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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  April 14, 2020 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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phrases like wash your hands and don't touch your face. it looks delicious. tomorrow kelly clarkson will talk to her about her bakery's success as well as advice for other small bakeries and businesses trying to stay afloat. >> that's a great idea. see you back in half an hour. tonight, over 25,000 dead in a . tonight over 25,000 dead in a america from coronavirus. and in new york city a shocking announcement late today why the death toll there has suddenly spiked by nearly 4,000. also the new normal the stunning road map california's governor is laying out. major changes people would have to get used to even after the country starts to open up >> you may be having dinner with a waiter wearing gloves, maybe a face mask. >> and who has the ultimate power to reopen america the president or governors? inside the testing crisis the enormous lines why is it so hard to do enough testing to get back to business
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safely our look at what's holding it up. barack obama breaking his silence endorsing joe biden. his new message in the middle of the pandemic did you get your check yet? the first round of relief money going out and so many are still waiting. we're cutting through the confusion and answering your questions. and the heavy toll on moms. so many balancing parenting, working and teaching >> i'm tired i'm guilt ridden >> if you're struggling tonight a powerful message you're not alone >> announcer: this is nbc "nightly news" with lester holt good evening, everyone the rift is growing tonight between the president who holds there are no limits to his power and governors on the east and west coast who have formed alliances have set their own criteria forthe economy. but that kind of talk was briefly drowned out here in new york late today when officials acknowledged what was widely feared, that the
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number of dead is far higher than reported tonight more than 3,700 additional names being added to the state's already staggering death toll that now tops 10,000 our team is in place let's begin with the latest on the pandemic and gabe gutierrez in new york >> reporter: at the nation's epicenter a stunning spike late today new york city abruptly increased its death toll by 3,700. city officials say the total is now more than 10,000 because they're now including people who have never tested positive for covid-19 or were presumed to have died from it. the virus is increasingly targeting the most vulnerable. >> the percentage of the loss of life is getting higher in the nursing homes. >> reporter: around the country deaths at long-term care facilities are mounting nbc news counts 4,300 across 27 states, lls double last week's number there are heart breaking reports in massachusetts, virginia and new
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jersey leaving loved ones in limbo. >> there's got to be more personal contact. these people are dying, and they're getting a letter it's really sad. >> reporter: and new hot spots are emerging from indiana -- >> these people might walk into the emergency department, and within an hour they're on life support. >> reporter: -- to missouri >> i've been a nurse for 11 years, and i have to say this is something that i have never seen before. >> reporter: to south dakota where the governor is resisting a stay at home order despite one of the largest pork processing plants shutting down after more than 400 workers got sick >> it is exempted as an essential business. >> reporter: in new york the curve is flattening but despite assurances there's enough protective gear for medical workers new york city officials are now asking sports teams for rain ponchos to use as makeshift surgical gowns for a
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health system still under incredible stress >> in the past two weeks i've probably seen as much death as i've probably seen in the last three years it's really sad. >> reporter: dr. angelo is a third year er resident at st. barnbus hospital in the bronx where these refrigerated trailers act as temporary morgues. >> everyone you intubate is terminal it almost feels futile >> reporter: among the lives lost, bernie rubin. he and his wife both died from the virus outside houston. they've been married 53 years >> it was just so sad. i dropped my parents off at the er, my dad on friday and my mom on saturday. and they were not even a week in the hospital they passed away >> reporter: the cdc says more than 9,000 health care workers have reported testing
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positive for covid-19, likely an under estimation lester >> gabe gutierrez, thank you. now to the enormous challenge of reopening the country. tonight california's governor is laying out goals and the new normal ahead in what could be a model for other states as president trump claims that he has the power to make those decisions. here's tom costello. >> reporter: with california announcing a record 71 deaths in one day the governor today said it will take time to ease the stay at home restrictions >> this phase is one where science or public health not politics must be the>> reporte newsom announcing six deaths in what could be a blue flint for the nation including community testing and isolating those who are positive or exposed am, preventing infection of those who are at risk. preparing hospitals to handle a surge of patients therapeutic drugs to meet demand, and social distancing at schools and businesses >> you may be having
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dinner with a waiter wearing gloves, maybe a face mask, dinner where your temperature is checked before you walk in to the establishment. >> reporter: newsom among the governors asserting their own independence after president trump said he alone had total authority. >> the president of the united states has the authority to do what the president has the authority to do, which is very powerful the president of the united states calls the shots. >> reporter: the president insisting he not the governors will decide when to reopen states >> when somebody's the president of the united states the authority is total, and that's the way it's got to be >> reporter: those comments touching off dissent. >> his proclamation is that he would be king. that's what a king is. a king has total authority. >> governors made decisions to take various actions in their states based on what they thought was right for their state. >> reporter: several
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regional state governors quickly announced they would coordinate with each other. in the northeast new york and six other states say the goal is to ease social isolation without triggering renewed spread in the west washington, oregon, and california have announced their own counsel. even conservative constitutional law scholars say the president is simply wrong. >> i have no idea what is he talking about, no clue. the constitution does not give the president the power to instruct states what to do, and congress has not given the president the power to instruct states what to do. the president lacks the authority here >> reporter: by midday the president and several governors were talking about cooperation and reopening the economy. >> i'm going to be making a decision pretty quickly, and it's being done in conjunction with governors. >> i put my hand out in total partnership and cooperation with the president. >> late today president trump announced he is suspending all funding
