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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  March 5, 2020 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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a cruise ship. they're being tested because a man on that same ship on a recent cruise recently died of the virus. we're following breaking news out of sunnyvale. you're looking at the chief talking about officers who may have been exposed to the coronavirus during a medical call. >> a family member advised us that the patient had recently been on a cruise where two other passengers were suspected of having covid-19. although it has not yet been determined by santa clara county public health whether or not the patient had covid-19, we are taking every step possible to ensure the safety and well-being of the officers who were on the call, the members of the department and the sunnyvale community. we have been in constant communication with santa clara county public health and the cdc to ensure we are following proper procedures to ensure the
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safety of our staff and community. while we coordinating with the county, out of an abundance of caution, the officers were quarantined. they have since returned home. we are asking our community members to remain calm. at this time, we don't yet know if the patient had covid-19. the precautions we have taken exceed the recommendations by the cdc. of we would like to remind everyone that this is an active event, and we will provide updated information as it becomes available through our social media platforms. once again, we have not yet determined whether or not the patient had covid-19 and ask everyone to remain calm as santa clara county public health investigates this incident. we are doing everything we can to keep the community safe, and we will continue to work with
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partner agencies to keep our community informed. of some of the things that our community can do to prevent the risk, i would recommend that they go to the santa clara county public health website for information and also the website of the centers pofor disease control. with that, i'll open up to questions. [ inaudible question ] five officers were on a call. as soon as we were made aware of the information we immediately quarantined the officers, and they have just returned home within the hour. the officers were quarantined at a location that i'm not going to disclose, but it was a city facility. for several hours.
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[ inaudible question ] that person has not been quarantined, because i want to stress, there were no symptoms, there was no indication at this point that they have the virus. which is being extra careful and taking the steps to protect our officers and department members and our community. [ inaudible question ] the officers weould not be returning to work. we will be coordinating with county health to determine when it is safe, when it is promo appropriate for the officers to return to work. [ inaudible question ] this is an active investigation, and this is all preliminary mfx that that we need to work with county
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health to of confirm all the facts. the officers themselves have not been tested, because they have not shown any symptoms, and we're following the guidelines. >> you're listening to the sunnyvale police chief. he's talking about an incident when five officers performed cpr on a 72-year-old man who was unconscious and not breathing. that individual later died. they later found out the 72-year-old man had been on the cruise ship "the grand princess", that's sitting off the coast of san francisco on a previous trip back in february. on that trip, there was another individual, that man died this week of the coronavirus. now they don't know if the man that died today that they were performing cpr on had coronavirus, but, following protocol, those five officers were initially quarantined and are now sent home and will be
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self-isolating for a period of time to see what happens. again, it's not indicated that they have the coronavirus. it's just potentially they may have been edgxposed to it. right now they're following all protocols to make sure the officers are going to be okay. they are just following protocols. so another connection to the "grand princess" cruise ship. also today we've been listening to santa clara county office of emergency services. >> this isn't the only development. we've been following a news conference by the santa clara county department of health letting everyone know that the number of cases in the county have increased up to 20. that included seven cases that were unknown origin at the time. they also have new recommendations for how everybody, particularly businesses, should deal with the growing number of cases. let's bring in damian trujillo
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live at s.a.p. center with the new recommendations. damian? >> reporter: well, one of those recommendations is not coming to the sharks game, the puck drops at 7:30 here. against the minnesota wild. some of the fans are arriving. some said they got an alert about the warning by the department of public health. the sharks say this game will go on as scheduled but will evaluate future events in the coming days as recommended by the department of public health. more than 17,000 fans pack into the s.a.p. center for sharks hockey games. but in the eyes of public health leaders, games like this should perhaps not be taking place. >> we recommend postponing or canceling large events or mass gathering, particularly, those where people gather within, more closely than arm's length of one another. >> reporter: this includes large
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festivals and company gathering. santa clara county used to be in a containment phase, but new cases popping up, some with no known origin, the county says it needs to move to a different phase, one that requires serious measures to help stop the spread of coronavirus. >> we understand that the recommendations we are making today will have a tremendous impact on the lives of people living in our county, and we do understand that. >> reporter: the new recommendations take effect now and will last as long as the county feels the threat is still there. >> we are fully activated at the eoc. that means we are bringing all the county's resources to bear in a coordinated fashion and response to the covid-19 situation. >> all right, damian, so if people shouldn't be going to games, does that mean the sharks, are they considering canceling the schedule? >> reporter: well, they're evaluating it on a case by case
