look at the making of justin's first album in four years. goes behind the scenes of his private life and shows how justin's thinking changed the older he's become. >> when the focus and the goal is about yourself, you kind of tend to lose your purpose in that i think the older that i get, the more i realize that i'm not utilizing my gift, i feel, for the right reasons. this isn't about me it's about helping someone who is going through whatever they're going through and being able to talk about that thing. i think that's a really cool way to look at what i do
8:45 am
>> justin bieber's "seasons" e premieres on youtube today i feel so passionately about this one lady gaga i sat down with her mom for my series "through mom's eyes." we talk about raising stephanie. and what it's like seeing her daughter up on the world stage including the super bowl >> watching your child perform, you get nervous for them how does that work? >> in the beginning, i used to get very, very nervous now i get excited there is always a nervousness because, you know, these shows are very -- they're complicated. >> she is dropping out of the dome or something. >> that part. that was a heart-stopping moment for me yeah. when they lifted her. no net. you know, nothing >> no net >> no there was no net. >> wow. >> i asked her about it she is like, you just -- mom, you have to go for it. >> can you imagine? i'll have more with her in the third hour we talk about the bullying in middle school. at one point they threw her in a trash can.
8:46 am
and we talk about how she fights back now with her born this way foundation. you can catch the episode on we talked for 15 minutes in a series it was hours in person. but i really walked away with so much. and she feels so passionately about that foundation down to the bone >> i just love this series you did. it is such a window into the celebrity to watch you sit with her mom. like people don't even picture lady gaga having a mother. it's like, wow, amazing. >> i think it's not about trying to get dirt on their kids it's like what did you learn from it? what can you teach us >> it's been really cool. oh daly click >> okay we're changing things up a bit. we're starting our super bowl commercial kickoff we're unveiling some of the biggest ads set to air in the super bowl today is a good one hyundai is bringing in big celebs from boston >> look at this guy hey, rachel. how are you >> good, how are you? >> he's not getting that car in there. >> no sir >> look at these two trouble-makers >> johnny, how are ya? >> is that new? >> yeah
8:47 am
the sonata. let me back it. >> you're not fitting your car in there >> stop being a smarty pants, all right? look who has smart park >> the car parks itself >> it's smart, wicked smart, and i can park it anywhere >> dorchester >> parked it >> the garden? >> park it. >> revere? >> the harbor? >> are you kidding me, i parked it and unparked it. >> you unparked it? >> game changer >> that sonata ain't got no driver >> that's all right, he has smart park >> you can't park that:. >> he has smart park. >> whoa, whoa. >> wicked smart. >> this is a ghost car. >> a better way to park only available on the all new sonata with remote smart park system >> pardon. did you know he lived there? >> i had no idea. >> that's a good one. a lot of people will be for that one i can watch three hours of that one. >> we'll have more exclusive ad reveals all week
8:48 am
that is one people will start seeing. >> that is the best one >> wicked funny >> all right. coming up, bon appetit with the bon jovis. our conversation on a special restaurant they're opening on a college campus kate snow sits down with them california phones offers free specialized phones... like cordless phones, - (phone ringing) - big button, and volume-enhanced phones. get details on this state program. call or visit
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and accessoriesphones for your mobile phone.
