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tv   Early Today  NBC  January 28, 2020 4:00am-4:30am PST

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mike will get it done. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message. helicopters with you for the -- transition. we are currently at 1400 >> echo x-ray, you are too low level for flight at this time. >> new details on kobe bryant's final moments as the investigation in the crash begins to unfold and we hear from the loved ones who lost their family members breaking overnight, the state department and cdc are warning all nonessential travelers -- >> on the impeachment front, president trump's defense.
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prince andrew called out fo not cooperating in the today," . good morning, i'm francis rivera. >> and i'm fill philip mena, the basketball world is still trying to move forward after the death of kobe bryant both teams are mourning the los angeles legend and grief counselors have been brought in. the ntsb is revealing new details about the crash that killed kobe, his 13-year-old daughter and seven others. we have the latest from california tom, good morning. >> behind me in calabasas is the hill where the helicopter crashed early on sung killiny on board, including kobe bryant and his 13-year-old daughter and so many
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others investigators have gotten a lot of work to find out what went wrong. >> at the crash scene in calabasas, ntsb investigators have been examining the pieces of wreckage and removing the victims remains. blue skies but thick clouds hung low. l.a.p.d.'s helicopters were grounded. >> my concern is the decision making process if we were not flying in the weather, why is anybody else acas leased, it was hemy in thousand oaks air traffic control told the pilot to follow highways to the north. a normal procedure, with the clouds and fog, the pilot asked for special visual rules for local ceilings >> we are currently at 1400. >> minutes later, the helicopter was over calabasas, it climbed then descended quickly before
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dropping off radar >> eo-x-ray, you are too low for flight following at this time >> they heard the chopper fly over his head and slam in the hill >> i heard the helicopter approaching. i'm going what in the world is a helicopter flying below minimums there's no visibility. >> there was nothing but cloud and fog. >> correct >> the chopper pilot said he felony kobe bryant and new the pilot who died >> for any, any, decision, it's a pilot command. the pilot flying is the final authority. >> he can decide whether to fly or not fly >> he is the only one who can. >> late yesterday, the ntsb told us that this helicopter did not have a cockpit voice recorder on board, contrary to early reports that could complicate efforts to find out what happened sources next to the investigation said the focus continues to be on the idea that somehow this pilot may have simply got disoriented in the
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clouds, and flown straight in to that hill. >> still hard to hear. thank you. >> kobe bryant's death has left players across the league grief stricken lebron james breaking his silence. >> in an instagram post dedicated to his friend. he stafrts with, i'm not ready but here i go. i'm heart broken and devastated, i love you big bro and lebron vowed to carry on his legacy with the lakers the heart felt message ending with until we meet again my brother. >> also, among those mourning are the countless fans inspired by koeby a very early age. with more on the legacy he leaves behind, we have been joined from outside his high school in pennsylvania good morning >> reporter: good morning. before kobe bryant became an nba legend, he was a high school basketball star here where people saw something
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extraordinary in him at a very young age. kobe bryant was 6 years old when he moved to a small town in italy. his father playing in the country's basketball league. bryant learned the fundamentals of basketball there. he moved back to pennsylvania at 13 and talked about it in a spike lee-docu-series. >> i had to learn to do all the trick stuff. go between my legs and stuff. >> bryant was quickly a super star at lower marion high school >> as i watched him play high school for two years, he did things that nobody his age could do >> so, when the hometown hero joined the lakers it created a riff with the city that raised him. >> the wounds had healed and reconciled, today in 2020, philadelphia mourns kobe as one of its own >> tributes are now growing outside the bryant gymnasium.
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>> it will make us work harder to really embody the mamba mentality. >> knowing that he was here as a kid. man walking the halls that kobe did. and at times with him. >> inspiring to you? >> very, very. the nba legend never forgot his roots. visiting through the years bryant founded mamba sports academy, a training center that reached 10s of thousands >> the mamba mentality is constant cure -- >> he focused on spreading love for the game including in italy, his youth team there saying kobe is forever one of us. from the bottom of my heart, thank you. his dreams were big and his legacy, that's even bigger >> mamba out
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>> the philadelphia 76ers are planning a special tribute to kobe bryant during tonight's home game. philip, back to you. >> thank you >> another land mark day ahead in the impeachment trial of president trump. as his defense team wraps up opening arguments against his removal from office. the second day focused mostly on the bidens but overshadowing the proceedings was the bombshell from a book from former national security adviser john boltoboltn safe to say he is the elephant in the senate chamber. >> yes, what is happening is affecting what we are hearing on the last day of defense arguments. john bolton's book, unpublished and unverified at this point revealing that he said he heard president trump directly connect aid for ukraine to the push to get the bidens investigated. so, there's now pressure to get
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bolton to come in and testify. that decision will not be made until the end of the week. the trump team trying to stay focused on their case. but addressing the elephant in the room >> nothing in the bolton revelations, even if true, would rise to the level of an abuse of power or an impeachable offense. >> it's increasingly apparent that it would be important to hear from john bolton. i think it's increasingly likely that the republicans will join those of us who think we should hear from john bolton. >> the first 16 hours of questions from lawmakers before they make the decision in the trump impeachment trial, the thing that republicans are saying, this could open pandora's box, because if they agree to hear witnesses like bolton they want to hear witnesses from the president's perspective, like joe biden and his son hunter >> tracy, thank you.