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basis. they're talking to public health, to cdc to see what happens next, not only to sharks games but other events at the center. the quakes also are monitoring the situation and will talk about the game on saturday at that time. same thing with the san jose, san francisco giants and same thing with the golden state warriors. everybody is monitoring the situation to make sure all the fans are safe. let's give you a look at the cases. santa clara has the most at 20 and the number is expected to rise. exposed to a deadly virus without knowing it. that is the fear for a south bay couple who had been on the "grand princess" on the previous cruise to mexico. that's the same one as the man who died earlier this week. the husband has taken a turn for the worst and now is hospitalized. the question is, does he have
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the coronavirus? nbc bay area's melissa colorado has more. >> reporter: there was no way the cummins families from santa clara was going to cancel their february trip to mexico. this is rob cummins' first time aboard a cruise ship. but once the couple returned hope on february 21st, that's when rob came down with flu-like symptoms. >> trouble breathing, fever, body aches. no appetite. >> reporter: then came the revelation from the governor, a man became the first death. leanne cummins who drives for lyft and uber says she's afraid she and her husband may have exposed others without knowing it. >> i've donated blood. it's just crazy how many people i've exposed. >> reporter: leanne says she's called the cdc, the state and
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county to find out how she and her husband can get tested. >> just getting the run around, trying to figure out what to do. >> reporter: we asked santa clara county officials about this case and they said they're looking into it. within the last hour we've learned that rob cummins was getting sicker, forcing the couple to give up on quarantining themselves. they're now getting treated at good sam hospital in san jose of the meanwhile, another former cruise passenger who lives here at the bay wood court retirement community in castro valley is self-quarantining, not here but at a family member's home. the president of the facility says the woman is doing so out of abundance of caution for elderly neighbors and has not shown any symptoms. in castro valley, melissa colorado, nbc bay area news. >> ucsf is preparing for an influx of patients. right now these tents are used for training and staff only but
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are available for patients if needed. also in san francisco, the first two case of coronavirus have been confirmed in the city. mayor london breed says the two patients caught the virus through the community, not by traveling overseas. they are unrelated and are cared for at separate hospitals. one patient is a man in his 90s in serious condition. the other, a woman in her 40s listed in fair condition. her child goes to lowell heights in san francisco. as a precaution the school was closed until monday. >> in a letter sent to parents, a teacher at action day primary plus moorpark was isnsent home february 26th. she's now being treated for the coronavirus. school is closed while crews do a deep cleaning. >> everybody's calling each parent individually. we're okay with that. now swrie we have to look out f
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others and sick ones and my child, who was a premie, so now i'm nervous. this is a rapidly-changing story. we've created the coronavirus crisis center. there are a lot of questions out there about the virus, and we're getting you the answers. one question is, who is at most risk for developing severe illness? the world health organization says older people and people with preexisting medical conditions are most at risk. those preexisting conditions include high blood pressure, heart disease and lung disease. another question, how long is the incubation period for coronavirus? the incubation period is the time between catching the virus and beginning having symptoms. most estimates of the incubation period range from one to 14 days. the world health organization says the most common is around five days. send us your questions about the virus on social media. you can also find the full coverage at just click the coronavirus coverage tab on our home page.
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up next, we talk to the passengers who can't come back to shore because of the coronavirus scare. on board their cruise ship. plus, closing amid the coronavirus crisis. the popular museum in the south bay shutting its doors for a deep cleaning. and those 70s and 80s in the forecast have gone away. big cool down outside as the clouds start to fill back in, and finally some rain chances breaking through as we approach the weekend. a closer look hour by hour when we come back.
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an arrest tonight in the string of molotov cocktail attacks in a san jose neighborhood. this is nest cam video showing someone tossing an explosive into a home. officers arrested bryan kbiligi last night. if officers smell marijuana in a car, they can't search you. that's a new ruling from an alameda county appellate court. the judges panel ruled that marijuana must get the same treatment at alcohol under the new law. this stems from a berkley case where a driver was searched because of the odor of marijuana. police eventually found a gun underneath the driver's seat. let a's go back to our coronavirus coverage with the cruise ship stuck off the course
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with nearly 35 peop00 people ab. there's fears that the coronavirus is on board with them. passengers were originally slated to get off this saturday. jodi? >> reporter: that's right, garvin. passengers tell me a few days ago the "grand princess" hit some really rough waters, shaking up the ship and scaring passengers. but they say that is nothing compared to what they're dealing with now. >> postpone it. it's not worth it. it's not worth being out here. i would not wish this on anybody at all. >> reporter: that's the advice denise stoneham says she'd give to anyone thinking about taking a cruise right now as she and fellow passengers remain stuck at sea. this video shows test kits being dropped off on deck this morning. they're trying to determine if anyone on board has coronavirus.
