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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  March 3, 2020 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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encounter led to a life changing day. that's coming up on our 6:00 newscast. >> so much going on, we'll have more at 6:00. >> we'll be here through the night. lester holt is next on "nightly news." >> bye. we are back. it is 8:30 in the east and polls have just closed in arkansas where 31 delegates are at stake tonight. >> that's right. we have not the call. too early to call. yeah, that's arkansas. in oklahoma we've got too early to call. then we can go on to maine, also too early to call. in massachusetts, too early to call. told you there would be some. >> the delegate haul, let's show you that as we know it. you can see joe biden with 90 delegates on the night.
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bernie sanders a distance away at 30. bloomberg and tulsi gabbard. >> can we tease it here. massachusetts, guys, if you believe our exit polls, we can say -- we can say the hard numbers. it's going to be a three-way race. >> warren's home state. >> joe biden is the surge that's hit the bay state as well, folks. >> yes. >> these numbers are very tiny, but we're going to be following massachusetts. >> all can be above the threshold. >> all three likely above threshold here. what if warren finishes third in her home state? >> wow. >> mike bloomberg was born in brooklyn, massachusetts. >> her real home state is oklahoma. >> also big tonight. >> let's talk about texas. one of the big prizes tonight. the second most delegates going to be awarded tonight. garrett hake is there talking about the biden campaign and the
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ground game. he's visited there a few times. i think it's five visits. in dallas last night, garrett, having that huge moment where the moderate lane, klobuchar, buttigieg, beto o'rourke around biden. >> reporter: yeah, that's right. if you thought south carolina was joe biden's early state fire wall, you can think of texas as his super tuesday firewall. it's the bull work against bernie's good night. joe biden has been targeting parts of the state where he could use turnout to perform well. that includes harris county where i am, ha downtown houston, district like dallas and the dallas suburbs. there's no accident that that moderate
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endorsement palooza happened last night. all of the suburbs around dallas linking it to fort worth are going to be huge battle grounds. a vote rich place for joe biden. and to latino voters who make up 40% of the vote tonight. >> we have a real tight race so far down there. we'll see how it plays out. >> david plouffe was barack obama's campaign manager in 2008. how is it shaping up for biden, sanders, thank you for joining us. give us a sense of what's happening behind the scenes in this moderate -- >> moderate palooza. >> joe biden on saturday before we saw south carolina was down to his last
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political life. now he's having an absolute dream night. he's going to walk out of the south and the eastern part of tonight with a lot of delegates. the question is can bernie sanders catch up in california? last week we thought sanders might have a delegate lead of 150, 200. dramatic change. joe biden hasn't spent and if he struggled in debates, a lot of it is to support him. it went undecided. when he had one good night and started to perform better, that all came back. african-american vote driving his delegate share and doing really well with suburban voters. >> does it provide him
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to have a successful night, there had to be somewhat of a bloomberg collapse. bloomberg not reaching viability. bloomberg was nipping at his heels in some states that we've already called for joe biden. >> bloomberg was moving. there were a couple of things that had to happen. the most important was biden losing south carolina. all of that support came back to him. now if you're in joe biden, they might be viable in california. he'll most certainly win california. in virginia, rooting for it. he's on top. i love texas is our story line of the night. these are two evenly matched coalitions.
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independents. bernie added latinos. he's not improved over four years ago. >> we are on super tuesday, but next tuesday we have primaries and caucuses and georgia on the 24th. for sanders to become the democratic nominee, he has to have the african-american vote. we do have some big states coming up, new york, florida, arizona with the latino population. >> another thing sanders said is he will get people to go to the polls and come off of the polls. we see barack obama turning out. are we seeing whether they show up for
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sanders? >> he's right that they win. >> they're not coming. >> they're not coming in the same numbers as older voters. >> for the argument, biden, he was on life few days. i can drive african-american turnout and the suburban women. >> what about elizabeth warren? she could end up in third place. >> that's interesting because she's campaigned really well. she hasn't been able to break out of the low to mid teens. she's trying to make it to michigan. she has a decision to make. she has money. she has an organization.
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>> it is. strategically doesn't spend money to hurt joe biden, and even if they were trying not to harm the establishment. i was like, wow. what's fascinating for me is you look ahead on the rest of the calendar. if joe biden can put together money and good performance with the momentum. >> david, thanks for stopping by. chuck has another breakdown for us. >> i want to stick to this age thing. very simple, north carolina, 45 and above. this was 65% of the electorate. biden got this.