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like this device to increase volume on your cell phone. - ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program call or visit legendary rock star jon bon jovi set to release new music, has a tour later this year but right now he's in the headlines for another reason, a good reason. >> that's right senior national correspondent kate snow sat down with him and his wife and you saw where their hearts are really at these days. >> i did. you think of bon jovi, the first thing that comes to mind is his music but he and his wife are working hard to make a difference. and create a lasting legacy well beyond music. ♪ it's now or never >> reporter: it is his life, and jon bon jovi is making the most of it, using his star power on stage and off. the rock star, along with his
8:51 am
wife, launching their third soul kitchen restaurant at rutgers university newark, the first on a college campus why did you want to do it here at rutgers in newark >> great need. >> lots of kids are hungry. lots of students >> lots we say people have this romanticized version of the starving student it's not as romantic as we would like to think it is. >> ramen noodles. >> exactly. >> reporter: what is happening at rutgers mirrors what is happening nationwide 30% of college students are food insecure, which is defined as a lack of consistent access to enough food for an active healthy life here at rutgers, more than half of the students run short on food >> we were approached by the food service provider here and we had been aware of food insecurity on college campuses and it was just a natural fit. >> our model has been perfected at this point. >> reporter: they call it dining with dignity, and the model is based on a pay it-it forward system soul kitchen customers can either pay for their meal and someone else's or volunteer their time and services to cover the cost
8:52 am
to date, bon jovi's new jersey based restaurants served over 100,000 meals, just over half paid for by donations. students we spoke to just wanted to help out >> a lot of people are struggling with hunger and not being able to pay for meals. i'm glad i could contribute. >> i think knowing you're part of something greater and giving back in a way where you're sharing company with somebody and breaking bread together, enjoying a meal goes a lot further than just shared conversations. it's about connecting >> reporter: paying it forward is something bon jovi has been doing for years. in 2006, he launched soul foundation, an organization aimed at helping people living in poverty across the u.s. the soul kitchens were a natural outgrowth. you could have aimed at a lot of different problems, why this? >> we were watching nbc news in the economic down turn and making a difference segment. >> they opened their same cafe
8:53 am
so all may eat >> it was a pay what you can model. there were a couple items on a menu to help the hungry in the community. and we work the pilot the pilot led to the restaurant and then a second and third and ten years later. >> you're finishing each other's sentences. 30 years married has this philanthropy become what you do as a couple? >> we do a lot of things, but this is one of them. >> it's a big part of who we are and what we are for a long, long time ♪ outside your door >> reporter: at 67 years old, bon jovi isn't showing any signs of slowing down. he and the band announced an 18 date north american tour this summer and their 15th studio album is on the way called "2020." it's not a political album, but socially conscious one >> soldiers with ptsd, the political environment in which we're living, taking in the
8:54 am
needy. it's all songs on the record. but never on the record do i take side. i just offer up the stories >> you still like the touring >> no i'm really good at it ♪ we'll give it a shot >> reporter: he sold over 130 million albums with hits like "living on a prayer" and "it's my life. but what matters to him most is his commitment to giving back. >> when we're able to do this and volunteer in our restaurants or if you come and volunteer, you'll feel the same kind of high when you leave a restaurant that you do when i get off working. because truthfully, you leave buzzing about what you have done for the day. ♪ who sayious cans you can't go♪ >> you ever stop and think about how this all happened? >> oh, sure every day you know, we wrote "who says you can't go home. >> i might know all the words >> thank you. yeah, every day. every day you sit down and think, i get to do a job that i love to do
8:55 am
and i still get to do it, it's such a blessing. >> they are an amazing team and they could scale this, right? they could take this to other cities and other states and they're willing to work on that. >> yes. it's like really ambitious about what this idea could mean for other schools. and it's a real problem that they've helped identify. >> i love what you did there people, when they think of bon jo jovi, think of one thing >> by the way, he likes to wash dishes >> what >> in the kitchen and at some point they had to tell him, no, stop we need volunteers to do that you have to stop washing dishes make room for the volunteers. >> great story i had no idea the numbers were that high. 60% of college students. >> that's a thing. this is a really serious issues we've done a lot of stories about that >> thanks, kate coming up, dr. oz is going to come back with five ways for a healthier 2020 >> that's right but first on the third hour, it's make ahead monday we have a healthier twist on sloppy joe's >> yeah. >> coming up after your local
8:56 am
news and weather good morning. 8:56. i am marcus washington. as the world mourns the death of basketball icon kobe bryant, bay area sports stars are also reacting. warriors star steph curry paid tribute to the lakers legend. he posted an instagram photo, changing his twitter profile picture to show photos of him
8:57 am
with kobe. the warriors are off. tomorrow they play in philadelphia, against the 76ers in philly where bryant spent his youth and was once a high school basketball star. happening now, following reaction online, along with developments on the crash investigation. get the latest now at the top of our home page. the senate impeachment trial is selt to resume later this morning, and new book by national security adviser john bolton is sparking questions about a key defense argument. go to the home page for a link of those details. second case of coronavirus is confirmed in southern california, making it a total of five cases confirmed in the u.s. about 100 more patients are being tested. the number of deaths overseas is at least 80. from our twitter, link to the developments.
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live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza, this is "the third hour of today." >> good morning. welcome to "the third hour of today." willie geist is us with. craig is outside the staples center in l.a. reporting on the story that everybody has been talking about the last 24 hours, the death of nba icon kobe bryant and his 13-year-old daughter gianna and seven others including the pilot killed in a helicopter crash in calabasas, california. it is still very hard to wrap your head around this. >> if we take it a step at a time, i was telling you, you know, times changeded with social media. you don't have to have the tv on, right? i was with a friend and we were


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