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s >> we saw the military plane circling the ship and from there it became surreal, like this is really happening. >> reporter: at least three people who cruised to mexico on the same ship have gotten the virus, including a placer county man who died from it. 62 people on that cruise stayed on board taking the next cruise to hawaii. they and others are getting tested. >> testing protocols are being put into place on the ship for those passengers and crew that have shown flu-like symptoms or may have been exposed to the virus, and that is happening today. >> our hope is that, you know, nobody has it, that everybody tests negative and that we're all able to get off the cruise ship and get back to life. >> reporter: barney carguile is on board with his wife and grand children. they're trying to stay calm and positive. >> let everyone know we're doing great and keep praying for us,
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and yeah, we're going to bet throu get through this. >> reporter: passengers tell me they've been told test results will come back tomorrow morning. nothing has been said about what happens if somebody tests positive and when passengers will be allowed to disembark. jodi her n jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> an employee at this children's discovery museum may have been exposed. the museum plans to reopen on tuesday. we are updating our website and digital platforms 24/7. point your phone's camera at the qr code at the bottom of the screen which will take you to the special section. >> it's getting cooler. >> big-time cooling compared to yesterday evening. the sea breeze, the ocean air conditioning making a come back.
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you've got the return of low clouds. you certainly want a jacket if you're heading outdoors, as we have numbers in the 50s outside after a high of only 62. look how much cooler it is inland. livermore, 56 degrees. we were in the 70 thes s in the couple days. maybe misty skies in a few spots near the coast. but our temperatures in the morning 40s to low 50s. considering the counsdownward td trend of temperatures, one of the reasons why, sea breeze is one part of it, but also increasing clouds. that's the outer fringe of a storm system, finally, after 36 days. it will finally tart to break through as we get into saturday.
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saturday morning a chance of seeing showers. santa cruz mountains and san jose. the wooeekend begins with showe. at this point it doesn't look like it's going to involve any rain. trending cooler, a bit breezy at times. rain chances make a come back on saturday, and we'll see another chance on tuesday. so coming up tonight at 6:45, a look at how much rain we're expecting and how much snow in the saierra for weekend plans. up next, help the housing crisis by building a tiny home inside your back yard. we'll take you inside a project pushed by san jose's mayor
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as part of our making it in the bay series, we're looking for solutions to the bay area housing crisis, and today we found one in a small package. a silicon valley startup building houses in back yards at prices much lower than the typical home. >> scott budman gives us a look
6:25 pm
at these tiny homes. >> reporter: it's nicely appointed, if on the small side, but this home could be a game changer for san jose. >> it's like immediate affordable housing for so many of our residents who desperately need it. >> reporter: with 500 square feet of space, this prefabricated back yard home starts at $200,000. aimed at low and middle income owners and renters. >> we believe that back yard homes is one of the solutions to this housing crisis. >> reporter: permitted, built and installed by silicon valley startup abodeu which says it's already hearing from other bay area cities who want them. >> when you start hearing what the implications are on rent, they have a lower cost option. >> that saves time, it saves money, and if they choose to go with one of these companies like
6:26 pm
abodu, they can get it on site within months. >> reporter: the own ares have some plans. >> we are hoping to entice my wife's mother to maybe retire here. we'll see how that goes. up next, at 6:30, san francisco announces two new cases of the coronavirus. and one of them leads to a high cool closing its campus. we'll break down how the city is preparing for the outbreak. plus, calling out facebook. the recent house speaker nancy pelosi is calling out the social network.
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right now at 6:30, an update to breaking news in the south bay. five sunnyvale public safety officers may have been exposed to the coronavirus after giving cpr to a 72 year old man. that man was a passenger on a cruise ship with another man from placer county who died earlier this week. >> right now it's not clear if he did in fact have coronavirus. 30 minutes ago, the sunnyvale police chief gave an update on the situation. the five officers were quarantined at a city building and are now back at home while they await testing. >> we are taking every step possible to ensure the safety and well-being of the officers who were on the call, the members of our department, and the sunnyvale community. >> the chief says the officers will not come back to work until it is safe to do so.