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sanders wins it but it's 31%. he's doing -- and it's only 35% of the electorate. he's just not turned out his coalition in these greater numbers that they need. particularly in these southern states, younger african-american are very comfortable with joebds. that is something he is not winning younger african-american yet. >> i do think, yeah, barack obama turned out young voters. we turned them out. >> quite frankly, they went begins it. it's amazing they can make the strongest general election
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campaign. he got saved by the african-american community. >> i laugh, david. >> joe biden's african-american support is stronger in the south than it is a midwest. there is a geographic disparate. he has more strange. this has happened basically to put things away with the south. there's a bill clintonput them. super tuesday democratic nominations whoever lives in it, i spoke to ashley. >> you know,
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presumably it will have willing question. are they starting to mature as this -- >> bernie sanders is running a smart campaign. two massive southern states. >> how is that good for bernie? >> it's not. >> if you are looking at the numbers, joe biden could walk out of those two stages with aaa coverage. thought. is not the the night is over, we will count. >> what one key county
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we're back and one of the ways we hope to help you understand the results is something we're called county to county. chuck, this is the way you look at an election. why do these counties matter? >> we have five counties we're watching in the five states we think are going to decide this presidential election. mflorida, your home state arizona, michigan, pennsylvania and i'm drawing a blank here on -- michigan, pennsylvania, wisconsin, of course florida. it's counties in each of these states that help tell the story of the larger electorate. in florida, it's miami-dade. maricopa county, the biggest essentially swing county in your home state of arizona. in milwaukee county, it will be a democratic county. beaver county, big former democratic county that went big
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for trump. then there's kent countriy that i think is the single swingingest place. and not sure if they have a home with the democrats, their member of congress is an independent, justin amash. i can't think of a better place to go check out what the swing voters think. >> these should be voters that care about electability. they're not trump fans but not comfortable with -- >> hillary clinton was criticized for not going to this county, grand rapids, and they said she could have won the primary. >> kate snow is in kent county, michigan. voters go to the polls and they are keeping a close eye on what happens this week.
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>> by the way, there are some liberal democrats. a lot of people here were pete buttigieg. raise your hands, guys. now you have to make another choice. what are you thinking? >> biden. >> why? two reasons peat asked us to vote for biden and support him. i was kind of providing before and then i met pete. >> is it the providebility? >> yes. yes. yes. electability. >> patsy, thank you very much. this is dane. you're a bernie sanders supporters die hard. >> all in. >> since 2016. >> that's right. >> what about the electability thing. tonight he's not having the best night so far. >> that's fine. like bernie, i'm
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relying on the people who make the decision of who will be the democratic nominee. i will clearly say,rigging isn. we will see what happens in november and who will be the nominee. >> thank you very much. i want to make one last stop. you're an elizabeth warren fan and it's sort of becoming a two-person race right now. >> it is right now. >> what are you going to do? >> i'm still going to hold out tonight and speak with elizabeth. >> it would definitely be bernie next tuesday when michigan votes if warren doesn't make it through. >> they are play iing. >> a moment of humility for this line of work. a week ago i don't think there's anyone
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vo: iand there are doers.lkers mike bloomberg has spent his
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lifegood paying that's getting it done. as mayor, he rebuilt a shaken city after 9/11, created over 450,000 jobs. expanded healthcare to 700,000 and raised teacher pay. elected for three terms because he got things done. mike beat the nra, strengthening gun laws. he beat big coal, closing over 300 dirty coal fired plants. mike is still getting things done. so ask yourself. for president, do you want a debater or a doer? someone with workable, common sense plans to fix healthcare and create jobs, who's done both. mike has the record and resources to beat trump. and it will take both. but mike will get it done. bloomberg: i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message. welcome back to
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super tuesday coverage one big voting block we're watching closely. latinos who have the potential to make a huge difference in this contest. >> that was certainly the case in nevada and it's also true of texas and colorado. polls closing a few minutes from now. jose has been looking at the crucial block of voters. we've been talking, jose, about how bernie sanders has a lot riding on this particular community of voters coming out in force for him. >> reporter: and, savannah, bernie sanders has been working the latino community very hard for months now and what we saw in nevada was his really persistent hard work to reach us because it will be interesting to see what happens in texas. what we've been able to see so far as far
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as how the state of texas is, i have to be there early. about 32% of the voters that went to the polls, and if you look at it there, you have 32% latino. 44% white. some of the polls we're taking as exit polls, what are the issues. what are some of the things that's fascinating. >> such a lopsided number, 53%. race relations down at 16%. income inequality at 14%. health care, important issue.
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biden and sanders has been clear on this. they each have a solution to it. >> we appreciate that, jo jose. he'll be with us as we continue to move march towards -- >> we will see some of those western states that do have a more significant latino population. much more of our super
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and a look ahead to the biggest prize of the night, california. >> a big hour ahead. texas is shaping up to be a real grudge match into the wee hours. >> i don't want to tease out too much but if our exit poll is as accurate as it appears to be, we're seeing early returns and all of this stuff, we may not know who wins
5:59 pm
texas. but keep an eye on if anybody makes thresholds. they'll split the delegates in half and that's a huge haul. >> at home you have to reach 15%. >> we'll be back with the poll closings in a moment. . right now at 6:00, flames and thick, black smoke fill the san jose sky. the fire that had crews calling for a lot of backup. >> also. the polls are open for another two hours in california, but closed in several other states. results are pouring in on this super tuesday. but first, new cases of coronavirus in the bay area. a local hospital setting up tents, as it prepares for more patients. the news at 6:00 starts right
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now. good evening, thanks for joining us, i'm jessica aguirre. >> i'm raj mathai. there's tangible new information coming in from global and local health officials and coronavirus cases continues to climb, a serious new warning from the world health organization. >> nine people are dead in the u.s., all of them in washington state. there are a total of 31 cases in washington state. four evacuated from the "diamond princess" cruise ship. and the majority are related to a senior facility. >> berkley confirming one person has tested positive for the virus. the patient was in a foreign country that had an outbreak and has been quarantined at home since returning. that's second case in alameda county. you can see the map here. santa clara county now has 11 confirmed cases, after two more people were diagnosed


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