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for the world health organization pending an investigation the president accuses the w.h.o. of mismanaging the pandemic and covering up the crisis. lester >> all right, tom costello tonight, thanks the other huge factor in reopening the country as we have been reporting is the critical need for much broader testing after our inside look last night on antibody tests, tonight a closer look on other kind of testing and contact tracing that are also essential and what's the hold up >> some health experts say we need millions of tests a week. some say millions a day before enough data is collected to begin letting people back out. but as some lines for drive-thru testing just get longer there's agreement on one thing. the country is not testing nearly enough. >> we have to develop that widespread testing capacity >> according to the covid tracking project roughly 150,000 people are tested every day
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>> widespread diagnostics are the key, so let's keep pushing that forward to the point where anyone who needs to get a test can get it the same day >> what is standing in the way? supply shortages such as testing kits and nasal swabs, infrastructure shortages, not enough machines and labs to run the tests. and there aren't enough people. from those who administer the tests to those who process them right now there are an untold number of americans suffering from covid-like symptoms who simply can't get tested sometimes it takesst, in the ed a relative loaned her $225 to go to a clinic >> i should have been tested >> reporter: widespread testing is just part of the equation getting a handle on transmission requires knowing who has it and who they exposed those at risk include
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anyone who came within roughly 6 feet of covid-19 would have to self-isolate for 14 days massachusetts is hiring 1,000 contact tracers as part of a new program. >> what we want to do on the offensive is find, find, find even if people who aren't very sick, find them so that they don't infect their family members or their other close contacts >> reporter: but health departments don't have the staff needed to handle programs on this scale. >> we need something on the order of 100,000 people working on this effort in the coming year. >> reporter: apple and google announced new technology that could help phones ping other phones around them with their location. people who contract the virus report their diagnosis to the app and anyone who came close to them is notified but that raises another concern, privacy. and finally the problem of enforcement. >> is there a sense that people have enough social responsibility to self-isolate without being compelled to self-isolate >> we believe that that is the case in this country, that
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most people, the vast majority of people would willingly isolate themselves >> reporter: all of this while the world awaits a vaccine and faces a reality even with one our lives will never be the same stephanie gosk, nbc news, new york >> tonight former president barack obama breaking his silence and endorsing his former vice president joe biden saying he has all the qualities we need in a president right now. peter alexander has more >> reporter: president obama after sitting out the democratic primary campaign tonight breaking his silence. >> i'm so proud to endorse joe biden for president of the united states. choosing joe to be my vice president was one of the best decisions i ever made. >> the former president casting his close friend as the best person to lead the country through the crisis >> joe helped me manage h1n1.
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>> reporter: the contrast to the current commander in chief unmistakable >> are not interested in progress. they're interested in power. >> reporter: it comes a day after biden won bernie sanders backing. sanders tonight telling the ap it would be irresponsible for his loyalists not to support biden still facing challenges with young people and progressives former president obama can help address >> we have to look to the future bernie understands that and joe understands that >> reporter: biden's regularly touted their relationship >> i stand with barack obama all 8 years, good, bad and indifferent. that's where i stand >> reporter: the president's re-election campaign tonight dismissing the endorsement saying obama has no other choice but to support biden. president trump will destroy him. biden now hoping obama's popularity has not always translated to others will benefit
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to ensure your safety. so you can make your home everything you need it to be. wayfair. way more than furniture. we're back now we're back now with oprah winfrey and her new warning about the dangers of coronavirus, especially to people of color >> reporter: tonight oprah winfrey is sounding the alarm >> this coronavirus, shaking up the world, taking a devastating toll on the african-american community. >> reporter: adding her voice to those highlighting the disproportionate impact of covid-19 on african-americans. in her oprah talks covid-19 series. >> the number of deaths, it is just staggering >> reporter: in chicago 68% of covid-19 deaths are african-american in louisiana it's 70%. though they're just 30% of the population
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in both places health officials say african-americans are more susceptible in part because of higher rates of pre-existing conditions >> this viral pandemic is essentially intersecting with the epidemic of obesity, the epidemic of homelessness and the epidemic of poverty. >> reporter: we found many people worrying about exposure to the virus. you worry you're at greater risk and are you taking all the precautions you can? >> yes, i do i have my mask, my hand sanitizer >> reporter: oprah talking about solutions with nbc's hoda kotb. >> one of the things we're talking about in the special is the need for more testing stations obviously >> reporter: though nbc's ron allen finding problems at a brooklyn testing site. >> this new center just opened to bring testing to the virus but it's drive-thru only in a neighborhood where most residents don't have cars. >> reporter: oprah's message comes as she's donated $10 million
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towards pandemic relief >> for now everybody needs to look out for themselves and fror their neighbors. >> reporter: a new call to action in critical times rehema alice, nbc news >> and now the economic disaster from this pandemic as millions start to receive their relief check this week from the government growing concern how long they'll help -- >> as our national work force faces a crippling crisis by tomorrow some 80 million americans could see what they need most, cash in their bank accounts. the treasury department says soon after that a large majority of those eligible for coronavirus impact payments will get their money within two weeks. >> the average working family, you know, is only a couple of weeks away from not being able to pay bills. >> reporter: in oregon the benton family making less than $150,000 gets a combined 100,000 for both parents with an
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additional $500 for their children under 17 >> it might be enough for one month to pay my represent but it won't cover anything else or living expenses, food, my bills. definitely not >> reporter: netspend which processed nearly 1 billion in relief so far say most americans are using the stimulus money on necessities like food and gas, facing the worst jobless crisis in modern american history some retailers may never reopen lance lawson owns a clothing batik in chicago, the kinds of small business that accounts for 48% of american jobs. >> revenue has gone from around $250,000 a month to 0 and it's been super scary. >> reporter: as of today more than 1 million small businesses have been approved for the paycheck protection program, but most have not received the cash. in hard hit california the writing is on the wall some businesses may not reopen for weeks if not months.