6:30 pm
>> let's take you to san francisco where a high school is closed due to coronavirus concerns. >> it comes as the mayor announces the city has its first two cases of the virus. nbc bay area's christie smith is live in san francisco with all the details. chris chrissy. >> reporter: the district is taking no chances. >> parent of a lowell high school student is being treated for covid-19, also known as coronavirus. >> reporter: that was enough to shut down the san francisco high school at least through friday. though the student has not tested positive and has no symptoms of the coronavirus. >> we're taking the, our families, their concerns into account. and we know this was a conservative decision. >> reporter: the school district is also working with the department of public health it to trace where the parent has been. >> today we are announcing the
6:31 pm
first two cases of coronavirus in our city. >> reporter: mayor london breed and city leaders discussed the cases, a mman in his 90s with underlying health conditions and a woman in her 40s. >> we do not know at this point how they were exposed to the virus which again suggests it is spreading in the community. >> reporter: last month the mayor declared a local emergency. >> to determine if covid-19 is present on the ship. >> reporter: meanwhile, the city isn't sure where a cruise ship off the coast that has passengers being tested will end up. >> the cdc and state are considering a number of locations including san francisco. >> reporter: we're told the student is in self-quarantine and the school will get a thorough cleaning and families updated before monday.
6:32 pm
christie smith, nbc bay area news. nurses are calling on hospitals to do more to protect them during the coronavirus crisis. country's largest union of nurses held a news conference in oakland saying they're willing and able to take care of all patients but are worried. they say they don't have all the necessary equipment to protect them. >> nurses are extremely frustrated, confused and concerned about their well-being, the well-being of their patients, families and the public. >> so far, 80 nurses have been quarantined because of the virus. we did reach out to hospitals but have not heard back. with more than half of the infections clustered here in the bay area, congresswoman jackie speier has questions for experts in washington today. >> part of my ask is that we make sure that we have the number of test kits available to northern california to identify
6:33 pm
who is in fact infected. >> spehe notes that the briefin will be a daily event. the u.s. senate passed an emergency spending package to fight the spread of the virus. the $8 billion allocation is on the way to the president's desk. republican rand paul of kentucky cast the only "no" vote. it was another wild day for stocks and the coronavirus continues to escalate fears. the s&p dropped 3.3%. coronavirus disrupting the global economy, causing chaos on wall street. senator elizabeth warren suspended her campaign today, two days after a disain'tippoin
6:34 pm
showing on tuesday. the race is now down to two on the democratic side. when warren made her announcement today, she said it was with gratitude. >> for every single person who got in this fight, every single person who tried on a new idea. every single person who just moved a little in their notion of what a president of the united states should look like. >> senator warren declined to endorse biden or sanders, saying she wants to step back and take a breath. well, warren's departure did make it literally a two-man race for the nomination. joe biden says he expects to do well in next week's primaries in michigan and north dakota. >> and, if i do that, it just piles up more support and more momentum. that's my hope. that's my expectation, but i'm not looking all the way down the road till the convention. >> we're running against somebody who has touted his
6:35 pm
relationship with barack obama for eight years, barack obama is enormously popular in this country in general and the african american community. >> six states will hold primaries next tuesday, including washington state. house speaker nancy pelosi called out facebook today for allowing the trump administration to post misinformation about the upcoming census. they have since removed the ads. pelosi is concerned people will take the fake survey and ignore the real census forms coming late they are month. >> but i'm particularly annoyed today at the actions of facebook. facebook has something that is an official document of donald trump as saying fill this out, this is a census form. it is not. it is an absolute lie. >> again, facebook has removed the ads which were run by the president's reelection campaign. among the questions it asks users their views on president trump. oakland's recently fired
6:36 pm
police chief could take on the city. ann kirkpatrick was fired without cause by oakland's police commission. today he revealed to us she hired an attorney and intends to sue the city. >> i am not one who thinks that you settle everything through legal routes. but i will tell you that today i have made that decision. i am going to have to go forward through legal action. >> kirkpatrick also criticized the federal monitor overseeing the department saying he's more concerned with making money than actually reforming the oakland police department. up next, a new version of the winchester mystery house, where you can see the mini lego version in the south bay.
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6:38 pm
san francisco's district attorney and public defender say they are appalled i.c.e. agents recently arrested a man right in front of the hall of justice.
