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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  February 9, 2020 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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>> is it still february? doesn't look like it. "nightly news" is next. we're back at 6:00. hope you can join us. tonight the battle for new hampshire. the candidates ramp up their attack >> this guy is not a barack obama. >> i'm not neither is he. >> biden's new strategy to avoid another big loss we're on the ground with the first primary just two days away a gunman ambushes police officers opening fire at two locations in new york including inside a precinct. >> this was an attempt to assassinate police officers >> how police finally took him down >> deadly milestone for the new coronavirus. it has now killed more people woth the sars outbreak as passengers aboard
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o one quarantined ship are finally released a hard landing in russia a boeing 737 slamming into the runway, the overhead panels breaking off the spy plane set to fly over an american city filming every public area in an effort to stop crime. critics fear a surveillance state gone too far and there's good news tonight. the team manager off the bench with a shot no one will forget. this is "nbc nightly news" with kate snow. good evening, with just about 36 hours to go until polls open in the first presidential primary of the 2020 electhdemocratic candidates are jockeying for position in new hampshire tonight. a lot of voters say they remain unsure who they will support after a disappointing finish in iowa joe biden has a new strategy criticizing the iowa front runners pete buttigieg and bernie sanders but is it an uphill pat battle for him? stephanie rhule reports tonight from new hampshire. >> tonight the vice president is on the attack. >> we'll give people hope immediately.
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>> reporter: hitting mayor pete buttigieg for his inexperience >> this guy is not a barack obama. >> buttigieg firing right back >> he's right. i'm not. neither is he. >> biden ramping up attacks also on bernie sanders eligibility. >> bernie calls himself a democratic socialist you have been around as much as anybody. you going to win with that label >> reporter: sanders hit back he's current leading the poll he's polling a close second >> you think the person you're giving money to you're going to stand up to the corporate elite and fight for a government that represents all of us i don't think so >> buttigieg with all five sunday shows before taking his case straight to the voters >> i'm not focusing on any competitors. but i will push off when somebody attacks or when i think it's important to understand the difference between us. >> elizabeth warren tried to stay above the fray today. >> we're going to have
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to bring our party together in order to beat donald trump. and it's not by launching attacks on each other. trying to tear each other down >> senator amy klobuchar seeing an uptick in polling in recent days her campaign telling nbc news they have raised over $2.5 million since friday's debate >> my goal is to do well here. i just love what we're seeing in all of our events. >> but with two days to go, the latest polling shows 1 in 5 voters here aren't locked in. >> you know who you will be voting for on tuesday? >> it's getting closer >> there are sny good candidates in the race we just haven't decided yet. >> a lot of undecided there. stephanie from manchester the president is heading there, too, right? >> reporter: that's right, in less than 24 hours from now, the president will be here hosting a a rally right behind me hoping to steal some headlines and thunder from democrats with less than 24 hours before democratic voters weigh in this this state
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>> all right, thank you. a gunman is in custody tonight after what the mayor of new york city is calling assassination attempts on two police officers. the ambush shootings were caught on camera. one inside the officer's own station house. erin mclaughlin has more >> reporter: tonight in the bronx, a gunman in custody. after two chilling attacks targeting police both shootings caught on camera. >> this was an attempt to assassinate police officers we need to use that word >> this morning just before 8:00 a.m., the 41st precinct was under attack the chaos caught on this surveillance footage >> picture yourself on a sunday morning at work and bullets start flying all around you >> the suspect lays on the ground, authorities say, only after he runs out of bullets. one officer was shot in the arm he's expected to make a full recovery >> only by the grace of god that we are not talking about police officers murdered inside a new
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york city police precinct >> reporter: the suspect later identified by nbc news as robert williams described as a career criminal for attempted murder 12 hours earlier, williams was two blocks away. surveillance footage shows the moment the suspect opened fire as the policeman drives away. one officer was shot in the neck, released from hospital today. >> an attack on a police officer is an attack on all of us it's an attack on a democratic society, a decent society. and it's intolerable >> reporter: now president trump weighing in blaming the attacks on weak leadership and lack of support. mayor bill de blasio tweeted his response, saying this is no time for division >> erin is with us now. there's more police presence tonight. >> that's right. there's a heavy police presence, as you can see the precinct's completely cordoned
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off. this is a community in shock. >> erin, thank you the coronavirus sweeping through china has reached a grim milestone. now surpassing the number of deaths from the sars outbreak, which also began in that country back in 2002 and desperation is growing in china as officials try to find places to help care for the tens of thousands who are ill. janis mackey fraier is in beijing. >> reporter: tonight a crucial test in china's biggest cities that have been in virtualal lockdown t keep the coronavirus from spreading. >> reporter: people are taking precautions. the streets are quiet. >> reporter: but now millions set to return to work as the death toll surpasses the sars outbreak that killed 774 people worldwide. the infection rate for this outbreak is much higher >> we are seeing a lot of cases, but if the fatality rate decreases, at the end of the day, it may look like a very severe flu season >> reporter: but anxiety here is rampant.