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we're going to need some help with the rest. you've worked so hard to achieve so much. perhaps it's time to partner with someone who knows you and your business well enough to understand what your wealth is really for. we're back now we're back now with the heavy toll this crisis is taking on moms, parenting, teaching and working from home. our cnn national correspondent kate snow talks with fellow working moms about the
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added stress of so many and what they're feeling. >> reporter: we referee between conference calls >> mommy, mommy. >> give it back. >> reporter: teach math and phys ed after a fulls day work, even tolerate the pogo stick at the store and even now we have this in common. >> i'm tired, i'm guilt ridden >> i'm exhausted as well >> reporter: three working moms, bio tech senior sales rep allison, pediatric ancology nurse alea in texas joins me for some real talk >> is anyone drinking more than they're used to >> yes >> i, yeah, definitely wake up in the middle of the night and wonder how are we going to pull everything off, bookkeeping and paying
5:53 pm
the bills and, you know, taxes. how do you pull that all off and teach our kids and feed them healthy meals? >> allison, i find myself losing my cool with my kids a lot lately can you relate >> yeah, so i have kids ages 2 and 4 and my kids are really wild i would say where my guilt lies is just having like a short fuse with the kids >> certified parenting coach meghan leahy says now is the time to let some things go, even schoolwork when necessary. >> if through this time we can come out with our relationships intact with our children, that is our mothering job. our mothering job is not algebra, piano it is making it through this with as much compassion for ourselves and for our children as we can muster >> the moms we spoke with are trying, but like for so many it's
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the uncertainty that weighs heaviest. >> i think my biggest fear is that i'll collapse i just need to make sure i keep it together until may, june, july, august, whenever this is all over >> reporter: kate snow, nbc news up next an amazing birthday serenade from a distance hea is proven effective to treat symptoms, and it also targets the cause of diarrhea. the 3 times concentrated liquid formula coats and kills bacteria to relieve diarrhea. while the leading competitor does nothing to kill the bacteria, pepto® diarrhea gets to the source, killing the bad bacteria. so, try pepto® diarrhea, and remember to have it on hand every time you travel. also try pepto®-bismol liquicaps for on-the-go relief. i heard there guwere fleas out here.r? and t-t-t-t-t-ooes! listen up, scaredy cats. we all have k9 advantix ii to protect us. it kills and repels fleas, ticks and mosquitoes, too.
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finally the surprise birthday serenade in the age of social distancing. here's kevin tibbles ♪ happy birthday >> reporter: pure florida sunshine when albert jones installing a gas line near a winter gardens senior home heard it was barbara's 94th birthday he poufred out his heart. >> her whole face lit up as if her soul knew his soul >> reporter: sarah cahill has been troubled she can't visit mom up close in the pandemic. albert's gift breached that gap >> anytime i can use the grace of god to make someone happy, that's what we're going to do. >> he is an angel. he has a voice like an angel. he is our angel. >> reporter: a serenade so beautiful
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it must be heaven sent >> thank you >> reporter: kevin tibbles, nbc news. >> what a gift that's "nightly news." i'm lester holt. please take care of yourself and each other. it's also perhaps the most difficult and challenging phase of all. >> a path forward to lifting our sheller at home order. governor newsom lays down the steps necessary and refuses to give a time line. good evening and thanks for being was. i'm jessica aguirre. >> raj mathai. a different time line from the to president. we e also have janelle wang
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there from home. >> yeah, more and more people want to get tested for covid-19. one east bay city is expanding and moving its location. and it's great takeoff day. how locals are supporting their favorite restaurants. we will see new a few minutes. >> the let's start with governor newsom. plenty of details but he did not answer perhaps the mosts burning question. when will be the shutdown end? instead, he outlined what needs to happen first. increased access to testing. reliable source for ppe and ventilators and a plan for the vulnerable. >> protesting the most vulnerable people in the state of california from incorrection and spread. primarily, the seniors with immune issues and strategies around addressing needs of


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