6:39 pm
the man was on his way to a hearing when he was arrested. he is an undocumented person from mexico and is held in bakers field. the sugar plant in crockett is forced to close after a fire broke out this morning. it started on a conveyor belt and spread to other floors of the factory. no one was hurt and no word on when it will reopen. it was hayward pd to the rescue. the motorized chair ran out of power while she was looking for her polling location. officers helped her find the polling place, gave her a ride and a lift back home. menlo schools girl's back playoff game has been pushed to tomorrow night. it was supposed to be played tonight but was postponed after a staff member came in contact with an infected family member.
6:40 pm
tomorrow's game is set to be played at bishop o'dowd instead. one of these things is just like the other except a little smaller. the winchester mystery house has a smaller, tiny twin. it is made from legos, complete with a replica of sarah herself. fans voted for the landmark to get a miniature version. the grand opening of legoland in milpitas is where you can see it. >> i have a couple young boys who would love to go out there and dhacheck that out. i know you do, too. >> the weather the last couple nights has been pretty warm for your evening plans, not the case right now. 5 58 degrees here before 7:00.
6:41 pm
plus, low tides in half moon bay can be a disappointment for surfers but a treasure trove for researchers. the best way to predict the future is to create it and change the world. here at abbvie, we're inventing medicines of the future to create tomorrows that will be healthier... ...and happier, while making medicines that help people right now. because that's the present we wanted to live in. and that's the future we all want to see. abbvie. here. now.
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the coastline near half moon bay is home to some of nature's most spectacular waves. mavs mavericks is known for epic waves. but some scientists are more excited about low tide. here here's joe risotto jr. to explain. >> it's a pretty amazing place to spend time. >> reporter: it's a beach legendary for big waves. >> it's like right out there. the tide is really low. >> reporter: but when the tides recede just north of half moon bay. >> this would be all water. >> reporter: a different kind of nature springs to life. >> ooh, it's a worm. >> reporter: low tide at maverick may chase away the surfers. but it attracts cal academy of sciences researchers rebecca
6:44 pm
johnson. >> there's a little something. >> reporter: for the last eight years, the pair has paid regular visits to mavericks at low tide to document the creatures that call it home. >> what you can explore out here and find out here is amazing. >> we have six spots like this on the reef, and we count starfish and sea slugs. >> reporter: in this famous surf spot, low tide reveals a moonscape-like reef, pockmarked with tide pools. >> a really cool sponge there. we're just searching and seeing what we can find and seeing what we can count. >> reporter: the sea creatures living in the reef had never been recorded until now. >> it's a titan. it looks kind of like a football. >> reporter: since the project began it's years ago, the pair has documented 650 species. >> the black serpent snail. at least three species of hermit crab out here.
6:45 pm
>> reporter: this research team isn't just made of official scientists. it also includes volunteers helping with the counting. >> and anyone can come. people that it's their first time, we'll teach anybody. >> it's a wonderful way to get out and enjoy nature, which i do anyway, but contribute to science. >> reporter: the reef will help paint a picture over time. sometimes it includes a little fun. >> the shells flores like crazy. >> reporter: like using ultraviolet light. it's marvel of nature that most of the time lives beneath the shadow of giants. joe risotto jr., nbc bay area news. >> that's beautiful stuff. now you remember starbucks wanted to move to reusable cups to help save the environment? forget that for now. they are banning personal cups amid the coronavirus outbreak.