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conditions in wuhan at the epicenter, outright desperate video on social media of a woman screaming for help from a balcony, that her husband can't breathe. and that no hospital has a bed to treat him these images posted to youtube appearing to show the convention certainty being converted to a warehouse of beds for virus patients and just one of the chilling glimpses of the crisis filmed by a lawyer who had been posting images to social media now his friends say he's missing. just days after the censured by police for warning of the virus that eventually killed him. in hong kong passengers on a cruise ship were finally allowed to leave >> i think i will just put it on my mouth everyday >> reporter: but in japan, the diamond princess is still quarantined with the largest cluster of infections outside china. now 70 confirmed cases on board and thousands more confined to their cabin.
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>> janice is in beijing. we saw you wearing a mask when reporting. what other precautions are being taken where you are? >> reporter: even into the compound where the bureau is, i have to get my temperature checked before they will open the gate they are doing this everywhere it's not just in airports but grocery stores and starbucks. they check your temperature. authorities are urging people to wash their hands, wear masks and take precautions in these crucial days >> thank you so much we know more tonight about tw u.s. soldiers gunned down in afghanistan yesterday and new question about whether or not it was an inside attack. hans nichols reports >> reporter: the ambush that took the lives of the two xico, was quick and violent. an individual in an afghan uniform opened fire on the
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combined u.s. and afghan force with a machine gun, according to the defense department the militant unloading his weapon at the end of a meeting with local leaders a nest for taliban and isis combatants one afghan soldier was killed and six more members of the special forces group were wounded. military officials say they are still investigating if the shooter was actually a member of the combined u.s. afghan force, which would make this incident a so-called green on blue take. the deaths both 28 years old are the fifth and sixth of the year after a bloody 2019, which when 22 american service members died in afghanistan all as president trump tries to negotiates a peace deal with the taliban after 19 years of fighting >> we are working to finally end america's longest war and bring our troops back home >> could this affect peace talks with the taliban >> reporter: potentially. while they haven't claimed responsibility, secretary of state mike pompeo has said for any peace deal to be reached,
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the taliban has to demonstrate the will and the capacity to reduce violence. >> hans nichols at the white house for you. thank you. tonight we're hearing from a shopper forced to hide during the terrifying and dead hi mall shooting in thailand yesterday. now the government there is defending the way it handled getting survivors out safely matt bradley has that story. >> reporter: tonight thailand in mourning after a shooting rampage leaving 29 dead, nearly 60 injured. in a hail of gunfire after an all-night standoff police shot and killed thai army target cakra pant thomma jakrapanth thomma. thai officials said the gunman had been angered by a property >> reporter: thailand's prime minister defending the government's response
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it's not that we're not officiate with this mission it's not easy. among the rescued, i don't want to criticize authorities and their efforts, he said i just think they too long he said he huddled with dozens of other in a women's restroom for more than five hours. i was worried about my daughter because she was scared, he said. they got regular updates from the gunman's location from a friend who works in the surveillance control room my friend told me they reached the fourth floor everyone who was hiding along with us turned their phones on silent mode and stayed quiet. he says he tried to stay calm until the police arrived. a wait far longer than he expected matt bradley, nbc news we're getting a rare look inside a boeing 737 that made a very it happened at an airport in northern russia coming down so hard the overhead panels broke apart, as you can see.