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>> now to wall street, where stocks suffered steep losses on monday >> the market tanked as worries grew about the potential impact of the deadly corona virus the dow fell 53 points and the nasdaq dropped 175 >> and while stocks are tumbling the number of cases and deaths are steadily growing in china. and officials have confirmed over 100 people have died and nearly 5,000 illnesses, but while the u.s. confirmed five cases, health officials say more can be on the way. >> francis, good morning, later today, consulate officials from china are expected to go to u.s., first through alaska and outbreais around the a, a world. worldwide fears of coronavirus
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outbreak is mounting in the u.s., five confirmed cases but the cdc said that 110 people are under investigation over 26 >> we all anticipate, indeed, that there will yet be further patients identified. >> u.s. stocks tumbled like they did in the sars outbreak in 2003, the dow down more than 400 points the cdc said that the immediate health risk is low in the u.s. but there's conflicts interpretations from health officials as to how contagious this virus is. china's health minister said people can spread it before they are -- >> in wuhan where the virus originated, a social media message urged people to chant from their balconies all at once
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while in quarter enteen. they are planning to vac consulate officials. authorities say more than 2400 people traveling from that country have already been screened at u.s. airports. >> francis, again, the u.s. state department raising the travis advisory to china to a level 3 that means that all americans are urged the to reconsider travel to that country but again, the cdc said that the immediate health risk to americans here in the u.s. is low. francis? >> that is reassuring, gabe, thanks >> turning to brazil where 30,000 people have been displaced. the storms are triggers floods and land slides. 54 people have been killed and 18 more missing. over 120 cities and towns have declared a state of emncing now. here is bill carons. >> compared to that we are all right. slippery spot.
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areas of kansas and oklahoma, you can see the new storm system coming in to the middle of the country and the worst of it is areas of south, southern kansas and also, out in panhandle of oklahoma so, here is how it will play out today. the storm dives through texas, showers and thunderstorms throughout the day from dallas to houston air port delays will be possible we will see a bit of snow trying to make its way through oklahoma but during the daylight hours it will change to rain. by tomorrow morning we will raining in areas of southern louisiana and mississippi and by the storm in wednesday afternoon, will go through florida and georgia. by then, ww accumulations of southern and central missouri, the roads will be fine around kansas city and st. louis. you will still have a potential for a weekend storm. we will details coming up for
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the east coast. >> we need to hear about that, thank you, bill. >> happying later 2d, president trump is expected to release details of his middle east peace plan he has touted it has the deal of the century and will end decades of conflict. it has already been rejected by the palestinians and others. he is scheduled to make the joint statement at noon eastern. >> the emotional tribute to his long time friend, kobe bryant. dre nd royally rebuffed, princ anew blasted by u.s. prosecutors. joint pain, swelling, tenderness... ...m my psoriasis, clearer... cosentyx works on all of this. four years and counting. so watch out. i got this! watch me. real people with active psoriatic arthritis are feeling real relief with cosentyx.
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>> prince andrew is under new fire here in the united states an american prosecutor saying andrew has provided zero cooperation in the jeffrey epstein investigation. here is nbc stephanie gosk. >> prince andrew silence speaking volumes to american authorities. in an unusual move the u.s. attorney called out the royal for refusing to answer questions in their investigation of his former friend, jeffrey epstein >> the southern district of new york and the fbi have contacted prince andrew's attorneys and requested to interview prince andrew and to date, prince andrew has provided zero cooperation. >> in the bbc interview last fall, prince andrew denied having sex with accusing virginia guffry. >> would you testify or give a statement. >> i'm like everyone else, i would have to take all the legal advice that there was, before i
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was to do that sort of thing but, if push came to shove, and the legal advice was to do so, then i would be duty bound to do so >> days after the prince's interview, he announced he was stepping down from his royal duties adding he was willing to help any appropriate law enforcement agency with their investigations if required. two months later, investigators say, they are not getting any answers. >> no comment from the prince or the palace to explain why he will not help authorities. >> kwoming up the growing calls to immortalize kobe'lecys ga th? (dad) mhm. aaaah! (mom) nooooo... (dad) nooooo... (son) nooooo...