6:46 pm
it's unclear how long the ban will stay in place. the monterey county bike festival is being rescheduled. since the '90s, it's been held in april. but relocating cyclists during the coronavirus is not happening. don't touch your face, that's the advice from santa clara county publ health department, but it is sometimes hard to follow the advice, ask the director of the department. >> one main way virus is spread is when you touch your open mouth, nose or eyes. >> that was dr. sarah coty during an earlier news conference. the clip went viral and has now been seen more than 6 million times. today she acknowledged her faux pas. >> i want to acknowledge that it's tough for me, too, to not touch my eyes, nose and mouth. it's hard. and that's why we've been
6:47 pm
saying, it's something that we all need to think about, and we need to practice. >> and not on doesnn't touch yo face, but also wash your hands for at least 20 seconds. >> there are so many complications with that. if you wear contacts you touch your eyes all the time putting in contacts, even though you wash your hands before you put them in. but many times you move your contact around if it's out of place or when you go to take it out. you put makeup on your face, you blend it with your fingers. >> if you have a scratch or something. >> i think i've caught myself at least half a dozen times during this newscast alone. >> i'm afraid to touch the pen, but we can't be paranoid. >> rob has joined us. we've got some cooling. >> cooling and rain chances still out there, which is really unique. we had a drought monitor update, and typically as we get into february and march it should be decreasing or the foot print starts to go away. this is typically the wettest time of the year. we're going to rewind the clock
6:48 pm
to the binning eginning of the but look at the difference a dry month makes as we move through february to the present time. notice abnormally dry conditions in the yellow, but today now about half of the bay area in drought level one, moderate drought throughout the east bay, parts of santa clara county, too, in the north side and the san mateo peninsula locations here seeing moderate drought as we've gone throughout the month of february and now into march. 36 days and counting for san francisco and many other parts of the bay area, the fourth longest winter dry spell we've seen. we're hoping the streak comes to an end with rain coming back by saturday. a big cool down. into san jose for evening plans, it's jacket weather again, an 8
6:49 pm
degre 58 degrees. low clouds for the morning and a little bit of misty skies on the coast. we haven't had strong measurable rain but mist and drizzle would be a welcome sight for tomorrow morning. highs tomorrow likely will trend cooler with increasing clouds and sea breeze. 63 in san jose and inland temperatures a couple days ago were smashing records in the upper upper 70s. tomorrow in the 60s. here is the good news for saturday. rain making a come back. not big totals, but the first time in almost 37, 38 days we've had measurebliable rain. after midnight we see the chance of rain showers moving through. looks like saturday afternoon the rain starts to move out. sunday we'll have mostly cloudy skies. but at that point, most of the significant rain will have moved on. for the sierra better news, maybe as much as ten inches of
6:50 pm
snow around kingvale. our next chance of rain looks like aimed on southern california. big totals down there, not as much here. here's r here's the problem with the second storm. it will likely track through southern california. areas san jose northward not seeing much. so the bottom line, saturday looks to be the best day for bay area wide rainfall as the second chance starts to materialize for tuesday, likely stays just to the south. so it's been a while since we've been able to talk about rain, but it's still hard to see any real sign of a significant come back from the rainfall deficits we've built throughout february. and you see the drought monitor fire season. we have to watch that if it holds up through march. we're 30 minutes away from the return of steph. we'll take you to the chase center live. awesome internet.
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okay, admittedly, there hasn't been a whole lot to cheer for this season if are you a warriors fan, but tonight fans at chase center are going to be fired up. >> why? because steph curry's going to play for the first time in four
6:54 pm
months. we have more on curry's final return to the lineup. >> reporter: the excitement is building at chase center. watching the war yours orthe hasn't been the same. the most exciting shoot thor is ready for action. steph curry hasn't lost his shooter's touch. the two-time league mvp is healthy and ready to hit the court. >> i feel pretty confident, comfortable where i'm at physically. >> reporter: curry is so excited about playing for the first time in four months he posted this video on social media. >> hello, boys! i'm back! >> i feel like it's the first day of school pretty much all over again, which is exciting.
6:55 pm
>> reporter: curry has missed the last 58 games after breaking his left hand against the phoenix suns. he says after months of rehab he's confident his hand will be able to take the physicality of playing in a nba game. >> i'm sure there will be moments where it will probably get hit and i'll make sure it's all right, but after that you keep playing. at this time i can't reinjure it unless something freak ish happens like it did last time. >> reporter: curry is returning to a team that is young and has the worse record in the league. much different than he is used to after making it to the nba finals for the past five seasons. >> it gives us all appreciation for how hard it is to win in this league. right now the foekts obviously is to stay healthy the last 20 games, get my rhythm back and the level of basketball i know i'm capable of playing. >> reporter: he will be limited to about 25 minutes per game but is focussed on playing as much as he can for the rest of the
6:56 pm
season. and adding even more drama, the warriors are taking on the toronto raptors in a rematch of last year's nba finals. anthony flores, nbc bay area. >> final laly, something to loo forward to this warriors season. it's been a dark time. >> hopefully things will improve from here on forward. take us outside, chilly now. >> jacket weather. we'll see the continued cool down with increasing clouds and rain on the doorstep. finally, this will be the first time as of tomorrow. 37 days without measurable rainfall. looks like that should come to an end on saturday, as most places pick up a quarter inch of rain. time change this weekend. >> oh, yeah! >> so we lose sleep. >> oh, no. >> but we bet rain. >> spring forward. >> you can be a little sleep deprived. that looks more. >> spring forward, spring forward. >> we'll see you back here at is
6:57 pm
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