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government officials there say an equipment problem is to blame, but no one was injured and all the passengers got out safely and in more uplifting aviation news, a british airways flight broke a record today becoming the fastest regular passenger flight to travel from new york to london. that boeing 747 made it from jfk to heathrow in just 4 hours and 56 minutes overnight with a top speed of 825 miles per hour it was helped along by massive tail winds still ahead tonight, controversial new crime fighting technology the spy planes ready to fly ove an american city filming everything that happens below.
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we're back with a story about eyes in the sky. controversial crime fighting surveillanc planes that could be filming everything happening in your city it's technology developed for the military and could say it's an invasion of privacy. gabe gutierrez has the details. >> reporter: you're about to see the murder of a police officer in broad daylight captured from a small plane. the officer's vehicle is circled in red >> you're going to see her run right into this parked car here >> reporter: she's being chased by cartel members in mexico >> she was shot six times in the head and shoulders these guys blast out >> reporter: you can't identify who fired the shots, but you ca tell where the assassin's car came from and where it went next
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that's the key to solving the brutal crime >> if this plane hadn't been there, this murder probably would never have been solved >> correct we believe this will revolutionize policing >> reporter: mcnutt is an air force veteran, whose company in ohi wants to roll out the battlefield technology in u.s. cities after he developed it for the military in iraq >> this is actually the camera system here. >> reporter: this cessna is a equipped with 12 powerful cameras, and can cover more than a mile of the cities at a time and captur everything in public view >> we'll take the picture of the city, once a second in resolutions we can barely follow a person to and from a crime scene where they came from before the crime, even though we may not have known that crime was going to be committed. >> reporter: once someone calls police and reports a crime, technicians can zoom in on a recording of a particular area essentially
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turning back the clock to look for evidence >> are these spy planes >> we can call them community support planes >> with 348 homicides in 2019, one of the deadliest years on record, baltimore plans to start a pilot program in may st. louis is also considering it so are other cities across the country >> what do to you say to people who argue this is an invasion of privacy? >> there are always trade-offs between privacy and security we have grown to accept cameras at banks because it helps deter people from robbing things our goal is to solve otherwise unsolvable crimes so those people and families get justice. >> reporter: the american civil liberties union says this 8 the sky is more than a slippery slope, it's a cliff. >> it's a huge invasion of privacy and probably unconstitutional to allow the government to track everybody in the city without individualized suspicion they're involved in wrongdoing >> reporter: baltimore will have three planes flying over different parts of the city during daylight hours. mcnutt argues the
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system is cheaper and more effective than a police helicopter and visual evidence can be used in court. >> in some cases, this might help exonerate people. >> absolutely. >> reporter: for now, private donors are financing this experiment if it's successful, more communities could soon find themselves under a watchful eye gabe gutierrez, nbc news,dayton, ohio when we come back, supporting working women through pregnancy loss the way some employers are now helping them heal. also it's a hoop dreams come true the amazing shot you have to see.