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i've spent a decade fighting and beating oil companies... stopping pipelines... stopping fossil fuel plants, ensuring clean energy across the country. how are we going to pull this country together? we take on the biggest challenge in history, we save the world and do it together. . just a reminder, early today is on i obje-- is on instagram follow us for updates throughout the morning. an investigation continues in to a devastating fire at least 8 people were killed when the marina went up in flames it could several days to complete a search. flames are ripping through f them officials say used as family homes. the fire chief --
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>> it gave me chills, it was a terrible scene. >> they confirm eight people killed some people dove in the frigid lake to escape crews pulled seven survivors from the water day break showed the damage. the cause of the fire unknown and under investigation t situation prompting memories of another night time boat fire, a blaze on a california dive boat last september that left 34 people dead. and in alabama, recovery crews still searching through debris >> we don't want anybody unaccounted for. >> and investigators say it could take three, four days before they can pull the boats from the water to get a closer look at the fire's cause >> still ahead, the emotional late night tribute to kobe bryant that you will want to see. >> and what kobe said was his greatest accomplhmt.isen you are watching "early today" on a tuesday 30 to 40 times a da. good morning, how you doing? thank you thank you you're very welcome sharing in person you get to build that connection. it made for a great experience and i loved it.
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i met kobe when i was 17 and we laughed about the first night that we met over the years we laugh at all the good things that happened since. and we laugh at how much fun it was to raise kids and all the stupid mistakes you make trying to figure out how to be good dads >> it does not get more real than that. that powerful tribute from jimmy fallon, as he recalled his friendship with kobe bryant. that is true raw emotion that again so many that knew him and loved him feel exactly the same. >> it's so much time invested in watching, just spend so of of your time with him tributes continue to pour in,
4:27 am
even with his astonishing career, on the court kobe's greatest legacy was his family and his death reminds us to make every second count here is kate snow. >> lakers season ticket holders fellow nba stars, those of us who have never really understood basketball it did not matter. we all knew the legend, kobe and so, when we heard, we stopped. the words caught in our throats. and an athlete who defined a generation gone in an instant. we thought about our own mortality, how appreciates every moment really is and our hearts ached for vanessa and his other three girls. they were a close family, young and vibrant with so much ahead of them, and we saw ourselves in the photos kobe one of the greatest players of all time once said, being a father is the thing i am most proud of in the world. gianna was always at his side at the game the most, play basketball. there were others on board,
4:28 am
families, now without fathers. mothers, sisters daughters, wives, and sons their heart ache, unimaginable too. while we all mourn the loss of a great, someone larger than life, we are reminded of the simple moments that make a life we are reminded to savor a regular sunday afternoon to share our passions with loved ones to love, and to hold love tight. kate snow, nbc news. >> a lot of us can say, because of kobe we are appreciating each other more after that. >> yeah. >> fans have lunched a new effort to immortalize his legacy t the has 1.5 million signatures calling on the nba to put bryant on the logo, celebrities are getting behind the effort snoop dogg saying do what is right and justin bieber saying change the logo. >> i think they should do it, at
4:29 am
least for a season >> thanks for watching, "early today,". as mayor, mike bloomberg slashed carbon emissions and achieved new york city's cleanest air quality in more than 50 years. as a leader in the fight against climate change, he helped shut down over half of the nation's coal plants, then led one of the biggest pollution reduction efforts in history. as president, he intends to reduce emissions by fifty percent within ten years. because if we want to stop climate change, we need to make a change. this is a fight-we can't afford to lose. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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it is january 28th. as we take a live look outside. see the clouds hovering over san francisco this morning. we'll check the full forecast in just moments. mike is back with a look at -- i almost said monday morning commute. >> i was watching the monday morning commute. from afar. thank you, kari. >> good morning,gaia. >> and i'm marcus washington. let's get a look at that forecast. >> we're watching rain to the north and that will move closer to the north bay as we go into the rest of the of this rain is apart and will bring much of the bay area some clouds today. any areas around san francisco on northward will have a chance of rain and


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