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this week we're launching a close look at something that doesn't often get a lot of attention. it's estimated up to a quarter of known pregnancies end in miscarriage. tonight we look at how employers
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respond. some companies now offer paid time off after a pregnancy loss but it's still not the norm >> reporter: when their daughter was 3, angelica and caleb gunn were thrilled to discover they were pregnant again. >> i told work and told friends we did a photo shoot with our daughter she had a cute shirt that says i have a secret. then the back says she's going to be a big sister >> but about 12 weeks in on mother's day 2015, anjelica had a miscarriage. at the time she had a job working the front desk at a clinic her employer sent flowers but when she called to ask for a week, she was told they did not provide paid time off after a pregnancy loss >> they were like, you can take a week off unpaid and then after that you need to come back to work >> could you afford to take a week unpaid? >> no, i couldn't, but i did. >> reporter: she did the same thing after two more miscarriages after struggling
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to keep her spirits up>> it's like if someone loses a family member, you don't expect them to come back to work and be happy and jolly.a you can have more kids or you'll get over it. miscarriage, it's like it's fine. >> no worker should have to choose between recovering from a miscarriage and earning a paycheck but that's the reality for millions of workers in america today. >> reporter: dena founded a better balance to advocate for family leave policies. this is no federal law providing paid leave after a miscarriage. >> the good news is there's growing momentum on the state and local level for paid leave >> reporter: companies are responding, too. >> it's been my experience as an hr professional over the last decade that there's far more heart in companies than there are in handbooks at reddit, in silicon valley employees are now entitled to up to eight and a half weeks of paid time off after a miscarriage. kaitlyn holloway developed the policy out of her own experience, a miscarriage while working late one night. >> my heart sank,
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sorry. luckily, the janitor was there and she came to help she called my husband. >> reporter: she says her boss at the time was incredibly supportive now she gets calls from other companies wanting to replicate reddit's policy. >> would it have made you a better worker in the long run if you had more time off? >> i think so. because i could have grieved in a different way. i didn't have to force myself into something that i wasn't ready for. >> you were grieving at work. >> yes >> reporter: anjelica is now training to become a registered nurse to help other women through miscarriage. >> i feel like if i'm in that healthcare field, i can use my pain for purpose i can help others as they are grieving >> reporter: maybe help them navigate the workplace?
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>> that's correct. >> she started a support group on instagram we did reach out to her former employer and have not heard become there's much more reporting on our series at powerful videos of women sharing their stories as well, including my own story i'll have more tomorrow on "today." still ahead for us, a shooting star. off the bench and into thgame we'll meet the teen who ha become a high school hero after an unbelievable shot
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there's good news about the power of perseverance and a electrifying moments a teenage basketball manager finally got a chance to get in the game sarah harmon has his inspirational story. >> it was a shot four years in the making
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and stuey nailed it. the crowd erupting in pure joy rushing the court to embrace him. >> it's really surreal. i'm humbled to have the opportunity and to be able to have students around me who all rally together that's just our school >> reporter: he spent four years on the sidelines the team manager for the dublin high school gaels in northern california always ready with a towel, water or kind word >> do it because i love that group of guys that's the only reason i ever will do it >> his dedication enduring him to players and fans alike. >> he's one of a kind. the kids love him. he's an integral part of our team >> all season, coach tom costella hoped t find a way to show him what he meant to the team. on friday, coach saw his moment >> the chants started coming i said, go get ready
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>> he put stewey in the game for the first time ever. >> as a parent, you dream of this we're just so proud of him and know how hard he worked >> reporter: tonight the high school senior a hometown hero. >> i would be lying if i said there wasn't a tear. that was one of the most important three points of my life >> reporter: after sinking a three-pointer that was nothing but net and a lot of love >> that's a good sign. that is "nbc nightly news" on a sunday. lester holt will be with you tomorrow i'm kate snow. for all of us at nbc news, have a great night. xxxx
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right now at 6:00. strong winds slamming the bay area, snapping trees and bringing down power lines and windows. good evening everyone, thank you for joining u i s everyone, i a terry mcsweeney. trees under cars and houses onto roads. let's go outside right now and take a look at the bay bridge. we have got a gorgeous shot. camera is not shaking. winds are calming down. most bay area is under a wind . wind speeds are starting to


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